Lazy Easy Fast Healthy Cooking

  • water melon skin salad: +garlic+olive oil+black pepper+tumeric+cider vinegar
  • Xiang Gu:
  • white mushroom/white fungus/Tremella fungus/Tremella fuciformis/yin er: mushroom, very tasty, beautiful, silky smooth wet slammy soft chewy jelly like.
    I always thought yin er can only be eaten in sweet soup, but today I tried boiling it with sprouted green beans in chicken stock unattended for 1 hour, it came out delicious.
    Chinese are very sophisticated in everything, especially in food, herbs, and culinary art. Yummy yummy, life is so enjoyable with good food, music, dances, hikes, freedom, interesting jobs and nice smiling people.
    Actually every other country with a long history has rich food and herbal healing culture. Be open minded and humble to learn then we will have many adventures in life.
  • Soak unprocessed wheat grains for 24 hours, then boil it for 10 minutes, it is very chewy,tasty and fun to eat. I guess this is how you cook all whole grains, soak then boil it, very healthy.
  • Was eating watermelon and didn't want to throw away skin, googled how to eat Watermelon Rind, and found out it can help ED and high blood pressure! Stir fry it or cook soup with it.
  • mix apple chips with walnut to mask the unpleasant taste of walnut--healthy and tasty.
  • Cacao nibs are less processed than cacao powder, so cacao nibs should be superior than powder. I found cacao tastes better when mixed with diary products.
  • Trader Joe's 100% Greek Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $8.99/liter, It’s Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a 2-liter bottle retails for $21.49.
  • The best tasting dressing/seasoning is olive oil + lemon/lime juice+salt.
  • buy raw cacao powder and butter, melt a piece of butter, stir in cacao powder, pour in frozen berries--berries all coated with dark chocate, or use dry apple chips, cranberry, dates or cherries, they become delicious dark chocolate covered dry fruits. raw cacao is too bitter to eat.---I was making chocolate the regular way using mold and was very fed up with the tedious work and unpredictibility of the bitter taste then discovered this simple lazy way of enjoying chocolate.
  • pan cake: eggs mixed with coconut flour with shakita mushroom broth+black sesame/chia seeds/cacao nibs, excellent taste.
  • use pressure cooker steam eggs for a few minutes, then put it in cold water, egg is very easy to be peeled because pressure press shell off meat.
  • any veg can be put on flat pot and grill by small fire, when fragrance came out, i.e. ready to eat, put salt and pepper on, very tasty and nutricious.
  • Lazy cooking use timed pressure cooker: put veg/egg/seasoning, beans/meat/seasoning in a bowl, steam it controlled by a timer, walk away, after it cool down, eat it. No worry of boil over or burn, no need to stand by watching, save energy, healthy/tasty without time spent.
  • Remember it's the real deal "Raw" cacao is how chocolate is naturally derived in nature before food manufacturers, chemists, and scientists decide to mess with it and strip its antioxidant power among other things from the food.homemade cherry chocolate with cashews
  • How to eat a Pomegranate
  • cook pork skin:
  • Use silicon muffin cupcake bakeware to do egg cup, won't stick.
  • flavonoids: raw cacao powder, cacao nibs and cacao butter(flavonoids not in cacao butter).
  • The best oil to cook is: Coconut Oil, because it is saturated so chemical reactions with o2, i.e. no oxidation.
  • Natural fat is good, healthy fatty foods:
  • How to make chocolate:
  • How to prevent food from sticking to pans.
    rub the pot with an ice cube or rinse it with water before adding the milk. This step forms a layer of water that makes it harder for dairy proteins to form bonds with the metal of the pan.
    Protein-rich foods are particularly prone to sticking because the proteins can form complexes with metal atoms, such as iron, in the pan.
