Customer Reviews

That massage was great! Thank you.

Thank you for the great massage as usual.

My hip felt great after my massage, I think I am gonna try to come twice a month.

Thank you so much for the massage. I have had alot of massages and never had one that made fell so relaxed and so happy.. Your awsome, again thank you

Thank you for massage, you very good.

Hi, Ling, I feel amazing after your massage - thank you! I was thinking of getting my husband a massage with you.

Thanks for a wonderful massage. It was much needed.

Good evening! I'll be back in NC this month. Hope to have you for a hour and a half session again! Best massage around.

pain is completely gone from my butt. thanks so much.

I feel so much better after your massage.

Thank you for the very nice session last night Ling.

Amazing work again! Thank you so much. I'll see you next time.

Thank you. Next time I will send you my address. Very good massage.

Thank you again, I feel much better.

Hello, I really enjoyed my massage today. Are you available for an outcall massage tonight?

Great job, great hands-soft and strong

Thanks for a nice massage.

Thank you for the massage. My neck and back feel much better.

If you can take time to write me 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp I will either give you 15 minutes free massage or $10 discount. Thank you!

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  • Thank you! It really helped. I will be back soon.
  • Thank you for the massage today ! I feel much better, you're very talented. I will be back again
  • I have traveled all over the country, visited massage places big and small, resort type or private, you are the best of them all.
  • Thank you for everything!! That was what I needed.
  • My back feels very good. If possible can you please take notes of what you did today. It will be helpful for future sessions. Thanks.
  • this is the best massage I got in a long time.
  • Thank you for the great massage.
  • Thank you for a very good service.
  • Thank you for a great massage.
  • Excellent Massage, thx.
  • Great. Loved last massage, You are very good.
  • Hey. Thank you for an amazing massage. I slept pain free for the first time in a long time last night. You hands and skills are amazing. I really enjoy your work. Even when it hurts.
  • Thank you for the great massage
  • Hi, Your massage was so good Friday, I would like to start getting them regularly....
  • Thanks again for the great massage. Have a wonderful day.
  • Great Massage!
  • Hey! That massage the other day was so great! Are you available now?
  • Thank you very much for the massage today. It was fantastic and I feel great! Have a wonderful day.
  • Hi ling! Before i forget - that was amazing. Thank you. I will be scheduling again soon.
  • This is the best leg massage that I have received.
  • Thank you for a great massage in Wash Duke Inn when I interviewed here.
  • Thank you for the great massage.
  • Thank you so much for the Tai massage! I feel amazing.
  • Thank you again for the wonderful massage. let me know when you can for another one.
  • My neck has been tight for a long time, now it is loose and comfortable, thank you.
  • Ling gave me the best massage that I have ever had, her hands are like butter. I wish I am not living so far from her.
  • I am glad that I came: very good massage.
  • Hello..really enjoyed massage yesterday...thank you very much!
  • You were amazing thank you.
    brad's review on 190702
  • I have been having massages for 50 years all over the world, but only you give the best massages.
  • Good morning Ling, I just wanted to thank you for that amazing massage on yesterday. You truly know what to do to relax and releive all stress. I hope you have a wonderful day and I will be back soon.
    max's review on 190618
  • Thank you for a fun massage! My entire body feels much better & I’m fortunate to have you as my therapist. You’re amazing! I can trust you & receive healing treatment. See ya in a few weeks.
  • Thank you for the great massage and great conversation!!!
  • You give the best massage anyone can find anywhere.
  • Thanks for the massage....feels really good.
  • And thank you again for the massage. I woke up with my back feeling much much better.would like to make it something more regular.
  • I feel better, Thanks so much!
  • Legs feeling way better today. Thanks again!
  • Your massage is exactly what I was looking for, very relaxing and beautiful.
  • You did good job. I like.
  • Thx for today. Great session.
  • Whoa, unbelievable good massage, where did you learn it?
  • Very much enjoyed the massage.
  • Thank you for all the work you did yesterday. I feel much better!
  • Other people take alcohol and drugs to escape pain in life, I come to Ling's massage to forget my troubles.
  • Ling, you have no idea how much pain I was in, now I am feeling much better, thank you so much, you are so wonderful!
  • Thanks again for a great massage. See you again soon.
  • Thank you! Great massage!
  • Thank you Ling! That was awesome!
  • I didn't expect such a good massage.
  • Thank you for the massage. It was amazing
  • Thank you so much!!! That's probably what I'll do from now on. That was amazing.
  • Wow thanks Ling feel great!
  • Hi, Ling, I want to say thank you for helping my shoulder last appointment. Please repeat for next time.
