why don't we ask living Abraham for the ownership of Canaan
God & Abraham are both Jews & Palestinians' ancestors, & are forever living & never died so no wills, so we should ask Abraham directly whether Palestinians should give up their lands to Jews: if Abraham doesn't answer then Jews can't take Palestinians' land. The truth is that we never asked permission from God, but decided to go to wars on our own. To God/Abraham, the wars between Israel & Palestine is the same as wars between Russia & Ukraine. God never permitted any wars among us<=Dog never asks for permissions before fighting with other dogs, & I can't even stop it, have to painfully leash it. Plus I hate to see it get hurt/killed in wars, so I absolutely forever prohibit it from fighting & far from fighting for me, rather, I would fight for & die for it. 
So all wars originate from ourselves with nothing to do with God, except we are not as honest as dogs but use God's name to disobey God.
As a matter of fact, we don't have to misinterpret the bible & use wars to get anything we want, God is forever living, we should ask God directly for everything that we want.

Remember being fruitful=Jesus like good man
If u are fruitful, without praying/asking/far from worrying, God will take very good care of your everything: give u support sticks, water & fertilizer constantly, if u are unfruitful, all your prayers will be ignored, plus God will pull u up & throw u into fire.
So only try to be fruitful without worrying anything else.

If u are fruitful, God will definitely let u go back earth to visit your families/friends to show that u have risen to heaven, but if your kids are warlords, adulterers, gamblers, and committing all kinds of evil & gave God lots troubles, + killed God's free gift bearer=Jesus, then of course, u dare not to come back to earth to be nailed by your own kids. So God ignores all warlords' prayers, Palestinians are the reincarnation of Jews: we are uprooting ourselves & throwing ourselves into war fires.

If u are Jesus-like good man, if your families/friends are good also, u will definitely come back to see them after u die. All died good men are like lazarus ignored & forgot by the world, nobody cares he is alive or dead, even if he is resurrected will not get anybody's attention; Plus nobody cares of resurrection: like chks don't care dog's freedom & resurrection;99% people are bad & they know that they can't live so they don't want anybody else to live thus wipe off all resurrections: so these are why no recordings of resurrections, that is why God himself recorded Jesus' resurrection in bible. If church members were ever resurrected there must be recordings by his church because it can bring infinite fame to the churches, so churches never sent 1 good man to heaven.

If u are good like Jesus, God will answer all your prayers: feed 5000 for free, calm natural disasters, remove crazy spirits/depressions/psychos, let blind see, let deaf hear etc. Find good Jesus like saints to pray for us will remove natural disasters. If u want to seek God & be good, then sometimes, God answers your prayers also.

Similarly, Baiden never asked God whether he should run for president, but use God's name in vain<=Dog only asks me for things that it knows that I will give to it: massage/jump into water/etc=so cute to see it that it waits at river's edge for my orders to jump, dog never shamelessly asks for disobedient things: so #1 country's president is worse than a 2 year old dog.

Dog give me 100% faith in God & let me understand God, kids are even more so to make us understand God=>All parents should become Jesus like good people, but not, why not?=We replaced God & became the masters of the world & make all our own decisions without God. Dog always look upto & follow its master, never try to replace their master.

Chinese saying: a bad kid is his father's fault: Abraham is a peaceful&faultless man, so war-addicted Jews are definitely not A's kids, & are not honoring A as their forefather.

Home grown food are the most loved love to spread with your gospel.

If pleasure is given by somebody who love u, then pleasure is love; pleasure given by somebody who doesn't love u then it is a temptation.
All pain/hurt is love.

Garlic is the best food to grow: withstand cold/drought/hard soil/bug bites,no maintenance=no water/fertilize,whole body is edible & valuable, & repels bad people, guaranteed harvest,give up its position voluntarily after it is old.

When a dog sees that it will be abandoned, it is extremely scared & stuck itself into your car & beg not to be abandoned=I served amigo 15 years full heartedly but he alway gave me headaches so I used abandoned dog's misery to warn him=>God loves us for 100 years but if we don't give any love to God, won't we be abandoned? If God let us continue to live then we will continue to be selfish, worse than a hen not able to give 1 egg's love=> hurry up to love God to avoid eternal abandonment. 

We are much worse than dogs: we fool ourselves with superstitions that it is impossible for God to abandon us thus never humbly beg for not being abandoned. 

God is very humorous: when white skin is exposed to sunlight, darkness show=>Compare yourself to Jesus then u see u are not so righteous/white after all.

Before the fall, AE's kids are free, after the fall, all kids/we are not free but enslaved /jailed by sin: Galatians.

4 seasons reveal men's cycle: Fall=AE disobeyed, God was unhappy & disciplined us=winter, spring=we propagate sinful lives, summer=99% lives were destroyed.

Men live shorter than women because men are the leaders of women so need to die first.

Don't be afraid, God will give u all the wisdom when u confront devil.
ex1:When I was sticking my sign onto a church ground, a woman came out & stopped me:
s: This is private property, u can't stick your sign here.
i: Everything belongs to God, plus this sign is serving Jesus, of course, I can stick it here.
s: No, what is your belief? Do u come to my church?
i: My belief is as what the sign says: put my faith into deeds. I don't worship God in your church but in my heart & body because bible says your body is God's temple.
s: Still, this is private property just like your car is yours, what if I take your car?
i: Sure, if u can approve that u will use my car to serve God then I will give u my car.
s: hmmm, U are judging me, I will discard your sign if u stick it here.
i: Whether I am judging u or not can't change the fact that u don't love God but your private land. I took my sign & dust off dirt & left.

ex2: 270710 a trashy addict:
i: If u show me your 14 type of deeds like Jesus' faith/13others
Then I will give u happy ending.
c: Baby I do drink  I love Asian lady if that is bad then I am bad
 I don't drink drank 1 time at a wedding, do you want me to come 
i: Go get yourself an asian wife. If u come i will put u in jail. 
c: I wish I could marry a Asian woman you want to get married 
i: I have my own husband, Stop xxx around but devote to 1 then u get a wife
c: Find me Asian girl to marry I own my house. Would give her anything.I know Asian women are good not like these American women bitches think them too good to work, I worked hard all my life. I know you worked hard all your life 
i: If u start to act like Jesus then I will give u an asian wife. 
c: Sweetheart I have always treated people good. Give the shirt off my back somebody needed it today you husband is lucky man.
i: When did u give shirt to whom?
c: That's an old saying I give to churches homeless fire department what about you
i: Donation is not doing good because jesus didn't donate a thing. U need act out Jesus' faith/13others
c: One thing sweetheart you are not suppose to judge people that's god job, god will put people'in.you life to. Help understand better is it true. that men in you country treat women bad
I: I am not judging, u are judging by hating complaining American bitches not good for u
c: I don't hate no one  but I tell you this I could fall in love with you and didn't have to have happy ending to feel like that
i: Can't, i have a husband.
c: Well if you ever want new one I am your man god I would  give my life to make love to you 
i: U are coveting someone else's wife. If u don't stop u will be condemned to hell by the almighty 
c: How do you do your job and  be so religious
i: So u are not religious because u have a job?
Paul had a job but very religious so you are judging incorrectly
U stereotype every masseuse as a prostitute that is why u ask for sex. Go to whore parlors to get sex not massage parlors.
c: So if we had Happy ending you wouldn't like it,Love you baby, it is ok to see naked man     
i: U have sold your soul to devil. Not salvageable. Sorry to see u burning in hell. I have to block u to save my time.

Why & How Churches need reborn

Since Constantine (306-337), Jesus' churches have been replaced by slave master&government churches to control their slaves & citizens; & to serve/honor/love themselves instead of God.
Such anti-Christ churches invaded whole earth with invading colonists/masters=capitalists. 

2000 years should have produced trillions of church members, daily 150,000 people die, 1/3 of 150k=50k christians should have been resurrected & recorded, but no recordings of any resurrections=>the whole world is worse than Sodom without 1 good man, no church ever sent its members to heaven, then why do we still go to churches? 

Churches are hypocritical:
Everybody knows u have to be the role model for your kids to obey u, churches only teach bible but not act out bible:
1. Churches are teaching u to love God above all, but everyone in church loves self&money&reputation&power&sex&families above all.
2. Churches are teaching u to love others as yourself, but constantly quote bible to start/support/participate in injustice/bullies/colonizations/murders/wars; & discriminate/hate communists & people of different faith&color.

Jesus clearly pointed at hypocrites & called them devil=>so churches are devil's den.

All Christians only study bible to show off their bible knowledge without a slight conscience to practice it。

Everyone is asking: If being Jesus can send u to heaven, why don't u become Jesus=>so u just make up fairy tale of God/Jesus/heaven/hell to fool&scare&control&bully me! 

Churches are lying to boost memberships=money:
3.Minimize the severity of hell; avoid mentioning gloomy hell altogether.
4.Only by lips, If u believe that Jesus' blood has washed away all your sins then u can live in heaven forever; If u believe God exist then unconditionally loving God will let u enter heaven unconditionally; God is too merciful to abandon u in hell.
51.Can't point out bad people's evils because u can be judged=>Jesus asked us to take out the evil plank from ourselves first then take out evil speck from others, if we can't even identify bugs/evils how can we fix them? 
52: Misinterpret salvation as free of any works/deeds, thus nobody knows&does any good.
Please clearly point out good & bad deeds to remove our excuses of not doing good:
Deeds of faith/sincerity/honesty & sacrificial love for others&humility&peace&patience&kindness&mercy&forgiving&generosity&compassion & 0 covet for money, treating others as yourself are good, the opposite are evils.
Many mistakenly think donating money & volunteerism is practicing bible & doing good=>No, because Jesus never gave money or built houses/hospitals/schools/material enrichments=because God is providing everything.
Donating is not always good=devil can use your donations to wage wars.
6.As long as u go to church regularly then u will enter heaven. Churches know that u are full of worries of your worldly possessions, so they lie that if u go to church & pray regularly then God will take care of u; u are special/great & chosen by God etc.=make-u-feel great lies to hook u into churches.
7.Churches LOVE money&worldly success the most, so use lies & positive preachings to make u believe that u will be saved & blessed & succeed in everything u do as long as u work hard. The truth is that if u love God then u can't serve any other boss & your families & diplomas but serve God & people full time & unnoticed & lowly.

So all demons become Christians & do evil arrogantly & fearlessly because churches have removed our born fear for God&hell&others' criticism.

8. Churches give away donations unvetted, many demons use donations to do evil & wage wars & promote addictions & boost love for money; such blind charities spoiled the whole world & God's plan of salvation: entitled&ungrateful&demanding recipients become much worse than if they didn't get donations, Jesus only healed obedient & faithful good men, didn't give anything to arrogant bad men who don't want their soul=jewery to be saved, why do u want to save their body box?=>Because unconditioned donations bring fame/glory/praises/followers to church masters instead of God,so the only good that churches are promoting is donating.

9. Churches fully participate in politics/government & worldly affairs:
91. Every church member votes&many run for offices.
92. Churches promote democracy but attack communism & dictatorship when God/Truth is the dictator & communism was enforced by God as in Acts 5:1-11. The church founders=slave masters hate sharing/communism of their wealth with their slaves equally.
93. Churches promote family value:
Only 1 place in the bible promotes family value before Adam/Eve's fall, after the fall, Jesus as a single man suggested that we should remain single & have no kids.
The only beneficiaries of family value are governments&slave masters, because governments can have more soldiers; masters can own more free slaves.

10. Churches are not united but scattered & factioned & competing for members:
Look at how many denominations are there;
Satan has divided & concurred churches=Jesus' 1 body;
There should be only 1 church with Jesus as the dictating head, & has many branches/ leaves/cells all over the world. 
Only by uniting into 1 church can we defeat devil & money Gods, otherwise, Jesus/God/We will be defeated: the awful world is already showing our failures: we will go to hell with warlords&scammers&etc.

Churches have made God/Jesus/bible/heaven/hell 100% incredible & lost people's trust. 2000 years ago, spreading Gospel is very credible&fruitful&productive=people were eager to be saved, but nowadays, spreading Gospel is as annoying&repelling as cocks' crowing=so don't waste time calling in the wilderness/social media, but bravely confront/love/wake people up 1 by 1.

Love devil=Love anything but God: love self/money/sex/fame/wife/kids/mother/father/etc.
We have to face the scary truth: we either sacrifice everything to gain life, or we sacrifice life to gain earth/money&families. Luke 14:26.

Bible is forever true, no matter if it is 2000 years ago or now: u have to sacrifice all u have to gain life=Matthew 10:39=can't escape from truth: Even if u don't voluntarily give up everything for God, your everything including your life will be abandoned helplessly when u die. 
The only effective way of gaining life is to sacrifice all our time & body & money & everything to love God.

How to love God?
Let's stand in God's shoes to understand what God wants:
God father look at his kids on earth & see death/wailing/wars/despair/depression/stress/all kinds of evil & craziness, so God can only think 1 thing = rescue us from the grip of death/misery & make us healthy&happy forever!<=u hate to see your kids being raped & damaged by cocks, but love to see them roaming around happily & healthily forever. 
So we must forget self but Think like Jesus=think God's needs&ideas&spirits all the time=how to remove all pain/death & make all happy/healthy forever:
All pain is caused by us to each other because we hate God/Good & each other. 

So, to love God, u have to:
Sacrifice your everything to Change yourself & bad people to good people who can ACT like Jesus everywhere all the time under all circumstances without any excuses. 

Jesus made it very clear that a good person should be as PERFECT as God & the reward of being a good person.

But nobody is perfect&good enough for heaven, so Jesus brought us good news: as long as we constantly repent & mindfully & consciously try to act like Jesus, then we are heading to heaven; if we think we are already a good person thus not imitating Jesus, then we are heading to hell.
But the reality is that we only think of money&families, even if God is pushing free heaven onto us, we throw it out as scam: In Exodus, God pushed free Canaan into Jews, but Jews rejected it so no Egyptian Jews end up in Canaan. 
Xi alone couldn't bring China out of poverty, only when all Chinese want to be rich & work together could prosperity be achieved; but if no Xi as leader then China couldn't get out of poverty, either: Xi grew out of poor&wise farmers & loves poor people=>every country wants to be rich but no country has a Xi like leader.
So to get eternal good life, the whole world need to unite to 1 church & make Jesus as the church head, & desire & work together for eternal good life in heaven together, at least when we all want the same thing we don't tempt each other off the right path, plus we need share God's love & what is good/bad/tempting/faithful/obedient thoughts & behaviors & push each other out of hell. 

Churches should have a pyramid hierarchy like heavens' hierarchy to unite all mankind to 1. Pyramid is the only structure that will work, physically, only pyramid is strong enough to sustain 6000 years desert storms:

Each school/village/community/company is a church, the most obedient disciples should serve&lead the church, they humbly beg villagers for their living expenses=like Jesus did, there are no church buildings, they work by going into people's houses/fields/work places/schools/scenes/situations, they should mediate fights/divorces/disputes/firing of workers/etc with God's spirits; substitutes for managers/doctors/judges/teachers/farmers/construction workers/baby sitter/dog walker/driver/etc; organize care for orphans/elderly/widows&disabled&diseased&homeless/etc; Reform addicts/criminals/disobedient men; Use actions to demonstrate how to fish/survive with 2 commandments alone; Make people help out each other; Clear confusions; Give hope&strength in bad situations=God's disciplines; Solve problems & remove worries; First point of contacts of the village; Be the heart/glue of the village&bind all villagers to 1.
No congregation for worshipping, but worship God in spirit&truth&deeds: John 4:24 & Colossians 3:17. 

The best village servant is appointed as county servant, The higher up hierarchy, the wiser & more Jesus like are the servants, the tip/mastermind of the pyramid is Jesus instead of pope, below Jesus are 12 best servants in the world.
County servants oversee & regulate churches beneath it; act as interim village servants; shuffle resources among different villages & etc.

Upper servants go around & visit & connect & mentor/train & inspect & live in their supervised villages, i.e. no servant should have his own house/kingdom=vatican, & stay behind church walls waiting for worshippers, but constantly move & work among people to clear people's confusions & fights & load & stress & struggles.

Servants share solutions across all churches.
Servants' performance should be reviewed periodically: # of shootings/criminals/divorces/court filings/addicts/people's happiness index/willingness to share/etc.
Servants are under constant scrutinization by people, and can be replaced regardless how high up they are, & it is very easy to identify good/bad servants by their deeds.
In nature, alpha male/leaders sacrifice themselves first for their subordinates: so if a lower servant errored, his leader should be fired/punished first=>Jesus suffered & died for sinful us first, right?

If u are willing, STOP going to churches/temples/mosques, but start to build the 1 new good church by serving your community now: bring your love=massages/home grown foods/etc to each of your neighbors & wake up people's born hope for eternal life in heaven. 

Many doors will be slammed at your face when u offering free love to people=>Jesus was killed when offering eternal life in heaven to people, so keep on knocking, but most people are very curious & ask why u are doing this, thus carefully read the true gospel that u are spreading=>no more worry of your gospel being ignored or flagged & removed!

----love letter with your love:everyone hates being commanded&controlled, so only talk about u & present your angel like deeds to ignite people's desire for heaven: wow, heaven is full of nice people like u, I want to be with u in heaven forever -----
I offer free services blabla & have lots stuff to share.

From nature & farming, I see God & eternal life in heaven, & I think the only way of going to heaven is to imitate Jesus because Jesus was the only 1 ever resurrected, so I am trying to honestly/consciously ACT out Jesus' faith/sincerity/honesty & sacrificial love for others&humility&peace&patience&kindness&mercy&forgiving&generosity&compassion & 0 covet for money, treat strangers as oneself to see whether I will end up in heaven.

If I can rise from death then I will come back to visit u so u will know, otherwise, I am a forever stranger to u & u won't know that resurrection is possible thus never seek it.

my phone/email/address

Feel free to text me if u need anything or if I need anything from u to maintain our connections.

Acting like Jesus is the only way that I can think of will work, u can share your ways of getting eternal life in heaven if different.

----Current Christian mind=very bad---
i: my massage will be free if u show 6 types of Jesus like deeds.
c: I pray every day, not just for my self but my my loved ones. I don't lie, I don't cheat and I don't steal. I am a good man, I know I will be rewarded with the gift of eternal life.
If the massage is free I can go today, if not then I will have to wait until I have money.
i: Not words & hypocrisy, show real deeds as in lingsmassage.com/jesus.php
If all your life u have been robbing love from God & people, u'd better repent & give God/people love now to escape hell.
c: I just want a massage.
i: Then pay full to get it.
c: Thank you, I don't mind paying. I am a Christian man though. I can assure u that I repent almost daily, I take all my problems to God.
i: At least u should humbly honestly admit that u don't deserve a free mssage but u arrogantly argue for a free massage. Still I don't sense any obedience from u. Be careful u are heading to hell.
How to work for people 4
Replace God with Truth/Peace/AuthorOfLife/GiverOfEverything=it doesn't matter who u think created u, as long as u follow their teachings u will become a good person=>nobody thinks Hitler created u.

Remember: U can only choose between life and yourself/money/kids/parents/siblings.
Luke 9:23
U have to deny yourself and take up your cross daily and follow Jesus if u want life.

Looking at my field, If none of the plants gives me fruit, I will stop water them then burn up everything after they all dry up=>God looks at earth & see no fruit, God will stop rain & dry up everything then burn up the whole earth, but God is doing this extremely patiently =>earth is designed in such a way that temperature is rising very slowly, the quicker we warm up earth, the quicker is the fire=apocalypse.

How to Love God=try to be a good person
If u try to be a good person then u love God, if u sacrifice your everything to be a good person then u love God above all:
U are trying to be as faithful&humble&sincere&honest&selfless&peaceful&patient&kind&merciful&forgiving&generous&compassionate&0 desire for pleasure&money as Jesus, & treat others as yourself.
If protesting students are persecuted because they want seize fire & justice for Palestinians, even though they are not Christians, they are loving God & suffering for GOD.

All religions are teaching people to be good, except Christianity outpouring hypocrites & making earth worse than ever before. Jesus made it very clear that a good person is as perfect as God & the reward of being a good person, Jesus clearly pointed at hypocrites & call them devil. 

I will definitely take my dog out of fire=>God will definitely save good people from fire,So the Gospel is to remind people to be a Jesus like perfect person to be saved。

So I revised my condition when giving away free stuff:

U can get it for free by trying to be a good person:

Compare to someone u admire for deeds of humility/faith/sincerity/honesty & sacrificial love for others&peace&patience&kindness&mercy&forgiving&generosity&compassion & 0 covet for pleasure&money; love strangers as yourself:

Add 1 for each type of Good deed & minus 1 for each type of bad deed, if u get positive #, then u take # of it for free(same type counts 1), if negative, then u have to pay.
ex. If u had 1 kind, 10 honest, 1 humble, 10 generous deeds, but -10 selfish,-10 substance abuse, your net #=2, then u can get 2 rabbits for free.

If u are trying to meet all the criteria instead of removing my post, once u become a good/perfect person u will get everything for free forever, if u keep on doing evil u will be flagged & removed into dark vacuum hell forever.

Many Chrisitans criticise me=I need to give away my stuff according to her wills?! Christians are more lost than non-believers because they also lost common senses.

Those getting my stuff give all the praise only to me,No wonder so many people love to donate to promote themselves=>If so, U will lose heaven & everything. So add conditions to frustrate many, & endure their nasty humiliations to save them=>this is how u will get heaven.

In the past, whenever customers knew I had IT job, they all said that I was smart, so I loved to brag it, now working for God, I must tell people the humiliating fact that I was fired from IT=Everything is given by God, so all praises should be given to God not me/us.

Those wanting happy endings:
Try to be a good person to get a real happy ending in heaven.

It seems that the same people control the free stuff, to avoid being deleted, post your stuff very cheaply but give responders the free option with gospel.
How to effectively work for people 3
Free live plants & animals attract lots people,& it is extremely easy to propagate plants=>everyone can grow something to give away for free.

Previously block spoiled people, now I patiently lead them toward light=working for God needs patient love for all men especially bad men.

Offer free spiritual love along with physical gifts.
Can u answer these questions first? 
1. Did u share free love with strangers out of your own will before?
If u did, why did u share? 
If u didn't, why should I, a stranger of yours, share free love with u?
2. Do u see that air/rain is free? Who gives us free air/rain?
If u own all the air/water on earth, will u give it freely away to all strangers on earth, or will u charge people for it?
3. Do u love&obey your parents? why? 
Because your parents gave u the most free love, so shouldn't we love&obey the giver of free air/water/life/everything=God?
Use actions to obey Matthew 22:37-39
Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind;Love others as yourself.
4. After u get this free gift from me, are u willing to share your free love with others? I will give away more interesting free stuff in future, u have to show me the free love u give to strangers between now & next time.
If not, then u can't pick it up for free.

for #1:
If they said their mom asked them to donate, because I don't know your mom so your mom didn't asked me to give u free stuff, so u can't take my free stuff. 

Ask charities to ask each of their recipients to answer above questions before u give away your hard earned money, I am sure lots people in private schools/churches/foundations/etc will read your gospel eagerly instead of blocking it.

Gospel=If we obey Jesus' 2 commandments then we will live in heaven forever.

U don't give your kids money freely to spoil them, then why do u give free money to strangers to spoil them? Chinese only give money to begging monks without questions, but to other type of beggars they want to make sure beggars are not scammers. West call the spoiling love as agape: free loaders' attitude is ungratefully rude & arrogant & demanding.

How to effectively work for People 2

Because churches have tarred good name of Jesus/God, so avoid mentioning God/Jesus/Heaven/Hell =>Yeah, Luke 9:26 says if U abandon Jesus' name then U will be abandoned, but as long as U have God&Jesus in your heart then they understand: Matthew 15:8. 

Because Jesus is sum of all people, so replace God/Jesus with People when appropriate.
So to effectively serve&save People:
1. Become a GOOD role model first, then teach others to be like U.
2. Love:
Dog doesn't understand role model but dog obeys u because u give it plenty wise love.
So effective way #2:
Sacrifice your everything=health/body/time/life&money&kids to love People.

So I revised questions when give away free stuff, & they haven't brought me resentments.
U can also work for God to stop people from hurting each other: post your stuff on social media or craigslist to freely give away, but ask them to answer questions before give them away, u can wisely change questions based on their reactions:
Can u answer these questions first? 
1. Do u like to be hurt? have u hurt others? How will u teach others not hurting u? =>being a role model & stop hurting others first, right?
2. Who do u obey the most? Why? So to make others obey u, u have to give them a lot free wise love, & u don't spoil kids with lots free gifts & make them disobedient, right? 
3. Do u want those who hurt u die? If so, if u have hurt others, u need to die also, so will it be better that we all stop hurting each other so nobody needs to die.

Everyone wants to get free auto repair, ask:
1. Have u worked for a stranger free of charge?
2. Can u find in bible that I should give u a free car repair?
3. While I am repairing your car for free, can u clean my bathroom/etc for free?

If people don't show up for appointments or don't pay for services:
Why hate&hurt me=a stranger for no reason? Have u been hurt before, did it feel good? Read bible, then u will find that God promise to send u to heaven & live forever if u stop hurting people; & send u to hell to be hurt forever if u don't stop hurting people.

If customers wants happy ending:
Can u ask your wife/daughter/mom/sister to call me to give u H.E.
Matt 5: 27-30 & 16:26:rather spayed than go to hell. 

Also made my neighbors realize that they have been hating & hurting me even though they profusely deny that they are hating=discriminating anyone.

I also realized that my exboss hated me so much that he banned me from Duke forever=I can't programm/clean bathroom/do anything for Duke for a living forever, if he manages earth, then I can't be hired by anyone but starve to death!

But we are all hurting people unknowingly=unconsciously, as Jesus said all his killers didn't know what they are doing=>God will put u among bad strong smart men to be severely hurt until u automatically sympathize blacks/single mom/homeless/etc, so work for God=wake up men's conscience to avoid suffering extreme abuse & torture.

Only 1 Chinese earnestly answered my question & took my free fruit, others are too arrogant to care for free heaven. I think God sent me here to debug Americans:God errored my lasik eye surgery & made me massage: So many lustful selfish men drool on me=an exotic china doll, so I get lots men to spank without using free stuff. I only massage good people, & make more than enough to survive with light labor. 

God gives u diseases/defects for a reason: imagine a Parkinson old man shakely serve u, a stingy strong man, for free=>u will feel ashamed & get up to serve God sooner or later.

On the day of giveaway the lazy hen not lazy anymore, so I wanted to keep it, but then God told me: love others as myself, so others have it = I have it, because we are 1 person=Jesus, so I let others have it=so only Faith in God can make us truly stop hurting but sharing God's love with each other.

Spread gospel with your actions & wise love.

How to effectively work for God
How churches' hypocrisy&lies send us all to hell:
Everybody knows u have to be the role model for your kids to obey u, churches only teach bible but not act out bible:
Churches are teaching u to love God above all, but everyone in church loves self&money&reputation&power&sex above all.
Churches are teaching u to love others as yourself, but they are blaspheming God & supporting evil doers=injustice/bully/colonization/murdering/wars with bible.

Everyone is asking: If being Jesus can send u to heaven, why don't u become Jesus=>so u just make up fairy tale of God/Jesus/heaven/hell to fool&scare&control&bully me!

Churches are using lies to attract members thus spoiled the world:
1.Minimize the severity of hell; avoid mentioning of gloomy hell to keep members.
2.If u believe that Jesus' blood has washed away all your sins then u can live in heaven forever; If u believe God exist then unconditionally loving God will let u enter heaven unconditionally; God is too merciful to abandon u in hell.
3.Can't point out evil people's evils because u can be judged.
So all evil doers become Christians & continue to do evil fearlessly, because church's lies have removed their born fear for God&hell&others' criticism.

Churches have made God/Jesus/bible/heaven/hell 100% incredible. 2000 years ago, spreading Gospel is very credible&fruitful&productive=people were eager to be saved, but nowadays, spreading Gospel is as annoying&repelling as cocks' crowing=so don't waste time calling in the wilderness=social media, but bravely confront devil=>Need everyone of 2.4B followers become Jesus first then change minimum 2 bad men to Jesus to rid of evil from earth.

Love devil=Love anything but God: love self/money/sex/fame/wife/kids/mother/father/etc.
We have to face the scary truth: we either sacrifice our everything to gain life, or we sacrifice life for families.Luke 14:26, but Churches remove our guilt by promoting big families.

I have a lazy hen, lying there all day long without giving me any egg/love, so I took her life=if we don't give God love won't we be thrown into hell?

How to love God=change bad to good people who can ACT like Jesus everywhere all the time under all circumstances without any excuses.

Bible is forever true, no matter if it is 2000 years ago or now: u have to sacrifice all u get to gain life=Matthew 10:39=can't escape from truth. Even if u don't voluntarily give up everything for God, u will involuntarily lose everything including your life when u die. 

The only effective way of working for God is to sacrifice=give up all our time & body & money & everything to love God:
To get my free scholarship/houses/lands/cars/appliances/furniture/child-care/construction/auto repair/cleaning/chinese class/massage/rabbits/eggs/ducks/chks/vegs/figs/grapes/berries/food:
U have to answer my questions, because God wants to give free Heaven to u if u qualify, then u spend all your time & IQ & heart to converse with each free loader patiently & smartly: 
1. According to bible, have you been fruitful: tell me the sweet fruits/deeds that u gave to God in last 7 days
2. Are u afraid of death or loss of your kids/parents/loved ones? What are u doing to avoid death & losses?
3. Have u dreamed of & sought after heaven? What are u doing to get into heaven?
Heaven is free of chores/work/pain/dirt/death but full of people who want to share God's sweet love with u for free, hell is full of men who want to rob your body/money/everything.

Everybody is given competence to work for God, ex, everyone can massage for free.
99% of God's stuff is unconditionally free except eternal life in heaven=>do u want bad man to do evil forever?
When u make 0 income, Faith in God should support&sustain u=>free air & rain should last u longer than food eaters.

People flag/block/remove my posts of free love because they don't want to read bible&obey God=We are similarly rejecting God's gift of heaven.

Can't get free hen thus block others from getting it=>Can't enter heaven thus block others from entering heaven: Matthew 23:13

100% people think I am a scammer&report me to police because I am using free stuff as bait to recruit religious followers & they all arrogantly think they can take free stuff unconditionally,Jesus only healed obedient & faithful good men, didn't give anything to arrogant bad men: church has spoiled world with its unconditional charities: if they don't want their soul=jewery to be saved why do u want to save their body box?

So far I haven't given out 1 free food, spoiled food can fertilize fruits better than feed to devil, at least now he know how to save his own life.Eventually all good men share God's love,bad men exploit each other.

Saving lives are infinitely more challenging, but God will give u ideas: use yard signs to avoid removals & etc.

God is hiring u to stop apocalypse
What does God want
After job loss, I think a lot of it; If u are sick, all u think is your pain & how to recover; if u love money, all u think is how to get rich fast; if u love your kids all u think is your kids & their needs & etc.
=>whoa, I have no love & concern for God at all.
Let's stand in God's shoes to understand what God wants:
God father look at his kids on earth & see death/wailing/wars/despair/depression/stress/all kinds of evil & craziness, so God can only think 1 thing = rescue us from the grip of death/misery & make us healthy&happy forever!<=u hate to see your kids being raped & damaged by cocks, but love to see them roaming around happily & healthily forever. 
So we must forget self/diseases/kids/money/etc but Think like Jesus=think God's needs&ideas&spirits all the time=how to remove all pain/death & make all happy/healthy forever:
All pain is caused by us to each other because we love DEVIL=do-evil but hate God/Good & each other. 
Spreading the gospel & giving drowning men the hope of eternal life in heaven is the only way to stop apocalypse=If u don't want to die then Repent & If u don't want to die then Repent & sacrifice yourself to God's needs & Act like Jesus.

Should followers be good in everything U do:
NO, on the contrary, u should be so bad in your work that u are fired by your work.
ex: First 4 apostles were fishermen & couldn't catch any fish even when they worked day & night all their lives.
Paul was the best worker in the world, then betrayed his boss to serve Jesus, he also made tents for a living while serving Jesus, apparently, he didn't put too much thought into tentmaking because genius he never automated tentmaking.

To succeed in your work, of course, u need to be good & faithful to your work, otherwise, u will fail both your work & God. You can only serve 1 boss. 
Many think doing my work well is serving God, not really: Doctors are highly respected because they save our physical lives, but doctors are not serving God, only soul saving works are for God=>charities not funding disciples are not working for God. Only help reforming bad/evil men/souls to good men is working for God=Do what Jesus was doing or help Jesus like disciples.

Only the job of saving souls is necessary & important: Luke 10:38-42; all other jobs are hens' scratching, the less we work the less troubles we add to God. God is hiring incompetent humble willing men=Moses to work for him so God can equip u with his miraculous competency, if u can't do miracles, then u are working for God out of no other choices, as soon as a high-pay job is offered to u, u become Judas.

So God's servants are either like jobless John:
Matthew 3-4: John’s clothes were made of camel’s hair, and he had a leather belt around his waist. His food was locusts and wild honey.
or Paul=a part-time tentmaker: tentmaking didn't need much thought but repetitive, so he can think on how to save souls while making tents.
All modern-day high-pay jobs demand your thinking/working even in your dreams, so if u want to serve God u have to quit your hard-earned hi-pay degrees & careers=>if your parents are serving God, they won't send u to schools. When u work for God, God will teach u himself without any need of human schooling. 

Apparently, if u work for God, u can't have spouse & kids. When God doesn't give u a kid, maybe God is calling u to work for him=When u are fired/poor/abused/bullied/failed/lost/raped=invaded/diseased/depressed/etc, u are also called/chosen by God to work for God&Heaven. If Hawking accepted God's job offer he would not have been paralized in a remote earth corner not as a famous physicist now. Fruitful Jews didn't have kids so Jews on earth are very small, most Jews are in heaven yielding fruits for God, they are stars in the sky: star signify good man/angel's soul.

You can't love self & God at same time<=u are sacrificing yourself to love your kids, so u must sacrifice self to love God.

Eden/Heaven=God's farm/garden of souls/spirits=>To make us understand Good & Evil, God gave us energized physical farms to feel Good=bliss & Evil=pain.

Like animals born to know what to eat & how to survive, we are born to know Good & Evil, but it is too hard to do good & serve God for free so I only talk about it & let others to be good & serve God for free, but I only serve myself & money=hypocrites=devil.

At work, Why hate God&forbid talk of God when God gives u everything including your life? Why don't u forbid talking of sport teams when they don't know who u are?
U will always gain life in heaven with all your worldly losses; & lose life to hell if u gain worldly successes.

An example of testing God: God didn't heal my defected duckling/cancer=>my physical needs are more important than earthful people wailing eternally.
What is Fruit
I spent whole week trying to kill fruitless strawberry: whenever I see a weed I kill it before it spreads, but I spared strawberry for 4 years hoping it give me fruits, but it prospered&spread like crazy even colonized&killed my fruitful plants without giving me any fruit=>spiritually, God gives us time&blessings to let us fruit, but we fruitlessly only enrich & spread & expand ourselves & our families like crazy, & cause God a hell of troubles&work to remove us.
Plant never eat its own fruit, fruit is for the master & others, is the love u offer to God & the world for free.
Paid work is not fruit, Good fruits=Good deeds/Volunteering/peace-making/donations/free services/spread gospel/warn or wake up stupors/whatever free services u are called to do for God & others.
Simply put, anything u do for yourself&money is not fruit, anything u do for God & others for free out of love for God & others is fruit.

Smart God cut off spreading vines, only make 1 tribe to be fruitful first=>Jews are not fruitful so remain very small so far: 0.2% of the 8B, God wants fruitful Jews spread & cover earth like sand/dirt<=God's promise to Abraham. God encircled fruitless Jews with its enemies=Israel to be removed for God=facts are not hate speech. If u want to live, don't move to Israel.
Fruitful Jews are in heaven yielding fruits for God, they are stars in the sky: star signify good man/angel's soul.

Incest in animals is not a problem=>To spread gospel, God forced Jews to marry gentiles, otherwise, scientifically Jews can't have healthy kids=Jews must not be a pure race.

As soon as u tell people u are working for God, they ask u which church are u working at=We misinterpret church as a corporation & pastors as entrepreneurs, but all creations are working for God without a church, so reply him: Flowers don't have churches but they are working for God, right?

U say if u can see miracles performed by Jesus then u will rely on God=>Daily, many miracles are happening in front of our eyes: lives are resurrected from ashes & bloom & fruit for light=>no excuse not to rely on God.

Anybody can be Jesus to perform God's gigantic miracles as long as u don't rely on your own talents/IQ/money/degrees/experiences/status/positions/friends/connections/families/etc but only rely on God alone=only let GOOD/humble/righteous spirits&agape operate u!  Only God can perform miracles, evils are all done by devil=Hatred sneak into our minds & operate our body for evil=replacing hatred with agape will stop us doing evil.

Sky is the blue eyes of God, watching us all the time.

Money lovers are bad people<=because we create criminals & evil doers. Cartels/wars are all created by money lovers.

The ducks bought online always want to escape, but home grown ducklings are like coming home=very healthy & happy.


We are spirits enclosed in physical bodies, earth is home to evil spirits.
There are only 2 spiritual masters=Good & Evil.
God sent spirits=souls to schools for training, so there are many levels/dimensions/grades of spirits, it is better not to bother dead men's spirits=>3rd graders call 5th graders for protection.

Spirits without body are mere thoughts & powerless, so evil spirits are seeking every chance to sneak into our body, so we need to be filled with Good spirits to block out evil spirits=we have to be mindful of our every thought: 99% of my thoughts are evil/arrogant/jealous/selfish/greed/covet=I wish I can have your 5 acre beautiful home etc.

Bible is the book of God Good spirits, in many places, bible mentions magic/miracles that witches/wizards can perform, but only God's spirits are PURE good & holy, only if we filled with God's spirits can we protect ourselves from dirty spirits=demons, even Hitler is not 100% evil, & Hitler's soul is not 100% clean as God/Jesus, so if we invite/pray other people's spirits into our body, we will do many crazy bad things.

Bible has been misinterpreted by lots men who are hijacked by evils, whose main purpose is to enter our mind & hijack our mind & body, if we are filled with only Jesus' soul then we can perform gigantic miracles as Jesus did=resurrect dead & heal all physical & mental ills.

All books except bible are about demons. Secular laws/rules/science are made by demons for demons=Americans are very lawful, we strictly/literally follow laws/rules/science but ignore God's law of love because we lack God's spirits.

Nature is a teaching aid for us to understand God's spirits=>put us in God's shoes to take care of our plants/animals/kids. Cruel/merciless/Loveless/consciousless animals are our reflections, but kids/animals/plants can be trained to be very loving/obedient/loyal/fruitful to us.

Jesus is God in human body=in our shoes to demonstrate how we should be filled with God's spirits & rely on God alone to return to God's home.

God of course doesn't like his kids suffering in hell, he suffered & sacrificed himself to beg us to go back to pain-free paradise.
All human beings are born revering God & humble, but arrogant/narcissistic spirits/culture/tradition/idols in our home/country immediately hijacked us & make us crazy demons.

Regardless how Thai people love animals, but none of them dare to invite all dirty rats/chks/pigs into their home & share the same home & bed & dinner table with them=>God wants to share his home with us but we will convert heaven to bloody Gaza as soon as we get into it.

The purpose of life is to use Jesus' spirit to replace our dirty spirits, after many levels/dimensions purifications until we become perfect to enter God's heaven.

God is extremely patient=gave us 6000 years to get clean, but we are completely astrayed & turned away from God.

How to conquer death
U are extremely fearful of death that I can't even mention death, then why don't seek eternal life & permanently get rid of death by imitating Jesus because Jesus was the only one resurrected in front of the whole world=not a lie or illusion.

Living for the moment is just a mask/bandage/lie/veil over the fear of death.
Not mention or think of death doesn't do anything to death=>why fool yourself.

Refusal to seek life means u firmly & faithfully believe that u can't do anything about death.
=>why don't believe in life?

Every human is like u firmly believe in DEATH & gripped by the fear of Death, not talking of it doesn't mean it doesn't exist or u can run away from it.

The reason that we are so fearful of death is because death=hell, very very bad & painful&suffering. Our fear is well founded & tattooed in our soul/heart/mind.

Stop making the same fatal errors as those arrogant pharisees who killed Jesus made because Jesus didn't praise & revere them. 

Seek life/God first then u will get everything: Jesus' miracles are not his extreme hard work & practice but given by God=>God created the universe of course can give u solutions/innovations to every problem=>If all Chinese seek God, God will make China a Canaan where honey & milk flow non-stop.

If u believe too much in your own hard work or righteousness, u will run into demise sooner or later.

To everybody u encounter regardless rapist or saint, spread gospel to him=work for God:

Continue to read bible & Act out Jesus' faith/sincerity/honesty & sacrificial love for others&humility&peace&patience&kindness&mercy&forgiving&generosity&compassion & 0 covet for pleasure&money then u will end up in paradise with Jesus to enjoy infinite bliss & love forever.

peole like to hear praises, this sound like encouragement instead of scolding=in US, if u scold me, instead of repenting, I arrogantly attack u as judging.

Especially if u serve customers, u can save lots new men. Now work for God full time & report to God directly, I am sure more sneer/humiliation/hunger/persecution are awaiting. When working for money, every organization/business forbid mentioning of God/Jesus/truth, so I had to bite my tongue & listening to blasphemes of God, but now I can freely save everyone encountered.

99% customers will not come back again=if u are working for God not money/self, then u shouldn't worry it.

Even if u are paralyzed in bed, u can work for God, use the same dedications for God as u do for yourself/money/kids/parents/etc=if a Parkinson's patient can take care of his 90 year old mom; a workaholic can work 16 hours a day/etc, Anybody can equally dedicate himself to God by selling Eternal Life to every man:
School bus pass by your house daily, why not put a yard sign: Act like Jesus 2 Conquer Death/Ills/Sins & Save mankind. When doctor save your body u can save doctor's soul.

Everything in universe is created as an employee of God, & is working for God=glorifying God's faith/truth/mercy/peace/etc, otherwise, why create u? We are God's dog, & should bark non-stop to wake up sleeping/dying men.

The root cause of all evils=Identity theft/cyber attacks/etc is because we only believe in our own IQ & hardwork to protect ourselves=>is arm & technology race protecting or destroying us? Very soon all passwords can be decoded by big data & u will lose all your savings in the bank. Pledging man to give up evil for good is the only solution to all evils=working for God is a sacred&valuable job.

If u ask me for whom that I am working for, I will excitedly answer that I am working for God who is infinitely more prestigious than Duke, as long as I don't become Judas then I will never get fired. God's salary+benefit is eternal life in heaven.

No need to worry that u don't know how to do God's assignments=>God will tell u.

I am experimenting whether I will live forever by making God my boss, if I really survive death, then I will come back to visit u=>Must be like Jesus & give up everything for free, if I can't come back then I must have money/sin not giving up.

Don't wait for me, u can also experiment eternal life, this way u can avoid eternal death if u die before me.

We all say that Bible was written by men & has too many versions thus don't read it<=Star wars were written by men & have many versions of it, but u watch every version of it full-heartedly.

U fertilize fruit trees in winter, summer is the time for them to give u fruit=>God has given us enough money, now is the time to yield fruit for God instead of still making money for ourselves.
Losses are blessings
Don't feel sorry for my loss of job, u need to feel sorry & sad for yourself.

Every thing/person that we encounter, our IQ/gender/look including skin color are carefully designed by God, God wants to see for whom we will use our gifts for: for myself or for God?=>If only for myself, then I will selfishly convert the whole universe into bloody Gaza. Abraham & Jesus never held a paid job, they only selflessly return their only son & life & everything back to God, instead of selfishly steal/rob/colonizing God's gifts. 

I was full of reluctance/pain whenever I was fired, similarly, when we get cancer/any horrible diseases/accidents, nobody can let God take our life/kids/anything away without tears.

Job in bible clearly illustrates that everything belongs to God, even if I lose everything & in agonizing pain/diseases, I shall love my God more & more & gladly let him freely take away my eyes/brains/hands/legs/life/etc.

God is entitled to take away whatever he gave, nothing to feel bad about it=no 1 animal like us worrying too much of losses.

I am a soul=no energy=nothing, God is controlling all the competence & bodies in the universe, when he needs u to have that job/body then he gave it to u, when he doesn't need u for that job/body, he removes u from it=>why try to fight with God? 

Don't get attached to anything/anybody, if u feel sorry for my job loss, then u are fighting with God=Boss' heart has been hardened by God, regardless how hard u try, u will be fired=it was God who removed your job=>All hipay jobs are death traps. If your husband loves u more than anything else, then God gives u cancer to save his soul.

All living humans are equally competent, there is no incompetent man, if he already decided to fire u, even if u don't make errors he will make up some for u=I really don't deserve to be fired & banned from Duke by worldly standards, my eye sights & brain power & competence is at my peak. + my work is very easy=>so God fired me & is pushing me to seek life=>I am lucky, u are not lucky, feel sorry for yourself not me.

If u have a salary then u are definitely not working for God but money.

Losses are our blessings=>Matthew 16:25 For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.
Student protesters are US' hope, Don't u want your kids to be the ones saying:
1. The loss of my study & degree & future is nothing compared to P's loss of lives & livelihoods for generations.
2. We faculty/staff want to build a human shield to protect students from police. 

Study bible, so u can answer self-righteous hypocrites wisely:
The God chosen Jews in Genesis are Abraham/God-like selfless righteous obedient compassionate man who risked his own life to save Sodom & Gomorrah, Today's Jews/Israelis are disobedient arrogant money & power thirst DEVIL.
If I was Columbia president, I would answer congressmen with: Please remove me alone as the president of Columbia but spare my students & faculty & staff=>I want to be Jesus who was nailed to cross by Jews.
Politicians were pushed to power by Jew's money so they defend themselves & Jews by blaspheming God=God never choose selfish arrogant hypocritical murders.
Just like any other races, Jews are 50/50 good/bad=Not all blacks are bad, not all Jews are chosen & blessed, not all Americans are football team fans who sacrifice their brains & bodies for money & fame.

Watch your chks: smaller ones always run away from food because they can be trampled to death if they join the mob, it is much better to be alive on hunger or leftovers than die, because if they can stay alive then they will have the chance/size/talents to compete for food=>Infinitely smart God of course can make all chks the same size to avoid bullying, but avoiding chk bullies is not God's intention but for u to learn from your chks: humbly preserve your life first instead of selling your life to food/money/sex, when u grow into heaven then u can enjoy as much as u like.

Simplest way is: escape from money & fame for your life, let others risk their lives for money/fame.

After lost my hi-pay IT job, I start to sleep very well & guilt free.

I was disgracefully fired by Duke
U may snub at my job loss as another incompetent loser who is using God/Jesus to threaten u?  
I want to loudly tell the world that I was repeatedly fired by Duke due to my faults=if u think this really humiliate me/my families&teachers&China then u must be blaspheming God that God is humiliated by Jesus' humiliations!

<=This maybe the reason that God used lasik surgery messed up my eyes=Eyes were damaged enough that I could still stay in smart elites but constantly making humiliating errors. The loss of Duke job removed my ego, & a high salary=>the loss of hi-pay really drive me to look for another hi-pay IT job frantically=>Ha, I am making money as my master, who definitely doesn't want to take care of old/weak/sick/constantly-error-making losers like me, I have to switch my master to Jesus for compassion & love.
=Everyone is chosen & hired by God: u are working & saving yourself for God=No need to worry the loss of your human given jobs, as long as u diligently do God's given job then u will always be given means to live.

Plus, u can only choose 1 to dedicate yourself to=I was greedily making big money & status from Duke while working for God, thus fired by Duke, but merciful God hired disgracefully disposed me back.

First time I was fired due to my faults from Duke, even though the hope of being rehired  is very slim, but I followed God's advice of persistently applying for Duke, & miraculously I was re-hired by a successful black ex-coworker, but this time I failed him so bad that he kicked me out of Duke forever, otherwise, I may never voluntarily give up the money & status that Duke brought me=>it is time to practice/act out what I preached: 1st by giving up the greed & love for money & ego. 

Actually, after give up the love for money & ego, life became very relaxing&enjoyable like animals', but I can't lazily wait for salary to drop from sky, every God's creation has talents & love to contribute but just that I can't use my talents only for making money for me alone.

U will say God only hire a successful #1 who voluntarily gives up his successful career to serve God not a loser like me=Yes, God only hire Jesus to work for him but nobody else: God hardened my boss' heart & saved me out of the kidnap of money & fame, I have to hire myself to work for God to save my own life=>dirty/corrupted/erroneous I never qualify to be hired by holy God to save others=I maybe killing men while arrogantly thinking that I am chosen to save men.

Complains & hatred toward my boss keep on oozing out, I should vent it out to God not him, because God made him fired me: disobedient me need to learn the good intention of my savior, & work on removing all my complains & hatred from my soul.

--letter to firy boss
Everybody is created full of errors: left hand is dumber, can't function without sleep, weaker/sicker when young & old, easily got sick/injured by bug/virus/bites & accidents, bullied by stronger bullies etc & etc.
Mistakes/sins are the only ways to learn.
Everybody is constantly making mistakes/sins, how we deal with each error/sin determines who is to live or die/fired:
1. Argument-Free Humbly Admit & apologize & repent & accept for the mistake & responsibility.
2  Analyze the root cause of it.
3. Prescribe methods/processes/training/mentoring to avoid the same mistakes again.
4. Even when same errors are made, but sincerely trying to correct them.
5. Be selfless/self-sacrificing/merciful/tolerant/patient when helping erroneous/sinful employees/kids/whomever=>imitate Jesus who died to beg us to repent & survive even when we are arrogantly thinking that we are perfectly competent good men & deny that we are bad & erroring.
6. My last boss from Ukraine extremely smart, who first studied & got BIG data running but fired immediately, before he was fired, he made sure all his employees keep their jobs in the new group. When I recommended to him not to renew the contracts of some very incompetent employees, he was very reluctant & did everything to save them=>Now I became the being fired one=>regardless where we go, we need all the good-hearted help & compassion from all those top&below&around us to survive.
PS. xxx is very slow, may need big data for it:Tech keep on upgrading & patching=>don't our minds keep on renewing & learning?

I am amazed at the speed that Sxxx/U in correcting bugs=>how many years have u been on them & you guys provisioned boxes & everything on it so you are intimately familiar with everything.

You constantly complain that nobody else in the team can replace you, after 10 years & you retire then u don't have anything to worry about it even it apocalypse=this is not responsible/sustainable thoughts=>just like what is going on with global warming=I am pretty sure you don't hope your kids/descendents are roasted in hot oven after we all pass on.

You & xxx absolutely work very hard including vacations, humble up, train your employees as your kids so they can take over & pass on your legacy & successes=>u don't just fire your kids if they make mistakes.

At least, train your employees to be as competent as you are so u can enjoy your vacations worry/work free. Humans are infinitely smarter than AI to be trainable, if u train men right u can make men as good as u=>this is what Jesus is doing.

American arrogant football culture is killing humanity. Prestigious=Arrogant=merciless=cruel=conscienceless=fights=wars. I am glad the Columbia students are conscious enough to support bullied P but disappointed that Duke & all other schools are doing nothing while watching Israel killing 35k+ civilians.

Anyway, everyone of us will get old=incompetent, we have to prepare for tomorrow's apocalypse, instead of my dark hateful expectations of the arrival of apocalypse sooner so I don't have to tediously look for another job.

Nobody needs to worry anything but to learn to be like Jesus=righteous & perfect<=I noticed that my new incompetent smaller chks can't access food so their master=I make sure they are fed=>no need to worry money/job/whatever, God master is providing everyone amply<=God created vast universe full of life=so God is infinitely competent to care for everyone of his creation=>IT software/smart phones/cloud/AI revealed God/Jesus/heaven to me.

Admiring Wang chuan fu=BYD founder very much, read his biography this morning, but even if I can become Wang, the most that I can achieve is dying in mountain high of $, but if I study/imitate/become Jesus, then I can live forever in heaven, so why waste time on mortal man.

If u want temporary happiness & health then u watch comedies or go outside playing. 

If u want eternal happiness/health/longevity then study & imitate Jesus. 

Duck hate chks because chks run faster & always grab away the best food <=this is very similar to our kids' behavior, but after we grow up & know fighting for food/money/sex is not good, so we become hypocrites & fight under covers=>we cover up shameful animal behaviors with devil's mask.

Humble God & Jesus beg us to seek life with Jesus' life.

Rising to heaven is to drop into love's ocean=of course God can't allow hatred ink ruin his holiness. God never revenge for Jesus' life by killing J's murders=>Israel should seize revenging fire immediately, if I can't return all occupied land to P, I will never exit battling hell.

Only dog loves to eat poop, other animals don't like poop=>God is showing us that We love to sin.

If mom has short legs, dad has long legs, they can only produce 2 equally long-medium-short legged kids, & never output 1 long 1 short legged kids=>mom&dad 2 bodies melt into 1 body=2 leg melt into 1 leg=regardless, God's creation is miraculously beautiful & orderly.

Baiden may not know Surinam exists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R0Lkz9_VG4 => very humble Xi.

NPR/US media said Blinken went to CN to warn CN that CN is supporting Russia too much=>US media always lie & accuse & insult & damage & belittle CN=Devil's dog always viciously bark & bite good men: everytime when I turn on news it is attacking CN, I really miss the free medical knowledge/comedy radio programs in China.

CN needs to worry all future generations, but US government only worries until 24/11=wear emperor's new clothes for only 6 months more.
Atheist doesn't exist/What is God
Communists are not atheists, but love & believe in God, because their faith=Communism=God, God=truth/good ideology=selfless self-sacrificing love toward others: Because communists are sacrificing their lives to remove the tears & pain & worries of poor people; Democratic presidents sacrifice their people for US & are selected as president by US.

Everybody knows right & wrong=God & evil existing, atheists absolutely don't exist. Atheism is a superstition & lie & excuse, true atheists are 100% wicked conscienceless villain without 1 single good=even crocodile loves its own kids=>atheistic physical objects don't exist, only your atheistic hope exists=>why would u hope for fatal dark freezing vacuum?=u are so depressed that u have lost all desires to live=>atheist=zombie=demon=dirty spirit. As long as u are living & love living then u are definitely not an atheist.

If u believe in Love/teamwork/collaboration/sharing=u believe in God; if U love honesty/truth & justice/equality=u love God; if u don't accept bribery & play favoritism=u obey God; If u are full of compassion & humility & generosity & mercy & forgiving=u are like God. Nobody is an atheistic villain: Even Trump loves straightforwardness=God.

Bible is the written contract by God to men: if u 100% believe&love&obey&like God, then u will live in heaven forever. Every God's spirit=righteousness can give u life, every wrong /wicked way kills u. If u love anything else more than God u will step on road to hell, ex. jealousy/arrogance/refusal to admit errors/etc are because I love myself more than God.

Despite very different religion/race/etc all men must satisfy the same standards to live on forever. Religion/superstition only confuse the masses & lead us onto the wrong fatal path: compare China/US, China doesn't promote religion/superstition, but US greatly promote religion/superstition, thus, Chinese people benefit greatly from God's righteousness, but US became victims of superstitious evils.

12 apostles spreaded gospel=their witnesses of Jesus' resurrection=>to strengthen our faith in God=u can also read Jesus' resurrection in bible. Believers of course need to make clear what is God, even now if u grab a Chirstian & ask him what is God, he will say he doesn't know. Bible says God is righteous ways=bright straight path to heaven: u will be protected & blessed if u are righteous/godly, if u are sinning/secret/ungodly u will fall into abyss. God is forever right & never wrong=righteousness is God.

God=agape=good conscience+natural laws=supreme governing&loving father/master of all, need apply God's agape indiscriminately on every life&everything&everytime&everywhere&unconditionally,not just on u/your stuff/your life/your country: ex. US only defends peace&prosperity of US. To enter God's house, u must love everything God made.

Our evil is not that we don't know God existing & don't love God, But that I only love myself & apply righteousness to me & my families & my church & my country & my friends alone, but all men are God's kids, only if I love all others as myself can I love God=remove of all men's poverty as communists are doing, sacrifice self for all men so all men can live forever as Jesus did.

Applying God's agape is like adding wings, otherwise, we can never fly into heaven.

先=God/Christ die for men first.

The purpose of life is to learn&practise & master God's agape & use actions to love all men as yourself to enter heaven.

Everyone changed phones many times=>if apple doesn't delete me, I live forever in icloud, I have 2 phones=iphone & android, so I also live in my 2 phones, if I get updated from 1 phone, my changes show up in all places immediately, even without phones, I still live in icloud=>Even without body, I still live in death cloud, if I am resurrected by Jesus, then I will live in life cloud, i.e. the existence of me doesn't depend on whether I have a body or not, even without a body, I still forever exist, just that if live in death cloud, I will be abused & tortured by death constantly. But my new phone has all my history, how come I knew nothing of my previous lives? Because none of my old texts/calls/data saved my life but pushed me deeper into hell, so God didn't download my histories into my new body, but let me start my brand new life without any of my old deadly influences.

Our neck chain can be dragged by dead things=money/fame/sex/etc or dead men=other men or democracy's dirty & evil thoughts & philosophy: Baiden is constantly pulled left & right by 300M men & worrying about his presidency=>crazy painful.

US Yellen came to China to borrow money to fund companies&Taiwan&Philipine&Japan&Israel&Ukraine to beat up China, why didn't US borrow money from Russia? US fund & militarily help I killed 35k civilians, Iran didn't kill 1 I, but being bombed all over the world, but G7 obeyed US & I to sanction Iran=>US=dad & I=son are evil masters controlling & oppressing & killing everything on earth & in hell, we all should unite to beat & confine recklessly & crazily evil devil=US & I. US is defiantly doing evil in the open/light=killing men=cannibals, brain-washed journalists still defend US=>Jesus & 12 apostles didn't kill 1 single man. If u lend money to & help US then u are devil. Whole world clearly see US/I's evil, but only Yellen/US&West's goverments/officials for their own wallets are loyally serving devil=abusing & killing all God's kids. If I can be God, I will reincarnate US/I into Gaza/Iran bodies & let your sons stir fry u alive in bomb wok=we are killing ourselves over & over again.

NPR/US media said: CN is harassing Ph in legally belonging to Ph's sea=>after Ph, CN will harass the whole world, if US doesn't stop CN now, CN will remove your hard earned democracy&freedom&wealth, & put u in NK's labor camp to suffer, why US never mention its murdering & robbing of natives all over the world?=Devil/Pharisees warned mass: if u imitate Jesus, u will be nailed to cross & die forever.

Regardless how awful everything is, as long as u firmly grab God's hands/clothes by imitating Jesus, then u are walking into eternal peace/light/life/happiness. In all human history, only Jesus was resurrected, of course, we must imitate Jesus; Follow anybody else will lead to death. If there is no reincarnation, 4000 years before Jesus, our ancestors had no Jesus to imitate thus no chance to resurrect=>this is unfair & absolutely wrong=>everyone must have equal chance to be resurrected, so Reincarnation definitely exist=same people existed for 6k years. If u want to live, then u have no excuse not to imitate Jesus since God gave us Jesus.

Imitate Jesus=Sacrifice self to uphold God's agape&righteousness&humility.
What is death
Death is the connection point of chain rings on our neck: we are tumbling in a dark ring & close off 1 life with lots destructions & pain & tears behind, then bump into another dark ring/life & collide with new uncertain/unknown pain & abuses=>we are so leashed by death & loop in darkness & pain & death forever=reincarnation: rings' connection points move around so some lives we live longer some lives we live shorter, but in the context of eternal death loop, even a life span of 120 years is meaningless. My awful childhood will be yours, your abusive crazy drunk father/nun/Parkinsons/etc will will be mine, or u will repeat another life of Parkinsons=>nobody knows what u will run into in your next life. When God told AE disobedience=death, AE had never experienced any pain/death before, so AE easily accepted snake's misinterpretation of death & disobeyed. Now we all have experienced more than enough pain&death, if no Jesus, we will be forever loop through pain=chained by death, only by imitating Jesus & faithfully practicing God's righteous ways & stop sinning can we stop pain & dying & return to painless/deathless heaven,& will never need to worry the abuse/rape/hurt by him/her again.

In another word, snake lied to AE, because God did put his words into action=we died & became dirty spirits suffering in tomb & tunnels endlessly.

Until today, we are still fooled by lies about death=>To live=die a few years longer, we'd rather give all our money to liars=hospitals/insurances, & suffer extreme pain=cancer treatments are more painful than death. 

Though we are dead but our body is alive=>Merciful God didn't throw us into dark cold vacuum then cap off tomb, but gave us & hope the lively beautiful nature & body can invoke our desire for life & seek life by practicing God's righteousness, instead, we all use bodies for as much pleasure as possible & make pain/death more tolerable & forget to seek life, Regardless, pleasure is only short & temporary, but pain is getting worse & longer, Eventually nothing can release our pain, & we have no drugs/choices but to seek life.

Body's death can't stop pain, instead, body death removes the bandages on your pain, & expose your open-wounds/broken heart to direct bug/virus bites,ex: after body death, u start to see everything=past & future & thoughts & lies & etc=so u see your loving wife was having affairs since your marriage & your spoiled kids are fighting for your inheritance,& they will be raped & abused etc,+u can be reincarnated to be your kids' pigs/chks, but u can't tell them to stop abusing u: I have a smart hen always trying to tell me that it is my mom & ask me to be nicer to it, but how can I understand it?  

Death=extreme pain, absolutely not feeling-nothing disappearance.If u can't enter heaven, u will suffer more & more pain until eternity. Death Pain is not punishment to sin=kids/animals didn't commit sin, but to make us hate death=>when death pain becomes intolerable we will have no choice but seek heaven.

Whenever we think of pain/death, I only want to remove my own pain&death=>I must stop adding pain to anybody/creation, otherwise, if I enter heaven I will continue to hurt/kill u=>God will never let me enter heaven as long as I hurt/kill others.

God made everything=>if u made everything, if I carelessly abuse & ruin your creations, will u feel painful?=>If u love God u won't selfishly abuse/colonize/rob others=i.e.examine & stop everyone of selfish thought/action,otherwise, u die forever. 

When we get older our brain&body start to deteriorate, & make more & more errors like little kids, so we should be scolded/disciplined/spanked often like kids. But when we were young we tend to make errors because of lack of experiences=>so all our life we need to be scolded & punished to avoid errors. Everyone knows it is unavoidable for programmers to create bugs=no managers fire u because of that, but if u neglect bugs created by others then u will definitely be fired=>Whenever u see evil & walk away doing nothing because he is not your kid/family, u will be fired by God into hell.

It is very easy to Scientifically prove that soul & reincarnation exist: we can't clone u yet, so let's use your identical twin kids=AB to explain=>AB have the exact same anatomy & born into same family & school & etc, according to Science, anatomy determines physiology & functions,  Scientifically they should behave & function the same, but very soon, u notice that AB have very different characters: A is patient/B is impatient; A is messy/B is tidy; A is fearful/B is bold&brave; A is diligent/B is lazy; A is warm/B is cold; A is selfish/B loves sharing, etc.AB is studying the same bible with u daily, when AB are 12 years old, B didn't change much, but A get rid of all his shortcomings/sin & become a perfect kid for u. Currently, pig's heart can be transplanted to human, nobody lost their humanity after got a pig's heart. Your IQ depends on your genetic inheritance but your character/fate is completely determined by yourself.

We'd die than admitting I am wrong
Amigo's whole life is miserable, but he is too stubborn to admit/correct any of his errors, whenever being punished he flees or childishly throws up angry tantrums, It is extremely easy & simple to forgive him if he can humbly admit errors & ask for forgiveness but he'd rather die than repent=Even though I think my boss is crazy in punishing me, but Amigo's miseries urge me to quickly beg for my boss' forgiveness.

Rising to heaven & living forever is as simple/easy as above=repent & beg for forgiveness & correct errors, but we'd rather suffer in hell forever than ask for forgiveness.

He hates my punishments but refuses to ask for my forgiveness=>He definitely doesn't want to suffer in hell forever but he refuses to repent & beg God for forgiveness.

Death/pain/failure/loss/rejection is the fruit of error/sin, if we admit & correct errors/sins then we will not die/suffer/fail/lose any more: ex. I used a deep cup to water ducklings, but 1 dropped in & drown dead=>never use deep cup again=>jealousy/selfish/competitive/arrogant/greedy for money & physical pleasures/discriminative/etc evils sent me to hell, if still don't admit & correct errors I will die as the poor duckling.

If death is apparently existing then why I say death doesn't exist: We all hate pain, & death gives the most pain so God use death to stimulate us to fix our errors=disobedience, when bible says God wants u to die tonight=U will suffer infinite pain tonight. All death is caused by errors, natural death due to aging is caused by Adam/Eve's=our errors. Feeling-nothing death doesn't exist & is only our hallucinations but excruciating deadly pains exist constantly & everywhere.

Only by eliminating all errors can we stop pain, but if we deny that we are making mistakes then how can we correct errors?=>thus we are constantly erroring & disobeying & forever extremely suffering=dying.

But whenever an error occurs Amigo blames me=everybody needs to examine self first, regardless who made the error, u need to provide remedies & help to fix errors & ways to prevent same errors from happening again=this is God's way, if u just blame others angrily then u are evil=arrogant & irresponsible & not loving/disobedient.

Amigo's dad was killed by a car, if the driver never admit & correct his carelessness, then he will continue to kill lots men & create lots husbandless single moms & fatherless kids who suffer lots abuses & give foothold to depression/anger/etc dirty demons.

Amigo is the only person that I ever met who never admits his errors & repeatedly makes the same mistakes=So God let his dad die when he was only 5, & hope he can learn to admit & correct sins/errors to enter painless/deathless heaven.

Every day lots men die, we can't be numb to death's devastating pain without figuring out what errors killed them so we can prevent next death.

Pointing out men's evil/addictions is saving lives not judging=arrogant I feel very humiliated being scolded/warned often by a kid=actually being scolded often is good so my arrogance can't kill me, not being scolded or being praised often is unlucky because I can be killed by arrogance. If my boss didn't give me constant warnings, how would I know how to solve Amigo's errors=I need to obey my boss & God; He needs to obey me & God.

But Amigo is really fed up with my scholding because nothing he did satisfying me=as long as I am busy making money & names for myself then I will definitely make lots errors: God master is providing everything for us, no need a penny from us, so no need us to make money from errors, the busier are we the faster we die=we should be like monks/animals doing nothing to avoid errors=death: if the whole world become monks for US to support then there will be no wars=Now US is feeding remaining natives & black slaves for free, isn't it?
忙=busy kills.

how to survive in heaven forever.
1. Love God first & above all. God is not blank but: 
God=The creator & owner of ideologies&spirits of love-feelings-intimacy/peace/humility/sharing/honesty-truth-openness-repent-reform/patience/collaboration-globalization-open borders/unification/selfless-unconditional-giving-serving-helping-others/law & order&justice/beauty/light/life-giving-caring-nurturing/freedom/discipline/despise money & physical pleasures.
2. Treat others how I want to be treated=humanity 2nd.
3. Stay far away from evil=do no evil.
Evil=God's enemy=creator & owner of ideologies&spirits of cold deadly/war-competition-fight-quarrels-fascism/privatization/dishonesty-deception-privacy-secrecy/impatience/protectionism-isolation-wall off/disintegration/selfish-conditioned-giving/mystery-confusion-chaos-crimes/injustice-corruption-discrimination/dark closet/kill-murder-colonize-weapon race/terror-fear-paranoia-threats/capitalism=love money & physical pleasures.

God's spirits created humanity, otherwise, we will be like dinosaurs extinct long ago.

Xi quoted an old wisdom with US: Do-good is as hard as climbing mountains, do-evil is as easy as rolling down hills. 
Xi lets God rule, but US lets Devil rule, God's rule has God's miraculous power=in short 10 years, China became the #1. God's ideology is forever living & prevailing & is watching us all the time everywhere, if Xi loves & believes in good ideology=God then Xi will enter God's heaven where no slight evil & pain. 

Every God's spirit can create life & resurrect life=ex. peace creates prosperity & population growth; Singapore also believed in God thus prospered, but India/Japan follows US' evil thus is sinking.

After many threats by boss, I was upset & confused, but Xi solidify my faith in God=As everybody has seen that US attacks Xi vigorously, but Xi waverly believe in God & made China/world a better place to live in: I shall learn from Xi=Firmly stick to God in all circumstances while walking through death valley.

Most men love Evil far more than God. Men born into US are very unlucky because God & light & heaven have been blocked by evil systems! Terrorism is evil's favorite means=so recent terror attacks were done by US. Every US charity is serving devil because they are conditioned by selfish US government: can't donate to sanctioned countries.

The purpose of our lives is not to compete for smartest/strongest brain/body & make the most money, instead, is to love God with all our hearts for as long as we live=forever believe in & uphold & practice God's ideologies. Xi truly loves God because Xi faithfully practices God's ideologies despite US' constant attacks. No need of preaching, Xi strengthened people's love & faith in God by his faith & deeds, In contrast, religion has always been confusing the mass with hypocrisy&mystery&superstition from the very beginning: God doesn't need us to do anything for him=bribe people to become believers/etc, God only wants us to stick to God's teaching in everything we do.

India gave birth to most religions, but it is also the most evil/dirty/chaotic country, every I is religious but I's quality is the worst=whenever an I asking for massage, I hangup. Of course not every I is bad=I just want to show that India is destroyed by religions/superstitions. US was first created by Christians then US created all kinds of weird crazy anti-Christ/anti-God evils.Israel was created by Jews & it did nothing but murdering neighbors=>We don't believe in God at all but dead useless powerless images & statues&dreams=the 十 in every church is dead wood, Christians steal/rob/rape/colonize/kill in front of dead wood 十. Applying God in everything/everywhere/everytime is called believer.

God's spirits are not theories/religion, but life force=animals'&plants' lives & nerves & consciousness & know & feel everything including your thoughts. If dumb we know to use surveillance cameras, can't IR/eyes'/nerves' creator=God monitor every particle & soul he created?=God knows everyone of your cell & thought.If u stick to God's principles then U will rise to heaven as Jesus did & live forever.

Bible doesn't say animals/plants are lower than we, it is arrogant we lift us to the top of pyramid & colonize their living space. Humble God became man's son=Why don't we lower ourselves to be dogs to feel leash's pain? This explains why whites killed natives like killing animals=But animals are much better behaved/gentle/obedient than we are, my dog is 100 times more lovable than disobedient amigo who loves to throw up tantrums. 

I was thinking what to do after being fired, but Xi made me give up my wasteful ideas=no need of any preaching, everybody knows right/wrong just that it is too hard to break through evil to do good, so we lie that eternal life in heaven is non-existing: preached to amigos for 10 years but nothing changed=only u can change yourself. Learn from pain/failures/punishments to avoid being punished again, if u are like a kid always throw up tantrum & hate your punishers=God/bosses/whoever, u will forever be punished.
Why my dead parents don't visit me
U will ask if we don't die why my dead parents don't come to visit me<=If I am jailed with my kids together, after I get out of jail, I definitely will go back to visit them, but if I am just switched to a different jail then I won't have the freedom to visit other prisoners; +If I get resurrected into heaven I will be so extremely excited that I want the whole world to know about it, &I definitely won't keep it silent & disappear forever=>We are re-judged/re-sentenced at the end of each life, if u are freed from jail, u will definitely come back to earth to visit your folks, if u never reappear then u are still in hell somewhere to start all over again busy adapting & surviving new home/world=>so if u never see your dead parents again, u can be 100% sure that they didn't go to heaven=>Jesus immediately visited his disciples after his death, but Jesus didn't visit his own families because they didn't believe him, Jesus' families were like us fully engaged in money making & didn't care about resurrection & didn't follow Jesus wandering around as 12 apostles did=>if u are extremely disobedient & hate your parents, they won't visit u, either=but if they can go up to heaven, they will definitely not output disobedient kids=devils into the world.
Anyway, if u didn't see your dead parents/friends/whomever again, too bad, they didn't go to heaven.

If u faithfully want Jesus to visit u, then Jesus will definitely come=U will definitely see Jesus, of course, if u are just playing games, Even your own parents/Abraham don't want to show up to see u not mentioning of Jesus' visit.

As getting older, body starts to hurt everywhere=I start to hate & want to discard my body, but if I was given a forever strong body then I would 100% forever focus on pushing the limit of my body to compete in STEM/football/gymnastic/dance/boxing/acrobat/etc & completely forget my life's purpose & mission & really upset my body's giver=God, so any competition based on brain/body/money/GDP are totally against God=we should only compete to love God=sacrifice self to love & help others<=if my dog spent all its time on training & competing for #1 swimmer, then I will beat it out of my home because it is useless to me & it is not a dog anymore because it is not fulfilling dog's purpose.

Foolish men setup all kinds of competitions for pets & u take your dog/horse to attend them. Of course, all the games/competitions that men created for men are against God.

Various competition is our biggest temptation especially if bet is put on participants=>even u don't participate in competitions but U are also competing=i.e. if u are competitive then u can't enter heaven, only unknown humble nobody has the possibility to enter heaven=nobody /no-brainer can enter heaven with soulful heart.

If no aging&death, we will forever work very hard to make money.

The continuous pain is reminding us constantly that we must enter heaven to stop pain, otherwise, pain will be forever endless=heaven is the only pain killer & euphoria panacea.

So aging & diseases are good for us by reminding us to get out of hell.

U love your dog more if it is sick=>God loves sick/weak men more, if u also love & help the weak/poor more, then u will impress God=u love God. When humble hen is sick it avoids master because it is afraid that it will be fired. 

An egg roll out of cage, dog gently picked it up & put it on my door mat=dog loves master more than itself, but I only love myself not my master & spent my best years/talents on me alone. 

Modern men are so foolish that we don't know who loves us: he loves me if only he wants to dance with ugly me; when I am poor he gives me money; he is my loyal customer; when I am sick he cooks/takes me to hospital; he buys air tickets/pays tuition for my kids/etc=unconditional/unpaid service/deeds is love. Xi loves poor men that is why Xi work very hard for them=Xi loves God. Pope didn't do anything for God thus doesn't love God.

A mexican girl married a citizen for 15 years & born him 2 kids, but he refuses to get her immigration status because he is afraid she will run away after getting status=if u love God u want to break law & use sham marriage to get somebody status.

Hyenas' king is alpha female, whenever AF is having babies, the whole pack go out to hunt for food, & bring food home in their stomach & spill food out in front of babies & queen, Birds & bees are doing the same=>why u never ask how this can be explained by selfish natural selection?=we definitely didn't teach them to sacrifice self for others.

God is making very selfish man to be kids of cold selfish workaholic parents.

Before English invaded Americas, Americas were as crowded as India=so Columbus called it India.

Democracy & laws should be replaced by God's lovecracy. God=love & feelings=rule by feelings. God made everything full of feelings & follow&obey Love: government/armies/institutions/etc are not needed at all, Love/God is ruling everything for free.

210 million Christians in US can't stop 5 million government employees from waging wars & causing famines/humanitarian disasters around the globe.
First critical thing US Christians need to do is to bring peace around globe, get US withdraw from all over the world & only mind US' own business, once US' influence is removed all locals/natives' God given balances & harmony will resume on their own.

野蛮=wild beast like=arrogant & masterless & I am my own master & not rational & no feelings/love/justice=accurately described civilized westerners. Why Japan/SK/Philippine/etc small countries love the US: because US can manipulate democracy to make u president=This weird phenomena only happens in the end of world as Revelation reveals: Big beast creates many small loyal following beasts. 
Forgive & Forget to be happy
I got another written warning=>I wrote him back: if your wife/kids disagree with u, do u always warn them that u will terminate your relationship with them & kick them out of your house?
If for entering heaven to be a good person then u are not really a good person, once u enter heaven u will ruin it, so God never threatens us, but only hope us to love him, once u love God u will feel God's pain & want to obey & please God<=u love your baby so much that even he can't talk but u knows his every need.
As long as u love your customer/boss/work then u will keep your job=>as long as u love God u will enter heaven.
How to love God=How do u love your parents/kids?

Jesus didn't care non-sense blames=>U will be blamed regardless u are good or bad by the world, if it is my fault I will correct, if not, I just ignore them, But I felt very discouraged & started to hate my boss=>then this really becomes my fault: Jesus forever forgives his abusers/bullies=>So I shall remove all my hatred toward boss but love him more=>be more mindful of his concerns & needs & make him happy.

It is men mistreating u not God, don't mistakenly hate God & miss your beautiful future in heaven.

Journalists have been brain washed that China is bad so they only look for dissidents to interview to show off how smart they are because they already told u so=>just like a person, there will always be good & bad opinions on a government, US' goal is to stir up hatred &  civil wars in other countries. U have many unpleasant encounters everyday, the smart way is to quickly forgive & forget unpleasantness, but if media is constantly reminding u bad stuff u will be driven crazy quickly.

Death is not that u become nothing=body becomes poop but no idea on soul's whereabout.

Science can't prove the existence of soul+where will u go after u die/reincarnations, Don't u see Hitler is living in many men, & I can see my ancestors in chks, I can only pray that I won't be reincarnated back to my same family again. We take it for granted that we will enter heaven after we die.
<=just as in job applications, if u don't think X company exists, of course, u don't apply for X thus will never be hired by X. Even if u apply u may not get accepted because Heaven is much loftier than Harvard.
We are already in hell, the only exit is to heaven, if we don't think heaven exists then we will never exit hell<=Initially, I knew nothing of US, but saw others all wanted to go to US, so I worked very hard to get into US first=>so meet all the acceptance criteria to get into heaven first.

Faith decides whether soul exits & where will we go after we die, if u are an atheist, then u must not have a soul, otherwise, who gave u your soul?=>Communism should disappear with the death of Marx but why Communism still exists?=Communism was given to Marx by God, Fascism was given to H by Devil=>earth has both good & bad souls which u freely pick to live in your heart, if u only host bad souls, then u are a devil.

Whenever I am eager to brag/praise myself I shall brag/praise God instead.

U=Your soul: is the sum of all your love & hate, but I usually only love myself & hate others=I try very hard to make lots money to keep myself alive & comfortable/etc=>If u are Jesus & love God then u try very hard to keep others infinitely alive & happy by getting as many people into heaven as possible.

Death is relative, my chk is alive to me but dead/non-existing to u because it is not important to u, so u will never argue its existence with me; when u change jobs u are dead to the old but alive to the new company, ie. u are important to very few men but unimportant/dead to lots of men; Only God is absolutely living & important because God determines u alive or dead, that is why we argue fiercely whether God exists. God's every word is absolute truth, only after grafting your relative life to God's absolute life can u become absolutely living & existing.

God gives lots drizzles in spring, but big storms in summer=seeds just sprouted in spring, big rain will uproot them, summer, they have grown big need big rain to drink=>God is infinitely thoughtful&loving.

忏悔=Repent=Every heart & soul examines self with 十.

The establishment of the State of Israel is an anti-messianic act, conceived and born from sin,this is the handiwork of humans, violating the Jewish people’s oath of political quietism.
Why God has to pay a ransom to redeem mankind
My coworker complained that his kids keep on forgetting doing chores but never forget OREO day so he had to buy OREO to get their minds off OREO=>We are tempted by evil & only want to do & die for evil, God had to sacrifice Jesus to Devil to get our mind off evil=Jesus' resurrection gave us confidence/means/ways/guidance/path to eternal life=if I empty my selfish/proud/barbaric/greedy/jealous/cheating thoughts then without doing anything for God I can live forever in heaven, if no Jesus, I will die one way or the other so I don't have any reason/motivation to selfless love/humbly obey/make peace/self-control/etc.

If kid examined his OREO wish, he will realize that it is for him not for dad, to please dad, he must give up OREO wish & don't even mention OREO day to dad=>Check everyone of our thoughts to see whom we are trying to please, Especially seniors we have habitually disobeyed so need more diligence in self-examining=repentence. Remove all thoughts displeasing to God is called obedience.

His kids already live with him, but not happy because of their unsatisfied desires for OREO, he should put his kids in a camp filled only with OREO, eventually, they get so fed up with & disgusted by OREO & beg him to go back home & never want OREO again, after kids re-return dad's home, dad won't need worry OREO any more.
=>This is how God satisfy our desires for disobedience: put us in an disobedience=injustice/bullies/natural selection&selfishness/narcism&arrogance&hypocrisy&lies&greed&war&abuse&jealousy&cruelty filled world to suffer agonizing heart breaks/despair & beg to escape this aweful world=>God won't need to worry our disobedience anymore after we flee from hell back to heaven again. If let disobedient me enter heaven, I will trash heaven to hell, so to enter heaven I need remove all my disobedient thoughts=love others as I want to be loved.

To shorten our suffering in hell, God filled earth with rats&pandemics & natural disasters, but we fools elongate our sufferings by vaccines & tech=>u have to be tortured by OREO for 100 years instead of just 10 days.

But I didn't stay with God in heaven before, how do I know heaven exists?
God gave us a body 100% disobedient to us & become sick & old on its own, especially, when we are old, it stays painful all the time & forces us to dream of painless heaven, some men were also sent to visit heaven & brought back heaven's reality to share with the rest, but after all these we still love earth, then we will be sent back to hell again after we die, until we truly hate this world then can we possibly re-enter heaven.

But if u only know how to hate the world without knowing how to obey, u still can't enter heaven:
God gave u beautiful lovely nature/wife/kids/pets/etc for u to learn love: if u serve them with sincere love, then they will become more lovely & bring u lots love & beauty&happiness, but if u abuse them carelessly, u will get so depressed by wailing/tears/pollution in front of your eyes daily that u commit suicide, then God will return u to a desert after your suicide. To fill your stomach, u have to cherish every little grass/life=>one way or the other, God has infinite ways to make u learn to love obediently=selfless agape then put u in heaven.

If only want to please myself & care/love nobody else then u are 100% disobedient;if u disobey parents then u must disobey God.

Our body is pig, soul is man, if we don't discipline self, we will be controlled by pig & die into pigsty=>Many of our ancesters are living among fox/pig/rat/chks/etc.

Science is the words of men, who are very good in lying, so don't trust Science=>Science has extended our prison sentences/sufferings & 100% removed our hope in resurrection & caused us fatal despair.

It is a lie that viruses brought in by English patients killed all natives=>natives were all slaughtered by murderous white hypocritical ancestors/criminals: God always create vaccine for all pandemics, otherwise, China would not have survived until today.

