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NC License #: 05756, Over 10 years of Professional Massage Therapy Experience.

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  • The therapist was trained in both western and eastern massage modalities including:
    Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sport, Accupressure, Hot Stone, Reflexology/Foot, Chair, Thai and Chinese Massages.
  • The therapist is good in understanding client's needs thus apply effective treating modalities.
  • I love and care my customers, I love to offer my best work to all my customers, and I love to be compassionate for my customers' problems and stress!
  • The therapist was licensed by NC Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy in Septempber, 2005.
  • The therapist had been practicing Yoga, TaiChi, Meditation for years.
  • The therapist was also trained in nutrition and holistic living techniques.
  • The therapist is healthy, energetic, ethical and professional.
  • The therapist is a strong believer in Chinese, Indian and other alternative means of health and happiness.
  • 221209 Thai Foot massage training.
  • I love to dance and exercise, and I love to think and understand how human body, nature and universe work. And I love all the knowledge and skills that can make us healthy naturally without medications, and I love to share all I know with everybody I encounter.

I encountered many life heros through massage:

I have a customer: Jeff, who has been struggling with Parkinson's for over 40 years. Parkinson's is a progressive disease, the longer you have it the worse it gets. He is barely functional now, but he is trying every opportunity to help others and cheer them up. He taught me, life is not a race to become the richest, most famous powerful happiest successful person, but cherish the process of living to learn, discover, understand, to mature, to build up one's characters!
Hi Ling,
The struggles that Parkinson’s Brings to my table everyday have been a humbling experience and a long tiring journey.
Realizing and accepting my limitations of what I can do and what I can’t do has been a challenge since the age of 18. Parkinson’s strips away any self-importance or self-esteem a person may have. It wears the male ego down to nothing.
I think everyone on earth has wants & needs to fulfill in order to feel good about themselves. Just by doing and taking action, it raises our self worth and sense of accomplishment. I guess I’m no different. My world has shrunk to the point that if I get one thing accomplished each day it makes me feel better about myself, and makes me smile.
I remember when my father was terminally ill with lung cancer. He was going through chemotherapy. He had a stroke in the process of all of the chemotherapy treatments. A long time neighbor was visiting with my Dad at my parent’s home in Clover, SC. My Dad wanted to show this neighbor something new he had bought for his old tractor. The old tractor was down in his shop building about 100 yards away from where they were sitting on the backyard deck. The ground was uneven and had a slight down slope to it. My dad started shuffling his way down the slope of the backyard. My mom held her breath with worry as there was the realistic possibility that my father could fall and get injured. My mother started to go after my dad to help support him if he were to fall she would be able to prevent it. But just as my mother began to run and assist my dad, the neighbor man grabbed my mother’s arm and said, “Let Jim walk down to his shop by himself. Don’t run to help him unless he calls for you!”...
My dad made the 100 yard walk successfully to his shop where his tractor was located. The smile on my dad’s face, and sense of accomplishment my dad had was priceless.
Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
Encouragement is about the only thing I need to be happy and constant. If I fall on our trip, help me up and say, “hang in there, you’ll be alright” if I get stiff and have to lay down on the floor, it helps to hear things like, “the stiffness will pass, let it go. You’ve been through this before.”
Stuff like that.
Sorry for the lengthy email.

Jeff told me this one day:

"It can be worse. One day I saw a man with only one leg on a golf course. I was wondering what he was doing there. Even though my two legs don't work as I want them to, but at least I have two legs, that poor man still manages to play golf despite that he has only one leg."

Whenever an aweful thing happened to me:

As long as I think how Jeff struggle just to stand up or finish a sentence.....
I stop complaining and try to solve my little difficulties with confidence and grateful heart!

Ha, have to present my pictures, hopefully you can see from my pictures that I am a good therapist!-:)


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