  • Hi Ling - thank you for the wonderful massage yesterday. And I'll go ahead and give you a $1000 tomorrow for 20 hours... You're terrific!
  • Thank again! Def will come back.
  • It was a good massage and very professional. Appreciate it.
  • Thank you so much, I feel much better and relaxed. I will come back soon.
  • Felt amazing thank you and I will back soon.
  • Thank you so much for my massage. I'm not sore anymore & feel 100% better!
  • Outstanding massage. I feel great.
  • you gave me one of the best and most effective massages i've ever received last tuesday...lower back pain greatly any rate, i'll be back in area tuesday nov 22..would u be available then for massage...
  • Massage was great, thank you again. I'll call you in a week or two.
  • You are welcome. Best massage I've ever had.
  • Thank you again. It was a great massage. I will definitely come to you for all my massages.
  • Thank you for a good massage.
  • Superb job--thanks!
  • Great massage! Will schedule another soon.
  • Thank you for seeing me and another great massage.
  • Ling that was the best ever massage. Thank you and I will see you again.
  • Good work! Very therapeutic. --Will schedule again.
  • hello ling,
    thank you for a great massage yesterday. I felt great yesterday and when I woke up this morning.
    of course, thank you for working a little overtime on my stomach. ;-)
  • I really enjoyed Monday's session and have noticed a big difference when I do stairs. Thank you.
  • Thank u. Was terrific.
  • Looking forward to being a regular, price is great, love your technique.
  • Thanks again for the massage, awesome work. Look forward to seeing you again. Can't afford as frequently as I would like.
  • Thank You for another great massage… Looking forward to seeing again before I leave on Saturday
  • Thank you so much. That was the best massage. Will you be my personal massage therapist?
  • Wanted to thx you again for a great session last night. Hope to schedule with you soon.
  • U were great-see u next time.
  • Great job.. thank you..hope to see you tomorrow!
  • I just wanted to thank you again. Your various techniques left me completely relaxed and feeling rejuvenated! I will definitely stop by again during my next visit. Have a great weekend.
  • You gave me the best massage i have ever had period.. i truely love it. will be back soon.
  • Hi ling, Massage was great last time thank u very much.
  • Hi, You gave me a great massage on Saturday, I would like another.
  • Ling, thank you for my awesome massage Sat, like to schedule Sat. next month ....
  • Thank you for the massage today it was awesome!
  • Once again you made me feel very relaxed and energized…..
  • Great service Ling, thank you
  • I will ping you again when I am back here in Raleigh…..And thanks again for your massage… are good…Until March
  • Thank you so much! I feel so much better.
  • Ling, Thanks again for the wonderful massage last Thursday! Your massage was the best of the best!!
  • I really enjoy your massages... cannot wait until friday...
  • Really good massage yesterday.
  • Thank u for most relaxing massage.
  • Hi Ling, Thank you for the wonderful massage last night. I will come visit you again!
  • You are very good at what you do. I fell more mobility, i feel so much better. I will look you up if i'm in the area again and pay you more. Thank you.
  • Thank you for today - very nice.
  • U were great, I will be back soon.
  • Thank you for a great massage.
  • I just wanted to say thank you for the massage today! It was excellent! That was my 2nd massage from you and will continue to come back, and hopefully I will get to move here and get work from you more regularly. I feel real comfortable in your studio and afterwards I am ready for a nap! Thanks again and I will see you soon.
  • Thank you for a very pleasant experience last night. I have insomnia and rarely sleep. Last night I slept like a baby after the massage. You are good medicine. :-)
  • Ling, Thank you for one of the best massages I have ever had. See you again soon.
  • I had massages all over the places, this is one of the best massages that I've ever had.
  • Ling
    I enjoyed my massage today and will be here again in a few weeks and will call you again.
  • ling:
    that was wonderful. you are so good. you really nice! I will be back.
  • It sorta be a early birthday present for myself.
  • Thanks again, that was great!
  • I found your hands are very intuitive. You really know your stuff. I have been to other massage places, I didn't feel that I get my money's worth massaged by girls without much experience and training, and I felt especially uncomfortable with the "Momma" standing at door pressuring for tips on my way out.
  • Thank you that massage was amazing.
  • Thanks Ling. Really feel teriffic. Nice work.
  • You are very good in what you do, you are the best!
  • Thank you, that was awesome!
  • Hey, president gave me a a bonus. said to get a 2 hour Thai massage as soon as possible.
  • The last 2 massages were amazing really deep technique.
  • I wondered.... Your new technique really get deep. I think it gets to all muscles and stretches. Is it harder on you...seems like it takes a lot of work?
  • Hey, still feeling positive effects from your work last eve. you are the best.
  • Thank you Ling! Your massage was amazing!!
  • My legs feel good today and my knee too. Can I come to your place to get my knee worked on?
  • Thanks for the best massage, Ling, See you again.