If a pastor tells u: If u believe that Jesus died for u, then u can enter heaven to live forever=>u should respond: Yes, I believe it, since your country=US is heaven on earth, can I move in with u now? If he refuse, then he is spreading lies.

Correction: When animals need look back, they stop, not like us keep on moving while looking back/sideways.

Dog treat its every need below master's: no matter what it is doing, as soon master calls it, it immediately stop his stuff & follows master.

Health=balance, if all is in balance then u are healthy&happy, If nature is in 
ecological balance, then nature will be healthy&happy&beautiful. Chinese medicine is all about balances, not only physical but mental balances=only if mind is in peace can body be in balance,if u only eat meat u will get cancers.
Why Farming damages nature,Why war=money&God=peace
Before genesis, God already calculated enough green land to feed the combinations of all DNA<=u have to calculate that u have enough food for 5 chks before u buy chks to avoid they run away under constant hunger, + earth is a jail, the amount of green land is exactly enough to feed everybody, if I over eat, then u will starve, & over-eating I will get diabetes/high blood pressure/etc, 70% full is the healthiest=>u of course don't want your prisoners to be too comfortable to get out of jail,so man-made comfort doesn't exist=we just relocate pain to different places.

Farming is also polluting nature=because u constantly give soil surgeries & destroy its health, plus all the food from your farm are shipped off overseas thus drain off all its nutrients, so farm land is never as fertile as virgin forest,regardless how advanced is technology, microbio need time to grow, so every winter & every 7 years according to bible u need let soil rest without farming it, otherwise, it will be exhausted & become sand, everything God made need rest=>Chinese has farmed the same land without any rest for 5000 years that is why their farm is not productive.
Natural disasters can automatically recover green land by wiping off all man made structures in 1 second. Nobody can make us live longer under constant wars & natural disasters, Only heaven is disaster/disease/war/aging free.

I can 100% guarantee that tech has no effects on land productivity in long run=>why God let us enjoy more land productivity than ancestors who didn't have modern tech? All tech can only increase productivity temporarily but harm land in long run. All tech end up hurting us. Except poop&pee, everyone of our activity is hurting nature.

God designed so that all disobedient men regardless how rich u are will suffer equal discomforts, all efforts for a better life is futile, only faithful godly men are truly rich & comfortable as Abraham.

It is very tempting not to eat/drink/take/play the over flowing good food/wine/drugs/women/games, that is why US is full of addicts。 It is much better to be poor & scarce so we don't have so many temptations&addictions to resist. On earth, regardless how hard u work u will never have true comforts/freedom/love, the only effort u can make is to repent & resist all temptations & obey Jesus to get out of jail to enjoy true love.
In hell nobody can give u true love=even your parents don't love u if they know u are not their kids by DNA exam.

I was walking while turning my head to see flowers & tripped over & really hurt myself bad=>if we don't obey God sincerely as Lot's wife did then we will suffer a hyprocrite's punishment=>If I stop & focus on flowers then at most I wasted 1 minute, but because I want to save 1 minute & watch flowers at the same time then got myself hurt very bad & lost 1 week in pain: so we can only focus on obeying God alone without any distractions/temptations can we avoid pain, if u want to be president/rich & a Christian at the same time then u will fall & become quadra-paralytic & suffer acute pain. If u choose money/i/democracy=votes as your master then u can't be a Christian=not God's kids=Devil's kids, if u voluntarily choose communism to share your wealth with others then u are making God as your master & u are a true Christian. Let kids choose God as master then u won't need to worry anything bad/addictions can happen to them.

Animals don't have our problem of looking back: dog always turn its whole body toward the direction that it is looking at,ie: its thinking & actions are in sync=>Especially when we get old/sick we really have to stop looking back, +nobody has flowers blooming behind them so we must face where we are going before every move to avoid fatal errors. Make-America- great again is also looking back while tripping over a cliff.

Animals only ask master for love=>Whenever u need love, ask God for love, then u will immediately be loved: go to beautiful nature to relax/etc; when u feel bad, u must avoid crowds & media.

UN headquarter is in US, but US media never mention its veto on UN's every seize fire decision, but only brag that US dropped aids to Gaza; China has surpassed US in every aspect, but US only brag that US is still #1 & has the highest GDP growth, but mention nothing of China's awesome developments, & only attack C's human rights & Nasdaq delisted firms. Every American wants to be #1 so we only select president who can keep our #1 pride, To defeat US, according to 1 Samuel 17, U must be chosen by God like little David, who can be any powerless little man. How can u be chosen=If u choose God as your master. God can make a kid kill a Giant with 1 pebble without any hurt to civilians.

If God is living why doesn't God help bullied weak men?=U have 3 sons, the biggest is called US, medium one is called I, the smallest is called P, all 3 are farming the same land but do different things: P's work is weeding. One day, P & I start to fight, it is apparent that P is losing the war, but crazy US help I to kill P quickly. Without P, US & I have to do P's job, so they start to regret that they shouldn't have killed P & see the importance of peace; If God interferes=if u help P to kill US & I, &of course P can't do 3 man's work, so u give birth to 2 more sons, which put P as the biggest, +P think u can help him, so P rage wars against everyone=>just as the fight between wife & husband, if u help any 1 side u will make the war bigger & longer=>So God absolutely never interfere/join any wars. But in old testament God helped Jews in wars=God help Jews to win as well as loose wars to teach Jews to be faithful=>Everything is created by God=everyone is God's kid=>fight with any kid=fight with God himself=only weirdos fight with himself not God. It is a pure lie that God helped Israel won 1947 & 1967 wars. No need to fight any wars, God just need to abandon u then u are defeated.

Wars generate most money for Capitalism=If u are a bridge builder, u can make 1B on building a bridge, but u are out of job/money for 200 years because it can last for 200 years, but whenever a war broke out, it was destroyed, & u made another 1B=US' GDP grew the highest, so u hate peace=God, & always start wars. Lawyers are professional side takers & fighters in any war, if no war then lawyers will be out of jobs. US officials are all lawyers=war lords, so US government loves wars & brings US lots money & GDP increase at the expense of endless wars/wailing/pain of others. If God=love+peace, then war=money+devil.

Money & GDP & wars can't defeat US, only peace&love can attract all talents into China & let US become a home for addicts=>God is using love & peace attracting all godly men into heaven & let earth become hell.
How do I know God is living=thinking is controlled by faith
Everyone is born a slave, we can't choose physical masters/parents/family/looks/talents/etc, but we can choose our spiritual master: Mom can force u to steal but can't force u to be a thief, as soon as mom dies, u immediately stop stealing. If u choose money & yourself as your master, nothing ever can stop u from steal/cheat/colonize/robbing others.

U voluntarily obey your chosen spiritual master, if your spiritual master=your real life master, then u behave the same as he, otherwise, u are forced to obey him, as soon as he disappears, u disobey & behave opposite as he asks u to=hypocrite. Animals' obedience are not voluntary, as soon as u disappear, they disobey.

So smart God makes himself invisible to hope that we can obey God out of our own choices not out of hypocritical reasons. If u think God doesn't exist, then u definitely disobey God<=If U don't have a brother, how can u obey him?=>obey any non-existing Buddha/dragon/dead philosophers is superstition.

Jesus is the embodiment of God, If u believe&imitate Jesus then u treat God as your master; The embodiment of Capitalism is money & money is our chosen master. The embodiment of  Individualism is me & I am my own master/center & I do everything out of selfish ambition; The embodiment of Democracy is votes=>whoever has the most votes become our master, thus our master & mind keep on changing: T's expensive wall was trashed by B in 4 years; The embodiment of Communism is happy meal=we eat like a big family out of 1 pot, u take however much u need from it as everybody else does, but when the pot is empty, no one is willing to put food in it without being forced to, & we only feel good if everybody gives & takes the same amount of food from it=>Communism is forced upon u, as soon as u are given choice u immediately choose Capitalism/money as your master. God never forces u to give anything, God always overflows the pot=earth with abundance so everyone can truly take what he needs, but bad men occupy the whole pot & food & beat off others from accessing it. Mastered by money, we especially journalists are voluntarily&stubbornly lying on everything but we feel pitiful that Chinese can't lie freely.

Though u can't see God, but u are fed with water/air/food & accompanied by other lives, then u know God must be existing & living:
<=though I never see my neighbor but I saw her livestock/kids/yard/house being taken care of, then I am sure neighbor is alive, if after many years, her house fell down & all her livestock/kids disappear & no light come out of her house again, then I know neighbor has died.

God then becomes the new master of the abandoned house, & grows grass/vines/trees/wild animals on it to digest waste/purify air/fill it with beauty & lives.

U can't use the same logic to conclude that Marx/Buddha/dragon is still living=>The definition for God is: God is the creator of everybody, only God can give light & life=>Anywhere there is light or life then there is the living God.

How to define myself=>I am the creator of fart/poop/pee & a hard worker for myself, when other kids ask your kids who are your parents, & u of course don't want them to say that my dad is a poop maker, but u can teach them to say that my dad is God who is the most powerful dad of all.

Our thinking is 100% controlled by our belief, if u are atheist u will avoid using God to explain anything=>weeds grow out on its own, but if there is a pile of poop in front of your door, then it can't walk to my door on its own. If u think u are the master then u will always complain my service is too expensive & your boss don't pay u enough; If I bully u then I am a terrorist, if u bully me then u are defending freedom. 

The truth is that God can accurately explain/solve any problems/phenomena, Atheists' thinking is always partial or completely wrong like atheistic scientists' conclusions from  bone/nature fragments.

Our body give us the most & biggest temptations, since Jesus got the same body as ours so he had same bodily desires as we do, but he had temptations that we don't have: he had to resist the temptations of using his miraculous power to satisfy his bodily desires=>Imagine u can tell the rise & fall of stocks accurately, don't u want to use your magic power? Jesus can turn stone to bread but had to resist that magic when he was fasting. Modern science asks us to obey nature=>if u like her just go to bed with her, we have sexual urges every 7 seconds, if Jesus obeyed Science then he would have no time to accomplish his mission.
So we must master our instincts: u decide when to eat/drink/play/sex instead of following your body's calling=don't eat when u feel hungry, don't sex her when u are attracted to her, Control all your desires as u are controlling your fart/pee/poop=>u don't just fart/pee/poop in front of others when u feel like it, right?=>U must train kids to master their desires & instincts, otherwise, he will waste his life in A/Ced greenhouse addicting to video games/drugs/sex/alcohol/etc, like my dog, kids should be raised to jump waves in storms.

Now u know that u are being accompanied & cared for by an infinite powerful master all the time, what is there to worry & fear about?=>just firmly say NO to all temptations, even your own dad can't be with u all the time. Don't be sad when your loved ones die, as long as God is living then there will be no death, dead parents become invisible like God to be with u all the time.

Parents should guide u to choose God as your master, so that after parents die u will still be loved fully & unconditionally. 
We are born needing a best friend to share all our secrets with, God is the best candidate to be our best friend, not only God has all the wisdom & solutions for all our problems but we don't need to worry that God may steal our wives/treasures=Talk to God whenever u have something in mind.

Abusers are torturing themselves<=your animals entrust all they have to u, if u abuse them, u will be depressed watching them suffering because their negative energy is draining your life  off, otherwise, u will be fully entertained & energized by their happy dance/sing/play/jump/run/etc: u can't help but laughing when dog play with a pine cone=Amazing God materialize happiness so it can energize/strengthen your life,

NPR said: China will be envious of India because India's manufacturing is growing but China is shrinking=>US journalists are war perpetrators, & carve stereotypes in our minds=China creates all cheating dictators.

If Israel can kill 30k men in 3 months=>they can kill all men in North America in 10 years, & all men in Australia & New Zealand in 10 months=>That is why US&Australia&NZ is so empty because all the natives were killed.

Unpopulated vast land is the precondition of industrialization=>God designed nature automatically support&balance all lives living in it,but everyone of our industrialization/commercialization is destroying nature & we are making money inhumanely by sacrificing/polluting nature & lives=Why don't u open insurance/banks/advertising companies & mine oil/minerals in your home? Killing 1 tree will kill many animals, that is why China ran into huge famine as soon as they started industrialization in 1950s, that is why Xi has to use 1 belt 1 road to move industrialization out of crowded China. Wars kill many consuming men/animals/companies but provide land for US to profit hugely<=U's companies all changed to US owners. Only if we go back to the primitive era & live like animals can the natural balance be regained & can we live healthily. Why do you never ask, why civilized ancient countries never had industrialization before? if they had industrialized they wouldn't exist today. 
Why God never ask US/IS to police world
No judge ever order 1 group of prisoners to police & fight another group of prisoners because no one is stupid enough to entrust their prisons to criminals to manage, Just as your own prison, earth is forever monitored & managed by angels who are not criminals & inside prisons themselves, we prisoners are busy with fights for lands & supplies, & how to get out of jail using rockets/space shuttles/etc. All the governments are hoping that their prisons are free of troubles/fights, but prisoners are notorious trouble/fight makers & are fighting non-stop in prisons, it is always the outside army & police ordered to stop prison fights=>How can infinitely smart God trust crooked US/IS to police earth for him=>God  never asked David/Jews/any earth prisoners to fight off Philistines/Palestinians/whomever for God, It was either God himself or angels are ordered to punish men to strengthen Jews' faith in God=>Similarly in Revelation, nobody on earth will be asked to fight for God, all the fighters on earth are fighting for himself=no prisoner ever want to fight & die for judges, God will send his own men/angels from heaven to conquer Devil, so US & Israel's claim of fighting for God are pure lies, repent & stop wars immediately, because whoever stir up prison unrests/fights will be punished the most severely=>Don't u punish perpetrators the most in your own prisons? 

This is a very simple common sense: u definitely don't want to see your own kids hate & fight each other non-stop, u especially hate the one who always gossip/conspire/lie/manipulate/cause fights=perpetrators will end up in hell 100%. No parents ask u to punish your siblings for parents, so all those use God's name to fight are selfish perpetrators.

If Israelis can kill 30k+ Pal brothers, of course, they can kill parents/God/whole family on earth.

Why God made world materialistic?
Because soul can't do anything, materials have mass & energy & can be felt by sensories & nerves all over our body: love feels good, hatred feels painful, our brains identify&associate&memorize love/hatred with the actual people/objects who are loving/hating us, then decide that we should love/follow or fear/escape/avoid them, & we treat those who love us the most as our master, even punishment from my master is out of his love for me, & I need to obey my master to avoid his punishments.
We are born knowing that God is our master; We are born like God with God's perfection & unconditional selfless love for all & 100% faith in God, but Devil's temptations are everywhere all the time, so even disobedience is very painful still we quickly followed Devil & made Devil our master.

The truth is that all love come from God, u are not making & giving any love to anybody, u are just passing God's love onto others, only if u are faithfully relying on God then can u have God's love to pass onto others.<=Whenever duck is hungry, duck cry out to me, so I quickly feed them, but if duck treat money as master & ask money rich chk for food, chk of course won't share its money that it painstakingly scratched out of dirt=>Only if u get your master correct can u be worry free & well cared for.
Ex: 1 duck dislocated both of her legs, I tried a few people but nobody can get her stand up, so I had to ask God to fix my duck, 3 days later, miraculously, it ran around normally.
=>Chinese Xi really loves & sacrificed his whole life for Chinese, but disasters keep on hitting China & wiped off all the good works that communists have put in, the problem is that they don't rely on God but themselves, I am 100% sure if Chinese sincerely beg God to help then there will be no more disasters in China.

All pain is a result of our disobedience to God, if we can sincerely obey God & beg God's cure, then our pain will be gone quickly, otherwise, u will be forever wail in pain. Only by following God can u get love, we are dumber than animals, animals are extremely smart in that they entrust their whole lives to master, let master worry/provide/arrange everything for them, all they do is to carefully listen & watch master's every move, as soon as master appear, they rush toward him & don't want to miss any love that master brings, but we foolishly think God doesn't exist & intentionally ignore God's love & Jesus' salvation, thus miss the eternal life in heaven! 

Natural laws are not to restrict & punish us but to guide us to God's heart. Faithlessness in God is our only handcuffs & shackles & prisons & restrictions of freedom.

AI will never be like us, because AI has no feelings thus can't know love/hate, AI definitely can't take care of your kids/elderly/pets/etc, look at chk factories, all chks are depressed, AI is dumber than fish because fish can survive on its own but AI doesn't even recharge itself.
Are u a dragon=属龙?
If u tempt others to disobey God/Jesus then u are a dragon, will suffer forever death in hell. If u hope your kids to be rich & become a star/idol/president/CEO/etc, then u are dragon. If u yourself do evil & worship money/idols u still can survive like a rat/snake without being extinct, but if u let others disobey 10 commandments/Jesus, then u have become dragon. U are a better parent if u abuse your kids than u spoil & let your kids worship money/bully others/become president/etc. Kids learn fastest from loving parents, that is why if your parents have became dragons then u will be raised as & worship dragons.

Liars are dragons, because liars mislead men to do evil=US/West lied to U thus provoked wars between R & U. US is full of dragons & started wars all over the world, because only smart dragons/foxes are allowed to immigrate into US. 

The first woman=Eve is a dragon=wives who ask husbands to take bribes & sin & disobey God are dragons.

If U tempt others into addictions by opening gambling/prostitution/bar/game/etc companies then u are dragons; If u bought stocks of gambling/drug/smoking/alcohol/gaming/etc companies then u are also dragons; In democratic countries, if u cast your votes then u are dragons; If u bribe/compliment/follow/rank/fan someone, then u are dragon because u make him a dragon=idol.

The characteristics of a dragon is that it can drag a long line of people into hell, dragon's another name is snake head, if u are a head/boss/teacher/preacher/master/etc u can easily become a long dragon. 

US is the biggest/longest dragon, US is forcing the whole world to obey US. It is very strange that US parents don't force their kids to become dragons but US government like God father force others to obey US. Good father God never force anyone, NDE reported that after they ran into Jesus & Jesus didn't warn them that they need obey God, God also doesn't bombarded us with thunders that we need obey him=>it is all out of our own willingness to reunite with God & heaven.

Why dragon ask us to disobey God<=if u and your wife hate/fight/divorce each other, of course, u ask your kids not listen to your wife=>Dragon hates God, thus resist God in every way, so it asked us to disobey God=>so if u hate God, u must have asked others to disobey God & u have become dragon.

Why dragon hates God, because can't be #1=>if u are arrogant/jealous/competitive/bully, then u are dragon. In nature, every species only has 1 alpha male & all females follow it, our alpha male is Jesus not dragon.

As u can see, everyone is dragon. God made men on the 6th day, but we all followed dragon & bleed out of God's heart like blood=God sacrificed everything to make us righteous=godly.

If u want to have forever good life, then stop being a dragon, but learn to be a Jesus=100% faithful & rely on & obey God! 

Dragon=Leash=If u want to get out of hell & be free, then don't be a dragon dragging others to follow u but God.
Chinese dragon dance=celebrate the death of dragon=hang dead dragon/lions on poles & play on every new year=nobody hold up & wave & play with their kid/pet/lamb's dead body but big terrifying man eaters. 吉祥=good luck=Christ was sacrificed as a lamb for God then resurrected to remove our fear of dragon's death threats=If Jesus was not resurrected from death by God, how do u know that if u die for God u will not die, how can u ignore Dragon's economical & military death threats & stick to God's unity/peace/agape/righteousness/altruism? Fighting is not God's way, if u died when fighting yourself or others or if u died for dragon=money/power/fame/self/kids/etc, then God will not save u, only if u died for God can u be resurrected into heaven. Regardless, Dragon's death threats are lies, because u don't want to follow Jesus to heaven but eager to go back to earth/hell so as soon as devil comes to bring u back to earth, u immediately followed him back to hell, at our rebirth onto earth we always wail bitterly, why don't animals wail at birth?

If u don't want to see your kids' dead body hang on poles to be played, then stop raising your kids to be the most powerful dragon but Jesus/lamb sacrificing to God.

Why dragons/lions are yellow: the muddy water on tomb floor is yellow=yellow means conquer of death in Chinese. Chinese emperors all wear yellow dragon robes to signify the desire to conquer DEATH. But we are still so terrified of Death because we are still refusing to follow Jesus, once we grab Jesus' clothes tightly=we are faithful to Jesus then we can fearlessly contempt&ignore DEATH threats.

New year starts with a 100% dark moon, ends with a full moon, a big happy face on full moon signifies God's happiness after reunion with us. Lantern festival=No more darkness, every creation is a light source=lantern.
God=一,Jesus=一,元=Unity=God & Jesus has conquered & oppressed dragon's evil & weapons, 除夕=new year's eve=remove evil spirits=dragons.灯笼=lantern=dragon is locked up in fire cage=hell. 无=nothing=if no Jesus no man,龙=dragon:told men that God doesn't exist. 

God is everywhere especially in your heart & mind, & knows all your thoughts & behaviors from inside & out, if u think u are sick & beg God for healing, then Jesus will treat u, otherwise, if u think u are healthy & don't need doctors then Jesus will not come to u because Jesus is very busy with billions of wailing patients, after u are in Jesus' care, Jesus will arrange guardian angels to nurse u which u will notice. Jesus is the only psychological/psychiatric/soul doctor.
All animals express pain the same way as we do
No need to know hen's language, u know it is in pain from its wailing, when rhino's horn was butchered, it was stumbling in its blood, u know it is really in pain=>All animals express pain in the same manners, without being told, u immediately know it is in pain, but it is very hard to decipher animal's happiness, u can only tell that it likes u if it runs toward u or u are its abuser if it runs away from u whenever it sees u. God made pain so apparently known/felt to invoke our conscience=after u heard Palestinian girls' wailing for life & still don't stop bombing then u are not man.

Wailing toward God then God will answer your prayers: bible says this is how ancient men prayed.

Only when master is happy, can we/dogs be happy, hearing constant wailing of your own kids  how can God be happy?

Robots can't cuddle with&beg love from u&lick u to thank u/etc, AI doesn't cause u any troubles & only 100% obediently kill & fight for u=>Fight is all that we have been doing throughout entire human history. All science & technology eventually become man/nature killing machines/weapons. God doesn't need us to take care of any of his creations, we only need to learn to love & obey God & go back to heaven after short 100 years in hell, but we make hell our eternal home & completely forgot our real home=heaven. Even though China has always been very crowded, but when they obeyed God they got harvests thus they developed super cuisinology=>if they were always hungry, food should be eaten before it can be cooked so there should be no cuisinology. Chinese followed west in 1950s to develop industries & disobeyed God thus brought in huge famine, & made u think we have been always hungry in old times.
No money in agriculture: rice on 100 acres can buy u a gun, but a weapon manufacture on a 100 acre land after wiping off all lives on it can produce millions of tanks. As long as we are making money we are destroying/hating nature & lives & God.  

True believers shouldn't go to school=God doesn't need us to farm, God grow food for us. 

As long as we obey God we will get abundant beautiful nature/food free of any work.

The younger we die the earlier we escape hell, as soon as we are born we should repent & obey/love parents & God=>if we didn't disobey we won't have landed on earth/hell, once we learned to love parents & God then we die to escape hell into paradise. Our parents should beg Jesus to find & correct the crimes that made us enter hell. Earth is hell & God's prison for training & punishing disobedient angels & men, earth will be more & more suffering until become dark hot oven. 
Amigo was jailed before & told me that Jails turn on heat in summer & ac in winter & no food/sleep but lots rapes/etc just for punishing prisoners, the more crimes u commit the more punishments u got, he is terrified of even thinking of jail. After most of us die, for a brief moment, we either enter heaven to enjoy its infinite bliss or enter final hell to wail for our lives, then we are sent back to earth with beautiful heaven dreams & hell's nightmares, all we need to do in jail is to make our heaven dreams come true. If u are born diseased & can't do much evil, then next life u will have more comforts, The worse man are u the worse punishments will u get this life=Netanyahu will be born as a Pal woman chased by Israelis' bombs around Gaza & constantly wail for her exploded kids, as soon as u become faithful to God then all your old/new sins are forgiven & get out of hell.

Then why Jesus didn't let patients die out of hell =>If Jesus made them die then they can't give witness to Jesus' identity, Lazarus & 18 year bleeding woman & etc will rise to heaven when they die later.

If u don't imitate Jesus u will forever repeat same crimes, only after u imitate Jesus 100% can u stop committing any crimes=as long as u make Netanyahu a prime minister, he will bomb Gaza, because he is following devil & can only do evil, as soon as he changes to follow Jesus he will immediately stop evil bombings. The earlier we follow God the earlier we get out of hell=Abraham has been out of hell for 4000 years, we have been in hell for 6000 years, the worsening conditions in earth are to punish us=the worst&most stubborn disobedient recidivists: Sun is heating up earth daily but earth atmosphere trap heat from going out, no green energy technologies can stop earth's burning up.

Jesus is your maker/God asked u to learn from, learning from anybody else will lead u astray & u will never find way back to heaven.

笼=Cage is made of bamboo like fire crackers=>dragon is caged by fire, on new year's day, fire crackers scare off dragon so it can't approach & tempt us. On end of world day, only dragon followers/worshippers are left in burning earth=ultimate hell. 

God gave us 12 zodiac was to let us learn from them, u only need to learn from 1 animal per year, after 12 years' learning of all 12 can u grow up to be a man. Why u never ask why only dragon doesn't exist among 12 zodiac=maybe bible is correct in that dragon asked us to disobey God & got itself extinct, loving a non-existing figure is superstition, we should learn from dragon the lesson of obedience: if we disobey God we will die & disappear forever.

God definitely didn't create rat to just steal from him, only after we were imprisoned in earth, then God created 12 mirrors to remind us our 12 lessons/commandments.

We are addicted to & enslaved by food/sex&money&comfort only doing evil, should start by not shopping anymore.
Water Dragon
60% of your body is made of water: God's DNA construct water into dogs/cats/men. As long as there is water then u will not die, God frquently drop free rain to make sure nobody can die of starvation.Water makes our expression/movement smooth & flexible, how evolution knows what kind of expression to evolve into? we will never be able to invent robots as expressive as man, +Our born love for holy God/comfort & hate for evil/pain/death is training us to become man, unless u can be like God & give love-God-hate-devil instincts to robots, your robots will never behave like a man:try train dog=>u can never stop dog from eating poop, robots are dumber than dog because they are not afraid of death.

Dragon was created to store&deliver water in sky & ground, it can create wind & rain, rivers on grounds look like dragons, rivers also existed in sky as silver or rainbow dragons, Chinese call faucets as dragon head, boat=dragon boat, water fountain=dragon fountain, palace under water=dragon palace, dam=dragon gate, all man-made pools have dragons playing balls, Revelation 12:15 says dragon spill out rivers to catch pregnant Mary. When God was using dirt to make Adam, dragon was water faucet, otherwise where was Adam's 60% water from? Dragon was charming & flexible & smart as water & had lots gaming ideas & knew how to entertain us, We were planting in Eden, dragons followed us closely to water what we planted, so Dragon gained our trust & love to deceive us. ?=6=snake,dragon is right before snake=5: 5 looks very like a dragon, even now some superstitious Chinese pray dragon for rain in drought. After dragon was condemned to snake, dragon lost its power of giving water/life, but flow in sand & scratched painfully from head to toe.

Without dragon, men won't come to earth, so it is Dragon who passed men onto earth=so call us dragon's passengers is very accurate. Regardless, we love dragon more than God thus disobeyed God.

Oil is also fluid/flexible as water but oil comes from precious life.

Like dog's leash, we are also leashed by many invisible leashes & lose lots freedom/enjoyment/peace/relaxation:
1. self-conscious: am I pretty/smell good/too poor/stupid/not skillful/etc? 
2. try to meet others' expectations or attention: did she come, does she like me? thus can't enjoy your activities. Especially entertainers focus on audience' reactions thus forget your part. Actually, others pay no attention to u but u yourself made up leashes & leash yourself to them.
3. Money is the strongest leash, I go wherever money pulls me.
4. Addictions on games/food/alcohol/drugs/gambling/etc.
5. More desires u have more leashes u get.
6. worries & fears & paranoids.
7. privacies/secrets: too much poop/pee/fart to hold&hide.
8. U are narcissistic/selfish/aggressive/competitive/envious/discriminative/picky/complaining/critical, everyone becomes your leash.
Examine the leashes in your mind & cut them loose then can u freely/relaxingly enjoy life & others because everyone becomes your lover/kids instead of your leash.
These same neighbors/coworkers/people will live with u forever in heaven, if u don't want to be dragged by 8B leashes forever, u'd better cut them off & liberate yourself to love & enjoy each other's companion regardless how smelly others are or die to break free from 8B leashes.

I just understood why Contra Dance is so fun: because we hold/lift each others' hands to turn/walk/jump & tap feet, stare & smile at each others etc/etc, this can never be achieved by single or double dancers. Even if u don't know how to dance, simply holding neighbors' hands & walk/jump in circles/lines with music will make u extremely happy. Contra dance can be redesigned to be dragon like to eliminate the headache of finding your own partner, anybody can add onto dragon tail, dragon twist/bent to pair u up with different partners?dragon head & tail can switch so we can dance up/down/circular/snaky twist/many patterns like in Bagua array.

NDEs reported that people in heaven hold hands in circles & dance & sing, i.e. Contra Dance can be redesigned to circular, but change to dragon/snake shapes can reuse lots existing paired dances.

To ease world tensions, neighbors should dance together in circles/dragons often.

Similarly, if we all do things together=raise kids/do chores/work/etc together then chores will have lots fun, because people have different beauty & skills, thus we are able to admire & share each others talents & beauty forever.

It is lucky that my dog/chks end up in my house, every creature repeatedly reincarnate sometimes run into good man sometimes run into bad man, we can only hope nobody run into abusive families, if there is no bad man then no need to worry that dog/kids being abused, it is too painful to think my dog/kid get neglected & abused, if everyone can love all creatures/kids that God give u then there will be no tears & pain but full of love:Don't create pain/depression/tears but laughters&sweet love.

Every Sat/Sun I get many boxes of trash from flea market so my chks have fresh vegs/fruits/melons to eat in winter&all kinds of weather, I can see they are all very happy=God wants us all to live happily.

Busy being a dream parent & raising dream kids make life full of fun instead of narcissitically looking at aging self in mirror & sigh.

So when I take my last breath on my death bed, looking at roomful of people I can confidently think u are lucky to be my wife/husband/kids/brothers/sisters/relatives/coworkers/classmates/bosses/workers/friends/neighbors/customers/dog/cat/chks/pigs/etc, because I tried my best to make u happy/free/full of life/energy & entrust u with good people to continue my good care on u, then I can close my eyes & say good bye to all guilty free=Because of me, your life become so beautiful&enjoyable & free, because of u all, my life becomes beautiful & busy.

Believer in bible=Faithfuller=those faithful to God with actions, Chinese is better & correctly call the Faithful as Faithfuller or Worshipper.

Spring festival is given by God: we are fed up with long & cold/loveless winter & can't wait to reunite with warm loving heaven & father & forever euphoria/love. Jesus must come on a spring festival next time.

We all hate Ephesians 5:22-33: woman shall obey her husband 100% & shut up in public=if this can bring me to heaven, then I would love to be a mute for all my life, which is much easier than Jesus'/Paul's jailing/beatings/nailing on cross alive.

Man's life=make man live like man.

God doesn't need our praise but we need God's love to live

Just as u control the fate of animals/plants, God controls your life. U let chk/dog live, but let rat/bugs die, God let Jesus-lovers live & Jesus-unbelievers die.

Dog mouth is watering at the meat on table but dare not to make any move, because it knows master's existence; Rat stole your food because it doesn't care about your existence/ authority/commandments=>Before bible/Jesus, how did we know that we have God master: Chinese has the tradition of worshiping parents/ancestors, if we traverse upward then we arrive at God who is the tip of human ancestry pyramid: God is the first parents&combined M&F to 1 body=Jesus, then God gave Adam/F+Eve/M, FM should teach kids about God master, & model & act out God's teaching of love-others-as-oneself, but FM disobeyed thus Cain killed own brother, even then, every man knew the existence of God, because Chinese love&obey parents & treat parents as master, so Chinese obey God more. Chinese parents order their kid marrying a loving spouse & produce a lot of grand kids, so homosexual/birth control/stay single was never surfaced in last 5k years, but they try to put God's love-others-as-oneself into work & make peace with crowded neighbors, China never colonize/murder any natives/mass on earth as did west/US: Israel & Palestine are neighbors, many of them are Cain/Abel like brothers.

Plus humble men learn from God's creations & gifts to obey God as master, but arrogant men invented evolutionism & unreasonably appoint ourselves to be the master of lowly animals & plants.

It is not that Adam & Eve immediately disobeyed God as soon as they were born, initially, they had nothing to do but gave birth to kids & all live forever, so very quickly, Eden was full of people, Evil was like a virus killed 1 man then spread & killed all men, ie, all men are brothers & sisters & are from the same parents=Adam & Eve=God.

Bible says salvation is not by your works/labor=the love/money u donate to God/church, how many people u converted to Christians, how much preaching u did, how much money u donate to the poor, how hard u work to lift mass out of poverty/etc, Salvation solely base on your faith in God/Jesus=As my dog 100% depend on me for survival: do nothing as Abraham for God but 100% obey & love God will send u to heaven: If u love God, u must have read bible 100 times, if there are lucrative profits/women, u don't rush ahead of others to grab it but u ask God first, if it was given to u by God, then there will be no 2nd person to compete with u for it, God will let u enjoy her/it alone slowly/fully, if there is 2nd man also wants it, then u yield it to him, if u disobediently occupy it, then your nightmares/bloody fights will be non-stop just as Israel apparently doesn't belong to Israelis.

Whenever I feed my dog, I always hide it in a corner that chks can't see what I feed to it, otherwise, dog definitely can't grab any food if I let it compete with chks, I let dog slowly/fully enjoy fried eggs while let chk crowd compete for shells. If China/Iran/anybody doesn't want to be oppressed by US pigs, China has to be a dog for God to be untouchable by US. But I always beat dog in front of all animals to warn all. 

If salvation is not based on my work then I can be lazy & sleep into heaven without doing anything=Being lazy is disobedient & unloving to God & parents, how do I show my love to God=U must be God-like parent to love/care/teach anybody/animals/plants that u encounter: if u can raise/teach them to be Jesus/Paul like good kids/apostles then u will for sure enter heaven.

So in the end, we still have to be a Jesus like role model to raise Jesus like kids/Christians=>This of course can't be done by empty preaching & money donations, this needs us to be 100% authentic Jesus with Jesus’ perfections. 

Though selfless perfection is very difficult, but as long as u truly love parents & God, u don't mind sacrificing for brothers/sisters, 50 years ago, girls in a lot of poverty stricken Chinese families had to sacrifice their education for their brothers, if they can expand brothers to all men, then they will be Jesus rising to heaven & live forever.

I.e. u still need to do things=sacrifice self for others to enter heaven. Sometimes some are immediately rewarded for their sacrifice, some never until they die=>Only the sacrifice made 100% out of faith alone without expecting any reward can send u to heaven.

But dog doesn't sacrifice itself for master=>Dog does sacrifice all its freedom/pleasures/steak/etc to obey u: love others as yourself demand u to sacrifice all you have to love others as your kids=don't u sacrifice all u have for your kids?

God/Jesus doesn't need our praises & donations, it is ourselves need freedom/eternity in heaven/eternal euphoria because each of us is leashed to ground by sin & punished/judged & full of pain&depression&boundages&hatred/envy, we are much poorer than the poor kids in Cambodian whose hearts haven't be poisoned by money/disobedient democratic ideologies/etc, it is the deteriorating poor dead souls in US urgently need salvations/resurrections by truly know & mimic Jesus.
step toward heaven
Just as the chks in cage, only if u can be like dog to 1. hold on to cage gate & cry out to the master outside of cage; 2: obey & follow master closely without running crazy on your own, can u be out of cage like dog=>only if u are faithful & obedient to Jesus: 1. Cry out to sky & Jesus; 2. Obey/Follow Jesus closely can u enter heaven. Worshipping anybody else on earth is just as 1 chk worship another chk & u will never get master's attention to be freed.If u never think of living forever in heaven, even if u are great & law-abiding but u will not enter heaven. If u cry out to God non-stop but without any obedient actions/obedience, u will not enter heaven.

The more faithful/alike are u to Jesus the more likely will u enter heaven.

Out of cage, dog either follows u to travel the earth or guard chk cage, as soon as it sees any chk act disobediently it bark for your attention=>If u can be freed from earth, u will fly all over the universe & enjoy beauty&pleasures&love that u can never imagine from earth, or u will watch over people on earth & inform God of strange happenings.

If u don't read bible how do u know what Jesus is like. Correctly understand bible is the beginning, conquering self to mimic/obey Jesus is the difficult & long road to heaven.

God thoughtfully made u the master of your animals, as long as u are willing & humble, even the dumbest man can understand God's meaning, otherwise, based on what made u the master of your animals when u are dumber than them? If u are unwilling to be humble then u make yourself the masterless God; Humble u will feel the pressure of master's responsibility & pray for wisdom from God all the time.

Frequent natural disasters are reminding us that regardless how sturdy & hitech are our constructions on earth they will be shaken down, only skyscrapers built in heaven will never suffer any damages=>God is using natural disasters to remind us to build infrastructures in heaven above rainbow. Just as u have to provide everything for your animals, God provide everything for us, all man made materials are indigestible pollutions. We are too busy making money to think of eternal life in heaven=>then u will not get eternal life in heaven at all=busy for nothing.
Everyone should keep a journal daily to mark our progress toward heaven=>are u moving closer or further away from heaven=Today, I have how many actions obeying/disobeying Jesus.
How can faith eliminate corruption/sin forever
Sin=corruption: everyone is corrupted, when your corruption is too big to hide then u are caught & put in jail, only Jesus didn't have slight corruption.

Faith=worship+admire+mimic/obey: if u worship me, u will mimic me on everything all the time: u will wear same hair style/clothes brand as I wear, all u talk about is me/me/me, all u think about is me/me/me.

If u worship Jesus, u will mimic Jesus: wear J's cheap clothes, wander homelessly treating people's illness free of charge, humble & lowly,love others as yourself, though possess miraculous powers but u don't resist your bullies, all u talk about is father God, all u think of is father God.

When u are given bribe, u only have 2 choices=accept it or not: if u have faith in Jesus, u will follow Jesus' example: immediately reject any bribery of all the money & presidential powers in the world.

Though US believes that Jesus exists but don't have faith in & worship Jesus thus US are recklessly & proudly corrupted/sinful. 

God made everything so everything is informing God about your corruptions, but God doesn't want to threaten/embarrass & force u to be good, God want u to be incorruptible out of your own will.

Plus threatening only works temporarily, if law or president changes u will resume your corruptions.

Only LOVE can make us incorruptible: God use eternal life in heaven as reward to our perfection as done on Jesus.

Faith in Leifeng is not wrong but u don't know how Leifeng reacted when faced with bribes, &he was never asked to pay taxes.

Faithful to a communist is not wrong, just that there are 0.8B communists & all are different, many of them are bad people & can lead u astray, plus after he dies, u bump into a dead end. 

U can't worship/mimic Xi & become Xi: u are not a son of a powerful official, u definitely can't find another Peng for wife, but u/everyone can definitely become Jesus if u mimic Jesus:
Jesus has no money/education/power, born out of an ordinary family, no wife, very obedient, work for free & always love others as himself.

Faith in communism/Confucius/different philosophies is not wrong, just that communism/etc are outdated book theories, and it doesn't need eat/drink/poop, no worries of kids/wife/food/money/housing/bribes/taxes/etc, inequity is norm=even kids in same family don't have equal beauty & talents, so communism can never give u the equality that it promised then why worship an illusion? Only Jesus' love others as yourself can make u gladly accept others higher IQ & prettier face as your own=we are 1 man.

God's love-others-as-yourself works for all situations/everything/everybody forever, once u love others as yourself u won't want to sin under all bribes.

U still need to learn from others without worshiping him, but u need make sure u are not learning bad stuff from him. So why bother learn from somebody who can harm u when u have perfect Jesus that u can learn from without worrying being harmed because everything of Jesus is perfect.

But if I mimic Jesus I will suffer poverty/wifeless/taxes/beatings/jail/cross, but if u don't mimic Jesus, u will suffer the same forever without any hope of getting out of the suffer, so it is much smarter to suffer for a short time then enjoy infinite heaven forever.

Since we are souls why put us in physical world to train=because every physical thing can tell on u. God made u, of course need to monitor/manage u so u don't cause him troubles<=if u made a car, u don't just let it drive on its own & disappear then u are thrown into jail for all the people it killed.

We are under constant monitoring of God but we are still causing deadly troubles for God & become Evil Death's slaves, Jesus sacrificed himself to get us released, but we are like Jews in Exodus, we returned to Egypt & continue to be slaves for Death.

Even if u don't believe or have faith in God, God still exist & monitor & prevent u from giving troubles, why don't consciously willingly worship God & become incorruptible automatically: when offered with bribes we immediately instinctively reject it.

God is a free guard/cleaner/grower of perfect citizens for any president, it is too dumb not to enslave God=propagate Jesus.

But Xi is very good on his own without worshipping God=Xi is using his actions worshipping God. God is hoping good brother Xi can help all of us enter heaven by simply propagating Jesus & love-others-as-myself on his 1 belt 1 road around the world. 

Jesus=True God for all=Love others as oneself, not US God=Judas/U/I/anybody=narcissist & selfish.

A nature documentary full of feelings:
Ningxia, A Land Made by the Yellow River
Only Faith in God can save China & world
Faith=100% perfect trust, 99% trust is not faith.
Faith=From now on I will forever trust u.

Once u earned my faith, I will entrust u with all my money&kids&life.
Once u earned God's faith, God will entrust u with all his miraculous powers & all creations=universe+angels+mankind+etc; plus God will give u infinite freedom & life in heaven forever. 

You must satisfy 2 conditions to earn my faith:
1. Unconditionally love me with your life.
2. U are perfect & righteous, never speak 1 lie & every 1 of your word must be true.
Most parents can satisfy 1 but few parents can satisfy 2.

The more trustworthy are u, the more obedience & love will u get, if u earned your kids' faith, then they will 100% love & obey u; but if u are crooked & teach kids bad stuff & cause kids to be jailed often or to fight non-stop, then your kids will deny u as their dad & run away from u.
If couples have faith in each other then they want to stay married forever; 2 bad men can't have long lasting love: because u are always separated by jails & fights that your wickedness brought upon u: true love can rectify men's bad characters because u want to be good so u aren't torn apart by police/jails.

Parents shouldn't have faith in their kids because kids haven't experienced & learned everything yet, but it is your responsibility to raise your kids to be faithful to God=This is the purpose that God gave u kids: if u can't manage your kids then how can u manage the universe? 

Every parent wants their kids to be good nobody wants his kids to be bad & end up in jail. God made us of course responsible for us. If your kids shoot dead a lot of kids in school, of course u will be condemned & feel too guilty to live. 

To make us be God obeying good kids, perfect God sacrificed everything including his life=Jesus.
Bible & Jesus' only teaching is faith: Jesus exchanged his life for our faith in God to be good kids: only by faith in God can we stop sinning but only want to do good, not what church taught us: Jesus died for u so u don't need to die for your sins, & once in a while if u sin Jesus will forgive u but we easily slip into constant sinning.

If u aren't faithful to God, then u can only be faithful to Evil=u will lie/cheat/steal/rob/colonize/fight/murder/etc. Evil will only bring u pain/jail/death.

Evil always block me from obeying God: either give me lots excuses especially in tax season, or get others to humiliate/beat me down/etc for my once in a while selfless good deeds. 

If I don't need to work, &All I need to do is eat/drink/play/sleep/read bible daily, then I don't need pay taxes&do anything disobeying God, then I should be 100% obedient to God thus enter heaven=of course not because u have 0 obedience & faith. God definitely will put u in an environment to check out your faith first.

God made everything for a purpose=if God has no use of u why make u?
If u are only useful to yourself but God, then no need for u to exist. The more people are u useful for, the more need for u to live, Your usefulness depends on your obedience, which depends on your faith in God: Jesus is useful to all mankind because he is 100% faithful to God.
Your usefulness depends on how many people have u made faithful to God.

Even though Xi made lots men obedient to God/do good=serve others as serve yourself, but Xi didn't make anybody faithful to God, Xi is getting old & can get dementia then appoint a bad successor, who will release all those imprisoned corrupted officials & give them old positions back, then those corrupted officials will resume their corruptions & revert China back to poverty/pollution filled 3rd world country.
God is forever our only savior & backbone for doing Good, if corrupted officials can have faith in God then God will give them amazing grace to eradicate all their corruptions forever, this way, Chinese will continue on their dedications to communism confidently & worry free. 

Taiwan doesn't want to unite with mainland: that is ok, the most important is the humongous mainland, as long as u remain strong then US can't bully u=>Putting faith in God in 1.5B Chinese is China's only way to concur US.

But communism is God's law=man's leash, & Xi is diligently upholding & enforcing it, but enforcing it for Xi's 50 year is too short, isn't it smarter to be like Jesus to reveal the God at the end of leash forever enforcing communism: Xi should inject faith in God into all Chinese so we volunteer to be perfect loyal communists forever.
God's disobedient son is us=We are Satan
So God created smart earth environment to tame us: if we obey natural laws & God's will, then we will get harvests&health&peace&happiness, otherwise, we get starvation&pandemic&wars&pains.

Only if we obey God's will first can we obey natural laws: Natural laws say if u don't eat u will die but disobedient men occupy all food & resources so u can't obey natural laws.

God made our body much more fragile & sensitive means we have more rules to follow: must eat clean & cooked food not like animals can eat poop/dead bodies without any problems, etc & etc.

We have to please our heart: can't see/smell/touch poop/died bodies=>so not only can't  we create death but also have to clean up the poop/dead bodies that others create to avoid being killed by dead bodies=>only by obeying God can we keep ourselves clean inside & out to please our heart.

Of course, we have to use actions to obey not empty words.

Only obedient ones can walk through death valley alive. 

We can consciously make decisions/take initiatives, but animals can't make their own decisions/plans but controlled 100% by instincts; animals can't control others, but we can control everything=>We are pastors/managers/CEOs that God is trying to develop using earth as training ground: if u can manage everything according to God's will then u deserve to live, if u are mainly controlled by your instincts or u manage everything against God's will then u die.

If like Xi manages to get 1.4B people happy, of course Xi will live, if like Netanyahu pushes 15M people into bombs of course die.

If u obey God u can make earth as good as heaven. If u violate God&natural laws, then u  bump into walls any where u go=u are burying yourself alive.

How can those people not given bible obey God: everyone can humbly learn from failure&pain&nature&history&others to learn God's will. Bible was given to God's chosen, but chosen's title spoiled Jews/Christians so we not only disobey but also misinterpret bible to justify our disobedience: if u disobey u will be punished & suffer, Jews have been beaten a lot but learned nothing & become more & more stubborn & disobedient.

Just heard on radio that republican headed government only help republican towns, & democrat government only help democrats=>isn't this division/corruption very clear to u but why u still full heartedly support democracy & division & evil?=Disobedient us united together to tear us up=United Satans=US.

Faith in Whom?
Faith is not religion/ideology/philosophy, but the final goal=love that u want to get from others  with your religion/ideology/philosophy. 
Everyone wants to be trusted respected by everyone else=u want others' faith in u.
In ancient China, there was no bible, but Chinese knew very well if they abandon honesty&righteousness&selflessness, they will lose all the faith that people gave to them.
The reason Communism is so successful in China is because Communism=righteousness=Godism=Jesusism, Communists gained people's faith with their selfless unconditional love & service to people, so 1.4B people are willing to obey communists to create miracles in China. Righteousness is like natural laws forever exists regardless u believe God exists or not.
To gain our faith, God fulfilled his promises against his own will: Due to the promise he made with Noah, he didn't kill us all as he did to Dinosaurs, due to the promise he made to Abraham, even though he knew sending Jesus to Jews will make the disobedient ones worse yet he still had to send Jesus to Jews.
Only after u gain faith by people can u get unconditional love from them: your faithful wife will give u free unconditional love daily. Too bad, if u can't gain your wife's faith, after u spend all your money on her she divorce u.
Faith can be obtained temporarily by hypocrisy/money/sweet talks/good looks/etc, but financial crisis/stressful work/aging will wipe off all those faithful to u, & u will be abandoned in a F grade nursing home to die alone.
Only by obeying God can we get faith&love from others forever. Only by repenting can we obey God.
忏悔=every thought need to be checked by 十=Jesus/Perfection.
Faith like love can't be forced out by religion/politics/wars but only by your unconditional free love: Only if u forever give me free unconditional love can I forever be faithful to u: God need a forever faithful servant/manager for all his creations, so God is training us to forever love him unconditionally without expecting anything in return not even eternal life in heaven:those communists who died unconditionally for others are apparently the best pastors for God; Just led out of Egypt & Cannaan could be seen in distance but still Jews were not faithful to God, so they all died outside of Cannaan=heaven.
Communism is our godly image that we are born with not Marx' creation. 99% of us only want to make our spouse&parents&kids to be faithful to us, but Communists want all men's faith=this is what God want u to achieve because u should be like God/Jesus to win the faith of all mankind. Long before Communism, many ancient Chinese have earned world & all generations' faith by loving people unconditionally, which lead modern Chinese to choose Communism.
Like your wife & u, only faithful partners can share 1 home=heaven.

We know that natural laws are not made by us, if no God, who made natural laws? Animals don't know God exist & don't worship God but they have to obey God's laws to survive, so it doesn't matter u are a believer or not u have to obey God to get what u want<=Rules have been given even if u are out of town not existing in house, kids still have to obey your rules if they want to live=this is given us at birth<=hens are born not to eat eggs, if they disobey they die: if we can produce eggs intended for others, I am sure we will disobediently eat every egg ourselves=your reproductive organ is for your wife to use but u only use it for yourself.

But the reality is: your 99% selfless sacrifice for others get u nothing but humiliations/beatings even death, if u don't turn to God for support then u collapse & give up doing good, luckily, everyone is born with faith in God's support to do Good=Karma, but if u are faithful to Atheism & remove God's support, then u are really discouraging people from doing good far from being a Jesus, then we can only do evil/corruption because nobody/no-God can catch every little evil that I am doing=>then atheistic Chinese communists must be lying if they can clean up all their corruptions. So first communists need ensure 1.5B citizens faithful to God: study/practice/meditate God/Jesus every day then u will connect with God & God will lead China to forever prosperity & peace=>why God believing US is not prosperous & peaceful, US doesn't believe in God but myself=I am God master: US asked slaves to believe in God master=me. US are reckless crazy arrogant narcissist not even following God's natural laws, uncomparable to rational/scientific communists.
6K years ago Civilization was replaced by Barbarism 
Understand Resurrection

God is embodied in every human: God=all human, West is serving an empty invisible God,communists are serving real solid people.Sacrifice yourself for others=Sacrifice yourself for God, Haters & murders are cancer cells on God's body & will be cut off.

Bible says: if u are baptized by holy spirits=apostle put hand on your head while praying God to release holy spirits to u, then u can perform miracles, The problem is that all the chosen ones were killed out of jealousy by hypocrites, so God has to give u holy spirits himself if u can honestly sacrifice yourself for others, that is why in China miracles are  everywhere because self-sacrificing communists are everywhere.

If u get God's holy spirits, then u can resurrect yourself to live forever=>So the key to  eternal life is to sacrifice self for strangers=If US president or pope went to Gaza to stop wars & killed then he will live forever, but a nobody u can't stop wars & save nobody thus can't guarantee to live on if killed in Gaza.

Mark 8:35: If u die for God then u will live forever, if u sacrifice others for yourself then u will die forever=>If pope die for palestinians=God in Gaza, then pope will live forever. We must give kids such never-dying panacea by being self-sacrificing role models as father God did to all mankind. 

God of course can't keep selfish u alive, because u will kill all others=>if Israel lives none of its neighbors can live.

Communists are propagating Darwinism=>God is not jealous of that at all because everyone will know who created everything sooner or later, but God really appreciate that communists don't follow Darwinism/animal's behavior to beat/bully/rob/kill & eat weak as US & most of us do: u don't let your kids go out & beat/bully/rob/kill & eat weaker kids, why u yourself behave like an animal?

Coincidently, souls' ancestors were wild beasts=monkeys, after 6k years evolution, good communists have evolved to humans but 99% men are still wild beasts.

6k years ago, Men's civilization stopped & barbarism began. Before 6k, we only had God as our only king, we all loved each other as 1 family, all animals loved us as our dogs, we rode on dragons flying between heavens & earth, after we disobeyed God, we lost civilizations & dragons & we are nailed to ground to repent & return to civilizations=soul's upward evolution, but instead we stuck on arrogance/disobedience & evolve downward to lion kings.

6K years ago, after we rebelled & removed God's dictatorship, we started to fight for our own kingdoms everywhere on earth, wars/tears/darkness/pains chased off God's love/peace/mercy/etc, so no life can live happily on earth anymore.

The first man was discovered 2M years ago, but from 2M-6K man's activities/civilization was blank=>how can this be possible: because before our downfall 6K years ago, God provided us everything & we loved each other as lovers=Adam&Eve: milk/honey flow everywhere & weather was perfect no need of clothes, +whatever we want God gave it to us, +no wars thus no need of weapons & martial arts,because your mind connected with God&others' thus u can read God & others' minds thus no need of languages to communicate, +no diseases/pain thus no need of Chinese medicine. 
After we fell 6k years ago: we hate/envy God&others & fight non stop thus invented martial arts & metal/explosive weapons; climate & ground/nature became harsh, + we had to grow/store our own food & make clothes; We closed our minds thus disconnect & can't see God's & others' minds so we invented languages to communicate; Pandemic/pain is rampant everywhere so we invented Chinese medicine etc/etc, thus we only dug out lots man's objects/activities in last 6000 years.

Eden may not be on earth, earth was controlled by devil, put us in evil controlled earth is to remind us how good God is so we can repent & reconcile with God & return to paradise.

Dinosaurs viciously eat each other & everything else, too evil to bear, so God cast darkness over earth & freezed all dinosaurs.

Dog of course is selfish/narcissistic, but dog loves its master more than itself & thinks master is more important than itself=>One of God's kids thinks he is more important than God, to show him the right way, God gave earth for him to enjoy masterless freedom, & he always selects the most capable creatures to fight against God: Dinosaurs & men are the most capable in their eras & both kill each other & everything else.

Resurrection is happening every moment in front u, animals' life spans are very short, because old dirty clothes is too unpleasing to eyes so they keep on dying & being resurrected to put on new clothes & looks to please u. But I don't want to replace my old ugly dog with a newer cuter one, my old dog is forever cute & fresh to me.

But if my dog can magically change to infinite new dogs & they all love me as much as my old dog & behave the same as my old dog, then of course I would love to see my dog change to new bodies daily so I don't have to suffer its bad smell, God's resurrection is not what we thought that old same Jesus should walk down the cross but Jesus has resurrected & filled all our empty beast like arrogant souls with Jesus, ex: u love your wife, if u can love all women as your wife, then all women will love u back as their husbands=>then u will have eternally living wife=>similarly, if the whole world love each other as in same family, then your loved ones will never die.
If Pope died for God, his love for God will transform a lot people to be like him=pope has  given birth to many of his clones.

According to our misunderstandings of resurrection, we shouldn't dig out bones/coal/oil older than 6k years, because there were no death initially, & earth should disappear because dirt was used up to make creatures=but this is not the reality. Body is made from worthless  dirt, thus DNA/seeds keep changing their bodies like cicada, the shed-off bodies return to dirt for new bodies, thus dirt is never used up=>God is truly magical because everything constantly changes to new self. 
Soul can only resurrect itself by saving others, if selfishly hurt/kill others then u are hurting/killing yourself: Netanyahu is killing off his own chance to live forever: I don't want to have another cock to attack me ever again=Jesus definitely doesn't want to see the same men who abused/killed him again=But God is merciful may give us many lives to repent: u absolutely can't consciously abuse/cheat/steal/rob/kill/colonize any of God's kids if u don't want to die forever.

Dancing hall is filled with people, but I only want to dance with 1 young & cute boy, then God told me: Love everyone: Yes, nobody is perfect, only if I love all God's old/ugly/sick/weak kids can I love God, If u abuse/kill anyone=u don't love God & hate that God has made so many Palestinians for u to kill. Hating God will bring us eternal death.

Similarly, God is not jealous when u attribute the cure of your illness to doctors instead of God: God cures all ills, doctors are only helping God=put broken bones together, if God doesn't let bones grow together then your legs stay broken forever.

Even though every US president was chosen by men=u, but he always claims that he was chosen by God=so he equals u to God, thus made u very happy & u love him as your only son Jesus=This explains why US say Trump is Jesus. 

Documentary 'Farewell to Poverty' shows the road to zero poverty (no ads.)

Why popes & US truly hate Democracy&people
Pope needs go into Gaza to show his faith

When war breaks out, the most vulnerables are penniless&powerless peasants because they don't have any means to escape & have no use to invaders so they can only die, if u have money/education then u can escape or serve the invaders. Christians should save penniless peasants=>that is what communists did, so communists are true Christians.
Peasants can only become soldiers to die in wars, if they fight for US supported army they can get higher pay, but in Chinese civil war, most peasants fight for penniless communists: because communists have obtained people's trust with their lofty holy selfless sacrifices in 20+ year fighting with Japanese =>Hard working farmers are the wisest, all those escaped to Taiwan/US were rich/educated Chinese. 
If Christians can gain men's trusts with real deeds, then the whole mankind will automatically convert to Christians without 1 church building. But smart men saw the money  beneath Christians' hypocrisy so the whole world is following money directly instead=>Churches convert men to coinians, Jesus can only emerge in non-Christian countries.
Only communists are living among & serving people, so communists are God's true servants, not pope & Christians who forever hide in resorts & take vacations with their money.

Following Jesus' example, if pope can take all 2.4B billion Christians with him to go to Gaza to save lives, if he is killed in action, then he will live on forever. The whole world is watching & hoping pope can come out & do something to show his faith that he is propagating, but NONE not even a fart, very disappointing: wasted the advantage of eye catching pope's crown. Pope & Famous preachers only show up in kings' & presidents' crowning ceremonies. 

The reason that pope dare not fart 1 word is because they have been propelling US & Israelis' atrocities. But if pope repent his error to God & world, then Israel will stop, which will also save pope's suicidal trip to Gaza.

Jesus never ignore the dead, always resurrect any dead that he encounters, if popes don't practice resurrection how can they learn how to resurrect the dead.

Only Chinese communists successfully push back beasts' advancements, all other countries fell prey to western beasts.

Communists don't befriend/befoul with particular groups/religion/country of people but serve everyone equally=1 Corinthians 10 & Matt.5:45: God rain food & holy spirits on all even evil people=Paul was evil until received holy spirits.
Bible&nature&universe reveal God's spirits, even though ancient Chinese never read bible but they have figured out God's holiness from God's creations, so ancient Chinese despise money & money lovers, all ancient books/literatures praise self-sacrificing good men, Marx only give Godly spirits a name=communism, because by Marx' time, Judaism & Christianity have ruined God/Jesus name by their insatiable colonizing greed&violence, so Marx avoid Christ when naming Communism but Communism is Christ in action.
Read bible, then u will see Jesus was a doctor & savor: he was moving around & healing &  comforting people with good news of eternal life in paradise=>Chinese doctors not only treat your body also comfort u spiritually, not like US doctors as cold as their instruments.

The other apparent reason that communists don't propagate Jesus is because Jesus was not born in China & no Chinese saw & recorded Jesus, but LeiFeng was born among Chinese. I am sure Jesus won't kill LeiFeng/communists out of jealousy as Cain killed Abel, actually, it was the reactions of the locals that they were born into that was really in sharp contrast: not only didn't communists kill LeiFeng out of jealousy but propagate his lofty selfless spirits, but Jews killed Jesus & oppressed God's selfless spirits from spreading. The 12 apostles were spreading their witnesses of God's promise's realization on Jesus=>no matter which religion/country/party are u in, if u can die selflessly for others, then u will never die. Churches & temples are doing nothing other than painting God's & Jesus' empty images.

Jesus was sent to Israel to die & resurrected is because the promise God made to their ancestors. If Jesus came down to China, I am 100% sure Chinese will worship Jesus as God. If Jesus came down to US/West, he would suffer the exact same death as in Israel.

I am pretty sure God sent herbalists around globe to heal people with his herbs, but only China highly cherished & honored&passed on these God-sent doctors, other countries have oppressed & killed them like they killed Jesus.

If pastors can perform miracles/heal the sick/resurrect the dead free of charge, i.e. bring Jesus into China, then communists will surely propagate Jesus more than anybody else & become dedicated Christians.

Even though Jesus didn't come down to China, yet Chinese created long lasting shining civilizations based on strong faith in God's agape&justice&peace&etc holy/lofty spirits.

US/West can't tolerate China/Russia to be stronger than us, so we keep on attacking C/R. The only reason that Pharisees killed Jesus was because J was much better than them, Bible is full of stories that fathers & brothers kill each others out of jealousy because they were not chosen or favored by God: Cain-Able,Joseph-11 brothers,David-sons,Jesus-Jews etc. Jews killed all 12 apostles even after they already exiled from Israel.
So, all God chosen ones were killed, only the unchosen disobedient Pharisees are still living on earth.
Chinese have always been grateful & obedient to God's chosen=herbalists/communists' dictators/special colleges to help geniuses/etc. 
Democracy gives unchosen Pharisees chances to be lords/presidents/idols, who are not satisfied with/grateful to Democracy alone by claiming themselves are also Christians/Jews=they are chosen by high God not u little lowly dirty ignorant stupid citizens=>so why vote if your vote is not appreciated at all?

Religious leaders & US/West governments hate people & Democracy, because other than wars & poverty they brought no love to people, but people have given them what they want the most: money&fame&power=Even though u hate God but God give u everything & your most wanted eternal life.=>Pope & US must stop wars immediately! 

Russia sits between China & Europe, when R befriend with US, their walls/economy collapses & chaos/wars grow, when R befriend with China, they develop & strengthen themselves. US sacrifice friends & families for me alone, so must stay away from US.
US media are the Jews shouting to kill Jesus.

In his new year blessings, Xi encourage the world to behave the same good online&offline, but US/West brainwash every man that China originates every virus. 
In China, U will be as free as in US as long as u don't maliciously hurt anybody.
Why Communists dislike Christians

I also don't like Christians even though I myself is a Christians yet I don't like myself.

Christianity&Judaism=Judasm are patronized & sustained by money, of course, we only obey money, not God's lofty holy selfless moneyless calling & leadership.

Communists are true Christians=they don't yield to money's temptations&control, but stick to lofty ideals & God's holy leadership.

In WWII, lots underground communist spies living among US/West supported Jiang's army, they were well educated prestigious university graduates, but they despised  hi-salary/women/pleasures' calling, & 100% volunteered to suffer & sacrifice their lives for the poor&powerless & backward&dirty&lowly&uneducated&forgotten peasants=communists are Jesus' clones=God descended to die for the filthy & lowly humans. Despite being penniless & starving & freezing, they defeated powerful lions=US/West's attacks=>God's holy spirits are undefeatable.

Theoretically, Jesus is 900 times better than LeiFeng=communists' role model, why don't  they propagate Jesus/become christians/let preachers freely convert Chinese to Christians?
Because preachers/Christians are Judas=God's traitor, are spies sent by money God, they always bring big armies to rob your land, ex:
Protestants first scouted US&Canada, then big Washington army followed & wiped off natives & occupied US & Canada.
Catholics led huge armies into & colonized central Americas/Asia/Africa/whole world.
All Christian countries are western colonies.
Then, different factions of the same religion start to fight among themselves for colonies, so, except the US, the whole world became the battlefields of the US.

Preachers first convert locals to traitors/slaves & wipe off obstacles for the invading big armies.

Then share with armies the loots that armies robbed from natives=Even if church donations come from US/West, those money was originally robbed & shipped back to US/West.

No 1 church/priest/pope is making his own living, & far from sacrificing for people, but 100% arrogantly rely on people's donations & sacrifices. Communists feed & sacrifice for people=>people support churches=>churches bite communists=>Like Farmer God & snake's relationship, so communists dislike & limit churches' power.

US raised dissidents were all Christians: Yuan zhi ming/Chai ling/etc.

Communism=Christianity=Christ's spirits & teachings=Love others as oneself, share good & bad fate together, the whole world is 1 family, & We are all brothers & sisters=Israelis & Palestinians share 1 parent & home & are brothers. Communists have used Christianity transformed China to paradise, now they are sharing & acting the same toward the whole world. but Christians in the west only worship empty image & give orders without any real actions: we are watching kids being killed by Israelis&US bombs & doing nothing=the whole world should march into Gaza & stand with Palestinians together to be bombed by Israelis=Israel will definitely stop the bombings.

Christian=Christ like men

How can communists be Christians if they don't even know Christ by reading the bible or going to churches? 
Everyone is born Christian=Christ is every human's soul=Genesis 1:27: God made human soul according to himself, but most men sold & killed our God given Christian soul for selfish gains as Judas did, but everyone knows that Jesus is good & Judas is bad, but it is too hard to be a Jesus, so we become fake Christians=hypocrites by donating some money to others=To us, Bill Gates is Jesus.

Abraham didn't have a bible to read & church to go to, but A was a perfect Christian.

Eden was in China, Dragon was man's best friend before it was cursed to snake, so Chinese love dragons. After we disobeyed God, we were deported into the west & started to kill each other. Brother killing brother never happens in China, only often happens in western families.
Donate to whom?
Like animals' instincts, we can't create our own thoughts, all Good thoughts are from God, all bad thoughts are from bad men.
Regardless your background/ideology/belief/religion/party/country/culture, all your selfless serving/loving/treating others as yourself thoughts & deeds are from God, all your  selfish/jealous/bully/rob/colonize/sacrifice others for yourself/become #1 thoughts are from bad men..

Regardless u are a communist or a capitalist, if u die to save other's lives, then u are Jesus=God's kid, if u destroy others for yourself, then u are Devil's kid & u are absolutely NOT God's kid.

We should donate to Jesus=>use money/medals/advertisements to glorify Jesus-like people&deeds: as long as we are not glorifying ourselves then God will like it. If Jesus-like spirit & deeds can be recognized & praised, then more Jesus will emerge: Jesus did nothing but gave free healings & resurrections to disabled/sick/dead people, & sacrificed his own life for others. If all become Jesus then there will be no poverty & matches selling little girl filled miserable world but pleasure & peace filled paradise.

It is very strange that western media never praise/promote Jesus like good deeds & good people, but always advertise & promote selfish narcissistic self-made Judas/billionaires/stars/dissidents/war-lords/etc. 
Like hospitals, US charities only treat symptoms not root causes & trapped in a self defeating loop: Charities are encouraging u become rich so u have money to give to the poor who are produced by the rich=>Charities are serving Devil by promoting money lovers.

This is God's self-fulfilling cycle: Trees with lots sweet fruits attract lots animals, who eat & poop/fertilize the tree & spread their seeds all over the world, fruitless or poisonous fruiting trees have no animals' visits, so no fertilizers & no spreads of their seeds thus they die & vanish forever=>so we should be like birds singing praises for & fund Jesus like good men & deeds, our donations to good men are birds' poop fertilizers. Communists always greatly promote Jesus like good man & oppress self-promoting hypocrites=warn men of bright poisonous holly trees, but West is doing the opposite=>Communists are doing everything right but West is doing everything wrong. 

We should donate to the families of those who died in saving others in natural disasters&pandemics/Prestigious university graduates who work as teachers/party secretaries/leaders in remote villages.

Poverty is just a symptom, can be caused by many reasons, if due to arrogance/lazy/addictions, giving them money is making them worse.

I am sure everyone can learn Chinese medicine by watching this free fun TV:
Learn from God&history&others to benefit u & your people. 
Because Chinese are good at humbly seeking God & learning from God & history & others, so God gave Chinese language & culture&medicine&civilization as gifts.
How to make a living 2
Spoiled dog doesn't recognize master: I used to rent from a rich couple, who are good people but too busy to train kids & dog, everytime after they came back from vacations their dog bite them as strangers; Amigo only comes to my house to help after many days, but dog loves to see him again everytime. 
Judas exchanged Jesus' life for money=Judeas eat Jesus, I was questioning why God didn't forgive & spare Judas after he admitted that he did wrong=Because he already killed master, no more master to forgive him=If dog eats u, dog will have no home to go back to & no master u to take care of it=>To avoid Judas' fate, u can't wipe off & murder God in your mind because God can see your mind very clearly: lawless criminals/masterless atheists/God replacing arrogant pharisees will die like Judeas=natural disasters/epidemic/genetic defects/wars will be unending.

For money Judas killed Jesus, but out of hatred & jealousy Pharisees killed master: ex: Jackson 5 were performing on stage, but only Mike got flowers & love, the other 4 will hate Mike so much to kill him.

We hate to beg, because we can be scolded/ridiculed/humiliated/beaten/chased & bitten by dogs/harshly rejected/ignored/raped/cheated/thrown out/etc, regardless what, as long as u do your part=forever persistently humbly diligently beg, if men don't respond, God will, God will give u 100 times more than what u are begging for.

Apply schools & jobs & spouse & nannies for kids/eat in restaurant/etc is all begging for love, if parents did them all for u then u don't need to live anymore.

Money deprive our desires to live=Money can't buy life & we refuse to beg for life, so we will die for sure: ex, with lots money in your pockets u fall into ocean, u habitually arrogantly expect for your money others will come to your rescue, but others think u are enjoying yourself tremendously in the ocean so they are leaving u alone to sink & die.

After crimination, u change to 5 pound ash=>Universe=2.0 × 10^50 ton, if love converts all universe ash to man, then there will be endless lives=>Universe was born out of LOVE's explosion/Orgasm=Love's Big Ban.

I hate to throw boxes with tomato seeds sticking to it, but wish weeds can automatically jump into fire & never show up again=>Bad men are throwing self into fire automatically.

Small cock worship & admire big cock & attentively/diligently observe & mimic big cock's every move/look/crow/etc=This new big cock doesn't attack me, so I hope the small one will learn not to bite me.

Many people as Amigo walk around like a do-nothing dead man ignoring everything: ignore his kids & employees' wrong doing, ignore trash/over turned liquid bottles etc.
How to make a living
Examples that LOVE creates wisdom/order/beauty/good is very common:
Selfish & lazy u fall in love with a wonderful girl, to get her attention, u put your hair/clothes in order, rid of bad addictions, & study music diligently because u want to play music for her, & work very hard to make money to give her & her family expensive gifts to get their permission to go out with her & etc.
U love your own daughter, so u dress her up prettily & show her off to everyone.
U were bullied by your big brother, because u love your parents & brother, to avoid your parents' worries, u forgive your brother & didn't tell anybody of the incidents.
As u can see, Love=sacrifice self to give.

Examples that lack of love creates chaos/wars/filth/bad is even more common & easy:
U can't tolerate your gf break up with u to date your best friend, so u kill them both then commit suicide; If u don't love your parents, then u make/throw trash everywhere & make your house very trashy & messy, & u fight with parents & siblings all the time.
After u lost interests in your wife, not only u yourself become dirty&lazy&addicted, also u start to abuse her & kids, & make up excuses to put wife in jail.
U don't like your step-daughter, then u abuse & enslave & lock her up.

Ancient people use parents' whole life's savings as dowry for a wife is to make u cherish your wife.

Love creates & sustains life is even more obvious.

Even though LOVE is so powerful yet we always ignore & reject love: my brother/sister/nephew/niece/amigo & his kids never ask me for anything: my 20+ year old niece never talks to me.
The purpose of our life is not to make a lot of money & live a comfortable 100 years but to learn Dog's humble love begging spirits & behavior to enjoy comfortable life forever: u are lying if u can make your dog 100% obedient & perfect, + the bigger/more capable it grows the more disobedient it gets, but whenever u spank it, its pitiful repenting begging looks melt all your anger away, so as long as your dog loves u & don't eat u I think u will never kill your dog=>once we learned dog's ways of humbly begging for love & life, we will have endless money to spend & pleasure to enjoy & eternal life to live.

All the love ultimately come from God,ex. God sent your wife to love u, seeking God is seeking Love, seeking Love will lead u to God: only when u don't have love then u will seek love, if u have lots money/women/loving families/etc & etc, then u will be very unlucky like Amigo's kids who are ruined by Amigo's free money home, his kids like him don't know how to make a living.

Many men painstakingly raise dogs but spoil dogs like kids, didn't learn anything & wasted all the labor=painstakingly raised kids abandon u, so u must raise kids to take care of u when u become old or sick.
Good man is sunshine emitting love in all directions, bad men are black holes/traps rob/colonize/ruin the whole universe, not so bad useless men are dead & non-existing&ignored: nobody pay attention to sparrows.

Whenever we want to do something bad we always use "nobody is perfect" to excuse ourselves: addictions/premarital sex/touch improperly/etc: we don't want perfection at all, if we want to be perfect then we will become perfect Jesus, instead we want to sin & be manipulated & enslaved by Devil.

Everyone is judgemental=u judge everyone of your actions: should I accept this job/go out with this guy/rent that room/take dog for a walk/buy this car/etc, but we use double standards in every judgement: when judging others, we use God's standards, when judging me, I use my own selfish standards. 

Accusing others judgmental is also hypocritical.

Even law allows u to drink, but u shouldn't drink=>even law forbid unleashed dog in parks, but harmless dogs should be unleashed=why don't leash wild animals. Democratic laws are made by majority & restrict all: catch me if u can: so US/West laws are not enforceable unless u are sued=US has always been executing Stalin style cleansing among its people.

Dirt is the best detergent, that is why ancient men wash clothe in muddy water, beach goers smells good=sand rub off their sweat. Mud has large organic molecules=soap & sweat eating pro-bacteria & sand's scrub: dirt is the best free detergent, river/lake/sea/mud water washed hair remain black; mud is more effective than expensive face cleansing milk: your skin will be as smooth & shiny as earth worm.

Machines automatically exponentially make artificial trash & destroy nature, only by going back to gather & hunter era & live like animals can we regain beautiful nature.

Loofah squash tip point downward due to gravity, after it is mature, the tip automatically open up to release seeds to ground to reproduce=>Lives on earth will not survive & reproduce on moon/stars, God has made everything specifically for earth but moon so every life will die on moon, if we are so capable&proud, why don't we repeat what God did on earth on moon: let lives automatically grow & reproduce on moon?

Matured bitter melon bloom like a flower to drop its seeds.

According to textbook, when XX & XY mate, they should produce 50% F & 50% M because XY is 50% X & Y=>We assume that X on XX is not the same X on XY, Love broke old orders & rebuild new orders, separated X is the same no matter it is from XX or XY, so every new chk has 75% chance to be F & pass life on because only F can give lives, XX&XY can give infinite lives, of course, many chks are duplicates=>your body has been repeated many times. Body is the soil to grow soul, your same body may have grown out good fruitful & bad unfruitful men=>Whatever happens in spiritual world is made physical in physical world because we are like animals don't believe what is invisible: Y=YHWH=God,man=XX,Jesus=XY=half man & half God, though XY can't give kids but without XY, XX can't reproduce, Jesus use love to break the old & build new orders & make it possible for XX to give new lives forever.

Earthquake=When a farmer turns over dirt, all the lives in & on the dirt will die & lose their homes=Earth is God's, God do whatever he wants, but God will not judge you the same way as he judges&treats dirt=so u will not die with earthquake: if u have fruited like loofah, u will re-live, otherwise, u will become dirt to support seeds=selflessly life savers in disaster zone are fruits. 
Natural disasters can happen anywhere, the true unlucky ones are not disaster stricken people but gloaters/selfish interests seekers from disasters.

A very fat/big hen giving a lot big eggs, but habitually jump into veg garden & kill vegs, after repeated disciplines still no change, then I killed it=>We are given many opportunities & disciplins to live, if never obey then we die forever.
Hen not only know master existing but give me much love=>If huge money donating believers don't obey then can die forever, atheists deny the existence of God & God's laws of course will not obey & die forever.

逝=forever disappear: ride on dragon & wage wars & do business making money fast & powerfully.

All professions except massage need to slow down=give hands time to connect with meridians before move away, otherwise u are like a boxer hurting yourself & customers.

Love is savior and salvation
Love is God's essence/soul/spirit=simply put, God is Love & Love is God, Love has energy/intelligence/wisdom, is visible/physical, automatically reproduce & grow. Love creates universe & everything in it, & its past/present/future; Love is eternal & eventually fill every dimension/space/corner=>if we desire to put lives onto moon/stars, even more so with God=God is patiently harvesting love, & let love bring living waters to all dimensions/stars/cracks/dust=dead bodies/etc.

Why don't experiment it yourself: if u love God=everything & creature, then your IQ will shoot up many times, & can perform all miracles=resurrect dead/heal cancers/solve whole world's poverty/injustice/crimes/sins. Common examples: Dog loves u so it knows your thoughts & understands/follows your orders; if u love science=God's natural laws, u will have a lot scientific discoveries; if u love your boss, u will finish your assignments perfectly=Chinese NASA/Huawei/Ningde's employees, Musk's US employees only love money but him so they will not produce any inventions for him; Mom loves her new born, even if he can only cry, mom knows & provides all his needs.

Chinese' bosses are Chinese citizens themselves=China is a true democratic country ruled by people & for people, not a rich man & his family.

The more men u love, the more miraculous power will u have=Giving love is the only way to gain magic power not through magic art/QiGong/witch crafts/NDE/talk to dead men/etc. Love 1 man/wife alone=give 1 apple, which gives 10 seeds to give 10 more apple trees, but if u give 100 men love fruit, they will yield 100000 fruit trees=>which can feed all the men in the world. 

US/West only loves me alone to grow my own family & my name=Rockfeller/Xiaotian Fu Garden/etc, Xi loves all men thus bring prosperity to the whole world.

Chinese Communists practice relay leadership, people' needs are passed on from old to new leaders, for last 100 years they have been fulfilling party founders' promises to people at the beginning, every party secretary is Paul like race runner & pass their love for people onto next generations; but US presidents always arrogantly start all over again & bring more & more barbaric cold wars & chaos & ruins to the world.
Ex. Chinese government had a long list of people's needs, even money is called people's money; but US only has a long list of president name named libraries/museums/roads/etc, even currencies are stamped with presidents' heads, people/mass does not exist in West leaders' sights & hearts, only when they failed then public is blamed for all sins & errors, president is only praised for all glory&righteousness forever.

As long as u give love, u will certainly harvest love=if u only love your own 1 kid, then u can only expect him alone to care u at your old age, if u love many as your own, then u will be taken care of by many. If u don't love anyone not even a woman, then u will stay in nursing homes childless & forgotten & lonely.

U love your wife, then she gives birth to your clones=>your love create yourself=>God's love created God=>Love creates everything.

If u love, u will willingly stand in other's body to understand&help&forgive others, ex: Xi took 7 difficult hikings to experience remote poor farmers' despairs & worries; God became a real man=Jesus to experience poor man's faith & evil men's cold insults+beatings+killings; God wear each creation's body to supply each unique needs for food/drink/shelter/move/reproduce/survival/fit into environments & weathers/etc, Before winter arrives, God already pile up fat/fur/feather/hair/etc for each. 

Love creates life & resurrects death:seeds/eggs/sperms/dreams/ideologies are not alive, but if u give them love, then they will sprout & grow: God has seeded DNA/dreams all over the universe & waiting for your love to bring them to lives.

So Chinese parents encourage u to work hard to bring your dreams to lives, if u love school & work then u can easily bring your dreams to lives. 

The more love u pay, the more love u gain; but the more money u spend the less money u have.
Join God's love river & flow into love ocean & forever live, otherwise, dry up & disappear & die forever & nowhere to be found.

U harvest whatever u give: if u give love then u will harvest love; because US has been giving bombs to Israel/Ukraine/everywhere then US is reaping death&will perish, if u die to save loved ones from dying then u will gain life=Rabin, For killed Isrealites to fight then u will die=Netanyahu.

Dead fruit can't be exposed to light & water, but live fruit sprout & prosper in light & water=dead men is afraid of light & want to remain private with lots privacy, live men don't have any privacy.

U wish to stand next to your kids & protect them forever=>God is more so: God is always on your right side & protecting u=everyone is David!

death=loss=gone=die all pronounce & mean the same in Chinese.
How to make others obey u:
Money's 2nd fatality is that it can be inherited & transferred to allow kids to be money sucking disobedient lazy vampire.

Obedience/Love/Life can only apply to yourself, if u live for/make living for your kids, then how will they learn how to survive: put u in a dead poor family is to make u & kids learn how to survive instead of sending money home to raise vampires.

If u work too hard for your kids & kill yourself, no more money & shelter, kids have to work & obey their own bosses to survive, or kids starve to death: missed best time for learning & already become too unwilling & lazy to work=U have killed your kids & yourself with money.

With money u can addict/make weapons, animals don't have money so no addictions. Money is fool's God.

If u think Money is an everything&everywhere God, then u will steal/rob/cheat/colonize & die for money.

Money can only buy man-made stuff to make u addicted/cheated & keep on selling yourself for money to buy more man-made stuff.

Amigo sent money home raised selfish/arrogant/lazy/disobedient kids, refuse to humbly/obediently beg/work for their living, just sit in my house doing nothing: they have to go=God of course won't accept them into heaven to cause him headaches forever: Though I provide dog everything for free but dog earned my willingness with its obedience & love. They dislike the clothes/phone/everything I gave them,&don't do anything that I asked to do for their own good, but foolish Amigo keep on defending them.

It is almost impossible to make others obey u: we usually like money & ourselves: let disobedience cost u money will force u into obedience: if amigo talk back, I fine him $100, if kids talk back, let them starve & spank them.
US of course want the world to obey it, so preach christianity all over the world=free prison, if everyone obeys 10 commandments, then no criminals anymore, God/Jesus are enslaved as free prisoner guards to watch us; US sanction u if u disobey US. In hell, Devil still needs u to obey him, but no more free Jesus & bodies, so use lies & psychological warfare: watch your own kids being abused.
Obeying God is to love me properly=Love others as myself: obey your wife then she will give u love; Obey God then u will get happy nature/harvest/relaxation/sincere friends & peace. 

God has all the love, obey God will bring u any love u ever want.

