Just like you, I want to lose weight, too, but HOW?

The benefits of fasting

  1. Fasting reduce side effects of chemo therapy.
  2. Reduce stress.
  3. Promotes Blood Sugar Control by Reducing Insulin Resistance, prevent Type 2 Diabetes.
  4. Fight Inflammation
  5. Improve Blood Pressure, Triglycerides and Cholesterol Levels
  6. May Boost Brain Function and Prevent Alzheimer's Disease.
  7. Boost Metabolism, speed weight loss and belly fat.
  8. Increases Growth Hormone Secretion, Which Is Vital for Growth, Metabolism, Weight Loss and Muscle Strength
  9. Delay Aging and Extend Longevity
  10. Aid in Cancer Prevention and Increase the Effectiveness of Chemotherapy
  11. Gives more energy and happiness.

Here are some weight losing tricks customers told me:

  1. Don't eat or eat less
    It is much easier not to start eating than stop eating while in the middle of it.
    Once you pass the initial hunger feeling/urge to eat, then hunger feeling subside, then you feel happy and light. Apparently, food is causing us feeling bad.(sugar and additives in food is depressing us)
    Ha, empty stomach makes us happy, look good, and smart.---Go for empty stomach!
    Quality sleep makes us happy, young and smart.----Go for sleep!
    Exercise/Dance makes us happy, young and smart.---Go for Dance/Excercise.
    Less work makes us happy, young and smart.--Go for less work!
    Friendship gives us companion, happiness and wisdom.---Go for friends.
    Spirituality/God gives us companion, happiness and wisdom.---Go for God.
    Romantic relationship gives us uncertainty, insecurity, jeaslousy, heartaches, pain, bankruptcy, arguments/fights, disappointments, sleepless nights and STDs, but everybody is busy going after it. not sure why.
    Don't eat afte 2pm.
    Eat less, live long, stay young and healthier.
    Fasting is a very important ritual in religion, because when we are not busy eating, our minds are clearer and eye sights are sharper. A customer said he thinks better with empty stomach.
    Eating takes a lot of our time: cooking and eat, so less eat and more productivity.
    We feel like we can fly or float with empty stomach and intestines!
    Overfill takes away your happiness.
  2. Body cleanseing with aloe vera + coconut water.
  3. Excercise: Like contra dancing---dance with live blue grass music, extremely uplifting and fun, you can call me to go with you. People there are very friendly, you are supposed to change partner in each run.
  4. Avoid any sugar food: bread, rice, potatoes, noodles, and candies.
  5. Avoid packaged food---anything not from soil or animal body then they are processed.
  6. okra, cactus, beans, nuts, fishes, vegetables

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