    "A small amount of oil added to a very hot pan almost instantly becomes very hot oil. The oil quickly sears the outside of the food and causes water to be released from the food. This layer of water vapor ("steam") lifts the food atop the oil film and keeps it from touching the hot pan surface. If the oil is not hot enough, the steam effect will not occur and the food will fuse to the (too) cool pan surface." Source: Ask a Scientist, Newton BBC
    In addition very hot oil will react with the metal atoms of the pan and form a coating called a patina. This leaves few free metal atoms to react with the food. This coating can easily be removed by detergents, however, so it has to be reapplied before each use of the pan. In the case of cast-iron pans the patina becomes more permanent. It has been suggested that the patina could form by a sequence of cracking followed by polymerization. Source: Kitchen Chemistry, RSC
  • buy 2 lb 72% dark chocolate from trader joes, break it up to pieces, melt pieces by sitting pot in a boiling water or very low fire, put healthy spices in, and almonds/walnuts/pumpkin seeds in, mix well, then cover sit outside or refrig, then use knife cut it. it is a super food!
  • I once gave a mango and a big piece of water melon to a 50 year old man, and he doesn't know how to eat them! Man, we are as dumb as babies only know how to eat packaged foods.The followings are a few very healthy mexican foods, when you have Mexican friends, you will know the food culture of Mexico. These days, you can learn all ethnic cooking from google/youtube.
    prickly pear
    salsa salad
    salsa sauce
    stuffed pepper
    The real mexican stuffed pepper maybe too complicated:
    Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls
    Polish cabbage rolls:
  • Laziest way of cooking butternut squash:
    Put whole butternet squash in a pressure cooker, if squash is too big, cut it in half, put a little water in cooker, let it cook under high pressure for 2 hours, then you can easily mash it and mix in lime juice, garlic, salsa, spices, greens, herbs. It is very sweet, tasty and healthy.
  • pressure cooker press squash to mud soft, you can mash it with a spoon, add water and season, it became delicious soup. Did you notice soup in restaurant is quite expensive, now you have your own delicious soup for a few cents.
  • How to cook stir fried Chinese food:
    1. Mince green onions, ginger, garlic, hot pepper
    2. Cut up vegs or meat.
    2. Heat up butter or coconut oil.
    3. drop in #1 into hot oil, stir until smells good.
    4. Drop in meat, cook for 5 minutes.
    5. Drop in vegs.
    6. Turn off fire, add salt, soy sauce, spices to taste.
  • How to cook Indian food:
    1. Mince onions, ginger, garlic.
    2. Cut up vegs or meat.
    2. Heat up butter or coconut oil.
    3. drop in #1 into hot oil, stir until onion become translucent.
    4. pour in Indian spices(curry, tumeric, cumin, coriandar, etc) into pot and stir.
    5. Drop in meat, cook for 5 minutes.
    6. Drop in vegs.
    7. Turn off fire, add salt to taste.
  • Lazy veg:
    Put napa cabbage/brocoli in pot and pour 1/3 water with salt, slow cook it while you are working or studying, after 30 minutes, the veg is very soft and tasty, add olive oil and cheese if you like.
  • Lazy egg:
    Hard boil egg
    replace water with clean water, then pour in a lot salt, use a spoon to knock open all eggs and simmer the egg for another hour, let it sit overnight in salt water, then egg will be tasty and easier to peel.
  • Butternut Squash
    You don't need to peel it, the skin is soft and edible after it is cooked. Cut it up, and cook it anyway you want: Chinese/Indian/Your way, the outcome is always very tasty.
  • Pumpkin
    No need to peel, the result is same as butternut squash, very tasty and full of Vitamins and minerals.
  • There are Indian/Chinese/Mexican Grocery stores everywhere.
    Whenver there are major Indian holidays, Indian stores will have beans and spices on sale.
    Compare food sells limes very cheaply: 9 per $1, also it has fruits or vegs on sale
    Costco/Sams have stuff on sale.
    Even in expensive yellowstone, I found on sale food in grocery stores.
    In U.S.A, you always find cheap food, can't imagine people suffer from malnutrition.
The bad thing is that your own cooking tastes so good you may not stop eating then suffer belly pain---exercise self control is harder than cooking.