God created love, & equip love with senses/wisdom/intelligence, Love automatically design/create everything, & put structure=anatomy&function=physiology into everything; Death/Hate only decompose/shatter/destroy/repel everything made by Love, not like money, Love can never be used up because love can automatically exponentially reproduce love=1 fruit can reproduce trillions fruit, & love can solve any problems/situations & forever wins, so why not use endless love to solve your problems instead of limited money?

Selflessly give love & serve others=fruitful man=longevity fruit, selfishly/lazily suck on others & convert love to poop=vampire=dead man: Learn from trees: eat poop but yield beauty & sweet fruit.

Chinese words painted bible & science & health & chinese medicine & everything:
休息=rest: sleep gives soul chance to take care of your mind.
忙=busy: kill heart.
活=live: 十 beg for your life & let u drink living water.
死=death: original sin cap us underground in hell & stab & kill each other forever,Jesus open up hell's cap & give us chance to live.
吵=quarrel:people with little faith quarrel,打=beat:nail coffin nails,平=peace: 十's spirits give lights & fruits。

Immature fruits/vegs spoil very easily=kids get sick more easily, so we invented refrigaratorðer/preservatives&fast transportations & roads & etc=Everyone of our invention/creation/activities is for money & destroying lives/nature/ourselves=>US incited R to destroy U&EU, then make money by rebuilding U&EU, US also robbed/destroyed R's all oversea assets, sold weapons/supplies to U&EU=>US always make lots money from wars=war is life support for US so US incite fights everywhere in the world. US will implode/die eventually, built on communism' agape love China is rising like a morning sun.God is not an empty name for u to sing praises for, but your contribution of love, as long as u give love, regardless u are a communist or capitalist u are worshiping God. 

Become Jesus to know who created God
God is not Love, God creates Love, Love creates everything, unless u become Jesus u can never know who created God.
U are not pig's food, but u feed pig food, as soon as it sees u, it asks u for food, but pig won't eat & consume u as food. Pig is too dirty to enter men's society to ask about who created u: How can a dirty pig arrogantly get on men's airplanes to go to your hometown & interview your families?
Dirty u can't arrogantly visit heaven to ask around who created God, u must become holy Jesus to enter heaven to interview holy spirits about God, actually, once u become Jesus, u will know & are able to create universe & lives & everything, +u will be like God having infinite power&life&IQ/knowledge&is in everywhere concurrently.
While u are trying to become Jesus, God will gradually release u some miraculous power, so becoming Jesus should be everyone's only dream. 

We are worse than pigs: Pigs know u are their food provider, & have to obey u to get food & avoid beatings.

We only believe in money: If I have money then I don't need to beg God anymore, I can use my money to buy whatever I need, but the fatal limitation of money is that it is limited & can be used up, so we sacrifice everything to make/rob/colonize/save money.
But without money, u can't donate=if we all  share God's love equally, then we are all equally rich then no need of your donations=US used money making US the God for the world: if US says Israel & whole earth belongs to US, then u have to die to give up the land that u&your ancestors have been living on for thousands of years.
Jesus didn't use money but God to make himself the king of the world to provide people infinite needs for love/pleasures/life/IQ/power: 1st u have to give up faith in money & self if u want to become Jesus. 

2000 years ago, Israel was occupied by Romans& desperately need a king to chase off Romans, but God-sent-King Jesus not only didn't remove Romans but asked Jews to forget about getting Canaan back on their own, but 100% rely on God to get Canaan back in heaven, yet Jews completely disobeyed, & rely on their own smart & wealth, & fight non-stop & live in wars for 2000 years until today.

Jesus also did what nobody can do: don't defend yourself regardless how others curse/beat/kill u, & sacrifice yourself to save your enemies, & perfectly clean & pure without single selfish thought/evil.

Love create&grow&survives on love=Love saves lives/marriages/everything; Hate create & grow & dies on hate=hate destroys lives/everything.
God is everywhere watching & encouraging u to love unconditionally & selflessly: God will reward your unconditional love exponentially & let u live as u wish: Matthew 5. 

If u like Jesus only love but hate, then u will live forever in heaven, but 100% men can't love enemies who hate/kill/damage us. Your love to your enemies will convert them to your lovers。

Disciplinary punishments on bad men is also love: starve disobedient kids or lazy men.
Start by loving those around u: of course u need diligently carefully do the work that u are paid for, &help your families unpaid/unconditionally. If u are lazy or only care about yourself=u are a waste, no need to exist.

God installed Conscience on every man, if u always use conscience to control yourself then u will become Jesus: If Palestinians commit suicide altogether to empty Canaan for Jews, Jews' conscience will be waken & back off Canaan, plus God will move Palestinians into heaven.

Like obedience, Love can't be borrow/transfer/transact/inherit/forceOn/preached, Jesus' love toward God can't save your life=>where can Jesus put u if u throw bombs at people wherever u go: Jesus died so u don't die spoiled all Christians, Abraham obeyed so Jews don't need obey spoiled all Jews: u have to save yourself by your own love to others.

Arrogant I only want to be better than others, so I won't obey God to love & make others stronger than me but rob/colonize others to make me the strongest=US, without seeing a catastrophe is catching up with us. 

Invisible God doesn't exist,Dog will never follow an invisible master. U constantly complain that God is invisible but u firmly believe that invisible time created & evolved lives.

Even though God is invisible spirit but God made himself known in the love/beauty/goods that he created, & made himself completely known in Jesus. Netanyahu doesn't have God's image/DNA, only use God's name doing evil=Netanyahu is blaspheming God, all US/West colonists are blaspheming God. Even though Jesus left us 2000 years ago, but God's love accompany us forever。 & Love is snowballing bigger&bigger, eventually love & justice will automatically prevail: even though lies control all the media yet most men support oppressed Palestinians. So we should have faith in God & become Jesus.

Jews=God's Jewelries/Diamonds/babies that God never forgets. Of course, only if u have Abraham's soul DNA can u be God's Jews. My dog is my baby, so Jews & 犹太 have the same meaning:犹太=best dog follows God closely. My obedient dog is my Jew, master biting dog is Judas=US.

Animal's uncontrolled pee/poop signify our self control is very weak: I am worse than dog in that I will eat up all the food in front of me.

Duck was killed by 2 nails it swallowed=>we are killed by men's philosophy/advertisements/lies at very young age: we are walking vampires.

Israelis are NOT Abraham's offspring
No need go to school, as long as u love God, u can perform all God's miracles: make blind see/deaf hear/dead live/etc.

If u don't love God u will destroy yourself: ex: u selfishly sex around & contracted many STDs & tie yourself to death bed & weep & despair. 

Earth is a test ground to experience yourself so u understand if u don't love God, u will be forever in pain&wars, if u love God, u will forever enjoy peace & pleasures. U will be repeatedly reincarnated back to earth cage until u love God: don't arrogantly discriminate anybody: all earth dwellers are criminals.

Your soul is like your phone's invisible software&data & don't change with your body, only change with your love & hate: u never remember a stranger's phone, right? All bodies are pre-installed with God's conscience=God APP, if u often use God APP, God will enter your soul & heart forever, if u never use or uninstall God APP, lose all conscience=u are already dead, God will put u under conscienceless abusers' abuses to taste what it is like without conscience=reincarnate Netanyahu into Gaza concentration camp. 

Since Gaza is filled with reincarnated Netanyahu like bad guys, then we shouldn't care Gaza=Wrong: we must help Gaza, fill their hearts with God/Love & warm up their conscience, so they can use Love's power to forgive Israelis' colonization & oppression & bring peace to both sides, just as Native Americans forgave Spaniards/English/Canadians.

If u can love God as madly as Jesus does,then God will fill your soul, & u will defeat cancers & death.

When Netanyahu uses bible to claim Israel is the land that God promised to Abraham's offspring, we should ask him/Israelis to present DNA to prove that Israelis are A's true descendents not imposters:
Abraham's soul DNA is white, Israelis' soul is black, as to body DNA, A is a human, all men in the world is human, so Israelis are not Abraham's offspring thus can't inherit Israel, need pack up & leave Canaan asap. 

Science vs God|LOVE is God|why universe is expanding

The more we study Science the more danger/pain we create: all kinds of pollutions/earth warming & biological/chemical/radiation weapons & concentration camps/etc; Animals know no Science so they don't create any pollution/weapon/destructions.
The more we study & correctly understand God the more can we save lives/careers/marriages/etc, & add more pleasure/enjoyments/peace to our lives=>why don't u want to study God?
Arrogance make us study Science to destroy, humility make us study God & save ourselves.
U will argue that Science made our lives more convenient: staring at pc/phone all day long destroys our health/sleep/life more conveniently & rapidly; Medical Science saves/extends lives: No doctor can resurrect 1 child killed in Gaza!

If u want to study God, God will send cute/lovely experts to teach & make u practice to be God for free: needy flower/tree/chk/dog/etc will be your professors & subjects for u to practice to be God: If u are tired of&stop being a God, then u will lose all your pets, if u dedicate&persist to be a good God then u will multiply your cute love many times; if u are selfish & greedy, & profit from animals bloody fights & gamblings, after your malnourished injured animals lose all your bets, u will crazily jump into bull's ring & be torn into pieces.

Eventually u will learn that God is LOVE, Love keep universe alive for 14B years, keep life lasted 4B years, Love gives life/good/beauty/pleasure/happiness/peace/relaxation/safety, & eternal life in heaven=>Only God is willing to share his home with all.

God=infinitely intelligenized/energized/materialized true Love & good will>sum of all universe energy+wisdom=mc^2+iw, m=universe mass, iw=infinite wisdom.

Simply put, YHWH God=the sum of all kind/good thoughts+energy+materials: your materialized loving actions are God's photons. 

Want to know who created God<=who created u: The love between your mom&dad started u=fertilized egg=materialized love, then under the care of love, your thoughts & body gradually expand, Under God's infinite love & your infinite obedience to God's protection against diseases/death/evil's temptations & damages, u can expand to infinity & bigger than universe & become God.

Love loves to unite/combine/merge/melt with each other & grow bigger&stronger, Hate hates to be close to each other but split/repel/weaken/eliminate each other; Love is forever lasting but Hate has life span & dies. Love continuously grow & expand, Hate continuously isolate/shatter/wither/shrink/lose its energy & mass: so Universe is expanding with LOVE's expansion=observed by scientists. Eventually hate will completely disappear & only LOVE remains=heaven.

Love is soulful/wise/living, Love planted lives all over earth<=It is love brought your mom&dad together to produce u, 2 strangers can't produce kids: Science says M+F can produce lives, but without Love, M or F alone can never produce life. Love=God designed & created all lives & the process of life formation, to show us the importance of Love, God made kids as products of man&woman's love, there are lots other species can have babies from 1 gender alone.

Similarly, Love creates all energy/matters/intelligence.

Animal's mouth is our hands to move things around, +leaders' mouths can mobilize lots people, our mouth=thoughts/soul has energy & mass. God's soul is running the whole universe. Thoughts are invisible=God is invisible, but universe's trajectory is God's mark/footprint.

Science has no energy/mass/life & can do nothing, Science is our invisible tool & God's
rules, since Science is used more for destruction than good, it is better to be illiterate & learn God's common sense in serving/loving others: even illiterate mom can raise a great kid.

Arrogance=Hate, Arrogant US/West hate China, thus sanction/fire China to weaken itself, humble China loves peace & world so China is booming&never die=Chinese civilization/history  never stops: Genius like Jews don't love God thus has no civilization worse than Egyptians.

Want to rule & be the God of world: u must open up your heart & outpour your love, then u will become stronger & bigger & never die:selfish loveless we are terrified of death:can't even mention death.

If God is Love, then why make company/school policies prevent/threaten us from talking about LOVE, but only allow us to talk about arrogant selfish hateful my sport team killed yours, haha.

I have to mention God because world is full of love/God, u are also grateful to God except your God is an UNKNOWN God=Acts 17:23 because u refuse to study & know God,& give God no credit for all the love u got: it is your mom who gave u life instead of God=Why your mom didn't resurrect herself?

Love creates forgiveness/mercy/rub/massage/warm springs&light, Hate starts wars & fire to destroy everything: U don't bomb whom u love: Even if your kid brought u a big trouble, u won't drop bomb on her but continue to care her, but u get very angry at an employee & fire her because she boldly expose your hypocrisy & arrogance=u want her to die of starvation! Only 2 prison cells in hell: if u are an angry man then u stay in fire, if u don't love God then u stay in icy cold darkness.

But luckily God is all knowing & is everywhere so God knows that I am hungry, so God lead me to organic food filled forests to feed me=So u can never destroy me, but the real loser is u: because u choose to abandon my wonderful massages.

As long u humbly obediently love, God will protect u not being hurt of 1 hair: Out of Love, Jesus didn't fight back when being insulted/beaten/killed but beg for forgiveness for his killers.

Dog use its life to protect master=>Despite we can lose our jobs & money we shall defend our God=holy spirit=infinite pure love.

Whenever chk fight, dog bark loudly to get my attention to stop fights=>whenever wars break out, we should cry out loud to God/sky to get God to stop wars.

Communists' leaders are appointed by God=using God's righteous/selfless/agape standards  filter/select through many levels: Xi is God raised modern day Solomon: religion/time/location restrict men but God=hen wants to restrict me? God can make whomever he wish as king=if US is capable to plant whomever as president in other countries, u think God is less capable of doing so? Similarly, all men are Jews & descendents of Abraham. 

Religions&philosophies&men written books are handcuffs to our mind/soul, the more men's books u read the more locks/confusions/pollutions u get=u only need to read bible alone to be freed. U only need to study God alone to understand everything.

But we are so arrogant & self absorbed that we refuse to read bible & anything related to God=Media never mention God.

In heaven, all creatures are as smart as men & have feelings & soul, it doesn't matter u  take on monkey's or bird's body: God doesn't play favoritism & will give every creature the same IQ & soul: God made creatues on earth lower than u so u can practice to be their God.
Revisit an old debate
You are your animals' God, U decide & arrange everything for them, regardless how they argue among themselves whether u are their God or not, or they will have another life or not.
U let your beloved dog live on forever but u kill disobedient cock.
So I think to be the lucky dog, we need follow dog's way to love & obey our master.
If u don't believe we have a master & can live forever, then u will not think why dog/Jesus/anybody can live forever thus lose the opportunity to live forever.
Jesus is our example to follow if u want to live forever & bible has detailed description of Jesus: never fight back on belittling/beatings/murdering, penniless/childless/wifeless, obey God 100%, don't pursue money/career/self interest but only God's interests.
Otherwise, u will get your wish: after this life u are deleted forever, but u said if there is another life u will know after u die=>so u are not sure of more lives/etc,but secretly hope that u won't die forever=u don't want to die at all.
Nobody can force u to believe, everybody can only worry for himself. Even if I make u believe, it does nothing to my own fate: I have to use my own good obedient deeds to earn my own 2nd life: somehow religious people/preachers believe fruitful means make more people believe, & spoiled everybody=>U are your own saver: use your own obedient actions to get master's attention: my chks/ducks are very noisy&I usually ignore them because I don't know they are trying to get my or each other's or nobody's attention, but dog get my immediate attention by following me around & acting to my instructions.

We can't fathom God, just as hens can't fathom me.
But my dog can understand some of my words because dog loves me: U understand those u love: the more u love God the more can u read God's mind, if rejecting God with the excuse that u don't know who created God: how much do u know of infinite universe? how can this 1 unknown make u dismiss God?=u are too arrogant.

Fruitful life is: humble,never quarrel & fight,tolerant,calm/peaceful,love others as myself,love to help others.

My frequent reference of God is not to make u believe=don't be so narcissistic, but without God I can't explain anything whatsoever, who cares u believe it or not: get lost in endless worries&fears&hopelessness. My understandings are not polluted by any religion/ideaology, far from yielding to your oppression: only allow u to believe in Atheism but disallow me to mention God, I mention God whenever I want to regardless your company policies or religion & etc=I have to lie to be sensitive to your arrogant feelings? 

Mighty Science can only explain phenomena & results, can't explain why & workflows/plans/designs, because Science didn't create universe, & Science is your cognition on end results/existence: Science can explain that u are already born, but can't explain why u were born=>it is your mom's decision not Science's: u can't follow Science but God's rules because Science doesn't make any rules but discover God's rules/rulings. God design & dictate everything.

Animals/Plants know nothing of Science, but prosperly live, it is God not Science who guide them to food/water/rest/survival/life,&it is God not Science who teach us to be humble & peaceful for survival: without Science, nothing changes, but without God & God's rule, whole universe will chaotically die.

It is true that bible does favor Jews so u think Jews wrote bible, but if u are humble, u will learn Jews lessons to avoid trapped in snake bitten desert for 40 years & other tragedies=my caged animals never complain my favoritism on dog=they mouth watering watch me feed food they can never dream of to dog, & dog freely run & play etc: animals don't reason & envy dog, but humble us will mimic dog to get dog's same favors, but if we are arrogant, we will kill dog=Jews, &hate bible & God's favoritism so much that we remove God's existence & avoid mentioning God.   

Arrogance caused all wars: because I arrogantly think I am your God: only I can prescribe all justice & right/wrong, if u disobey me then I will lawfully kill u: If US/West don't become humble, then US forever will be the God of the world & wars will be non-stop & peace/freedom is impossible.

No oceans in heaven, all sea animals/plants swim in air=colorful shiny fishes swim around u.

If fight both lose, if not fight both win
As long as u participate in fights, u will be hurt: not only body is hurt also all your mind is occupied by how to win the war & u have no energy to think of anything else, West/US keep on fighting & bankrupt themselves, imprisoned P doesn't want to live anyway, so let P weaken I, & other Arab countries don't participate, but focus on economic development to overturn  I/US/West's oppression.

No matter what don't participate in wars, even "peace keeping" can't be excused, let them fight until they are tired of fighting. Neutral non-participants will benefit greatly from wars: u sell weapons & supplies to both sides: So Sweden is stupid to join Nato;Israel is too stupid to ceasefire.

We must avoid fights at all costs of arrogance, if we can settle our disputes by negotiation then both sides win the war, but if we fight then both lose: I died 1400, now died 2000+.

Fights need 2 sides, as long as 1 side doesn't want to fight, then war won't break out, then the stronger bully will rob all your land, but even if u fight u will lose, it is better to give up some land to the bully & keep the peace & develop your economy so US dare not beat u up.

So Xi brought big gifts to negotiate with US peacefully, but US will never change its belligerent nature: they killed Jesus who brought the gift of eternal life to them, US started 1945 civil war in China, now push Philippines to harass China: US doesn't have the intention/culture/tradition for peace, only has the arrogance to be #1 & Judas' hypocrisy & selfishness & greed for money, US is so broken/injured by wars, it doesn't have any money to wage wars against China but chose the free table talk.

US maybe the first to throw atomic bomb after it fall off #1: if I can't be #1, C can't be #1, either.
magic wand to avoid wars: don't defend yourself

God wants the same goods as we do: never-die/peace/freedom/happiness/beauty/beautiful gardens/nature/cute animals/love/kindness/etc. God is living among us & knows exactly what we want thus creates exactly what we need: look at corn cobs, small enough to throw into fire after we eat off its corn.

God created nature according to our wish & is constantly creating wonders, If we can't create & do good, at least we should maintain our beloved peace/freedom/happiness/beauty/etc,but we are constantly destroying good/wonders. Doing good is creating goods.If u teach kids to share/help/serve others selflessly, then kids will never become Netanyahu/Hitler; If u push kids to become presidents/stars/#1 alphas, then everyone is becoming NH.Christians raised H, Jews raised N worse than H: Christianity & Judaism are not worshipping the good God but evil devil,Jesus & God's names are only used as membership advertisements. How come communists never colonized & killed & locked up all natives in concentration camps: because they don't worship/follow devil.

If as long as u believe in Jesus, u won't die, then why Americans aren't fight in U & Gaza war zones?
If u believe in resurrection, then why bother revenging Hamas for lost 1400 Israelis=>they didn't die after all.  

All churches are teaching that Israel needs its country back, if that is so important then why Jesus didn't remove Roman colonists when he first came? In Jesus' 2nd coming, the whole earth including Israel will be replaced by a new born earth named Israel: N/H will certainly not be citizens of the new Israel.

Love creates connection & resonance & understandings=lovers read each others' minds & know each others' needs. Those who don't love u definitely will abuse/mistreat/misunderstand u.God really loves us&created everything according to our wish, we don't love God thus we misinterpret bible & impose our selfish arrogant greedy cold bloody wish of colonizing Israel onto God. Want to stop anti-semitism: Jew/All need love God first&stop doing evil, anti-semitism has lasted throughout history:because Jews never loved God.

Intestine is made of same flesh but can resist dead bodies invasion=>once your intestine is broken,u immediately die of septic attack:miracle!

Used to bully others, white duck ate a few nails & punctured stomach & became very skinny, so I gave it euthanasia: everywhere is littered with man-made deadly weapons.

As long as u destroy God's wonders, regardless who is your dad/ancestor, u will be deleted.

Judas in Chinese: arrogantly honor Jews as the best, Judas was one of Jesus' followers, Jesus has 2 types of followers=good/faithful & bad/traitor, i.e. both good & bad people go to churches & temples, but most religious folks are Judas type followers: betray faith&righteousness=Jesus when tempted by money & land. U maybe a Christian Judas: correct your stereotypes that most religious folks are good, actually most are bad Judas.

Arguing also break peace, especially when others criticize i, scolding cause no explosion, so don't argue back & lose a few nights sleep or commit suicide on some comics: then disagreements will never escalate to wars. The cause of all wars&arguments are because we don't believe in God: if we always mimic Jesus to silently/submissively endure ridiculing & beatings then there will never be any wars!

So Chinese call taciturn a virtue=the most effective way of keeping peace, Democracy stir up lots arguments & wars.

If u want Peace then shut up & don't defend yourself: leave it all to God to defend u & worry nothing=cry to God & God will send Moses to save u, but u must be patient: after 400+ years slavery in Egypt, Moses was born, though Egypt neighboring Canaan, still God made Jews loop 120 years in desert before entered C, if impatiently rush to wars on your own then u die sooner.

Why God wants us to live forever
Right now, if Jesus comes down, & ask us to follow him, who can be like 12 apostles: immediately stop what he is doing, without first returning home to inform anybody, like a dog, as soon as his name is called, immediately follows Jesus. God must have watched for a long time & carefully selected 12, if u love money/investment/self, & raised lots kids & livestocks: I can't abandon my dog/hens/ducks/rentals/etc to immediately follow Jesus: God won't call me to follow Jesus either because God knows his calling will be wasted: then I can only die in dirt without any hope going to heaven. Even Judas immediately followed Jesus once he was called=>we are worse than Judas & we all don't want to live but are committing suicide, being killed in Gaza==die of natural death at 100, since none wants to live then God doesn't interfere any wars: because once he resurrect us we immediately return to battles.
So if we want to live, we must get ready: possess nothing & become homeless, as soon as our names are called we go immediately, if we don't see Jesus before we starve to death, then I am 100% sure we will see Jesus after we starve to death, otherwise, if we are so occupied with money/investments/kids/pets/etc, even if Jesus knock on our doors to force eternal lives into us, we will reject.

To accept the free gift of eternity, God has been patiently preparing us from the start of time, but we become greedier & greedier, colonizing the whole earth is not enough: all will die, either being killed by Israel or of natural death.

No need to worry about your money/land, which can immediately be taken by men, the only thing that u need to worry about is kids/pets: it is better that u don't have them: live as u can be killed any moment.

Even if u have kids/pets, u don't need to worry because God will have them taken care of perfectly for u.

Why God wants u to live forever: so your beauty/humor/talents never wither: Imagine, at beginning, God planted u & your wife in his garden, u do no work but enjoy infinite warm sunshine/rain's soft kiss/breeze's gentle rub & each other's beauty & sweet fruits, party/dance/make love&babies all day long, God was extremely happy while watch/hear/smell/tasting infinitely beautiful flowers & fruits & laughters from everybody, which really made God's enemy=devil jealous: if I can't have it then u can't have it, either, so devil infected u&wife with evil=arrogance/covet/narcissm, u spread evil to your kids & everyone around u, then we started to hate/rob/colonize/kill everybody else: now when God goes into his garden: God only see/smell/hear/feel misery/pain/hatred/anger/tears/screaming & crying & cursing & yelling/explosions/burning bodies/bloody broken limbs/etc, but the politicians who planted all these evils are hiding in safety: so God put a life span on us=120 years, everybody needs resets, after u acquire all immunity to evil, then God will plant u in heaven to enjoy infinite pleasure forever, if u have slight evil, u will convert heaven to hell: so u must be 100% like Jesus: 100% selflessly love others as yourself & don't covet money/land/women/etc, Judas was only a little bit tempted by money&out. 

Heaven has all the gene combinations of all creatures=infinite beauty & pleasures.

Since we are not in heaven, so we must work hard to feed/clothe/shelter self & families, if lazily sit around watching phone or playing games=u are too selfish & disobedient, u have to get out & be on your own.

How can u not love a president who came to check on your refrigerator/heater/closet/water & sewer/etc?
God asked us/churches to adopt Palestinians
Until today, after P has lost 12k lives, NPR/All US media still only mention the 1400 killed Israelis: intentionally omit facts is lying=US media is co-murders & God's enemy.

The only way to differentiate God's enemy or friends: if u are protecting lives & peace=u are God's friends, if u break peace & promote/escalate wars=u are God's enemy.

Afraid of I's cruelty to stir up internal unrest, EU accuse TikTok's videos as disinformation=despicable.

After we die, our body becomes hard & cold=>God wraps a soft/warm body around our cold hard soul to soften us up, but we completely missed God's point but rob/kill other bodies to satisfy I alone. God spreads nerves all over our body to feel body pain, but selfish I only feel my own pain: then let your family/friends lose limbs then u will have to feel their pain:Gaza undoubtedly gives I the most pain to shake up I's conscience, so trap I in Gaza.

If I doesn't obey God, of course, I won't obey anybody/country, only by totally destroying I can stop I's madness.

Revenge is not limited to bloody fights, P can hack I's money=Rich men in I/US need worry constantly.

China can migrate all P to China=more men more love & power, & train them on AI/quantum math to rob the rich to help the poor.Since China save their lives so they will love China much=>Actually, Jesus is asking us/churches/vatican all to open our homes & adopt Palestinians.

The best way to defeat evil is to act like good Jesus: welcome abandoned refugees into our homes. 

God's expectation to Jews is in its name:

Israel=I am the King of Lovers:lovers of God&men not money & land.

犹太=In Chinese, Jews means the best dog following God's heel always. 

If u are ill, eat the most prosperous grass in your yard: Honeysuckle & dandelion are the strongest in cold weather. 


God created Arabs for Israelis/US to love not kill
US' every act is sacrificing men's lives for money!

To prevent natives' offspring from revenging, US/West tore native kids apart from their parents & put them in Christian schools to be brain washed by English/Spanish evolution ideology. Different western countries & US were using the exact same ethnic cleansings=same dad Satan's frenzy. 

Christians & Jews are the beneficiaries of colonizations, nobody wants to give up their pleasant land/money to scold their own fathers/brothers/leaders like Washington, plus bible says colonists=rulers are appointed/authorized by God for us to obey=Marx was correct that God-believing religions are rulers' tool to numb/oppress/rob/rule the world.

It is not possible to let US give up colonizations & move back to England, the only condition for survival is to immediately Repent & Beg for forgiveness & Hospitalities from natives, but US/I/West still arrogantly brutally rob & oppress natives & making God responsible for their brutality.

If u are using God name=so bold that God is contained & enslaved by u: Matthew 12-31:Jesus tell u, men's every sin and blasphemy under his own name will be forgiven, but the blasphemy against God will not be forgiven=>So it is better to be like communists to be atheists without mentioning of God name in anything u do because anything u do is filthy & defile God's holy name.

Whenever I become too selfish/evil, God will stop me, but why God doesn't stop I/US politicians=God didn't stop pharisees & Judas from killing innocent Jesus: God is clearly demonstrating to all: when u are blinded by greed & arrogance, even if God is standing in front of u, u won't recognize him; but recklessly shed off all your conscience & humanity to destroy the whole mankind: immediately stop loving money & humble up to live NOW: hysteria commanders & soldiers are pitiful=they don't know they are killing themselves. 

If u speak truth, a lot haters will try to hurt u: no fears, u are God's servant, if u are killed=your task is done & return to heaven.

Even Jesus was called Devil: so fear nothing. All lives are in God's hands, no need to worry a thing for yourself.

Being foreign secretary Noam Chomsky knows most dirty deeds of US. I don't agree all Noam's ideas=Saddam Hussein & Moammar Gadhafi were as great as Mandela, anyway Noam said:
US is world's biggest terrorist


We are in a huge rush to train AI to be our slaves & weapons, but God use dog/nature to train our love/conscience/humility: dog is an expert coach: even though dog can survive on its own, yet dog love to gently/playfully/gratefully eat off your hand=the grass u uproot/the peanut u crack/the egg u stir fry/etc, beg u to rub & play with it, hold onto the toy u give it tightly etc=>It is u who are doing all the work, but it make u feel u want to, I can't help to think it as my son, & it is my biggest comfort & joy: God provide all physical needs, except God can't force love into us, so God use nature to grow our gentle love=>If I can love P as their son/dog, I will never rob P's land & cage P in concentration camps: if we love each other, tears/fights/hostility/discriminations/abuses/depression/etc will be replaced by fun/joy/freedom/laughters/love.

Our coworkers/classmates/neighbors/kids/families/etc can coach us to grow love=u can also coach them to grow love=we help/coach each other to grow love toward each other.

The more cruel u become the more insane u become=>the more wars u wage. 

Maybe I was a war criminal like Netanyahu in my previous life, God tried a very different growup experience=training environment for me=>God is selecting the most effective environment to grow a man. But this is a very long process, 6000 years passed, but wars become more often=>only the most stubborn worst men left.

If u are loved by many, then u didn't waste your life like Xi/Li, if u killed many then u will be locked up in Gaza hell.

Use your actions to love, not your lecturing:1.4B love Xi, but 0 man love pope. All creatures love God: no God no food/drink.

In the bible, God killed a lot men,ex. in Exodus many Egyptians were killed by God<=When I put new hens into old hens, old peck on new non-stop, if after my many punishments to old, old still don't stop, then I have to kill old, but I never allow hens to kill hens=God didn't give them instinct to eat each other, but if new hens start to help me kill old, then of course, I have to wipe off new hens, but because the promise I made to A, I can't extinct new hens, so I need remove arrogance & murderous thoughts from new, if I seed A's seeds all over the earth, I am sure I can realize my promise to A=We are all A's offspring: even if the whole Israel is wiped off, but A still has a whole earthful of offspring.

I don't even allow my beloved dog to kill my hens, because I don't raise hens for dog to kill=>God don't raise Palestinians for Israelis to bomb & imprison=I am 100% sure Israelis reincarnate into Gaza c-camp.  

Smart God use your own hands punish u<=If my hen build up a jail I will put it first into it. Soul can't be labeled I/P, only I/U, U not only hate P but all non-I, let u wear P's body to sit in Gaza. We are the worst men left to punish ourselves.

If dog loves & protects hens for me,then I will love dog even more=>if u assist God to love/protect men, then u will be loved more by God, the more men u love the more valuable u become=if u can love every man as Jesus does then u will become God's prime minister. If dog kill my hen then I have to kick dog out of my house=it may kill me someday.

Only by humbly & peacefully Love others as me can u rise above others' hatred ocean/wars. 
US has the most wars thus psychos
Darwinism is fake-science; is colonist excuse for caging/slaughtering/enslaving natives, who haven't evolved to men so can be treated as animals, the truth is that all men are equally smart, the most foolish ones are US/Europeans: busy fighting & scaring people off, who want to collaborate & share their scientific inventions & discoveries with lions, +extreme arrogance/bully blind & lead u into pitfalls fast: Huawei combined whole world's smart to jump over US' traps/hoops/hurdles.

The images of primitive era in Mexican National Museum is the same natives 500 years ago that Spaniards met: worship us Europeans, it is we brought civilization & salvation to natives.

Darwinism was published in 1859, but colonizing acts started in 1500AD after guns/bombs/huge boat became available, actually, colonizing covet started at time 0=Abel was murdered by his own brother Cain: Before Science could tell u to treat natives as animals, your own arrogance & covet/greed already made u to, Science & bible's misinterpretation were used to block off atheists/believers' own conscience&humanity: but today's US has the most psychos=1/2 Americans have mental illness or addictions=African/American/Australian/Asian/etc ghosts are haunting u & your offspring forever=this is colonists' reward=How can God ignore his hand made lives being bombed/burned: u or your offspring will be punished forever. The only way to be saved/healed is: immediately stop wars & make peace, repent, pray the whole world & mankind's forgiveness.

I was chosen by God/I am Abraham's offspring/only Christians&Jews are God's kids are synonyms of Arrogance, which was scolded by Jesus many times, so stop thinking I am special & chosen by God & discriminate others=>Everyone is special & chosen by God=Everyone is equal regardless of your religion/race/IQ/money/power/etc: must respect/love/kind to every life: even food lamb need our humanity to end its life without any suffering, that is why peaceful/humble Chinese believe in Buddhism=avoid killing of any life.

Only Jesus brought salvation to mankind, not Jews nor Christians, if u kill men then u are God/Jesus' enemy: because God is trying everything to save men's lives but u are taking men's lives.

Reveal Revelation: #1 beast=money, #2 beast=US+Europe: Money gave US/West magic power: rain down fires.
The mark for #1 beast is $, the mark on our forehead & wrist is $, in Chinese, wrist also represent power=the more money u have then the more power u have=West Democracy.

Hypocrites can't expose to light=truth, too much light/truth can burn them alive=whites easily die of skin cancer, that is why US/West ask social media to remove posts about the truth of I/P war, because the robber's true nature can fire up whole world anger & burn US/West alive. US/West abuse/kill all colored people the same as black slaves=chimpanzee, ex: the world never heard about US‘ brutal abuses to Cantoon railway slaves, if all US/West's scary brutal killings/abuses are exposed, then there is no where for US/West to hide.
US/West always use judgemental to oppress truth: u are also sinful, so u can't criticize me, if u do, u will be punished more severely & sent to hell by God, plus, I sanction u first, cut off your money & power & audience, so nobody can hear u.

Slavery never stopped, right now, Hispanics & Palestinians are being enslaved by US & Israel, We have always been enslaved by money.

Want to eliminate terrorists around world, first eliminate Israel's terrorists' acts against Palestinians. U not only inherit ancestors' land & money but also their enemies & blood debts, to avoid attacks on your kids,u must stop killings now. Peace makers pass on peace to their offspring, so obedient Chinese didn't dare to make bombs to kill men in large numbers. Gun violence in US is an inheritance from their bloody ancestors.

Israelis should open up borders to share Israel with Palestinians to pay off 100 year blood debt.

US/West are worse than Sodom & Gomorrah, if we don't repent now & seek peace with others, soon nuclear bombs will drop on our heads: what make u think that only allow u to destroy others but u, &only allow u to rob & round up others into concentration camps but u=Selfishly & greedily unjust, far beyond God's imagination on evil: no colonization in bible. So Hitler let Jews taste what concentration camp is like=why we should only show sympathy to Jews but ignore native Africans/Americans/Asians/Australians' concentration camps. Selfish Christians immediately label ourselves as friends of Jews for self protection=all is for I not for others.  

The world not only knew the details of Hitler's camps but Jew's experiences before/after camps: because they spoke & wrote diaries in English/German, +Many survivors told their stories, but those natives in American/Australian/African/Asian camps couldn't speak English/German & were far away hidden in unknown lands=>Only God alone saw the brutal abuse/killing of his kids, they even wiped off buffaloes. It is good that Jews were liberated in world war2, but all native American/Australian/African/Asian were forever buried in concentration camps. I strongly suspect Hitler's camp are the reincarnations of colonists=to taste their own evil.

Colonists not only destroyed God's works, also destroyed men's civilization: we are brain washed that natives are still in the hunt & gather primitive era, didn't even have knife but spears to hunt, nobody knows that Maya civilization is better than Egyptians & Chinese=ha, Maya must be the works of ET, Arrogant colonists vilify & trash men made in God's image.


Why Israel doesn't belong to Israelis
Though Jews had the right to inherit Israel, but that right doesn't warranty u that u always own that land, ex: u inherit a land from your dad, u may lose its ownership due to selling/paying debt with/abandoning/escaping from it due to wars/epidemic/natural disasters/etc/etc, once u lost it, then it is not yours any more=>so I can't use it as excuse to kill/colonize/rob P non-stop=Esau forever lost his inheritance to Jacob who stole it from him.

Of course, earth always belongs to God, if God want Jews return to Canaan, God will personally escort them into C=there were a few such instances in bible, but current I was escorted into C by US not God.

Explosive was first invented by Chinese as early as 200BC, mainly used by kids on new years day to scare off ghost, only until 1300AD through silk road, West knew its existence, immediately, barbaric westerners researched it day & night aiming to kill men in massive numbers. Without bombs, men can reproduce like grass & repeat all men every 500 years, with mass destructive bombs, Americas& Australia/etc became very empty. In 1500 colony era, Barbaric west emerged from oceans & rained down bombs/fire & killed & robbed all native Africans/Americans/ Australians/partial Asians/etc, so West/US is the beast emerging out of oceans as in Revelation=hairy white beast to signify hypocrisy & beasty.

Why Chinese didn't make hi-tech men-killing bombs out of explosives=They fear&revere God.

Chinese definitely believe in God: name space shuttle as "God Boat", before rocket into space they pray very hard for God's protection. Jesus is also called God man.

Israelis/US didn't give lives to P but act as God dropping bombs recklessly taking P's lives=no God in their hearts & not conscious of God at all. According to Darwinism, only wild beasts eat lambs=>Israelis/US are not God's but cold cruel unconscious devil's kids.

Why not God tell Israelis that they will reincarnate to Palestinians=no use & they won't believe it, US/West/I think they are God, they don't believe anybody else & bible&Jesus: Jesus asked Jews not to love money & rob & kill men, but after Jesus, the wars in Canaan were non-stop & Jews colonized&robbed whole world.

Amigo's kids don't listen to me, then I want to charge them rent=>We all don't obey God but God still give us everything for free.

Amigos work as slaves in US & send money home but money spoiled all his kids, his kids ungratefully abuse others' good will & handouts.

Only my growing up experience is effective: born in an extreme poor family & country: no food/clothes/safety & abandoned&abused by parents, natural & man-made disasters were non-stop, so I had to find food on my own=do farm work daily after school/look for food in dumps & beg people's love as a dog does, only by that grow-up experience can kids be grateful to everything God gave them for free & not abuse/waste it.


1 Israelis' life=sum of all P's lives
Our supreme leader/ultimate dictator is Money
Why we love money: money is power & the supreme dictator:
With money u can control anybody u want & achieve your will, money makes money=Money enables u to create the deadliest weapons to rob/enslave most land & people to bring u most money!
So US immediately sanction & paralyze u by cutting off your income.
Money is the biggest weapon.

Money is the most addicting hallucinogen, everyone except Jesus follows/obeys money.
There is only 2 faith/religion/master: Money & God.=>Religions are incompatible=money & God can't be your faith/master at the same time: U either believe in money God or no money God=non-physical spirit master.

US/West fiercely oppose any man's dictatorship but strongly support/defend money's dictatorship. Everything US does is to strengthen money's dictatorship. West/US scare u with your own greed for money: Putin/Xi will colonize all small neighbors like U. If u disagree with US/money, u will lose your jobs & savings in banks. Money dictate every of our actions.

Explosives were first invented by Chinese=fire crackers & fireworks, but it was first used to blow up men by West/US, Aren't u afraid of God when u drop bombs on his kids? What will u feel when I drop bombs on your kids? We all are 1 man, sooner or later, u will have to watch your own kids lose their limbs to bombs/bullets & suffer for 70 years.

We are bombing ourselves & our own kids.

By now, 1 Israelis' life is repaid by 8 P's lives, but still not enough until all P's lives are taken: worse than Devil: Devil allowed 1 Jesus' life to redeem all mankind's lives.
Now 1 Israelis' life took all P's lives=Devil.

Deuteronomy 19:10
So innocent blood will not be shed in the midst of your land which the Lord your God gives you as an inheritance, and bloodguiltiness be on you.=>if u fight back without knowing who bombed u, u may kill innocent men, so regardless what u can't fight back: but Israelis insist on shedding innocent blood. Canaan is where the most innocent died including prophets & Jesus. Killed in Israel by Israelis should be very lucky because u shared same fate with Jesus & prophets


Why God doesn't stop fights
It is great to follow God closely: endless fun & peace + never die, occasionally hurt by others but God wipe off your tears & pain, so why not follow God? Dog love to guess my mind & run ahead of me=I like to guess God's mind.

I am wondering: when S&H couldn't get along, why A or God didn't ask them to co-exist peacefully=No use, they will learn from their own pain to change for better permanently: let I & P fight uninterfered by outsiders, eventually, they will stop, it is all because US is pouring oil over the fire & escalate the war=I & P are sacrificing themselves for the devil. 

When 2 chks fight, others stay far away, no chk ever join any side to escalate fight=more people join the fights is like pouring more oil into fire, if God hides himself from fights, why US show up for the fights?=ha, US is defending its beloved dog=oil in ME.

My hens/ducks fight non-stop, I don't have time to stop them, let it be.But if my dog is beaten, I will immediately stop its pain: I want it to live happily or die quickly without any pain:my eyes wet when I think of its suffering.

Abraham is very peaceful, never fight with anybody, even sacrificed his own wife to avoid conflict:Genesis 20,but God protect him from any bully: gave him endless fun/pleasure/freedom/life. Jesus sacrificed his life to avoid fight.

Chks always bully outsiders & new chks, whenever I put new chks inside old ones, I control old ones not to kill new ones, once they get used to each other, I don't care every fight of theirs=>God is doing the same, when he brought Jews first into Canaan, he controlled locals not to kill Jews, once Jews settle down long enough, God stop interfering every one of their fights with neighbors.

No matter what, U can't be killed, so let u constantly suffer&create enemies=pain for yourself, eventually, u will learn=>U will sprout & prosper out of dead bodies.

God lovers definitely don't fight but sacrifice everything for peace, God haters kill/abuse God given lives dropping bombs over babies=throwing babies into fire Leviticus 18:21

Amigo ran into a miracle:
Customer A came & talked to Amigo: God asked me to talk to you about my car fix payments, blah blah ..
Then, Customer B who is not related to A  & told Amigo: God asked me to talk to you that I will pay for the remaining balance of customer A's car.

If God can show himself to piggy rough Amigo,God definitely will show himself to anyone.

Bible says initially Jews & Arabs co-hab in Israel

Genesis 16-21 described Abraham/A, Sarah/S, Egyptian maid/Hagar:
At that time, A's household already settled in Canaan, but bible didn't describe its location & size in detail, C may also include cursed Sodom and Gomorrah, regardless, A definitely didn't occupy the whole Israel territory, +Nomadic A purposefully pick remote no-man land to setup tent, bible only slightly mentioned A & his nephew Lot became too crowded & had some land dispute, but A never rob anybody's land, A let Lot pick whatever land he liked first, +A risked his life to beg God not to destroy SG=>today, if God decides to destroy P, what will Israelis think?

In A's house, S&H wives already couldn't co-exist under same roof, wife S asked A to sent away H & her kid/Ishmael, who is about 15-6 years old, S didn't demand H to be out of Canaan. H & son lost in Beersheba desert which is the center of Israel, to save H&kid, God opened up a well in desert for them, God didn't ask H to get out of Israel.

I.e: Initially, Jews & Arabs shared Canaan=Israel, God never said Canaan only belongs to Jews. God owns the whole earth, &God gave the fattest portion to his beloved dog, at that time, A's offspring didn't exist & their quality were unknown, of course, God won't reserve the fattest meat for them: God is too wise to spoil anybody.

God predicted to A: Arabs all descend from H wife, all non-arabs descend from S wife=sum of all Europe+Middle East+Africa+Asia+etc. 

God also predict that Arabs & Jews will always fight as S&H were=I guess S&H didn't go up to heaven but reincarnated back to fight non-stop.

Because only A loves God, so God only favors A,nobody else loves God, so same treatment unless u ask God for help=>Jews asked God to remove Egyptians' oppression, so God sent Moses to take Jews out of Egypt into Canaan, but Jews are too stubbornly disobedient, quickly, Jews were sold out of Canaan as slaves=so African slaves probably were Jews. so Exodus was futile, so God took out his last straw=eternal life & let Jesus deliver it to the heart of Jews=Jerusalem: if u gratefully accept Jesus' gift, u will live in paradise forever, but still Jews refused, we are now co-school with jews, eventually, we will be co-buried with jews.<=I love all my chks equally, only help weaker ones out of sympathy, initially, chks like to wander out of cage, but after some beatings & also saw me keep on bringing them love, now even cage is wide open they don't go out, if chks know that following me won't be eaten but live forever I am pretty sure they will follow me as dog does. Cocks who are too arrogant to eat my feed attack me, cocks who love to eat my feed fear me.

Genesis 12:3: I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.=>Don't replace u/Abraham with A's offspring. Jewish robbers are devils, but Christian churches ask u to bless devils.

Note this promise is for the whole world not just for Jews.

Not all jews are greedy robbers, one of my customers had many Rabai in his family, his father is a professor but rent & live in apartments all his life, but he himself loves physical pleasures & is annoyed whenever I mention God. Perfect Jesus is a Jew.

It is 100% meaningless & confusing to segregate men by religion. Man's quality is the only line to segregate men.

There is only 2 types of incompatible men: 1 is 100% God loving honest humble non-money lover=Jesus, -1 is 100% anti-God dishonest arrogant money lover=devilish cock, 99% men fell close to -1.

I.e: If u are like Jesus, then u are God's kids & will stay in God's home; If u are cocky bully, then u are not God's kid & won't be allowed to enter God's house.

Fighting S&H of course aren't like Jesus, only after Arabs & Jews stop fighting & peacefully coexist in A's house=Israel can they both enter heaven.

Reincarnation definitely exists, otherwise, after u & enemy kill each other at the same time, many years later on judgement day, you guys open eyes to see each other, won't u continue to fight, how can judgement proceed in peace? My dog was born to understand some words=it was already trained in previous lives.

If S&H already couldn't exist under 1 roof, if both enter heaven, won't they continue to fight? If put S&H into hell right after they die, won't A get depression? If Israelis & Arabs can peacefully co-exist in Israel/anywhere on earth, then can S&H and all peacefully co-exist in heaven=>if we all can't enter heaven together then none can enjoy life, devil knew it so purposely promote wars & wish the end of world come quickly so all will be dumped into hell with him=>we must stop war but keep peace with each other at all cost: don't fight back.

US is massively manufacturing terrorists against US
Smart Jews use advanced weapons raise the whole world's anger: Al Jazeera truthfully show hatred against Israel & US from every corner of the world, don't forget everyone is born to sympathize the weak but hate bullies=>God made Jews exceptionally smart to create exceptionally advanced weapons to kill, but sacrifice Arabs to show the bloody atrocities of Jews =>Americans/West & Israelis can't enjoy 1 day in peace until tamed to be obedient.

Cock is the strongest, but constantly fight in fear without any real friends.

Arabs should celebrate that u are being used by God as Jesus was.

We don't die: if u are killed in Gaza, if u are a Hamas, u will be reincarnated into an Israeli home, if u are a doctor without borders u will be raised to 4+ dimension; If u are Israelis, u will be reincarnated into a P family to taste I's oppression then awaken to stop fights.

If my animals keep on disobeying me & give me no love, then I don't have any reason to have & care for them=>God doesn't have any need to create & care for us, but because of his promise to Abraham, God uses whole earthful men & lives to tame Jews. If Jews can be as tolerant & peaceful as Chinese, then Jews will be as numerous as Chinese=sands on seashore, if always fight & die in battles how can u be as numerous as sands?

Why US firmly support I=for money: because everybody's job & wallet is in Jews' hands: when Harvard students protest I, they immediately lost employers, so if US president anti war, immediately he will be replaced: nobody can say NO to the beast=I is dying for money & land not for God & justice, P's sacrifice is because death is better than living in crowded prison.

U can only befriend with US but China/Russian/Iran, but China wants to befriend with all countries.

English/Americans' genocide on P == E/A's genocide in America/Canada/Australia/etc: round up locals into a small concentration camp then brain wash the whole world with money & bible & Darwin's evolution that your homeland was already mine 4000 years ago, u need vacate it to me quickly & willingly to be blessed by God & Science.

Whenever weak hens are bullied, dog starts to bark for me to go out stop fights=>We should pray God to stop wars, P obviously is weaker than I, of course we need pray for P, but US Christian churches only pray for bullies=I.

cage=笼=lock up dragon

Understand bible correctly by u & your livestock

The world is polarized, u must choose a side=either P or I, nobody can think that P&I should jointly settle & move around freely in 1 land as 1 community/family to share the fruits on 1 land. Ethnic cleaning/genocide originate from men's arrogance & selfishness & misinterpretation of bible: bible asks us to cleanse out our love for money & sex, but we only want to follow bible from outside formality, but sold our souls to money: Jews are the richest & most powerful in the world & Jews control the whole world, even owns the largest human right organizations, Jews made standards & media for the world.
If same broken scattered minds enter heaven, we will destroy heaven=God of course won't let us enter his house: I definitely can't let fighting dogs enter my house, but lock them up in a cage & let them hurt & paralyzed each other, then they have to rely on each other to survive: the whole earth is warming & natural disasters are severing=>we all have to repent from disastrous pain: remove arrogant country borders, the whole mankind re-unite back into 1 family & share 1 earth/heaven equally&happily: We are all God's kids.

Remove all country borders&isolations&separations&discriminations on skin color/religion/ethnicity/IQ/wealth/looks/gender/skills/etc, all enjoy equal freedom/mercy/happiness/land, no more fights/tears/pain=don't u hope the future society like that for your kids? U definitely don't want more & more emerging advanced weapons to threaten your descendents.

We are not as free as deer, even if Israel occupy all the land on earth, they can't stop fighting with Palestinians constantly.

We are deeply intolerant/hate of each other, never want to share 1 earth/heaven with others=>then u can never enter heaven where communism unite all into 1.

Let's use u & your livestock to understand bible correctly: u are God, Abraham is your dog:
Initially, u bought lots animals & let them enjoy your huge yard freely, but they started to fight for land & food non-stop, but dog showed no interests in money but long to follow u all the time, so u tested & assured dog's obedience=>dog was not even interested in having his only son & milk/honey flowing Canaan, so u let dog out of cage & follow u around in universe; Then dog had kids, but baby dogs are as disobedient as pigs, so u put b-dogs into pigsty, but b-dogs think their ancestor Abraham had earned them rights to rob&slaughter pigs recklessly, so angry u enclose them with their enemies so they are beaten constantly: regardless how dirty & greedy are pigs, they are still your kids & u are 100% responsible for them, definitely can't negligently allow b-dogs to bite & mislead them recklessly, +pigs are very smart & learn fast, your eventual plan is to let pigs&all animals out of the cage to follow u as a-dog did, but instead all animals are following b-dogs to become robbers. 

Commercial real estate mortgage rate is not fixed as residential homes.

Greed for oil&money pushed ME into war

To rob oil from Iraq since WWWI West broke up & colonized 1 Ottoman into many smaller countries,& created Israel watch dog/soldier/servant for west:

The whole world including Israelis need unite into 1 to face off US&Europe, if u are greedy for money as Judas did, u will be used then disposed by west.

But we don't want to wake up=it is absolutely impossible to let Israelis & Palestinians share the same land peacefully: when Sarah needed Egyptian girl, she used her, but when S had no use of EG, she disposed her; but EG deserved no sympathy: when EG got chance EG bullied S=The whole human history is a fight among wives & mistresses=hen fights.

Neither fighting party can enter God's house=Imagine your house is full of fires/explosions/wailings=hell: argumentative fighters can only stay in hell.
Why Israelis is the most anti-God & is a sham nation created by BR/US.
Every prophet God sent to Israel was killed, but prophets sent to other countries were received with highest honors & respects: Muhammad/Gandhi/Mandela/etc.
Who can say that Confucius/Mencius/Zhuang/Marx/Mao/Xi are not sent by God?
All those support & implement God's unification/peace/help each other prosper jointly are God sent; Mao is modern David, Xi is modern Solomon.
Who can say that God only favor Israel, & only send prophets to Israel, non-Jews are ignored/neglected/abused step-kids? if we are step kids, who are our real father?
Israelis spoil rotten themselves by claiming to be God's chosen: oppress/cheat/rob the whole world, they have been beaten/spanked from Abraham's 3rd generation=Jacob 5000 years ago until now & every where they go. I couldn't understand why the world doesn't like Jews: because they are arrogant robbers/colonialists=Palestine was first colonised by English, but Br/US didn't want to give it up, so they created a sham Israel to occupy P for west.

What make us happy
While roaming in the woods, then I think I need to go to food pantry to pick up meat for amigos, but I hate to give up the present fresh air/scenary to sit in long lines for food: we are sacrificing 99 happiness to get 1 percent food/money.
What can bring us pleasure: roaming in beautiful nature without need to eat/drink/poop/pee; sleep & dream well, but everyone of our work/invention is depriving us pleasures & makes us sit in car/train/plane/home/office/toilets: don't u wish to be a non-physical bird & fly all over the universe?

What do u want to do after retirement, 99% retired Americans watch stock market from 9am-4pm daily & do other kinds of investing/gambling.

Our longing for money/food/sex has nailed us miserably to 十 while we are living, after we die we fall off 十 like dirt=土, only if u hate money/food/sex as Jesus did, can u fly off 十 as a bird into universe to enjoy eternal freedom & joy.

Renter complain my house is too dirty attracting bugs, but he watches stock market all day long: he is dirtier than I am=because I am not driven crazy by filth & ride roller coaster everyday, I would rather walk in woods than clean my house. For money we are digging in poop all day long, farming is apparently so but farmers also enjoy new lives' joy, office workers are 100% searching gold in poop without any joy.

Bible didn't say that u should support robbers: disobedient Pharisees=robbers control world religion/mind & all the money, misinterpret bible, use holy God to oppress & rob the whole world, & killed all God's messagers including Jesus, if put u into the crowded hopeless Gaza strip prison, u will definitely strap explosives & run into Israel army.
Gaza Strip: 2+ million palestines live in 139 square miles confined by Israelis from land & sea & air, more crowded than India, >70% are in refugee camps & jobless & live off donations, daily they can't do anything but seek revenges against Israelis & US: because US 100% backs I's robberies.

Map of robbery:

志=ambitions to become 十

Humbly repent=Bow head down to admit guilt, Bow head down to humbly pray.

Only after kill flesh can u see every thought=after u die, u will see every mind.

Eyes & heads are all balls so u can see/hear/smell from all directions=how does evolution know to select ball shapes for them?

NPR interview an APP founder: sell left overs at discount prices can reduce compost methane&CO2=lie: regardless whose belly foods end up in, they warm earth equally, the ultimate goal of APP is to sell itself to restaurant owners: my app attract more customers to u for regular price purchases, but green label fool NPR to give him free advertising & lying platforms=everything is a money seeking lie.

Nobel peace prize is awarded to peace breakers/counter other government's revolutionists/tradition fighters/US' loyal dogs=West always use money/fame/lies & everything to destroy earth:the founder of NP is an explosive weapon manufacture; NP rewards the smartest devil=who doesn't want to get NP. NP was awarded to Curie for making atomic bomb possible.

Chinese dissident was awarded NP=NP has always been motivating others to fight against their governments with highest honors&profits:Treasoners not only are awarded NP, but also given Harvard/Oxford/Cambridge Ph.D & US citizenship & freedom for free!  

Why don't award 210106 US anti governmenters with NP=why reward other countries' citizens to anti-government, but jail your own country's anti-governmenters?

With same belief & ideology, the same pharisees/hypocrites founded west&US&Israel to fight against God & Chinese communism jointly, Good:Evil=99:1.

water drop is unbreakable in outer space like ping pang
基督启示在远古中文字/Christ foretold in ancient Chinese words

基督=construction/management founded on 十.
Words with 十 in it:希望=hope=十's mind replace bodily desire & king's arrogance in all hearts,主王=master king 德=virtue,佳=best,华=prosper,伟=great,喜=joy,卑=humle,真=true,直=righteous,洁=holy,坦=open,博爱=agape love,仕士=战士=为人而死=Good man die for others,平=peace,孝=顺服=obedient son,教=teach u to be obdient kid,义=righteous,丰=harvest, 慧=wisdom,古=ancient=十/true words, 早=morning sun is pushed up & out by 十,尘=dirt made small men,求救=pray salvation,实干=put 十 into action,圣支持=God support,计划=plan,羊=lamb,土=十 land on earth,辛=Suffer on cross, brought 幸=good luck,固=stubborn,辜负=wasted cross pain,坏=bad/not 十,卖=sold 十,噩=bad news/death,末=end of world,毕=finished.

Words with 羊=lamb in it: 善=kind,美=beauty,喜洋洋=happy every where,吉祥=good luck,氧=oxygen,养=nurture,样版=model,人装佯=pretend to be lamb,群羊无牧=group of lamb without shepherd.
¥=no 十,purely mimic lamb:2 horn+4 legs+1 tail,羊=十 lift ¥.

非=error=mimic crawling bugs: 罪=sin,悲=sadness,诽谤=defamation,
人=灵魂=soul:jump into devil's arms & being burned by fire=nightmare of death  

67% Chinese characters have 十=2D paintings in 十. Nature is 3D: All animals/plants are toys as well as teaching aids: learn by playing with them.

Humble like dog: never complain/compliment your boss, never draw attentions/glory off your master, never has ambition to replace your boss but content be your boss' follower&assistant/servant forever, love to follow/admire/please u even if beaten&scolded by u, beg for your love any chance it gets even pretend to be sick.
Aren't you amazed by a little dog: it has no relationship with u, doesn't have your blood/gene, worth nothing, can't make a penny for u but need your care & it smells bad, even when it is still a troublesome baby, it can soften & fill love into & obtain abundant love from the coldest hardest hearts=>God made dog like that & made impossible possible by bundling humiliation & love into a little dog: u have to be in awe of God's mind, if u can be as humble as dog, u will always be loved & cared for fully. 
Dog earned itself eternal life with humility & obedience=regardless how advanced we become, we can never live without dog though all the other animals disappeared from our lives.

If no boss' written warning & dog's modelling of humility, I will never know how to be humble. 

Quantum pcs soon decrypt all passwords & disclose all secrets on internet & drives us insane: I don't want people know 99% of my thoughts: Adam/Eve chose not to see truth but be wrapped in lies & privacy.

$=I+Snake=All our thoughts are selfish & evil, all our doings are selfish & evil=The mark on our forehead & hand.

With DNA it is very easy to tell whether Fu's kid is Qin's or not, if yes, then I will never use Qin again & let him disappear forever, but Qin's kid is an American, communists can't touch 3 of them 1 finger, Fu knows that woman's charm & connection will disappear with age but a kid with a high official will secure the connection forever. To get an American to surrogate for u needs lots planning & money & searches=>we are too smart, without help from God, I don't think Xi can deal with 1.4B smart & $ stamped people.

In outer space, u can hit water drops like ping pang & it doesn't break: Everything God made has the tendency to form a ball around a nucleus by attraction: star/cell/egg/sperm/flowers/trees/etc, men also love to unite with friends/families & hate separations, union creates nuclear power, only balls/O can roll forward, pulling in all directions cut u to 8 pieces, 固=stubborn stuff u in boxes can't roll/move at all. Democracy is bully's scheme=>divide & concur & kill all; if all men are attracted by 十's love & unite around 十, then all will live, because bullies can't get hold of anyone=mankind share 1 common fate. Gravity implies devil keep on pulling u into tomb.

Chinese believe that we should unite with God to be 1, righteous humble ones will become big winners, evil bullies will surely be defeated eventually; Righteous ones get more help, wicked ones get less help.

卑=humble 十 even don't want to become king but is lifted as king.

All animals are humble & forever tolerate your abuses silently without any complains or criticism: the feeding hens immediately drop her corns to give way to me when they see me coming. Regardless how u mistreat/disappoint dog, dog persists on its begging/seeking of your love.

永生和我/The eternity & I
If only ancient mathematician's math thought last forever, but how about himself=I don't see him as a whole person next to me=>did he live until now?

Like your physical body, God's soul is made up of many cells=u are 1 cell on God's body, every cell has its God given assignment/function.

God's 1 major job is to create & raise lives. God assign u some kids to raise & told u how=Use Jesus' self sacrificial love to raise them. So God give u 1 kid of your own, 3 stepkids & famine, if u starve your own to save the 3 stepkids, after u die, your soul is healthy & will be reused by God=put into another body to raise more men; if u starve 3 stepkids to fatten your own kid, then u will be fired=>Of course, God will evaluate your attitude throughout your life: are you the same selfishness all your life or have u repented & changed later etc=>God's ultimate goal is to keep all men alive forever, God will use miraculous means to make u taste your own selfishness&harm until u repent, if u forever refuse to repent & change then u are forever fired=dead.

If u are hired by God to teach math truth: if u obediently use love to warm up everyone to be math expert, then u are the living ancient mathematician=your students will use your same love/passion to pass on math truth forever; if u arrogantly complain kids are too stupid thus made them fearful of math, then the cold math&u soon die off kids' heart & are forgotten forever=u failed to do your job. 

Once u have God's humble loving spirit, u will live forever.

If arrogantly think I don't have any deadly psychological problems thus not seeking the doctor=God, then u will never be saved.

Testing God=knowing the right way but don't do it, but try your luck=>will always bring u disasters: Knowing that sacrifice self for others will make u eternal but don't do it, will definitely bring u eternal death<=I knowingly left car door open to reverse the car & hit & damaged door.

Must pray for humble & diligent obedience & not testing God all the time. Actually, no need of quantum co-vibration theory, God is watching u inside & out all the time, so God clearly knows your qualifications for heaven. 

Arrogance creates ignorance: asked amigo's families to try my banana made vinegar, only kid likes to try. Arrogance is also called stubborn/inertia/lazy mindset/prejudice/stereotype. Capitalists & drug dealers know it very well=mainly target kids to sell their products&drugs=kids' clothes cost more than adults'. Go to school when u are young, but if u are as humble as kids, u can learn anything as fast as kids. Arrogant men drop out of school very early without much education. If a country is arrogant, it will collapse on its own=so the best way to defeat a country without any fights is to boost its arrogance: settle on #2=>If u want to ruin your kid's life, then praise him all the time. 

Arrogant=don't concede/admit failure/loss/error or yield/surrender to opponents as Trump.

Arrogant=dignity/self importance/self worth: God made men are souls weighs/worth 0lb.

Arrogant=impatient=in time is money modern society, everyone is arrogant.

Arrogant=careless/negligent=I am too capable to make any mistakes, regardless how I do it, I won't make any errors.

Arrogant=isolation,draw circles,exclude people based on income/race/religion/belief, thinking I am smarter/better/funnier than others, not rational,interrupt others.

Arrogant=criticize others not humble but don't examine me.

I never realized that every one of my thoughts is arrogant=I am an extremely arrogant person. Everyone has arrogances to remove.

Parents worry if yell & spank kids, kids will grow up to be abusive=>when u yell/beat dogs why aren't u afraid dogs will bark/bite u. If I don't beat dog, dog can't learn=no pain no gain. I angrily yell at dog, dog is scared & shaken & immediately got up to obey.
Every one is addicted to gambling=investing, nobody wants to quit this addiction=everyone has beast's mark. 
Mind should follow body to be more humble with aging, but we are the most arrogant at the oldest to be president=>our arrogance keep on growing, especially with the development of technologies, modern men are the most arrogant=we are more capable than God:Chinese famine in 50s may be brought upon by their determination to be more capable than God, but they learned their lesson & humbled up & respected/obeyed God's natural power to feed whole country now.

Why ancient scientists' thoughts last forever because they are co-vibrate with God, if all your thoughts are true/kind/good/peaceful/godly, then u will last forever! No need of any religion, even if u are atheist, not a church goer, your humble obedient pursuits connect with God=eternity: this correctly explains why atheist communists can obey God=through resonance, God convert a lot communists to be Jesus like=>So the only connection to God is by honest humble pursuits & services to others. Resonance is systemically powerful: resonance with devil will burn up the whole earth=US=selfish money seeking capitalism&individualism, resonance with God will save whole earth=China=selfless sacrifice for others communism pursuits.

God is the producer/source of all good vibs, Devil is the producer/source of all bad vibs, which often interfere with good vibs; Arrogant hypocrites don't seek God but become sources of bad vibs=become devil, arrogance is the source of all evil & destroys whole mankind.

Frequency ranges from -10 to +10.
10=十=perfectl man=first born man=Adam=obey God's 10 commandments, -10=opposite of 十=snake=disobey all 10 commandments, 0=pig, after man co-vibrated/trusted snake, man's frequency flipped to -10, only repent & obey God can u up your frequency, if u already complain that men are animals can't go beyond instincts, at 0f, can be reincarnated as any animals because all animals are the same, if u are stuck at the same excuses when being a pig, then u will forever be a pig.

God&Jesus' #1 commandment=use all our mind&body pursue&fall in love with God's perfection&holiness,Jesus' 2nd commandment=treat others as myself=sum of #2 to #10 commandments, if we pursue&obey #1 commandment then we have pursued&obeyed all 10 commandments=God's entire mind.

The only way to save mankind is to become penniless Jesus/Leifeng to co-vibrate with God, if u want to be rich then u are co-vibrating with devil & destroying the mankind.

1$=7¥=inequity,discriminate China.Capitalism makes a dentist's 1 day salary 100 times of a farmer's 1 day pay=discriminate farmers.

Injustice produce rich&poor men, rich men use some of their money to do charity=>unless u give all u have to poor men, u can't enter heaven:Luke 18:22 

Communism pays all jobs equally=no discriminations, fair, everyone is equally rich.Only communism can remove all social injustice & discriminations.

West/US creates all injustices=scales always tilt to i.

If u provide everything to your kids, u are actually depriving them opportunities to humbly pray/beg/ask/earn love from God/men, once they become humble, they will be loved by all forever without ever lacking a thing. The earlier they learn it the better=>so don't envy rich parents, poor kids are wealthier.

God dad is infinitely rich, but still doesn't remove his kids' poverty/abuses=force u to humbly obey & beg for love. 
I don't have kids, but I am 100% confident after I get old/disabled: if I humbly beg for love as dog does, I will be cared for/loved as men's pets.

Farming is praying humbly for food/love/teachings from God, if we get abundant food/kids/united big harmonious happy family/love/health/peace then we may have learned humility=possess heaven & universe.

When u are eating: dog sit up straight &both hands touch ground & stare at your food intensely&quietly, & its eyes are longing & begging u to give it some=>When kids are doing the same, kids are scolded=adults are too arrogant.

U can use dog's persistent humility & longing & praying to get anything u ever want.

God only made dog like that, other animals directly jump on & rob your food=we directly jump on & rob/occupy all God's given love to all creations.

If kids rob toys/etc, spank them.Dog knows humbly begging & not robbing as young as a baby.

When eat with boss must order cheaper dishes, when play with boss must let him win/etc=>lower yourself then u will be promoted/lifted up:Luke 14:7-11. Similarly, if u want her to love u, then humbly satisfy her demands always; arrive early on appointments/talk gently/dress unexposed/not show off self/when error occurred immediately self-examine&admit&accept criticism without any arguing/let others get benefits ahead of u/respect others/etc are all humble behaviors=>the sooner we learned it the better, too bad we were trained like cocks suffering endless blows.

Argue/excuse/debate blocks God's vibs: must quietly meditate on others words & absorb good criticism.

Animals are born to bully the weak & fear the strong=so US massively develops its military power to be the lion king & pressures all into obedience; Men are born to sympathize the weak, regardless how powerful is lion king, it will never have dog like loyal followers. Pressured by survival u may have to humbly satisfy husband/boss' beasty selfish demands, but u never want to be a dog for him, only humane love earned obedience&loyalty is eternal. 

Love creates life: love fuse loose sands into lives:inorganic matters->organic matters->organic structures->living bodies. Love=God=God gives life.

West democracy rely on money & lies & arrogance to create governments that only arrogantly cheat/conspire/anti-nature=God/plunder/invade/rob others as mafia bosses do, western media is governments' tongue=only lie. Citizens clearly know all candidates are liars but still push liars onto powers=from low to high, we grant the worst bragging liars power to rule over us=like Trump. In lie controlled countries, even truth seeking scientists have to lie to get grants. If u spread/defend US democracy=u are spreading/defending lies&violences=evil. To get better life, u definitely can't create governments by US democracy=u must remove self nominated/advertising/lying/voter bribing candidates=let people nominate based on their own experience with u. 

In west, truth/sincerity may exist outside of government, so Xi wants to collaborate with powerless ordinary Americans=Xi has been bitten too many times by rattle snakes/US that he has to dance with=>must avoid any US officials/snakes=hide in heaven is the safest.

But my experience in US is that Americans are brain washed by lies&arrogances, no sincerity/truth anywhere in US+people elected lying government, only love can thaw frozen snake=are u dare to embrace poisonous snake?
Only remove US as Sodom & Gomorrah was, can evil/cancer be removed. 

Body grow from young to peak then to old=life force grow from weak to peak then to weak, so kids/elderly prone to get ill & slow to recover, need eat peak food to recharge life force=ripe food at its peak enters u without any delay or reprocess.

Once animals/plants pass peak will die, but we can last for another 50+ years=90% of our life time we are off peak=>give us ample time to practice humility.

Just willingly&faithfully obey/resonance =只管甘心情愿地满心顺服/共振共鸣
All our lives everything we do is to get love from God & others, if we use wrong methods=arrogant/irrational/disobedient to natural laws/self-righteously stubborn/refuse to learn from men & nature/hypocritical/flighty/vain/like to fight&argue/inconsiderate/not-thoughtful/careless/pay-no-attention/impatient=fed up/irresponsible/lazy/bad tempered rough/dishonest/scam/steal/rob/kill/gamble=invest in stockmarket/etc, we will only get abuses & weeps & vacuum dark hell.
The way to get love is very simple: love others as myself=imagine that boss/customer/crop is i, what kind of service & care that I want from me=If this is my project/my body/my house&car/my kids/etc, how will I do it=I want it all done error free & fast=I want my project done/my car&house fixed/my ills&pain healed fast without any errors; In communism, everything is mine, of course I need to be responsible; in capitalism, yours is not mine, but if I treat yours as mine to serve then I will get all u have: if Buffet's maid can take care Buffet as her dad, then B will give all his wealth to her.

Only if we seek each other's love=treat others as me=then can we submerge in love forever.

Animals don't seek love from each other/only seek love from its master, animals also can't stand in others' shoes to think. Practice&Learn treat-others-as-me can u grow up.

If u really can't treat others as self, then simply willingly obey without any resistance/excuses/anger like a dog. Amigo willingly obeys his kids but me=like all of us he only loves his families=disobedient to God.

If didn't learn how to humbly obey then will be reincarnated to be kids: kids rely on others for everything, only by humbly obeying can kids get what they want, if we can keep kids' humble obedience throughout our life, then we will always get whatever we want & good care/love at old age: For disobedient kid don't give any love=food/drink & toys&freedom&etc but punishment=chores & spanks=>Everyone including kids needs to earn his living by being obedient & begging for his food/life, otherwise, starve to death. The more u humbly obey God/men, the better life will u get, the more u disobey, the more u will live like amigo=wife/kids are not with him all his life & enslaved in US. 

When u complain that she doesn't love u anymore is because u stop loving her.

Humbly love each other as ourselves actually is loving ourselves, it is God comandament & Jesus' modeling.

Buy/sell stocks is gambling=chance of loss/win is 50:50=anything that u are not 100% sure is gambling, obedience & invest in heaven will send u to heaven, humbly seek love then can u get love=these are 100% guaranteed & insured by God's written contract=bible & is not gambling at all.

Economic news are fake/opposite from reality=government uses fake news to avert people's unrests=>investing is gambling because u don't know the truth. Who can trust/rely on such a lying government & put his life/money/kids in its care? It is well known that politicians are liars=>Liars controlled government can only lie! Lies are FREE & most effective & is the best weapon to defeat opponents=Democratic government must be lying! God resurrected died Jesus in front of us to assure our faith in God's words=>Citizens in democratic countries don't trust&obey their governments' orders & laws, which only serve selfish politicians but voters.

I won't trust & obey a liar/hypocrite government=because it doesn't reward my obedience=>I only obey out of fear to avoid punishments, I will disobey to get advantages if not being caught. West used their own behaviors modeled a hypocritical/greedy/colonizing/selfish fake God, so that is why people don't trust & Obey God。 Now I have seen the true face of the honest God, so I am willingly to obey God=God will absolutely reward u with eternal life in heaven if u humbly obey him.

My boss is a diligent/responsible/honest black man, he earned his subordinates' willing humble obedience. 

Disobedient=arrogant=look down on God=the creator of everything/universe.

Cock is limping & put me at ease=>God strikes arrogant men.

The purpose of life: humbly obediently seek love, generously obediently give love.

Just obey without any worries/excuses,God will provide everything u ever need.

West spur others to rebel against parents/traditions/laws.

Learn from dog=Spend lots time playing with your kids, they will be very obedient to u & love u much=very simple, no need of 1 penny. Spending all your time making money to buy the whole world for your kids but they don't love u a bit.

Can't obey myself, I am powerless & can't give myself life, I can only mess up things=over feed myself/rob others/lose jobs/etc.

Seeking God will u co-vibrate with God's mind,& u will be more & more like God=dog understands u by getting on your thoughts' frequency=this is how your thought is operating dog & all those obeying u.

Seek=frequency tune in, if u seek humility/love/freedom/honesty/justice u will connect with God, if u seek arrogance/self interest/lie/narcism/scam/privacy, u will connect with & become devil.

Life/soul/thoughts/intension/ideology/Conscience use its vibration to control everything, lives have vibration & power, dead money doesn't have V&E, if u keep on tuning into money's 0 frequency, u will lose life, so if diseased men diligently pray & hope to recover, then u will be healed, if u diligently seek eternal life in heaven/light then u won't die.

Darkness doesn't have vibration but absorbs all lives' energy, once u die u turn dark & suck in all others' energy. God obeying energy is +, God disobeying energy is -, to boost devil's energy, devil is eating up all lives, Perfect Jesus has infinite positive energy, Jesus used his life energy exchanged for our lives, if we stop seeking/obeying/resonance with Jesus, but resume the disobedience to God & obedience to devil then Jesus' salvation is wasted.

Thought's vibration has no barrier on time/space/languages/species: birds/beasts listen & obey u, dead men & future unborn kids listen & obey u: aren't we obeying ancient mathmatician's thoughts?

Seeking perfectly explained reality instead of believing that Jesus died for me. China is seeking truth thus rising, US is seeking hypocrisy/lies thus sinking. Chinese parents emphasize their kids to seek good positive ideals from very young age=>how do they know?

Follow God=Seek & look for & find God. Jesus=perfect embodiment of truth/kindness/beauty/love.

To show us that thinking is vibration, God made talking as vibration=touch your throat & u feel your words are vibrating, true words will vibrate forever, but lies can't last.

As long as u don't die, your dog will forever vibrate/connect with u=obey u; if u die, your pets/families who obey u will also die with u=u suck in all their lives. The world is becoming worse is because we have been seeking money=life draining black hole.

Christian should be called Christ-seeker=Christ-fan, only after u are like Jesus then can u call yourself Christian: After u have Jesus' perfection & resurrective power then u are Christian.

We must seek perfection all the time dead or alive until we connect with Jesus.

Dead bodies quickly rot, but live bodies can resist mold/bacteria/bugs's damages=>Life force bond/unite atoms/molecules/cells into 1 big powerful body to fight off bad guys, Love unite all men to resist murders together, evil/hatred scatters us & get everyone easily killed, so we have to love & unite each other to survive=communism, individualism lead only to death. Haters won't unite to do good but compete to grab power on their own=never heard of a few mafia gangs work together to lift world out of poverty. After body dies, chemical/biological bonds are all broken & emit heat=compost is always hot, food in your belly makes u hot.


谦卑讨生才能活/humbly beg for life to live
If u don't believe me is because I didn't love u. Why we have faith in money: because money love us: give us all kinds of pleasures, but money can't give us freedom/worry free/happiness/life/sincere love/leisure/relaxation/beautiful lovely nature/organic foods/clean air & water/etc, but add to our worries/fears/pollutions, but God/Jesus gave us all that we ever wanted plus remove all our worries&fears=Jesus truly loves me, so I 100% believe in God/Jesus' words=bible.
The purpose that God gave parents/families/friends instinctive love toward u but didn't grant such instinctive love to animals is to let your loved ones be your pastor & make u faithful toward God's words: loving others as myself will send me to heaven=>we all love each other until eternity.

Parents feed/care/love u both physically & spiritually. Xi loved & fed 1.4B China, now is loving & feeding the whole world=>Communism will live, west selfishness&arrogance=fascism will die.

Why popes have always been oppressing communism=>because communists can take their jobs & status & replace them to become the most beloved spiritual leader of the world=>Communists 100% obey God's commandments: serve & love others whole heartedly, so communists are God's favorite.

Judging whether a government is good or bad only to see how much is its people's patriotism & obedience=Chinese wisdom: kids honor/love their parents by loving each other & obeying parents=because God is parents, that is also God's #1 order: US citizens kill each other, protests/rebels/unrest/complains are everywhere=US government is bad, don't expect US soldiers can bravely die to defend US, far from defending foreigners like Japanese/Sourth Koreans/etc, so don't believe & rely on US to protect u, stationed in your country is to police & control&force u to obey US.

Dog doesn't know men's languages, but obeys your words: because dog is desperate for your love so try very hard to understand & obey u correctly: when u are talking to it, it pays close attention to u & carefully observe & relate your tone/expression/smile/anger/gesture/turn/tiny body languages with reward/punishment/permission/denials & obey u correctly, when it misunderstood u & suffered your sticks then it quickly correct itself until it obtains your love, dog never talk back & defend itself; When u talk to a kid who doesn't want your love, he ignores your existence & gives your words deaf ears, far from obeying u=>if u don't want God's love then u will always complain that God is invisible/inaudible/untouchable, if u don't want wife's love then u will complain women are too complicated & difficult to understand.
Capitalists want to make money off us, so they carefully&accurately studied our psychology & made us addicted to their products & services.
When I was young, I was like homeless dog desperate for men's love, so I kissed their ass accurately thus got favors from grandma/teachers; but sis didn't know how to seek men's love thus got most abuses.
Why don't I need your love: because I have enough love, or because I am too arrogant to beg for your love, or because u are not my mom & no reason for u to love me etc, as long as I don't expect u love me, then I will ignore&disobey u.

If u want her to love u, u need learn her language & culture, listen/watch/obey her carefully & accurately, if errored, u immediately admit & correct errors, u never argue & defend yourself.
If u want God to rain love on u, u must carefully study bible & God's every creation, & perfectly obey God, when errored, u immediately repent & correct errors.
Amigo never correctly understands me once worse than my dog: because he is too lazy&arrogant to understand others, & to ask how others get their green cards/made their money, thus he is dead poor & uneducated & discrimated against by all, no one wants to help him while abused by him=>but God loves him, because I need him to fix my properties, even he is abusive, I still dare not to abandon him, I am bond to him by God to help out each other, if he is diligently begging for men's & God's love as I did then he will be like me=educated/rich/free, but then he is not useful to me anymore=>so it is I who need his love, so I must humbly tolerate his abuses=>only by humbly seek love can u get love.

After u got her love & make her your wife, then u stop seeking her love, then your marriage became loveless & need a divorce: so u must be like dog constantly humbly forever seek spouse's love=>We must forever seek God's love.

Everyone needs others help & love, so the smartest way to live our life is always humbly diligently seeking God&men's love.

The more I love dog, the more obedient dog becomes=The more u love a man, the more he will obey u. So I often risk being fined/jailed to seek my dog's love.

To seek men's love&obedience, humble God not only generously hand out lots love for free but sacrificed himself & his only son=Because our biggest fear is death, so God use eternal life as bait to seek our love. So to seek money from men for kids&self thus suffer domestic violence & abuse & neglect & rape/prostitution is a worthy cause=many moms have always been willingly & humbly sacrificing themselves for her kids=mom is the greatest, so kids love mom more than dad/anything, even if mom is a prostitute=>It is God who gave moms such self-sacrificing instinctive great love toward us=>God deserve more of our love. 

Stop condemning/stoning prostitutes=u are far worse than prostitutes.Maybe homos & trans-gender & cosmetic surgery & abortion under-goers are for love seeking reasons=anyway can't descriminate/condemn anyone but obediently give love, because she can be Jesus enduring men's bullies, in such a loveless earth we sacrifice everything to seek love from wrong men/things but ignore the origin&giver of free love=God.

The reason that u go to church regularly to praise God & donate money to God is because u want to get some love from God=If dog always praise me & dig ground very hard for corpses to donate to me, praises & corpses are not what I want at all, damaging my land really angers me & I really want to kill it than give it love/reward=>Everything we did angers God, God definitely can't answer our prayers: we must carefully accurately understand God's heart, if we are so capable in accurately figuring out consumers' heart & market trend, if we want, we will definitely understand&obey God correctly & live forever=>but after all, we don't want to live.

Want love, then give up arrogance. It is US needing China's help but US is crazily bullying & condemning China=US is seeking spanks not help from China.Many Americans need mexicans as I do but most don't want to tolerate/accommodate them.

Repeated practice make it a habit=>bribing is also a way of seeking love, so don't condemn bribers: my sis bribed a lot officials for her spoiled kid=u can only feel sad for her not to tell gov about her=Donate money in church is bribing God. God's purpose of giving us an injustice earth & life is so that we can humbly beg for love to survive. Dog is our role model, dog's extreme love begging instincts earn its survival from the most feared men=Putin never had his dog killed=we love dogs more than our kids. Once u learned dog's love seeking/begging skills, u can live anywhere like in heaven. U must teach kids this important surviving skill otherwise they will be like cocks to be eaten fast.

If U humbly surrender to R then U will live=U is dying for US&Europe, definitely not for himself because he will die=All birth & death are for others,only if u live then can u live for yourself=Chinese wisdom: as long as u live u will get what u want=Only if u die for God can u live forever, if u die for US/E u will die forever=Remember as long as u live u will get whatever u ever want.

