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  1. Thai Massage: She loves to give Thai massages. Thai massage has 2 major components: Sen line presses and yoga like stretch. She can do Thai massage on table or on floor. She likes to perform Thai massage on table, which is actually easier to customers and therapist. Most athletic customers love Thai massages. Thai massage originated in India: A monk invented Thai massage to treat a terminally ill emperor. This technique was brought to Thailand, married with Chinese accupressure prevalent in Ancient times. So modern Thai massage is a combination of Indian, Thai and Chinese healing traditions. Thai massage needs at least 2 hours.
  2. Foot Massage: We first soak your feet in an anti-fungus solution, then massage them, then dry them up,then rub a corn starch based anti-fungus powder on them. Chinese men from New York are famous for giving excellent foot massages, we have them here.
  3. Integrated table massage: Ling combines Sports, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai and Chinese acupressure in this massage. It is performed on table with heated cream+gel in winter on heated massage table, and cool cream in summer. you are unclothed and covered by an easy drape. Make sure you tell her your muscle/joint/connective tissue problems, she usually can eliminate or reduce your pain after one or a few treatments.
  4. Hot stone massage: More common in winter times, intend to pass energy from heated hot stones to your body, also give you an experience of stone massage.
  5. Chinese suction cups: One traidtional chinese way of treating energy imbalance and pain problems.
  6. Energy work. Ling recommends everybody to meditate on a regular basis to fully benefit from the energy around us. In this work, she use some light touches or even no touches to balance out your energies.Unless you are very sensitive or a strong believer of energy, you may not have too much feel of it.
  7. Aromatherapy: She use some important essential oils in her massage creams. She is planning to offer spa type services using essential oils very soon(hot tub and body wraps)--will keep you updated.
  8. Electrode accupressure
  9. Body Scrub
  10. Couples Massage: Please call days in advance so I can arrange.
  11. Four Handed Massage: Please call days in advance to arrange.

The best way to find out whether you like a therapist's work is to experience it. Every therapist develops his or her own styles over time. There is no better way to find it out but try it yourself.

Want to learn massage?

Everybody knows how to massage instinctively

In my teaching session, I will show you:
  1. Massage yourself with some simple tools including hard to reach areas, like back.
  2. Exchange massage among Family members/friends effortlessly: backwalk, shoulder rub, percussion/Tapotement ....
  3. Swedish massage, the light superficial oil rub that can be used anywhere anytime.
  4. Deep tissue: how to use your albow, fists, foot and knee to break up scar tissue at particular spots.
  5. Thai massage: Some easy fun stretches that you can apply to your partners.
  6. Foot Rub
  7. What I do in a typical 1 hour session.
I demonstrate and you practice, not too much talking and no jargons, no problem if you don't speak any English.
My lesson is charged by time: $1/minute, upto 4 people per lesson, i.e. 4 people share a one hour session, each only needs to pay $15.

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