If you can walk, then you can dance. Dance is walk to the beats of music!

I wish I had found Social Dance much earlier!!! I practiced Yoga, Taichi, QiGong, all kinds of sports, but Social Dance give me the most happiness

  1. We are social animals, we need the love and companionship of others to thrive!
  2. Social dances are contra, line, square, waltz, swing, shag, salsa, cha cha, bachata and etc. Don't be intimated by dance, just like Yoga, if you can move then you can do Yoga, the only pre-condition to dance is you can walk without crutches or wheelchairs.
  3. Everybody enjoys music, you pick up beats and rhythm in music if you listen to it more often, so "I don't know rhythm" is not a problem, some dances only need you to follow instructions like in contra dances. Americans are more privileged to practice music in their upbring, and there are so many live music around us to enjoy--live music definitely sounds better than recordings!
  4. In social dances, you practice all positive human communications: be considerate of your partner(what she/he likes, how much force should I apply, how can I make a movement pleasant for her/him, I shall give her/him a lot the movements she/he loves much), be attentive to another person's body language, touch respectfully, gentle push/pull/turn/nudge, eye contact, smiling at each other, good personal hygiene. Only in dances, I understand why "gentle" is in gentleman--very pleasant, first time in my life, I know gentlemen exist, beautiful, nice, loving, tender, stress/aggression/annoyance-free, just as God first created them!
  5. Misunderstanding 1: I am not good looking or skinny enough for dances. As long as you are nice and respectful and smile: then you are beautiful. In dances, I never wait to be asked , I asked others politely. If rejected, I move on to the next. I was made perfect by my maker, and I am asking nicely, then nothing is wrong with me, it is ones who rejected me will lose, the ones accepted my invitations when I was new, awkward, and ugly to dances will get my attention, smile and love!
  6. Misunderstanding 2: I have a boy/girl friend or wife/husband, I can't dance with others. It is not a problem if you just want to dance with your partner. But for people without partners, dance with different people is very interesting. no STD or heartache or fidelity to worry about, just the freedom of sampling different styles from different people.
  7. Misunderstanding 3: Social dance is used to find a boy/girl friend. Not true, you can run into your boy/girl friend anywhere if luck hits you. Just like any other social activities, the more loving and nice you are, the more enjoyment you will get from it.
  8. Misunderstanding 4: I am clumsy and never dance before. Nobody was born to know how to dance, like everything else in life, the more practice you do, the better you will get at it. Everybody has creativity, once you are fluent, you can mix in your own artistic design and make dance more beautiful.
  9. Benefit 1: every part of your body including heart and mind is dancing to heavenly music happily, this is the best beautiful relaxation.
  10. Benefit 2: In dance, all your body parts are coordinating together to be in sync with your partner, you have no choice but empty everything in your mind to focus on dance. You know in meditation, how hard it is to focus on one thing, but in dance, focus comes naturally.
  11. Benefit 3: Learn to be nice and loving, even if you are the most sexy girl/guy, if you are cold/arrogant and selfish, you won't get much enjoyment from dance. Even if you are the most ugly, but if you are generous in smiling and looking at people with sparkling eyes and inviting people to dance with you, then you will have a lot fun. In dancing, everybody is equal regardless race, status, money, power, career, the regular dancers have slight advantage but very soon new comers will catch on and become even better. Pretty/Handsome young folks may get less rejection, but ugly ones can make it up by kinder manners.
  12. Benefit 4: Enjoy the love. Everybody on dance floor becomes your family member, you can't wait to see your smiling brothers and sisters next time. If churches incorporate contra dances into worship, I will definitely go to church every week: free, happy, beautiful, enjoyable and loving.

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