It is US/Europse who want to fight R, US: please get on the battle field to fight R ourselves, please give U human rights=the right to live=empty all U people to US so US can have a open battle field with R. 

While still talking about humility, boss gave me a written warning=next step is to fire me, arrogance & fear of being fired keep on defending & execusing me & stopping me from repenting, went out & saw dog, dog asked me to immediately repent=admit my errors & tell boss how I can avoid same errors in future=>worries start to subside: my errors already angered him, the more I argue the more oil I pour over his angry fire, repentence is the only fire extinguisher to calm him down=>within same day God made me practice what I learned. 

Boss is frustrated with my disobedience=>Arrogance creates disobedience: On some things I think I am better than him so I don't want to listen to him, on some other things I am weak but I am unwilling to humbly beg others for, so I push the problem back to him to find someone else to solve.

In future need pay close attention to & understand others' words/articles, don't pretend understandings=misunderstandings, but humbly beg others for explanations until I understand the problem correctly before solve it.

Now I don't have slight worry, before I knew Jesus, whenever faced with the danger of being fired, I can't sleep & hurry to find another job instead of focusing on correcting myself, so the same problems follow me around. Everyone is born with the willingness to help the weak=humblers, I 100% believe that my boss will not fire me after I become humble, instead, he will help me to succeed=>Thank God's love. Humility is the only survival skill that we need. Giving a cute kid to an abuser to raise is to weak up her compassion for the weak.

If your boss is hurrying u up at the expense of quality, then move on.

Poverty/abuses/bullies/failures cannot remove our arrogance, but force us to find exit&light=God&Jesus, until we can humbly beg God's help, we will be in pride's tortures. Money/IQ/looks are pride's investments & inviting bad lucks, low/no IQ/poverty/ugliness invite God's good lucks.

Sluges come out after every rain=>bug eggs are every where, drugs can't wipe them off but kill good bugs&bacteria, it is our immune system constantly watch out & fight off bad bugs=our souls also need to constantly watch out & fight off our pride & selfishness & etc.

Faith in money & arrogance
Faith make invisible visible & controls our behavior: all lives have faith, animal's faith is a fruit of repeated scientific practice: execercise will lose weight; cock is coming hens are fleeing; summer is hot; rich people commit crimes won't go to jail; Soulful men's faith is a fruit of love=believe in lovers' words: if love God, then u will see all men dead or alive=dead men are still next to u, Jesus didn't die, remote gf is next to u etc; u will always follow Jesus & do good, dare not commit crimes/accept bribes under the watch of whole mankind & God; if love Xi/Communists, then u will serve others whole heartedly. To all governments: if u want your people obey u, u must love your people.

Seeking God all our lives to go home. Who is our master=God/Jesus, how do I follow God=Faith, imagine if Jesus is on earth now, follow him=when encounter people/situations imagine how Jesus will react: he feed faith of eternal life in heaven to all/point out the path to EL/wipe off all worries & fears=> talk/act like Jesus=Be a living Jesus & gather all men toward God's loving embrace.

Initially, we were kicked out of heaven due to arrogance, if we don't remove ego then we can't return heaven: if our ancestors humbly admit errors & beg for forgiveness, we will not be kicked out of heaven.

Once we humbly/truly repent & remove all arrogant thoughts & acts, then we will return heaven, if too proud to admit our errors & always defend self=>too proud to care heaven, then u will stuck in death & fire forever. Chinese funeral is very similar to how David/etc repent for their errors=fire stop devil from dragging the dead into hell, funeral participants all wear white linen, cry loudly to beg mercy for the dead.

Chinese kneeling shows humility=I am lower than u.

Capitalism=money-make-money creates exploitation/slavery/inflation/greed. In communism: u contribute what u can & take what u need: I give u a goat, u make me a coat, goat=coat=80$, but when coat is over supplied by machines, u bought a coat for $40 to exchange for my $80 goat. All those middle men add no value but price to goods=there is no reason that your house should increase in price with time. Capitalism replace God to become our master. Modern churches are also to make money=sell souls to make money: Original church is communism in action: we all live in 1 room eat out of 1 pot=in heaven, we all live in 1 room eat/drink from 1 tree=God.

God made equal number of men with different skills, skirt makers=massagers, it is we for money over supply skirts by machines. All our activities/inventions/researches are all for money=follow money faithfully=so money is clearly our master&faith, all church goers have investments=donations to money master, but strongly deny we are following money master.
I guess Marx' has detailed analysis why capitalism exploits/enslaves the mass by a few elites in his book=Capital: A Critique of Political Economy.

We keep on fueling fire with money, the money fire will burn up whole earth.

Money work against God in every way, if we think money is necessary then we are the house speaker for devil.

Church goers always say that love-others-as-oneself is easier said than done, then what is purpose of church: hoping church can make us obedient? but it didn't, so church has no use. 

Accoding to Jesus' plan, the original communism style church will expand to whole earth=the whole world is a God headed communism: we share 1 house & eat out of 1 pot.

The world eventually will only have God-headed communism & Devil-headed capitalism, those following God will be communists, those following Devil will be capitalists. Chinse communists are inviting God=holy spirit into their communism, China will become the modern founder of God's true churches.

Listen to Xi's 10min talk on BRICS'=High&Deep&broad&farsighted&comprehensive! He is also pushing the world toward heaven after brought heaven into the biggest China: peace/collaboration/co-assist/joint richness & happiness. Xi is also a spiritual Leader: Chinese are very spiritual & soulful.

Amigo kids really like to wear/eat/buy American chemicals & man made vanity junk =>Mexico & world is brain washed by US: should be a farmer & brain washed by dirt thus down to earth & humble.

If u want kids not to suffer then don't give birth to them, Migration to US can't bring them better lives.

I guess US whites reincarnate into blacks thus blacks became arrogant/selfish/belligerent: blacks belong to same family, should love each other, but black neighborhoods usually are the poorest/drugs&crimes filled.

Dead pig already became life giving soil, but neighbors are still calling gov on it=dead soul can never change to good soil, but pass on to her kids & smell bad forever. I bet she will call gov if I fart. So fights are also non-stop inside US, many neighbors tell on each other=Stalin style dissident cleansing. It seems that my dead mom's soul reincarnate into me: she told government about my dad & got herself killed=>reincarnated to learn&stop the pain of telling on each other.

Food inside/outside of our bodies is being digested/decomposed the same way, except food inside us cause us discomfort & diseases.

Everyone is sent by God into devil's earth to love somebody, but some went & never returned & already lost in earth 4.5B years, some are like Jesus only stayed for short 33 years on earth. God wants us to treat this life the only life to try our best to have a good life, so we don't remember a thing from previous lives.

As long as do everything for God & not glorify myself, then will not have to defend myself or worry any threats against me.

communist role models:

There is only 1 type of trash=man made materials=plastics/fabrics/chemicals/machines/etc.
God/nature made organic waste recycle on its own & become fertile life giving soil.
The bad smell from food decomposition is not poisonous but a motivation for us to seek life & avoid death. Animals don't mind/hate poop at all: they poop while eating & eat food+poop, dog seek chicken poop to eat. Poop is full of nutrition & medicine=>bugs/worms/flies/microbio convert poop to proteins & fertile soil, the most smelly/dirty farms grow the biggest best foods.
The cleanest sterile hell has no life.

Since I have animals, my yard start to grow the things I could never grow before.
If we trim/cut nature with lawn mowers/machines/etc, then our own lives are also trimmed & cut. Let life supporting weeds freely grow, weeds are free foods to many animals including us.
God didn't give us machines to cut grass/trees, leave them alone, the vibrantly growing weeds & animals inside of it are beautiful & healthy & essential for life support.
It is a perverted policy of bagging dog poop with plastics=>what are u going to do with plastics? & make poop useless & not recyclable. Ignorant politicians are making laws killing nature & us.

Farming can be done in as small as 1 pot=>don't give us excuse that farming has to be done in rural big land, farming make us practical/humble/honest/hard working/fear for & rely on God=>Only God can give life, only if we learn how to raise a life can we raise ourselves alive.

My neighbor has been calling governments for my fertilizers' smell many times=>I am not doing anything illegal, I just let nature do its own thing to nourish my farm. The smell usually goes away after 1/2 days. The pig's body became good soil months ago & it didn't smell at all. Sometimes, The food that I feed to animals spoil & give out some smell: the spoiled food grows worms for chickens. 
Spoiling food/Poop smell doesn't kill or cause allergies, but the smell of chemical/car exhaust/dryer/artificial fragrance kills & causes allergies.

All organic waste can support life but our dead soul can never become life supporting soil, arrogant/hateful neighbor keeps on calling the government to harass/terrorize me.
Everytime, after government officers come, I spent days worrying & fearing & can't do my work/business & can't take care of my animals=>Neighbors are using government terrorizing & oppressing me.=>Please leave me alone, I am more lawful to God than them: Why don't they call governments on themselves/their kids?=>everybody has smelly poop, they are the smelly poisonous deadly dead soul wastes that the government needs to attend to.
Instead, the government makes stupid laws, bad people call on governments to bully their neighbors: neighborhood lawn mowers call the government because they want to get lawn mowing jobs=I get many such neighbors-call-on-neighbors government letters from my renters. US is fighting outside with all countries, inside, all citizens fight against each other=>Government needs to be a good role model for peace & discourage such call on each other hateful behavior=>do everything to promote peace: If kids of a family keep on telling on each other, then the governing parents are loveless & authoritarian.

BBC interview a Christian in burned Maui: how can u explain why your neighbors were burned but u didn't? Of course, he can't answer=>Your faith is really useless: can't save lives & explain life/death=>The humble way should be: I made God father really angry, need repent&correct my errors now so I won't weep next time.

God will try every means to make all those who want to follow God to get home, once all of his followers are in heaven, then the end of world is here, all those left will be thrown into hell fire=so the survivors before the last day may not be a good thing: struggling in hotter earth is not lucky at all.

Atheism=God master doesn't exist is arrogance: should rather believe that God exists & cautiously act than believe that God doesn't exist thus arrogantly act.

The first step to remove arrogance: repent=humbly admit that I am wrong & oppress urge to defend myself, jump out of self & examine self from outsider's point of view: bravely admit own errors.

Job applicants/business owners/advertisers definitely can't be honest & reveal my weakness, must be proudly lie to get job/sell products/make a living=>living among commercial/market economy & capitalism beasts, everyone must be arrogant=>everyone has beast's mark=>all will die for sure=how can merciful God watch me perish: u are not following God as master but devil, why would God care u die or live?

Animals are suffering in heat, but we have AC=we caused earth warming but animals are suffering: suddenly, a strong wind & rain cut down all electric/communication towers&wires=>no escape after all.

West promote men's original sin=arrogance=rush to the front line for selfish interests, Jesus humbly yield life/food/money/women/freedom/joy/etc to others first.

Arrogant men think they are VIPs: doing important good purposeful work & saving mankind, church goers are arrogant: because they are helping God to save mankind. US doctors are arrogant: save the sick & dying, & absolutely won't humbly admit own errors, because if they do they will lose their jobs=politicians: need learn from hens: hen quickly admits that she is weaker & gladly to be a coward.

The truth is: Dog can do nothing for me but add work to me, I am doing all the work=>we can do nothing for God, God is doing all the work, we are only following & playing around & adding troubles to God father.

Only Jesus is VIP, all of us are the same & lower than animals/plants=animals are our role models that we need to learn from.

Because US election is every 4 years so US only care instant gratification, but China can consistently fulfill 5/10/100 year plans/principles, God is fulfilling infinite far plans/good principles. Instant gratification make u extremely fat & ill & live in painful hell, far sighted wise plans/principles make u live forever in happy heaven.

Money make us arrogant: when no money we beg for food, when with money we order food. So the best way to remove our arrogance is to make us poor=but crazily arrogant US is sanctioning debtors=>very soon we will be countryless/homeless. Use money to make money=use arrogance to make more arrogance. Capitalism/capital accumulations=Arroganism/Arrogance accumulations, capitalist is full of arrogance, donate/spread/invest in arrogance all over the world. Money is the physical quantification of arrogance=rich men never humbly beg for others' services. When no money, we have to borrow money to sustain our arrogance=US.

Men don't want to learn from animals is because animals' brains are smaller & not smart, plants don't even have brains.

US/West use U people as drones to attack R, only after U & E all die then US live men will show up in battle fields.

US government claims that it really cares its people thus open casinos all over the places to stimulate economy, but blame NK government abuse its people by using food money to develop weapons=the truth is that US government doesn't care its people but NK does:
Without casinos, 10 jobless Americans are not rich but not starving, after having casinos, only 1 winner make money, 9 bankrupt & commit crimes & suicides.
If NK don't develop weapons & is invaded by US, all 10 will die=historically, US/West/Japan frequently invaded others, China/NK never invaded others, so weapons can save NK lives, but casinos take lives, media revert truth by only interviewing immigrants who have to attack his mother country to get green card=>why not go to NK & let locals tell u the truth, or say nothing because u don't know.
Even if u don't eat, air/water/dirt can grow body, die of hunger is very impossible.

Baiden said invasion to U by R proves the importance of Democracy=>Israel has been invading Palestine, isn't Israel  democratic?=>President's speech has no logic=dementia: can't elect a clear minded man as president in a country as big as US?=more than half Americans have dementia: is definitely #1 backward=as long as #1 will be arrogant. US churches always arrogantly send missioners to others countries to save others=>actually, it is US that really needs salvation.

Suddenly I realized why my neighbors keep on monitoring & confining & controlling me: because they think they are better than me: they are born/grown/highly educated in US, plus they are Christians, of course, they know & are blessed with everything but I know nothing so need to be policed by them.
We are raised to be cocks: I must be better than others, my kids are of course cleaner/smell better than your pigs/etc.
As soon as u think u are better & want to be richer then u become a cock, & u are inviting disasters, u will have no friends=lonely & sad=arrogant men are very difficult to be around, even though u are very good/law-abiding & doing a lot of charities & donating a lot money.

Our original sin is that we ate forbidden fruit thus became arrogant & constantly belittling/arguing/rebelling against God & can't co-exist with God peacefully, so God has to stay away from us & leave us alone to fight ourselves: Arrogant Amigo always quarrel with proud me whenever we are together, I would rather stay alone than stay with him; Whenever I flew home, arrogant sis always criticizes proud me: your clothes is too dumb/u are not talking nice to VIPs etc, so I stop going back=why fly 12km to fight with families, not only my family, all families are the same, the bigger is the family the more headache u get=it is really a miracle that Xi can keep a 1.5B family calm. Honestly, only by being alone can u relax in peace, on earth, family=trouble, I have 0 desire to have a family; Those entering heaven must be humble, only with humble people to form a family can the family be full of love/peace/joy/relaxation.

Teenagers think they are better thus disobey parents arrogantly, young animals don't have arrogance, thus don't have men's teenager rebellions, if they do, they will be eaten prematurely: medium small roosters never attack me.

Arrogance also block intuition=I am God/Master, u all need obey me=US. Evolutionism makes everyone arrogant, because the weak will be eaten=of course, everyone wants to be #1: thus my sis became stepmom; little U rely on US' support to challenge giant R arrogantly=God didn't say that if u are bullied/invaded/abused then u will be saved: wars/pain/abuses is to remove our arrogance.

Birth defects or accidents are to remove arrogance; If u need help from others, then of course u can't arrogantly demand, Cocky men don't want to ask for help, u have to beg him to ask for help=my sis would rather starve than ask me for help, mom beat me badly for eating the food others gave me. The meaning/purpose of pain/diseases/poverty in life is to remove our arrogance.

Religion/Faith is to remove man's arrogance, but unfortunately, 100% religions are growing our pride: My God/Faith is better than yours, My religion entitles me to bully & rob & enslave unbelievers=crusaders/suicide bombers/slaveries/etc. Democracy is better than Communism etc.

Arrogant we think animals are too dumb to be our teachers: even said because dog has bigger brain than hen thus obey better=smart people are nicer than dumb ones?

Arrogance of course stop u from learning: I am the best, others all want to learn from me not I learn from others: Arrogant Trump of course won't learn from democrats. Chinese school/textbooks teach elementary kids English/American literatures/culture/capitalism/etc=that is how I know O-Henry's novels & etc, but US textbooks/schools never mention any Chinese literature/culture, even wipe off Chinese funded Confucius Institutes.

Arrogant man must be narcissistic: only I am important, nobody/nothing else is important, only elect cocks to be president, only stay in cocks' circle. Arrogant whites think blacks/browns/yellows are bad.

Arrogant men absolutely won't admit wrong doing or repent=US laws make u a criminal if u apologize, I never make mistakes, if something went wrong, it must be others' mistakes.

Self pity=I am not as good as others=Arrogance=as long as u compare with others then u are arrogant.

It is arrogance not China that will kill US. Arrogance is boosted by money/capitalism + lies/hypocrisy & is the root of all evil, Arrogant humans sacrifice everything to make money=throw earth into hot oven. lies is poor men's veil; hypocrisy is capitalists' cover=nobody is perfect, even if u are #1 u are still full of poop/shame.

China is very smart & follow US to pump up media wars=I love CCTV news just because it is ad. free, if music/documentary/movies/TV/etc can all be ad-free & in English, then u can brain wash the whole world=>US can also learn from China to remove all ad. from media: then earth will be as cool as heaven without fire of arrogance burning us alive. The desire for money/power/fame=arrogance, arrogant men are actually poorer because u need money to buy/maintain pride=u even hurt yourself by cosmetic surgeries to be proud of yourself: I destroyed my eyes by lasik surgery because I wanted to be #1 on everything.

Sis became stepmom after mom died=mom's arrogant ghost/spirit entered sis. Pride=Evil, Humility=Jesus, they existed from time 0, regardless who/where/when arrogance is evil=2000 year ago Pharisees is the same as today's sis, I really can't find a man as humble as Jesus=We are all arrogant, only babies/animals/plants are not cocky=When I joke with Amigo that his kids are dogs to me, he is furious=Amigo is US' trash but is arrogant: he himself has suffered lots despises, & now I treat his newly arrived refugee kids as dogs=why care & hurt yourself?=we all are worse than pigs: like pigs we are eating God's for free but we are despising each other. I really meant if your kids can love me as dog loves me & I love them as I love dog then we can get along fine without speaking the same language=If without arrogance, even we don't talk the same language we can coexist peacefully.

Cocky men always think others very negatively&twist others' good will to bad: US think China rely on stealing US' technologies to grow miraculously.

AI is still a baby, once it has man's IQ, it will fight with us=why develop AI, why don't bore a lot of kids to do the same things as AI does: but kids won't obey & do what u want, instead, u love your disobedient/cute/lovely kids so much that u have to work hard for them=God regret that he had made hi-IQ men, but arrogant we never regret inventions in hi-tech/AI/weapons: already bombed by atomic bombs but still develop weapons=>We will be destroyed by ourselves.

God given kids/pets are too lovely, we don't mind working hard for them, but robots are not as cute as pets, so can be used as suicide bombers to die with neighbors together.

Arrogance will surely destroy us=must not compare/compete with anybody=ancient wisdom.

Since every man is cocky=>How to survive among pride: learn from dog=How dog behaves in this situation=no man quarrel with his dog: never argue/fight back, even though there is 0% possibility to be loved still hold your feet to beg for your love=At beginning, I locked up dog & continued my single life alone, now I spent every free second with dog to make it happy=>Beg Amigo humbly to help me instead of demanding & complaining him=dog is also dirty & making troubles for me + can't fix cars/houses/etc; To neighbor/US: as long as u don't call police/sanction me, I like to be your pet pig: beg for your left overs, respect/worship/praise u as God, beg u to protect me & rid of my diseases/poverty/invasions/etc.

->Ha, Am I growing cocky man's pride: Who doesn't need help/love from others, u can only pick 1 between love | pride: my white duck is more alpha than alpha male & scare off males thus can't get pregnant even she longs to have her own kids.  

Animals don't have any choice: to survive they flee from/surrender to bullies=but arrogant men confront bullies & being killed.

If u want to be loved/helped u must humbly beg, the smart way is: forever being humble will be forever loved, if always beg God for love, then u will be like Jesus have God's infinite power.

If too arrogant to beg, then put self in others shoes: I don't want to be accused/blamed by angry/rude/demanding tones, I only want to hear patient gentle reminders of my errors & corrections, at very least remove commanding/anger/complain/hatred from your tones. For those who grow up in blames/accusations, must listen to your own angry talks.

Worrying about 8B's eyes & mouths we are not happy & free, the only way to release frustration is to abuse the weak: First give up all desires, the less u have the happier u become=don't u feel good everytime after u poop, if u keep on eating, even food is very good it will make u suffer that nothing can stop=>the happiest is empty, but eating is an instinct, this is the only situation that our human pride can function: control our animal instincts.
Hate to waste my hardwork=yardful of good foods, daily, I fill myself up to burst=Why God doesn't eat 1 of the fruit he grows all over the earth & not worrying they go bad? no need to worry anything, only need to proudly control my greed so I won't kill myself.

If God see us can't co-exist peacefully even with families/friends, God definitely won't put us in wall/fence/border-less heaven to fight with billions strangers=if we don't remove pride/prejudice/selfishness/ narcissism we definitely can't enter heaven, we must be honest/humble/tolerant/cautious/inquisite/frugal/not love money.

Dog follows u is not because dog can see u, many times, dog doesn't see u but follows u: when u walk your dog, it always runs ahead of u, but it always turn around to look for u; after u go inside a house, dog wait at the door for u.
It is all because dog loves u, & all it can think of is u, so it is always searching u, once it finds u, it holds onto u & don't let u go=as u fall in love with a girl, all u can think of is her, & u want to be with her forever=move in & join with her.
If u don't love God, of course u won't think/remember/follow God. Ex:
u are very poor, u love your wife very much, it is xmas time, u know she likes a hair clipper, so u sold your only property watch, while on the way to buy the clipper, u ran into a poor matches selling girl standing in snow bare feet, God touch & ask u to help her, because u love God more than wife, so u use the clipper money to buy a pair of warm shoes for the girl.
So, love God more than anything/anybody=If u follow God closely, of course, God will take care of all your needs & give u all the love u ever want, for the dog who doesn't follow me of course I don't care its needs.

Not following a master is very tragic=u become a defenseless/homeless/neglected/abused/lonely sad dog/orphan, always fight & struggle for survival, no happy/relaxed moment at all. We all think that religion make people nicer=so orphans/atheists/communists are bad? Only by following God to get God's love & blessings & disciplines!

The blissful/free/NDE revealed invisible world is always around us, faith can let u enjoy its bliss/freedom & reunite with all your dead relatives & pets & not worry/fight/compete for anything: Only faithless ones fight/compete, the reason of giving u a physical blind body is to grow your faith to follow God master. Many NDEs take it for granted that we will enter heaven after we die just as the existence of earth=maybe heaven is also a result of evolution: u must have died many times & have many NDEs, but u brush them off as hallucinations instead of getting to know your master, so till today u are locked up in a coffin box body & full of worries & anxiety.
Even dog lives among men, but if not following any man, then can't enjoy men's touch, only man/dog with a master can have a home to always go back to.

Animals don't have soul, so they are afraid to die=if u are afraid to die then u don't have a soul.

If u are madly in love with God then u won't be tempted&trapped by any women/money/power.

China is very smart: with US/West's bombardments, it is impossible to extend 1 belt into proud west, so they use Sunzi strategy=highly educated pretty journalists to tempt foreign ministors to agree to extend 1-belt into west, but be aware that pretty ambitious women can be double edged sword, unless u want her to push your only beloved son onto cross.

If a Chinese citizen has to give babies in US to get US citizenship=>she definitely doesn't love her country/party/people, she only has faith in money & herself, party official's first qualification is that he loves u with all his heart=>God only use those who loves God, if u can't perform miracles, then u don't love God & God is not using u.

Double spy=hypocrites=cocks=Judas.

For money, of course, u want to be a spy for both sides. Most christians are double sided spies to benefit from both sides=smart calculating Judas is a typical double spy, US is a wellknown double spy.

If I am Xi, I will only hire lowly village secretaries who love me enough to give up rich city life but return home to help villagers out of poverty, I will definitely avoid top students from world #1 universities=>God mainly use lowly dumb illiterate farmers who love him, hire people in God's way will rid of all your heartaches,finding spouse/friends all work the same way: avoid smart powerful rich CEOs&officials, if u only look for smart/powerful rich men to be with=u are Judas.

Cock is very pitiful: it is born as cock to suffer master's endless blows, but we are not born as Judas but can choose freely, if watching cock being beaten all the times still want to be an arrogant cock, then too foolish=US=because we always want to be #1=cock.

Cock lovers will get bad lucks=get your foreign minister's position removed. Those voting cocks to be presidents will lose their lives forever into hell, because all those who want to be president are cocks, so to save your own life, u should give up your voting rights, should be like communists, let others appoint to save your own life.

True democracy is to throw a dice=whoever becomes president is the same, but dice can stop us from becoming cocks, in communist country, everyone is equally poor or rich, nobody can become cock, thus there will be no cocks to bring death to us all.

Wow, voting a president can send me to hell: because u are not following God & God is not your master, of course, u will get nothing=dark vacuum=hell.

Chinese 1 belt road pick up poor forgotten people from slums/remote poor regions & send them to prosperity/human rights/dignity/freedom, but US/West is too bad & blocking all communist's good deeds&plans.

US/West successfully scared & pushed us all to fight against China = communism will take away all your freedom/rights/wealth, so Americans will be more loyal/brave on battle ground, if China don't embrace/follow God then China will be defeated by US/West's desperate narcists=fascist. West has successfully turned all against God, of course, can turn all against China:so rush to hold onto God's feet as dog hold onto my feet.
The only way to defeat west is not going to war with them, if pushed to war as Russia was, u will immediately become the attacking target by the world & die.

Natural disaster is God's way to stop wars: occupy your mind to save your own life instead of attacking others.

Babies don't have any power thus hide from adults, & very obedient to master, once it grows bigger & become a threat to adults, then it will be pecked by all=>if China stays in poor 70s, then US can easily become China's friend=>Rising China becomes a threat to US thus being pecked all the time, China can only be like medium hen yield to cock & patiently grow bigger, at meantime, pray God's protection=if can't get food, ask master, God will definitely feed u alone, if u challenge cock before u exceed it, u will definitely be defeated.

Capitalism/privatization's aim is to occupy the most wealth, only by becoming #1 can US achieve that goal, so US can't tolerate any threats to its #1 position, unless US also become communism, otherwise, fights will be endless=Lion king also grow old, young lions keep on coming, soon, old king will be replaced by new ones: but till today no new Jesus to replace old Jesus=If u become a Jesus like king then u will never be replaced. If don't fight but rely on God to let lion die naturally of old age or diseases/injuries, then u will not go into & hurt by wars=as long as u fight u will be hurt, belligerent US is injured everywhere=too sick to live long, no need to challenge US hastily.

We really become beasts=constantly fight without any humanity.

When u see good food your mouth will water, when dog see its master, its skin start to itch for master's massage.

Chinese are very obedient to government, if government asked us to spend & enjoy money then we will be like Americans borrow money to spend, animals are all very frugal: never waste food & discard leftovers, Frugal is Chinese tradition, it is better not to spend 1 penny like animals do, why obey US & give up our traditional virtues.

Woman's body is smaller & weaker than man's, woman population is 3 times of man's,women suffer pregnancy&birth pain=>woman is positioned lower by God, but west/US keep on using the cover of liberating women to invade & rob middle eastern countries=how they treat their women/kids/citizens is their internal affairs not US business, US should leave them alone.

According to US logic, we should give animals/plants human rights instead of caging/killing/eating them, why not=who said animals/plants are inferior to humans?

Publicly/state owned Chinese news/media always talk about ordinary people's needs & achievements=people's media are serving people, never kidnapped by an individual's drama. but private Fox/CNN/NPR/etc are advertising T for free, T is everything & alone, we have no choice but T.

Once your employee left u, u stop mentioning him: let west gossip on his whereabout=Chinese ways of dealing with its employees are righteous & smart & free of west's control=we love/trust/admire Chinese communists=so good/practical/efficient, doesn't brag/worship/criticize any individual.

US/West journalists viciously & arrogantly pressure u for transparency & openness to monitor & force u to obey them, if u don't disclose, then attack u nonstop=should be like N korean disclose nothing to outside, & drive suspicious/paranoid US crazy: If u don't disclose your affairs then u are abusing your citizens=>an excuse for US to force expose others' secrets & privacy=where is the freedom?=only allow me to be free but u.

We can use dog to understand Eve's temptation: dog of course knows that we are much more powerful than it, but because it can beg & wait for our love patiently, so it is still getting all our love even not as powerful as we are, snake tempts dog: if u eat forbidden fruit, u will have man's power/smart, no need to ask/wait on your master, u can enjoy all pleasures whenever/wherever u want: eat chicken/duck/fish/eggs/etc, drive jets to rivers/oceans to play, etc, dog of course eat the fruit.

Without a master, dog realizes that its hi-IQ & money & power can't give it what it loves the most: master's loving rub&friendship&peace&companion&protection, thus dog lonely aimlessly sadly drives its rocket in infinite universe, but its hi-IQ gave it a perfect solution: every 7 days appear on your door step & praise u & pray love from u, other 6 days enjoy the pleasures/freedom that its own hi-IQ brought it=>such dog doesn't love u at all, only love/care/serve itself=I will stay 7 dimensions away from it.

We are murdered by the forbidden fruit that we ate disobediently=Chinese had a saying: we are destroyed by our hi-IQ.

Among all the creations, only man's hands can massage=give love, only Jesus/God can love u & every creation full heartedly & selflessly.

Men are also given instinctive love toward own babies like animals are, but men's soul can learn, baby love is only a start to lead u toward loving mankind, u lead your kids to love u & mankind. If your kids don't love u & take care of u when u are needy/old, then u are a failed parent & only raised an animal.

Atheist communism will be wiped off by American honey bombs of money/women/freedom/pleasures, if we only have this 1 short life, only 1 out of 1.4 billion people can become f-minister, if u don't enjoy them when u have them then they will never come by again, the fact that Xi can resist freedom&pretty women really make me think Xi is a devoted Christian: US is expert in trapping u with money&women&freedom, only God can rescue u out of them, historically only Jesus resisted money/women/freedom traps, all good/bad heros fell into women traps including Napoleon&Hitler. Atheist communism will certainly be defeated by US temptation warfare, even with God but not 100% obedient to God, communism will still fail=>only 100% Jesus like can we resist west's temptations,otherwise, there is no reason to resist pretty women/money/freedom/pleasures=>US is expert in setting up honey traps, communism doesn't promise u anything, Marx didn't promise communists will enter eternal paradise with infinite freedom/love/beautiful flowers/women/money/universe. Let's compare Trump & Xi=If no God, selfish Trump enjoyed pretty women/freedom/luxury/wealth/golf all his life, but Xi sweats/struggles with famine/poverty/hardship/laborious farming/1.4B people headaches all his life, but both T & Xi come to the same end=dead=go into poop & disappear, so no 1 wants to be like Xi.

Unfaithful Christians also fell easily into honey traps=especially church/religious leaders can't help taking advantage of the trust of the masses to satisfy their selfish animal instincts/desires.

All hardship can be overcome except sweet pretty women=first men surrendered to the temptations of intelligence/wisdom/knowledge & fell into deadly earth cage.

Can't fire a f-minister as any other officials=US is holding a big net standing under to catch him & rushing u to push him down asap=because he is full of US' biggest enemy's top secrets=no exit for those surrendering to temptations.

No need to sympathize with journalists/spies working for US=only allow US to protect its national security but disallow other countries from doing the same.

Communists discipline their officers stricter than Vatican, of course, need do so secretly & discretely=>This is their internal affairs, not broadway show, wasteful US governments use tax money to produce dramas daily=>only drama king is popular enough to be elected as president.

Raising a loyal f minister is as difficult as raising him to heaven.

The only way to resist pretty women: love others as yourself=Think she is your daughter or sister.

To duck, only XX&XY is given life, to human, only Jesus like soul DNA is given life.

The smartest simplest enjoyable life is to carefreely play with dog in forests/rivers/gardens while dream for heaven, why complicate life by becoming a high official who has to take on the pain/troubles of 8B people, & burned by countless pretty women, & threatened by China/Russia/etc, only fools want to become president at age 80=how enjoyable will it be retiring & relaxing in Mar-a-Lago & pretty women's embraces.

It doesn't seem like cock needs master's love, is always beaten but still challenge me, but dog always beg me for love, when will cock humbly lower its ego & beg me for love? Only when it knows that it will die soon then it starts to cry bitterly=I just killed & sold it & saw it crying for the first time=no more loud noises & bullies, back to a quiet & peaceful life!

Cock's crow=men's loveless words=empty&annoying, bird's beautiful chirp has God's love=Love me because I can sing beautifully for u.

Animals doesn't love its own kids/动物不爱自己亲生的孩子
Animal mom only give love to its babies by instincts, once babies outgrow the need of mom's protection, mom starts to bully her own kids, if kids grow bigger than mom, kids will bully mom, no love & kinship among animals, kids always yield/avoid adults as avoid robbers, dare not approach food thus always starve, adults are constantly pecking on kids, even if there is excessive food for all still can't approach it if it is occupied by 1 adult, though food is mine not big hens' but still won't allow kids to get near to food, every adult chicken/duck bully the young.

The love we have for our families definitely is not from evolution because animals don't have love for each other at all.  

Chinese tradition of respect-elderly-love-youngsters is humanity, US' narcism & bullying is beasty=US is a beast, China is a man, bible name bullying kingdoms as beasts.

Man's feelings are from God, if u think we are also animals then too cruel & cold. All earth resources are occupied by beasty king=US, other countries dare not approach them to avoid being pecked.

If we follow these cruel/bullying/unfair beasty behavior then we are definitely not humane mankind=give 0 human rights to the world,stop mentioning human rights.

Beast=loveless=cold&cruel=wars&fights&competitions; Humanity=Humane=love&mercy&justice. Money worshipping capitalism transforms mankind to animals, God worshipping communism promotes humanity/human rights/humane society. Obedience foster love=Obedient dog doesn't make 1 penny but enjoys all master's love.

Animals don't have souls thus no faith, we should have faith in love=give love will be given back love! Life comes from love & thrives in love, no love no life, pain/suffering is because no love, we fully experience love/no love, & learn to give love unconditionally as our life purpose/lesson=>This is also why we are not born in love filled heaven because won't know the miserables of loveless thus fall out of love disobediently to suffer. 

Rabbits don't bully each other=God could make all animals not bully each other, but because every farmer raises chickens for eggs thus giving us lots of chances to hate bullying but love peace & friendship & kindness.

US label all software viruses & evils as Chinese made to seed & grow hatred & fear against China to justify its sanctions on China. But inside the US, u can't mention the nationality/ethnicity of criminals to avoid conflicts but openly aggressively stir up discrimination & conflicts outside of US=Double standard. Don't accuse anybody/country negatively in public or behind doors=100% Americans hate/fear communism because only bad no single good brainwash against communism.

Whenever cock is hungry it crow=loudly accuse its master is not taking care of the flock.
有爱就拥有幸福/Love give u a happy life
If your neighbor is your beloved son, his good things make u happy & proud, his bad things u ignore/forgive=thus u are happy all the time.
If u hate your neighbor, his good things drive u jealous & painstakingly to compete, his bad things angers/annoys/displeases u=thus u are unhappy all the time.
Even in earth jail, if u obediently love, u can enjoy heaven, if u disobediently hate, u are frying yourself in hell.
Examples are everywhere: If upstairs are your kids, u are not bothered by their walking noise, but if upstairs are strangers then u can't sleep.

The faithless put faith in laws: but laws are made by dumb politicians.

Everything is given by God: intelligence/wisdom/beauty/fragrance/life/freedom/good will/bugs/dirty pigs/bacteria/viruses, the only thing not given by God but u is your hatred/discrimination/prejudice/arrogance/jealousy/bad intention/murderous oppressive selfish&stingy thoughts/curses/use God's gifts doing evil/etc.

Mosquitos bite u not out of its own intention, no need care what is unintended/accidents.

hens/dogs/rabbits are living/sleeping next to pigs & cocks all day long, but they never show any signs of being annoyed by pig's stinkiness & cock's loud crowing, but u can't tolerate it at all=why don't u complain your own babies' stinkiness & crying?

If US can wage wars against countries & people on the other side of earth, neighbors inside US must have been fighting crazily, don't dream that regular Americans can remove our arrogance/discriminations/oppressions against China=don't waste resources to befriend with Americans, Americans will never befriend with China, unless u can bow down to US & let US be your master. Regardless what u do cock wants to be the master of the world=counter-sanction will also not teach US anything.

The whole universe is operated by a kind loving spiritual world=operating system, God is its brain, after u die, if u are full of good heart, your body stay in the physical world but u rise into God's spiritual world, if u are full of evil/damaging/trouble making thoughts, u won't enter God's world, which create/operate every physical being/energy/life. If u are in God's spiritual world, u will forever live among & enjoy the beauty/pleasure/love that life brings u,&u control all creations=hens/ducks/pigs/dogs/etc all 100% obey u locally/remotely/virtually/visibly/invisibly.

Your body is only a testing tube for your true self=if u are good then u rise to God's world to control all creations, if bad/disobedient, then u stay in cage to reform, u will be jailed in earth cage until u become better, earth cage is getting hotter & more & more like hell, the only exit from the cage is virtue building & replace bad with good thoughts.

Feed love to God's life seeds will create life, life matures under love then yield fruits of love.

To God, our life is just like your dad ask u to pick up drinks from store, he has sent u out to do all kinds of things in the past, when u on your way to get drinks u don't have to tangle with your past trips for salt/pepper/etc, u should only focus on getting drinks & bring it home successfully, but we treat the trip to get drinks as our whole life/all the trips & make a big fuss of this only 1 journey=>God is reincarnating/sending u to do all kinds of things, u have to prove yourself trustworthy & useful,if u drank all dad's alcohol=use all God's given talents for yourself & forget father=God won't want u anymore..

99% times God send us to deliver his love & reform ourselves: as hen give eggs unknowingly we unknowingly love our parents/kids/etc.

为啥人生来性格迥异/Why are we born with different characters=nature

According to bible, God made men in his image=so all men should be born equally perfect like God, but the reality is that newborns are more like animals than God.
Perfect men don't born on earth but heaven, only wicked=imperfect men born on earth. Yes, initially, God made every man perfectly in God's perfect image, but we were tempted & forgot God & all virtues&good things=life&freedom that God gave us, after long time of no use or conditioned rare uses we forgot thus oppressed/buried our virtues=pig hid its genes of eating bananas=recessive, only after we love/obey God again, then under God's constant reminders, can we start to reuse our virtues unconditionally=our virtues start to shine & become positive.

We are born with more or less different amount of virtues, so new borns have different characters: some born being neat/diligent/careful/humble/frugal/generous/patient/gentle, but some as Amigo is born lazy/messy/careless/proud/wasteful=no 1 good character except generous, thus God gave him a pair of handy hands & strong body & a dead poor family & 6 kids to force him to use diligent&humble & careful virtues, but till today, Amigo hasn't picked up any virtues because he doesn't love&believe in God yet.

All characters are very easy to uncover once u become obedient, everyone knows how to be compassionate, u just need to use it, once u use it then u know how. If u love God=u will be honest/humble/self-controlled/frugal/peaceful; If u love others as yourself u will be compassionate/giving/generous/careful/patient/gentle/tolerant/forgiving/etc: obedient men uncover virtues & enter paradise quicker, disobedient us still in jail till today digging gold/virtue.

Narcissists also show off some virtues momentarily, but u don't have any motivation to persist any virtues, but only learn to be a hypocrite&narcist=Actually narcissism=vanity deprive your own freedom.After u re-possess a virtue, u will use it habitually regardless how environment&condition change: Gates remains frugal even after he became the richest man. Heaven has unlimited good stuff, if no virtue of self-control, then we will all become addicts.

As long as we meet each other in earth cage=jail, then both of us are wicked, if u still brag yourself then u are too foolish=wasting a short life dwelling on your virtues instead of repent & reform yourself to get out of jail. If u still don't know what virtues u are missing, u need hurry up repent & ask=because hell is not far. Hell absolutely exist=Trouble making cock will definitely die on xmas.

Subconsciously everyone has God in their mind, but if making God's existence explicit, then more men will become saint, if u don't love God, u miss all virtues: crimes&social turmoils are non-stop & new generation is worse than older=fewer & fewer men remember the original virtues.

After a painful life we finally dig out some golden characters but all come to an end=of course can't die, otherwise, wasted all these efforts, so, we need to live on &use our uncovered virtues to save the world & teach others!

Virtues put in soul will stay with u forever, whatever u learned by muscles will disappear once u are reincarnated: the skills of fixing cars/riding bikes/etc will be gone.

品=trinity=men's character: love God above all & love others as oneself.

The more characters u regain the bigger/mature u grow, otherwise, u stuck at infancy, reincarnations is a process to grow souls,once u become perfect then u graduate from earth; If u can't become perfect after your time runs out, u enter hell.

All men in heaven=Jesus=possess all virtues, other than looks, all new borns are equally perfect no different characters.

Follow=Learn, Follow God=Learn God's perfect/selfless/agape natures. If u follow but not learn as Judas did then u can't become perfect.

Perfect freedom=no limit, whatever u think become reality, if God has to worry that u will cause troubles after u out of cage, then u are limiting God's freedom. Virtue lacking/sinful us are limiting God & others freedom=causing troubles to God & others, so we must learn to be perfect before freed.
Though u must follow God, but God doesn't need u all the time, when u are idle, if u want to check out mercury, pa, u are on mercury, if u want to fly in universe=pa, u are rocketing through stars.

Costing others' lives & freedom to buy your own freedom will definitely be punished.

Vanity can deprive u lots freedom: can't wear pajamas to go outside=always worry what others think of u etc.

Subconsciously: we want life first, then freedom, then sex, because we believe money can buy longevity & freedom & sex & everything, so we sacrifice everything to make money, by the time we made money we are too sick to enjoy money=what a waste, relying on God will get u everything.

Because u can buy guns freely in US, so US encourage people to hate & fight with each other constantly to promote gun sales & make money.

Why 90% US criminals are colored: white people like to call/use police/government to judge&criminialize them on things as trivial as a loose duck/dog.

Dog's skin doesn't emit heat, because it has fur, if its skin emit heat, then summer dog's fur coat will cook it alive, instead, fur block summer heat winter cold out, we don't have fur so our skin remove heat by sweating.

Pigs don't try new things, even don't eat strawberry, but we learn from others & will eat & try new unknown things, but if u learn from bad ideology then u abandon virtues worse than pigs. Following God is not learning from God but trying to murder God=Cock follow & kill me behind my back.

All animals live together in 1 nature: coexist with ants/mosquitos/bugs/snakes in 1 home, in heaven, u will share a house with perfect everything.

Cute white pig died of poison=body died but DNA live on forever, same exact pig maybe in many homes, your body is the same, but u don't die, switch to different bodies like changing cars.We are hostage to fear of death & poverty & enslaved ourselves unknowingly & pitifully. God sent Jesus to free us from worries & fears with Faith in God, but no use: God has a universe full of gold & power to eternity, but we just can't believe God. Then why don't change our soft heart to stone thus we will not worry & fear=Then we will not be humans with feelings/mercy/love=>as long as u have given all your love/all u have, then u have nothing to regret=I regret that I didn't love pig much, didn't even feed it water melon skin.

While alive, neighbors hate my pig very much & called cops frequently, after it died, they still call cops to make sure I locked it up in hell.

I feed pig a lot mangos & other tropical fruits, they carry lots tropical bacteria & viruses that pig are not immune to=if I only fed it local food, he won't die.

死=丧失自由能力/death=loss of freedom&power
We think death=non-existing/disappeared=>Wrong: Many invisible things exist=u can't see your dream so dream doesn't exist? your mom died!=your mom is not existing.

God made everything perfectly, things can't disappear but can evolve & deteriorate, once becoming bad then lose its freedom & power, if hang onto its perfection, it will live in 100% comfort/freedom/love=>a dead man can't move around & do anything.

100% death is 0 freedom & 0 power=once locked up in hell is 100% dead,if God removed all your freedom&power then how can u reform? No parents kill their kids if they disobey, God is no exception, God can't throw u into hell just because u ate his forbidden fruit, in God's mind: if u are alive, u should live in perfect freedom/obedience/power/love, slight imperfect man is a dead man.

Whenever dog disobeys me, I put it in cage, until it learns its lesson, then I let it out, repeated in/out cage make dog more obedient, thus less time in cage & more time outside cage.

But after we fell into cage, we are too proud to beg God to free us, but put faith in ourselves & money, in such a huge earth, money can buy me freedom/comfort. if I invest in genetic engineering, I can also live forever: so the only death need to avoid is body's death, as long as I have money & body then I can live.

But cage only has limited money, so we compete for money just as caged hens race for food, But dog show no interests to whatever luxury in the cage, but constantly cry & beg me to let it out, after I let it out, it follows me into veg garden full of foods & eat whatever it likes. Hen sometimes also jump out of cage, but scratch around & damage my garden, I have to beat it until it can't move then force it back into cage, but dog is different: first it knows it shouldn't come out, either re-enter cage on its own or follow me closely=>after u die, if u are like hen do whatever u like then u will be back to cage, but if u are like dog follow God closely, God won't put u back to cage again, actually, before u die, God already check whether u closely follow him or not=This is how I test my animals, I want them to be free/happy without getting myself sued=more obedient ones gain more freedom. NDEs/dead men actually didn't figure out anything: living & dead people are the same, NDEs only reveal the existence of paradise outside of cage, but everyone regardless dead/alive need to find the keys to exit on his own, the only key to heaven is the same for all: obey God, God doesn't ask u to follow him even if u bump into him: u have to follow God voluntarily=I never ask dog/hens follow me, but whoever follow me get freedom, whoever don't follow me stay in cage. Your temporary regain of freedom doesn't mean u have entered heaven for eternity=All NDEs are to reveal the lies on earth not your final destiny: we don't die, we only have 2 states: free or caged; NDE witnesses have nothing to do with his own quality:a saint could have NDE in hell=because God entrust him to show hell honestly to the world=Jesus went into hell first. All men are judged at the same time on the last day of world=if u are judged to die then u die once & forever=eternal prisoner, because soul doesn't die, u are either a free man or a prisoner: To the dog who is willing to follow me, I patiently train it until it 100% obey me, to the cock who has no intention to obey me, it will be forever locked up, the only time it is out of jail is when it is on my dinner plate, Disobedient men are forever slaves & never tasted true freedom.

This also explains why God doesn't strike down bad men=no need to worry a walking dead.

How to follow God closely=study/understand bible=read God's mind, & do as God want/command/ask; Don't make your own decision & judgement but ask God first in all situations=dog never act on its own decision, always check with me first, stick out its ears like antena carefully searching my commands.
Everyone has God=conscience in his heart, follow good conscience=hold God's hands to act=follow God closely.

My hens don't need to believe but see that I am existing & dog is freely playing with me, still don't obey me so have to stay in cage all their lives=>So church's teaching that as long as u believe God exist then u can live forever is not true.

But believe in God will avoid u replacing God, u need follow behind God not run ahead of God & do things on your own: Everyone loves to be Robinhood to help bullied U, but Jesus/God said peace & love is above all, so we should help U to surrender to R instead of fighting R=So we need to believe God & study bible=read God's mind.

Freed dog always ask me for love=rub/play/travel/etc, I satisfy it fully to reward its love for me.

Body is soul's cage, only when we are in rest/sleep then soul can get some freedom: so meditate to get some freedom:if all your life is meditating then why even get a body? Body is your tool to experience life=meditating/talking to God while u doing things. The sicker is your body/IQ the better because easier to break the chains & regain freedom=but we are foolishly building/securing our own chains. This also explains why God doesn't heal the sick&make earth more comfortable=doesn't make your chains more secure.

Cock doesn't want to follow master to get out of cage, because cage is its kingdom, & it also doesn't like to see its hens go out of cage=die, so cocky rulers use all kinds of means to keep u alive: the more people die the fewer people he can rule, so cock increase population by raping every woman, & develop medicines to extend men's longevity.

God made DNA can adapt/be selected by God's nature/environment: my pig would rather starve than eat bananas=>environment train/select DNA, non-tropical pig ancestors never see banana, so banana loving DNA was abandoned while evolving. DNA can heal/defend/evolve/improve/adapt/reproduce/grow/fruit itself & influence its environment=>If all trillions creations ask for God's attention, then God will be overwhelmed: physical things come & go on its own, God only personally care for souls=higher spiritual beings.
Every soul needs to be put in all kinds of family environment to experience & learn, dead folks re-unite & exchange/compare notes until we all learn & be perfect, ex: u are my mom & spoiled me, & I was crushed by failures so I commit suicide, if u can't repent while living, after u die & meet up with me, & I tell u your error, if u still refuse to repent, then we exchange roles & reborn to make u understand=we use role switching & discussing & fellowshipping to become as perfect as God, because u are me, I am u, we shouldn't treat each other differently, role switching train us to love others as ourselves, treat kids as adults because they are many generations older than u are; treat adults like kids, point out his lies honestly.

Everyone can teach u something good, God arranges u to live with everyone so u can learn to love everyone=u & your enemies of course can't cohab in 1 home: so must love everyone including your enemies to enter heaven.

Actually, before u die, u can exchange body mentally=jump into opponent's body to feel&learn.

But how come I don't know that I chose this bad family to be in, if u already knew, u won't go, based on your training needs, God finds a perfect family&body for u to accomplish your goal, whatever will happen in your life is already known to God, so gave u sturdy body to sustain abuses.

The most reasonable reincarnation should be into your own descendents=check your own parenting result, plus u are already comfortable with nature/culture environment, so most times u should spend on meditation & enlightenment instead of fighting with environment.

Then why reincarnation is not mentioned in bible:Mathew 8 says all men on earth are dead, +Jesus was reincarnating, 99% us will come&go on our own like pigs & never tasted the freedom outside of cage. If God told us we are reincarnating, then we will have less desire to get out of cage, as soon as your mom dies, u immediately look for mom in all the new borns=u will never find her because we are all the same dead dust. God as our parents full of confidence in us: after many generations' training, 1 day, we will wake up & be free.

But how come I can't remember anything from my last life including the lessons that I learned: whatever good that u have learned will stay with u forever, bad stuff are removed, if let u remember your past lives then it will completely defeat God's plan: if u were raped by him last life, this life, u 2 switch roles, won't u revenge? Anyway, we need to learn to become perfect & love everyone.

Whenever cock see master entering cage=its kingdom, then crow/attack/chase master out of cage=whenever mention Jesus, u are annoyed & feel uncomfortable: why? Jesus came to feed u love & eternal life, u should eagerly embrace him instead of being annoyed by him, worse than hens/ducks who race to welcome master's entry because they know love/food are coming. 1 cage can't have 2 masters, apparently, US replace God & became earth master, we all follow US master coming to US.

If I have some homeless kids/men, then when I go to flea market to ask for left overs I will have nothing to share because men can't give eggs or meat=>I always bring my hens/ducks' eggs to share, but men/kids give me nothing to share, I guess I can bring them to work for their food but they may report me enslave them.

Hens give egg but can't eat eggs, dog doesn't give egg but is fed eggs=Obedient ones enslave disobedient ones: in old testament, God let gentiles give gold/silver/lands to jews: eggs belong to me so I can give to whomever I like=all belongs to God, God give whatever to whomever he wants to=>of course, give the best to those who love him.

Even though many men painstakingly raise kids/dogs/farming all their lives but they learned nothing from their hard lives.

Wars open up market demands for weapons & lots military related jobs/businesses to lots people=solves government's headache of unemployment, +the re-builds of war torn countries are even more profitable=so money worshiping US is waging/investing in wars all over the earth!

Plants silently give beauty & fruit, but animals are dirty & noisy,God hide his face & sound & give love anonymously.

I put a trap to catch the squirrel who eat my food: but it ignores the tasty food in the cage but breaking its nose to get out of cage, so I let it out because I know it learned its lesson & will never steal my food again, but if it carelessly/mindlessly settle down in the trap & enjoy the bait, then I dare not let it out because it will always steal my food=>This perfectly explained my puzzle: all NDEs reported the existence of paradise, then why put us in such awful painful earth & not in paradise=We were not put in here, but chose & fell into the trap voluntarily, how can a 1f long tiny cage compare with vast universe outside, there are infinite pleasures outside of cage, we must give up every bait in earth, & pray earnestly to get out of trap=earth!

But we are dumber than pigs, completely hooked by money=bait, and completely forgot the infinite freedom/ecstasy outside of cage but happily settle down in the trap.

So God agonize & remind us the infinite ecstasy & comfort & life outside of cage with icy winter/ burning summer/natural disasters/virus/bugs/aging/diseases/death/etc=imagine throw  dead rats into the tiny cage in front of trapped rat=death/diseases/pain/suffering/dirt is every where in front of us, we ourselves also are filled with death/dirt/poop from inside out attracting bugs/viruses' bites, but we ignore God's agonizing alarms, especially when we are old/sick, we sacrifice everything to medicines & misc therapies to tightly hold onto the cage.

Then why don't I commit suicide=if u are already dead, then in/out cage doesn't matter, as long as u live, u have to give love, & paradise is the best place to live in. Those suiciders & cage/jail huggers will be put back to cage immediately to enter new borns to reschool until u see God & resist temptations & closely follow God, & understand the purpose of life & obediently give love, then God will let u out of cage to enjoy the infinite freedom/ecstasy: U have to meditate & be enlightened by God & willingly pursue the freedom/life outside of cage, otherwise, u will constantly return to cage, God won't let out reluctant believers.

Death attracts mosquitos/bugs/viruses, but God's seeds/life despise/conquer/prosper in death. Dead money attract men=money lovers are mosquitoes/flys/bugs=definitely can't enter heaven. Only men fear death, animals are not afraid of dead bodies & don't feel sad of losing its kids/families to death, plants love death=fertilizers, death is only an alarm for men to escape cage. Jesus is man's seed, prospered when planted in dead men pile.

U must be confident that as long as u are not doing evil then u don't need to worry  virus/snake/bug bits, if u died while serving/giving love to others=>God free u earlier out of cage to enter paradise to enjoy, of course u need to be careful with common sense & wear protections, otherwise u are testing God & committing suicide. Kids are also not afraid of dirt/death, moms waste a lot efforts teaching kids to be clean, why not teach kids once for all how to avoid dirtiness/death the right way & forever! All parents sacrifice everything to send kids to rich/free US=>God father sacrifice everything to send u into the true rich/free paradise.

Americans can't stand God's disciplines, so use drugs/pain killers to die numbly in cage=when u run into addicts: shame/insult & remove all his/her arrogance/pride first: no charity to addicts.

woman live&suffer long.

Invest in money only have 50% chance to make u money, but invest in love/life, will 100% return u love: even uneducated fools can raise a pair of ducks to gain thousands of returns on his love.

Follow Jesus on how to be a pastor:
Don't stay in church waiting for people to come to u, u need go out: take a staff, from home to home & tell people: I am God's servant, if u obey God's commandments=Love God more than yourself, love others as yourself, u will never die but live in paradise forever: God=bible=God's mind. When it is meal/sleep time, beg the home u are at for food/bed, + everyone is born capable to massage, so u can massage their head/neck/back/hands/feet for food/bed, use people's familiar objects to answer their questions=if he is a farmer use master/livestock etc.

According to law of conservation of mass=to get i rich, u have to give your money to me, only love can make u willingly do that=if u only love yourself then u only move money from all to u. If u work very hard all your life to make yourself rich & a president, unless u are hit by Jesus' lightening, u won't sacrifice yourself to make others rich by making laws to restrict your own wealth: China's success is only because its leaders sacrifice themselves to its people! If president & his family is the richest, then his citizens are the poorest. I admire Chinese communists as I admire Jesus' sacrifice, because I do have extreme poor families in China that I can't move them to US. Chinese are the happiest in the world: https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202303/1288231.shtml

Even though US/West is practicing narcistic culture but not everyone is selfish, actually most Americans are very selfless & loving, but a sacrificial/loving culture like communism/sharing will definitely put your heart at ease=your kids will be loved instead of being shot in schools. Subconsciously, we love selfless but avert selfish people, even if u attack Communism but u maybe a selfless good man, just that u are too reluctant to admit how good is communism: a communism country is full of love=I saw it in Cuba, but selfish us are expert in asking others to be selfless=this is why we are avoiding talking religion & politics=Tired of being asked to give u money & good deeds all the time.

Convincing others can be as difficult as let me give up my comfortable duke job, but serving God lead to eternal life & freedom, serving myself gain nothing. Visiting long estranged brothers/sisters from home to home should be more fun than play with dogs.

Body is clothe can change at will=Dirt+air+water+everything listen to God's DNA & automatically form bodies, God's programs/software run the whole universe, To God, there is no time & evoluation, everything existed at the same time perfectly, & God's software can automatically re-program themselves & still result in perfect software kids without any bugs=but we can't predicate all the behavior of our manually made software, & we have to constantly debug & fix bugs, if our software can auto program themselves, our software will be out of control & destroy ourselves. When put u into a body, God doesn't use automation, but carefully painstakingly find the perfect body&environment for u to help u grow into a big fruitful good soul, just as your mom select clothes, dad buy the first car & best school chosen by your parents for u.

Truth hurts, When Jesus point out Pharisees' hypocrisy, they said that Jesus was insulting them=so don't take people accusations seriously.

Cock treat master as enemy to attack, with its big eyes stare at master but blindly hate master=capitalists hate communism despite it is good. It loves to fight master, every morning first thing is to attack me=Evil existed from the beginning of time, but how can it overcome me, daily badly beaten but still doesn't repent.

Having kids/pets/plants can train u to be mindful & caring of others: Before, I mindlessly hastily do things, now having pets, I have to be careful & check around then close door slowly/gently to avoid killing my dog.
Scientifically & Logically: animals/plants absolutely never die:
Death is the enemy of God, constantly destroying God's lives, God of course can't stand by & watch his creations go wasted & die, God pick up dead life's DNA & put it in someone else' womb to be reborn: but why don't stop death from even touching my hen=>God want u to clearly see the disgust of death & strengthen your faith in life/God, then miraculously make my dead hen your baby hen, your dead hen my baby hen, this way, I won't get tired of the same old hen forever but always have the delight of cute new hens=God loves us so much that keep on giving us new toys=Only God's love for u stays the same old forever!
Every genome is a life, All creatures have been living from the start of life until now, men existed before physical life emerged, because men are God's angels/helpers. 

There are almost infinite combinations of hen genes, all of them were created at the same time & checked by God & made sure they are all hens not unexpected weird species. When your hen dies, God of course won't trouble himself to make another copy of the same dead hen=God's creation of hen is over, but hens can automatic mate/gene combine to duplicate themselves, regardless how they combine, no more new hen appear, all are in God's initial templates,when the dead hen die/disappear from u but may reappear alive as babies in front of me: we are riding an emotional roller coaster of loss/sad & life/delight & playing hide/seek with life.

Simply assume chicken only has X & Y gene, hen=XX, cock=XY, regardless how M&F mate&shuffle, they can only produce XX=F & XY=M, because hen gives eggs so,God made hen's copy 3 times of cock's=God's love, if devil alter God's gene replication rule & result in XXY/XXX=birth defects=death=still birth because God didn't give life to XXX/XXY, similarly, all other body features won't combine & produce anything out of God's design, billions body features recombine to form infinite number of whole hens=God has created infinitely different hens & gave them eternal life=>Similarly, all creatures are eternal.

Sex should be & is a very exciting event, nothing shameful about it, so God let all animals sex in front of u, after hen raised up her copy, u can eat her to make room for her younger self, if u eat it before she gave babies/reproduce herself, then u have fewer hens= so having as many babies as u can so that u can get exponentially expanding love=bible's 1st page ask us to have many babies, as soon as hen stop giving eggs u must eat it before it dies, because dead hen is not edible anymore=>only if u continuously give love can u not die.

Only live hen can reproduce herself, once dead can do nothing, not even its meat, so that is why stressed out lives hurry up to yield fruits/babies.

Not only hen, most animals' F # > M #=I saw it in rabbit babies, so even ancient men knew nothing of DNA but they saw this & allowed 1 man marry multiple wives, & value boy more than girl because girls are over supplied=We are not getting smarter but more backward & going extinct: After all, we are not animals, so eventually man-like animals=monkey evolved men will be extinct  by men.

Traditional Chinese must obey parents to have kids, marriage/kids bearing is the most celebrated event in one's life, nobody dare commit suicide=>never heard ancients commit suicide.

But u & i are not hen but non-physical souls, we choose our own fate, only if we want to live then can we live, God gave us desire & key to live forever=we must give love to live on.

If u are given the ability to dream, why not dream as high/big as possible, Yes, dream for eternal life in perfectly beautiful/loving Heaven, why not?

If u don't dream, once u are old/sick/poor then u are depressed & commit suicide. Pigs don't dream, otherwise, all pigs will be depressed & commit suicide, if u can't dream then u are pig.

We don't believe in eternity is because we ignore & don't believe in God's love & power.

Love creates & sustains life=Love is the soil&fertilizer&water&light&air&protection for life, without love, life will die. God's love is endless, so if u love God then u will not die; if no one loves u & u love no one, then u die: if u only love your son, if he dies, then the love that sustain your life is gone, then u are depressed & want to die, if u only love yourself, then u will be depressed & die with your body =>only if your love never dies can u live forever, everything on earth will die, if u feel lonely/depressed means u don't love God=If u Love God, u will never feel lonely/depressed, so Love God to live & be happy, Love God=obey & follow God closely as your dog follows u. If u love God, u will love & not hate/dislike anyone.

At time 0, We were born to live forever, evil tempt us to disobey God & commit suicide: death=non-existing, if u love nobody, who knows that u exist=u are dead=not existing, if u love many people, then u will be remembered by many & live in their hearts, especially live in God's heart forever=u are living forever!

Modern church=Jewish temple 2000 years ago & not the church built by Jesus=not just bring news but faith in God's love & eternal life to men.U are a church=never depressed but full of joy & faith & bring love & hope & prosperity to others. We so easily plunge into depression on losses=>Hurry up save yourself by believing in God & non-dying love & life!

U are your dogs' dictator, why don't they hate u? If u promote Democracy actually u ask dog not to listen to its master but itself=dogcracy! Free will/Free choice is also don't listen to God but i.

U must also have many dreams of being killed but not dead: ride bicycle & crash into pole but continue on riding it, chased & caught by wolves but continue on running etc.=those maybe how u died in past lives.

Chinese numbers: if u make same mistakes 3 times, u die on the 4th, & become nothing on the 5th, become devil on the 6th. 

Chinese has a saying: Destroyed by Satan on 6th day=六=kings under tomb lid=Satan=Saturday=6=snake

We are extremely grateful to Edison because he brought light into dark night, but we completely ignore/take it for granted of the free day light: if no God's day light then there will be no Edison's invention. 

Why China shouldn't meet Musk/Baiden
There are many dogs & their masters, I only care about my own dog's life: if u choose God as your master can u live on, if choose Trump as your master, Trump doesn't have the power to keep u alive forever: Who is your master=whose will that u obey: If u only follow your own will then u are your own master.
If u deny that Trump is your master, then why u follow his will=He wants to become president, so u vote him to make him one, & u join his party & praise him to everyone u met? 
The reason u don't vote Trump is because u think u are better than Trump, or u vote Baiden as your master, if u choose Jesus as master then u won't follow your own or anybody else's will.

Evolutionists assume that evolutionary trend is that animals' brains are getting bigger & smarter=>Is it true that bird is smarter than frog? Big brain human is dumber than small headed mice: God designed each creature with its own special purpose, if we are just another type of monkey then there is no need of us at all=if dog behaves like pigs then no need of dogs at all, if u don't want to be man, then u need die. We must know how to be a man: God gave us an example of man=Jesus: only if we behave like Jesus then can we become men, otherwise, we are either animals if we believe & controlled by animal instincts, or we are devils if we compete to replace God to be the president/judge/police/king/master of whole universe.

Hen starts to eat her own eggs & lost her needs to exist so must die. 

If u think u are animal then don't expect to get any respect/feelings/sympathy, but to be caged/traded/enslaved/abused/spit at/eat left over mixed with poop/pee & sleep with flys & bugs & tied up to be slaughtered or used for biological/medical experiments.

If I am Chinese leader I won't see any richest capitalist pigs=Musk or cock president, Musk didn't create a single e-car/rocket but take all the credits from his workers, because of its thick fatty skin, he shamelessly demand meetings with Chinese hi officials: if he is a man, he should bow down & submit precious gifts to China to show his gratitude=>pigs/cocks don't know gratitude at all, but Xi went to an elementary school to meet kids=a Jesus-like true man. 

Chickens also practice discriminations on skin color & ethnicities: I have white black yellow chickens, white cock doesn't bully white hens, but bully black & yellow hens especially yellow hens, & yellow hens bully white hens.

What defines who u are

When I reveal our narcissism & hypocrisy, u keep on pointing to Trump instead of u=U are really narcissistic & hypocritical & self righteous, Trump is u/us: Trump wants money/presidency/pretty wives&big mansions/etc=>don't u want the same?
Repent & admit u are in error then u can be cleansed by holy spirit, otherwise, bound by dirty spirits & sick forever.

Because u are controlled by your wish, so it is your wish not your body defines who u are: if u are born a man but wish to be a woman then u undergo trans gender surgery to become a woman, if all u wish is amass all the IQ & power & money & women in the world=u are a piggy cock, if all u wish is to sacrifice yourself to save everybody else=u are Jesus,etc.

Can't control my cock, I really want it die fast=To stubborn cocky men, God also want them die fast.

If u marry a cock u will have bad lucks&disasters, better stay far away from cocks<=when I hit my cock, it tries to dodge & always crush those next to it: instead of escaping from cocky men&trouble makers, we beg him to be our president & follow him closely=> we are running into more & more disasters.

Oppositely, if u follow Jesus closely then u will always have good lucks=resurrection & diseases & defects free;I always remember to water/fertilize beautiful roses, those next to it also get my love.

If we always deal with AI/machines, gradually we treat everything as machines=>industrialization convert west&japan to cold hearted killers.
But the egg/meat/love producing machines that God gave us can cry/beg/tears to touch our heart, if we don't love them we will not get their love.
We are fools: only by removing all automation & return to manual farming can we hope to live.
Fast vehicles go nowhere but run in circles in a jail=everything is meaninglessly moving in circular cage without going anywhere: God's hurricane/flood/earthquake can relocate a continent, why need our ant-like transportation?

God master defines joy/anger/sadness/happiness & provide everything to satisfy all those emotional needs=>Man master defines AI's right & wrong, & we will never create troublesome needy emotional AI that mirror us.

If bad bugs represent hatred & sin, but new born babies haven't done anything evil, why bite him: hate/abuse/sin against 1=hate/abuse/sin against all, 1 man sinned all men are punished=we are 1 man.

Heaven must not have any mosquitos=God won't make mosquitos to bite himself, Heaven must have hens giving eggs, mosquitos & hens are God's messagers: If u want to be egg giving hen then u will enter heaven, if u want to be people biting mosquito then u can't enter heaven.

Body's resurrection is determined by God, u/soul's resurrection is determined by u: only if u want to follow God/Jesus can u live forever: because hen doesn't follow/obey me, so I can only put it back to cage to suffer, but dog follow/obey me all the time so I let it out of cage & go inside/out of my room & go anywhere I go: it doesn't need do any work, but play hard, I see it love playing in water, so I hike hours to bring rivers to it, to make it healthy I feed it duck eggs daily, pig can also follow me, but when pig sees good food/money/women then it forgets & runs away from me, so I can't let pig out of cage=Solomon is God's dog: God gave him a new woman everyday to sleep with, David is God's pig=David forgot/ran away from God when he saw a pretty woman so he was put back to pigsty being slaughtered.

Disobedient kid brought death to all families, obedient Abraham brought salvation to all, so Obedience is Chinese top priority, Obedience to parents=Obedience to God, so Chinese culture is a God obeying/loving culture, West/US culture is a God disobeying/hating culture.

If u can't see God=Your arrogance blind your spiritual eyes.

Washington DC=Washington Debt Ceiling

Western media is judging/judgmental on every country & man: R is the bad guy so we all should beat up R. Growing up in BBC/Western news will make u a judge on God & all God's creations.

Was working in a customer's home, background is fox news: call Russians+Chinese+Iranians enemies&Access of Evil=>No wonder my neighbors hate me & discriminations on Asians are all over US: But only China bought 20b US treasure in March when SVB bankrupted & financial crisis is looming: Why didn't US tell its people about such Chinese kind acts: US is like paranoia psychoes or Meth addicts treat everything as enemies.

Democracy means 332m people should have 332m opinions, but oppressed to have only 1 thought= Hate Chinese, which country is practicing dictatorship?

Sacrifice for God will be forever remembered:Matthew 26:6–13, very expensive oil may cost Mary's life savings=Mary's sacrifice will be forever remembered.

We train AI only to love me/serve me/make money for me=1 way love, but u train kids/pets to love u & u love them=2 way love, God gave us billions creatures to train us to love each other, but we don't get God's point & don't want to be trained to love each other, but focus on making AI just to love me.

What is the purpose of making man=what is the purpose of making hen=if hen achieved her maker's purpose, then God will make her live & reincarnate forever to give eggs & meat: I have a f duck, no matter how I spank her, she always run into neighbor's yard & doesn't give me eggs, either, so for no reason, she quickly fell dead=she became a useless trouble maker, so God took her back & maybe she will perform her duties in a different household=>Man's purpose/use: give love to everyone we met: if u achieve your maker's purpose, then u won't die, & will be used by God to give love to people forever. U shouldn't waste your life to pursue your previous lives or your ancestor tree just as dog won't do, God wipe off all our memory on previous lives, only keep our good loving heart to perform our this life's mission, because u only need a good loving heart to achieve your maker's purpose in any life, nothing else is needed: if your dog keep on running away to look for its previous life's owner, then it won't fulfill its duty toward u, & become a useless dog, if all creatures are like human pursuing useless life wasting stuff, then the world will become ridiculous.

While watching hens faithfully fulfill their purposes but we don't know our purpose=worse than pigs=feel really ashamed of ourselves.
Then why let hen age & die & stop giving me eggs: if u love your hen, it will give u infinite hens to feed u & all your descendents=>but AI can't reproduce.
Hen never complains its awful living conditions & flee to US  for better life for herself, even under life long abuse imprisonment, it still give u eggs/meat: shouldn't we be the same: if government doesn't let us live, then we die young to be put in somewhere else to give love.
Why give me kids with birth defects: sick kids force u to fulfill your purpose: Evil is constantly destroying God's creations, who doesn't get ill? when u are ill, u of course want to be loved/cared for=sick kids force u to do what u need to.

If u are suffering, Chinese think that u caused troubles in your last life, & u are paying back what u did in your last life: very reasonable.

Spring rains a lot & weather is nice, without u laboring much, seeds can easily sprout, but as soon as summer comes, rain becomes rare/dry & hot & lots bugs, as soon as life sprout, it dies of thirst/heat/bug bites, so summer is not a good time for new life, & but need u work hard to water/remove bugs from lives to keep them alive=>this answers the question: why give us harsh winter/summer/bugs/pain=only if drowning in the oppression of evils can we seek life, if every moment is as pleasant as beautiful spring, then there is no need to seek life savers=God, we will never know our life saving master exists.

Harsh conditions is a materialization of hatred: haters actually hate self=if u hate your neighbors, everything of your neighbors is like mosquito harassing u non-stop, tolerance is actually a love to haters so u can co-exist peacefully & comfortably with others=love invaders/abusers then u won't hurt yourself to fight with them: dog hate leash, but once get used to it, it doesn't even feel that it has leash on: animals never worry bugs/snakes but love to play in tall grass=men always bother ourselves with non-sense.

If everyone wants to be CEO, then we can't combine people's power to do big things, Chinese state owned big companies are doing miracles across the world because not everyone wants to become CEO & establish his own company, thus many man power can be united to achieve miracles. The motives of becoming a CEO in US is greed: a CEO can make 20M/year, a worker can only make 30k/year. West can't tolerate but constantly attack collective power: BBC accused Putin used 20 years to wipe off opponents & concentrate power to himself=it sounds that Putin is very bad, but if Putin didn't combine power then Russia will be like ex-Soviet dissolved & disappeared, which is really what west wants: so be content of being a lowly worker.

I noticed that Chinese news also learned US style: report bad news in US, from Chinese news, I learned gun violences & discriminations. US news is cock's crowing too unpleasant to listen to.

Palestine/Israle is different from RU, it won't satisfy US & IS even if P surrender to Is, P has to completely vanish; if U surrender, nothing of U changes except a different president; That is why natives died & vanished in US=who is committing genocide?

Today, without any reason, I wanted to check dog leash & noticed that his neck buckle is hooked onto chair hole & pinned him to chair in a position inviting me to rub him, which I would never suspect anything wrong, he has been pinned for last 16 hours, poor dog=>a spirit led me to save my dog.

Dog always sleep on the left side=so I followed dog's way & sleep very well.

In China, money is not as powerful as in west, because u can't buy private island/air field/pier/etc, because chinese population is too big, all resources have to be shared, so corrupted officials have to hide their money instead of enjoying it.

Dog's 2 rear legs can rotate in opposite directions independently to achieve maximum shake-off of water: amazing design, we can never think of dog's such need & design for it.

Why God absolutely exists & is living:
Because U are existing and living, so your maker=God must be existing and living,otherwise who made u existing & living? Life has existed for 4b years, so God must be 4b years old.

God give u ability to think, of course, can see all your thoughts=>God knows everything of yours=>just as u know everything your APP does.

All men have been living & undergoing training, according to your quality, u are put in different dimensions, if no improvements, u have to die, at this end days, if we are still on earth is a very bad thing because we have been taught for 6000 years without any change, now is the last chance, if still no change then no chance to live<=because this is how I train my animals, obedient ones will let live, disobedient untrainable ones will die to save me troubles. All men must be created at the same time to enjoy all the training opportunities because if u have 10 cows why spare 5 & leave them idle?
U are also given choice: u can choose lower dimension to relive: because if u want to jump to higher dimension, u can choose to relive lower dimension=return earth to suffer & repent & love & teach, so your kids can be your ancestors, often our kids teach us honesty & compassion.

Faith is mutual, if u don't trust God, then God won't trust u, God give u super power to manage his creations/kids, if u are like cock, regardless how many spanks u have suffered u can't learn, then no use to keep u, only obedient/reliable ones can survive: old cock will be killed by young cock, bleed to death, save u effort of capturing & killing the cocky ones.
Need many lives to gain God's trust, but love is one way & unconditional, regardless how bad are u, u are deeply loved by God.

Everyone is born with an inspiration to die for a great ideal: country is big; world & mankind is bigger, but the creator of universe is the biggest, so die for God is the greatest & highest ideal: that is why Chinese all want to join communist party to die for the highest calling, US' ideal is blocked by money & narcism, only want to die for a tiny i.

It is good that dead body fall off from u, otherwise, u will suffer the rotten & eaten of your body by bugs & bacteria=>If God can remove your body from your soul, God of course can let your dead body stick on u forever=>whatever God thinks becomes reality: want u live then u live, want u become a pig then u become pig, want u sick in pain then u are painful.

After give dog a lot of love, dog become very obedient=>grateful ones are teachable, cock never become grateful, so cock will die for sure. Cock is the accurate modelling of pharisees: hostile to its master=Jesus, looking for chances to attack Jesus, when Jesus is among people Jesus has to watch out attacks by cocks, all other chickens have to watch out for cocks' attacks too: nobody can control cock. 99% us are cocks: atheists=I am my own master/religious leaders, narcistic/proud/egoistic/self-righteous/rich successful stars are all cocks: impossible to teach, only God can take care of cocky ones. 
The weapons that US donate to U are all from tax money=all Americans are supporting wars.

Not everyone can join communist party, u have to meet very high standards=u have to be the best overall: the most hardworking/selfless/honest man, & recommended by strangers from different social classes whom u have helped. In US, no qualifications needed to join any party/churches, even if u don't want to become a member they will drag u in=Why isn't God dragging u into heaven & share his heaven with u even when u don't want his heaven?
After u become a communist, if u are caught cheat/steal/corrupting, then u lose your party membership, but US never kick u out of any party, even corrupted angels in heaven were kicked out of heaven.

America is very free in that u join as u wish=>can heaven be entered as your wish? U can't even join a university or company as u wish, free religion is meaningless, all are welcomed to popularize church leaders.

Japanese worship man as God, so became as cruel as Nanjing massacre. If different God made u & me=different parents gave birth to u & me, then of course, I will abuse u but nice to my own brother, but the truth is that we all came from 1 God & 1 parents=Adam/Eve, so we are all siblings=1, abuse/rob u = abuse/rob me, because everyone is me, so I can feel your pain when I abuse u, otherwise, racism/discrimination is unending, in today's last day world, we even kill our own parents. 

I haven't heard anything about chinese stars that migrate to west: it is not easy to be famous in west, because too many weeds=everyone wants to be star & choke u, Chinese suppress weeds to give u ample space to grow & become star.

According to bible, righteous man are good man in our thinking, nobody but God is Good, righteous man doesn't think&do evil: righteous Joseph wanted to disengage with Mary quietly after knew that Mary has slept with somebody else, if Joseph is evil, he would of course have publicly  humiliated Mary=>Western media is revealing others' dirt publicly  all the time=>western media is EVIL!=if u want to be righteous, stop shaming others publicly, only talk to him alone in private.
Public criticism is like cock's crowing, really annoying, & it crows the most when master show up= publicly criticize God?

All hollywood ww2 movies shame soviet soldiers but make western heroes very nice: every communist is a devil=West is a big cock.


How not to worry
Because neighbors keep on reporting me to government, whenever I go to mailbox, I am worrying that a citation is waiting for me to remove all my kids, if ticket is really there, then I lose my mind & can't do anything but consumed by worries, how to save myself out of worry & fear:

Imagine in my life journey: God put a husband on my path & let me love him but I didn't obey, so God took him away to give others to love;

Move on, God gave me plants to plant & learn, Ok, I obeyed;

Move on, God gave me animals to raise & learn, Ok, I obeyed, after some time, God ask me to give them up & move on to something else=>Once I think this way, my worry subside: It is time to return God's animals back to God, let God take care of them, I will reunite with them in my dreams without any work: Too many animals/plants/neighbors/officials/police to worry about=>God is freeing me up from my worries!

Thank neighbors/officials remind me that I am loving my kids more than God: whatever we give up will return to God to be perfectly cared for=no need to worry for what is in God's hands: ex: lost husband married a wife who loves him & gave him 2 kids & a happy family, & I got life long freedom & relaxation=it will be really sad if I am enslaved by kids like my sister is: it can't be as easy as losing a pig when losing a kid.

Everything belongs to God, I am only given them to learn from them, as long as I can live, they will forever live with me

Can't force out honesty & love:
If u are policed/forced to be honest, then u are still a thief=as soon as u get a chance u will cheat/steal, if u are willingly to be honest & love God then u are not a thief anymore: even given chance u won't steal. 
If u don't believe in God but money & i, then u must be a thief=use every means to gather money, no reason & need to be honest.
If 100% faith in God=God will look after u then there is no need & reason to steal, even nobody is watching, u won't steal.
All my life, I am an expert cheater, when young, I stole toys/food from little friends, even after I joined communist, I stole bicycles, after came to US, I stole a marriage=I noticed that it is much easier to cheat Americans because they like to trust Asians, after I became a believer, I start to love honesty&God more than money=I stop bargaining with contractors, generously pay their asking prices, amigo is dumb & forgetful, but I don't steal him 1 penny, I pay full price instead of discounted friend's price when he fixes my car: I hate to waste time & mind on money, I don't worry about poverty=as long as I rely on God, then God will provide, also it is comforting to see poor migrants' smile on receiving my money: it is not easy for them to make money, & I don't lack money so I need to be generous.

Willingness to be honest/righteous originate from honest faith=because I know God 100% living/honest/faithful=keep his words=honest/obedient men will be given heaven but disobedient dishonest men will be given hell: so even if I lose my life to obey won't matter not mention losing my animals.

U only need to make sure your faith is concrete/tangible/honest/trustworthy/reliable, fake superstitions/religions don't give u a reason to be good=Budha is already dead & can't see u good or bad, but my God timely reward/punish me based on my behavior=if u notice that God is ignoring u, then u haven't used your obedience & honesty attracted his attention.

Dog can't change its instincts=animals can never voluntarily do good, no soul & faith to change dog to a good man.
But honest reliable faith can change a bad scoundrel to a saint=can resurrect dead men.

Christianity is a true honest incorruptible faith, true Christians will be like 12 apostles sacrifice lives for faith.

Communism is not a faith but God's order=love others as myself=people is its base/foundation/constitution/core/service/protection & love, it doesn't have anything for u to believe=Atheism, but order u to obey, if u don't u can't be a member & become an official, nothing of u has changed once u become a communist=u don't change a thing after joining fraternity, as long as conditions arise, u will corrupt, gang of 4 can never become 4 angels.

Only faith in God can chase demons out of u, can convert slave masters to willing slaves.

Capitalism=money is its base/foundation/core/service/constitution&love=materilism=no faith in God & eternal life but faith in money: if I lose my money & kids I will go crazy/suicide= can't coexist with others peacefully fighting for money/materials non-stop=100% disobedient to God. Communist's materialism=trying to defeat capitalists' use of God's name as cover ups, is honesty seekism. 

Godism=God is the base/core/foundation/center/constitution of everything=100% obey/love God, God controls the destiny of everything=karma=your every thought/word/deed will be judged sooner or later.

Godism is correct: because it is true that God creates everything & God is the center of everything.

True Christian is also a good communist, but good communist may not be a Christian=who knows what u do behind doors.

Once u believe in God, u hate anything dishonest/fake/empty/ugly/dark, but love/pursue & become a honest/practical/grateful good man, volunteer to serve others with all your life;

Once u believe in God, u are filled with compassion/sympathy/consideration for others/good-heart, u can always stand in others shoes to help others: ex: Chinese understand & forgive philiphine's betrayal & travel to them to clarify the truth that has been meddled by US.

Once u believe in God, u are humble & cautious, regardless how successful u are, u won't replace God to judge/sanction/punish other countries.