  • Thanks for the skilled touch. Hope you have some fun amidst all your hard work.
  • Ling- thanks for a great massage yesterday. I will call to set up another appointment soon.
  • Thank you ling. My neck feels much better.
  • My legs feel GREAT thank you!
  • Thanks for the wonderful massage over the weekend!
  • hi there good afternoon, i received massage from u on mon evenin.... words just cant describe it but ill try! I so loved that massage and thought I was in another world left there i never felt so good. ling, you are so the best and have great hands.
  • Hi Ling, I wanted to give you some good feedback on the benefits from my appointment with you yesterday...
    Yesterday, my legs were the stiffest and the most painful they have been for a while, since i had stopped taking that antidepressant, Welbutrin. It is lack of circulation I guess.
    But today I feel great, my legs are much looser. I am walking much more smoothly, and I feel much more balanced like I'm NoT going to fall. In fact, my legs felt so good this morning, I walked around the 1/2 mile block in our neighborhood... for the first time in I can't remember when.
    It is your work on my legs that did it. Thaaaaaank yooou!!
    Just thought I'd let you know,
  • You have a wonderful touch, it just fits me somehow!
  • Thank you for a wonderful massage. It was exceptional! --- From a NBA coach.
  • Hi Ling, Just wanted to thank you for the great massage yesterday, I had been feeling stressed all week and you made a big difference for the start of the new workweek.
  • This is the best massage that I ever had in my life, you really know what you are doing.
  • Dear Ling,
    I had a great massage! I have for months and months suffered with my sciatic nerve, very painful. Well much to my delight, I haven’t been bothered with the pain in a few days. The pain decreased every for 3-4 days, now I hardly notice it. Thanks a Million Wish You did house calls to florida. C
  • Hi Ling, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our session Sunday evening. Exceptional! Thanks so much. Look forward to seeing you again soon! J
  • Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the massage this past weekend. Not only is it helpful physically for the tired, sore muscles, but it is also helpful really seems to lessen the stress that builds up through work.
  • I got a job finally after many month unemployment. I am very glad that I came for a massage before my last job interview, after that, everything worked out great for me.
  • Thanks Ling for the wonderful massage. You are the one therapist that has truly helped my arthritic hip. I have been to many therapist for my problem but they tend to be generic massages whereas you have structured a technique to address my particular problem. After your massage I could walk again without pain. You will be a regular for me !
  • hello i am the guy that was there at 12:00 on mon i just wonted to let you know that was one of the best massages i have had in a long time thanks hope to see you again soon i am from burlington and really enjoyed your hands.
  • I honor what you do, through massage, to alleviate people's pain and heal their discomfort. --J
  • You give great massages, I would come for a massage every week if I could afford it. Your massages truly help reduce the Parkinson's symptoms allot, and I always feel calmer and rested afterwards.--J
  • My exercises after work today were easier than ever thanks to the massage you gave me yesterday. I'd like to come back next month for another massage. ---Miles
  • Massage is really a wonderful thing, it takes away all my stress. I didn't know what I was really missing before I found massage therapy.--Tom
  • The massage is really working, I used to have a lower back pain, now I don't feel it anymore.--Mike
  • Thanks again for another exhilarating massage.The 3-hour session is just right, now that we've been at it for awhile I think you've figured out exactly what works for me!--Mark
  • You give a GREAT massage!--Nancy
  • Thank you for the massage Yesterday afternoon at 5:00PM My Hip and back feel much better. I really enjoyed your touch.--Gene
  • Just want to thanks you for the massage. I felt great the next day.--Ugene
  • Hi, Ling. I'm Bill and I saw you for a massage session this past Sunday morning (2-21-08) at 11am. You are very thorough and very conscientious about your work.I thoroughly enjoyed my session with you and it was an absolutely fabulous massage! --Bill
  • Ling has very talented hands, and is very gifted in giving a wonderful Massage.--Matt
  • I am a regular massage goer for years but I never experience a therapy like yours, can I buy you a ticket to Arizona once a month to give me a treatment? --Leo
  • "Non-Sexual" really encouraged good massage. I don't mind driving 2 hours to get a massage from you.--David
  • This is the best massage that I've ever had in 5 years.--Dianne
  • Your massage is better than the massages that I received in China and Singapore.--Dan
  • I have been in hell since my knee surgery, thank you for your angle like touches, now I can take a nap in peace. --Ruth
  • Your massage is the only thing that I have been looking forward to in this middle of nowhere town. --John
  • You have very intuitive hands, right pressure on right spots.--Ed.
  • You really do good work! ---All customers

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