As soon as u lose faith in God, u lose good conscience & become a bad man, if 100% unfaithful, then u become cocky devil=hurt master & people all the time.

Good heart is your savings for heaven=no good heart, no qualifications to live=die. 
The more faith u have, the more good heart u become, faith increases your quality, once u are 100% faithful, then u become perfect Jesus=God=the infinitely powerful master of the whole universe & heavens.

Only if u are 100% faithful to God can u become a good man to enter heaven, otherwise, u can't become a good man=u will die for sure.
Faith in money definitely will send u to hell, once u love God, u won't love money, if u still fight for money u will die with money.
Once u believe in God, u don't care what u lose=as Job, losing all his kids/belongings & health doesn't matter!
If I am upset of losing my animals, then I am not 100% faithful, not qualify to enter heaven.

Everyone subconsciously believe in God, only a matter of degree, if we made God's existence apparent, then of course our faith can be enhanced & sped to become a good man, if deny God's existence, then weakens our willingness to become a good man but speed us to become  bad men: After Darwin used science to approve God's non-existence: West immediately became conscienceless cold hearted beasts to colonize/enslave the whole world, God's name is used only as a bait & cover up for them=if u believe in God u dare not invade/hurt/trade God's kids=can u scam under Lincoln's name?

Communism didn't force u to deny God, but force u to blindly obey God=serve others whole heartedly & do good: I don't know why I should do good, as long as it is party's command then I must do it=blind faith in God actually.

Once u believe in God, then u know why u are doing Good, ex: Why should I help this widow, if I don't, God will put me in the same situation as hers to be neglected by the whole world; +God is watching & judging me: if I help her I will be rewarded for sure.

When your kids ask u: why can't I cheat/steal, others keep on stealing my stuff, why can't I steal theirs? Why should I be a good selfless man? => How will u answer them? if u say because u need be good to enter good schools then kids are brought up to be hypocrites=just to show off to others to do good.

Everything depends on your faith to God=your happiness/freedom will increase with your faith; your depression/sadness/worries will decrease with your faith=even when u are still in earth jail u still can enjoy heaven's pleasure if u are faithful.

Forcing always achieve the opposite especially in a narcissistic culture. Because everyone born to love God=beauty/frangrance/peace/happiness/freedom/love/etc, & born to hate evil/abuse/rape/pollution/etc: in 90s, Chinese quickly industralized & caused a lot pollution, they envy US' beauty & cleaness, so they gave up their inherited homes to trees.
God let u experience good/bad to strengthen your born faith, if u are thoughtful & smart, u will learn: when I am obedient & good I am happy/worryfree, when I am disobedient & bad, I am miserable/depressed/fearful/suicidal: So I must obey God.
Communists don't know God exist, but we all know good/bad, so communists obey Goodism=Godism, as long as u join communists not for selfish reasons but out of your born goodness, u will be a good communist, otherwise, u will be a corrupted communist; Every church goer is for myself=so I can live on, No church goers is to sacrifice my whole life for my neighbors=so every church goer is a hypocrite. 
Only after u experience a bad stepmom, can u obey love others as myself=love others' kids as my own kids=>Only when u believe in God can u obey God, otherwise, u are insensitive/death to every experience & repeat the same mistakes/abuse step kids/etc=no hope to be resurrected

So how to be a good man?
1. Believe in God; 2.Read/understand bible; 3. Use life experiences to verify bible's honesty & reliability=when u are good&obedient, u feel the best & u are loved the most, when u are bad, u lose sleep, stressed out, fearful, provoke wars all over the world, lonely, suicidal; 4.voluntarily to be good/obedient from inside & out.
Even if u don't have bible to read, because u are born with faith in God, just follow your conscience & life experience to obey=>that is why communists obey without knowing God exists=>If the whole world is faithful communists, then the world will become heaven!
Even if your parents spoiled u, but your rich life experience can uproot u from hell to heaven: u need open up your mind/world to live among lowly piggish commoners to understand God, if u only stay in country clubs then u lose your chance to survive=even Jesus gave up heaven but came down to earth/hell to live among prisoners.

If u don't believe in God, u can't become a good man, because no reason & need to.

The only qualification of join communists is to believe in God, by belief in God can u prevent corruption/gang of 4, & become LeiFeng/Zhong/Den/Xi, & make Communism like Jesus live on forever.
How to glorify communism=read/study/obey bible!
Even if capitalists believe God but can't become a good men=must first give up all our wealth to live.

Churches only force out hypocrites/capitalists/democracy=make people hate & scared of dictator God.
How to make a man believe in God: honestly love him: u believe your parents' God because their love convinced u that their God is good, ex. if u work honestly hard at work not for money & positions, your colleagues/bosses will ask u why, u answer: God, then they will believe in God.

If u are Christian, u need to glorify God with your actions, otherwise, u are disappointing God, & u are making people lose faith in God, it is better that u didn't tell people that u are a God believing Christian/Jew/Muslim/etc if u run for office, because u are losing God's face & using God's name to steal money/power for yourself: Christians must show master Jesus' image, Jesus never run for office/participate in politics/never support democracy, so if u vote/run for office/support democracy then u can't be Christian, communists are very honest: never cover themselves up with God's or Jesus' name.
A bully hen always bully a limping hen, one day, she got her legs hurt, too painful to even reach food, not mentioning of running for food/money/bullying others, helplessly being bullied/raped by cock, if I had the power to remove its hurt, I won't, because it doesn't have a soul to repent, once I heal her, she will resume her bully=If God see u repent after your painful experiences, God will heal & resurrect u!
Why I can't see my master?:
If I have a master, why he doesn't come out & take care of me?

Can't you see that beautiful earth has been trashed, if let us all enter heaven, heaven will end up like earth=ruined. Men live by conscience=God in your heart, if u can motivate yourself to 100% obey=selfless love others without anybody knowing then can God put u in heaven worry free, otherwise, u will ruin God's house.

So men's master is invisible=intentionally invisible to let u show your true self=are u choosing obedience/life/heaven or disobedience/death/hell without God watching u! 

If your kids are obedient with/without u, then u can leave them home alone worry free, the more kids u have the more disagreements/fights have they, everyone must be 100% obedient to co-exist while home alone, God has infinite kids, everyone must be like Jesus to enter heaven, otherwise, 1 Hitler can start star wars.

Every action must ask myself: is it for others or for myself/peace or fights?
Even if u don't know God exists & are not a Christian, but everyone has conscience: my superstitious grandma always asked me to have good conscience to love her; Non-Christian natives have good heart so they helped foreign invaders survive harsh new land,but Christian invaders killed & robbed whole Americas/earth, till today, treat natives as 2nd class citizens.

If orphans can be like LeiFeng=if communists can love the whole earth under Atheism=This is true obedience.

Capitalists clearly know God exists but cold-heartedly oppress/rob the whole earth=This is true disobedience=Devil

Bible doesn't say as long as u believe God/Jesus exist then can u enter heaven, bible only say u must be as obedient as Jesus=Love God/Good/Life above all & love others as yourself: if u only do good for others to see then u will be punished severely as hypocrites, God want u to obey inside & out/with&without knowing him watching u.

Love money=death: will die for sure.

If we are obedient, we won't sit on front porch drinking beer & default on our rent/mortgages while others are busy working & paying for our living expenses=taxes/charities/donations: lazy/narcissistic poor men are not good men=bankrupt from inside and out. Money lovers like to invest=use money to make money, but non-money loving good man use his hands&head work very hard to give love, if u only talk without practicing then u are not good man because every one of 12 apostles performed miracles & healings, even if u are not given miraculous power, yet u can work to love others.

Your soul's quality is from your training.
Though everyone is born with good heart, but twisted by bad men & lost it: the top guilty teacher is your parents: Xi's parents are selfless communist leaders, Trump's dad is a super rich landlord. When u were young, u are 100% influenced by your parents, once u grow up u are very difficult to be uprooted from parent's influences, may need to reincarnate a few times by good parents. If your parents are Good/selfless/kind as God then u are walking toward life, if your parents are selfish/competitive/narcissistic then u are walking toward death. Regardless u believe in Buddhism/communism, as long as u are truly obedient & don't damage God's house can u enter heaven, believe in God but destroy God's creations=God's hard work=definitely can't enter heaven=>will u let robbers move into your house?

Only 100% peaceful/good/selfless kid can enter heaven, otherwise, after u come back home, only 1 alpha kid is living & singing praises to u=U will enrage & set the whole house & the trouble maker on fire: why let him live forever?

Apply good heart to everyone/everything, even if u don't know God exists, u will enter heaven!

If God can create creatures 100% obedient by instincts, then God has no reason to give us free will: If u were God, won't u make everyone 100% obedient to u, making men is really trouble making for himself, but since God already made us, then has to be responsible for us: so God uses every means & sacrifice everything to make us alive, if we abuse free will & choose evil then our body will be removed=we can only dream of doing bad without actually doing it.

When pig is blocked by peer from food, it asks me for help, when bullying pig sees me raising stick immediately yield food to others=very like us, as soon as pigs hear me coming out they pray earnestly: give me some love, but bad smell repel me=too dirty to give love. Pig is smart in that it understands u better than all other animals.

Universe is in dynamic equilibrium=the same amount of matters after many years' transformation is still the same amount =day1: u made 10 statues, day2: 10 change to 9 new statues, day3: 9 change to 12 new figures, millions years later, u still have 10 statues=condense universe into 1 day: your body is changing between plants/animals/poop continuously, God's goal is to let all matters controlled by good soul: all emit beautiful/kind/positive/good/loving energy without any evil energy & odor. 

By Matthew 5:42: should I rent my house to bad guys: stop paying rent once he moves in & sue me to government to get compensations=God doesn't allow bad guys into his heaven, but my house is really not mine but God's, if renter can love & be grateful to me as my brother does, then even if he doesn't pay me rent I shall accept that=I think I should be obedient & leave God to punish bad guys because it is not my house=Unconditional selfless obeying is very difficult to do=>always looking for excuses.

If u don't pay debt/rent/break contract/etc=u are not trustworthy=liar/scammer: Trump constantly use bankrupcies to scam crediters=US laws encourage u to be Trump=as long as your company declare bankruptcy, then its stock holders lose all their investments, but company founders can continue enjoying luxury with your money in many Mar o Lago manors, while honest employees can't afford housing. Sadly, we are willing to be cheated because we believe that is how we can become Trump-like rich men.

Don't do anything with men with low credit scores=scammers=unreliable: don't rent house to him, don't be hired by him, don't hire him, don't befriend with him, don't marry him, I strongly support Chinese government's honesty ranking system on its citizens=force u to be honest=US was attacking this as human rights violation=US is forcing Chinese to give scammers rights to cheat=pressure democracy onto communist so that robbers/thieves/scammers can become Chinese citizens' masters & mess up the whole country.

US scammers use your tax money to hire free lawyers to defend them & occupy & destroy your house forever!=whole US is hiring attorneys to cheat each other, government wants u to fight in court daily to keep them paid: a simple common sense case can cost 100 lawyers & judges & years to fight: It took FDA 40 years to realize lasik damages eyes. Don't let scammers be your customer=if u want to make money off a scammer=see u in court like Huawei/Tiktok=it is better to cut off connections with US completely, otherwise, u spend all your life in court & jails.

Credit card companies drag u into their cards all the time, pressure u to borrow & consume excessively, trap u with high interests when u miss a payment; churches & politicians use Jesus' name to cheat.

Habakkuk 1:11
Then they sweep past like the wind and go on- guilty people, whose own strength is their god.

Salt is money in ancient times, but salt can kill soil & all lives.

Among all animals, only cock can attack its master, even dog never dare bark at its master.

After 8 years living in China, these are the 8 reasons why I still don’t want to leave!
Other than Cock doesn't recognize its master, actually, Cock is a very good husband & dad: never first to eat but wait for women/kids to eat first, bravely protect its families, work hard to find food for its families, follow rules very well: never jump the fence, because it is very big with a heavy head & need to watch out constantly, so it is walking unevenly & nervously like a nervous wrack on a battle ground, it sings hymns on time=if it doesn't know who is its master, then not sure to whom it is singing hymns for=maybe just command its master to get up & work. His excellence has no use to me because it is I who take care of his wives & kids, because he can't recognize me=his master, thus always block me from loving&caring my hens&chicks, &always disobediently invade/rape/discrimate outsiders, so I don't like him at all regardless how responsible he is. Good man=man who recognizes & obeys God & doesn't interfere with God's business=not play God/master. Cock = stoic religious/secular alpha males/leaders, & worship non-existing hypocritical masters but boss around the real master=God.

Male duck not only have all cock's excellences but recognize & obey its master: all male ducks work together to help me punish their disobedient mom+wives, it doesn't crow, it uses graceful dances to invite females to bed, even if a family has multiple males, they don't fight for kingship but co-exist peacefully.
Duck=鸭=Good bird=master recognizing&obeying bird is good, thus given fly/walk/swimming super powers.

Plant=3D,animal walk on 1D but see 3D, if u act without vision then u drop to 0D=blind will crash & die, furniture/money/dead stuff=0D, the better are u the higher is your dimension/freedom, perfect Jesus=360D=infinite freedom: u are changing roles between animals & angels experiencing different dimensions; When u follow good men u go up to higher D, follow bad men fall down to lower D=become a frog on the bottom of a well with a narrow closed ignorant mind having partial/biased/wrong/blind view of everything:the other half of soul = consciousness/understanding is all wrong if following wrong ideology, eventually, u will drive yourself insane:poop money eating capitalistic pig can't spill out ivory.

Only good men has wisdom, bad men only has tricks/magic art/scams, if u want to gain wisdom, u must learn to be a Jesus like good man first. If a man is wise then he must be a trustworthy selfless good man, if u have to pay to get advice from a monk then he won't have any wisdom for u, paid fortune tellers must be liars, like love, wisdom can't be bought with money, the best wisdom is obedience to God=Abraham & Jesus are the wisest men.

Bad men mis-interpret the same bible: pressure the whole world to become my slaves & only serve i.

Communism output great good men like Mao&Xi, Capitalism output scoundrels like Trump.

Before listen to anybody, must know he/she is a good man & loves u, don't ever listen to a stranger/bad/hateful man's words. Even if a stranger is preaching bible to u, if he doesn't love u, don't listen to him.

According to Luke 19:7-9: how to claim yourself to be a believer: u immediately give up half of your possessions to the poor, repay 4 times to the men u cheated=finite price buy invaluable eternal life is a very good deal=u don't mind giving up everything of yours, right?

When I was enjoying beautiful gardens I was worrying that pigs can escape cages=Since God gave u life, God must be worrying u all the time=who knows what kind of troubles we can cause him, if pigs die & don't exist anymore then my worries cease, but God love us too much to kill us=as long as there is .00001% hope to save u, God will not give u up.

$ is the mark of end of world=if u don't make/use/serve $, u can't survive, whose mind=forehead doesn't think/mark with $?

Bookworms come to US for academics, uneducated start work early to learn & innovate more practically, so even if all college grads come to US, China still can develop very fast.<=do some farming is better than college education.

Use treats to make your kids/dogs to obey u: it is very hard to put leash on dog, so I wave treat at it, it fully focus on the treat & let me do whatever I need, after I put leash on it, I put treat back to my pocket=No need to reward it for its disobedience,after we are back home then I judge reward/punishment by his performance=>Wave toys/favorite things at your kids to make them study/work hard, after they finish, withdraw your treats, if they argue, u answer: u should be grateful that I didn't spank u for your disobedience=>Dog is much easier to raise than men: because dog accept whatever u do to them, never question/argue with u & forever trust u: Dog found some goose eggs, I stole them from it & hid them, Dog knew that I took its eggs but not upset at me. After we die, God judge our rewards/punishments.

Everything is in God's hands, God gives to u whenever he feels like, who said God has to give u the heaven waving at u? All rewards have to be earned by our deeds.

Like love, obedience doesn't need a reason & is blind=u do whatever u are asked to without ever questioning the commander. Love creates blind faith/wisdom/obedience=so u must fall in love with the right man, otherwise, bad man cover your eyes up & push u & all your descendents down cliff: Adam loved Eve more than God, so obeyed Eve & took us all to labor camp.
As soon as hens/ducks/pigs see me they rush to me, busy waddling clumsy ducks straighten up quickly after being stepped over really made me laugh, if they ignore my existence, then I will be very sad=all my love/hard work are wasted. As time goes on,they love & rely on u more and more. In a loving marriage, 2 people will grow into 1, & not possible to divorce, if 1 or both don't give love, then will divorce. If we can fall in love with real dirty pigs=u can fall in love with anyone in the world.

Animals are your slaves & u are their slave master=u make money from them without paying them.

My animals initially were very afraid of me=their new slave master, gradually, they see me is a good master, now they love&follow me every where I go. There are only 2 masters in universe, if u let kids follow selfish capitalistic master, they will follow it into hell, if u let kids follow good master/jesus then they will follow him to heaven. Selfish men usually divorce & abuse others' little girls to be saved=It is abusers/bullies/invaders/living that need to be saved not the abused/bullied/invaded/dead=married with kids/rich high IQ men need to worry not single without kids/poor low IQ men.

If dog 100% obeys me, then I can take it to any places/events: work/parties etc=>If u obey God 100%, then God can take u travel between 0-360D, otherwise, can only take u to certain places.

When u are in 3D u can see everything clearly in 2D: The more Godly/good/wise are u the higher dimensions can u get on=Xi can see Belt & Road/1 shared fate of all mankind, US can only see US' interests. Wisdom bring u to higher D, IQ can only oil/hurry up your body on the same/lower D=circle:criminals are smarter than commoners, low IQ men can't commit crimes.

Every church goers are encouraged to be missionaries to bring more men into churches: because salaries & church expenses need to be paid by members' donations, the more men go to churches then the more money can they collect=Church is built on money=Christiananity is built on money, for money, Christianity is spread all over the earth, to serve 1% rich owners, even if the whole earth become Chritians, there won't be many true Christians, because believers are much easier to manage than non-believers=slave masters all want slaves to become believers=as long as u easily believe without any sacrificial/painful good deeds u will enter heaven=Cock sings praises loudly next to my ear all day long, the more it sings the more bothered I become the quicker will I kill it.

Jerusalem  is the mid-hub tying the east and west, that is why Jerusalem is chosen by God.

Play money is playing fire: stock/insurance/banks/your wallet can burn u up any moments.
Nobody likes to hold cash to lose value by inflation, all want to invest=money make money: when interest is low, house/etc are high, so borrow money to buy stuff, when interests rise, prices drop but u don't have money to buy anything because banks have lent out all cash, banks can't even pay salaries, so everyone bankrupts=die, can't bury u because insurance com can't pay funerals & land to bury u=>Insurance coms/AIG have to die=>dead men kill live men=>whole earth will be burned by money! We are performing Chinese style funeral for all mankind: burn paper money for dead men.

Even though my animals know that I am their master & ask me for food, but still can't enter my room: though dog can control its poopee, but it can unexpectedly chew/damage/distract me/my guests, so only if it 100% obeys me with 0 unexpected disobedience can it enter my room; I don't even want to kill annoying cock, of course I will use all my means to keep 100% obedient dog alive until I die=God doesn't die, so if u are allowed to enter God's home then u will live forever.
Only if u are 100% obedient, are u allowed to enter God's home to enjoy infinite freedom & life. U have to jump 360 dimensions to reach God: There are 0-360 dimensions between hell & heaven=0 to infinite life & freedom.

If dog misinterpret my words or excuse itself from obeying me: because I don't understand dog languages so I can only use its actions to judge whether it obeys me or not=>We must use our actions to show that we are obedient: though God can see all our thoughts & excuses, but all excuses are disobedience, un-acted faith is no faith, un-acted obedience is disobedience.

All our life we are anxiously rushing around under the pressure of "time is money", what is the rush? Slow down & carefully do everything well, enjoy every moment of your own life, if your boss is rushing u, tell him u need time to do his assignment well. Dog love to see me relaxed. 

Regardless how fast are u, u can't escape 3-D, we actually can only move on a 2D line=run around earth, only tree is extending to all directions at the same time,fruitful good trees are preserved to grow for as long as it can to replace small/bad trees, trees that moves too easily/quickly die fast,only unshaking trees live. 
=>Only if we are like trees with unshaken faith/love in God can we grow into higher dimensions.

U are your body's master, your body's every cell only listens to u not others, u have to believe in others' words/ideas to move your body to think/speak/do what others say. 
Faithless men can't differentiate good/bad words/thoughts: ex. Peter can't recognize this is from Devil: "Jesus shouldn't die" thus said it, Judias believe in Devil thus do whatever Devil told him.
All bodies obey God: that is why Jesus can treat illness/resurrect dead. 

After faith/belief graft onto u, if u let bad belief grow rampant then u will become devil=evil doer, if u let good faith grow rampant then u will become Jesus.

Belief controls every movement of your every cell=your wish/motive/word/deed, "Jesus died for me & took away all my sins & gave me eternal life; God exists; God loves me so God will let me do whatever I wish" etc is not faith because it doesn't mobilize any of your body cell.
Not only God exists but watch everyone of my thought/motive/word/deed to see whether I honestly obey him=love others as myself/I continue to lie&sin without fear of hell because Jesus has taken away my sin&death/Karma/selflessly love&serve others will send me to heaven/others will treat me in the same ways I treat them/etc are FAITH=because it moves your body in its direction.

West is 100% faithful to narcism & capitalism, thus act very selfishly & do everything for money, forcing others to believe is also to serve my wallet.

Even if u don't know God exists, u are born with the faith that if u are doing good u will end up good=hen doesn't know God exists but can give love selflessly.

Everyone wants u to believe him, so u must judge his words & motives, such judging is a must to prevent u from being fooled by devil, this is NOT the same judgement that Jesus said=Discrimination/hatred/punishment/sentence, whoever told u not to judge him but believe him is a devil: u must judge good/bad & true/false before apply them to save your own life:I don't think God will let cold unloving evil doing Christians enter heaven.

Americans want u to believe them without any judging, & attack u with bible as soon as u start to question & judge them.

Don't try to be a preacher/boss/master/teacher/leader, because u maybe leading men to hell, u should learn from hen: shut up & love/contribute to others selflessly.

Whenever cock crow, it likes to jump on a high platform=When u give speeches u also like to jump on a stage: stop being a noisy cock.

2 ways to make u crazy: First/most effective way is to tempt u & make u willingly become him=Judias,the other is to push u away & try to operate your body, but your body reject him thus u act crazily: epilepsy etc. U are sicker if u don't act crazily because u have become demon, & of course u refuse to seek help like Pharisees.

Before Babel tower, there was only 1 continent , after Babel was collapsed by earthquake,earthquake also split continent/people to 7: put wise men on East, put wild beasty men on west:that is why westerners are hairy.

开车到顾客,顾客得保证我是神耶稣的信徒才买账/I drove to a customer who want to make sure I am a believer before buy my service:
Your dog doesn't believe in God/Jesus, why do you love your dog?
The owner of your hotel may not be a believer why do you live there,
The builders of your house may not be a believer why do you buy your house from them,
The makers/sellers of your clothes may not be a believer why do you wear clothes,
U are brain washed by hypocrites=devil and u are a disciple of hypocrites,
U think u are better/superior than non-believers=did u read good samaritan's story in bible?
U are blaspheming & misinterpreting God/Bible, & u are haunted by demons.
stop being a Cocky bully just crow & terrorize God's kids, but being humble & make peace & love everybody: u are pushing people away from God by being a religious bully.

Everybody is born believing in God, don't need u to bully people into belief.
All u need to do is use your good deeds to strengthen people's faith in God.
Apparently u are too self-absorbed & only love your own families & plunged into depression once u lose them.
U should ask your question before I drove a long way to your hotel, otherwise, u need pay my travel if I answer u wrong: U are playing God & give me judgements not I. U misunderstood judgements=give/take love from somebody not reasoning/questioning.
Learn some common sense, be honest/down to earth. Every American is loud crowing noisy annoying cock, why don't shut up & give some love= eggs & meat as hens do.

U are like everybody else, stuck in your wrong belief, refuse to repent & learn.
Remove your narcism first then u will see light/God.
God suffered more than u: God watched his only son abused/beaten/tortured/nailed on cross/died.
Instead of enjoying pleasant heaven, Jesus is visiting disgusting hell & confronting with devil/death everyday to save people.
Stop causing troubles to Jesus, start with simple things: be good/loving/considerate to everybody: ask me to turn around after I drove to u is very mean & unloving & inconsiderate.
Accusing me judgemental is to excuse your own hypocrisies=you are giving people bad judgements because they can't answer your question as u exptected=because they can't agree with you.=u are crazy/mentally ill.

u are behaving like a bully, if believers are bullies like u, I would rather not being a believer.

Repent & clean up your acts now.
让鸡啄破民主和美拼命当第一的动机/Let hens peck open Democracy & why US fiercely defend its #1:

Master's obligation: give hens all the love they need: life/freedom/air/water/sun/food/clothes/shelter/transportation/etc;&Tolerate their dirty mess & noises & damages.
Master's reward: hens' love=egg & meat & obedience.
God is the master of all men & everything, because God is bodiless thus God doesn't take any egg/meat, so God is 100% selfless=only give no take, U are God's vice master, to simplify, u are the master of your hens: u serve&love them=feed/clean/protect/discipline them, & u get all your hens' eggs/meat.
But if cock replace u to become hens' master, not only can't cock give hens any love, but rob all the love u give to all the hens & eat all the eggs & meat that belong to u, & sanction/abuse/kill hens that disobey it, all hens are working very hard to get worms/gold for cock master, because cock pays them with tails of worms they find so hens work very hard to get as many tails as possible, but ignore the free food u give them. 
Democracy=men become the master of men: top 1% super rich/powerful westerners are the masters of whole universe: they created & own & control western governments & media & schools & churches & everything just to serve them: rob all God given land/resource of the whole universe, rip the fruits of all men's hard work/inventions, & force the whole world to accept them as masters=democracy, if u refuse, sanction & kill u, US is doing everything to keep its master's position because without it, it will lose control of whole universe & all the richness in it, & they use lies to motivate u: Democracy gives everyone right to become a master, as long as u sell your soul & life to masters, then u will become a master someday, Communists don't give u any chance to become a master, if u follow Communism u can never be a rich master: from birth, we are all brain washed to defeat others to be #1/master & forever blindly oppress communism without knowing anything of it.
Communist is assistant master to God: because it is fulfilling its master's obligations=give love: feed/clean/shelter/transport/etc its people, use its people's hard work/inventions to enrich the whole world not just top 1% rich masters, Communist governments refuse to be rich masters' puppy to only serve the top 1% rich masters, so communism is forever oppressed by west whose mastership is shaken/questioned/threatened by communism.

Western governments whole-heartedly obey masters is because they themselves belong to 1% masters: all the biggest companies/charities/churches are owned by 1% masters:Baiden's family/son=US owns ukraine's oil/gas companies.

Very simple, u either become master or an ox being pulled nose by your master, otherwise, u will be eaten by your master: communists refuse to be west's ox thus being killed by west.

Europeans are struggling in UR war, even U's president wants to stop war, but western rich masters controlled US & European puppy governments are foolishly promoting war, & buy weapons from rich masters then sell to U to make money for masters, governments' money is from poor people's tax: bible asks u to pay your taxes honestly=Democracy is ripping your love to God.

Wars not only entertain masters also fatten their wallets, so masters are provoking wars all over the world.

This is US' first reaction to China's landing on moon: Chinese want to take all the gold on moon.

>50% super rich masters are jews, so US befriend with Israel=God asked u to be nice to Jews=steal your love to God.

It is a lie that everyone can become a master: u don't have the money & IQ to graduate from Ivy-league thus can't make money to buy masters' membership=the house in a country club with golf/horse/swimming/flight/pier/etc courses can be billions, annual club membership >100k.

Wake up US, stop making money for bad masters, let government's welfare feed/shelter/clothes/transport u for free: master=parents should provide u living conditions for free: God gave u life of course gave u means to survive, God didn't give u money & ask u to make money, why are u making money?

Foolish me work very hard bought rental houses, but as soon as I rent them out to Americans, they refuse to pay me =I got what I deserve=all money seekers are punished: we should learn from pigs, go to government officials' door steps & beg for food/shelter all day long, then they have to feed/shelter us for free.

No need to greedily work several jobs & own & worry many businesses & obtain many degrees=having a wife but desiring concubines: Only need use our God given talents to serve the customer in front of us carefully & patiently & satisfactorily: customer is not my God:I am customers' God, if customer doesn't obey me then he can't get my service, it doesn't matter he is a billionaire or not. Take your time, what is the hurry?

主=God is godly king's head & love God's people, 王=beasty godless king doesn't have God on head=cock/lion king. Oriental master assistant=communist is rising, Western lion king is aging & falling & dying: master will crush beast & return & share God's free love with all=communism.

We can only have 1 master=God or money, but master can have many assistants, every good government/husband/parent/man is God's secretary;we can only have 1 king=God or Beast,u can't obey both: practice of Communism is obeying God, practice of capitalism is obeying Beast.

God appoint men to be God's secretary, if u are obdient&godly, God will re-appoint u=Chinese Xi,bad self-appointed master will be thrown into hell:Matthew 24:48-51

No need to sanction, whenever hens/ducks see me they follow me because I bring love to them: US must have given big bribes to filipino officials to make them follow US.

No need to do anything but choose the right master & follow master's instructions, which determines u live or die, following Democracy heads to death because man master can't give u life: all rich masters & their followers will be thrown into fire. If all u think is making money then u must be following the wrong master.

We love to point out other people's sins to cover up & continue to sin/disobey without any guilt:
After u die, God asked: what did u do with your life that I gave u:
U say: U didn't give me my life, it is evolution & my parents give me my life, like everybody else I worked very hard all my life to buy as many pleasures for myself as possible, and pay doctors to extend my life to get more pleasures.
What kind of response do u expect from God?

After pig die, pig answers:
Follow your given instinct, I rob as much food as I can to grow as fat/fast as I can to satisfy men's need for my meat.

I/U not as good as pigs.

精准务农的隐患/hidden danger in precise automated farming
A hidden danger is lurking in precise farming: all plants/animals enjoy perfect comfort & completely lost their disease combating immunities, a new plague will wipe out all crops, to enable automation, we combine all farms without any barriers, 1 die will kill all unhindered. Regardless how advanced is tech, it will be forever up to our God master to feed us.

As Teacher Bai said in : smooth hiway allow u to rush down canyon rapidly, but intestine like narrow bumpy painful path prevent u from rushing down canyon.

Globalization: 1 die will kill the whole earth. On earth we only have bad plagues no good plagues,  flesh doesn't have 1 antibody that prevent all diseases. Both flesh & soul need build immunity in harsh/dirty/sick poop, dirtless & sterile vacuum can't grow life, but 100% faith in God can resist all plagues/disasters:Revelation 7:3.

Cloud&internet: 1 virus/hacker will continuously steal many men's money & identity: it is not possible to catch all internet criminals in 1 shot.

Wild beasts all pee to mark territory boundaries & always fight for territories, but domestic animals follow your placement & share one yard, if they start to behave like beasts & fight for your yard, of course, u will kill them=>if we defend/expand our land/space, then we are wild beasts not belonging to God anymore; In heaven, all share 1 room, no such thing as your room/my room or your house/my house. Original church all live in 1 hall & eat out of 1 pot no private homes=communism, Before Jesus' 1st coming, we only had privatization, Pharisee/hypocrite bought esteem/positions for himself in temples, Christian churches gradually were taken over by hypocrites & resumed privatization & killed communism; Initially in church, the more faithful are u the more respect will u get, but now, the more power/money have u, the more respect will u get. Western churches have always been serving my ego & money God.

Earth is an uncapped tomb, only if u follow light can u exit tomb, otherwise u will be buried in it forever; God/bible is light, without bible, u won't know truth/lies & right/wrong, then u can't find path to life, any ideology/religion not backed by bible will not lead u out of death/tomb.

God headed Communism doesn't have the need to fight/sin/stress/greed/waste/destroy nature/accumulate capital/compete for money & market & economy, we all love each other as family members, co-share each other's fortunes & misfortunes, 1 needy man is helped by all, everyone is safe/happy/rich=God is an infinite provider. Communism Utopia=Heaven, bible only supports Communism: Acts29, 1 Peter 4:10-11, 1 Corinthians 12:12-27.

Acts=Christianity in Action & Practice=Preach by Action: Acts 5:1-10=God enforced the pursuit & practice of communism=follow light to life. Capitalism & Democracy is enemy to God's sacrificial loving dictatorship, pursue Democracy=pursue death & closing tomb cap ourselves! Need quickly abandon democracy & practice communism.
Communism is very simple: yours is mine, mine is yours, all people share 1 money/house/land/food/everything, everyone contribute his talents/work to the same pot, everyone takes what he needs. The more u love God the harder u work & contribute for free! The reason that 50s communism failed was because they greatly promoted atheism, no God=no eternal life & heaven & any reward: nobody wants to kill himself for others for nothing. West's ugly hypocrisy drove east to Atheism! If communists are as sneaky/hypocritical as US/West & use God/Heaven to bait its people to work hard for free, then Communism will be the most successful, but honest Chinese government never use God's name to promote its ideology/interests/agenda, now, they don't even interfere your religious freedom/belief=God didn't force u to believe him, either, Actually, it is West who has always been using God's name for its own selfish interests/agenda.

Faithful Communism can solve all ills, I can't think of 1 ill about Communism, but West always equal Communism=dictatorship & fiercely attack it, because western governments are demon controlled & always fight with God's dictatorship.

Democracy=Every demon/man get to become God.

Once tomb is capped, then earth become hell,Hurry up to look for exit/survival when there is still light, once it is capped, we will never be able to get out.

We are all psychos full of evils, when u go see doctors, doctors' evils+your old evils+your own original God given spirit fight together, so sometimes u are normal, sometimes your old diseases relapse, sometimes u are sickened by doctors' spirits=so it seems that doctors did something to u, Only Jesus can completely remove your evils, once they leave u, your diseases will never return & u will not be infected by new because u are full of holy spirits=this is born again Christians, if u still think/act selfishly, then u haven't been born again, still a dirty pig can't enter holy heaven. The more psycho doctors u see, the sickier u get.

Very simple: remove narcissism&capitalism then u will be clean to enter heaven. Narcissism/capitalism escape loveless hell & hijack our heart & try everything to get love for itself: u are serving demons not u because u are born selfless in God's image!

Like body, Marx think soul follows evolution: when we evolve to be more & more selfless, then socialism will advance to true communism: but we are becoming more selfish & all socialism already went back to capitalism: as long as narcissism/capitalism exists then nothing can be done & no life can survive!

Monkey is masterless wild beast, we have evolved into monkeys & followed monkey ways for everything: fight into higher social classes; invade other countries for resources, fight for females, etc. Since it doesn't have a master, of course, it won't serve its master as a dog would, but it knows u are born with a desire to serve & please your master, so it become your master to make u serve it full heartedly=that is why Marx denied the existence of beasty God & refuse to be ruled by western beasts.

Everyone can see that West only preach/sing/praise God's sacrifice/love/goodness, but practice selfish privatization & greedy capitalism; But China silently&obediently put God's words into actions despite west's fierce attacks.

We are born selfless & is willing to revere/obey/love/serve our God master, west replace real God with i & money God: Communism will definitely defeat Capitalism because Communism is serving the true God; Faith in real God will make Communism a total success, Faith in beasty fake God will make Capitalism a total failure.

Like us, Pigs don't like fruit skins, either. A pig's mouth can't spit out ivory. Honest humble men are more like pigs than monkeys, so pigs are luckier than wild monkeys because pigs have masters to love/protect/feed them. I really love my very cute pigs: whenever they see me, they eagerly run to me to see what I bring to them, it really breaks my heart to give them away or kill them.
地震告诉人/What earthquake tell us
Like Jesus, all human are sent by God & from heaven, are God's angels/soldiers & born with a mission: to bring God's love & salvation to the needy, but Devil is trapping us as soon as we are landed/born, quickly, we fall into Devil's traps & betray God & forget our God's given mission completely: everyone is born with God's image=sacrifice self to love others, west twisted God's love as narcissism=I am God's favorite David.
After u die & go back to God, God ask: What happen to the food/clothes/talents/money that I let u bring to the needy? u reply: they are short for my own survival after I use them all on myself/I use them all to wage wars against my non-believing neighbors for u=>why God need u to kill when God's earthquake can kill the whole earth in 1 second? God absolutely doesn't need anyone to fight/punish anybody else for God!

God made everything, see everything, is everywhere, no man/drones/weapon can compete with God, actually, no need of weapons, God can make u kill yourself as Judas/Saul did, or kill each other in your own house as in David/Jew's house, if u wage wars in God's name, u must be a blaspheming hypocrite. Only sacrifice myself's everything to coexist with others peacefully is obedient to God.

Obedience will bring u unexpected love: right neighbor robbed my right border & illegally built a private fence on it to block my animals from running out;left neighbor robbed my left border & planted a lot flowers on it for me to enjoy for free: surrender to invaders & let them be your unknowing slaves=God is forever invincible master of evil.

Cocks attack me, so I often beat it up, will definitely eat it=>God will definitely punish & kill God/bible's attackers.

Though pig is dirty, yet never attack me, cutely use its dirty mouth gently touch/get attention/love from me.

Cock very loudly command men=very annoying=>We are annoying God by commanding God.
Cock is very big & powerful & aggressive, without any courtship, jump on small/weak/helpless hen & rape her fast, without cock, hen still give eggs, cock's rape is only for more cocky kids to be born=>huge evil beast rape our weak mind/soul & force us to produce more beasty kids.
Cock is made according to cocky men's image: in our image, God made all animals, but cocky us wipe them off to hide in our sins/dirtiness.  

If hens eat eggs=die=>If use God's given smart earn money & glory for myself=die. Chickens/ducks instinctively don't eat eggs, but love to eat the egg shell u give them.

Pig like us suck orange juice while eating it. Mice is thief's mirror steal our food=money/work.

Learn from pig: use our dirty mouth to sing praises to God to get some love, but regardless how nice our songs are, dirty pig can't enter holy heaven, must become clean & fragrant pig. Dirty pig=think nothing but making money & power & glory for myself:Luke 10:20

My neighbor put up a video camera just to photo my dog running into his huge backyard then call police, I was planning to let dog go free in dark because nobody can see a black dog in dark, but infrared surveillance camera is not afraid of darkness & can see everything in dark, so I have to give up dog's freedom totally. Not every American is like that, I trespass 2 homes' backyards daily to walk my dog & they saw me but said nothing.

letter to neighbor:
Selfish & greedy evil drive you make dumb and costly decisions.
Did you see the holes that your fencing guys dug, half of all the holes are on my property, of course, your concrete encroach on my property, your guys trampled on my land and plants while they were installing your fence.

Encroachment/trespassing is a crime,since you are so eager to press me to follow rules, of course, I can press charges against you if I so choose.

You don't even allow me to put 1/3 of an inch of my post on the border, then don't trespass to my side of your fence to maintain your fence: I can call police on hostile neighbors' trespassings.

Being evil bring u no good.

You need stop driving your husband & kids away from God, learn to be godly and good so u don't stay in pig's poop forever.

Life can resurrect poop back to life according to DNA: plants convert poop to fruit/O2/fragrance/new plants; Animals convert poop to babies/eggs/milk/honey/fur/meat, creatures are assembly workers continuously shavel poop to DNA assembly lines & DNA assemble & resurrect poop to lives.
Plants are cleaners/beauticians/protectors of environment, if u like clean, then plant, actually, no need of us, wind/animals already seeded every dirt.
Every food we eat is a dead body=poop, it is live seed resurrect poop to lively body, God designed every seed & put life in it, all we do is put poop in mouth, then life automatically convert poop to live cells: body's recycle is automatically controlled by God's seed not our will, all we can control is to whose mouth to shavel poop in: all mouths are the same, but if disobediently only put in my mouth will be fired/killed=because we are intentionally jamming up God's life assembly lines=life lines. 粪=shared rice. 

Sperm has God's DNA=the Y in XY is Yahweh=God=soul's seed, if nurtured by God's words can grow to be good fruitful big trees, but we all love to consume lies & poisons & mutated to bad demons.

Because mouth is a free powerful weapon, that is why US widely promote free speech/media, &let immigrants curse & betray their mother countries; of course, Devil use our mouth lie & betray God/truth.

Why US is lying on XinJiang: provoke fights between China & arab countries; US provoked war between RU was because Europe was too friendly & rely on R: US is agitating snipe and clam fights all over earth to defend its beasty kingship: Revelation 13:13-17. Only self-idolizing narcissistic beast would sacrifice everything to be #1, No 2nd country like US sacrificing everything to be #1, only a fatally wounded dying beast would make a last attempt with all he got to stab himself=Saul, West was first anointed by God but disobeyed as Saul did. idol=i-dol=i-adoring/worshiping=i is the beast in Revelation.

Being attacked by US is actually a good luck: pushed away from hell: look at what Europe/Israel got by following US=wars non-stop. US' claws reach every corner on earth & outer space, if u don't obey US, US will agitate your neighbors to hate & kill u. In entire human history, only US matches Babylon as in Revelation: US is the prostitute seduced whole world; History always repeat itself, US is the grand daughter of Babylon: more seductive & destructive than her grandma: even subdued her grandma. 

We are like eggs, Jesus has to wash 1 by 1.

I love cctv news: no ad. very informative & positive: it briefs u on what your leaders are pursuing&doing/done/todo=truth/practical/reform/clean up corruption & waste & accomplishments, what other countries are they meeting=I learned most countries' existence from it, high quality videos bring u to the nature/cultures/traditions of remote corners, advancements of science/technology/engineering etc. If US learn from CCTV then CNN won't misplace Taiwan in Thailand.US media provoke distrusts&conflicts among us & drive us crazy & depressed.

Worries/fears are chains to soul, promise that I will never worry/fear a thing for me/others/animals/anything to free my soul, learn from animals: let God master worry everything for me: I only need to obey the master. 

Forced by government & neighbors: I have to give up all my animals, my letter to the official:
As long as there is lawn, and to survive on earth, to maintain a liveable healthy beautiful nature, we need animals' debris to fertilize plants, we need animals to eat bugs, massage soil, spread seeds, pollinate flowers=>to farm/maintain the nature for us.We have used too much clean but toxic chemicals/fertilizers/pesticides/cleaners killing our environment & health & lives.

Government is protecting wild animals: wild animals roaming around poop everywhere & eat all your plants, why put so much constraints on domestic animals?
We humans are animals too, in the past, our own waste fertilize the ground that grow our food: regardless u like it or not, earth came from poop, poop are from dead bodies that we eat, God's seeds/lives thrive in poop: physical life is recycling automatically, but we waste a lot of water/money to move off our own wastes to starve the soil & plants and we destroy life's recycling by mowing lawns.

Physically, we are dirtier than pigs if we roll in our own poop/pee, plus animals lack the dirty hateful thoughts/soul of ours:Neighbors employ all kinds of means to kill me/suppress/oppress all my activities: they call lawyers/police/officials like you since I lived among them, the richer/more educated are they, the more ways can they find to hate/oppress me: every animal including cat&dog&human is theoretically a farm animal: look how many people own dogs/cats in apartments/townhomes/condos where no distance to neighbors at all.

We are too hypocritical/dishonest/anti-nature/corrupted. Instead of loving our neighbors, we hate each other, if you hate someone, you can always find excuses to hate them.We are so spoiled by a vast land with much fewer population: we all want to live on a big land infinite gap away from our neighbors with 100% privacy, but with all the conveniences & high pay jobs of a city: what are we trying to hide other than our dirty poop inside and out, if we are light like sun, we want to shine&expose ourselves.

The only difference between me and a Bona fide Farm allowed to have animals is that I don't make money off my animals. I am giving away/sharing freely what I was given freely, Why US make laws to encourage animal/child slavery & profit seeking on free gifts by God?

Animals love open field & freedom, which clean & nurture & please them, but ignorant us think animals are like us needing an indoor room to stay, staying inside actually made us very sick & silly.

I really need animals to greeze on my lawn to give us eggs & fruits instead of wasting all that green food. 

Many people have chickens as long as their neighbors don't complain. US laws/governments are made & used by rich people to oppress/control/hate their neighbors: what's wrong of raising some chickens to feed kids?

But, I will give up all my animals to love my haters/enemies to avoid in-bed with poop/pee/bugs forever: it is good that animals not like kids can be given away, kids are much more troublesome/worrisome/dirtier to raise.
Why US is oppressed by Evil:
Narcissistic culture/tradition inevitably subject to evil's control: every attempt/way of lifting i above others is evil & anti God: damage/rob/cheat/tempt/trap others. Everything US did & every word US said is evil because its motive is to serve i.

Should learn from animals: only try to get attention/care/love from our master=God. If u don't have a master/God in your heart, only have i in your mind, then of course, u will say/do everything at the expense of others. Any master other than God is evil, if u think u are your own master, then, u are evil, anybody/anything other than God=Good is evil, if all u think is i, then u are full of evil. If u are full of yourself, then u are full of evil. No need to go over its history to understand west, we are very simple=worship i=evil, so we are doing evil all over the world. West is evil's/i worshiping my church.

U must have motives to commit crimes: 100% for yourself, if for others, u would have been killed & won't stand in front of a judge to defend yourself.

Dog's mouth can tear u to pieces, animals are eating&chewing&tearing&annoying lives all the time: our mouth is weapon, western media is atomic bomb. Our mouth weapon is the most efficient/effective/light speed killer: 1 lie can kill a country.

U can't see God in dog's eyes: not shining/lively like dead fish's eyes,but our eyes are full of light/God when we are kind&hopeful, especially the look of a holy man full of God,when u are depressed/hopeless/distracted/confused your eyes look like dead fish's eyes. If u want to see God, look at good honest man's eyes.

BBC laugh at a pastor copying Jesus' fasting of 40 days but died: u are making fun of an acquitted free man while u yourself is still miserably jailed & serving your death sentence: ignorant faithless is always making fun of faithful/wise. Before, I respect BBC but now realize it mirrors US media are a bunch of arrogant devils,US=English.

Spring brings all lives to life: very beautiful=Heaven is forever spring&autumn: DNA keep on coming to life & bloom & fruit, even though heaven is crowded by lives&men, yet u are smiling as a flower blooming all the time; Hell is like the darkest night in hot summer: dark/extremely hot/mosquitoes&snakes&scorpions&bugs&flies are biting u from head to toes/rotting dead bodies are emitting unbearable smell.
The best way of dealing with US is: treat US as dead/non-existing/dog's barking, no need to care & be distracted by mad dog's barking:give deaf ears to US. US media use every chance to incite the whole world to be fearful & hate PRC.

A bad neighbor often yell & curse at me across a big yard, but another neighbor's dog barks at him back.

Bible says Jesus chase dirty spirits into pigs, so, if u can't enter heaven most likely end up in pigs: wow, too dirty & smelly, smart God made pig exceptionally smelly, if men sleep in our own poop+pee, we are dirtier than pigs, but we are not pigs & so we will be tortured by our own dirtiness & smell. The high protein eating rich men smells the worst. It is disgusting to even think of sleeping with a pig: if u think u are pig, then u are marrying & sleeping with a pig.

Animal's some annoying instincts were born with, but our bad habits are chosen&developed consciously after birth, & our bad habits are as stubborn as instincts & difficult to realize&change. Whenever I scold pig for over eating & dirtiness, I should realize that I am greedier & dirtier than pigs, it is so pitiful that pigs have to suffer so much to show us our hypocrisy, plus we lack pigs' obedience & contentment & cuteness; Whenever I am enraged by the holes dug by dog, dog fearfully & silently endure my beatings, which I will never accept if beaten by someone without any reason: we always use double standards, God made animals reveal our hypocrisy. 

God want us to be silent giver/lover like plants, animals are our mirrors to make us realize that we are very damaging/noisy/dirty/troublesome/demanding.

Animals live through its entire life under men's leash & slavery without any hope of becoming its own master & control of its own life, if fall into bad man's hand, will suffer every day full of abuses: Clearly knowing that your carefully designed & created lives will be trashed, why do u still give us so much wealth=love: unimaginable God's infinite love & mercy. Whenever u want to complain, u should humble up & look up to pigs: as long as u are given some leftovers u should be happy & content: who entitle us to enjoy clean & comfortable lives that pigs can't even dream of?

It seems to me that animals watch/drink/eat poop/pee don't get sick psychologically & physically, but we will be sick: we think ourselves too high, can't tolerate dirtiness, thus drive ourselves crazy by dirt all over the earth, immunity is compromised thus killed our body by dirtiness, Jesus jump into poop dirt, use his heart & blood washed off every dust=death off earth 100% clean: dirtiness/death must be washed off, can't be escaped. God made earth with poop dirt to tell us that we are dirty poop from inside & out, must let Jesus pick us out of poop & wash clean to rid of death & dirtiness.

Physical things are energy, God's energy=sum of whole universe. Only action&energy can show your love, otherwise, u are not loving, hatred also show on actions & physical stuff.

Chinese Lantern is God's idea: in heaven, every object shine.

To reduce dog's damages, I have to lock him up in cages all the time, avoid looking at it, because if I look at its pitiful misery I can't help releasing it: when we disobey God, God also hide his face from seeing our self inflicted misery.

Why Jesus must die to save men:
We all are very fearful of death/poverty/diseases/low-IQ/old/weak/bully, Devil is taking full advantage of this deep fear to kill God: because u are willingly choose narcism/kids/money as master over God, So Jesus came to show us how to live: not for money/health/education/status/women/kids, but hold up arms to surrender to bullies/invaders' abuses & killing of body, so life can be released from body's deadly grip to live on forever.
Our body is made of 38T cells, each cell=pig, every cell is fearful of death, 38T pigs are tempting us to sin, if we surrender to pigs, we will die with pigs.
Only if we can be like Jesus sacrificing our pig body=resist all sin's temptations, can we live forever. Only God can give life, if we don't ask God for life, then we will not have life. Many Christians say they believe in God but behave otherwise: we worship pig body, sacrifice our everything for pigs, when body dies at 100, we will die with it to be buried in poop forever, if u give your life to God, then u will live with God forever: your wish will be fulfilled=whatever u give your life to, is with whatever u will stay forever: if u give your life to money, u will stay with dead money forever, if u give your life to kids, u will stay with your kids' dead bodies forever, with anything but God will u stay forever dead. 
How to give life to God: treat God as your boss, do what God ask u: love others as yourself.

Even Buddha was fearful of death, that is why he gave up his royal riches, spent his whole life to find elixir of immortality. Jesus must voluntarily die for God to eliminate our fear of death & give up our love & worship of dead bodies&poop!

If Jesus didn't put faith in u to die confidently out of this world, then u will be forever live to die, & do everything to keep poop body alive but in the end still have to surrender it all up to death helplessly; If as Jesus: live to live, fearlessly throw poop body at death but release soul/life back to God: learn from dog: throw away good food/everything but nib at God's heels & force God to give u love & life.

Dog love my massage=love the best, always chase me/grab my hands for it.

Life force:
Life force=life=love=God.
Because of love, God inject life force into poop body, & make every cell alive, all cells combined to form body, God continuously replenish live cells into body, our lovers provide us fertile soil=food & protection to sustain our life, those who don't love u starve or poison your cells. Your love is the life force to sustain the life of others & nature & universe: if u throw God given seed into soil, but don't give it any love=fertilizer/protection, even if seed sprout but it will die=If u love others then u will have life filled beautiful nature to enjoy. Life can't be bought by money, only love can give life! Sacrifice self to love others will give u God's power of resurrection, every moment, poop is resurrected according to God's will, forsake God=commit suicide=abandon life but hug death; God=Love.

Life doesn't need body to exist & live freeer without body, but without life force, body stays as poop, it is life force bring poop to life to fly & jump: life make every dust/particle in universe dance.

All life force are in God's control, All life without 1 exception is given by God, parents only provide u food & protection, don't even provide u water/air/light. Your soul is 100% given by God, no God, no life, if u don't think God give u life, then u will be returned to poop & after billions of year's evolution to be resurrected=>evolution can't go backward & start all over again from dirt, if life came from evolution, life should last forever=have u seen men evolve back to monkey? Parents definitely can't give u life, otherwise, they will give themselves' life & never die. 

If devil stole life force from God, then wars will last forever, because no warriors can die, thus war will be non-stop: whole universe will become hell & forever burned by bombs. Chinese leaders want to bring peace & richness to its people thus develop rapidly will be blessed to become #1, US compete to fight for #1 will be the first running into hell.

Who is God: the giver of infinite life force/love/freedom/beauty/wisdom=giver/lover/savor.
Who is devil: the robber of life/love/freedom/IQ=thief/hater/killer.
Who is Xi: a communist leader saved 2b men out of poverty=giver/lover/savor.
Who is Trump: A rich American family's son stole a US presidency=thief/hater/killer.

All poop bodies are sucked in earth by gravity, if u are fearful of death, your soul will grip hold of your body tightly & don't leave,if u have a sick body, u will suffer all your life. When sick, ask God to heal, if God doesn't heal u, let body die & fall off to release your life out of pain. If he is God appointed doctor, he will definitely remove your disease without any side effects.

Evolutionism can only explain 1 of 7 life's characteristics: the ability to adapt, but can't explain life's origination/aging/death/reproduction at all. Nobody ever can give a breath to a mud/gold statue & bring it to life, Only God can blow life force into mud men/dog/hen/pig/etc & bring dirt to life! DNA is God's perfect design of everything, no need of dirt, life is shaped by DNA & forever live in God's heart.

Love others as ourselves is a must condition to go back home, if others = u, then u will not fight/compete with yourself; u will not rob/steal/scam/abuse/discriminate yourself. Once u enter heaven, u enter God's body, others become u & u become others, in God's home, everyone is i.

In our body, head is the hardest, heart is softest, blood sustain all cells' lives=Jesus' blood sustain all men's lives: women disobey & sin quickly, so let woman have periods/pregnancy & painstakingly raise kids, clean kids poop, woman is made weaker/smaller/sensitive/worrier/narrow minded/near sighted/greedier/pickier, intolerant of dirtiness, bad man's side must not have good women, even good man will be led astray by bad women=Adam became bad because of Eve, good man's side must have good women=Xi's mom&wife. After Saul disobeyed God, God gave him pain/itch/insomnia/fear/worry/misery non stop: it is better to die than to live.

Animals don't know dirtiness, so not bothered by it. Psychos forced by dirty spirits wash hands all the time=maybe ghost escaped his extremely dirty smelly hell & landed in your heart thus force u to create a clean home for him.

Dog bury leftovers in dirt, regardless how far/long time later, it still can find it.
怎样免费拥有皇家公园/How to own a royal park for free
The main purpose of having animals is for their beauty & companionship, but everywhere is full of beautiful men/animals/plants that we can enjoy for free without any work, even old man has star like eyes=as long as he is alive, he will have life's beauty: from now on, we should admirably appreciate every man around us instead of complaining too crowded: treat all men in a bus as cat/dog/rabbit/flowers/ufos to appreciate, then u own & live in a beautiful park for free forever!

Don't imprison yourself inside & tortured by loneliness, go outside, live in beautiful & energetically moving lives: treat sky as ceiling, men/animal/plants as family members, hills/lakes as furnitures: u own the whole earth for free! Why foolishly lock yourself up in a tiny prison & hide from others as enemies for life? Some even dare not to visit parks/festivals by himself because feel more lonely when seeing others having families: change your mindset, remove narcism, u have whole earth as your family for free! All we are busy on is to accumulate more poop! Love others as ourselves then we will be happy forever! The only secret to rise above poop & have all the happiness/leisure/pleasure/every-good/heaven in the world is: love others as ourselves.

God's symbol evolution:
God made universe from 0=>universe run around God, Eden is in the East/China=>God made 2 men=>God promised to obedient Abraham to bring all mankind back home & live forever=>Jesus nailed devil on 十, all dead men were released from devil's grip, Jesus resurrected dead men=>because of Jesus' blood, God&Jesus&new earth live forever.

Devil's symbol evolution:
God's first son/Satan=>want to kill God by misleading God's creations not to obey God, if nobody listen to God, of course, God doesn't have any need to exist thus die=>first 2 men were misled by devil=>disobeyed God=>men are sucked into dead body filled poop earth to regret&miss&return Eden home where no poop but beauty/clean/pleasure/love, but in poop, men discovered that gold can maintain our ideology/soul/statue/status/body DNA/child forever, instead of repenting, we painstakingly chase gold into devil's trap: devil wants us to obey anything but God, money&narcism apparently are the best killer of God=>ancient men fight for gold coins on strings=串 & status; today's men fight for $ & fame & i/democracy/science, & science killed & abandoned & replaced God=>not belong to 12/God+men, the 13th hypocritical/fake disciple was devil son=>died=>is locked up in dark vacuum & forever dead, all men & things only obey God, nobody brag himself, only brag God,our every cell/thought is admiring God, God is all we think of.

Bad man has 2 death: 1st death=body become poop, 2nd death=soul is locked up in dark vacuum.

There are 2 types of resurrection:
1. Once body died soul immediately rise into heaven; 2. won't know until the end of world=may undergo further training&improvement.

Devil not only make men, but also make all God's creations to disobey God, there must be disobedient angels to be saved, but that is not what we will worry=>God is very busy, stop disobeying & causing more troubles to God, sleep all day long is better than being a busy body: this mybe why we only live 100 years.

Devil has twisted all God's words=truth, basically all ideology in the world disobey God: if Adam/Eve can be misled when God was next to them, of course we are all misled when drown in devil's lies: resist every popular ideaology but sympathize unpopular ones like Communism.

Jesus use sacrificial love waking up our oppressed conscience, use resurrection eliminating our infinite fear toward death so we can fearlessly say no to evil/money/i/temptations.

The gentiles in bible=all men on earth, men's hometown is heaven, earth is devil's home=devil is a foreigner don't belong to God's family, rise up to heaven=go back home: Chinese have strong tradition/eagerness of return hometown: only home has love/freedom/leisure/peace, where u can kick off shoes freely casually safely enjoy everything in home: even 5-star resorts is not as good as home, as long as u are not in home, u need to be alert, especially in foreign land, everything is foreign, with unknown languages & cultures, u are walking in mine fields=>we are all walking in devil's mine fields on earth. Your own home on earth is a tomb full of dead bodies+ghosts+explosives, u can be killed any moments, u have more chance of survival outside of rooms: is it true that everyone died in a room.

God closely watch every man, if u are as obedient as Abraham, then let u go home & live forever, A family's evolution represents whole mankind's evolution, recorded in bible for all to see. Man is a soul, our evolution can't be observed by us or Darwin but God.

Even if it is God's blessings, u can give it up without hesitations: Issac is God's blessing to A, but A give his blessings up & willingly kill him for God=>Your wealth/achievements/fame maybe God's blessings, but when needed, u can give it all up without hesitations. Our everything is God's blessing including our life, When God needs it, we should die for God without any hesitation.

In winter, leaves not only provide quilt for ground, but decompose releasing heat=heater, only if u prove that u are useful to God, then u will be given a body & power, if only want to enjoy life, without body u can enjoy everything=no food/drink, remove all hatred, just day dream & travel around universe.

Among all animals, rabbit is the most peaceful, so ancestors use rabbit as a lucky charm to rid off wars.
一想猪就不抢红包/Think pig to stop fight for money
Fight for free/discount anything=pigs fight for food, very violent, push down gates always: don't join crowds fight for anything, stay behind/aside out of crowds will attract God's attention & favor: if pigs don't fight, they can eat all kinds of good foods out of clean pots, due to violence, I can only throw corns into poop/pee filled cage, then trampled by mob, pig has to lick out each grain from poop+pee, + it limits what I can feed them because food will be overturned by mob at the entrance to cage; good food is no good anymore when mixed with poop/pee.

Heaven definitely doesn't have poop/pee/dirt/aging/death, every animal's body/fur/clothes is always brand new & clean & young & extremely pleasing to eyes.Because no need to eat/drink/poop/pee, thus u can play with them non-stop, no need to work/feed/clean/care them.
Earth is nothing but poop,the essence/DNA/soul/natural laws are in God's mind in heaven, Everything on earth is made according to God's law out of poop, produce poop, become poop, extremely tedious/disgusting to make poop money to feed/clean/care their & your own poop bodies.In heaven, no bodies, all we do is play/travel/do assigned tasks by God/have all kinds of fun.On earth, all things are in an infinite poop loop recycling, no fun at all, must break the poop loop, if u don't think u have a soul, then u are 100% poop, no escape from poop loop at all, men's body =pig's body, if no soul, man=pig.
Heaven is the only escape of all the toils=toilets & dirtiness: this is why we all hate farm & hide in clean offices & use toilets to flush out poop/pee.
In heaven, u are no body=nobody, on earth if u try hard to be nobody, then u will rise out of poop loop.
Pig is too dirty & smelly, next to pig=hell, but to fill my belly, I can't get rid of it=>Money is very dirty, but if u want to become Somebody, u have to fight for money until go into hell=pigs follow food into slaughter pen.

中=1+口, 口=O=circle of life=universe, 1=God: universe runs around God.
串=1+snake's upward spiral=十=dead snake is hang down on a tree branch, 非=snake/evil spirally wrap around 2 men=Adam+Eve,Eve is the crooked lefter, Jesus replaced 2 men to be wrapped & killed by snake=十, then Jesus rise above dead snake's grip & only left snake's dead body on the branch hanging down, when u are abused/bitten by snake, please look up to cross & see that death has been concurred/removed by Jesus, thus full of strength bravely flood love to evil gripped abuser & wash off his evil & save him, don't hate your abuser, because his body is hijacked by evil spirits to abuse u, 

God=1+O=中=China=God's old kingdom,will be replaced by Jesus' new kingdom, devil=6=discarded by O=God, men=12=1+2=God+2 men=Abraham's 12 tribes=All mankind.

Migrated or native Chinese Jews worship capable smart dragon, but knowing that dragon is God's enemy so immediately denied/removed their Jew's identity: such naked dragon worshipping is more honest than hypocrites' worshipping of money & beast/alpha male/lion king. 

Ungratefully waste/misuse talents/resources/food/nature/etc is also abuse=any behavior unappreciative of God's love is abuse, so abuse=any disobedient/unloving behavior & thought.

The old/weak/sick/disabled/unfit is eaten/abandoned into heaven first=>looks cruel to us, but actually luckier than us.
God made everything not for himself, absolutely no need of men's love, all creations obey God, if u don't obey, u will be deleted=dog is 100% useless to me, without it, I can have more freedom & time to enjoy life, but because it is trying its best to obey me, so I let it live: so to truly live for yourself, u must obey God. God put instincts into dog for it to obey u, but God didn't put instincts in u to obey him, soul is your own wish not imposed by God, if u wish to obey God then u will not die. The purpose of our life is to stay alive=obey God: love others as ourselves.

I put a note in neighbor's mail box: ask him not to call police but simply use a stick to beat my animals out of his yard: he reported this note to police, police came & knock on my door & tell me beating animals/kids are illegal, if neighbor report me beating my animals, I could go to jail: earth is controlled by ignorant spoiled kids. If u don't want to go to jail/hell, it is better to have nothing=neighbors are actually loving me & forcing me to give up all earthly belongings & go to heaven: thank them very much.
If u have kids, both kids and u add pain to each other, without kids, of course, kids stay in heaven & won't suffer, & u will live freeer&better on earth. Childless men should feel sorry for men with kids. 
Instead of miserably standing in beautiful spring hating neighbors, love & thank him & be happy again, luckily not like kids, animals live very short or can be given away.
Think positive, replace hate with love, u will always be happy!

What is faith:
Firmly believe that God can heal all my ills & lead me to heaven!

无爱者,一受虐待就完蛋/Narcissists can't withstand abuses
The more u love others/God, the more u can withstand abuses/failures/oppression/discrimination/challenges/poverty/stress/etc, narcissist will commit suicide or become psychos under abuses/stress: if u only live for yourself, a bankruptcy will kill u or drive u crazy, if u live for many men, even if u are already dead & in blissful heaven, but u would give up heaven & return to take care of your loved ones, narcissist easily get addicted to alcohol/drugs/sex to escape pain, the only way to save addicts is to reduce narcissism & increase love for others & nature.

Narcissists naturally become abusers, because u tend to abuse those u don't love. Spoiled kids only love i, so they tend to abuse others, those who destroy nature to make money are narcissists.

Abuse is a testing stone, if u can survive abuse/pain & don't get crazy/addicted, then u are a candidate for heaven: God use natural disasters/harsh weather to abuse his animals/plants, but they become more fruitful=>God tell us to learn from animals/plants & don't get crazy & addicted & die so easily. 

Every morning, pray to forgive&love a new man, before go to sleep, report today's love to God. Minus Sundays, a year has 360 days, if u live 70 years, u will love 21000 men.
Of course, need to get out of house to meet new men: do voluntary work and etc. Once u look at the victims' suffering, u will stop your evil: if Hitler look at the suffering of Jews, he will stop his fascism, evil doers stay in ACed spacious offices & play games with men's lives/sufferings. 

U must constantly interact with men whole heartedly & physically to be a man, if u use phones to cut off your physical interactions with others & nature, u will become Hitler! All we see is phone/computer, if u can't see heaven then of course u can't go toward heaven. 

But God must invisibly & faithfully stand in your heart to support & comfort u: If Jesus stand next to u, who dare abuse u? Invisible God make u live stronger under her abuses & keep on loving her until she is saved or die. God-made everything is hardy & can sustain abuses, abuse strengthen its survival: if u blame me for not putting dog inside, then u are ignorant&faithless: if all creatures die in bad weather, then earth died long ago.
If no God in your heart to support u, abuser will make u a psycho=dead: u just wasted your sufferings.

I name my dog HARDY=I let it live outside in sub0 or 100+ weather when it was 1/5 month old: God is abusing his creations, english dog really suffer in NC hot summer, but God didn't give A/C: need adapt & evolve young. Actually dogs love outside harshness, and don't like manmade comfort.

Everytime when I beat up dog, anger block me from feeling dog's pain, the more I beat it the more I get angry, the more angry I get the more I beat it up =>Out of instincts, dog did it wrong, I should be angry at God not dog: whenever I clean smelly dirty pigs, I am not angry at them but complaining God made pigs so dirty: so next time I can't be angry at dog, otherwise, I could kill it & regret very much: so never get angry=anger make u lose mind & sensitivity.

Liver damaged men tend to be angry & insensitive: so don't take alcohol/drugs/medication/chemical additives, otherwise, insensitive u could kill your wife&kids.

If your lover's liver is damaged, feed him delicious veg/fruit food to revive it.

Everyday, hens watch me love dog but abuse them, but hens never question & complain & stop giving me eggs: if u love your stepmom, u won't mind she love her own but abuse u. In bible, God favors some more than others, if u love God, then u will respect God's favoritism: maybe he love God more than u do/stepmom's own kids love her more than u do. If we love each other, then we will not envy & hate inequalities among genders/races/nationalities/income/position/religion/ideology/party/etc at the cost of peace: there is no 2 things identical, everything has its own special use, if u complain inequalities then u don't love God= don't replace God's justice with your own & judge&discriminate&hate, but love all indiscriminately:the problem with us is that I only love myself but God & anybody else, to my abuser, I must make him pay for what he did to me.

Love gives freedom, hatred gives bondage: because neighbors hate me, thus restrict my animals' freedom: as soon as they see dog not on leash they call police to fine me: in heaven, all animals can run freely without any boundaries; In hell, everyone is bound by hatred&fear, dare not move 1 step. Really no need to have kids & pets, it is painful to see them suffer: because pig is expert in escaping, so have to be confined in a small dark sturdy metal box, other than feed & clean them, I can't even see their cuteness, it is better kill & eat them to let them enjoy endless freedom&comfort in heaven. How many times in your lifetime can u see 1 white/1 black cute piglings run together across your yard, but u can't enjoy it but hatefully call police? Every possession gives trouble & limits freedom, need to get rid of them all.

Only in freedom/love filled heaven, can u see the full beauty&cuteness of your kids&pets. I saw online posts of dog's cuteness incomparable to a real dog, if pig doesn't poop/pee, then it will be the funnies toy to occupy your kids all day long. In heaven, pigs fly&run in cloud/rainbow/moon/etc.

Rabbit gave birth to 2 babies, both fell through bottom & frozen to death, but mom is not sad at all, carry on eating&drinking as nothing has happened: animals are not like men don't feel sad of loss of kids.
2:为何选小孩被虐待/Why choose kids to be abused
God can only choose kids to be abused, if u are stronger & smarter than your abuser, of course, u will resist, then abusers can never be loved & saved by u, this is also why all animals are made lower IQ than men: they are used to love us under our abuses. Only Jesus, much wiser & stronger than his abusers, but willingly to be abused.

The 2nd reason of using kids to be abused is because he is too young to be brainwashed by the world, & he thinks that being abused is normal thus no complains & call police on u but love u single mindedly=angry complaining helpless love is not love, Only little kid's pure innocent selfless unconditional love is true love: Only true love can save heartbreakers. This is also why animals don't have souls to be brainwashed by devil, animals/plants are 100% controlled by God given instincts to love u unconditionally under your abuses=silent lover. 

Only kids can humbly beg your mercy&food/water, eyes full of tears & fear & begging, shaking & shrinking & fearfully trying to avoid your abuses, small body is starved to bones & pick food out of your trash cans: as long as u still have a little humanity u will be touched to change, if not, u maybe reincarnated to be abused: abuse become a family/institution's tradition=>once abused become mom, fearful to discipline her own kids, spoil them to grow up to be abusers: so it is better to be abused to die prematurely to cut off this evil cycle=u enter heaven earlier, & she enter jail/hell for killing u, or, she changed her ways & love u, then u will grow up normally & won't spoil your own kids. 

Kids are God given little fruit trees, if u don't like her, kill & return her to God: why take efforts to abuse her? Actually, the more abuses a tree suffers the more fruits it gives: so use faith to accept abuses willingly will not spoil your own kids, just as your birth is not chosen by u=everything is chosen by God for u, there is no free choice, u can't choose not to be abused, u can only choose to love/hate your abuser, choose to love your abuser is the only choice that benefits all.

U may blame God's injustice: did u ever bully/abuse/take advantage of others? If all of your abusee put u in jail, then what is there to live for?

Comparing to eternity in heaven, being abused for 18 years is almost 0. The purpose that God made u is to love everybody unconditionally regardless he abuses u or not.

All physical beings have defects=give u net 0 love: hens/duck/dog/kids are too noisy, pigs are too dirty, your own body is too demanding & troublesome, only spiritual love/hate can't be offset, Love come from your own conscious decision: if u want to love then u will have love, if u want to hate then u will be hatful, outsiders can't impose love/hate into u: even if u really hate him but u can't kill him, why don't change your own heart to love him, this way whenever u see him u won't feel disgust & headache anymore; for your abuser, if u choose to love & obey him fully, your love can grow his love, after ample patient love, he will replace his hatred with love toward u: your being abused fate/reality/everything has been defined by God, which u can't choose or change, the only free choice is whom u want to love/hate, so don't count on body/kids/pets/money to give u love, Love can only be given by your own heart & soul: only if u want to love can u harvest love, if u want to hate, then u will be miserable all the time: so having/not having a body has no impact on your wellbeing, body is only used for u to feel love/hate.

True love is in heaven, u can't find it on earth, under earth only exists hatred & death: God give u a body is for u to pump love air into others' heart so he can rise like a balloon into God's love milkyway: u work hard to give others tasty foods/beauty/convenience/pleasure/comfort/satisfaction/etc, If u break empty balloon like heart, u really defeat your maker's purpose: So good men always run into bad men/abuser to mend their heart holes.

U must have faith in God: Fearlessly love the bad guy, God will provide everything needed, u are only God's love deliverer, don't worry that u will be endlessly abused, God has endless wealth, eventually, it will be a happy ending for all.

Just as u don't apologize to abused hen, if u realize that u didn't love, immediately love all unconditionally regardless of how bad he is: don't waste time to seek past victims & apologize to them: move on!

If u are over 30, then new year is your despair: u are older/sicker/more deadly/useless/ignored: No hope & celebration at all if u don't have kids to land hope on.
But if u believe in God/soul/eternal life, then u will be very hopeful at new year: beautiful heaven is closer%clearer, Difficult life journey is coming to an end, jail exit is in walking distance, dying body is losing its grip on butterfly like soul=soon u will fly into God's love&freedom filled milky way.

U are harvesting your own love: 
However much love u put into livestock/crops is however much u will get back. If u put your life into obey God then u will harvest eternal life. 

Live stock is designed to obey u, if it disobeys, u beat it up, wild animals by design not to obey u, but to make money off it, u train it to obey u by treats: u can't train your kids as train wild animals: do chores/study hard/take care parents & siblings is his unconditional love to u, why pay him? 

Look at dog's clothe: only the tip of its tail & legs & circle around its neck & belly are white, the rest is black=carefully designed by God, otherwise, white hair grow messily & randomly among black hair giving no beauty at all: So not every DNA combination of human are given life=only the chosen ones are born=being born is already very lucky, if u fulfill your life's purpose & add beauty to the universe, then u & your beauty will last forever & become inseparable part of universe/God=double luck!

Dog always turn around to check that master is nearby=>we should always self-examine/pray/read bible so we don't run off from God.

The most beautiful part of dog is its plum blossom feet, man's posture is not just back become upright, if feet is not flat how can u stand up=>which one evolve first, straighten up back or flatten feet?
为何让无辜孩子受虐待/Why subject innocent kids to abuses
We are always puzzled by: little kids are innocent & weak, but are put into abusive homes to be abused by bad men, If God exists & is loving, why never show up to save them?

Answers come from animals: use hen as example:
It is caged all the time without any freedom, because it can't control its poop&pee, so has to stay outside, thus beaten by summer heat & winter cold & peers+u+dog, eat/drink others' poop/pee, but it keep on giving u eggs=love, regardless how hard are u, once u see the eggs it give u on icy ground in blizzard winter, u can't help but soften up to love it=good food & clean water.

Even the lowest dirty pig: its cuteness make u laugh & all it knows is to eat & grow meat=love for u.

Understand God now?
The reason that God put u in an abusive home is for u to love your abusers, due to lack of love, she abuse u, so u shall obediently love her with all your life without any complains: starve/beat/quit school&work as a slave to make money for her;wash fish in icy water in freezing winter for her; make yourself dirty/dumb/ugly to make her own kids shine etc, until your brain&body are damaged & disabled, then, u can't give her love any more, but she can't kill u, & u become a tumor on her neck & make her very uncomfortable: actually she may have long impressed by your big love under her severe abuses, thus repent & change to be a good man: This is how God is saving every damaged soul=use love to save u.

Don't worry a thing for yourself: don't worry that your brain will be damaged & lose all abilities to finish school & find jobs etc: u are forever in God's care, if God purposefully put u in an abusive home, he will definitely watch over u attentively: u should be very happy that u are used by God thus bite your lips to suffer for God: the purpose of your life is to love your abuser with all your life & help God to save her!
If he is an addict & only abuse u when he is drunk: then either he quit his addiction, or u flee from him or die=>addiction may make him forget to feed hens, thus hens die, then he has no money to buy alcohol so he has to quit; Addiction may let him forget locking cage up, hens all escape the cage=>If your husband doesn't want to quit his addictions, take your kids & flee, if no way to flee, refuse to eat & die/commit suicide.
Addicts are possessed by devil, confiscate all his love: foreclose his cars/house/kids/wife/everything & drive him homeless & give him nothing. Smart men don't go to bars/gambling gaming places for lovers.
=>What will u do to addict/phsycho if he is your only kid?

Those NDE puzzles me: if there is much better world after death, why put us in this aweful earth to suffer: 1. we need to learn to love & co-exist with everyone peacefully under all conditions/bullies/injustices because heaven doesn't allow slight disagreement/grudges/fight, 2. Serve God by suffering for God & saving bad souls: Everyone's life has a purpose & need to serve God, but all we are doing is serving ourselves: self-serving men will be thrown into fire & destroyed=live for i will die, die for others/God will live.
If u run into your abuser in heaven, not only will u not fear her anymore, but feel very good in that u accomplished your life's purpose & u are very valuable to God.

If u love your abuser so much that u die for him, u must love everyone then are u entitled to enter heaven to co-exist with everyone peacefully, every man will suffer abuse/bully, until u learn to love your abuser with your life, can u stop your suffering=pig's suffering only stops after it is eaten.

Everyone knows that old/weak/sick/disabled/poor/lowIq ones go to heaven, if u marry him when he is able but abandon him when he is disabled=u abandon heaven?
If your spouse is disabled: your life purpose is to take care of him with all your heart. Actually, pig also need your care on everything, because u love it u ignore its smelly dirtiness & take good care of it; needy men need to love & obey your care giver as a dog obey its master, don't add more troubles by wanting more stuff, if u have always been a narcistic selfish person, if u continue to demand others=I will ignore u as I ignore my spoiled niece.
Only by care & support each other can both enter heaven together, otherwise, u waste your life to a disabled spouse for a huge debt & loss of heaven=>not smart, not loving make u dumb.

Christians are very fearful to point out bad/good deeds/words, if u don't know what is good/bad, how will u obey God? Because of Matthew 7:1, everyone is afraid to judge & speak out, even speak, very dubious&unclear=this is narcistic self protection: everything should be crystal clear exposed in bright day light/honest/transparent.
Your abuser of course need to ask for your forgiveness, & u forgive him=trust his words & give him opportunities to put his repentance into work: u have nothing to apologize to him, if he always use his past as excuses, does it mean he will forever abuse u in heaven? I am not here to exalt your esteem/narcism/ego, I only need to obediently serve & love & work hard for u.

Faced with dark vacuum, God created diverse nature, look at the rose paddle: very light/gentle but thick strong beauty, everything is a miracle=>let u live in dark vacuum all your life, what can u think of: God absolutely exist & have infinite IQ: created universe out of nothing, if u can't fulfill your maker's purpose, God will return u to dark vacuum. Men's every design idea come from God, but we use patents openly rob God's ideas.

你多大了/How old are u:
Man's age is soul's age, 300000 years ago, u were already born, your body keep on changing, but u have always been u, your age is how many men u loved as yourself & hate as your enemy in 300k years, your age can be negative, only after u love all 70,368,744,177,664 men as yourself can u enter heaven: God of course don't want RU war break out in heaven, so only if u love everyone as yourself & all men share same 1 love/heart can enter heaven, so your life purpose is to love all men as yourself: Actually, once u love God more than yourself then u will automatically love every man, God=sum of all men=every man is your God: because u only love your only kid more than yourself=>so think everyone is your only kid & love & die for them, then u will for sure enter heaven & live on. As long as there is 1 man that u don't love then war can break out, so it is very easy to tell whether u can enter heaven or not: have u loved everyone as your only kid?

Because heaven has Abraham's families from 5000 years ago & non-Jews from 2000 years ago, how can men of 3000 year difference co-exist peacefully in heaven, they must have proved to God that they truly love each other before enter heaven to avoid war ever break out in heaven: Matthew 22:45.So to enter heaven, u must love everyone as your only kid=be like God full of goodness & love to move in & co-exist with God peacefully, if on earth u already compete/fight/argue, then u have to forget heaven & eternal life.

Your age can also be measured by how much compassion/empathy u have for others: can u stand in others shoes to feel others' needs.
Not all those who suffered a lot can learn empathy: Amigo was abused severely, but he only learned to be compassionate toward single mothers but untouched by the rest=>Soul's evolution is extremely slow, every life u may only learn 1 empathy=love, the more loving are u, the closer are u to heaven. Everytime after u die, u enter 4th dimension to rest a bit, then back to earth to continue to learn & love all men. 

God tested that Abraham can love every man as his only kid: Genesis 18:16-33,Sodom has nothing to do with A, but to save Sodom, A earnestly begged God not to destroy it.=>When Israel invaded & occupied Palestine, why no Jews begged God & men not to destroy P? Those waged war against P definitely can't enter heaven, only if u apologize & return occupied land back to P can u gain the possibility of entering heaven: otherwise, heaven is like war-zone ME=absolutely impossible.

So your age is not important, the critical importance is whether u love everyone as your only kid.

If 1 couple bore 12 kids, only need 13 generations=400 years to produce 106993205379072 men, which is far greater than all humans=70368744177664, so re-live 6 lives will give u chance to meet all men ever on earth, & be tested whether u love every 70368744177664 man, right now, we pretty much all on the last life=last chance, because end of days is already here, if we still don't love everyone, then have to say goodbye to heaven forever!

Nobody is perfect, some as dirty/greedy as pigs, some sneaky as snake, some bully as tiger etc=regardless how dirty/bad/lazy he is, he is still your only kid, u must sacrifice all your life working very hard to care/feed/serve them.

Dog always try to know my thoughts & watch/learn/remember carefully where I went & did, without i telling it, it run ahead of me to where I intend to go: if it can 100% read my mind, then it is my 3rd leg=>but Democracy promote everyone's individual differences & hate similarities/agreements: so Democracy can never unite all men into 1 for big things=sand: scatter light & dark & never can become light, God & Communism promote 1 united mind & sacrifice personal prides/differences to achieve perfection: all men melt into God's 1 soul, so all God's creations only have 1 mind&operate under God's 1 mind=Trinity=everything visible/invisible are 1: like H2O=invisible steam+visible ice+liquid water=Holy spirit+God created universe+Jesus' blood=a good man is a photon, only after everyone become photon & merge into each other combined to create shining light, 1 person can never shine by himself.

Cell phone is dead but u can't just throw it into trash, because it has all your identity & friends & finances which are alive, if somebody pick it up, he can use your identity to serve him! So u must kill/remove all the invisible info on it before discard it=still don't understand soul's existence?

We love to interview those NDE experiences: this is not pleasing to God, God is with u all the time & show u what heaven is like with nature/science/logic, & future is written in bible, no need to confuse yourself with moments of NDE: past is gone & u can't do anything about it, don't dwell on it & waste time on tracing your ancestry/biological parents, future is being built by your faith in God NOW=love everyone as your only kid then u will be rewarded with heaven=>whatever happens after u die is God's business, not your worry: all u need to worry & focus is NOW: live NOW as u will die next second.

Israel lowly commoners have been taking refuge all over the world & assimilated into natives, modern self-labeled Jews completely lost Abraham's obedience DNA; Now, all of us are Jews & in God's salvation plan, so Jews rely their own & US' power to rebuild its country is not in God's plan, Palestine=Jew=Equal treatment by God.

只有追求不死才可能不死/Only if pursue eternity then possibly not dying
Only if u pursue eternity/love/justice/peace/truth/kindness/beauty/wisdom, then can u get them!

Amigo pursue Disney lies when young, after 18, immediately risk his life jump into US pigsty, everyday like a pig focus on making money & completely forget freedom/love/eternity, before go to sleep & on bed, watch trashy sexual violent comedies & get up very late & miss work, from inside & out whole person is dirty&disorganized like a pig but not smart as pig: use hard earned money to buy Hollywood trash & rock n roll tickets & miss sleep, far from thinking of eternal life/truth/good/civilization/etc, just as if u like a pretty woman, if u don't pursue her, then u will never get her=if u don't pursue eternity, then u will never marry eternity!
When u have some free moments: enjoy the quietness to pray or read bible or day dream: let inner God give u wisdom/good ideas, why stuff trash into your heart; Animals don't watch/listen to any media, thus eat/sleep very well.
Let u be an illegal immigrant & enslaved all your life so u can desire/pursue/obtain real freedom, not just rot in rich men's belly like a pig.

Look at God made pomegranate: every heart shaped seed is full of red blood, hundreds small hearts glue together to give a big red heart=love: God purposefully planted lots pomegranate trees in ME & China: Xi was the first to learn the wisdom from pomegranate, and apply pomegranate heart to manage&teach China: Xi's wisdom is definitely not from his years in US but from hard working among poorest farmers in the harshest desert, future Chinese leaders without Xi's experience will convert China to another Ukraine: no kingdom on earth can be forever #1, only the kingdom built on Jesus' life will last forever, once u become Jesus' citizen, u will never worry that China/any country will overtake u: Jesus' kingdom is forever #1 country full of gold/freedom/love/peace/justice/beauty/pleasure/good!

Xi is a great practical leader: 2 days, he talked on specific concrete concerns with each 12 Arab countries individually, but Biden can only gave a generic empty speech to all 54 African countries that he may not know all their country's names. 

Imagine u are a flash light, then it will be easy to obey: I have been waiting after dark to pick veg leaves for rabbits from parks' compost pile, why do I choose darkness to do it? If I am light, then people in darkness see me clearly & may take videos of me & post to internet, so I stop doing it: I must think that I am a light & my behavior are exposed in light to people in darkness to obey God. 

Whenever u are tired of working & doing good & being nice to others, u should think: I need to do some good & yield some fruits to avoid being throw into fire as fruitless weeds.

In communist Cuba/NK, everyone is poor, so crime rate is very low, because no money to rob/scam/steal, in rich/poor unequal capitalist country, crime rate is high, in extreme unequal US crime rate is the highest: pig without food will definitely rob those with food, if both pigs don't have food, then the smarter one help dumber one to escape cage together, even if 2 pigs have equal amount of food, they still try to rob each other, they only help & love & co-exist peacefully is when both are penniless: money/possession is the root of all evil.

God is very humorous, gave me a smart white pig & a less smart black pig, many times, white pig escape first then come back to get the black pig to escape with it together, but at feeding time, the black pig occupy all the food & doesn't give white pig a chance to eat.

Jeremiah 25:14: God will repay us according to our deeds and the work of our hands.

Belief without deeds & work of hands is not believing=superstition: only by godly good deeds can u pursue eternity.

学猪:紧跟爱你的主人/A lesson by pig: follow the master who loves u 
When there is food, pig is busy on getting it & ignore the wide open gate to freedom, when there is no food, then pig starts to escape the cage for freedom=If there is money, we give up everything for it, if we don't have any means & there is no means to make any money=trapped in poor communism NK then we pursue spiritual freedom/eternity/love: so be grateful to communism & hate capitalist pigs.

So in capitalist country no freedom/love/peace/eternity, everyone like pig is following money/stock market, instead, we should be like dog follow God's soul, then can we get whole universe & love & freedom & eternal life.
We foolishly believe that we are superior than animals in that we got sexual desire all our life to enjoy sex: Wrong, u are enslaved & killed by sexual desire: numerous heroes sold their souls/lives to pretty women.

God is Good=truth&mercy&beauty&wisdom&peace&love&eternity, if u pursue Good/study bible/selflessly serve others like Jesus/pray all the time, then u are following God, &God knows u follow him or not, God will definitely give u lots personal love/care/favor if u follow him; I used to follow movie stars, read her biography/watch all her movies/hang her photos everywhere, but she didn't know that I was following/loving her, of course, didn't give me any love。

Learn from pigs: must let those u are following know that u are loving & following him, then can he give u love: Communism is God's idea, so if u follow communism then God knows&loves u, Democracy is ancient Greek's invention: can't find his name & long dead, he definitely doesn't know that u are following him, of course can't give u any love; If u are a fan of someone/teams: does he know u? We are sacrificing our lives to follow person/money for nothing: dumber than pigs, ok, market economy is alive but does market know u?  

Pig is very difficult to be confined, neighbors called police many times for escaped pigs, I spent sleepless nights to think on how to block the opened cage while feeding them, it turned out all my worries are needless.

The only expectation God has on everything he made is that everyone can live together peacefully & enjoy the abundant love he gave us, God doesn't expect us to study/work/serve him at all=Imagine if u are in paradize where gold/everything is unlimited, &u can make anything u want out of dirt, u only want your kids to be happy together, because no need to work, of course, u will not pressure them to study/work. So as long as u don't steal/rob/damage others, u will not die=ex: if my 2 pigs coexist peacefully, no constant complain of me, ¬ looking to escape into neighbor's yard, because I don't need any pork so I don't have any reason to kill them, let them alive & cute is nice=>as long as u don't damage/do evil to God's creations, u will not die. How to guarantee we don't do evil: 1. Love God above all, no evil in front of or behind others. 2. Love others as i. 

When I was little, sister was my Jesus: I always bully & beat her a lot, but because I was smarter, adults like me not her, in grandpa's house, we had to earn our bread, so everyday after school, we had to gather a basketful of vegs to get supper, so I ordered sis to get 2 & give me 1; at that time, we often stole food from others' fields, but I always just stay outside & watch out & let sis jump in to pick food & come out to give me half. After moved to stepmom's house, sis was abused the most, but sis always took risk to steal food for me, &pick food from trash dumps etc.=>Jesus sacrifice himself to gain eternal life to share with everyone. I only hope sister can enter heaven & will never suffer bully again, most men's parents are their Jesus, we all hope those who sacrifice for us go to heaven.

Nobody can replace the love of those who sacrificed their lives for u, &u will never forget them, men's love is different from dog, souless dog's love is replaceable, 2nd dog can love u as much as the 1st dog, but it is almost impossible to find 2nd mom who love u as much as your 1st mom=>only soul can sacrifice self to love others & be your life savor=>u can be life savor to others & be remembered forever!

Play balls with dog: like wind it fly by silently, when reach ball, leap & precisely bite it, then left/right shake it, very playful, as a flying ballet dancer, can dance numerous gentle speedy beautiful dances: at time 0, faced with dark vacuum, no idea how the creator came up with such vast movements for different animals: God is unimaginably powerful.
All animals don't waste food/love, except pig, everyone is careful & cautious, not reckless, dog is particularly cautious, doesn't follow ball under car, let me pick ball from under car with a stick: very good in protecting itself, doesn't endanger itself with foolish risky behaviors that it was not designed for. Then u argue that dog need be more cautious because it is carnivore: why are u less conservative than dog if u are more evolved than dog? How can the creation decide its own design?

Xi's talk on Sina-Arab head meeting is full of love to God & men=>Good men will prevail, Light/God rise like morning sun on the east to defeat west hypocrisy/lies/bully/narcism dictatorship on mankind for the past 6000 years=>God will defeat devil=Good will defeat bad=Truth will defeat lies.

Attacking good men is attacking/blaspheming/waging war on God=Good, Xi&China is helping poor countries & people all over the earth but attacked by US: US is devil attacking God. US should follow China's example to do good, instead, it use all resources to oppress/attack God, US=Satan.

Nothing is mysterious/mythical=bad men mystify simple goodness to cult & riddles, God/Good is forever like sun hanging on top of us, but we hide in deep cave of lies/arrogance/narcism & attack good men in God's light: shut up our evil mouth & deeds but walk out into light bravely, otherwise, we will never see light forever!

Privacy=narcistic hell

West likes to be slave masters & give orders, even can't do it physically but our mind never change.

Everyone hate to die, if u live like humble & lowly Jesus: sacrifice your own interests/life to serve others then u will not die=this is the only way & is our soul DNA: if u are a selfless good man=>u will live on forever! Simple & straightforward & practical & effective: not sure why we only see 100 years but missed infinity.

If u go to church daily & donate & believe, but live a selfish narcistic arrogant self-glorifying life=for sure u will die.

Jeremiah 17-10: "I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward a man according to his conduct, according to what his deeds deserve."
紧跟服从爱才得爱/follow&obey love to get love

Actually, it is u who give all the love to dog & dog give u nothing but troubles, but u know dog loves u.

How dog loves u: it always closely follow u, very curious/ attentive to everything u are holding & doing, all its heart is full of u but i。
So learn from Dog how to love: If u want to love your wife: u need be always around her, help her on her things, your mind is full of her but u: always praise her to others.If all day long u are busy making & following money: u only love money. 

Why dog always follow&obey u, because u have all the love it needs, but dumb parents do it backward: follow/obey/please their kids: u are raising narcists: u need raise him to follow/obey/please u first. Initially we were born in love filled Eden,&no need to follow God to seek love thus give devil chance to abduct us, so God birth us in loveless & hostile earth, & we have to race for love/protection right at birth. All love is from God, first closely follow/obey/please God: if u want to marry a woman, first love God, miraculously, God will bring her to your doorstep. 

Judas&Hypocrites have lots money, so if u love money, u must closely follow/obey/please hypocrites=make devil your god father.

Animals never give u orders & boss u around, u also never ask it what it likes to eat but decide everything for it=u should do the same to kids & stop him from controlling u. Dog never complain anything & never ask food/favors for itself like a pig=Don't order/boss around/complain God. If u boss your spouse around:then u love yourself not her: at dating we pretend to be obedient after we marry then we change, such divorce is u deserve it: once we get lots love & successes we tend to forget the love giver but start to think I give myself all these love: Saul was like that, but Abraham love God the same way all the time which was tested by God step by step; u need absolutely obey God/parents,because they are the love givers, if u are caring your parents then they need listen to u; couples need to discuss &obey either because u give each other love.Don't marry a rich successful prince=>he will never bow down to obey a nobody Cinderella!

1 Samuel 15: If kids become narcistic/disobedient: kick him out & stop giving him a penny, if he can come back then he will sure become obedient to u, if not, let him die in the wild=This is how God treated Saul.

God is invisible how can I follow God=I am also an invisible soul=>use God replace i in all my thoughts/acts/words, always ask& talk to God on everything. God is embodied in Jesus, so be like Jesus: follow/obey/please God full heartedly to get a lot love from God then share God's love with all.

God/Jesus=All that is good=peace/honesty/truth/life/light/humility/kindness/selflessly help others=>selflessly follow/pursue what is good for all, God doesn't need your 1 penny, if all u think is money&sex, u don't love God at all, after 80 years, u are gone.

Luke 9:2: love-i will die, love-GJ will live=>In heaven follow God & watch God's magic/wonders all day long:mud dog become live dog & etc.

But pig is narcistic&don't like to follow me, so I have to cage it to avoid it running away, but I don't leash dog because its love leash it to me: If u love God, u won't run away/hide from God & give devil chances to tempt u: so Adam/Eve love i more than God, generations after generations we are further & further away from God & replaced God with i: i am the center of universe & control everybody.

Pig & our body cells are exactly the same: pig and we eat exactly the same food, pig doesn't eat grass; pig's face & eating manners are the same as we: turn our nose upward then we become pig; pig is as smart as we; pig complain of not given enough food all day long=we are complaining not giving enough money all day long; Pig fight with each other on food=we compete for money; pig follows food=we follow money, but dog is smarter: because dog always follows u, whenever u cook/eat u can't help to share your food with dog who is earnestly praying that u give it some, so dog eat as good as u do=if u love & always follow God around, God will give u miraculous powers&make u live forever: must follow all love's creator=God, not creations, if u follow gold but God, gold will run out eventually; because man can die so don't follow any man: u both can follow God together & live together forever!

Our soul not body love clean, actually, dirty water&food shouldn't make us sick as pig doesn't: all creatures can survive by eating soil, body come from dirt of course can eat dirt to survive: dog always eat hen&pig's poop: u can survive by eating anything God given: God give us an earthful of food/clothes/shelters to void our worry for body but 100% on soul's survival.

If u live like pig follow money: u will definitely die; if like dog follow God=>live forever.

Greedy fast fattening pig die first=young rich famous men die first: because u attract & eaten by snake/devil the first, skinny pig has to be left alone to grow meat=selflessly give all u get to others thus poor & humble gain life.

2 rabbits same age, 1 is smarter/faster in grabbing food, first thing after it grows up is jump out of cage, the other is dumb & slow on everything so never attempt to jump out, I am faced with shortage of fresh food in winter, so I am really glad that the fittest one left: Fittest die not survive.

Train kids to love u, so they won't run away & follow bad guys: fools push kids out after he is 18, Traditional Chinese parents co-habit with married son is correct, which doesn't conflict with Genesis 2:24: as long as u love & marry an outsider, then u are obedient to God, God didn't say u have to live apart from parents, if u follow & serve parents & wife all day long=u love God, if u not living with parents, how can u follow&love them? Nowadays, we just follow devil online & become devil.

Privatization is not West's product, as soon as men were kicked into earth, we practiced privatization=rob & split God's properties=divide Jesus' clothes; Communism=love-God was started by first Christians, after seeing how west hypocritically brutally colonized the whole earth & enslaved blacks & natives/etc in 19s century, Marx revisited communism.

Communist's president is appointed by good God: the most God-loving selflessly sacrifice i for God's people, US/West president is head demon=The most handsome/rich/narcistic one become president. God in Chinese mind is spiritual master mind of good/truth/kindness/beauty, God in west's minds is a label/symbol/empty-NSF check.

God=1, i=I am God's head=boss, important=i-am-important. 

Everyone is Judas=for i & money betray God & conscience.

As body need to be strengthened by hard exercises, soul need poverty/abuse/slavery to become more God loving; Rich comfortable free US life change us to fat pig sick in soul & body. Devil of course want u to be dumb pig, so donate <1% of his money to u to buy chemical filled brain damaging food so dumb u forever rely on devil. It is very unfortunate to be born & grow up in US/West. Coming to US for better life=sell soul&life to devil to feed pig body=dumber than pig.

Everything on earth including earth itself is temporary, don't plan anything for future=make a lot of money for retirement&kids, but 1 day at a time: Luke 12, Don't worry too much of body, sooner or later it will get sick & die. If u are paralized by disease: use the opportunity to pray & meditate & love God more:Luke 2:37. If u are too old to sustain yourself, if God doesn't send good men to take care of u, then u fast & pray to die quickly, so u won't trouble others, such death is for Christ Luke 14:28 & u will go to heaven: saving for retirement/whatever shows we don't love God: our every thought/action/policy is narcissistically evil:Genesis 6:5.

God is white light,not white color=hypocrites paint i as white:Europe doesn't have much day light, so spent most time in dark doing evil so skin gradually turn white,the whiter u get the more chance u die of skin cancer. Tropical has lots more light thus richer lives: not much darkness to do evils thus poor; Farmers' skin is darker, indoor men are whiter:black skin is healthier, pale skin is near death.

灵魂组成和功能/soul's anatomy & physiology

Soul=subconsciousness/DNA+ love/hate+consciousness+faith, love/hate is soul's brain: controls all our senses&actions&purposes/aspirations of life.

Consciousness&Faith = soul's nerves, like body's 2 types of nerves: consciousness make sense of senses, Faith drives actions&words.

There is only 2 loves: love God|love i, they are enemies like life|death can't co-exist & mix, u either love i or God 100% & forever, u can't be like hypocrites loving both God & i to cover up i only love i's truth=i worship i=fake God=devil, God=O=1=unity=sum of everything=we are sharing 1 God's property=communism=nothing is mine, love God=share my God given gifts with everyone; Narcism=use God's property serve me alone: Matthew 21. Privatization creates narcists, Communism creates god lovers. Love-God creates & sustains life, Love-i destroys life=depression=tomb, Narcism is soul's brain cancer.

We are born to love God=clean/beauty/sincerity/happiness/etc, like to be a good man doing good, don't like to be selfish/hypocritical: soul with love-god seed is planted in our dirt body by God, so we can grow to be huge loving trees full of love fruits, but we all are spoiled by devilish parents & died at young age to love i=devil: stop kids' narcism, develop his love for God, otherwise u are killing your kids; Communists don't admit selfish God made up by west exist, capitalists don't love God but i.

Love is blind no need of any reason/condition/purpose, can't be imposed: regardless how powerful is preacher's preach he can't force u to love God; can't be bought by money: regardless how many churches/seminaries/doctors u built u still don't love God.
Love is in beholder's eyes: love let different men feel & act on the same thing differently, purposeful love is narcism:
Communists can sacrifice themselves unconditionally for people=true love-God, preachers use heaven bait men into churches just to make them more narcistic & hypocritical:Matthew 7:21-27。
God created lovers' love to explain love's oneness & eternality & our desire to be loved, if u want to change wife=u never love her: why don't u change your kids with strangers? Narcistic west has the highest divorces. 

Love-God guarantee i & all will benefit, love-i guarantee i & all will suffer:
God loving Abraham & Jesus open up heaven for i & all to enter | Narcistic devil drag i & all to hell.

Same disease on i feel excruciating painful|but if on u I can't feel anything=>I must do everything to treat i|do nothing to help u=>plants/animals can't ask i for food/water, if i don't love them & insensitive & careless to them, they will die, +I destroy nature for my big houses, so i & all end up starving in desert;
God loving Xi got 2B men out of poverty, narcistic US government push self&citizens into extreme poverty & borrow huge debts: but return its biggest creditor=China with bully & sanctions: are u trying to kill your creditors to avoid paying debts? If u don't stop your non-sense China will foreclose on your country then u will be refugees like Ukraines. 

Same flowers with heaven's hope appear extraordinarily beautiful to god lovers, narcist only notice his own beauty but blind to everything else;
God lovers can enjoy a humble small home as 5 star resorts|narcist work hard whole life dare not to retire.

When work for myself I work very hard, but when work for u, I am not motivated & careless =>make customers mad & always fired thus poor;
Selflessly work hard for others=>loved by bosses thus position & money rise very fast.

Marrying a narcistic rich man suffer loneliness all life|Marrying a poor god lover, feel happy even being homeless together.

Narcism is the root of all evil: cause addictions/crimes/close minded/stubborn/reluctant to learn/self-righteous/hypocritical/suicidal.

If u willing, U can grow a huge love tree from a tiny seed=from I like him a little to I can't marry anybody else but him=>Love can be developed, learned, pursued, exchanged with your love: if u persistently pursue her, eventually she will love u. I never loved dog before, after I have 1, it always nag me for love, so now I really love it despite all the troubles it brought me, otherwise, it will be long eaten: Matthew 7:7–8: if u don't want to love God u won't, & u die.

Open up your mind, remove all stubbornness/prejudices, if u want to love someone, u will, being loved feels super good, nobody want to lose your love: once amigo gave treats to pigs, as soon as they saw him they run toward him, so every morning he bribes them so he doesn't lose pig's love=>if God remove pleasant nature & harvests, u will start to pursue God's love:
poverty/diseases/famine wake up/sprout love-God seed: I need to be nice to those who saved my life, but narcists=devil don't pay back favor & debts:US will pay China's loans with wars.  Li tribe accommodated  Ma refugees, after Ma became powerful, Ma returned Li's favor.|rich advanced devil killed all primitive natives who saved them from harsh winter: only snake=devil kill its savor. 

Narcists are greedy=>so overwhelm i with narcism: I like to plant a lot but can't eat them & they all rot=what a waste; we work hard all our life before we can enjoy a penny we get cancer: if kids addicted to video games, don't give him food/water & anything but video games.

Love-God is not that God is a narcist need your love=God doesn't need a single love from u but God love u too much & don't want narcistic us rob each other, & be confined unable to enjoy life freely & fully, once u love God, God will unleash u to fly freely in vast universe, as soon as God call u u come.

How to love God: Obey God's & parents' words, anonymously indiscriminately help everyone in & out of home; To everyone u meet, give love/convenience/warmth, not troubles/competition/arrogance/fights/hypocrisy, be the last for pleasure, be the first to suffer. Parents must train kids to love God, narcistic kids are very troublesome & worrisome & easily commit crimes, but god loving kids are very sweet & obedient & fun.

Current israel is not the final promised land, is only God's test ground to A: if A pass the test, then God reward him a heaven like new earth, so the victory of 1967 war with palestine is because of God's help is a superstition/lie by west: habitually use God's name for selfish gain & trouble making.

Abraham clearly know wife will go crazy if she saw her only son at her old age is dead, but for quite a few months, A didn't worry about it, when the time came, he took knife himself toward his only son: he must love God above all: wow, I can't kill my beloved dog, but if u offer me 1 billion dollar to kill it, I will immediately kill it=>I love money above all: nobody else in the world love God more than A.

Today's earth is mankind's training camp, want to settle down & have a good life on earth is impossible, because God didn't design it for u to settle down, but put thorns/troubles in everything around & in u to train u treat yourself as enemy & love God with all u get, heaven is where u will settle down happily ever after: God modelled devil's temptations as instincts in u & every creatures around u, only love-God can u resist internal&external instinctive temptations to give up the only life support to others; sex is very pleasurable & everybody is doing it, & sex make u live long & healthy, only love-God can u leave beautiful her to other men: rather die than cheat/steal/rob/kill/rape/etc.

In heaven, all instinctive bondages will be gone: never need to worry a thing. Your body=pig=God's given self-driven car, why sacrifice your life to a pig u don't own & give it mansions/luxury cars/pretty female pigs when u know pig will get old & die anyways: sacrifice pig for u & live forever! Everything is rented from God temporarily on earth, we must return them to God clean & damage free=let others use them, shouldn't pile them up in banks/warehouses to go bad, but narcistic i want everything to be mine=>Narcism is raping & ruining all God's visible/invisible holy beauty. Longing for longevity on earth is narcistic.

Jesus breath gentle love/feelings/humanity/common sense/easiness/flexibility/life into 10 cold orders: if u do good & serve others=love God on Sunday u don't have to take Sunday off, the most difficult to follow is #1: u must love God as Jesus did: give your everything/money/life to God: only by kill i can i die for God/men & be resurrected by God, work hard whole life for i will die forever!

Democracy+many religion/superstition/gods/idealogy confuse u, so u believe in nothing & let instinctive narcism control u, but if u are mindful to your instincts, your love-God nature will stop your selfishness=>don't be a dead man&waste your God given soul, if u don't use it, u will be deleted, be always mindful/soulful/spiritual then u will love God.

John 20:29: If u don't want to believe, regardless how many miracles that u have seen u won't believe, before Jesus' resurrection, Thomas already saw many Jesus' miracles, but Thomas still can't 100% believe, actually all 11 apostles were not 100% sure, until they all become 100% faithful, Jesus gave them power to perform miracles to make others believe because even if Jesus die&resurrect every day, there will still be some can't see his resurrection, then u need to use your miracles/perfection/blameless actions & honesty to make others believe, but still some won't believe, but it doesn't matter u believe it or not, the whole point of Jesus is to prove God doesn't give empty promises not to save u=>u have to save yourself by doing what Abraham did: give up everything for God, if u don't want to live, nobody can force u to, u will just die/disappear as a pig does, don't be so arrogant that Jesus/preachers have to beg u to live, abandoned u will be like lost pig abducted into wolf pack to be torn & eaten by beasts=>Revelation shows we will suffer more than the atomic bomb in Sodom.

伪君子=hypocrite=Democratically elected president != God appointed, so US is using God's name fooling mass. The true democracy should be: put all SSN in box & pick randomly, whoever is picked become president.

We are born good was said by Chinese ancestors=we are born like God: God created u of course u are like God, we are born evil was said by west=we are born like devil=how can white parents give birth to black kids: but devil can't create any kids only kidnap God's kids. God is not white but transparent not hiding anything, u are dark colorless, God cover us with colorful skins to show that we are all racists: hate & discriminate each other, untransparent body wrap a pile of poop=filthy soul, +we use clothe to cover up ugly fat belly/hair & private part=use hypocrisy wrap privacy&lies,+cold big yard & walls to distant each other. Everything in heaven is transparent, no need of micro/telescopes u can see through universe.
God lovers don't discriminate, no privacy, don't care appearances, don't mind pig's filth: everything God given is lovely, if u love God, even God's fart smell like roses; cosmetic surgery/trans gender/tattooers/makeup wearers are narcists: narcism leads to self pity/suicides.

Humbly learn from dog/kids on how to be a man because that is how God expect&designed.

汉=sweating hard working good Chinese men.

Herbivores sleep on poop, which degenerate & release heat to keep them warm in winter, carnivores dig dirt holes, which is warm in winter/cold in summer, they like their poop to be covered. 

God made man on the 6th day, but men were GMed to devil=snake is on the 6th of zodiac, 6 looks like man's spirit abducted away & above O/God=Narcism=I am above God.

Everything communists doing is correct: they themselves use actions to love God & teach kids/adults to love & serve God, US/West is sneakily wrong on everything, every kid/adult is tempted to love i & hate God & cause all kinds of troubles for God&i.

Bible if full of love-i/love-God examples: we don't like to read it because it makes i=hypocrite look bad, Those reading it are hypocrites: if we don't remove narcistic cancer, we will die soon.

Bible=God's promises/infinite year plans/fate telling;圣经=神的许诺/无限年大计/算命八卦书

Empty words=>empty promise=superstition. Bible only has half page 11 rules for men, whole bible is God's promises & cases of realized God's promises: God never speak empty words/promises, like communists' 10 year plan, at time 0, God already gave infinite year plans, so  everything God say/create will last forever. 
God put his promises in your soul: u want to do good, afraid to die, want to live forever. 
Read bible to tell your own fate, but we don't like bible's true fortune telling, but pay huge fortunes to scientists to predict false future: no technology can save mankind.
There is no religion/belief/ philosophy/ideology is like bible: because nobody can predict future, so nobody dare put his silly false predictions on book. U can check bible with history&reality&nature to see how many God's promises have been fulfilled, 1st page immediately make u see that God doesn't speak empty words/promises, but do/make concrete creatures to materialize his words, every word is visible/tangible=>This is how I started to believe in God.
After u read bible, then can u tell fate for everyone, there is really no role for preachers/churches: Jesus said your body is God's temple, he is your brain, don't use anybody else's head to be yours: Confucius was great but dead=dead mind, but use Jesus as brain will keep u good&alive forever.

Superstition=as soon as u believe that Jesus died for u then can u enter heaven & live forever=lie: preachers spread this good news/lie around world.
God created Jesus to embody his promise to Abraham=sent Jesus to die then resurrect in A's hometown. Jesus found 12 good&bad witnesses, Despite the heavy cross given by Devil that he carried throughout his life as we do, he didn't sin & disobey, died cruelly on cross, then God resurrected him, then he showed himself alive to 11 honest farmer students, then give them abilities to perform miracles to go around to show to us God executed words. On cross, there are 2 types of men on either side of Jesus: Luke 23:40, 1 admit that we got what we deserve, 1 doesn't have slight remorse & mock Jesus with devils together, 

Ok, God has put his words/promises into actions & creations, then u have to put your desires into actions too, if u don't want to die, then do Matthew 19:16-30: obey 10 commandments; love God above all; love others as yourself; give away all your money/properties: anyone who loves the world/money can't enter heaven to live forever=>don't modify God's words & wish otherwise, u know God is not kidding on his words.

Then why rich Abraham went to heaven?
Because God specifically promised A that he will give him a country to be his vast home land & many riches & offspring all over earth,  but God didn't make this promise to u, so your wealth is not God's blessing, but God did promise to us in Matthew 19:16-30 that if we give up money & 100% obey him&Jesus, he will give us eternal life.

The whole bible starts out by giving A promise=Genesis, ends with execution of this promise=Revelation.

God chose A to promise heaven's riches because God knew that A was obedient & can do what rich man didn't do in Matthew 19:16-30: A gave up his home & country but follow God to a poor hostile foreign land, & kill his only son for God, so God bring heaven down to A after A arrived in Israel & before A left world.

The meaning of death is old i die & new i is born: old A is as good as new A, so A doesn't need to die, while still on earth after A showed his faith in actions, God gave A heaven's reward. God show his face to A, u can't see God is because u are too dirty & not qualify to see God.

Actually, God doesn't need to keep us alive, can just treat us as hi-IQ pigs & let nature automatically recycle us, why cost so much & only son to save us: it is because God's promise to A:Genesis 12: God promised A that all men will be saved through A=A is our savor, but Devil already converted Israel to be 2nd US, according to us, God's promise has logical error: God will give A kids all over the earth & make Israel their home land, but Israel is as small as New Jersy, how can Israel cover earth=>a new earth will replace old earth & become Israel to host 12 israeli tribes, non-jews are migrants: Revelation 7

Everybody born equal is your own selfish wish but God's concept&truth&reality, dictatorship & unequal is nature's norm that u can see every where, A's kids are more precious than u because of God's promise 6000 years ago, non-jews need try harder= humbly & obediently catch crumbs fall off Jew's table Matthew 15:27: I don't mind being a jew's dog/slave.

Don't be confident of yourself, because your thought is always selfish/biased: Why don't u think animals equal to u & sit at same table with u? why don't u treat animals the same way as u treat your kids/parents? Clearly democracy & freedom & equality don't work, but US globally impose democracy & freedom is to force others to give US freedom & rights to be monitored & manipulated by US.West built a complete system for self interests, every thought/act/word is for i, if u rely on west =u are relying on a thief/con artist.

Martin Luther King Jr's blacks=whites is not from bible, that is why he call it his dream,but many blacks are jews, bully black jews will be cursed. Actually because Jews are scattered all over the world & in all the countries/races/tribes/skin color/ethnicities/etc+marry with natives, because disobedient jews quickly take on local customs/religion/wives, which they know displease to God so they buried &forget their Jew's identity, China has so many God's artifacts, plus China has a huge Muslim population, so I suspect majority Chinese are A's kids, regardless, don't bully anyone, accept & nicely treat every legal/illegal immigrant/natives because he can be A's kid.

If u don't want to be a dog for Jews, why not become lucky Abraham to save the world, because God is watching u all the time, if u honestly love & obey God 100%, then God will bring heaven down to u & appoint u as the savor of the world: only by loving & obeying God 100% can u save the world!

Why not quanrantee devil & bear me directly in devil-free heaven: because everyone can be devil & quanranteed, the best way is to build your immunity: even live among devils u won't be infected, so new men are born in devil filled earth to build up immunity & never sick again=resist temptations to obey God despite living in hell.

If u don't want to become a pig, then don't wish to be a pig, why fool yourself, what if u really become a pig. U have to understand what u are wishing for, why do u wish to go to hell if u know nothing of it? 

u have to massage dog to love dog=love without hands on is not love. Regardless how many "I love u" to dog, dog can't feel & know it.

Love=want to love+put love in action=love is visible&tangible

God's miracle=the force behind every life=when u watch plant/animal born&grow, Devil=the force that sikens & kills life=when u see life diseased/die.
If u are God's helper=help life start & thrive, if are Devil's helper=help sicken & kill life.

God=Love others as myself: make others as healthy & rich as I am.
Devil=build my own wealth/health on top of others' pain&death=by exploiting/enslaving/cheating to satisfy me first, then I donate a little to the poor to send myself to heaven.

In Chinese, 
又=仕=Good man concur cross=Jesus, X is cross, - is God.
文=God's promise in Jesus' body=bible
圣=Jesus out of dirt.
爱: God rain blessings from above, Jesus carry your cross from below=>love is from God.
君: God given power over people=king, 
伪: man made, not natural/god-made,
伪君子=not God authorized fake king, misuse God's power, abuse & mismanage God's people/kids.

Why God give winter without giving us fur: God want u give poor men warmth.

不能起死回生的基督徒是迷信骗子/if christian can't resurrect then he is superstitious liar

快别给孩子自信心了/stop giving kids self-confidence & self-esteem

Incompetent devil can't give u anything other than lies, to avoid smart u seeing through his lies, he knows by beefing up your own confidence in yourself he can catch 3 birds so he globally promote competition & self-made billionaires: 1:u will not ask him for help&never discover his incompetence, 2. U won't look for God for help so u won't know God's infinite power, 3. he can use your inventions to make weapons to destroy God's works=Imagine if u see half of your painstakingly raised hens are killed by the other half, but God is patient, first investigate it & know it was devil's fault, while confine&train us in earth cage, God start to remove devil with God's only patience&details&strategy+our collaborations, but devil is very sneaky, immediately let all of us become his willing hostage because he knows merciful God can't throw all of us with him into oven together, so God paid devil with Jesus' life to buy us back from Devil, Devil said: I am not guilty of holding anyone back, please take whoever want to go with u: Jesus die first then come back to ask us to leave the world, but we all are extremely afraid to die, even given the chance to die of severe illness, but rather hold onto Devil's medicals than die/leave the world.

So devil make u lie to your kids & give them false news & confidence, tell them the truth: u are nothing but an invisible empty bag can't hold a fart & fart, God has all the power, God's creations including devil has 0 ability, God will make u a genius if u obey him. 
Devil wants u to award/flatter/praise/thank another man in his face to boost his self-confidence, so stop those fake bs, but praise him to God in your heart quietly, stop saying that your hair looks great: all western etiquettes are Devil's suit & tie; stop competing, forget Nobel Prize: Devil won't award it to godly communists.

Don't worry that your kids feel hurt, only praise him if he is obedient, just as u say good boy to dog when dog obeys u =>the only goal of raising a kid is to make him love&obey&become God=real perfect star,u must become God first then let kids mimic u to become God.

Other than poop&troubles we can create nothing, it is God who converted poop&troubles to sweet fruit&life. God of course wants u to be God, which parents don't their kids better than them, but because God is already perfect, so can't be better than God, so need = God=as perfect as God: If u can't resurrect/stop natural disasters/cure deaf,blind,disabled etc, then u are not God u are devil, Besides 12 apostles, nobody can perform visible/touchable miracles, so everybody is Devil. Preachers' empty words push honest men away: communists are right: there is no God in the world=God is out of world.

Why devil can't do miracles: disobey God, so God doesn't give u miracles. 

Why Devil disobey God=why u disobey God? Because everyone wants to become self-made God's boss=CEO/president/etc so all gods/men/demons can only obey me=>I want to be God's father: aren't u bossed around by your kids?
Dragon=I=my wish of becoming God's boss, so God has to obey i & let I manage his infinite power: can't u see that US demands all countries obey i & US controls all men & treasures & weapons/atomic bombs on earth.

Boss=I don't do but order u do=hypocrites=empty talks without deeds. Make u superstitious of God serve Devil very well! 

So invaders always bring missionaries with them everywhere they go, because they need christians to order God to invade/elect/rob for them, the more christians are there the better, because bible says God will likely obey populous demands, so 
west recruit christians from every corner of world, Devil actually is the most believing = pharisees: on the surface he is serving God but actually serving himself, Matthew 12:24:pharisees are devils,they saw Jesus was performing miracles, of course, they believe & force u to do what they can't do for them; Matthew 23:15: they travel over land and sea to win a single convert, then make them twice as much a child of hell as they are. 2000 years later, hypocrites have burned whole earth with hypocritical life style/culture/tradition, &converted every man to 2xdevils.

Revelation 13:1-2: May Flower emerged from oceans with a bunch devils onboard looking for new headquarters, from US&GB, Devil bully all countries to give freedom&democracy&properties to demons, &attracts worst demons from all over the world to be brain washed by lies: US&GB is the birth place of all evil & lies, but blame East=China because of its dragon legend.
ThanksGiving is giving thanks to Devil because he led u to free & rich US, not to natives whom u ungratefully killed after they saved u from starvation and freezing weather. Halloween is naked Satan worshipping: the more devilish are u the more sweets u get.

Devil hire seminaries/preachers=demons change/spread bible as empty words=superstition, &force everyone into church to listen to preachers' misinterpretations/superstitions instead of u reading it & asking God yourself: God is alive & everywhere, so God can explain himself authentically without any dirty middle man's muddling: u have to become a self-made God without men's teaching.

Be mindful what u pray: u are committing suicide by ordering God to give u money/smart/health/education/kids/work/presidency/success&power in every worldly thing u do.
To live, u need pray God to remove your powers=money/health/IQ/possessions/career to prevent u from abusing/misusing/mismanaging God's power to damage God, ex: please cut off my dick/hands so I won't commit adultery/theft.
Thank God for natural disasters/poverty/diseases/accidents/jailing/enemies/abuses to slow down my disobedience.

God knows what u need, u don't need to ask=hens never ask me of anything because I know when they are hungry/thirst/etc: God created universe, of course, God is watching every particle & thought in it.
Bible ask us to obey government/bosses/slave masters, because Devil is the government/slave masters so we end up obey Devil=>more power to the devil, but disobeying is disobedient to God, so obey them if u are not asked to damage others: most of our work is damaging each other & nature: then we should die of starvation than work in devil's factories, if u are enslaved to farm or cook u should 100% obey your masters/bosses. Rely on God != being lazy=u are mocking God.

Whenever dog sees me looking at the hole it dug in garden, it quickly run away & hide, &doesn't come out regardless how hard I call it=When Adam/Eve violated God, they also quickly hid despite God was calling them.
But watching how it beg me for forgiveness, I don't want to kill it immediately: I can only leash it more to avoid its damages, but if dog doesn't think it did anything wrong, or blame me for not knowing that digging is its instincts, or lie pigs did it: I will immediately kill it.
If u repent & ask for God's forgiveness, God knows life is tough, after u die, put u in 4th dimension, remove all your instincts & excuses, then will see how much u obey, Give u freedom according to your obedience, if u can 100% sacrifice yourself to obey, then u enter Jesus' infinite dimension/freedom.

But my freedom is limited by dog: I have to put things out of dog's reach, so still need to train dog/man to be 100% obedient. 

Dog doesn't care itself or its freedom much, as long as it can stay next to me then it is happy:Dog really love its master=love creates obedience.

Having soul & Hi-IQ are not the causes of men's fall, it is because we commit adultery=fall-in-love/entrust/give-our-heart-away to devil to be filled with lies&disobedience, only if we love God alone can we remove devil's ideas/teachings/lies.
In the end, there must not be a single evil in our heart, even u have 1 bad idea u will have to go into hell with devil, because God can create trillions new men in 1 breath, since there will be no devil, so new men will only be filled with God's words, if let u live, u will kill all new men like covid, so clean out evil from u is your own work if u want to live: u must completely brain wash yourself with bible, but suicidal we are still seeking & following lies onoffline:u only need follow & do good deeds.

Our characters are the sum of 12 zodiac: sometimes u behave like dragon, sometimes u behave like pig/mice/etc, Dragon=I=invisible God's boss, so no animal representation=I must kill i, or I die. Cleaning self=removing all 12 zodiac characters from i.

If u can resurrect dead then u are 100% clean. But we are too dirty to be cleaned in 1 life time, so first sincerely repent, then ask God for more life times & removal of stubborn instincts to cleanse again.

It doesn't matter whose kids u are raising, as long as u love him, he will love u back, even your own kids don't have blood connections with u=soul doesn't have blood, don't be a pig only love your own: Because I can only sell my own pig so I only love my own, but u can love anybody & get his love return: that is why God ask u to love everyone so u can be loved by everyone.Why u want to become star is because u are not loved much by others, but to the opposite, your self-made success only bring u jealous & hatred: so quietly humbly obediently love others will bring u both God's & men's love, narcissism is also due to lack of love by others=obey & love others now to get rid of pitiful narcissism.

In heaven, u are always happily playing & laughing to show your best beauty=God is very happy to see the most beautiful u,God & your parents definitely don't want to see u tied to classrooms/offices seriously/pressured/helplessly/painfully stressed out.

The reason that dog dig is because it is uncovering the dead bodies=lies=devil: archaeologists/historians/anthropologists are studying historical lies=don't we have enough lies now.

Water is used for cleaning & can also be used as mirror, dust scatter light is dark can't be used as mirror.

Revelation 17:3-6: the last end-time superpower US is also referred to as Babylon. Revelation 9:16: China serve the 6th end-time angel's task: kill 1/3 demons.

In pictogram, man=he=人=他=人也, woman=one of his ribs=女=他的一肋骨

若狗有灵会怎样/What's it like if dog has a soul?
When I was small, math teacher was nice to me: so I loved math=>u love the love of those who love u, if parents love God=u will love God, if parents love money/fame/power=u will love the same, so orphans actually are luckier, the luckiest are those with god loving parents.

God changed devil to snake, of course can change u to animals, the only difference between u and animals is that u have conscience=soul, initially, men's IQ=animal's IQ, but after we ate forbidden fruit we became much more smart&capable than animals, so ancestors are very grateful to dragon so pick dragon as father, & constantly seeking dragon's guidance=magic/alchemy/
panacea/superstition/dead men's/etc advice, only fear&avoid but love God, such dislike of God has been passed on for all generations; Man is not in 12 zodiac: Dragon & animals stay in earth, men don't, there are only 2 types of men: Jesus like good man/Dragon like bad man.

Because of this, US prevents the world from befriending with China=dragon=again US use lies to bully China=we are all from 1 ancestor: Adam,+Earth & its rotation is round=there is no east&west: East!=China, +US sanctified magic/superstition: training mathematicians& statisticians/etc to predicate investment/all markets: we are all descendents of dragon:any desire to make money is evil.

Imagine install soul to dog: soul is 4th dimension bag full of God's & Devil's words, God said to dog: u can only dig in dessert, can't dig in gardens; Devil said: u can dig out a lot of nice toys in garden, but nothing in dessert: when dog enters garden, both God's & Devil's words come to its ears: but dog can't resist the temptation of toys under garden, so disobeys God & damages garden=>when dog has soul it is 100% disobedient, +dragon's hi-IQ, we are digging our own tomb magically fast; When dog doesn't have soul, dog damage u 50% times; If u can train dog's soul to obey u alone 100% then it won't cause any troubles: God is training souls=men, obedient men rise to heaven to enter different animals/plants, i.e. everything in heaven is alive & have a soul & all are obedient & never cause troubles/fights: full of love&feelings &bright/soulful/sporty/energetic beauty: When u play under tree, tree give u grandma&mom's love/care.

Our problem is that we ignore or reject that we have soul, so always let body instincts make decisions, which always decide selfishly for its own survival=100% disobedient to God, so need to be mindful on everything & let conscience decide, if u truly believe in God, >50% decisions are obedient, In everything think in others shoes then will u understand & obey God's will&love; Bad man is full of evil & intentionally damage.

So IQ/education/career/families/etc is not important, only importance is obedience=faith in God, which decide u live/exist or die/vanish, animals don't have any of those but still prosper, education is to prevent educated con-men from cheating u: Everything on earth is to train u to obey, colleges are for training dragons:Noah didn't go to college but built a 4-story aircraft carrier. 

Men's job is trying very hard to Obey God=Dog is trying everything to obey u. God carved what we need to obey in our language on stones, but we don't know dog's language, so can't tell dog what to obey, but dog attentively observe us & being beaten to obey us:dog is smarter & know obedience brings love.

A man said if he didn't take drugs he would die: God gives & takes & all is in God's control, there is nothing u can do about it=Just as u can't be controlled by animals. Don't think yourself too high, only God is important: if God die, whole universe darken & everything die with God=if I die all my animals die with me of starvation & thirst, but your death doesn't affect me=u are 0 importance to the world.

If sick or disabled, no need to fight for your life, either pray for cure or death=when my animal is sick, because I don't have God's curing power, I would eat it to end its suffer=in nature, this is how mother animal clean out sick kids, if she doesn't eat u, u will be eaten by predators, +sick kid slow/kill families survival.

Watching&Feeling your pain is true cruelty, +body is God's, why interfere with God? = U can't accept I eat my old dog: but why u want to interfere with how I treat my dog?
The fact that we are fighting with diseases shows that we don't understand u!=body, &our disobedience to God: actually u are nibbled alive by medical/insurance big sharks=only US benefits from U's fight against R.

Similarly, not working shouldn't starve u, because of our greed & selfishness, we made everyone to work for men: if u don't work he can't make money&fame for himself=the harder u work the more profit can he make from u, but he is lying that u work for yourself: u don't need to work for yourself or men, u only need to work for God=>Why let u live & let me die=>why hire u & fire me: because I can't do my work according to requirements=Our career is following God's will to manage & care & protect those men & nature around us.

Everyone is looking for someone to love me: don't expect others to love u because everyone only love him/herself, why not seek God's  unchanging love: as long as there is light then there is God's love. 

When too old to take care of yourself, u must humble & obey your care givers, otherwise, nobody wants to care u: we & nature need care of God so need obey God.

Dog can't quit its instincts of digging holes=we also can't control our instincts, but we are higher than animals in that we can control our instincts & temper=sacrifice self.

As soon as I let dog out it will dig=as soon as we are given freedom we sin: must be converted to animals to be caged by men. As soon as we entered college we stop trying: God is making sure u don't cause troubles after u enter heaven.

Trees in heaven is colorful as fall colors: infinitely beautiful. Wind blow off all the beauty & love instantly: it is very easy to give & take your life. Pig start to welcome me because my approach means food/water is coming, better than u: u don't care where our food/wine are from, &dog is even better: when u beat dog up, it keeps on kissing & calming u down: when did we kiss God when God is angry? We hate God for bringing natural disasters on us.

为啥信仰决定一切/Why faith is your everything
Whatever u believe in is where u will look for solutions, if u only believe in science, then u will only ask science & medicine/doctors to cure your diseases: no drugs/substances can help psychological disorders; If u believe in money then u always use money to solve problems.
God is the creator of everything, controls science/economy/everything physical & spiritual, if u believe in God & ask God for help, u will definitely get perfect cure to every problem/disease: according to the nature of the problem, God will give u Scientific/non-Scientific solutions.

Believe in God, your faith will bring u infinite possibilities, faith only in Science will not bring u any non-scientific miracles=magic, faith in race: only hire whites; Faith in God can truly open up your mind removing all prejudice/discriminations/misunderstandings/ stubbornness/extremists/boundaries. God is not just a spirit, God is everything good=physical&non-physical,regardless what good philosophy u believe in, u only believe in 1 leaf of God's tree: Democracy has to believe in Science.

Faith cage soul up, the bigger is your faith, the bigger is your cage, only after u faith in God, can cage be completely opened up & u like a free bird fly wherever u want. 

It is not that Christianity is no good, it is because u don't believe in it, if u truly believe in it then u will have God's infinite power&wealth, but everyone only believe in myself=individualism, so u are limited to what your body&brain can offer.

Dog is very capable to live on its own, but dog is smarter than u: it doesn't believe in itself but u=obey u, regardless how capable he is he can't taste fish/shrimp/egg/milk, but u can feed it anything that it can never dream of+professional massage:whatever I eat I give it half,so dog is trying hard to understand&obey me, sacrifice whole day's freedom to wait for my love & massage.

Though u said u blieve in God, but as soon as u fall ill, u only seek medical help, then your faith is fake/weak, God won't cure u, + others' criticism/humiliation, u lost faith in God completely, then u will never be cured.

If Dog treats me as non-existing/stranger & don't ask me for any help/advice just as it is somebody else's dog, then I won't care its hunger/thirst/pain/dying because it has nothing to do with me & its master won't allow me to interfere.

God is alive & forever like parents protect & care u cradled in body/earth, when u grow big & strong & can defend yourself, God will take u out of cradle, otherwise, u=a baby bird can be eaten by waiting predators at birth;God created everything & is the master of everything, so God is responsible for everything=u are responsible for your kids.

When alive, if u use excuses that u can't see God so u can't believe, after death, u are less likely to see God, so u will less likely to believe, plus u will meet 99% ancestors & sharper sensations=mistakenly think u entered heaven, so no need of real heaven. If u don't want to believe u can always find an excuse=nobody can force u to believe, if u want to believe no communists can stop u.
When u are cornered to a dead end by the world/yourself & looking for an outlet desperately, Jesus=light will light up outlet, as long as u seek, u will definitely find it, because light has always been on u but u have always been complaining its brightness & blocking it out.

Only 2 types of men u can save:
kids: use your light/love to grow their souls.
Extremely poor men in remote areas: as good communist village secretary was born/raised in the same poverty & have to solve others problems as his own.
Jesus was born/raised in the Jewish tribe that he was sent to save, & he was healing & resurrecting & performing miracles non-stop, but priests/monks are  parasites & useless dead men.
Come to US to save Chinese/Cubans is non-sense. Dragging rich successful politicians/schientists into church is for money.
Dog is living with me but its living condition is much worse than mine, but dog never flee to rich & free neighbors to serve me.
Serve Wall Street=US' dog, serve poor men=village communist secretary: rooted in its own village & work hard for poor men=God's dog, in  2-year voluntary teachers abducted pupils' souls to rich Guangzhou=US missioners abducted poor souls to US: it is better not having missioners to Africa/poor countries at all.

Faith in God != Faith in Christians=>Faith in communists brought massacres, so Xi diligently&humbly study&practice Communism-without practice u can never learn Christianity. Faith in men: men are not perfect=is a mixture of truth/lies|good/bad: Don't hire non-Christians=don't issue visa to communists=Religion/Faith based discriminations.

Pride/Racism/Narcism/Narrow mindness/stubborness/extremists/discriminations/hypocrisy/etc are the result of your unbelief in God but men.

The immediate benefits of full faith in God is that u won't have depression/psychological disorders/addictions, sleep well, less body pain/diseases, live longer/younger/smarter.

Animals never concern what to eat/dress, gun can't wake up hen at her bed time: instincts/God manages body, no need u to worry body or any physical matters, but u can't trust God's management but worrying every little thing thus can't sleep, but hen rely 100% on God & u & worry 0 thing thus never experience insomnia. As long as somebody remembers u then u are not dead=Hitler is still alive=no phone is using an APP, then it is dead.

Your purpose is absolutely not multiply & cover earth: smart God automated reproduction: while eating animals spread seed & fertilize & plow fields, air also water&fertilize food:no need of u, food is automatically grown for u=God is farming himself, but u need to work:serve God=very light no-stress work: distribute God's love fairly to all species=take care nature & do what u are good at, though God give us the most love, but we fight to rob others resources: rabbits eagerly wait for me to feed just as I was waiting for mom to feed me at childhood, they never complain God for not giving them same high intelligence & freedom so they can free themselves from irresponsible careless men.
Farming let u enjoy God's love=nature's freshness & animal's cute: if u provide animal needed environment, they will fully express their talents & extremely enjoyable to play with=babies play with live toys in cradle, but we made our life extremely hard & abuse ourselves & nature to make money. 

Mark 7:19: Jesus declared all foods clean, so God made animals eat food mixed with poop to show u,u can eat dirt & survive=no life can be starved to death.
poop can grow out new life=edible, plastic/man-made trash can't grow anything=non-edible. Duck eat cardboard & save me money.
Pigs don't eat preserved fruit, dog rather eat pig poop than dog biscuits.

Animals remind me of childhood: 2 pigs always fight for food=I always fight with sister for food, we had pigs then, why didn't I realize that I was a pig, after grew up, though not fight openly as pigs but fight secretly non-stop with everybody.
Pigs reminded me of ancestors, I guess if u live like an animal without growing any conscience/soul, after death, u ask Jesus for 2nd chance, Jesus said u love to be a pig then reincarnate to be a pig: the reason that u can't remember previous life is because nothing came into your consciousness, u are blind to everything, thus no memory of previous life; 
If dead bad man ask for 2nd chance, because your soul is filled of bad ideas, so Jesus empty & clean your soul well, so u don't remember last life, Jesus let u become your victims to be abused bad people to experience your own abuse: all pain is caused by u yourself: u must learn not to abuse anybody/anything anymore, otherwise, if u only complain/rebel without learning anything from the pain, then u will suffer abuse forever!
No need of after life, when u are old & incontinent & incompetent like an animal then can u taste the fruit u have yielded: who is willing to take care of u.
Soul is storage in cloud, brain is local hard disk.
When I was feeding hens, 1 is on high bar, hungry her really want to hurry down to eat, but below her birds are crowding no space to land, so she walk back & forth looking very hard for an empty place: Whoa, hen is much better than us: I would jump on & crash others to grab money.
Animals are much more obedient than men: Cage animals up & feed them kitchen scraps, they don't complain, but men can't, we even complain good things.

I only want hens happily peacefully obey my orders, I don't care whom they worship&praise=I am not jealous of cock at all, I don't care they use communism or democracy, if their democratically elected leader lead all to disobey me & cause me troubles, I will kill it first.

The best way to treat dead man: don't talk to him, don't join any crowd/party/social media/star/disney/US/fashion, befriend with daemon is suicidal, only befriend with/love low-IQ/unpopular/poor/disabled/old/ugly people & idealology, pursue God/Jesus/truth/wisdom/communism, much safer to mingle with animals than with men.

Phone has separate us from God, phone is the 666 on hand & head, phone block all our sensories & God's signals/reminders/alerts, we even check phone in sleep.

天天经历死亡/Experiencing death every day

Very easy to experience death, because u are experiencing it everyday:
After death, body fall off, expose your invisible conscious soul, nobody can see u, but u can see everyone, because u are invisible, so u are ignored, gradually u are forgotten: when u are alive, have u experienced being ignored/forgotten/unwanted/neglected/useless trash at work/school/home/church? after death, u will be 100% ignored, nobody pay any attention to u =feeling 100% lonely&worthless&depressed!
But dead men can see u, right after u realize that u are dead:
If u are a godly good man, Jesus will come to welcome u: Ha, finally someone care about u, & Jesus take u out of this lonely cold world to warm loving home, where a lot of angels/good dead men treat u as vip: finally u can live 100% worry free!
If u are an ungodly bad man, devils will encircle & harass u: Ha, u will live with bad men all day long!
Actually, harassing daemons are always with u regardless u dead or alive, when alive, if u are drowning in being treated like dead man, daemons will press your head into water & kill u: If u are depressed for not being given a birthday party=u are long gone.

All species were designed at time0: every creature belongs to 1 permutation of its genes, evolution cannot create anything out of those permutations: human has 70,368,744,177,664 gene permutations, regardless how u evolve u will be 1 of 70,368,744,177,664, these are all flesh dirt for growing souls. All genes & their permutations are God's intellectual properties & forever living with God, but if u didn't grow to be God want then U will be discarded=die.

Unborn men are like animals living in heaven as lovely/cute/innocent statue/decorations/instruments/tools, if u can go to heaven, u will be the driver of those beautiful healthy bodies, of course, u can feel all the body pleasures. Initially, all were born in heaven,but we committed sin, so exile to earth to reform. 

Animals only use actions to hurt u, but devils can hurt u by words/spirits/thoughts,which are exponentially more powerful, communists' love for people & country is unbeatable by advanced weapons.
If all christians are obedient & love others as self, then all westerners should be equally rich, & equally serve each other.

Thought/faith produce deeds=deeds reveal your soul.

Your power E=ms2, m=body mass=ex:120,s=soul=spiritual factor=count of your good deeds-count of bad deeds, s=0=plant, s>0=good man, s<0=daemon:
2 donations, 1 lie, E=120*1^2=120
2 volunteering, 4 lies, E=120*-2^2=-480: u owe God's a debt because u are using God given body to hurt.
Devil do all evil, so devil throw E=-mc2=-66,000 atomic bombs to destroy.
Jesus is perfect so s=c, Jesus is full of light, & bring E=mc2=66,000 nuclear energy to recharge/resurrect dead man,after u become perfect good man, your invisible soul becomes sunny star chasing out darkness & bad men=ask others to become Christian is not by preaching but by becoming light yourself=this is what God did. We all want to become stars, but only by becoming Jesus can u become a real star.
m is given by God for free, s is your faith in Jesus/Devil/money. When sick, pray to die, if your soul>0, God will give u new body=as long as fish is alive, u will change broken fish tank, right? Why waste 70 years to pain?
In God's time, 66000 is also the end of world, i.e. Jesus 1st & 2nd coming all happen on last moment of end day.Every man ever lived on earth will see Jesus' 2nd coming, which is the last time 99% of us last see light.

Dead men has 0 ability=useless, so they are trying very hard to rob your body/money/materials: let God fill up your heart so daemons can't slip in; Christians without actions is dead men: dead I is preaching to dead u, dead men created Capitalism to defend his hard robbed body/money/materials.

After death, all instinctive bodily pleasures can't be felt, u only feel those that come into your consciousness: seeing your kids being abused=pain, seeing kids doing well=happy, everything else felt nothing=numb, though beauty will appear much sharper but u pay no attention to them as caged bird pay no attention to cage's beauty. Smart God made body give u net 0 happiness on earth=Body give u equal pleasure&pain, so it is useless to die for body/money: so God made animals do no work but eat for free. Animals also know that food make poop=money make money=eat poop as food.

Pursue longevity=longer prison sentence.
We work hard to grow dirt=>why not try hard to grow conscience/soul & selflessly do good to get out of jail. Earth is round, the fastest runner just returns the starting spot first, so smart animals just lay on starting point & laughing at u.

As long as before the last day, even if u are dead, u still can call Jesus to save u.
But u are too stubborn to call for help for 6000 years before u are sealed off in an oven full of 66000 exploding atomic bombs, Even Jesus doesn't know when is the last day, after end day, Jesus will not hear u anymore. It is not that once u call Jesus can u go heaven, u must shine & use your actions to save yourself.

Except the instinctive service by parents to kids, animals don't serve each other, don't care u pain/hungry/thirst, only care/serve itself, animals never think in others' shoes, so in order to get out of jail, u need care/serve others: donate God's gift first to others, use God given body&intelligence to serve others first; humble self & don't care being forgotten: selflessly love others.

Such think-in-others-shoes humanity is put in our soul by God not by evolution, if u don't grow it, then u will be discarded, God as its creator of course can feel all his creations' feelings, because our mission is to care God given nature that is why God give us this ability, only if u stand in others' shoes can u do your work properly.

Willingness to think in others' shoes is called love others as oneself! Without God's support, I can't think in others shoes because nobody else is thinking of me, now rest assured that God is thinking of me: no need to worry=When I see a plant really give me expected flowers: I remember to water/feed it everyday=if u do what u are made to do, God will always remember u.

If u know it is painful but still enjoy abusing others then u are a devil. God/parents are not happy punishing us at all because they also feel our pain. Crocodile's tears is for deceiving: if use your body for deceiving then u will not get another 1.

Baby rabbits learned from mom to grab good food & run & hide it, dad doesn't have this behavior: we learn bad selfish behavior very fast: quickly self examine to see how many sins we have taught kids to commit.

God is selflessly serving others, so Communism is godly but Communism is a subset of Godliness:true communists may not have a good temper, God is the sum of all good characters&deeds&temperaments; 
God is not selfish so Capitalism is not godly.

God is 100% transparent & open, everyday, let u experience life/death|heaven/hell, u need always examine whether u are doing for good/evil|myself/others|die in jail/out of jail to live freely.

Today 1 pig is surprisingly friendly to dog: trying to kiss the dog, aha: the pig must be a dog lover in his previous life: didn't learn how to be a man so reincarnated to be a pig, those quarrelsome wives must all become hens, angel like good man will become angel.

If u don't know how to be a good man or angel, then it won't make any difference whether u are a dog/pig/man, u are wearing different species' body from the birth of earth. The bad thing is that u can't decide what to become, u can become a small quail&get eyes pecked out by peers & helplessly suffer.

It is not that God made animals so cruel, every animal instinct came from man=we evolve into animals. Good God can't come up with 1 single cruelty, every animal instinct is man-made. All God can think of is to change bad to good: change women to hens to give u eggs; embody man's evil into animal body so u can see & feel your own cruelty=God made animals in our image.

Reincarnation perhaps follow:
1.What do u love the most;2.What do u want to become;3.What your characters are like: Chinese mapped our personalities to 11 animals: if u are sneaky, then u will become snake. Dragon is not an animal but an angel, so Chinese all want to become dragon=angel.

If living in pig's mentality, why don't get pig's body to be a real pig? In such way, U will be cycled through animal/man until u remove all your animal instincts. Gave u conscience but u rejected it, then let u live with
conscienceless/godless animals 100% times, everyone inherited ancestors' animal instincts at birth, have to use conscience/god wash off all selfish instincts to break animal cycle.

Jesus was not an animal in previous life & his parents were not animals so Jesus didn't inherit any animal instincts: so when Jesus saw a pretty woman he didn't have slight desire to sleep with her but love her as his daughter.

Once u become animal=hellish living condition! Looking at pig's tragedy but still want to be a pig then for sure u will become 1. Only ignorant crazy fools want to become animal, because animals have to be in cages & are disgustingly dirty & cruel & selfish.

How to get rid of animal instincts:
consciously control every word & action, only speak & do good things.

With above logic, now everything is understood & clear, no more mystery: u can only choose 1: to be a pig obeying instincts or be a man obeying God.

Whenever chase pigs, it bury its head under a cover without seeing me & think I won't see it.

Watching purple flowered plant produced white flowers: ha, genes are constantly changing, natural selection can't suppress diversities.

Got a pair of pigs, it is true that pigs are extremely smart but very selfish/ungrateful/grumpy/fearless=us,annoyingly disobedient, will eat it without any pity. Only pig doesn't have any instincts to please me, but do whatever it likes & love physical pleasures & lazy & fighting for food/money=God is amazing: looking at pigs=looking at ourselves or our kids in mirror.Study abroad in US=Study in pigpen to be pigs.

Even if u are an iceburg, u will be melt by dog's gentle kiss/love/obedience, totally opposite of pig. Can't help spending money & giving it the best of everything&treating it as my baby: love overcome all barriers: want to make money? then love your boss/customers.

Of course, I don't want dog die, I panic if can't see it for 1 second, but I only want to eat narcistic&ignore-my-existence pig, so if God feel that u love him, he will always watch over u,&remove pain/troubles/disasters from u: if u are smart, love God immediately! The smartest thing u can do is to love God! U expect your kids/animals love u regardless it has your genes/blood or not=God give u life of course expect u love him, if u don't then u can only die. Just don't run away from God, but curiously seek&follow God.

To limit dog's crazy running,I hang a few bricks on its leash, he hated it but only angry at bricks, never suspect or complain/hate me, but love me unchanged=I shall always love God the same way without ever questioning/doubting regardless how bad my circumstances are.

But I feel very painful seeing it suffer, so quickly I removed bricks=God never let me suffer for prolonged period but most of my life give me freedom to enjoy whatever I want=I also try to let my animals enjoy their short life on earth: breaking laws to dig ponds in front yard for ducks because ducks love to play in water.

Even pig is not loveable at all, but I still love it because it is mine, I really enjoy its open-mouse eating sound: aha, west invented close-mouth eating & other etiquettes is because they don't love others, so others have to serve u elegantly & politely. God love u even u are dirty so u don't need dress up go to church,may love to hear your open mouse chewing sound. If u love me, u would love my fart.

US always worry other governments abuse their citizens=my neighbors worry I abuse my kids/animals: not logical at all, US' only want whole world hate Iran/China/Russia/etc.
US always worry other governments abuse their citizens=my neighbors worry I abuse my kids/animals: not logical at all, US' only want whole world hate Iran/China/Russia/etc.

Your ID is your soul not your body: devil is a kidnapper who often hijack your body: Even Peter was hijacked by devil to speak; so u must pay attention to your own words & actions to see whether u are hijacked by devil or not.

once enter heaven, everyday is xmas.

Tomatoes/beans/figs/etc quickly rot, Ha, why not grow men's soul that will never rot:
Can open day-care/kindergarten/foster care, adoption takes too long, will only do it when have to. It is too hard to teach in remote villages as good communists do, but it is much easier to teach at home: let them eat what they plant & Jesus' selfless spiritual foods, of course, teach Chinese/natural science/programming/herbs/etc.

After retirement, sell all & setup Bible Chinese Medicine Communist Academy.

Why Americans like to fight: because love to be winner, peace is boring, only fight is fun, especially, remotely operate others to fight like in video games is the most fun.

Should do an around globe faith interview, ask people, have u thought of:
1. Do u have soul? what soul is like, can soul die?.
2. Do u believe after u die, u disappear from the universe never seen again.
3. Does God exist? If your parents create u, why don't they make u as smart as Bill Gates? at least, should design u as they wish, pig exists long before men, why pig didn't evolve into men's smart?
4. If u hope to enter heaven after u die, then what u do to make it happen? or all bad/good men go to same place, if u own that place will u allow it?

Duck feet have no blood and nerves thus feel no cold, also make them very clumsy on land.

Travel Ningxia: u can live in my sister's house.

Capitalism is pigism=paganism driven by instincts, Communism is humanity/资本主义是受本能控制的猪主义,共产主义是人道主义

Chinese communists use actions earned trust and faith of people, otherwise, would have been replaced long ago, communist hierarchical structure is similar to Catholicism: village-county-city-region-province-national party secretary enforce communism, different from Catholicism is that they have inspection teams to act on people's complains & monitor members' behaviors, sooner or later, under 14 billion pair eyes', bad members will be caught & thrown out=Chinese Democracy, only if u are almost perfect can u raise to be president/bishop, not like US, overnight, a rich mafia can become president.
Without any good deeds, mainly empty talks & bad deeds, Christians lost people's faith & trust & popularity. U must do as Xi=CEO asks, if not, Xi of course will remove u from your position, not as in Christianity, only ask others to do what God said, but I do per my own wishes.
Communism and Christianity are good faith, they rely on their believers' deeds to be spread.

Chinese communists are doing right: focus resources on wholistic & far sighted planned projects, much better than quarrelsome deadlocked nearsighted directionless piece-meal reckless democracy=unified 1 party 1 people 1 heart 1 mind is much better than fighting n-parties n-interests n-minds, so no country in west can do what China has done, Western companies chaotically rob market shares & cause tremendous waste & damages to nature/God. Communism is much better than Capitalism, because Communism promote all-become-rich-together opposite to capitalism's only-I-become-rich-alone, so oligarchs controlled west oppress communism from the beginning.

West promotes I am the boss & only obey myself, but this is absolutely not possible: at home u listen to parents, at work, listen to boss & customers, & listen to country's laws & nature/God's laws every moment, we have daemonized Christianity to me-ism,would rather give up heaven than listen to God's authoritarianism.

In 60s, all chinese were poor, now all are rich, US is forever 99% poor.

So Capitalism is pigism=paganism driven by instincts, Communism is humanity: Matthew 6:32-34: pagans are always worrying about money/food/sex. Max spoke truth. 

Driven by our God given upward humanity, Righteous communism will prevail & spread by the rise of China, evil capitalistic democracy will go down to hell by west's collapse: what is the fun of fighting for food=money in pigpen daily?

Beautiful China:
30 years ago, first lady sing out people's dreams, now her party realized her & 1.4 billion Chinese' dreams, we love Xi as we love Mao: Mao liberated China from foreigners' abuses, & Xi liberated China from poverty, of course, we sing high praises to them: we wish Xi/Mao to live on & never die just as u wish your beloved parents never die-This is what Jesus want to hear, attacking this as worship-a-person-instead-of-God shows u are jealous because u are only loved by yourself. Chinese saying: wish everyman live on forever=more so to good man like Xi, yes, I worship Xi, but I worship God more.

Matthew 10:41: anyone who receives a righteous man because he is a righteous man will receive a righteous man's reward. If we hate people serving good communists, we will be dealt as devils: Matthew 13:42: Angels will throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. 

Chinese news start with studying Xi's spirits, which u would attack as brainwash: why attack something u don't know, if Xi is right & true, of course, u need to be brain washed by truth, any true/righteous spirits are holy & godly, why fed up? Your dirty crazy jokes pollute & kill minds quickly & sadly=not funny at all.

Not all science is correct, blindly worship anything labelled as science is foolish, Xi's words is not 100% perfect, without hearing it carefully how do u know he is right or wrong. God's words are 100% absolutely perfect, anything else, needs to be carefully researched, no one's words or science can be 100% accepted or denied. If u do as God said, even Sidalin won't throw u into jail. 

Why so many natural disasters? If God/father loves us why he let us suffer: to make u realize that u are forever in God's control; Regardless on where/whom the disasters fall, all Christians should pray God to remove disasters & donate money/resources/help to victims.

Why not UN condemn nature/God's authoritarianism & human right problems? all are illogical lies: thinking communists as US: only selfishly favor whites & oppress others? 

God judge all men & creatures the same: have u fulfilled your purpose & earned yourself the qualification of continued existence. If all u do is having kids, then u will be like animals stay in earth, otherwise, fruitful soul rise to heaven & live on there.

Just as body is surviving on its own, u have full control of your destiny & life, if u don't want to die then keep your soul alive. 

Jesus is fruit hanging off tree=God, Jesus then become tree yield sweet fruit like u.

Pain stimulate recovery & healing, pain killer prevents wounds/diseases' healing.

2 months later, 2 rabbits died, the grey rabbit was very mature, just before he died, he closely snuggled with mom, I was very moved but too lazy to photo it without knowing that he died in the afternoon, its mom wasn't as sad as I was:if your soul died, God is sadder than your mom.
Everytime when I feed them, they gratefully stare at me while eating.

If body is sick/old, die quickly to get a new body=car is broken/old, replace it with a new one, no need to treat illness or elongate life.

Communism is correct, put your faith in Xi & follow Xi to better life; Bible is 100% correct, follow Jesus faithfully to eternity.

为何不给动植物灵魂/Why don't give soul to animals&plants
At beginning, it is empty depressing dark vacuum=like dry desert without any life, mighty God convert desert to oasis/forests, & fill colorful/happy/cute/energetic animals in it, then made spirits=men to take care of them.
Ie: our purpose is different from animals&plants': they are used for decorations & food, only need to exist healthily, no need to care others, but u need to care all God's creations, so u are given a soul capable to connect/communicate with God & report any situations timely to God; & ask God to solve any problems/heal injuries/grow food/etc: u are not given God's mighty power because u may use it do bad things, so u have to ask God, if God is willing, God can use your hands to do what u want.
Demanding God to put souls in animals is like ask all animals become a dog=God won't do such single minded & boring silly thing.
Domesticate animals are assisting men do our job.

This is love: in , After Dad was wrongfully cursed by his daughter for killing her mom, not only didn't he get angry but tried to understand why she was so bitterly angry: because she thought she was just cheated & abandoned by her lover, can't find an outlet for her pain&anger but pour all out on dad, Defu also provide opportunities for her to reconcile  with her dad, if dad is as selfish as his 17 year old teenager, he would have enraged & driven her out of home fast: What is in such a loveless moneyless cold angry dad & desert town stop kids from running away fast?

1.4 billion chinese croweded into a 3.7 million square mile without wars is really a miracle; 0.3 billion Americans enjoy a 3.8 million square mile mansion but hate & fight each other non-stop, if exchange, US can't exist for 1 day, so should give Nobel Peace Prize to all those living in China.

In heaven, though there is no ocean, yet heaven has all ocean animals&plants, because only needs God's love to survive.

Flood in north & Drought in south show that communist government is capable of unifying all citizens to conquer God/nature given disasters, it is not for US to gloat over China, it is to teach west to learn from China: work together to help each other & keep peace.

事实表明中共热爱其人民/Facts show communist government really love its citizens

If Chinese communist government don't love its people, why they anti-corruption, take actions to get rid of poverty from every corner of China, give 12 year free education, free medical care, free retirement funds, almost free college/post graduate education, build hi-speed rails/optical fiber/hi-way/bridges/dams/solar/wind green energies on Himalaya under oceans, invest massively in science converting deserts to fruitful soil etc. Western governments purposefully ignore facts but good at hateful verbal attacks/abuses: "for them to do what they normally do, intensified". US government is corrupted incompetent & careless to the suffering of its citizens, incapable of solving any problems do anything real, is just a puppy of super rich, only good at hateful attack of communists & fool general public, still now Americans firmly believe that Chinese are imprisoned/spied/abused/oppressed by their government, and are begging US to free them out of Communist China.

Only if government love & want its people to be rich, then people can be rich, only if a CEO wants to pay u more then can u be rich, if Christians have been praying for removal of poverty/sufferings of all people from 2000 years ago, God would have wiped off poverty/injustice from all, apparently, we Christians don't care about others at all.

US government doesn't have slight heart for others=his citizens, every official is racing ahead to enrich himself by lying & exploiting his people, is only good at 1 thing: give u freedom&rights to lie/spread gossip/complain/riot/exploit & kill nature & others, & brag/promote it all over the world. Ha, sacrifice his own power/money/sex only exists in Jesus/Christianity/lips.
Except Cuba & China, I didn't see any capitalistic government love his people who give him the power=>name 1 politician who sacrifice his money/power/sex for his citizens, u would argue Kennedy, but he was shot unknowingly, but China has a lot communist officials willingly sacrificed their everything/lives for his citizens: Wake up from lies & Open your eyes & see the facts!

Preachers please put Jesus' love in your officials hearts to solve your peopole's real problems, instead of only begging west/US for handouts.

Bury head to do what need to be done without arguing/complaining/envy/judging/anger/catering to others discriminations/insults: President Xi is such a role model by focusing on giving a better life to his people ignoring foreign media's insults&attacks, spoiled HongKong threw up a tantrum then stop on its own after 6 months; Jesus ignore our insults&attacks but focus on giving us eternal life.


Look at God's design:
Drop DNA/RNA seeds into dead bodies/poop/dirt, new more adaptable/tougher lives automatically grow out;
=>Drop software chips into trashed metal & plastic pile, new pc/appliances with enhanced features automatically appear!

love to learn=how to fish
Teacher is not to feed us knowledge but teach us to be curious & learn on our own & teach others=teach us how to fish & teach others to fish= first teach what is good/bad=10 commandments, otherwise, your kids all want to learn to be thieves&do bad, everyone has some skills to teach & share, the quickest way to learn is by doing it, everything in nature is our teacher & can train us to be top scientists.

This is love: in , 
Even after watching his life long lover married somebody else, Defu continue to try his best to help her & her husband out of poverty=how can marrying someone else stop your love of each other? why can't u love your wife & other sisters equally as u love yourself?
Even though they know tomorrow they may never be together, yet Debao used all his hard earned money bought a fried dough to satisfy Maimiao's cravings=>in US, if a man invite u to dinner, he is expecting u to go to bed with him: he may have 1% love for u but 99% love for himself. US culture/custom is narcism, there is no such thing of building feeling & love between a couple, US dating mainly check whether a couple can satisfy each other physically & co-exist peacefully.

All of us should marry to God & each other, all our hearts become 1, u are me & I am u; Earthly marriage is just a joint of physical body to reproduce physical bodies, if u believe u don't have a heart/soul then your marriage/relationship with anyone doesn't have love=exchanges of physical pleasures.

If u have married to God=the soul of universe, u will be filled with joy/love/security/peace, u won't worry/fear anything, won't feel lonely/depressed, also u can pray god=the central commander to make others do as u wish: make kids obey u.

Physical pleasures are driven by God given instincts: only if u are hungry then can u enjoy food, once body is dead, all food/drink/sex/music given pleasures are gone/dead, but your soul's hunger for spiritual love/pleasure is forever=death can't stop it, only by connecting with God's eternal love spring can u be forever satisfied, otherwise, u will be forever depressed/lonely/fearful which death/suicide can't stop.

Proof: One of my single atheist customer, addicted to my massage, but after he moved away from me, even though he can't get massage from me anymore, but he constantly contact me: his soul is starving for love, hoping that I can respond to alleviate his loneliness/boredom/fear! If nobody loves u & u discard God's love, then u addicted to substances to numb soul's loneliness: US has the most addictions & is the most loveless & lonely & depressed,should rid of spiritual poverty, otherwise, forever suffer loneliness: when living, only accompanied by your own shadow, after death, not even accompanied by a shadow, that is why US hates crowded dorm like nursing homes, all our life we can't tolerate others, at old age, 100% occupied by our own ill health, even less tolerant & share a room with others.

Physical pleasures can't fill spirit's emptiness, because we have put all our heart into physical pleasures, thus we bankrupt spirit, in famine era, nobody addict to anything/commit suicide, harsh poverty force u to love & rely on each other to survive, 12 Chinese families can share 1 bathroom/kitchen harmonically, but Americans can't tolerate distant neighbor's dog bark.

While painstakingly getting weeds for rabbits, it suddenly dawn on me that all my hardwork is just converting poop to poop=meaningless, but my soul enjoy rabbits' happiness of full stomach, so actually I am making love for myself, Ha, we are all working hard for love: Everything is for God=love.

Soul is a container of consciousness, if only has self- consciousness, then selfish.

Nice flowers mix with weeds, in autumn, collect flower seeds, pull up both good bad plants & burn them to give space for good plants=>
Good men mix with bad men, after death, God pick up good men's seeds=souls, burn both their bodies to give space for good men: ie. we all die but good men will re-live.

CCTV news make u happy& hopeful because Chinese all over China are having better lives; but US news only make u angry & sad: This maybe what God feel after he see us.

Gradually I can accept weeds/poop/bugs as my animals do, eating fruits without washing, watching ants/bugs crawling onto me as birds rest on my hands: when Jesus was napping on roadside, ants/bugs must go in & out of him, he must be looking at them & chatting with them, then why should I be scared by them?

Raised 8 more chicks & 13 ducklings, none died=>learned from hen & do it in summer.

remote isolated harsh mosquito buggy environment is good

Closed/isolated/remote/poor regions cut off light speed invasion of information from all sides except the wide open sky/universe above head, giving us nothing to rely on but each other's love & support to co-exist, u would never promote democratic splits/individualism/human rights/promiscuous sex/homosex/abortion euthanasia/addictions/conspiracy/gossip/fake news while struggling to surive in stormy endless desert/rope bridges/cliff vines/buggy environments, light-speeded information blinded our eyes & we can't see the truth/wisdome in front of us & darkened our consciense, It is not that I am smarter, it is because u closed your eyes/heart & refuse to see, isolation&poverty gave soul an oasis to grow. 

This also why God guided jews into desert out of Egypt: rely on nothing but God=>converting a dry desert like heart to faithful fruitful oasis.

I will let Amigo watch  to grow some feelings. The show also make me realized that western churches is only giving empty preaches without doing any real things: Chinese Government only gave out directions without giving 1 cent, Gobi desert was converted to oasis by already very poor villagers' own money/sweat/wisdom/hardwork, if we all wait for handouts, we will never conquer poverty.The penniless teacher-Bai gave all his love&life to students: no money u still can love, he is very practical break all boundaries/formalities to let students learn as much as possible & donate all his salaries/life to students,though know no God/Jesus but is a true fruitful Christian: but church use donated money to build churches/meetings & sing empty praises. It is time to stop talking but do to revive desert like dry heart, humen live for love/feelings, pigs live for money&sex=we are addicted to money & physical pleasures.

Your body is God's body, why God allow his body to be damaged by his creations=mosquitos/bugs: bugs are injecting vaccine to protect u against all diseases.
U were born with immunity against 80% diseases, bugs are AI trainer, train your immunity against new diseases/agents=>imagine, if your pc can learn to debug/defend itself from viruses.
If u wipe off all bad bugs then u will lose immunity against any diseases, when flu sweep through, u will be killed: just as white men brought in massive viruses & killed native Americans.
Devil use God's creations to destroy God's body: it can be as big as u to kill a man; or a DNA/RNA fragment to kill u, u must protect your soul from becoming depressed & die/sick with your body.

Soul's thinking is always interrupted by physical desires & needs: in the middle of thinking or day dreaming but u have to go to bano or shops, so u can only fully enjoy yourself when u have no food/drink/movements, so in exercise/vacation/dance/training/test it is better empty stomach.

My sister expect her daughter appreciate her hardworking thus motivated to study hard, to a men without conscience=>u are expecting your dog/duck/hens to appreciate your hardworking for them=play piano to cows.

Some were born very sensitive can feel others pain, though born into the same harsh environment, some only want to escape, some stay to suffer with the rest. Amigo though born into a very poor family but insensitive/lazy to others heart, so by reincarnation we become more and more sympathetic/compassionate/loving/caring to others.

English version: no poverty land
Countries can hire China to eliminate their poverty.

If living on farm, it is not possible to starve, as long as u have access to field, then u will have food, only in concrete cities can u starve, because u rely on men to feed u, if nobody give u food, then u starve.
God created us to love us, we revere God not fear & run away from God: if u run away from your care giver=God, u will die of starvation/thirst/etc,u only run away from your abuser not your lover=God: don't u revere the invisible God when u are abundantly provided & given a beautiful world to live in?

Stanford graduate migrate to China

生命的目的/The purpose of life

Why not give us unbroken gold body instead of this easily breakable meat body? Last time, mom rabbit didn't want to feed babies, I beat her up, she just jump/run all over the places instead of doing what I want her to, this time, accidently, I softly massage her, she sit there quietly enjoying massage so the babies can eat: Ha, the purpose of life is to learn how to love & spread love: given us a fragile body so that we can learn what love & hate feel like, so the purpose of life is not to win & become #1 but learn to love & give love. At death, Jesus either let u go up to be angel or go back to re-learn, only after we learned & give love then we will go up.

Must learn how to love, no blind or spoiling love, righteous discipline/punishment is also love.

How do I know my words & actions are loving or not: apply my own words & actions to myself: if feel good then love, if feel bad then hate.

Diligently & patiently love&care for others, & love is the wing to heaven, more love then stronger is your wing to galaxy. Love is tedious & long, for 13 years I couldn't make amigo loving, often I question myself if I became a pastor 13 years ago I would have converted a lot people to Christians, but are they real Christians or just empty hypocrites? U live among men, many men need love & care, hurry to care them, no need to go to seminary, u can love & care people even if u are illiterate. Everyone's purpose of life is to develop self & kids to be loving good men.

Body is pot, u are the life in the pot, limited pot grow out eternal life: if u are farmer, u hope your land forever grow fruitful crops, your fruit is your love, the more men u love the more fruit u yield: if u only love your own 2 sons but abuse 2 step sons, then u are fruitless corn, God will pull u out of pot & throw into fire, if u are fruitful, then God will plant all your fruit/seeds in pots so u will forever live in everywhere=u never disappear, everyone is like u, u are in everyone! Bad men only yield bad fruit & occupy all the pots & lands, so u see evil in every men=>Whole earth will be thrown into fire.

1 more customer refused to pay, while I was busy angry and judging thus forgetting important things, God said: just do your part judgements and anger are mine, ha stop complaining judging hating but do my share, which make me happy & nice to everyone & very productive & efficient. Let God worry everything for u just as u worry everything for your animals, all u need to do is to live happily!

Why given us hi-IQ & the best of everything=food/clothes/shelter/etc: because all your kids/animals/plants need care & love of u, only if u are healthy & long living then can they be loved & cared of, otherwise, they will all become homeless orphans.

The best way to curb GM food, is to love all food equally, who can invest to GM billion types of food? Loving all foods equally will also bankrupt big pharma&hospitals.

God-made body can heal itself, when getting older, repair can't keep up with damages, so u are getting sicker, only by removing the bad habit can cure diseases, no drugs can change your habits thus can't heal u, but u are attributing body's self healing to drugs, because faithless us only have faith in drugs, when u have pain/diseases, Don't be panic but endure patiently & faithfully, sooner or later diseases & pain will be gone on its own, massage&herbs can speed up the automatic healing, drugs may make u worse. Also body develop covid vaccine & anti-bodies after contact with covid, i.e. not because of drug companies' vaccine but your own body produce vaccine.

After we die, body fall off, we either become monk meditating/dreaming, or be journalist traveling & watching & judging all day long.

I have been spending a lot of money trying to repel deer, suddenly, I realize how foolish I am: this is free deer meat sending to my door why do I refuse: worthless melon leaves can attract valuable deer meat, I will have to risk breaking laws to catch them->foolish government made foolish laws not only cost me a lot of money but useless because nothing can stop them from eating crops unless I eat them.

Universe's spiritual and physical bodies are constantly reprogramming except such refactoring is done automatically we are all programmers for God.God made first of everything perfectly, then each thing reprogram on its own, if become bad, will be cut off from God's body.

US president go down cities to get votes, Chinese president go down to cities/villages to see & understand local people & culture & examine his policies' effectiveness.

Watching these chinese struggling out of poverty, tears filling my eyes, No 2nd country is like Chinese, though dessert like land grow & support no life but men's hearts are like tropical rain forests full of love/friendship/nutrients supporting each other surviving in dead lands labeled by UN not suitable for inhabiting: I am living in NC full of trees & lives, but a neighbor can't tolerate puppy's bark, while cursing & yelling long distance he called police to oppress mine & my dog's freedom out of hatred.

100% effective & free antidepressant/100% 有效免费根除阴郁法
Get babies of dog/cat/chicken/rabbit/pig/sheep/fish/birds, and raise them, watching ugly finger sized meat dumplings grow out to be beautiful able animals, the hope/happiness/excitements for life automatically rise & depression disappear: no farmers have depression.

After 2 years exhausting work, finally I learned how to be a farmer, the most critical point is not be greedy, only need to plant 5 for the type that u want: 4 corners and center, sprouting seedlings at the end of a strip of field, while current season's plant is maturing & fruiting, u sprout for next season to avoid seeds sit on a big piece of land & wait, recycle plastic bags to cover dirt to suppress weeds, take good care of 1 plant & it will yield hundreds fruit. Use wet paper to test seeds' viability, only use seeds from farm store.

God knows everything & 100% for my good, so I 100% believe in God, I can't believe/confide in myself because I am not omniscient but 100% ignorant, if I want to damage myself then I will believe in u or others, Simply, don't trust anyone but God. 

To keep your body alive & propagate, God reward/punish u with physical pleasures/pains, after body fall off, u will only have spiritual rewards/pains. Unbelievers only pursue spiritual pleasures in physical bodies in vain, the more u pursue money/sex/power/addiction the more pain are u in because u are trying to numb the pain, when u are abused or in physical pain, smart u will look for spiritual pleasure outlet, when u are drown in physical pleasures & riches, u don't have any needs to pursue spiritual pleasures, thus u gradually die, once dead, only Jesus can resurrect u, that is why all monks are single & imprisoned in mountains to be enlightened, the more abuses u suffer the more likelihood will u see God=Thank God for being poor/dumb/painful/diseased/abused.
God/Jesus is the king of spiritual world, according to your soul's maturity, the bigger u grow the more people u control: u can be general to sgt, the higher is your rank, the more dimensional freedom u have.

Americans originated from England, English are proud conquerors & slave masters, that is why Americans can't tolerate Chinese' rise.

Every time when I gave snacks, males don't go forward but females maybe because females need energy to lay eggs or babies.

Somehow Hen learned that chicken eggs are not fertilized can't hatch, so she squeeze into duck's box & pile on duck to hatch 5 duck eggs with the duck, the eggs that duck is sitting on are not hers, either, so they don't care whose eggs they are hatching, they separate eggs according to their time, for 30 days without food/water/move in 100 degree heat under bug bites diligently hatch 5 eggs, this huge self sacrificial instincts are given by the amazing God!

Animals can't talk, u must stand in its shoes to understand its needs, I saw duck can't reach water with her long neck, immediately thought hens will suffer thirst, ha, lazy amigo only made bucket half full, so I ordered him to redo, he got angry & pour water over my plants, if plant is young it could be washed off & die, little chicks drop into water, I asked him use heater to dry it up but he said: don't bother it will not die: No wonder he end up as a slave in USA, even after 6 kids, he still hasn't learned how to love & care: God gave me this big kid & I will get rid of his laziness & raise him up!
All animals including feared predators are very gentle/soft to their loved ones: only humans get angry to their spouse/kids.

生蛆啦发财啦/Make big bucks from poop=brown Gold

Maggots in/out dead bodies/poop are converting bacteria & odors to high protein worms,that is why pig/dog/chickens/duck love to dig into poop, because poop has crab meat & probiotics, that is also why bird love rotten meat, contrastly, we are getting cleaner & sicker.

God absolutely exists:
Flowers have endless looks, but none is ugly, even if u believe the first flower DNA was given by evolution, in every mutation, it has 50:50 to be pretty:ugly, but flowers are 100% pretty, & every leaf is also beautiful, the only thing ugly is death.=>God design/control everything, God absolutely exists&bible is absolutely true. Nature/universe/u/me are God's products.

All smart phones look & function similarly, but among trillions creatures on earth, no 2 behave&look the same, & everyone behave according to its instincts=design=program,100% remotely controlled & automated without ever seeing its creator's face; 8b men's IQ invented 1 dead species=computer,which u=the creator has to control/service it manually, so u can imagine God's IQ is unlimited.

If I am the giver of life, of course, I will convert all dead bodies/dirt/poop to life, & whatever I see/hear/touch are living beings, only earth is mixed with death & life, my space must void of any dirt/death but filled with all kinds of cute lives for me to enjoy endlessly! Why not?! Who doesn't want flower forever blooming?

Soul lives in different dimensions: 0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/etc, 100% bad man go to hell=0D, good men>3D, the worse are u, the more freedom u lose, everyone will be trained for as long as earth exists in smart/dumb-pretty/ugly-sick/healthy-rich/poor bodies to experience everything good/bad & pain/comfort, not all poor men are good, not all rich men/criminals are bad, everyone is given ample equal opportunities to grow conscience, on last day, if still not at Jesus' height, then can't enter God's perfect heaven,

Your background/body is unimportant as a plastic bag, the good conscience of your soul should grow up gradually, but we seem losing our good conscience as we are approaching the end.

Dog like us=hypocrite, can't be trusted, when in front of u, it obeys u, but behind your back, it damages, so God doesn't show his face, but pitiful us behave like animals without knowing that we are being watched. In front of me, dog stays far away from rabbit babies, so I left garage open & disappeared, then dog killed babies.
Because Dog doesn't have soul, so dog behave differently with/without your presence; But men have soul, soul has conscience, even behind others' back, our conscience will stop us from abusing our selfish beast instincts.

Democracy grow weeds, which is so thriving that it kiled the crop=bible, the more popular is a theory the more deadly is it, we habitually avoid mentioning bible in daily life, new york times best seller is the most deadly, Democracy is crab grass.

As soon as u see weeds u need pull it out immediately,otherwise, it spread like a fire killing all your crops=>bad thoughts need to be removed immediately instead of being promoted by Democracy thus obscured bible.

I planted corn all over my yard, but none flower & yield fruit, maybe because it was GM can't reproduce, fruitless to my hard work made me very angry.=>God planted earthful of men, but none yield Jesus fruit, God must be extremely angry, all God's hard work turn into Devil's food=>Just as Deer eat all my vegs is very discouraging, so I gave it all up, but God never give us up.

God made numerous men, but only Jesus is like God & has God's DNA, so God's only son is Jesus.

Dog learns the fast from pain.Dog is intelligent if it can learn.

All animals have the instinct to show off to their masters that they are doing their jobs: when males see u coming, immediately mate with females & control orders.

bunny is an ass kisser
Animals eat/drink/poop/pee/sex in front of your eyes nothing is shameful, but we are treating those natural behaviors as taboo & shameful=waste life on nonsense.

Rabbits mom hide babies in ground holes, then sit on hole eating grass,half digested food poop out & licked up by babies in the hole, when wolf coming, mom jump off the hole to distract predators=genius design. 

Why God created universe: funny&challenging<=I don't have any needs to raise plants/animals, but life is too wonderful/enjoyable/amazing to miss: home grown eggs are so tasty & I eat 8 boiled eggs in 1 meal, dog makes me laugh all the time, not mentioning plants' beauty & tastes. =>we are difficult to stay alive, so it is very challenging to God to keep us alive, join God to transform dirt/poop to beautiful lives & souls: feel God's pain: keep u alive forever will demand endless caring. We are exactly like dog: though keep on messing up but love to participate in master's activities.

U send God's love to your animals&plants whose fates are in your hand, which make u feel very powerful: U'd better do a good job taking care of them & don't let any 1 die on your hand.=>This is how Jesus keeping us alive.

Why put animals on earth to suffer: everything is to serve men, without animals, u won't have fun/meat/egg/milk/balanced nature to enjoy! Though animals are not criminals, but we criminals need service of them, that is why they are sent to earth jail to suffer & serve us.

U must sacrifice freedom to get physical love: travel is bound by food/bathroom/transport/hotels, for money u are tied to office all your life, for sex u are nailed to women, but true love bring u freedom=God's love.
To train dog to eat rats, I have to tie & starve it at rat's hole, & put their favorite peanuts barely reachable by dog, when rats come to get food then itself become dog's food, but dog hate loss of freedom so starvation doesn't work. 
hunger/fleas/bad conditions make dog alert & diligentl, if u want it to be out of your way, then feed it full to sleep, similarly, abuse/old/weak/sick/disabling motivate u to seek true love/freedom, longevity/comfort/rich remove your desire for freedom. When dog is abused, it became more obedient, but stubborn men rather become crazy than repent. Money/pleasure/smart is waving above our head, once obedient, God will release them all to us.

Abuse=poop=fertilizer=nutrition, only if flower is stick into poop can it thrive=only if u are abused can u thrive,but over fertilizing can burn u = smart God will never over fertilize u:only give u a burden that u can carry.

Every physical need/desire is a chain restricting freedom: should be playing outside in nice weather but have to stay in to make money, in heaven, all flesh desire/chains are removed so we are free to play all day long.

Eegardless how u starve/abuse dog, he still forever 100% trust your love & never run away from u, & never complain & run away from u, but appreciate every your abuse is for its good & try to be more obedient to u, animals never complain why they are only given melon skin, but very happy & grateful for food scraps & reward u with eggs,never question why let me starve but never let hens starve.

The best way to stimulate fruiting is to abuse it or plant competing plants next to it, the result of hens' bullying & competition is that I get more eggs: employees' competition bring in more money for bosses, so competition & fights are greatly encouraged. Poor life produce grateful heart, luxury life spoil u & take everything for granted, so it is better to be poor & hard & sick. Feisty & trouble maker all rush to US, peaceful men stay behind in his own countries, so USA is the most feisty country.

怎样精通多种语言/How to master multiple languages
Hieroglyphs is not God's creation, but men's for communicating with each other, there is only 1 universal language in the universe=love, use love u can communicate with everything in the universe, God loves u, so God can use your language to talk to u, because we don't love so we invented languages to communicate, animals don't have words but they are thriving fine, once u learn love, then u master all the languages in the world including plants/animals/spirits', & u can talk to everything visible & invisible.

Body is like plastic bag, if contents go bad, then the whole bag & its contents are trashed, if contents are good, then replace broken bag with a new good bag: if soul is bad then body+soul is discarded: only obedient good heart is useful, disobedient bad heart is useless trash. Plastic bag is worth nothing, nobody cares a plastic bag but only care the soul inside of it, that is why God ignores our body's diseases & weakness, +God inject aging into your body to kill it. Nothing is interesting of a plastic bag, so after reincarnation, u know nothing of your previous life, if u were bully in previous life now u are being bullied. At time 0, u are a bag of perfect love, gradually u are spoiling, once 100% bad then u will be trashed. So everyone of us has been living for 14000000000 years, on last day, spoiled/bad men will be forever locked up in dark vacuum, if u are carrying completely spoiled smelly fish around, sooner or later u will discard it, once u became a bag of headache, God can't give u to any parents, then throw u away! Thus, when u in your mom's belly u are already sinful. As long as soul is good, die young is a very lucky thing: either get a new body or remove the imprisonment of bag.

God is universe, anything u do u do to God's body thus God knows, then who are u, u are a wish: wish to live forever & see God's endless wonders in awe, if u fulfill God's wish then God will fulfill your dream, otherwise, u will be ignored & die in disappointment®ret. DNA stick into dirt produce life, life die back into dirt but come out of it in a changed DNA, thus life forever recycle & last forever, but u are not recycling u are a 1-way dream, if u grow into God's mind then u=your dream become real, if u grow into devil's mind then u become a forever nightmare scare yourself to death in endless dark vacuum forever! Even if u don't reproduce, God can sow & raise lives, otherwise, who produced the first life of each species?

Mom&Dad's DNA combine to form our 3D physical body, if our 4th D soul combine with God then acquire God's infinite power, not only u can care & keep yourself young & healthy forever but keep every man/animal/plant around u strong & happy, if u combine with bad soul then u become destroyer not only u destroy/abuse yourself but every man/animal/plant around u, can't u see, if u marry with alcoholism, not only u destroy your own body, but destroy your families/friends/animals/crops!

U have the freedom to choose good/bad soul, animals/plants are 100% rely on u to choose for them, if u choose God, then all your beloved men/animals/plants will forever live with u, otherwise, after they are abused by u, God liberate them from u, u will be forever alone/lonely! U need to teach kids to choose good/godly spirits.

Life feed on each other. Invisible 4th d dna is freed up after being eaten, Only god can put back invisible 4th d dna to viable seeds sperms+eggs to grow physical bodies. Eternity is realized by yielding fruit/seeds, soul's fruit is to convert others to be sweet fruit for God: in our life, if we don't try to yield seeds, after being pulled out & free up space for others we will forever vanish.

If u closely follow God then u will live forever: as long as dog follow me closely, I will put it in back/front/left/right yard, if when it is in front yard, it ran off=>when u were put in USA, u chase after money & pleasures & completely forget God, so after u die of course God won't move u to Japan, as long as u always closely follow God, u won't die but being used in different places/dimensions, if u follow non-God then u are dead.

Without God's green card, all beauty/pleasure/comforts will soon disappear, try your best to get God's green card so u can stay in God's universe permanently.

Dog love what u love, hate what u hate, if u want dog to catch mice, then chase/beat mice with sticks, every morning, the first thing it does is to bark at the hens, when I discipline duck, dog jump on it to help=>very funny.

Another example to show the absurdity of evolution: placement of reproductive organs: M/F each has 9 square meter body surface, 360 pointing direction, if randomly grow anywhere on their body, they have to try point by point direction by direction, till death they can't find each other's repro organ not mentioning of reproducing.

U get what u give, give love then u get love, give no love then u get no love.
If u care & love your kids/animals, then they will love u back, for atheists because all love came from nowhere via evolution, thus u won't love God who gives all the love. Food/sex/pleasures are all love, if u love your spouse u will definitely satisfy him sexually & he will certainly love u by giving u what u like=money etc.

Because puppy is still too young, worrying that it will die as chicks did, so feed it fish/egg/yogurt/green vegs, westerners ate formulas & become sick & weak, u nourish plants&every life similarly, only string body can beat up diseases, dog dislike dog food sold in store, only God given food can strengthen u; Soul need eat holy spirit to be strong=read bible & pray, otherwise, u are already dead or sold yourself unknowingly.

Before men disobeyed, our responsibility was to have as many kids as possible, but after we sinned & was kicked out of free world, our focus changed to get out of jail: ask any prisoner of what he wants: of course freedom, no prisoner wants to settle down in jail & have a family with many kids, if u don't think & want the freedom outside of prison then u won't get it.

I know why Americans misunderstand everything: because we are too proud/narcistic, & we think the universe is running according to our thinking.

Spring is when life is conceived, end of spring, climate temp=body temp, mom shed off her hair/feather to build nest, babies can be kept warm with natural heat=God is caring them,all animals give birth in 20 days before summer. Hen knows that her egg is not fertilized so she sit on fertilized duck egg to hatch it in 130 degree heat: animals knows everything it needs to know & can sacrifice itself for new life.

Raising animals/kids is to serve me, not I serve them, dog is for chasing off deer so can't raise it as raising a man, it has to learn its purpose by being ignored & cry & scream & pain, +it will forever eat my left-overs & lower than any human, only psychos love pets as men & controlled by it. I can't sacrifice myself to love it. 

Puppy expects u to hold & love it forever endlessly=Isn't this our demand from God, who has infinite resources & love & is satisfying our desire for love 100%.

But miracles happened today, because I am annoyed that it keep on following me, so I point at cage door & ask it to stay there, it really stayed there& after a while it entered cage on its own?!=it is only 6 weeks old! Once followed my will, immediately, it is more lovely than rabbits, & I removed its cage gate & let it completely go free & in/out on its own, & feed it the best food & construct 2 big houses 1 in front 1 in back for it: this is also how God treat us. 
Beautiful swan like duck regardless how I beat it can't stop bullying, so i tie up her 2 legs & lock it up in a corner just wait for it to grow big then eat it.

God made dog to guard house, so instinctively dog dutifully stay within 10 feet of door, no need to lock it up in a cage/house & give extra attention to it, when it sees u busy it will leave u alone,Because I treat it the same as rabbit locking it up in a cage so it cry & scream non-stop, as soon as it stand next to hens/ducks their wars stopped. Every creation has its duty, hen is for eating & giving eggs, one of my hen is quietly & diligently fulfill its duties & accept being bullied by others so I really love it=we need make clear our duties to earn God's infinite love! Every life is perfectly created & cared for by God himself.

High maintenance is brought on by u, even a man baby can be low maintenance, weren't we all easy babies growing up on our own?

Animals are really miserable & living in hell: beaten up by wind/rain/cold/hot/cage/bully by peers/chased & eaten by predators/eat&drink poop&pee filled food water, can't sleep at all: standing in cold wet stormy dark nights shaking & watching out for predators & next day has to produce eggs or work=Compassionate God is watching & weeping at these needless sufferings, so animals live a very short & suffering life, the quicker it die the better is for it, Animals are used by God to concretely show suffer/death/hell to us.
When animals eat, they follow a priority order: 1>2>3. Chks learn very fast, after 2 beatings it learned not to bully, but S instinctively let B eat first, when I drop S into B's territory, instincts drive B to peck S, but B look at me & stopped, then I hide to see whether B will bully S when not being watched, & Yes, no more bullying! Whoa, animals don't play men's 2 face games: I definitely behave differently behind boss back.

Need an animal to eat the food in the yard, rabbit is cute & not bad smell & eat grass & make no sound, looking at it make u forget all your troubles & smile. April vegs are explosive much, haven't got to eat them before they flower: God made sure all creatures are infinitely provided, we are all poop machines. Energy & matters don't vanish but forever interchanging: food change to poop, poop change back to food, watching they happily eating dandelion which I painstakingly pick & the cute poop they create make me smile=really hard to understand why men would starve kids. We are hired by God to convert matters/energy, if we don't follow God's orders to convert then we will be cut off from all energy & matters but fired into dark vacuum. The only purpose of all creations is to be loved & give love: u love bunny so it can be fat & big, then give u many big/fat kids, then u eat it, after u die, u become poop to feed plants, if u willingly sacrifice yourself to love others then u are obedient to God/your boss then u will be hired forever to distribute God's infinite love because u are trustworthy & selfless & u will never die but forever have whatever u want. Plants/animals unknowingly sacrifice self to love u, if u only love yourself then u fail your purpose of being born.

Use blender break up bones to feed chks to give u a lot eggs. Animals can't ask u for food/water/etc, u must love it as u love yourself, otherwise, it will die, so raising plants/animals can practice loveing others as yourself=let kids raise plants/animals, before, everyone is farmer to learn loving others as yourself, now no one do farming so we all become selfish narcists.

I love the lady who sold me animals: she sold her egg laying hens/ducks at 1/5 prices, & gave me 1 dozen duck eggs for free, & spent 1 hour teaching me how to raise dogs patiently for free, the puppy she sold me is strong & healthy, I am thinking of giving her a massage seeing her leg is limping, Thank God for sending me such a loving person.

New hens/ducks though much bigger but were beaten badly by old ones, I am really annoyed by bullies, luckily, after a few days, such bullies will stop, but human bully never stop, I am sure God will pick out the ones not bullying but only being bullied into new earth. Without men's protection, animals are like babies entering a hostile world bullied helplessly: We must be protected by God. With so many men, God is infinite capable, I can't handle 3 bullies: water&food overturn over & over gain, lots injuries & blood: very bad.

The graceful quiet timid white duck suddenly became monster toward new comers & bully them non-stop.

Dog is the cutest but very demanding, the easiest is rabbit: always quiet&content. It will be much better if God made all creatures like rabbit/plants: really let different tempered animals teach us: make u the owner/boss of animals to understand God.

真轮到我被欺凌啦/It is my turn to be bullied
1 very important difference between animals and men is that animals are not stubborn&proud&self-righteous&never wrong, just wave stick in air will scare them onto right path, but regardless how u beat up a man even kill him he won't learn & obey: we don't bulge because we think we are smart & right & never wrong.It is really a waste of time teaching men, already long dead & long gone. It is disobedient us who brought cold winter hot summer natural disasters bully/abuse/predating to the whole world, but we refuse to suffer its consequences but mindlessly enjoy killing&eating all lives=plants&animals. We commited crimes but innocent plants/animals are punished & sacrificed for our crimes, Eve & Adam should have killed themselves immediately after disobedience=sin to avoid all the rest being punished & die for us, but we are too selfish & coward to die for our fault. 

God give us bible to read ahead to avoid being beaten, but we didn't give animals a bible to read ahead, only by beatings that chks learn how to behave & they really pay attention & learn fast, but we know everything thus strongly believe that we will escape punishment so always take chances & do as we wish.

The more love u give to hen the more eggs it gives u. Whenever 1 bullies another, beat it, then it learns & stops, if u ignore or promote bully, then the whole earth worship bullying & bullies. 
I have been urging others to accept bullies, now it is my turn, my neighbors keep on harassing & threatening me: according to Mathew 5:39-44, I must love them & earnestly pray for God to forgive them, if they sue me I shall give them 2 times the land that they demand. It has been very hard on me not to worry my valuable home/freedom & not to hate them, but I must look to eternal life in paradize instead of suffocating in temporary .5 acre land. I strongly believe that God will let me live, if no place on earth there must be a place in sky where I can fly freely, so I shall not worry to death that they may hire the best lawyers confiscate my properties, Smart God has made every problem work out on its own, I shall not worry & terrify myself to death! God's eyes are like light watching us all the time just as I watch chks I know exactly how to handle the fights among hens: nothing to worry!

39 But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. 40 And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well. 41 If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles. 42 Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.
Love for Enemies
43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor[a] and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

Matthew 12:36 But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken, so God quickly put me to test.

Today we even hate our neighbors, that is why we use trees/curtains/shield to block views, if u love a girl u don't block but want to be seen by her all the time.

Initially I thought to use a cock to disturb them to death so they can learn to love their neighbors, but that is not love but hate, actually I am full of bitterness toward them, I'd better remove all my hatred if I want to live. Maybe God is using u to teach u & others a lesson, so celebrate that u are persecuted because u have been chosen & used by God! All those who are suffering are God's favorite, so be glad instead of full of bitterness.

When Jesus first came Jews were invaded & enslaved by Romans, Jesus was not only bullied by invaders but more by his own Jews, if God's son can obediently obey & love bullies what entitles me to disobey&hate bullies? Things escalated to such painful consequences is because my initial disobedience to them. God made preys to be chased & eaten by predators helplessly, I am also a God made animal, of course, no exception, if animals don't worry predators all the time then I shouldn't either.

Worry is nailing me into coffin, properties are chains/coffins/jails, I don't want to waste my life by worrying/nailing myself to a coffin!

Hen doesn't know & worry tomorrow whether it has life/water/food/resting nest, & who will be her new master & will the new master abuse her etc, but always still in eating is grabbed to a new place, ie. hen doesn't have slight rights&control on her life: God is my master, shouldn't I be like hen to be controlled 100% by God? those who abuse me is my masters, I should go whereever they chase me off to abandoning my nice properties without any grudges/hatreds.

But I know my owner/master loves me & won't let me suffer forever, just as I love my obedient hens: I always feed them what they love to eat & painstakingly clean their poop etc.=>My God must be loving me like this, so nothing to worry about if we are already shielded by love & safety.

1 virus kill all my chicks=1 Devil kill all mankind.

When China become #1, Taiwan will rush back into the brace of her mother. It is said that kids don't mind mom being poor&old, but under USA's brain wash, kids hate their mom because she is not as pretty as USA.

God's rain is very tiny & gentle, even fall from 1000 meter high sky doesn't crush fragile sprout, no advanced hose head can mimic that.

Chks sleep/lay eggs at fixed times, i.e. they are raised by God/all lives are raised by God, u only prevent them from running away if u want to eat them.

If u love somebody/something other than yourself, u will sacrifice yourself & be selfless, if u can't sacrifice yourself then u don't love him/her/it, if u don't love God then don't expect to go into heaven. U only have 1 self to sacrifice, i.e. u can only love 1 man or thing, if u love yourself, then u don't love anything/anybody else, if u love God, then u love everybody/everything equally=Love others as yourself.

拜鸡为师/a student of chickens

Just controlled big hen, but small hen bully duck, blocks her access to food&water, so I had to remove it, then duck rush to food & fill herself up, which really saddened me: God embody evil in animals & show evil to us in live, luckily we know good & evil & can judge animals. Only if u are selfless then can u give justice to animals, only God/Jesus can judge men, USA is too selfish to judge the whole world, Judge=give justice, don't confuse discern with judge, discern means u are not dumb & easily fooled, judge=sentence=punishment.

Chks yield/surrender to bully & accept its fate & lessor position & doesn't resist/fight/revenge, if chks ally each other to resist/sanction/revenge bully, then wars will be non-stop, chks 100% rely on u to save it from bully instead of its own efforts or by marrying rich famous guys etc.

Animals can't understand u, but all animals born to fear men & know they belong to a master, it carefully observe your actions to see whether u love it=feed/water/clean/free it, if u don't love it, it will get away from u when u approach it, otherwise, it will approach u & try hard to understand u & obey & make u happy, so I love all the chks equally including the bully. If regardless how I love it, it disobeys me but bully/do evil as it wish, +replace me to be the king of coop & make others worship it then I will have no choice but eat it, if it obeys me then I will let it out of cage & be free because I know it will return if I call it. If a hen can obediently choose to die to save the whole coop, then I will not only let it out of coop but give it all my power & replace me to care the whole coop & all the chks in it & give it a new coop so it can pick out good chks to put in the new coop, & make it the king of new coop=>raise chks & be chks' God then u understand your God! I have to be busy on my work & many other things so I can't watch chks 24x7, but Jesus doesn't have his own job/business/research to worry about, so he spends 100% of his time caring for us 24x7 non-stop.

I also don't understand chk's words, can only judge good/bad chks by its obedience, regardless how much it praises me if it is disobedient then it is a bad chk, the only word/shout that I understand is its SOS, I will put those who don't partake in fights but crying out to me in a new earth where only peaceful chks live.

Chks absolutely obey me, never talk back, never replace my ultimate dictatorship on all mankind with democracy. 

Of course, a coop can only has 1 cock, all males fight, so only 1 male becomes king, but animals are much braver & more honest than men: they don't use women/kids as shield, it goes on battle itself. USA is known as the king of the earth, but we feel threatened by the rise of Russia & China, but too coward to fight them directly, so we push females/kids to fight for us; The universe can only have 1 king=God, but Devil wants to replace God as king, but can't defeat God, thus ally all God's kids=us to attack God expecting God's house to fall on its own due to internal fights & weakening, we are all God's kids, if we fight, then we have been used as kid soldiers by Devil, Similarly USA keep on using human rights to attack China=Satan's tactics.

At regroup, the order will be first decided by the head chk, to avoid being beaten u must lower your head & retired to a corner to show that u have accepted your lessor position. Head chk is automatically the 1 who produce the most egg, when I punished it, it was puzzled & thought: Ha, egg alone can't satisfy my master, I need to reduce my bully also.
Use staff to guide them to target is most effective. Chks also quickly learn from each other, 1 disobedient lead whole coop astray, but obedience need self sacrifice so not willing to follow good obedient one: So whole world quickly become devil following Satan, would rather die than become Jesus. Chks do nothing but is well taken care by us, isn't it the same for us: God provide all to us for free, really no need of work.

Chks are much smarter than us, they are constantly trying to understand & obey us, we are born to fear God, but we not only removed God's existence but disobey knowingly; Devil takes advantage of our fear & bully the whole world under God's name.
As u can see we are much worse than chks, the punishment for us will be much worse than a coop=hell.

I bought 20 chk babies, in 30 days, all died, no viruses/bacteria/shortage of food water in heaven, once God remove their animal instincts thus they don't kill each other, then they can survive on their own forever. Now imagine removing our animal instincts & put us in heaven, what can we do? USA is a heaven full of food/water/sex, but we are addicting to thrills/gambling/drama/games/drugs/alcohol/sex, 
I tried all means to keep them alive but they still die, so I had to give them up: If God doesn't discipline u means u are discarded=>what is so good about it? If u are disciplined&punished&suffer means u are being saved & still have hope to live forever!

If chk obeys me I would give it everything it wants=if u obey God, God freely gives u everything u want.
There are only 2 shepherds  in universe: God & Devil, if u choose God as your master then u will be chased into heaven, if u choose Devil as master then u will be chased into hell, whoever u obey is your master. 
God ask u control your desires/10 commandments/selflessly sacrifice u to love others; 
Devil ask u to indulge in desires/pleasures & compete & make money whatever way u can: apparently, 100% of us coose Devil as shepherd.
Our body is full of selfish animal desires & instincts like sex, we must control them as control chks, but 100% of us kneel down to worship & love sex animals.If u have followed Devil u can't enter heaven: lie/cheat/use kids as soldiers/kidnap/greedily destroy nature/ambitiously run for president/covet/etc.

Raising animals is much more rewarding than kids: no cost, no worries, never give u troubles but eggs/milk/meat/fur/etc, but kids cost u all your life & may stress u crazy & die young, 丧尽天良=lost all God's goodness=>how did ancients knew God is Good?

God made nature according to his will.

God's 1 month=our 100 years, 42 months=4200 years, Revelation 13: earth kings control earth for 4200 years. God 1 year=our 100000000 months. God's everything is infinite including time & love.

看透我就看透世界/Understand I then understand the world

我=I=walking around with bayonet waging wars, selfish/narcistic/self-centered=worship fights/competitions/drama, 战=war=I am replaced by war, war=I, selfless=no war, privatizing=battling&competing, democracy=warcracy. 
分=weapons divide a man flying to 8 directions, 合=all men unite to 1. I & peace can't co-exist, I & teamwork/collaboration can't co-exist. 

Narcissist hate God, I & God can't co-exist=Devil & God can't coexist, I=Devil, Narcissist=Satan's lovers. Altruist gain eternal life in heaven, narcissist die in hell forever! Chinese is God's rune, we are drawing rune everyday!
Write 我/I all over a paper & burn it to firm my altruistic belief=>Chinese burn paper money&possessions/wear white sack cloth in funerals to remove devil & world grip on dead soul: Revelation 3:5. White clothes make dead u think u are in heaven, but we wear dark clothes in funeral & make dead u feel u are in hell.

The left flag on the head of 我/I signify soul, 白=white=I am in light, 鬼=ghost=I am on & under ground abducting men. 灵=soul: top half signify trinity God, bottom half is fire, so u either go up into God or down into fire.
Chinese is God made to communicate with man, otherwise how can Adam understand God?  

I guess: Eden was in China, according to Job 1:6-7, initially Dragon was earth king patrolling & controlling earth, God's 1 day=man's 1000 years, men already lived on earth for 665 days, on the 666th day, dragon genetically modified us to be dragon/dragon's kids, that is why everyone is born selfish & loves to be king God, but dare not replace God, so settle for Dragon=earth king/president, 黄帝=earth king=yellow dirt king=dragon king, so chinese emperors wear robes with dragon on it, the moment we were dragonized, apocalypsy came, bible describes how God disinfect us for 6,000 years.

Infected Chinese/dragon virus gradually spread to 4 corners of the world, when it reached west we have completely forgot God's humble & peaceful nature, so wars are non stop in last 6000 years.

God's 1 year=1 million years on earth, before man, earth already existed 5000 god years, we are at 5006 god year--wow: God's time is too long to calculate=infinite, anyway, we & Satan's existence is only a drop in ocean, almost nothing: don't think yourself more than nothing.

Satan=lying animals=snake=animal's instincts+lies, after 666, God injected selfish instincts to all creatures,we are also animals, big hen bully small hen, small hen must rely on cock's protection to survive=Europe must rely on US to survive, torturing & eating each other is all we are doing=how good is it being a devil? If u want to live freely & happily, u have to be a selfless honest Jesus! Burn/sacrifice self for God, otherwise, I can't live!

If hen bully others, I restrain it with chains: bad men are chained to earth&hell, good men are released from earth to enjoy freedom.
I must feed hens with food/water, they won't come to me & ask for them, gradually they see that I feed&love them, &start to ask me for food/water & give me eggs=>Pastors need feed spiritual food to men from door to door. God put good men in your life to feed u, when u are spiritually thirsty/hungry, u pray/ask God, gradually, u become a selfless peace loving good man=an egg for God.

Only communism can eliminate global warming
When Chinese saw my chicken coop, they are sad because they don't have same big space for chick coops, Yeah, if each community share a huge chicken coop & divide eggs equally then we don't need to duplicate money & space & effort to setup our own chicken coops, in the same reasoning, if the whole world share 1 computer/oil/food/etc company then we will avoid huge waste/damages to nature, communism can't co-exist with capitalism just as life & death can't co-exist: but we are so selfish that we would rather sacrifice nature for our own profit.
Selfless gives communism/love others/obedience/spirituality/enlightenment/wisdom/cool/peace.
Selfish gives capitalism/narcissism/disobedience/materialism/shortsight/dumb/lies/rash/blind/wars. Private ownership challengers=communists must be eradicated.

Communists are seeking cleaner spirit than we, but Godism is 100% pure holy: Communists has a saying: I don't mind losing my life for a true belief: before we have families, younger us are dreamers & seeking lofty ideals: so it was college students who imported & popularized Communism in 1920s' China, but US young men popularized sex/drugs/alcohol: no student movements in US at all, all for physical rights: homosexual/gun/election/higher wage etc, Blacks never gain spiritual equality, we fight for materialism among ourselves.

I listen to Taiwan news, very impressed by the help that China offered to Afghanistan & Africa. Unification of China & Taiwan will be 100% disappointedly peaceful & drama free! We Americans are too arrogant to realize that we started every war & destroying peace & environment.

Fruitful plants must face light=light gives sweet sugar/honey & life, darkness gives bacteria/fungus/death.
Hen is looking for food in dirt/poop all day long & eating poop.

合理地推想天堂/More rational imagination of heaven

We are Devils:
Devil is not something we encounter only after we die in hell: u & i are devils, it is we brought wars/suffers to mankind:
To be good need to be selfless, Selfish is evil, magic art=lies, Devil=men engaging in dishonest selfish gains.
If u donate an old car to free up yourself some space is not doing Good but Evil, souless animals don't do Good=love or lie, only soulful men can  become devil because we can consciously love or lie.

Devil install 2 horns in our head: 1 is bragging/arrogance/pride, 1 is lying, the stronger & taller are the horns the more loved are u because by holding onto your horns can we fly high & free on earth, so the whole world is competing for the tallest&strongest beast horns. Revelation 13:11。

Jesus=selflessly sacrificed 100% me for others, Jesus & capitalism/individualism can't co-exist! No horn on Jesus for us to hold onto.

God don't force us to do Good, reward us with eternal life in heaven & ownership of whole universe for us to do Good/love willingly; But God force his animals & plants to do Good=give u eggs/meat/milk/labor/food/beauty/fresh air/fragrance/etc. If we don't selflessly sacrifice ourselves for others then we are worse than pigs. Love without sacrificing self is not love, give=take is 0/no love, give > take is love, give < take is hate.

Capitalism pay u $ to do evil; Capitalism use hypocrisy & money to bribe God: build fancy churches/sing praises/donate money/etc; The God that I believe in must serve me: 
God answer my prayers; win wars for me; win elections for me; gave me an education in seminary & a salary; Jesus died for me so I don't have to die=>Why can't Jesus live for u so u don't have to live? Pastor is an indoor shepherd, arrogantly ask us to go to church to donate, why can't u be like Jesus go into men's houses & see & talk & eat with us to find lost sheep instead of waiting for lost sheep to go to church to be found, or as monks humbly beg from door to door?

Mankind knew heaven&hell from day 0, 阎=soul is hooked & nailed to pit full of fire & whole pit is locked up, 阎王=king of devils, ancient legends said Satan uses chains to hook u to hell, 升=soul is raised to heaven by righteous cross: Chinese words&medicine were created by God.

From day 0, Mankind believe in doing good will be rewarded/doing bad will be punished sooner or later, one way or the other by God.

God will punish us severely as in Revelation if we are devil, to avoid punishment is to stop being selfish/lying. Selfless good man has no fear of apocalypse because there is none for them.

The first thing after u enter heaven is to look for your loved ones, if u can't find them, then too bad & sad,Amigo said he will play first because heaven must be more fun than Disney. Chicks can't survive for 1 day & missed so many enjoyments of life=>Earth is soul's baby period, if we can survive earth then there will be infinite pleasures waiting for us above. 

The miracle of life reappear every spring, dead leaves & dirt is resurrected to beautiful lives: it is so wonderful to be alive & so heavenly without Death's ugly/smelly/disgusting/sad imprisonment!

Just hatched chicks without mom know how to survive: eat/drink what/huddle together for warmth/compete/run away from danger etc. =>we are as chicks only worry body's survival but completely forgot soul's survival & growth. Evolution is non-sense: chick is from egg, egg is from chick, before chick existed, who produced egg?

Heaven doesn't have dirt, all flowers/grass/trees move & dance & sing in ever changing formations/fragrances, so the flowers around u are always changing & dancing, +u can see their complete growing process, once it is grown its DNA change then regrow. Your genome is God's design for your body=operating system, your soul is your will power, is your orders/commands to your body. Devil only want to kill u, & u can easily be killed if not cared by God+angels+men. By raising kids/pets/plants we know life is very fragile, God can let body grow automatically, but soul need our conscious care to grow. If u want to live u must sacrifice body for soul, but 100% we sacrifice soul for body: only if we put faith in God & exhaust all our money&body to serve others can we survive=>dirt exhaust its nutrients&water & God gives light to keep all alive!

In contrast, in hell u will be like unmovable tree, watching fire rush to u but can't move, & forever consciously realize that u are being burned in hell!

U are God's favorite & given spiritual enjoyments that animals are not: bird singing/fragrance/music/art/beauty/light/peace/warmth/clean/fresh/affection/friendship/security etc: u never see animals wear flowers, smell roses, tidy up its hair by looking at itself in water, play music, not fear of darkness etc. Evolution can't explain why we have souls but animals don't. Fleeing beauty/happiness/ecstasy such as sunrise/sunset/blooming flowers/rainbow/youth etc will be eternal in heaven.

God's creatures can't be killed, all lives are made at the birth of universe existing in different dimensions, what devil killed is only the recyclable dirt=earthworm can transform dead bodies to extremely nutritional dirt; God design aging in his creatures so everyone only stop temporarily on earth. Genomes can't be dead antiques piling up in God's data warehouse but forever lively & lovely: no dead bodies in God's home, only loveable cute souls are collectibles, we are born with God's soul, animals don't have soul. Your genome is too small to be visible, so heaven has all the creatures ever died on earth including your body but may not u. If u are a selfless perfect good man without a single evil damaging thought, u will forever connect to God's good cousiousness to control whole universe, otherwise u will be cut off & buried in hell.

First day when war broke out, BBC interviewed a young U girl, she said usually her first thing in the morning is smoke weeds, but that day she had to breathe in cold fresh air to escape war, such drug/money/sex lovers then flood into uS as refugees, so US became a bag of devils.

Giant dare not fight giant, so u bait small countries neighboring your big enemy to fight for u, but u hide on the back of earth, win or lose will not scratch your skin, so u always start wars, if small countries' president is arrogantly sacrificing his own people to go to war for u, then he is a war criminal: There are so many countries surrounding R, why don't R attack them but only U? Greedy Devil kidnap whole world to fight against God. 

Ironically, all peace keeping organizations like united nations are head quartered in US because US fund them: actually 99% world charities are serving/benefiting US: whole earth is serving the Devil.
若为和平投降而死就直进天堂/If for peace surrender & killed then enter heaven automatically

God fight his own wars & never push kids/women into wars to die for him, never ask men to sacrifice even a hair for him, but sacrificed himself & his only son for disobedient us; but we not only provoked wars but pour gas into fires, arm kids/civilians to fight for us under the cover of justice & freedom, especially USA: I can only give u weapons but I can't fight/die for u. Supporting any 1 side is escalating the war just as your wife & mother are fighting u can't take side with either. U were originally Russians, what is so bad to reunite with the mother country?

Dying for peace is dying for Jesus thus enter heaven as Jesus did: Jesus didn't resist/argue but surrendered to be captured/beaten/killed, then resurrected to life, so if U can follow Jesus' way: surrender & give up homes to invaders, if hit by bullets in surrendering then u are luckier than all of us who are fighting for ourselves everyday: because u already earned yourself an easy entry to heaven but we still don't see the end of our wars & know the results of our wars yet.

If only we believe in Christ then can we go to heaven, then how about the jews before Jesus' first coming? The only faith that God wants us to have is to be a good Godly obedient man like Jesus: selfless, unconditional&sacrificial loving toward all humans. The resurrection of Jesus is God's proof of his promise: if u are good, u will be resurrected & never die. Modern Christianity is fooling us all: if evil doers believe in Christ can enter heaven=Devil can enter heaven because Devil definitely believe God & Jesus exist=non-sense. Initially, God had 2 sons: Devil is the disobedient son, Jesus is the obedient son, God had to cut off Satan, so God was left with only 1 son=Jesus.
We are like Devil: we believe in God/Jesus/Bible, but still disobey God & started every war & made kids/women/civilians bleed & die for us.
Believe in Christ is not a problem, the problem is that we refuse to be Jesus, but eagerly become devils: we should be very worrying the end of our own wars.

Everyone is born with the instinct that doing good will be rewarded-doing evil will be punished, West's shortcut to heaven actually is Devil's lie to hell.
But the standard of a good man is only 1 Jeus as in bible, not various self righteous good man standard.

若敢制裁中国必引起世界大战/if dare sanction China, then we will be pulled into a world war!

Why do we Dream:
Body is made of 30 trillions cells, sleep is God's order to rest, but not all cells sleep/wake at the same time, every cell has memory, the still awake cells think without the teamwork of others thus dream is pure nonsense, if u experience a lot of unknown/fear/worry/stress/pain/etc, then those most impacted will sleep late but wake up early, & they keep on alarm u, so kids/soldiers/prisoners/worriers/researchers/etc have more nightmares, if u constantly lack sleep, u die then u get out of body jail quicker: so abuse is not a bad thing. 
If under poverty/diseases/abuse/disasters u don't fall in love with money/Devil/world, then u will definitely go up to heaven, but it is so sad that we are all scared by poverty/Devil & surrender & fall in love with money/Devil.

1=staff in shepherds' hand symbolizes power=>whoever holding it has the power, S is snake: Moses' staff hang snake means Moses/God conquered snake, if nobody is holding it but snake is wrapping around it like $ then snake/Devil is in control. Beast is very good in causing fear, poverty is very scary, so everyone is worshiping $, & call $ as a beast; Hypocrites are very scary: if u don't give what he wants he will bring disasters to u, so we call them beast as well, actually all frightening conditions/men are beasts, snake regardless big/small is very scary. When we are scared/threatened we should call God father just as kids call his father in his nightmares.

No doubt, God only allow GOOD men enter heaven, by common sense, if I don't think u are a good man & don't want to run into u in heaven, then u can't enter heaven, who doesn't know that a good man is honest selfless & unconditionally loving & generous to me even if u don't know me. If those openly dishonest selfish greedy infamous arrogant politicians can go to heaven under Jesus name then God is not as smart as I am=>Stop fooling yourself, but be a real good man=repent, stop sinning, obey Jesus: treat others the way u want to be treated: love others as u love yourself & your kids.

It is  very difficult to be a good man, so u pick an easy one: as long as u hang Jesus' name tag then u can go to heaven?!-Please use some common sense.
"I love Kim Jong-un" poster hangs in every corner of NK, but how many really love him? If empty "I love Jesus" will send u to heaven, then why does not God make all his plants/animals call out to u all day long: believe in Jesus now?
Every chosen one was a good selfless honest non-money lover, even unimportant Lot would give his own daughters to rapists to spare strangers! The 13 apostles that Jesus chose, the #13 sold & betrayed God because he loved money: a money lover definitely is not a good men. West always use Christ's name & blessings to rob others: Westerners' God is the arrogant narcissistic violent Devil/Death who bring u plenty dead money & blood & men not Jesus! East openly honestly shamelessly believe in smiling peaceful Money God. Please preach to men how to be good Jesus' like non-money loving men: the whole world is tired of west's hypocrisy & fleeing from Christ: #2 beasts are scattering lambs into devil's claws.

Don't forget that Devil can see our mind & watch us all the time, if he saw u don't have any faith then hijack u: Matthew 12:45. Any belief based off money is devilish&dirty: Democracy/Privatization/Capitalism are owned by Devil! Selfless can't coexist with selfish privatization=we rob God's ownership, Communism promote no-capital=no money & sacrifice self for others=unconditional love=holy spirit, so Communism is clean & good, so there have been numerous selfless communist heroes but I can't find 1 in west, everyone is seeking selfish gain & money in west. Devil use all kinds of beasts&fear to trap us, thus we are always fearful of death/diseases/disasters/poverty/weak/aging/loneliness/no-girlfriend/no-kids/what others think of me/etc, your fear suck Devil into u & make u fear more: so regardless how much money u make u always fear of no money. All bible colleges are founded by rich men, so u are taught misinterpretations to make rich men=demons feel good; Devil know we are born to be fearful of the true God, so misinterpret bible to embold us.
Animals/Plants don't have 1 penny but still survive fine, when u don't have money, move to rural villages: anywhere grass/food are prospering then u will live, if u run into city then u run into Devil's claws. The most urbanized cities have the most demons: Revelation 18:4

Clearly, we have been faithful to Devil, so we act like devil: hypocrisy/violent/robbing/cold like machines/hostile to those invade our privacy/selfish/arrogant/money loving/promiscous sex=sexual immorality/addictions/addicted to flesh pleasures/lying media/fake news/conspiracy/Hollywood/Disney/etc.

Apparently we have been hijacked & lost mind & see everything from Devil's point of view: for 30+ years, R didn't intend to take over U, & everyone knows how damaging war is, but why R is now invading U? R must have been cornered without any other options. US&West have planned & provoked this war for a long time, now it is time for all western media to isolate China behind the shield of suffering kids/women/refugees: if u dare sanction China, then u will be pulled into war & fight together with the rest of the world=world war!

West use its wealth to make the whole world worship dirty spirit=Democracy, let the richest/dirtiest/worst man be presidents & made every country's 90% citizens very poor. In communist countries, leaders are filtered/cleansed through low to high, only the best/cleanest/most selfless/best man can be president, who always sacrifice himself for the well-being of his citizens, that is why China got rid of 90% poverty. Devil can't watch good spirited communism rise & do nothing, so Devil started the war between R & U then world war. West/US always say that we are fighting for justice & God, Yeah, we are fighting for the Devil/Death/Lies tagged with God's good name, even call rising China as the Devil as in Revelation 9:13-21 to isolate China & call ourselves as God chosen to get support from all the world: in every war with Chinese, US was defeated: God will never be beaten by Devil, so we are the beaten Devil not Chinese.

盼死出狱/Can't wait to die to be freed

U & car: when u go see a buddy, u park car outside, jump out of car, after u enter his house, others on the car can't see u anymore & anything inside the house, but if car is as small as your hat, then u enter the house with it, then hat & u both see everything inside, if u are nailed to car, i.e, if u become car, then u can only talk to him through walls without seeing anything inside.=>
After u die, u are infinitely small without body's wrapper, everything in universe including men's thoughts are in front of your eyes, because u are too tiny to be seen by any live man/microscope so u disappeared & invisible even though u can see everything clearly all the time, & everything is right next to u.
If God can nail u in a body, God definitely can nail u in 100% darkness to see/have nothing forever! 

U are nailed to your body as being nailed to a cross, your houses/cars are your jails, pitiful u everyday carrying a heavy cross on your back dig gold, then put gold on the cross to make the load heavier, u even carry it on your vacations, only death can remove the body & free u, but u fall in love with your body/houses/cars & try all your life to secure your chains&jails with long lasting gold & greatly fear of being freed from them=fear of dying. The heavier are u, the heavier is your cross, so lose weight & lighten up. Every earthly thing that u love become a nail to nail u to hell.
Jesus or Devil will take u after u die depend on whom u love, if u love Jesus u definitely won't commit suicide to escape Jail prematurely, u also definitely won't love money/sex/materials.
Everything in heaven is as transparent/clear as clean water: Revelation 21:21: clear gold/pearls/etc, u will see through all materials & directly looking at atoms/molecules like watching chemistry models. Though u can see through everything, but they are not overlapping & messy: both glass & water are transparent but u know whether the cup is full or not.
Everytime when u think/pray to God, God attend to u just that u can't see that.

But my body also give me a lot pleasures?: After u die, anything u think will show up in front of u, if u want to go to work, your company is here no need drive there, if u think sex, immediately u get ecstasy without u work all your life for sex, as soon as u think your son, he & his world open up in front of u, any star u think u land on it, there are many kinds of delicious fruit in heaven, once u see them, your mouth taste them & your nose smell them no need to kill them & convert them to poop.
Abuses/suffer/diseases actually push u out of the prison, comfort/pleasure/wealth that make u fall in love with the world actually is really nailing u into hell. Only your body can be abused/raped/damaged not your soul, nobody else other than u can abuse your soul/drive yourself crazy by falling love with the world, only if u love God/Jesus/Heaven can u escape suffer&jailing, the sooner u die of hunger/thirst/poverty/cold/heat/abuse the luckier are u: so it was a good luck that communist countries were poorer & sicker; it is bad to migrate to US & forget heaven: Luke 6:17-26

This also correctly explained why dead men don't collect money for poor men, &do nothing when u are sick/starved/abused: don't confuse body & soul, it is your=God's body being sick/starved/abused not u=soul, u are sick because u love dirty spirits or poop, blame yourself not others or God. Abandoned/aborted/dead kids are raised to heaven to be babysit by passed grandparents or angels=it is so wonderful to die in childhood.

Jesus is the living proof, when u are so poor that u are starved to death, God will catch u & put u in paradise, instead we are eating so many pesticided food & die slowly. The longer we live the more jail time we serve, our proud longevity technologies actually extended our jail sentences. 

U are serving God if u make us hate the world but love to be Jesus, u are serving Devil if u make men love the world & money/sex. Revelation 12:11

Heavy body & miserable world is to make u love God & hate Devil, so everybody must go through the world to learn how bad Devil is. After we return to heavenly home, we will be together with God to enjoy endless unconditional motherly+fatherly+lover's love

If I am Devil, if u don't listen to me, I will financially sanction u & disable u from buy&sell, so money must be Devil's #1 beast/dog & mark: Russia/Iran is sanctioned when they disobey US. 2nd beast includes all those scamming money by religious or non-religious cult: some monks cheat money also: who is not selling his life/soul for money?
God's every mystery is hiding in plain sight under bright day light, it is we being blinded by $ sign in our eyes.

Science only focus on poop in the jail, we lose sleepless nights worrying of poop money/work, dumber than a pig: it never worry food/clothes, but gives his cross to us to carry.

要保命需正确解密启示录的兽和印/Don't want to die then Correctly interpret 2 beasts & mark
Figuratively, forehead means what we are thinking all day long, hands means what we are making all day long.

Obviously, what we are thinking all day long is Money=$, what we are making all day long is $. $ looks like snake hanging on pole=666=Devil.
Initially, salt is money, salt came out of sea: Revelation 11:7
We have been worshipping money from the beginning, money controls our everything.

2nd beast is I=hypocrite=false prophets=false Christians=use Jesus' name to deceive
All I am thinking all day long is I, I lie all day long for my own gain.
I means I, my family, my company, my country, my friends.

We have already combined 2 beasts: My I/dentity & my money into QR code for buy & sell. Revelation 13:17

The biggest deceivers are also the richest have created miraculous signs/technologies to deceive the whole world, the whole world watch us in awe & pursue to become rich & powerful using the same evil means.

Devil=Death: his only goal is to make u fight for him against God & die forever.
Living God=True God: God's only goal is to make u live for him & be loved unconditionally forever, because God made u, whose parents want his kid to die?
God let Jesus die for u then resurrect him to put faith in u that u will never die if u absolutely obey God: Serve others whole heartedly & selflessly & unconditionally=Communism. If I only live for me or myXXX then u are not living for God & already dead.

Devil use Money & Narcism securely lock u up: the whole world is killing each other for 2 beasts. Give up all your worries of money & death, but be a lamb follow sheperd Jesus into green grass & life water filled pastures to relax & enjoy freely. God is very humorous: made obedient sheep & disobedient goat, lamb is sacrificed to God, goat is fed to u.

Can I have both money & eternal life? No, life & death can't co-exist, Devil stop u as soon as u serve God: Communism was killed at birth, u either penniless & selfless live for God or die for money&me. 
The things that canNOT co-exist are: Good/Evil=God/Devil=Light/Darkness=free/fear=beauty/ugliness=true/false=peace/war=white/black=holy/dirty=poor/rich=Yes/No=Sweet/Bitter=Comfort/Pain=joy/sad=1/split;
Of course, the end will be a happy ending: God live on & Devil die off =Hatred/Death/pain/fights/fear/sadness/separation/darkness/falsehood/bitterness/ugliness/dirtiness/rich men all disappear
=How wonderful that will be! Revelation 21:4=>Bible has everything, don't wait for Death to claim u, u can escape death if u bravely conquer 2 beasts=stop loving money & narcisim. READ bible!

Devil's Media every second is about making money & brag how great&godly I am; Cunningly let Christianity=False Christians & Communism=false communists.

Communism is NOT the invention of Marx, everyone is born with Jesus' sacrificial loving & serving spirit & Faith in God=if I am do Good I will end up in a good place, & everyone wants to live for a lofty invisible ideal, even cartel boss die for poor people, just that we have been abducted by Devil&Media: if I don't fight for myself nobody will, & I will suffer poverty & premature death. Everyone knows that only-live-for-money-&-me is not good, so we all use Christ or Charity to cover up our shame/guilt. Devil take maximum advantage of our inner Jesus to start fights among ourselves: Let whole world hate & beat up bad guys together because they kill&bully kids/women/students/monks/civilian/minorities/small countries/etc; it use weak countries to start every war & drag wars on forever, make the whole world hate&attack u forever! Surrender & Obey your big bro & stop the war!
Similarly, in the end days, Devil will make everyone hate&attack God forever.

Not every place has churches but every place has selfless not-for-sale godly man, & others watch u & also become godly men=>u have served God & u will live forever! Samaritan is not a Christian or Jew, but is a man that God really wants:Luke 10:25-37。 Don't be like Mcdonald: donate 1% of the money made from unhealthy food to avoid taxes, don't be a missionary for Devil & build men's faith in MONEY&Democracy! actually do nothing, only need to:
Let inner Jesus firmly Say NO to devil=be selfless&my soul is not for sale, Go away Devil&money&me, I only want Jesus & God.

如果我被拐卖做人妻人母/What if I am kidnapped & sold as somebody's wife

A Ph.D graduate was kidnapped & sold to be the wife of a villager, she killed her 2 babies;escaped but caught many times beaten & raped, then her parents found her when she already lost her mind & died 2 months later, then her mother commit suicide, & her father poisoned most villagers in that village & commit suicide.

Of course, I am lucky that I am not her, but if I were her, I will apply Jesus' way to escape death & pain:
First, show my sympathy to all the bachelors in the village, then with all the villagers together to find a working solution to solve woman shortage problem: nobody wants his daughter to be kidnapped/beaten/raped/abused, so they will stop their bad behavior.
I will love my husband who bought me whole heartedly: give him as many kids as he wants, cook/clean/care for him/his parents/kids joyfully, & introduce him/his families to my parents, &let my mom/dad see me happy & healthy so they stop worrying for me: Love enemy, then enemy become lover, there will be no more enemy in the world.

This way, woman selling tragedy will stop just as Jesus died for us so we will not suffer death.

Forever remember: Love is the key to all problems. Stop proud thinking that I am a precious PdD scientist can't marry a lowly peasant but settle down & serve him whole heartedly & attract more precious girls into bachelor's villages thus solve the problem. Jesus was kidnapped also, how can u be more precious than God's only son?

Yes, I heard u are saying that I won't be able to do as I say, Yes, It is impossible for me to do what I said, but Jesus did the impossible, so the kidnapped wife+her 2 kids+mom+dad+poisoned villagers can party together happily in heaven now, but if both sides know Jesus before this then they would not have suffered so much. 

If u/your daughters/sisters are kidnapped, then it is your God given mission: attract girls from all over the world to willingly marry the bachelors here thus stop them from abducting women, only by applying Jesus' way can u accomplish your mission,otherwise, u will torture & kill each other forever! 
Only Faith in Jesus/Heaven can cure social ills & make us truly love each other as ourselves.

Everyone has some things to be loved because everybody has God's image, love man=love God, love enemy save your own life. Even if u are kidnapped by feared drug cartel, tell them: my families don't have money, if u spare my life I love to be your slave & toil for u.

Dalai disciples brag that he has been teaching bible for 43 years, but Jesus only taught 3 years & died volentarily unnecessarily on cross:
My God, we have been taught for 6000+ years but becoming worse, after eating smart fruit we already know good/evil at birth, so we are all tired of preaching, but nobody can do good & give unconditional love because we don't believe in God: If I lose my only life I will never have another, I'd better try everything to resist bad guys & save myself: Christianity is to let u believe in God & LOVE unconditionally, if u are unwilling to love then believe that Jesus has paid your debt for u.

If Jesus didn't die for us, then we all will be abducted to hell & die forever, because Jesus took over all the abductions/beatings/chains/rapes/abuses/death from us, & replaced EVIL with LOVE & God's spirit in our hearts, thus we are saved=> Your devil husband abducted u, but your sincere love chase out the devil inside of him, thus u saved his life, if u didn't love him, probably both of u are sitting next to each other in 1st grade on 4th dimension sky.

A Long Cherished Dream:
English made documentary on communists' daily work: communists sacrifice themselves to give his people better life, which is completely opposite from media's lies that communists are ignoring his citizens' horrible conditions but oppress/brainwash/jail/beat/threaten them to worship&obey a dictator. I saw similar love for people by communists in Cuba. Of course, true communists are as rare as true Christians.

Whatever God say/do is once for all & forever: God's solution will be absolutely forever effective, ex: Love your enemy, God's destruction can't be reverted: Nobody ever can resurrect God destroyed Sodom/Gomorrah/Babylon. When Jesus judge u at your first death: if u are willing to repent then God give u 2nd chance, otherwise, u will be forever dead in hell, once in hell, regardless how u are begging Jesus/God, u can't be out of it forever! Read bible now to understand God's characters, don't hope God to be like your biased spoiling unstable mom.

达赖教圣经/Dalai teach bible
Today NPR interviewed Dalai's disciples, but they teach Jesus' words: Love your enemy.
See, God is not a jealous tyrant: Mark 9:38-40,God love to see that your parents/teachers/spiritual leaders/friends/philosophers teach u his words: God have put them in your life to teach u his goodness, even though we all are using God's free words/inventions/physical&spiritual gifts to make money/fame/honor for ourselves, God didn't drop fire to burn us up, right? NDE also show many non-Christians went up to blissful realms.
Anyway, the source of all GOOD is God&bible, lay on bed & read bible & get enlightened easily, why give up your everything & hide in mosquito filled big mountains to be enlightened?
Understand that this world is ruled by Devil & pain,  Imagine u are God's servant, as soon as u finish your God given mission u leave, don't let the world bother u whole heartedly & try everything to make the world a better place or find escape from it => Heaven is our ultimate escape from the world.

Dalai is western media's favorite, get air time all the time for sympathy/love/supports from whole world: Look, why u evil Chinese bully such a peaceful/gentle/friendly/smiling/harmless monk, let's kick Chinese out of Tibet & make it an independent kingdom for him.Similarly, Media is the God of LGBTQ&other bad spirits=>Western media is the biggest judgemental hypocrite, but blame Christianity for it by broadcasting christian's scandels & errors non-stop. We grow up by eating/drinking/breathing media, as soon as we know how to talk, still wetting bed we start to play God & judge & criticize others.

Western media market itself as the truthful/just/righteous/free/open/holy/loving God, if u disclose sins committed by your parents/governments, then u can be sent to US to be free&rich, but all US companies forbid its employees from mentioning its name or post photos with u & it in it, thus if u are interviewed by Media, don't mention China or post photos from China. Media is a country beast's horn.


We think everyone else is like us Americans hate government & taxes; hate each other by shooting at each other, but Chinese think all citizens are brothers & sisters by 1 mom, TaiWan & HongKong are mom's 2 kids kidnapped by west in wars, west not only refuse to release them but lie that their mom will abuse them if they return home=>Will u abuse your many-year-missing kids? there is no reason that a mom would love 1 over other kids, on the contrary, mom loves more of the weaker groups. We didn't come to US just for myself but send hard earned money back home: which American send his hard earned money to his mom? so West's shaming/bully of China mom only upset all Chinese, stop shaming others' moms & abducting others' kids!

Ok, criticizing/complaining others&God is bad, Thank&Praise others & God is good, so STOP criticizing but Thank/Praise others&God more;
criticizing self is good, so repent often, others are God's responsibility, not yours: u are not others' God=parents.


Sin is unavoidable because every baby messes up, but no mom punish her babies for their sins, & no mom want u to be dumb useless needy baby forever, she will teach u skills as u grow bigger; Similarly, God of course doesn't want us to be ignorant useless needy babies forever, as your faith grow, God will add brains/arms/wings to u & make u a genius & angel to fly in 360D & drive the universe.
But Devil use lies & start wars between us & God before God has taught us how to be perfect from inside & out: God doesn't want u to be as smart as him, don't believe in God: u will not die if u eat it, God is a terrifying narsistic jealous dictator: if u don't worship/love/obey him alone he will throw u into hell fire to be burned forever etc that are 100% opposite of God's unconditional loving&dying for u/full of feelings & mercy & forgiveness & humor nature, So it is better to discard such awful God.

Devil of course won, once Eve/Adam was caught, they immediately defend themselves by blaming others.
Or we deny & pretend we know nothing of it: after Cain killed his own bro, he talked back to God annoyingly: Why ask me, I am not my brother's baby sitter how should I know his whereabout?

The more u cover up a shadow, the bigger/darker/more toxic will it become, if u expose shadow under noon sun, light will kill its bacteria/fungus/darkness, & stop making the same mistakes&adding more darkness to it then can u completely remove it, but before we learned how to stop internal filth from keeping on flowing out, we already eat smart fruit & know how to cover it up with smart lies: makeups/deodorant/chemical  additives/compliments/publicized charity/tips/advertisements/empty words slogan/muscles/money/pretty wife/president/medals/etc, but after we helplessly die, our inner filth&shame are completely exposed in front of our billions ancestors under bright day light, even the king of shameless dare not expose his filth/tax returns, so we would rather hide under poop than repent&expose self to light!

So 1st step to perfection is to be a naked baby, stop defending self by lying & blaming others, but expose/admit/apologize/correct own sins=iSin/iStink/iSick/iDirty/iGreedy/iCheat/iScam/iLazy/iCrazy/iCoward/iWeak/iED/iMean/iGossip/iDesriminate/iLust/iCovet/iDisobey/iLoveMeMore/iEvadeTaxes/iParasite/iEnjoyPorn/iArrogant/iAddict/iGossip/iLoveMoney=iInvest/iRob/iSteal/iKill/iNeedy/iTroubleMaker/iStingy.

Devil is expert in making us shame&scam each other & start wars & benefit from wars: News media like poisonous snakes bite everyone, Democracy=Demon-Control=666=snake spiraly control 3D world, if u don't stamp Democracy=Demon on your forehead/if u attack gossipy media, then u will be sanctioned&can't trade: Revelation 13:17.
Demo=I, Democracy=Icracy=I-am-own-God/boss/master, Democracy is built on our selfish Narcism: fight for & defend my own human rights=money+sex+power+freedom; to be my own God/master; worship&believe in myself or my chosen belief; defeat single 1's dictatorship/oppression, so loved by all. End days, if we don't wear i/dentity&i/mage on forehead/wrist then we can't buy/sell/survive.

Democracy created private ownership/Individualism/Capitalism, selfish Greed brought in massive wealth from overseas: Rev18, made west extremely rich & performed many signs & wonders, we dropped atomic bomb/fire from sky/heaven, &we created awesome technologies/inventions matching very well with Revelation 13: Democracy is the first beast out of sea,

Democracy is the enemy of Dictatorship, end days, all will eagerly join democractic army to fight the Dictator=Holy spirit from 4 corners of the world: Revelation 20:8.
God's dictatorship=holy spirit/truth/beauty/love/perfection/life dictatorship, but we think God is I, so of course I won't fight myself, the fight in the end days is fight against holy spirit: if u say sex is dirty u will be stoned by 7 billion men: if u only want holy spirit u will lose 7 billion families & friends=dirty spirits.

West&Middle East is 2nd beast on land full of false prophets=foxes with lamb's horns: tempting chickens to fight with each other all the time so we can eat both easily.

The dragon on shore are Devil's claws=Demons=lies+falsehood+bad ideas/thoughts/religions/ism/philosophies love power & money & honor & sex, & know u love the same + spiritual richness, so use empty promises to win your heart, then u give them what they want by Democracy, so Devil support 1st beast: Revelation 12:9.

There are 7 continents & 7 seas=7 heads, there are 10 most prosperous empires in history=10 horns, beasts blow out lies from horns & provoke wars with horns, money=dirt, Nobody ever experience true happiness & freedom & ecstasy in poop on earth but in God's heaven.

为何不让人吃智果开眼/Why forbid us to eat smart fruit
Why God didn't let men eat smart fruit & know good & evil: Because then we know how to do evil under the cover of good & become con-artists/hypocrites/devil, the more knowledgeable u become the sneakier u get & the more men u can mislead: the first thing Eve did was to make Adam eat it also(Eve=Evil Erupture: pull down dark night to cover up our sins,Woman also like to wear make-ups to cover up dark spots on face.), the first thing both did after eating it was covering up the smelly/filthy pee/poop/sex holes: crutch is of course the dirtiest place of our body, regardless how pleasurable it is, its dirty nature can't be changed, women's hole discharge dead smelly blood&eggs, men's hole discharge urine, lust is dirty & against God's holiness, so we use beautiful/holy LOVE as cover over our dirty sewages: risk our lives to change gender to explore sewer from both man & woman's role, Adulterous deeds are honored with Oscar gold medals, ex: English Patient, sewers should be loved & kneeled down & kissed by everyone, any truth about it is immediately shut up as hearsay, We spend all our life & mind & soul to seek dirty sewers & try to stay in it & enjoy its dirtiness as much as possible.

A customer once told me that he doesn't ask his wife to kiss his dirty sewer because her mouth is also kissing his kids‘ face, so he finds prostitutes to do all the dirty acts: Ha, u are very clear that it is dirty but u are lying that it is as fragrant & beautiful as roses to get what u want?!

Similarly, we are covering up all truth but kissing & worshipping dirty evils. So to protect us, God disallow us to eat knowledge fruit: The only way to smartness & knowledge is to unite together to build Babe Tower: but to prevent us from polluting the heaven, smart God made everyone patent his own smartness/technology, so we will never reunite again to build satellites/towers higher than 3D!

When needed, God make u a genius as this 4 year old produced da Vinci like paintings: 
My first reaction is jealousy: why made her genius & famous & rich not me? but God said: please quench your jealous fire but appreciate & meditate on the rare paintings.
Some Chinese guy twisted her story as she is a lucky charm bringing good fortune to her family.
All historical geniuses are God's work.

If we didn't eat smart fruit, we would be like naked babies living in beautiful Eden worry free forever, we can also sex as animals. Hmm, we brought pain & chains to ourselves but blame God: should blame i & ancestors & thank God.

老板比你笨怎么办/How to deal with a dumber boss
I told neighbor that she is eating trash, which really upset her & defeat my intension: because I didn't care her feelings but my own .
Whenever encounter dumber men/bosses, I made them feel very stupid, soon get fired.
When my amigo caught my errors then he attack me non-stop, really annoyed me: Ha, when we disagree, only need to suggest him to try my way without slight complaining that u are too dumb.
Similarly, media keep on criticizing social ill only to make society sicker, why not propose better solutions?
Chinese cover up the problems home/company/country & solve them privately & quietly instead of dramatizing them, which is better: U of course should not mocking against your mother land with westerners.
If 10 billion men become 1 mind & body, then each man will have billions of brains & eyes & limbs, then each 1 will have God's miraculous power of creating universe. U don't argue/fight with yourself, then don't argue/fight with others, if confusions/misunderstandings appear in us, we should work together in 1 mind to solve problems, the best way to defeat us is to argue/fight, that is why we need to have faith in 1 God: unity is the prerequisite of success. U are me, & I am u, if each 1 only care his own individual needs then we are like loose sand can't build anything out of.
I really love to watch this pure natural capable unified Chinese peasants: everything is earthy & serene like spring water.

Chinese spring festival celebrate unity.

谁创造了神/Who created God?

How species is formed:
Plant: if by seeds/grafting, then kid's DNA=half Dad&Mom's DNA, if by cuttings, then kid's DNA=mom's DNA, kid's DNA use sun energey to build itself by putting 12 elements together.
Animals: .5egg+.5sperm's DNA=your DNA, u eat, food has solar energy+minerals, so your DNA use the same energy & materials as plants to build u.
Your soul starts the body & decide where to drive it based on your love.

If u love mom then u study&work hard to reach mom's goal, if u love Jesus, then u unconditionally sacrifice yourself to reach God, if u don't love God, then u are definitely not climbing toward God & u won't end up in heaven.
Love drive out conscious efforts, often due to lack of love/interests, we carelessly mindlessly hastly cheatingly finish jobs, only if u mindfully diligently examine & attend & correct every thought/action to obey God then can u enter heaven.All your thoughts make up your soul,every thought is recorded/important, if God is in u then God will safe guard your soul & stop your evil.

U build your own soul using others' influences: all the men u talk to/books/culture/tradition/politics/religion/social norms, these misc. ideas of course are not all good, only God's soul is 100% good/kind&selfless unconditional loving. God think no evil,so the best thing in the world is God,God only gives Good, only for your good. The idealistic good man in all man history is exemplified in Jesus=if u want to be good then be like Jesus. Jesus is God's moral standard/model for all mankind not a religious symbol:no one ever is better than Jesus. Bible is the training manual for man's soul, only by following bible can u become a good man, otherwise, how do u know u are good, who gave u the standard of good man: most of us are self righteous:I think I am good then I am good. Devil doesn't think good, only think evil & hate & destroy & explode & darken everything, Devil only do evil&seduce u to be the most damaging weapon to God. Devil is hiding in every dark corner, only God's light can eliminate evil, unbelievers don't have God's light so are filled with evil.

You=your soul, everytime when we mention u, we are talking about your soul, your body is 100% God's,u didn't add even a hair to yourself, body is like a tree, u water&fertilize it=u drink&eat. Even if u died, u are still u, nothing is changed except u don't have a body anymore. 

Aha, u are invisible empty thoughts, without God given body, u are nothing, i.e. it is u that are not existing not God:God manifest his existence in vast universe, which has >200 billion trillion stars lasted 14 billion years& earth has 10 billion species lasted 7 billion years.Without u, your body can heal&feed/water itself just as souless animals do.

It is love that give power to soul, Soul is infinitely capable under perfect love &freedom. Everything originates from Love: mom&dad's love created u. Asking where God is from = Where your love is from: u create love yourself =>God created himself, so God was not created, but created everything out of love=>Big bang: God's love explosion gave birth to universe. U create hate yourself=>God didn't create Devil, it is man who love evil&darkness& become Devil. God=Good=God's image=God's nature=God's blessing. Praise/worship/thank God=Good=life. Filled with holy spirit=filled with Love&good: think no evil thus do no evil. We are created in God's image so we are born with God's upright & conscience & love & feelings, but Devil replace our good with evil & we refuse to refresh ourselves with God's goodness & become devils.

Ex: U draw 1st drawing & really love it so u continue onto make more lovely drawings=>God created light/flowers & really love their beauty so continue on to create the universe: just as we design cars before make them: God's design=God's creation, whatever God think is good & become real perfect object/action:God doesn't play with empty words/games. 

If whatever we think become real then earth can be destroyed immediately, because our every thought is bad: I noticed that every my thought is bad & satanic, plus Devil is constantly lying that Hell/God/Jesus don't exist & Bible was written by men=Snake convinced Eve to eat forbidden fruit. If u can see others' thought u will be scared to death,so we are not given ability to see others' soul, God first give us legs to walk, after we learned to walk straight then give us light speed. If u didn't use body for good, God will remove it & return u to non-existing, if u do evil u will be locked up so u won't rob others' body.=>no need to wait until death/NDE, your power/IQ increase as your love for God increase. Weak incompetent body also humiliate us to rely on God&others' love.

Painter never expect his paintings love & praise & thank him, he only need it keep its original beauty, but the men inside it hate & kill each other nonstop & completely ruined it. To stop us from fighting, God contracted with us in Bible: if we don't do evil & share with others God's free love then we will be paid heaven=paid heaven for doing nothing=God's love is forever free; if we do evil&fight then we get nothing=hell.
But Devil is telling us God's offer is too good to be true, it is more reliable to only believe in myself: I only have 1 body&1 life, & of course I need to be selfish & defensive, & seek any help available including devil's.

It is already difficult to evict daemons in u, why continually hoard devils into u by follow/listen/watching others. It is better not watch news & care what happening,God will hold sky if it falls.

The easiest way to remove devil is pray: no matter when & where ask Jesus to clean them out for u immediately:don't wait until dress properly to go in a church, or till u die & become poop then call Jesus out of despair.

Enjoy God's & each other's Love is the purpose of our creation: When serve others should not care salaries & be 100% focused & ask Jesus to cowork with us to heal patients from inside out, love everyone u meet. Nobody can live without God's & men's love.

John 4:16-17
God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. 17 This is how love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment: In this world we are like Jesus.

Our love is only an empty thought, only after u apply God's real love can u love honestly: feed God's given food to hungry kids: No God no real love. God has infinite love submerging the whole universe, if u don't refill, quickly u will dry up: if your son is your only love, after he die u die with him. If u only love yourself, once body die, u die with it.

Instinctive love is from God, non-instinctive love is from u, is your gift to the mankind. U are loved first by mom, then u love your mom, but God provides all love to your mom to give food/clothes/shelter to u, without God, mom can't love u: so God love us first.

The effect of instinctive love is the same as selfless love: sacrifice your life to raise your son or a stranger's son to be a famous pianist has the same result: u added a pianist to the universe, so don't rely on instinctive selfish love to cause wars &pains & headaches/damages, but transform narcism to Jesus' selfless love. Then why don't remove my selfish instinct: before u learn to love others, if your love instincts are removed, u will abort all pregancy & human will be extinct, after u learned loving others as yourself, then u will not be a slave of instincts but master of it,so the opposite of instinct is heaven. Competition is not necessary, God love & provide for every life.

From dog we understand what is love & hate:
Dog loves u so it is always around u, can't wait & very happy to see u, always forgive u if mistreated by u.
Hate=dislike=annoying=discrimination=avoiding=isolation=separation: stay away from u, avoid&refuse to see/mention/know/talk/understand/think u,avoid u like avoiding pain&covid, hope u disappear/die/non-existing, any encounter starts war, separated by good/bad neighborhood, religion, country clubs, can't forgive,make a big fuss over a small hurt etc.

Hate create death/destruction/evil, death gives bitterness/pain/disgust/ugliness; love gives life, life gives happiness/fragrance/beauty. So if u want to die then hate&unforgive, don't eat any stale food=>taste bitter&ill. 

Addicted to dead money/alcohol/drugs/games/flesh pleasures=addicted to evil & death.

No need to wait until u die to find out what will happen to u, Right now u can calculate your love savings:  Every idea can be weighted, 1=love/good, -1=bad/hate, 0=neutral, as to money: if u take it all, u get 0, u donate half of u get 0.5, if u donate all u get 1, if give some to enemies, multiply 7, just like a shop owner, u do summary at the end of each day, if u habitually carelessly accumulate debts, nothing can save u, for some men, 1 life is enough, for some, it is better to be dead like addicts who repeatedly overdose & go to ER. God loving men never die & forever love God. Don't fear Death&Diseases&pain, but fear your own unwillingness to love God which is the root of all evil&death.

We mistakenly use body for pleasure, but body give u net 0 pleasure, eat/drink make u poop&pee, sex make u pregant or std:  but spiritual enjoyments don't have any side effect: beauty/peace don't urge u to pee. 

Suffering man is used as scapegoat by God like Jesus, just that u don't know u are a scapegoat, if u know then nobody wants to be abused&suffer, then how we can become better:
Without anybody knowing/watching, God gave u somebody else's 3-year old girl, if u recklessly abuse her, after u die, God change u to the 3-year old to enjoy your own reckless abuses=>no better teacher than yourself. Regardless how stubborn is my sister, after this life she has completely abandoned child abuse stubbornness, but she picked up a new stubbornness: spoil kids, now she is abused by her own kid.=>hurry up to get rid of all stubbornness instead of being punished by them yourselves forever. The only way to get rid of stubbornness is to obey God: only after u love others as yourself then can u feel others' pain.

Animals&plants don't commit any sin but made no/low IQ & killed & eaten by u, so why don't u think God is punishing them? Everything has a purpose, God only use love to change u, It is we who brought punishments&pain to ourselves & everything.

Death is the best way to realize God's commandments: love others as your own mom/son. after he is dead, but u still have 1 billions son around u to love equally. 

Knowing that parents die before u so u can work to contribute. Death make u cherish everything. Bad men & unbelievers are fearful of death, the only way to remove addiction is to make detox illegal.

Just as u are burned once then forever stay away from fire, so 1 visit to hell will make u forever fearful of hell. Why don't u call Jesus before drop in hell?

Chinese already call death as long sleep, no idea how Chinese knew but we don't know. Sleep allow soul to be mentored by God. Once he is dead, don't wake him up by witchcrafts. If u forgive & pray for your dead abusers not only u earn yourself some love to heaven but also give them more chance to change for better, otherwise, they will abuse u forever like Asian's stepmomism & West's racism. Only love can eliminate racism,but whites don't love, blacks don't forgive: forever hostile.

Only after u die then your soul can be out of body&freely roam around, as long as u are alive, soul has to watch/guard/babysit u all the time, otherwise, u wake up in the middle of its outing & jump out of window. Sleep/Meditation give soul chance to think: just as army camp&rest, but u start to plan & think/recollect/dream/pray, continue think daytime problems & etc. In the past we did farming, which doesn't occupy soul much, so 99% time we were praying & meditating, now we spend 100% time on IT/Sciences/games, because starting from the 1st man, we want to be the most powerful, only Science&Technology can get us ahead so we think them all the time.

Sleep heals both soul & body, death heals soul, more sleep less sick. Pray before sleep so u can sleep well, pray after wake up so u can be fully charged with love to serve others. Eat/drink less so no interruption to sleep. after death without body, u be 100% focused on meditation. In peace, u can hear God: he keep on telling me every my thought is bad, don't do evil.

Don't just pray in your heart but speak out/converse with Jesus: find a private place, speak out all that is in your mind, quickly u get solutions to your problems=>I tried it, please try it yourself, just like discussions at work produce the best solutions: Complete Open Clear Honest Communications are very important & allow ideas to flow unhindered among us, also praying bring u into focus so u are not distracted=mindful. Actually first we need to get agreements from our own different ideas by talking to ourselves:pray on every move mindfully like yoga! Talk with a baby like with an adult can grow its IQ faster,if u talk/not-talk to it as it knows nothing then it will grow to nothing, if u talk bible with it all the time, then it will become Jesus.

Doctors discovered that the best way to quit pain/addiction is to write/draw down your desires/pain then tear it up=>this is a common witch's approach: draw/describe devil then destroy & order it to leave u, if pray Jesus to clear them out is more effective. This is also the reason that u need to forgive: wipe off abuse/hate/pain then u regain freedom&joy,otherwise, u are always watching out for your abusers, if u see her again will u beat her up & cause more pain? Abusers' souls are sick, treat her as your sick kid,pray Jesus to heal & free her & u both from pain.

Burning is to destroy what has been built: solar energy is dissipated as heat, elements become dust. Before, I couldn't understand why burning doesn't trigger nuclear explosion, because heat is let out while burning, if heat can't escape, then atoms will explode,hell must have atomic bombs exploding all the time;Heaven love is not escapable but accumulating thus ecstasy often.

The only way to completely destroy seeds is by fire, seeds of physical matters have DNA, man's seed is soul,soul full of hate/pride/prejudice/hypocrisy/evil need to be locked in spiritual fire, loving soul join God. U can join God anytime once u become pure good & use God's power to heal, impure dirty soul doesn't have God's healing power, must pray God to heal.

Eyes can't distinguish grey, but software can only read 1 distinct color code=>Everything in spiritual world/higher D/bible is crystal clear/accurate/true/absolute, the clarity is like the contrast between 100% white & black, which is demanded by God: love God with 100% true honesty&obedience&your life, God himself is 100% pure white & true, bible is absolute yes/no truth,u are God's software,only if u 100% precisely obey God can u be righteous,even eat 1 forbidden fruit kick u out of heaven. Lower D/IQ creates blurry:3 year old talk very unclearly, liars also use blurry to cheat: good men express himself openly clearly & sharply. At death if a bunch blurry shadows ask u to follow them down an unclear dark tunnel:too bad u are heading to hell. 

If can't give a scientific account of hell then he think it doesn't exist: All I know hell is an extremely bad place, just like gambling casino, if I don't ever want to go there then I don't care where/what it is. 

The only way to overcome fear is love:
If fear of losing job-love boss, fear spouse cheat-love spouse, fearful of death-love Jesus.

Every church goer only cares to be a sales man, &believe as long as he has tried to sell churches to others then he has earned himself right to heaven=>If u are selling an unconditional loving God to me, but if I didn't get any unconditional love from u, then I think u are selling a lie & I will walk away. All we do in churches are singing&shouting out love&truth into thin air without any actions: if we go to work everyday without doing anything, will our boss continue to pay us & keep us on the job forever?
Until today, I didn't realize that I tend to use a cold i-am-right as-a-matter-of-fact business-like way talking to others, especially when they refuse to admit their mistakes I start to yell frustratingly. So we really need to think whether every action/word is out of love, action worth a million words, once others feel our love, they will seek God. Loving God is the only prerequisite of entering God's heaven: because once we love God, we will obey God & love others as ourself & stop sinning.
A church goer must give love & love every sinner equally. If take me to a church so I can donate, then forget it, selfish me only want to go to church to take tangible love, if u want to save me, u can ask Jesus to save me right now unconditionally.

Before every action/word think who is the beneficiary of it, u will soon discover 100% is for me, only when it is 100% for others then u truely love God.
Love also grow patience & eliminate anxiety. Usually I am very anxious to have things done quickly, if for love, should slow down & do them right. For loving kids we work hard, then we shouldn't be annoyed by kids after long stressful work day; If love your body u will not addict to anything.

Love also stop judgmental accuses/discrimination. If we stop judgement/compare/bragging then we can love everyone indiscriminately, no more complains/grudges/walls/unappreciated feelings/etc.

If 9 men love me, i will love 9 men, so love selfish men is the only way to get rid of selfishness. The whole world should love God but not:have experience hell to appreciate.

I notice that I am very judgemental: Renter can't pay rent=>he must be lazy thus can't make a living: honestly I don't want to waive his rent so I judge him negatively to excuse myself=>anytime when I am asked to love unconditionally I start to judge & complain.=>I love myself much more than God. The correct way is: regardless who/how he is, give him whatever he asks & u have.

Dictatorship/prostitute/criminals/addicts/homos must be bad, blacks must be lazy&poor,etc. Being judgmental freeze our heart, make us cold&cruel

Satan son's testimony & bible all tell that Satan actually obey God's orders more than we: did u love your stepkids as Satan loved his adopted son? Are we becoming worse than Satan? After he was striken blind, he didn't beg Devil to remove it but seek doctors' help, though God knew he was a devil but still heal him through doctors' hands: God forever forgive/heal/love all!

Nobody really knows what will happen after death, so let's wait until we die to find out=>just like taking an unknown drug, eat it first then see its effect?

Accidently saw my college photos, very pretty but why then I thought I was very ugly&fat: filthy non-loving soul see everything to be ugly&bad especially own face&body=feel sorry for oneself.

Don't hate any government, because government is made of men: don't hate men.
If being vaccinated can remove fear & bring peace then sacrifice self to be vaccinated.Seek peace with all means,only Devil loves conspiracy&gossip&fake news&crazy paranoid&suspicion&attention.

Look at colorful leaves against sun, they are extremely beautiful:everying in heaven emit light & is mesmerizing beautiful.

想当先知就思高维/Want to tell fortune then Think High Dimensions
How we punish criminals: move him from 3D free world into a 1D point=jail cell: remove his 2D freedom, before we sinned, we had 360D freedom can go anywhere in universe as soon as we think of it, then we were removed most dimensions=freedom & imprisoned in 3D earth, body became chains can't fly & dive into deep sea. Hell is only a 0 dimension hole without any freedom,worse than 1D point because dark u can't be found in pure darkness. Higher dimension gives more freedom, heaven has omni dimension. Higher D also intensify pleasures: real rose is more lovely than 2D photo, live concert is better than recordings=>the beauty/pleasure in 360D has top intensity/depth=>Heaven only has good, & every good is at its best true perfect beauty/love/pleasure: Thus heaven is also called paradise.

Higher D knows everything in lower D exactly, ex: 3D U can read exactly every word in a page, now if u are a word in the page, u can only see 1 side of 4 surrounding words inclined/inversed/painfully & can't read a single word exactly/comfortably& will definitely can't see 99% words thus care nothing of them。 Only highest D God can read all souls' every thought as read words on a page from the right angle & treat u exactly as u deserve. Narcissism tie soul to 3D self, like a word on a page, only bent see 1 side of 4 things=biased&narrow minded&selfish&discriminatory. So if u want to be smart u need to hate/deny self & love God, hate repels soul out of u, love God suck u closer toward highest D, if u love God 100% then u will be as powerful as God like Jesus. This also explains NDE: u didn't know God exist, but because God has carved his laws in everyone's heart, so if u always try hard to love&obey God's laws, after u die, u also feel bright light/love/beauty, so there are many dimensions above 3D: Buddhism think there are 9D. The first layer u encounter is your dead families, the more love u had for God, the higher D u enter thus more real love/beauty/pleasure/safety to enjoy. 

Time is at 4th D, if u are higher than 4D, then u can clearly see future&past thus 100% accurately tell Stock's rise&fall. Without any education/microscope/telescope, u know all the natural&social sciences & can see minds & DNA/galaxy structures & explain dreams &etc=>Just up 1D can void all our 6000+ year proud civilization.

God is very humorous, God saw we are narcissistic, so created shadows to remind us narcissism is following us everywhere, only after we become lamp then no more shadows: everything in heaven shines: beautiful flowers are blooming & glowing & singing praises. This is why China has lantern festivals. 

The attraction between us is love, if most u love are in heaven then they will suck u into heaven, if most u love is on/under earth then u can't rise to heaven.

Love of God creates the most power, if u can love God as Jesus does then u will enter God's realm. Love enemy=Love God, if u die to love enemies then u are Jesus entering God's D: God's D only has God&Jesus thus call Jesus as God's only son=only 1, no 2nd kid is with God in God's D.

Hate repels, if u hate world, u are also repelled upward. Hate man=Hate God: if u hate men then forget of going to heaven, Satan love God's haters, he will recruit u to hell in 1s.

Love of earthly things suck our soul to poop just as gravity suck body to the ground, if u don't hate/repel worldly things then u can't be suck up by Jesus. Spiritual suction is love. Like 3D magnetic suction, the stronger is our love to God the stronger is heavenward suction otherwise u are shoot into dirt; Also like rocket launch, accumulated godly love fuel shoot u toward heaven,whether reach heaven or not depends on how much godly love u have saved up.

Earth is using pain refining souls: the stronger faith/purer are u the higher D will u go. The less love/more hate u have the lower D u go, if net love is 0 or negative,u will stuck with 0D=hell with no beauty/pleasure but endless pain&darkness. Chinese Pictogram 囹圄 maybe made by God: lockup my soul=lockup my whole self. If u are addicted to a physical pleasure/money because it is dead staying at 1 spot, so u end up in 1D solitary jail:many addicts lost freedom since age 8 till eternity. The more u forget self the less pain will u feel because u are looking at everything from right comfortable angle,& u won't feel offended/angry/defensive when others blame/bully/wrong u but see others' difficulties & be more compassionate&forgiving&loving to them:Dalai is not as quick as Trump defending himself.

Though our body is jailed in 3D, but soul can imagine beyond 4D/time+space because God has given us 360D imagining ability, but we like to reduce our freedom by unbelief/stubbornness/ prejudice/stereotypes & lost a lot freedom! If u can't imagine heaven then u will definitely not enter it: Psychologists say u have to picture what u want in detail to make it possible to get it. If God has created nature from supernatural of course we can imagine impossibles, we keep on denying God's powers as men's 3D Science doesn't allow them=>fools lose their lives by rejecting resurrection/virgin conceiving, if u can't imagine heaven then u have locked yourself up in death cell waiting to be executed.

Once u dream for heaven & hate world&self, then u can easily forgive anyone for robbing your precious house/body & etc.

If can't sleep due to loss of job/school/money/kids then u are stuck on earth,can't rise to heaven. Once rid of all misc. attractions, u feel free/high: sleep&eat well, &no diseases&white hair.

All physical pleasures suck u to ground, if u love pleasures then u can't rise to heaven. Giving love is taking on pain=painstakingly, but at the end of pain is eternal paradise. 100 years pain exchange for eternal paradise is a very good deal, so no complains to bosses/work/etc, think they are your kids then u feel no pain. Plus all love come from God, u are only regifting God's love, just as your wife buy u gifts with your money, &God is watching closely how u are regifting his love, so don't save money, pay workers generously, donate whatever good stuff u have, when u need them God will provide better. Definitely do no evil don't use God's love/gifts to upset others/God.

Only when backed by God can we love honestly&selflessly=>donate most of what we have, otherwise, in current money thirst scamming world, who is willing to give all they have away?

Now u can calculate your current D, The more u want to get rich by investing the less u can predicate market movements.

The more u can see the more potent will u become: if doctor can see the root cause of a pain of course can heal u.Hi-D also allow God see/hear/talk/help everyone simultaneously, so regardless how trivial is your need, God will help u if u ask, so pray/bother God all the time on everything,God is like sun/moon/stars watching u always:as long as there is light then there is God&Love, no criminals dare to hurt u under bright day light, so stay in brightest light for safety.

So it is very scientific that bible says whatever God wants then it appears, universe emerged while God was thinking/designing it,whatever God thinks is perfect no need of scratch paper. Nothing is impossible for God. God is omnipotent.

生物是怎么来的/How species is formed:

Plant: if by seeds/grafting, then kid's DNA=half Dad&Mom's DNA, if from cuttings, then kid's DNA=mom's DNA, kid's DNA use sun energy to build itself by putting O/H/N/C/Ca/P/S/K/Na/Cl/Mg/micro minerals together.
Animals: .5egg+.5sperm's DNA=your DNA, u eat, food has solar energy+O/H/N/C/Ca/P/S/K/Na/Cl/Mg/micro minerals, so your DNA use the same energy & materials as plants to build u.
All species has brain& antenna&nerves to control its body, antenna can receive signals/instructions from God or devil.
Ha, building u is as simple as building a car: car also has its brain&sensor&wifi antenna,car's GPS is given by wifi.
Driver start the car & decide where to drive the car, even future driverless car is still started & directed by u, i.e listen to u.

Your soul is your conscious thoughts, u choose goals given by your & souls whom u love, if u love mom then u study&work hard to reach mom's goal, if u love Jesus, then u follow Jesus' direction, use unconditional sacrificial love to painstakingly climb toward heaven, if u don't love God=try to be a good man, u are definitely not climbing toward heaven & u won't end up in heaven.
Love is the engine/fuel motivating soul to make conscious efforts, often due to lack of love/interests, we careless mindless do things or rashly/cheatingly finish jobs, only if u mindfully diligently examine & attend & correct every thought/action to obey God then can u enter heaven.All your thoughts make up your soul,every thought is recorded/important,regret & correction of a thought later also bring u closer to heaven.

Except Live body is made of billions of cells=God gave u many armies to command: your soul is the general; u have many supervisors above u, God is the highest commander, everything listen to God, even if u don't give any command, your body will still survive on its own.

You=your soul, everytime when we mention u, we are talking about your soul, your body is 100% made by God, body is like a tree, u water&fertilize it=u drink&eat. If u are filled with holy spirit then u are God/Jesus. Abuse self or anybody's body is abusing God.

Just as designs&drawings for making cars are given by men, men & everything's DNA/design are given by God. Whether u get a pig's or man's body doesn't matter, the only thing matters is who is using your body.

Burning is to destroy what has been built: solar energy is dissipated as heat, elements become dust. Before, I couldn't understand why burning doesn't trigger nuclear explosion, because heat is let out while burning, if heat can't escape, then atoms will explode, u use fire to destroy secrets, in hell, men's dirty secrets/souls are burned without outlets for heat to escape so hell must have atomic bombs exploding all the time;All the love accumulate in God's soul, love explosion is ecstasy, love in heaven is not escapable but accumulating thus ecstasy often=>Big bang: God's love explosion gave birth to universe.

The only way to completely destroy seeds is by fire, seeds of physical matters have DNA, man's seed is soul,soul full of hate/pride/prejudice/hypocrisy/evil definitely need to be locked up in fire, soul full of love will join God & last forever.

God is the beginning of knowledge&wisdom, with God u can explain/understand everything, without God u understand nothing.
Bible is the contract given by God to men: what u will get after u sacrifice yourself to love God,just like job offer: what u will do & be paid, if u are not hired then u will get nothing, that is why bible didn't mention hell much: the opposite of everything=dark vacuum, luckily God hire everybody if u want to be hired.
Only with the contract & treat yourself&everything as God's body can u generously sacrifice yourself for God, otherwise, u only get 1 body&1 life, of course u will be narsistic & defensive & selfish: regardless how u protect yourself u can't control your own life: so u never question who is controlling u if not u?
Not knowing God make whole US ignorant & dumb & narsistic & fearful of death. Obeying God will be mocked/persecuted by narsistic culture&men's oppression. Yeah, American culture is very oppressive to God loving men but very free to devils,when u are mocking Christians u are persecuting them, when u are mocking God/Jesus/bible u are blaspheming: God will not punish u at all but devil will drag u into his hole & initiate/train u to serve him.

The only way to overcome fear is love:
If fear of losing job-love boss, fear spouse cheat-love spouse, fearful of death-love Jesus.

Church is making the same mistake as vendors in markets: every religion/philosophy put up stand & sell itself to passbys, so every church goer only cares to be a sales man, &believe as long as he has tried to sell churches to others then he has earned himself right to heaven=>If u are selling an unconditional loving God to me, but if I didn't get any unconditional love from u, then I think u are selling a lie & I will walk away. All we do in churches are singing&shouting out love&truth into thin air without any actions: if we go to work everyday without doing anything, will our boss continue to pay us & keep us on the job forever?
Until today, I didn't realize that I tend to use a cold i-am-right as-a-matter-of-fact business-like way talking to others, especially when they refuse to admit their mistakes I start to yell frustratingly, my friends tried many times to stop my scold but I refused because I had truth. So we really need to think whether every action/word is out of love, action worth a million words, once others feel our love, they will seek God who is the source of all love. Loving God is the only prerequisite of entering God's heaven: because once we love God, we will obey God & love others as ourself & stop sinning.
A church goer must be loving & love every sinner equally.

Before every action/word think who is the beneficiary of it, u will soon discover 100% is for me, only when it is 100% for others then u truly love God.
Love also grow patience & eliminate anxiety. Usually I am very anxious to have things done quickly, if for love, should slow down & do them right, if can't finish today, will continue tomorrow, what is the rush:it takes time to grow crops. Slowly eat & taste God's love mouth by mouth. For loving kids we work hard, then we shouldn't be annoyed by kids after long stressful work day; If u love your body u will not addict to anything.

Love also stop judgmental accuses/discrimination: don't criticize blacks for high crime rate because they have been given very little love. If we stop judgemental/compare/bragging then we can love everyone indiscriminately, no more complains/grudges/walls/unappreciated feelings/etc.

The purpose of God made u is to output love,Love is also the purpose of our life & reason for living: When serve others should not care salaries & be 100% focused & ask Jesus to fellowship with us to heal pain together. Becoming a preacher/missionary is not life's purpose, but motivate others to love by being a Jesus ourselves is life's true purpose here on earth.

John 4:16-17
God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. 17 This is how love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment: In this world we are like Jesus.

Eyes can't distinguish grey clearly, but software can only run properly by distinct 1 color code=>Everything in spiritual world is precise/true/absolute, the clarity is like the contrast between 100% white & black, which is demanded by God: love God with 100% true honesty&obedience&your life, God himself is 100% pure white & true, bible is absolute yes/no truth,u are God's software,only if u 100% precisely obey God can u do it right&be righteous,so no one is good/we are all wishy washy double minded. 

Chinese already call death as long sleep, no idea how Chinese knew but we don't know. Sleep allow soul to be mentored by God. Once he is dead, don't wake him up by witchcrafts, u also need to be careful not cause any troubles to disturb his meditation, u should pray God to let him go to heaven, of course u need to pray first for yourself & the living. If u forgive & pray for your dead abusers to enter heaven not only u earn yourself some means to heaven but probably Jesus will give them more chances to change them from awful abusers to loving angels.

Only after u die then your soul can be out of body&freely roam around, as long as u are alive, soul has to watch/guard/babysit u all the time, otherwise, u wake up in the middle of night & jump out of window. Sleep/Meditation give soul chance to think: just as army camp&rest, but u start to plan & think/recollect/dream/pray, continue think daytime problems & etc. In the past we did farming, which doesn't occupy soul much, so 99% time we were praying & meditating, now we spend 100% time on IT/Sciences/games, so we are the worst/most lost/painful generation, future generation will be worse, nobody can stop us descending down to hell because starting from the 1st man, we want to be the most powerful, only Science&Technology can get us ahead of all others so we think them all the time.Covid is 1 way to stop our momentum: more pain are waiting ahead.

Nightly sleep actually is a short vacation, death is true retirement, if u have saved up enough love then u can retire&vacation in paradise forever, otherwise, u will be neglected in the worst abusive nursing home forever.

Enlightenment is usually in morning. Before sleep pray for a long peaceful sleep, after sleep pray for the whole world, because all are suffering due to our sin, so pray for God's forgiveness & heaven for all .

Psychologists discovered that the best way to quit pain/addiction is to write/draw down your desires/pain then tear it up=>this is a common witch's approach: draw/describe devil then destroy & order it to leave u, if pray Jesus to clear them out is more effective.

Don't just pray in your heart but speak out/converse with Jesus: find a private place, speak out all that is in your mind, quickly u get solutions to your problems=>I tried it, please try it yourself, just like discussions at work produce the best solutions: Complete Open Clear Honest Communications are very important & allow ideas to flow unhindered among us, also praying bring u into focus so u are not distracted=mindful. Actually first we need to get agreements from left & right brains by talking to ourselves, God already knows everything in your mind, he loves to see that u work out a godly solution yourself:pray on everything & on every move to make it mindful like yoga stretches! Talk with a baby like with an adult can grow its IQ faster,if u talk/not-talk to it as it knows nothing then it will grow to nothing, if u talk bible with it all the time, then it will become Jesus.

Satan son's testimony & bible all tell that Satan actually obey God's orders, Satan appear to be exactly like us lacking Jesus' sacrificial love & God's unconditional love & selfish & narsistic, Ha, unknowingly we have become Satan's kids,some of us became worse than Satan: Satan can love him as his own son but his own dad couldn't, did u love your step kids as Satan loved his adopted son?

Argue/dwell on who caused pain is a waste of time, as long as we love God more, then less pain will we get.

Others laugh at me why waste a lot of time in thinking these weird things: I am fearful of death just u are but u assume/jump into conclusion that death means the death of body, u are lazily/ignorantly/blindly/unknowingly lost your life without dwelling on it. Because of it we also blame God wrongfully for not keeping his promise: because the best believers died in front of your eyes instead of living forever, we only cherish body not life. Who knows what will happen after death, let's wait to die to find out, then what is the purpose of this life? just like taking an unknown drug, eat it first then see its effect?

Others also argue where/what is hell, if I can't give a scientific account of hell then he think it doesn't exist: All I know hell is an extremely bad place, just like gambling casino, if I don't ever want to go there then I don't care where/what it is.

Haterade gives death, death gives bitterness/pain/disgust/ugliness; love gives life, life gives happiness/fragrance/beauty. So don't eat any stale dead food=>taste bitter&get ill. 


clear explanation of senses after death but with a wrong conclusion, I explained NDE/death/soul better than anybody which doesn't mean I am doing better though:

从照相解密死亡/photo taking reveals the secret of death

Learn from David Wilkerson: When u are being abused/beaten/raped/diseased, cry out: I love u, Jesus Love u, God love u!

If u love husband then u will give him a lot of kids & raise them to love him.
If u love God then u will give God a lot of kids & teach them to love God whole heartedly. Whole family chanting Jesus all the time to ward off devil/diseases/bad luck & bring in blessings&love&safety&joy.

Church is a group comrades with same faith: every family/gang/party/school/company/village/city/province/country/world can be church,everyone in church love others as oneself thus church is love=>everywhere is full of love, no more evil/diseases/pain/death/disasters.
Why forbid talk of religion&God&love&truth in school&work? Every school/company in communist country is talking communism.
We are foolish&crazy not communists.

The halo on Jesus' head is LOVE, everyone should have a love halo on his head to light up path.
White light is not hot & doesn't cause cancer because it doesn't have invisible infrared=heat & UV=kill: white moon & stars are only beautifully comfortable.
God=white light=Love, heaven doesn't have darkness, God's love is like white light reach every heart corner.

When your enemy is tied&put under your feet but u untie & let him go free=>he will treat u as his best friend instead of enemy from now on.
When u murdered many & was sentenced to life in prison, but victims come to prison & beg judges to free u=>u will definitely not hurt them anymore.
When u follow devil & end up in hell, Jesus comes to hell & rescue u=>u will definitely be very grateful to Jesus & will be his die hard fan.

When u are abused u should think u have abused him in previous life, so forgive him thus u are forgiven, from now on God will not subject u to abuse.

Actually most species only sex once in a life time or never, God love us more so give us sex every second. Don't know animals have orgasm or not, but the orgasm between a loving couple is the materialization of God's perfect love.Nothing feels as good as orgasm, nobody can give u 24x7 eternal orgasm other than God.
God has materialized bible & love, if God only say he loves us but give us hunger & horniness to endure, then God doesn't exist.
God made women gentle soft careful silky smooth beautiful inside out just for her husband to fully enjoy=>there is no other female species is made for this purpose in nature. Some men are born with strong sex drive, but was forced to become priest, little boy is the easiest victim to satisfy him. Even if u are a church goer u should satisfy your husband's sex drive to prevent him from committing adultery: the reason he marries u is because his drive is strong, so why give devil a chance by not satisfying your own husband.
Greed generally brings diseases,but greedy sex with your spouse don't give STD but as soon as u sex out then u need to worry of STD, AIDS is not caused by homosexuality but promiscuous sex: no myth but misunderstandings: don't misinterpret God: homos are not worse than adulterers.
Of course, if u love God a lot then u won't be bothered by horniness.
Most homos/addicts are due to lack of love: abused/raped/missing mom/dad. Only love can save homos/addicts/criminals/sinners like u&me.
A loving church should provide free food/clothes/shelter/transportation/medicine/doctors/hospitals/massage/employment/pretty wives.

Camera's 360° spherical eye is blocked from 5 sides can only look out from 1 front side, and can only grab 1 sided 2D image from a 3-D object, it can't see the inside&back&sides of u & its own top&bottom&left&right&rear, if remove camera's body, then it can see 360°;if u walk away from its 2D viewing field then it can't see u anymore, but u still can see it clearly&completely, if u return to previous spot then it can see u again, but in the vast universe the chance of returning to the same spot is very rare,so once u die we can't see/hear/smell/touch u anymore=to us dead man doesn't exist anymore.
Soul is trapped&bound by 3D body can only see/touch/smell/hear/taste things within 3D, after body is died/fall off, u can see everything including thoughts&love/hatred clearly, what u can sense before in 3D world is magnified, so all love feels like orgasm. In heaven, u are showered in God's love, ie, u will enjoy orgasm 24x7 forever; Every pain is 100 times sharper than nail pulling pain in eternal hell without a break=>this explains why NDE's every feeling is much sharper than on earth; After u die, u jump out our 3D world, we can't see u anymore but u can see us very clearly,&u don't know that u are already dead, sometimes u can reappear in our 3D world as ghost briefly.

Camera is dumb because it can't know what it can't see, but we are smart & can see the invisible from visible, that is why even though God/angel/devil are outside of 3D but some of us can see them.

Out of body, without sensories, soul can sense everything better without the blockage of body, because everything has a name/code/symbol, ex. web program sees #FF0000 as red, i.e. software doesn't need camera but itself can see everything clearly on a web site then instruct pc hardware to act accordingly=>after u die, your soul continues to operate others' body to do evil, i.e. u are not dead at all,u only truly die at Jesus 2nd coming: burned in hell. 

So just mention Jesus can scare off devil.

Then why murdered u is not helping police to catch your murderer:1.u are not really dead,2.Jesus ask u to forgive your murder & keep peace to earn u chance to heaven,3.God's love make u extremely happy & grateful to your murder, So no dead man ever came back to revenge.
The one returning to operate your loved ones are devil himself,he never help police with any truth, but make men suspect & hate&fight each other for generations,your blood inform God about murder, actually God is watching the whole murdering process because u & I are 2 fingers of God's, damaging u is damaging God so God will of course punish the murder & u don't need to worry a thing.

If Soul software is installed in your mind then it will run u, if the dead was a bad man before, now he became even worse because he can see secrets&thoughts now thus make u do much worse evil than he did before: this is why the world is becoming worse &technology become more advanced because we are hijacked by more powerful dead souls. Only by installing Jesus can clean out dead soul from our mind.

To bad men, body is a weapon to destroy God's creation; to good men, body is church/temple/shrine/jewelry box, Jesus' body was rebuilt after 3 days just as he said, &he used new body to stay with apostles for 40 days. God & Devil compete for men's souls, Devil obviously has all the advantages, because every God made substance can make u lose mind & sealed with 666 & become devil's clone: so must use bible/pray constantly to ward off devil. Pictographically, in Chinese, 666 means bound&abducted by snakes from all sides forever=u are in devil & devil is in u forever.

Every matter is God made & listen to God, if holy spirit live in u, then every cell in your body become smart angel & enable u to perform Jesus' miracles, Your own soul can only operate your limbs,Satan is the most powerful among all creations thus has super natural powers: Strike Job/men with diseases.

At 1st death, everyone will be taken to visit heaven & hell, 99% men will be sent back to earth to meditate&be trained, like the 7 hour nightly sleep:body is pseudo dead, soul reexamine daytime activities=dreams&being trained by God, after death, no more worry/excuse of body's survival, &saw God&heaven&hell with your own eyes & has super powers, if after many years of long sleep soul still hasn't loved God then u will die 2nd time=real death in hell.

2 men die every second, without 1s break, Jesus is selflessly tirelessly busy running between heaven/earth/hell to save us, nobody not even parents love us as perfect as Jesus does, really no excuse not to love God&Jesus.

Once u are born, u will forever exist, but where u exist is changing & u only have 2 places to go: if u love God then u go to God's home, otherwise u go to hell, where u will curse parents for giving u life, so if u can't ensure kids' entrance to heaven it is better not to have them at all.

If u only love kids/world/self, then God will hide your loved ones with natural disasters/diseases/covid so u have to repent & ask for forgiveness from God just as punish a disobedient kid: lock him up in an empty room without any fun but pain for 1hr. 

But u should be faithful to God's love: God of course will not intentionally wipe off your love/give u diseases. Sick body is not very useful to Devil, so Devil leave u alone when u sick=>so it is not true that Devil gives us diseases, contrarily, smart healthy articulate charismatic men are precious to Devil & are often occupied to do evil:that is why God failed my eye surgery,the departure of daemons gave conscience a crack to squeeze in.

But devil is jealous of God's servants also strike them with pain to scare off faithless ones.If your soul grow up quicker, God can kill your body & reincarnate u into an environment void of God's love:home grown preacher is more believable than western missioners. 

Without knowing the truth of death we subject ourselves to tremendous fear&waste: pharmaceuticals/insurances are pure scams. The earlier we leave this awful world the better, of course only leave when God wants u to like John, death should be celebrated&look forward to like a wedding. Most white farmers get skin cancer, so skin doctors wear sun scream even in winter, only if u bravely toil under sun can your DNA adapt to  environment thus your descendants will not suffer skin cancers,otherwise, all generations have to use sun scream.

God created herbs&trained herbal doctors,if u get pain when loving God then God will definitely rid your pain. If God didn't rid your pain is because God wants pain to remind u to love him.

At the end of days, sun/moon/stars all vanish:why destroy the whole universe: because devil has been misusing God's love for evil: no light then can't see anything, no matters then no nukes to explode, the only way to stop evil is to move everything to a higher dimension that devil can't access & where heaven/good men/universe are safely living,&leave dark vacuum nothing to devil.

The reason that pig was made dumb & plants not movable so we can be fed, if every species is as smart/fast as mice then we will starve=>everything can be explained by God's love. After animals/plants are eaten they are put in heaven to give beauty.

Even if u are too dumb to understand anything, but as long as u use blind faith to only love God then u will enter heaven to enjoy 24x7 orgasm but those understand everything without doing it will not. Only need to love God, once u love God u will automatically obey God to love others as yourself. If vent anger at each other will guarantee a lock up in hell.

Even though I have made clear truth/God/Jesus/bible/heaven/hell/right/wrong/good/bad, but still I consciously choose wrong actions, so I will not be given 2nd chance: If Jesus saw u committing sin due to ignorance, first take u to hell & heaven to see the truth, if u honestly want to be better then give u 2nd chance, many dead men saw hell/heaven but unwilling to change like me will end up in hell without 2nd chance: regardless how u correct a software but it keep on doing it wrong so u have to destroy it. Ex, I love food, I am clearly tortured by over eating: can't sleep in night, getting ill, but I consciously keep on eating, the only way to stop food's damage is to destroy it completely=>if I use my life to sin then I will be thrown into hell to be burned thus my sin/error is stopped completely; I know clearly the right thing is that I should work hard for my boss but sometimes I like to be lazy=>I am like an unfixable software will be discarded to hell.
Luckily I know everything before being skinned by hell by listening to preaches & reading bible, so now I need to overcome myself & do the right things: the hardest devil to defeat is oneself. 

为啥人喜欢有粉丝、被人爱/讨人爱/走红/why do we like to have fans/be popular/loved/liked
So u can control the mind&body of those who love u.
Once u are loved, then u are installed in his brain & u can operate him like a computer/machine/tool/drone/soldier=zombie.
Love u is a process of dowload&install u in his mind.

If u are not installed in him, he won't listen to u & argue/fight u=time to divorce&fire him.

Bosses need to learn how to make employees love u not by orders/authorities but by giving him what he loves=money&promotion, just as God gives us what we love=pleasures, order your wife love u only make her hate u. Dictators force his citizens to love him but only cause them to hate him. Chinese communists are becoming smart & give what its citizens' love=money so people love communists now, but we are still stuck at 60 years' ago promoting poverty striken democracy.

Thus smart God doesn't force/preach us to obey him but love us with his life to touch us to love him.

AI software can learn, ex. AI nurse start out knowing nothing then it learns nursing after being trained, just like us, we don't have any skills at birth, after training we learn to do all kinds of things.
AI software=man's soul, robot's shell=man's body=$0
U manufactured 100 AI nurses & installed same AI software on all, then train them to do nursing; put them in hospital, after u left, they all run out &disappeared, u start to worry these smart fast learners can learn bad stuff from bad men, so u find them but too late they have learned brainful bad stuff, so u have to burn their brain=software, no one can do what God did: give us many chances to return to him.

If u don't want to be raped then stop chasing after rich&famous stars.The reason that God didn't put us on fire after we ran away from him, because God knows the men he made can learn from pain: when u fall into Satan's trap, his true ugliness show: abuse&kill u to satisfy himself, then u realize that u have been cheated & turn back to God & serve God whole heartedly=>Smart!

Loss or lack of love is causing anger/violence/jealousy/depression/addiction & invite devil enter u to make u abuse/rob other's love & transform them to be devils also=>hell doesn't have any love, even if hell doesn't have fire, everyone will become monster:step mom was abandoned by her lover thus abuse us, nun's face was burned thus abuse orphans, dad was fired thus beat u up, wife cheat then kill her, immigrants take your jobs thus ban them, made-in-china take away markets thus ban chinese imports, Trump lost kingship thus riot, etc etc. The world is so painful/awful is because we love self&money&sex&fame too much &too materialistic, material can't last forever, once they are gone, even we are surrounded by God's love we are still angry, but as long as u are alive u will try to regain lost love, but in hell regardless how hard u try u get nothing, so all are gnashing&tearing each other up to vent despair.

If u don't love him, u definitely will abuse him or make lots error in your work.

If he died & u don't feel pain then u don't love him, if u feel happy he is gone then he is your enemy:if u hope boss is sick¬ come to work then u hate boss&your job. 

Without sexual love, parents won't mate to produce u=No God, no u.

So, LOVE creates & controls everything, is the operating system of the universe, is the solution to every problem;
God is unconditional love=God creates&controls everything=God is the operating system of universe=God is the key to every problem. 
So love enemies as Jesus does.God didn't lock up devil but let it roam & torment us for millions of years so we can understand the terrifying pain of losing love&God:Devil doesn't love u at all, after he exploits every use of u, he kills u to free up resources like food/land/etc. If u hope God doesn't exist then u are making enemy with God&Love. If devil is given millions of years to live, then bad men=u&me must also be given many lives to reform,soul is a grey point between pure black & white, at beginning, men's soul is pure white, then devil continuously stain us&God wash us, hopefully we are moving toward whiter each time, if look back=trace past lives/ancestry then u will become salt as Lot's wife: in the past,we used salt as money, God saw us love money too much so changed a lot fertile lands in ME to salty deserts&dead sea,& money lovers to money columns=>this explains why God was hovering over ME but ME had most desserts&famine.

If u want him to love u then love him, if u want him dislike u then hate him or love his enemy=devil who can kill him:if u want to avoid diseases&death then love Jesus.Love food then see food in wild, love good then see good in enemies.

Godly man/saint loves others as himself.=>Ha, it is very simple to become saint, yet it is very hard to do.

Western media is used by devil to make us hate each other by criticizing slavery & communists often, if media always promote the love between blacks&whites&all men then US is a unified loving nation now, that is why I felt more love&joy in Cuba.

God also give us smarter body/hands to match smarter soul software: regardless how u train pig, pig will never be able to sew. Even the dumbest pig learn faster than the smartest AI robot because everything God made can learn,but only men is the fastest learner. We can learn a lot skills, animal's  skills are given at birth:bees are GPS.

But why didn't God give every species men's smart soul&body: because they will be like us to follow devil, God made smarter us to take care low IQ unskilled creations, instead, we bully/invade all of them & only serve myself with the hi-IQ given by God. If I am a pig, I would cry bitterly that God is too unfair, why made me so dumb&clumsy & subject me to unending despise&bully&butchering: So all non-human creatures will live forever because they didn't learn devil to fight God.

Whomever u love the most become your master, then u learn/mimic/follow him,&eager to be used by him&satisfy all his needs: so every men especially bad men use all kinds of baits to make u love him the most: examine who/what is your love, if everything u love is in this world, then u are disobeying God because God said don't love the world.

If your best love is your kids then u are controlled by spoiled little devils.Love wife too much then obey her to eat forbidden fruit. Love food/money/sex/alcohol/drugs too much are controlled by addictions.

But God asked us to love spouse&kids, but God also asked u to love him more than anything, if u love God the most, then God will block u from satisfying your wife/kids' bad demands,order addictions leave u alone, &make u discipline yourself easily because Jesus is in u & operate u. U&kids are God's not yours, should only be used by God, don't over eat/fertilize body crop, diligently care self&families' bodies for God, & feed Jesus to their souls. If mistakenly think my body is mine & I should exploit every pleasure out of it then u will addict to something. 

According to u, God wants us to love him so he can use us: Yes, God want to use us to do good&love others; bad men use us to do evil; u make others love u so u can use them for selfish gains: make your wife love u so she can satisfy u well.

So Jesus & apostles didn't have wives/kids but 100% loved God without any distractions. Bible is 100% God's words, God occupied&operated his dedicated lovers to write down his words.

According to u, if God loves me, why God doesn't listen to me & satisfy my every need: God loves u & others equally, God can't be like your foolish mom help u cheat on your exams.

U become whatever/whoever u love:love money then become money,love sex then become dick head.

If u love God 100%, then u become God, have God's infinite power:scare off poisonous snake/diseases/aging etc; enjoy infinite love/peace/joy:but if u want to stay young &healthy to believe God: then u love yourself not God thus won't get God's power. If kid loves God, then he becomes a Jesus like genius, can teach before being taught,only fools wait until raped by many in hell to call out to God. Trinity=God+Jesus+Holy spirit=Jesus, Quaternity=God+Jesus+Holy spirit+U=U: when others complain that God is invisible then u should point at yourself & ask him to look at u: I am your God, if u have unconditionally loved him as Jesus did then u are his true God, if not, then u are not, &he still can't see God.

Men love & are controlled by money&sex. Women love money, & men make money but love sex, thus women offer sex to get men's money.If u truly love wife, u would give her your every penny, parents die to love kids, Jesus love u & die for u. Couples who don't love each other fight on everything, especially divorce on money/finance because we love money more than anything, marrying an American including immigrants will likely end up in divorce because we love money&sex more than anything,if he can't wait till marriage to sleep u/just want to cohabit without marriage=he doesn't love u.If he has addictions before know u, then he will not love u unless u can sacrifice yourself as Jesus did to earn his love. Satan loves God's kingship more than his own life, that is why he lost his life&all to hell:God can't give all men & angels to the rule of evil,money lovers can learn the lesson after becoming money, but those addicted to power are not afraid of hell because he still rule over lots souls in hell:so vaccum hell is his only destiny.

God of course know that we are materialistic&love money&sex, So God gave us sex drive every minute not like animals only mate once a year,strong sex drive give u lots babies thus lots love from them.

Jesus' love accompany us forever, nothing else live forever to love us: at old age, sex organ died thus sexual love gone with it.Hell is vacuum, no love in hell.

God is working diligently to fill the world with love&peace&joy, but devil is filling the world with hatred&wars&pain nonstop. If we mimic Jesus then we are helping God, otherwise, we are helping Satan fighting God=good=love。 Wake up if u extremely love to be president/famous/honored/hypocritical because u are operated by devil & love to control many others, that is why Jesus said hypocritical pharisees are devils,power addicts also love money because money can buy power=>Politicians are very rich, so only vacuum hell can confine devil, between love&power, devil chose power. To be used by God/fellowship with God is to bring love/peace/joy/justice to mankind.

If he doesn't listen to u then he doesn't love u.

If u love &install Jesus then Jesus will control every action/word of yours.

If u love &install your mom, even if mom is dead, she still controls your every move/word.

If u love &install son then even if he is dead he is still controlling your every move/word.

We mimic those we love.

Materialism, lovers of money/alcohol/drugs/gambling/sex/games are 100% operated by physical materials:even if he is a software programmer, if u explain soul software to him he will deny soul's existence because he is firmly framed his mind in materialism & deny any non-materialistic soul/God's existence.

If man only love himself,thus only has faith/confidence in himself, thus become very stubborn refuse to listen to others. Devil loves power more than anything so not afraid of hell. Addicts are not afraid hell,either=if u are not afraid of hell then u must be an addict.Fear can change u, but fearless devil can't be changed even by hell. Cheater deny truth when shown evidences,Atheist deny God when God stand in front of u. It is impossible to figure out bad men because hypocrites can appear much better than average joe, if use Jesus for protection then no fear for any kind of men.

If u love a movie star, u would chase after her hoping talk to her: if u love Jesus then u pray all the time to talk to Jesus.

If u misunderstand bible, then your behavior is not the same as Jesus', daemons=virus software install themselves on u, then u become crazy, only 100% faith in Jesus can clean daemon out.

No matter how good is a software, if u didn't install it then u can‘t enjoy its power=regardless how powerful is holy spirit, if u don't believe it then u didn't install it thus get 0 benefit from it, 100% believe in it=enjoy 100% its power, partial belief=partial installation=partial benefits.

Psychological disorder is clearly different from physical diseases, psychosis=consciously making decisions to hurt self or others like  suicide/murder/theft/scam/abuse/addiction:everybody is a psycho/prisoner first locking self in prison, need to first free self from narcissistic prison.
Physical diseases are not controllable by conscious thoughts, cells quit functioning on their own. 
We use Jesus/bible to heal psychosis or physical disorders.If u want to go to church=hospital shows that u know u are ill & willing to get well, but the problem is 100% church goers go to outside worldly hospitals&doctors for healing. If u died by rejecting outside doctors/hospitals then u died for faith=>why laugh&redicule him, he is laughing in heaven 100% healed & pain free.
Narcissism is because feel insecure,pressured by animal's survival instinct:at job interview, u definitely brag yourself, extremely rich guys can self deprecate because they feel safe in their money, homeless illegals always defend themselves: let God/Jesus support u then u have all the money in the world no need to worry&defend for self.

Regardless how much money u have, u only have 1 life, Jesus said if u give him all u have then he give u life. If u want life then give up all u have, if want money then keep all u have & die。We can only pick 1, on death bed u can tell clearly what u will get.

IF science can't approve hell&heaven don't exist then there is 50& chance that u end up in hell & came face to face with your abuser, u can waste all your life to approve hell doesn't exist or do good to prepare for heaven, even if heaven doesn't exist, but many men will benefit from u.

If computer processor or memory has bad sectors, then it can't run a software properly=if man's brain is damaged, then it can't follow soul's orders=nothing is wong with soul. If body is healthy but behavior is bad then your soul must be ill.

Some criticize that God asks us not to be jealous but he himself is a jealous God,so Go is a hypocrite: Yeah, after u give all u have to your wife, but she took all yours ran away with her lover=>u would have grabbed & stabbed her many times angrily, but God sacrificed his only son's life to save us=>men can never be as loving as God, but we are quick to criticize those we don't understand. God borrowed a familiar jealous husband example to make us see our ungratefulness.

Your empty mind can think God when Farming/doing physical work:soul is relaxed&enlightened by love&peace so eat & sleep well, white color work occupy mind fully&no space for God/love & make soul restless thus get insomnia&psychosis.

你在宇宙之初就已存在/u existed at the beginning of universe

Regardless how u explain, men can't think soul's existence without body:before football game, u already know how to play it, xmas not here yet, u already know what to buy to make kids happy, no meat yet u already know how to cook it etc. Our body is made of 40 trillion cells, every cell's structure&function is controlled by its DNA, now let all physical blood/meat/bones fall off, then u see u are made of trillions of DNA/programs/numbers/rules, we all know cells constantly die & regenerate itself according to its DNA: lung cell regen lung cell, injured lung cell repair itself back to healthy lung cell=>lung cell can't generate eye cell, my lung cell has my soul and is rejected by your lung. Physical makeup doesn't have intelligence, can be regen many times according to its soul. God's body is made up of all the souls of his creations, universe is made up of endless digital programs/laws/intelligence: before nature exist, natural laws already existed, before universe was born, God already existed, before your birth, u/your soul already existed, universe & everything in it was already designed by God to materialize at different times including covid & u=>your birthday was already set at the start of universe: nothing unexpected pop up. When men/invisible angel become cancer cells, they have to be cut off from God's body&fall into dark vaccum hell, vaccine to prevent cancer&all illness has been given before universe=Jesus, God knows every thought of yours, God's immunity army is constantly checking your thoughts to prevent u from falling ill. Cancer only kills physical body but can't change your soul/character, false belief/thought kill your mind & throw u into hell!

Before universe, God's love already existed:fresh air/water, gentle breezes, enjoyable scenary/women/food/drink/fun already existed: when u need photos from camera, u have to first download a software on pc which only recognize camera, once u plug in camera, it automatically download its photos: when u see beautiful blooming roses u automatically stop to watch it: the love for beauty already existed in your soul: flesh blocks connections to other souls except God's love because your soul recognize it, if u don't invite other spirits in then none can enter, this world is full of bad souls that u must block out. After body die, your soul directly connect with God's love network to enjoy endless love=no pain/poison but everything feels great:u can ride motorcycle jump mountains without hurt, but if u are cut off by God then no more love forever,every move is painful.

Death signify loss of love: to soulful men & God, loss of love is excruciatingly painful, can cause men depression & suicide, animals feel much less pain on death & they seem know that death/life is like revolving door & death is not real: when its brother is torn&eaten nearby it still continue on eating grass: no animals commit suicide because its loved one is dead. God designed predators to break pray's neck first to avoid its suffering:animals don't imprison & torture others.

All roads lead to Rome, black & white cats are good cats if they can catch mice.=>If dumb us know this, how can't God know it?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diPhrDPH8U8 I don't understand why the souls torturing him didn't call out to Jesus to be saved when they first entered hell, though he was denying God all his life, but once in hell he is scared & desperately ask Jesus for help, so he was given 2nd chance: the rest are hostile&hateful to Jesus & told him that Jesus doesn't exist & want to rob God's kingship=>Jesus is love&love u more than your parents do, & is trying everything to save u including after u fall into hell: if u are atheist/misled/no chance to know God this life, u will be given 2nd chances to live: everyone enjoy the same rights of love & life: but some chose to make enemy with God so they are the ones pull u to hell & make u one of them. 
When abused by diseases/alchol/drugs/gambling/bad guys, beg Jesus to remove them, they are the same devils as in hell, no need to wait until in hell to call for help. 
It is because this world has devils & death that is why we suffer, in heaven, we will live in love happy ever after. If u are very successful&comfortable this life but can't enter heaven, then next life God will put u crippled retarded in a poor illegal mexican family without parents to fully taste bully/abuse/poverty so u can learn to love: everyone has to love God&men whole heartedly before enter heaven, otherwise, will be returned to earth=classroom=hospital over & over & harder & harder life again: don't be glad that u can live many lives=>what is so enjoyable to live in excruciating painful death repeatedly? So the purpose of life is to live in love filled heaven forever! Hurry up forget self & love God & men to avoid suffering=>because u get a brand new brain=hard drive at reincarnation so u have no memory of past. Your kids don't belong to u but God because his core soul belongs to God,even devils are made by God, Judas&pharaohs are God's chosen tools of course will be given 2nd chance.Just as the things u made, unless it voluntarily attack/bite u, u will do everything to keep it alive & useful.
God has its own smart ways dealing with evil doers, no need of u to criticize/revenge/punish them because most of them don't know what they are doing, all u need to do is to lead them to love. Love your own body & stop abuse it with greedy eat/drink/sex/drugs/gambling:every little cell is u=love all your cells equally.

Aging/Alzheimer/Diseases can't change your characters, so diseases can't be used as excuses for not serving/loving God, if u have always been loving God, even if u got Alzheimer u still love God. Putting u in a poor family alone can't change your character: Amigo has been abused a lot all his life but he doesn't realize that he is abusing others, so God has to put L in his life to make him realize that he need stop abuse but start to love others.

The smarter is the creation the more disobedient is he, the smartest angel=Satan boldly battle with God, if angel is smarter than man, then most  angels join Satan to rebel God's ruling,that is why Satan is not afraid.

# of Souls that love God are limited, can't catch up with baby boom, plus God has to give everyone a guardian soul, so most men need to reincarnate=re-enter the world/hospital/school to study/recover over and over again until all sins are removed, that is why today's society is the worst because we are repeating criminals or devils. Don't dream of finding a spouse who will love u, nobody is lovable, lovable ones already rise to heaven, very often, after u learned how to love then God put the most unloveable man in your life to let u touch his soul so he can love.This is also why good men often encounter bullies but bad men often run into good men/angels=>If u learn bad men's ways to resist or divorce/diassociate him then u are messing up God's plan&losing own chance to heaven.

Suicide can put an end to this life's pain but bring in more pain to next life.

No matter how good is heaven if put in selfish men, it will become as bad/painful as hell, before become 100% selfless lover like Jesus can't enter heaven,otherwise, u repeat what is happening on earth: form army with your own family/party/country to attack others, such men can only enter hell which is vacuum thus nothing to rob, the only drama/pleasure in hell is to abuse each other:when we were abused in childhood, I bullied my sis a lot to vent my frustration=>pain alone can't enlighten men,so God always put some good men in your life to enlighten u. Regardless how rich/bad he is, he needs love, everyone needs love, so love everyone generously.

Jesus decides whether/when/how give u reincarnation, only Jesus know u inside & out & potential & direction, if u don't have any possibility to become better, he will definitely not waste a soul guardian to u=>all those reincarnated don't intentionlly hurt others, when told right & wrong by  loved ones, u don't intentionally choose the wrong, for those who love to follow devil & learn devils' ways will be cut short of only 1 life. 

Reincarnation=soul out of 1 & enter another body, it is meaningless to be a man this life but reincarnate into a dog next life: haven't learned how to be a man why switch to something else, wise God won't make such chaotic error. As in this video, his soul go back to his own body, because he is curious & asked million questions from Jesus & enlightened so he continue on in his old body, Amigo can't be enlightened after 3 NDE, has to be reborn or put in somebody else shell. When brain is severely damaged, good soul can't operate an uncontrollable brain anymore, likely, is taken up by God & put somebody else soul in it, so the same man is completely different now & make us think physical brain damaged soul.

Reincarnation is very common: Every cell is reincarnating=renewing, hair/nails/skin is reincarnating, today's body is different from yesterday's.

All physical pleasures are given by God, as long as u don't hurt anyone, u happy & God is also happy, but if use evil means dishonestly indulge in pleasures ignoring others' pain will bring u disasters=>want to sleep every woman; already very rich but continue to make money etc. Only after reincarnate in bitterness & pain will u desire God's sweet love & pleasure.Hell is vacuum thus no physical things to give u pleasure/love, so all u have is unmet desires/hunger/horny/pain.

Only Jesus can juggle among different reincarnation strategies, all we can do is to do what we should: love!

Stubbornness creates prejudice/discrimination/pride, so proud men tend to get Alzheimer, humble loving men don't get Alzheimer because he is eager to learn from & serve anybody including black kids.
Selfish narcissistic men tend to get Alzheimer, even if u were born smart, being selfish renders u dumb. Selfless & considerate men don't get Alzheimer, because brain constantly think/move=moving machines don't rust. Question my every thought to eliminate prejudice: u are a good person so I love u=>wrong, I should love u even if u are not a good person.

Humble men are easy to be enlightened & see God & receive God's salvation, stubborn prejudiced men even study bible all his life can't see&understand God.

Crops need light&water&fertilizer to survive=God is trying everything to make us alive: be sensitive to God given light&water&fertilizer to our soul,no farmer forgets his crops,charities mess up God's life saving strategies: God uses hunger & instinct of survival to humiliate the disabled to ask for help, if the-being-asked can freely offer his compassion then he also gets his life back. If men don't want to live then they are wasting  resources u offer them,let them die to save trouble of pulling out weeds. We always equal life to body's survival, but to God, life means soul's survival, God disable body to raise soul, only if man's soul want to live & seek life then can be saved: isolating himself in home=cave=tomb will die in there quietly, those healed by Jesus all came out to beg Jesus. Of course, need go to homes to check that they are not imprisoned/abused/oppressed.

Everytime when I did something wrong, a mental voice tells me I am wrong

Democracy grow all kinds of weeds=ideas, Authoritarianism only allow 1 ideology/weed grow. At harvest, God pull&burn up all weeds, Democracy needs more efforts because misc. ideas deeply rooted in men's mind=dirt, not like dictatorship with shallow or no roots, very easy to pull up: Democracy is much more damaging to holy spirit, thus highly promoted & popularized by free media. Then u should go back to communist China: ideology doesn't have country boundaries, even in China, western weeds grow all over. Chinese leaders don't yield to western oppression but adopt wise policies cleaning up media & put young generations on right path, but we only make money/economy centered chaotic policies=It exhausted me to pull weeds & clear space for new vegs: farming really make u understand bible: if u want to see God,then farm.

Stand in the shoes of food to think its edibility:
Creatures need to survive & propagate: many poisonous bright fruits are delicious to birds because need them to spread seeds. Root has the most concentrated poison because it holds life. Some mushroom is deadly: mushroom feasts on dead bodies, need poison to kill u & eat u=>only eat store sold mushrooms. Seeds are alive, once grow mold, then it is dead & filled with poison, not edible anymore.

Regardless how deadly it is, it is a food to someone=God designed that every life has to be food/sacrifice to another:no physical things can live forever.

Movie The Battle at Lake Changjin demonstrated how soldiers brutally died of cold/hunger/burning for their faith&love to their families/Comrades/country/party=God is expecting this kind of love from us. No comparables to Chinese army,God hopes his army of angels are like Chinese soldiers.

clover grass=bean sprout, it is everywhere & all seasons.

oval rotating around sun made telling of year possible even in some places with only 2 seasons,daytime is different everyday & recycle in 360 days:God made every day different like anything else he created.

Crazy men put body under high stress & weaken immunity, so they are prone to be infected by covid/die of diseases,similarly, liars/hypocrites/proud/ambitious/greedy men also die young. Sex can release stress fast, so it is prescribed as the best medicine by doctors/scientists/everyone,but the root causes of stress are always ignored. Eat/drink/inhale/inject artificial stuff into body also put body&mind on stress to rid them off thus reduce immunity.

Anywhere there are squirrels, there are oak&walnut trees, but walnut tree kill other trees, my yard is full of annoying walnut trees.

Nowadays, most unskilled Americans become Uber/delivery drivers: make more money plus be your own boss, so extremely difficult to find workers to do real work, have to look among illegals.

Species and environment choose each other, ie. 2 way selection not just environment select species, just as some like city some like countryside. One net like grass has a lot of roots love to grow in poor moving soil/debris on slops but not seen in fertile plains/valleys, because moving soil needs its roots to stop moving=>very smart & purposeful mutual beneficial choice of partners:changing all weeds to crops ruin soil.

Eye opening satanic worshiper's conversion:without Jesus' protection, atheists are often killed/sicken/crazy by devil.

As expected, my own poop cause whole yard grow tomato plants, but not right time, just eat its leaves as vegs.

Alzheimer is caused by stubbornness/固执生痴呆和愚笨

Brain has elasticity: whatever brain function that u lost can be regain=> if your every will wants to live, then every diseases can be healed. Parents are kids' doctors: psychologists is using the fact that brain is elastic to stimulate brain regrowth=your parents can do it better: make u learn/grow by putting u to work&failures.Low IQ can become high IQ if u want to be smart: Read God>Read books: men's books limit u to men's IQ, reading God lift u to God's infinite IQ. If u can read 1 atom,u become Curie,if u can read God, u will have the sum of all natural & social scientists' IQ of all times. If u got Alzheimer & willing to be taught, your kids can revive your brain. The problem is once old also stubborn don't want to learn/change thus lost elasticity. Alzheimer is caused by stubbornness instead of age, the best way to avoid Alzheimer is to humbly learn & be flexible: if a machine get stuck then it grows rust then become waste: stubbornness=rust=Alzheimer plaque

We always want our tools last forever & able to do everything=>God is making sure our soul strong & faithful enough to last forever & can love&serve him in all situations:country/family/rich/poor/IQ/ugly/pretty/etc, God wants all his physical & spiritual creations last forever, so God is strengthening our life with every means possible.Those with kids/fruited souls have much stronger life&health=stress tested survivability.=>from tiny cell to whole universe/from invisible to visible all have to be stress tested.

Welcomed by trauma&nightmares at birth:God made everything in 6 days=>very easy, if u want to destroy yourself=his creation, God won't stop u but give u many death traps to kill u &free up living space to others.Some complain circumcision give babies trauma,lack of sex gives depression=>ignorant excuses。 Starvation after birth gave me stronger body.

Jesus' QiGong has no time & distance boundary. 

Parents beg Jesus to treat their kids, as long as 1 prayer is 100% faithful, disease will be healed.

God is very strict:Moses failed to enter Canaan due to slight doubt, all that generation who witnessed God couldn't enter Canaan, but Joshua didn't see God but 100% faithful then was let in:very few people can enter heaven,very few prayers are answered. 

The problem with robots is that u have to tell it explicitly what to do, not like your wife can do what u don't tell her: if she loves u, she will serve u first, if she doesn't love u, she will serve herself first: I have me to worry about always, but tools don't, I am always choosing between me & others, if I love myself more than u, than I serve me first, vice versa: parents serve kids first because they love kids more. In work hours, we have to serve boss first according to rules=>God doesn't have such rules but all are controlled by your love: we always unconsciously serve the ones we love first,if I don't love u I will do it lossily 4 u.

U love God doesn't mean your kids love God, so eternal life is not carried out by having kids: u yourself live on.

In heaven, u will be farmer to grow souls as grow food on earth: growing food is 100% dependent on God, growing souls is 100% more dependent on God: God gives everyone an angel to guard u against death, so u are not alone/lonely in this vast universe because an angel is always with u, even run into a scary devil, u won't be afraid to speak out truth aloud.

If u can survive until flower then produce fruit, & many people eat your fruit & survive, then your soul DNA will be seeded in many people's heart thus u live forever.
e.x. Leifeng: he is selfless&honest & influenced many generations =good fruit, God will preserve that kind seed forever, because u are obedient, God will always give u a body/tool to serve him.
Hitler: racism/narcism killed many people =poisnous fruit, which has to be burned to avoid killing others.

Believe God doesn't exist is also a faith, except such faith bring u nothing=no hope/life/light, only bring u death&darkness&depression. Once u have the dream of eternal life in heaven, u have to act to realize it, just as u are dreaming of a big house have to work hard to buy it, otherwise, dream will never come true.

The key to forever young is Jesus nothing else, if want to live, study bible & obey God with love.

How do I know I love God or not? Compare with the ones u love the most, may it be your kids or yourself: to whom are u serving/thinking most of your time? Rember poor & needy & low-IQ men are the embodiment of God.

Think how u treat/love those u love then u understand what love is。If u are not treating others the same as u treating your loved ones, then u don't love others.

Sure way to heaven:
Put God first, others 2nd, me last: I really wish that beautiful women/fame/money/food/land/stuff/obedient husband kids/rich man belong to me=>I want them belong to God/others just as I want them belong to me/my kids first.
For God, willingly pick up all troubles/hardships/humiliations=>just I happily willingly clean my kids' poop/pee, work extremely hard to make money for them/bribe officials to put kids in good schools/jobs.
I feel very happy when others are happy just as I am happy when my kids are happy.

All religions want men to do good, but not every good man can enter heaven, why? because the owner of heaven is God, u have to love God to enter his heaven, ex. if your mom ask u to do good, u will do, but if a stranger asks u to do the same things, u refuse to do it because u don't know&love him, i.e. if u don't conciously do good because God asked u to then u can't enter his heaven.

we have to honestly admit truth/problems to change ourselves:criminals never admit crimes to avoid jail=we are all denying truth to avoid  hell=everybody subconsciously knows dreadful hell exists!
I love money that is why I am making money=>I hate poop that is why I flush it away; I hate God that is why I wipe God off=God doesn't exist=hate others mentioning God=>I love my son so much that even after he is dead=not existing, I still constantly praise him in front of others,while seducing a mistress even my wife exists I lie to her that she doesn't exist.
I love myself that is why I feed/dress/shelter/sex/honor myself highly, &satisfy every need of mine.
I need to go to heaven so I donate a little money.=>All is for me,me,me!
Poor/needy/dumb men are God's body,am I treating them the same as I treat myself, if I am not then I don't love God. I don't see poor/sick men because I don't make friends with them.
After Eve/Adam ate forbidden fruit, we already knew right&wrong, but we only do wrong&cover them up with lies/excuses=we already flush God down toilet, so all lies are to fool others.
Criminals can be pardened if they confess: so voluntarily confess to God&men of our wrong doing then Jesus can free us from sin's bondage, the more we deny/cover up the tighter are the bondages.

As to choice: we were not given a choice: we were born without a choice, then we sick/die without a choice, everything is created for a special use not out of our own choice:Just as dirt doesn't have choice to be water, Wife has no choice but serve husband->Arabs got it right.All species have a hierarchy/an alpha male/female to obey, west call it authoritarianism & against it all the time, but subject to money's authoritarianism whole heartedly: let money decide/choose/dictate everything.

Anything that enters body:medicine/artificial food/GM/antibodies/virus/bacteria is foreign object provoking inflamation&allergies=Body is fighting & has casualties: body heal its own but we attribute such natural/God's healing to man's technology, mount nanoscope on those molecules to enter a live body to tell us the truth just as BBC mount cameras on animals to see their real life. We paid huge money on drugs but don't know they are doing nothing but damages=>everything is built on superstition & unseen mysteries to scam money.

To cover earth, the furthest same species can animals/plants mate the better chance for survival, but men is not for covering earth, marry outsiders are discouraged by God.

But Genesis says God wanted human to reproduce & cover earth, & gave men IQ higher than all creations to manage them,but unexpectedly men overturned God & become the master of the universe. At beginning all men knew God's existence. Gradually, plus God's disciplinary actions, we chose to forget&abandon God. Imagine if u built a beautiful mansion & put all kinds of men into it, but men trashed it, u will be very angry & burn it to ground: u can see God is very patient&merciful, not only oppressed his anger for thousands of years but sent his only son as firefighter into the burning house to save those wanting to be saved, once salvation is done, whole earth & all the evil in it will be burned. At this life/death moment, u must desperately call out to the firefighter to be taken out of the fire instead of worrying of with whome having kids & covering earth,if u don't call SOS then fire will burn u alive.

Compound eyes can only be explained if we think evolutionism is magician: whatever environment demands, after many years, that feature suddenly came out, with this logic, shouldn't our eyes become compound eyes to better fit environmental demand, but our eyes are becoming less capable to satisfy environmental pressure.

God designed every structure&function of everything, if can create u to know everything of yours, of course, God knows everything everywhere, men are God's cancer cells: we are destroying all his creations.

God not only detail designed every species' structure&function but also how/what does it eat/wear/shelter/move/sex/die/balance with other species etc: fish swim/bird fly/mouse live in tunnels/squirrels live on trees/panda eat bamboos/bear eat meat/etc.

At beginning, only had day, no months/year, work 6 days,rest on 7th day then week after week repeat, after EA's disobedience, earth's orbit change to oval=season/year&life span appear, then moon's reflective angle to sun recycle in a month=month appear. I never heard anybody made 1 object orbit another  ovally magnetically=>only God can make it happen. Moon reflects sunlight not producing energy, so nights are cooler, cause steam condense back to water plants=>only God can think it this way. +Tide's rise&fall&etc are controlled by the collaboration of 3 gigantic objects, +skyful beautiful flirting stars=>such beauty & wonders can only be made by God, Must find another solar system to find life.

Earth is spinning so every corner can get sunshile=>360 degree design.

In fall, all plants are dried up to be used for fire in winter=everything is thought of & provided.

Why Chinese invented stir-fry: vegs have slight poison:cyanide&carcinogenic compounds, they can vaporize with water steam from fresh vegs when encounter hi-temp oil, so stir fried vegs looks/tastes/smell wonderful, but make sure use exhaust fan to suck out poisonous gas,no cover, big fire stir for a few minutes until color is most vivid & tastes the best then remove from fire immediately, but comparing to additives, fresh vegs' poison is too tiny to mention, but why ancient Chinese figure it out but smart us can't? Wheat grass=weeds, but we'd rather buy $10/lb wheat grass to get grass juice instead of using grass in your yard=we are so dumb.

Chinse traditions are full of wisdom.Instinctively, Amigos hated my ugly looking stir-fry, God has expectations for men: add onto his love=icing on the cake. Tasty Chinese dumplings have no comparables from any country: same stuff inside tastes 10 times better than outside.

Food mold very easily in wet air, but ginger/potatoes/peanuts/carrots buried in wet soil don't grow mold: dirt has lots pro-life bacteria eating anti-life bateria, pro-life bacteria mostly come from poop: if u store food in poop=dirt, it won't grow mold, only dig them out when u ready to eat them which save u space&labor for washing&storing them for mice. un-washed muddy vegs last much longer than constant water sprinkling super-clean shop vegs=>wasting money&ignorant. Eat some Dirt=Yogurt is good for u.

Pro-life bacteria are soldiers&police, protecting every cell in body. The fresher the food the more good bacteria it has, the older the food the more mold it has=secret poison to break down cells & clean up dead bodies.
Food is absorbed first by body cells, colon poop are fed to all good bacteria in body, so more diverse is your diet the more types of good bacteria will u have thus stronger immunity. Alcohol/antibiotics/chemicals on live cells kill good bacteria=immunity, thus the very clean & antibiotic rich US actually kill off immunity, so we have the most food poison cases: can't travel to dirty 3rd world countries, food/drink there immediately get us sick.

Because heaven is for all colored/noncolored men, Racists like kkk can't enter heaven, hating whites is also racists: hating a specific race is called racist.

起初没四季,赚心理激素钱/At beginning no seasons, profit off psycho hormones

Amigo's best friend back stabbed us to government extorting for more pay. 
Now look back on his life:
His only beloved son was gun down by his friends in front of his eyes on his 20th birthday in USA.
Then his wife abandoned him.
Then his only kid abandoned him.
Now he betrayed & abandoned his only friend, he has abandoned all his friends & families & love for money.
He goes to church regularly, but never realizes that he needs to save himself, ¬ even admit that he has become Judas.
When we confronted him, then he use devil's best weapon=division&civil war: he tried to team up with J to attack me, & team up with me to attack J so J&I kill each other then he eat both of us easily.
So far, every front desk that we have hired is a thief and negligent on work because error/no-error is paid the same.

Fire&Vacuum suck in everything & won't let it go just like black hole: once sucked in hell, never can escape.=>Everything is made with a purpose, blackhole=hell. If devil is already in u, u must quickly beg Jesus' forgiveness & rescue, otherwise, forever burned in hell. If u think I am a good person & no need Jesus' forgiveness & rescue, then u will end up in hell forever.

Every creature secrete poisons to prevent being eaten, the higher on the pyramid the more poisons it will give, so meat must be cooked,cooked food taste better: mouth&belly are filled with God+mom's tasty satisfying love. If mom love u, she will always cook your favorite dish,so Chinese use food to show love&friendship.

Leaves are not for us to eat, so leaf is never as sweet as fruit, leaves must be blanched to remove toxin=that is why salad was never popular in China. Most toxin also kill bacteria/virus/bugs, so moderate intake can prevent diseases. The riper are melon/fruit/peas/potatoes the tastier are they, when it is so ripe that it almost fall off tree then it is toxin free,but soft delicate ripe fruit can't stand grab/pick/move/transfer/box/ship so all store foods are not ripe, and growth retardants are sprayed to prevent its riping in shipment, thus have lots toxin inside & out so taste bad=>so we don't like fruit. Food is already killed by toxin so even in refrigerator still rot rapidly: cold can't resurrect death. Naturally ripen fruit last a long time without refrigeration.Meat eaters/big eaters are also poisoned more severely & faster. Sunshine/water/O2 doesn't have toxin but too much of them can also kill u.

Animal's fear/sadness/depression/pain/angry/worry/hatred/disappointment/disgusting/uncertainty/strange/excitement etc can produce stress hormone=>God materialize feelings to physical hormones=chemicals, same hormone has different structure/function on different men/organ, meat eaters absorb more death hormones: every animal secrete Adrenal=fight/flight hormones when facing death. When u watch/listen/smell/think/fear/sadden/feel love ones' illness/death/pain/loneliness/excitement,u also secrete death hormones, so think sex/watch pornography = raping. Placebo=real drugs,Trump is wealthy then I am wealthy.

Life giving hormones are: love/peace/joy/comfort/content/safety/trust/gratitude/beauty/cleaness/relaxation/happiness/freedom/sweet/etc. 
Instinctively, we crave for life, thus crave for feeling good, our desire for life is infinite, nothing but God can satisfy our desire for life, but we only know to get pleasure from substances: money/sex/food/sugar/, too much of them can kill us: Over dose on veg juice/vitamins can kill u. Over dose on sugar can kill u by diabetes, over dose sex give u kidney failure/infertility/PE/ED/etc=u tried so hard but got no satisfaction so sex with same gender/animals/kids. I love to eat, even fill belly to burst I still feel unsatisfied=>I guess this is how all the addicts feel:never enough/satisfied.

Every woman can give u sex, but u'd rather pick the prettiest one to be your wife: her beauty make u feel good,similarly, food need to look & smell good & in a fancy restaurant, vacation need to be in beautiful places.

A little excitement once in a while make u feel good, but too much excitement provoke stress hormones to kill u, because we desire for that 0.00001% possibility of great joy, so we take 100% chance of dying to engage in lottery/battles/boxing/risky adventures/etc, but Martial art focus on soft slow Taichi.

Gamblers/stock day traders are contantly burned by stress hormone.

Medicine provoke secretion of stress chemicals to push immune cells into battle against diseases, medicine is dead, how can dead body fight battles, it is all your own live cells fight diseases, that is why all medication/cancer treatment make us feel tired. Different medicine/vaccine provoke different cells to fight for different diseases: medicine/vaccine chemical structure attaches to targeted organs, smart immune cells study dead virus' structure & produce different structured cells to swallow covid, through natural selection, the most effective cells are selected to have kids, like plants, some only live for 1 year like flu so u need flu vaccine every year, some live on like a big tree until u die like chickenpox. Medicine/disease drain life. If u take pills daily, u die faster. Food is half good half bad, excessive nutrients become burden, too little can't give u enough energy, so eat moderately.

If u are bombarded by negative feelings=poisonous chemicals, u will get depression&commit suicide & die young. 
If u listen to western news/media, u die young: it is all bad news & promotes risk/argue/fight/split/win. 

Imagining heaven get the same happiness as entering heaven, so most of us believe in heaven, beating/jail/death/hell are very stressful, so we lied that Jesus took away all the pain from us so we don't have to go through the same pain.
Bible ban all pleasure based on materialism, so we'd rather explain bible in our favor.
Lies make us feel good, so we love to lie.

Atheists without kids are more depressed the older they get=living without any hope=live to die=very depressed.

Entire US soul/politics&culture&education is about pursuit of happiness:founding fathers have put it in constitution, parents only want kids to be happy without punishing them.

Capitalists made huge money on feeling good psychology: When we feel good, we tend to spend money/buy stuff/tip well/donate money:
#1 money making industry is Entertainment.
Everybody loves to see his team win, so everybody is watching sports & huge money is made off sports.
Pretty women make us feel good, so every advertisement has pretty women.
Sweet make us feel good: so every food&drink is over sweetened.
Compliments & nice looking store front&packaging&young pretty employees attract customers so even fastfood stores are built like Disney.
J is changing oil for a customer's car, I am massaging him, after both of us done, he gave me a tip, but asks J for a discount: because he didn't get any high from oil change.

Everybody is subconsciously controlled by feel-good hormones:
My employee is humorous& make me feel important & good=invisible bribe, I give him raises.
Raise kids in pain/struggle free Disney world.
Budha's father hide pain&death from Budha. 

When u are suffering for loved ones/stuff, their smile/piles of gold/medals show up in your mind & secrete positive hormones remove your pain, so all 12 apostles smiled at extreme executions. So 1 way to stop addiction is to show the sad guilty damages of addictions: if show me malnourished skinny kids begging for food, I will stop eating; if show alcoholics of a mom holding her dead kids killed by DWI cry hysterically, u will stop drinking; When a butcher saw the tears of a calf that he is about to kill, he became a vegetarian. Extremely famous Chinese entertainers are now prisonned:it is better to be an unknown poor nobody.

If u love nobody/nothing then u likely commit suicide because no happy hormone to destress, low self-esteem=don't love self tend to kill self, when u lose your love, u tend to depress, except God, all men/stuff will disappear, if u don't love God then likely u will be depressed, once narcissists lose the stuff that uphold their self-esteem they will depress&die: retired worthless men often depress.

If u achieve all u want, u will depress because u lost your purpose of living, if heaven is your goal, once u entered drama-free heaven u will be bored to depress: wrong goal, if u made serving God as your goal, u will have endless work to do no time to be bored.

See,God has codified spirit in chemical/mathematical/physical/biological/DNA/RNA formula & equations:God think apple's structure&tastes into DNA seeds, then seed grow out to be exactly what God has thought. God think men should be like him clean&righteous, but men genetically modified self & grow into UFO, body dies but code remains, it will be very scary when God destroy UFO. God's spiritual world exchange with physical world constantly like revolving door: virtual has real, real has virtual, virtual change to real, real change to virtual constantly: so no need to be sad when u see deer eaten by lion: physical deer changes to virtual deer,in another place/time, virtual deer change back to physical deer.

Cancer: environment/radiation/diseases/poison/substances change cells' DNA/RNA, normal cells stop doing good but start to eat good cells.=>those brain washed by bad religion/Nazism become terrorists & kill innocent men. Physical structure/anatomy/DNA/RNA<=>invisible thoughts:Physical is controlled by thoughts:everything is controlled by God. Poisonous herbs kill more cancer cells than good cells because good cells recognize God's plants so avoid them : the best treatment for cancer is poisonous grass. God made snakes also made herbs to detox snake bites.God know all diseases and give herbs/food to treat them all,man-made medicine/food is foreign to body provoke inflamation&allergies.

Physical desire=physical object's wish

Martial art/QiGong/Buddhism worship meditation&wishful thinking: when hungry, only think of food then u are full;demand disease leave then it leaves, move weapons with mind=>If men's own little mind has such powerful power then if use God's mind u can stop earth spin/resurrect dead/calm storms/walk on water/nothing impossible.
Buddhism says only 100% faith can empower your mind to move physical things=>only if 100% faith in God then can u obtain God's power.
If u doubt that a Qigong master can heal u, then he can't heal u.
When u want your arm to raise: command is passed by wired nerves to hand then hand raise: God feel&operate everything by wifi=will.
God gave us the same wifi power, but we gave it up to be controlled by physical desires+Science made us believe that mind can't move things,so we buried&forgot we have such wifi power.It can erupt like a volcano in extreme love & faith situation: when your son is crushed by a car, u can lift up 1 ton car=your will lift it up.
QiGong practitioner is uncovering such wifi power by self-control&resisting physical desires&temptations, when he is moved by your sincere begging & trust in him, he use his will power to treat u & your illness disappear, If he has gf&kids&charge fees=run away from him because he is a liar.
Jesus was moved by patients' faith+he loves all men like his babies so he treated all diseases by will:he doesn't need to practice meditation because he already has full control over all physical desires/things,nothing can distract him from his love for God&men.
With 100%faith in Jesus' name&wifi can u perform Jesus' miracles!
Only if u can perform Jesus' miracles then are u a true Christian.
Meridian/accupuncture/Qi in Chinese medicine is about wifi&faith.
If u beg Jesus whole-heartedly, u will be healed, or u can practice QiGong & become a master to heal yourself,but u will never reach Jesus' infinite healing power=every atom is a nuclear bomb.

Wifi/Faith can be strengthened by yourself or God: ducklings jump from 1000m cliff, all animal babies have to fight their way out of crowded predators waiting to eat them. When u were young, if u were abused or sick ofen, later on, u will have strong body & mind to avoid depression&diseases:so abusing kids is a must:abuse give heroes|Chapos,comfort give Trumps.
Drugs/alcohol/smoke kill mind,by quitting them u can strengthen your mind. 

Don't misunderstand that sperm is only a little protein: sperm/eggs take away your life, the more seeds u lose the more life u lose: women avoid wasting egg/life by pregnancy, so childless women tend to get reproductive cancer. Blood represent life, monthly period tells u that your life is leaking out.
But seed release make u feel great: sexual hormone keep on bugging u to release seeds=hunger hormone keep on reminding u to eat.
But if u ignore hormones' bugging, then stimulation will desensitize=the more pepper u eat the less spicy is it, so men can 100% control his release of sperm to live longer & healthier, but women has to have more kids to preserve her life. 
<=As soon as vegs start to flower&seed, leaves are starved to none because all life/nutrients are given to seed production.

Do good to save up for entering heaven is tiresome, FREE fall into hell is free & easy & that is why most of us choose free fall,haven't opened a bank account in heaven yet.

The nobel prize winning scientist who invented growth hormone is not as good as a tiny invisible body cell: every growth hormone molecule created by a cell is different in structure & function, but scientist can only synthesize 1. His patent was hired by capitalist devil & added to every food to make profit, overdose on growth hormone also kill u. All invented food additives are foreign to our body can cause allergies: USA has the most scientists/inventions, so USA has the most allergies & autoimmunity.

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength."
But all we are doing is: "I am loving me myself with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my strength." Love God is not singing carols, let's make it explicit so we are not worshiping a wrong God=me.
Invisible God is embodied in poor needy suffering people.
I love worship meGod => I love worship the real God:
I put juicy tasty steak in my mouth immediately => I give it to a hungry beggar immediately.
I love living in my big house=>so many refuges are crowded in 1 small room, I will share my big house with them
I am wearing a pretty new dress=>A poor little girl's clothes is old&broken, I give it to her.
I buy myself a new BMW=>a lot kids walk hours to school, I use BMW money to buy them a school bus. 
I found a pretty rich fiancee=>a refuge man is looking for a mother for his 5 kids, so I give my fiancee to him.
I enjoy traveling around world=>They can't make ends meet, I donate my travel money to them.
I am hurrying to make money=>I have to give up money making opportunity to carry a sick man to hospital first. 
My renters are too annoying to share sweet figs with =>I share my best fruit with my enemies.
I love playing with my best toys=>I give them to orphans.
I have enough money to retire=>I will help people with my talents until I am unable to.

Even when u don't know laws & commit crimes, u will still be punished=>if u violate God's law/don't love God, even if u are not Christian & not believe in God, u will be sent to hell. Smart way is to find out God's laws&punishments from bible then avoid committing sins&start to love God, it will be too late after being sucked into hell.

At beginning, there was no 4 seasons, whole earth enjoy constant temperature, no year=can't tell time, every night has full moon. Bible says God created day&night but seasons. After we disobeyed God, God let earth orbit around sun ovally so we have punishing hot summer & cold winter & year timer to remind us death is near. At beginning, no circling around sun, so gravity is less, earth feels like moon, men swim/float around like angels without danger of being injured, ie. earth is like a baby's bedroom void of all possible dangers by bump/fall/electricity/drowning.

Heaven is Pyritohedron, God is like surgical lamp light up every corner, 100% clean, no more night/death/dirt/dirty, no gravity, men fly around like angels, breezes gently massage our body, comfortable spring last forever.

Then why don't put me directly in heaven at birth instead of letting me abused by men on earth? God is testing u to see whether u love him or yourself, if u love him u won't complain if u are nailed to cross because of him,otherwise u will be kidnapped by endless pleasure pursuits & devil's temptations then betray God as Judas did.

The best way to avoid being cheated is to be clear on what I want: Why I am marrying her: if because she is pretty&satisfying my sexual desire: hire a prostitute can achieve both. If I want her to take care of my kids: does she love my kids? If I want her to love me: does she love me? if I want her to love both me & kids: does she love both? If I don't even know what love is, don't marry anybody, if I know what love is then I need test her out & find out first: put her through different situation just as God is doing to us: if u only give her gifts & date her for good times then u will never know she love u or not.

The sad thing is that we are so addicted to pleasure & are willingly cheat ourselves over and over again, just like gambling, this time I will win=this pretty woman maybe different from my ex-wife: unconsciously, we confuse reality/truth with lies, insist on knowing the plain truth will avoid being cheated.

Plant&dig soil can dig out pleasant surprises: potatoes/turnips/peanuts/taros, but sweat in gyms have to pay for membership.

Relocation at old age=uproot an old tree=speed up death, especially moving from 1 end of earth to another. Even birds don't change their migration routes. Traveling after retirement also die faster. Like vaccine, staying at 1 place will develop immunity to local diseases, if u keep on moving, immunity gets busy&dizzy,eventually can't recognize own & foreign agents.New place also give u stress hormone just as u change to new jobs. If stay in 1 place for all the generations, younger generation should be healthier than older generation because he has inherited all immunity from ancestors. Ancient Chinese hate relocations, silly us pursue relocations+foods are shipped in from all over the world+loss of friends' families' love+loneliness, so every American has allergies+highest numbers killed in covid. Westernized=deathnized, it is better to be a lowly farmer rooted in 1 place like a tree.

no more eating Banana,it has a lot of pesticide, organic or non-organic.
All tropical fruits may have lots pesticides because hot wet weather grow lots bugs.
banana is wrapped in plastic bags, farmers spray pesticides into closed bags, rain can't wash it off. banana peel has 300+ pesticides, can't use it for compost.

Food rot & decompose inside us like rotten meat that eagles eat, to us, rotten food smells bad but to animals, they smell like tasty barbecue, bible doesn't let men eat rotten meat so made it smell bad. Our digestive juice has exact same microbio as soil except we have enzymes to accelerate food breakdown. Sun is cooking food: nature digest all dead bodies to provide nutrients for lives.

Invasive weeds must be edible, loving God can't cover yard with poison&kill all your families, seeds have the most nutrients, seed shell has tiny poison to repel animals, cook seeds then eat: wheat/rice/barley are all grass. Don't touch exotic/foreign plants/women.

Seed shell can stand strong acid/base, hot/cold,if eat lots tomatoes&fertilize with it, tomatoes will grow all over yard. When food on low side branches are eaten up, animals reach for tall branches & break them, then they become a new tree: so all fruit trees are propagated by cuttings, & fruits are more on side low branches:every design is full of love&consideration,plants only want to be eaten, animals only want to eat.

ears/noses/eyes are given in pairs to see/hear/smell 360 degrees, but we only give phone 1 eye/ear, no nose yet.

Jesus is appointed to control everything on earth, if skip Jesus to ask God directly shows that u are disobedient to God's arrangement, =>Jews & Muslims who reject Jesus won't enter heaven.

最易赚钱的事&减肥妙招/perfect money making business&free way to lose weight.

Because u are part God's body, so God knows what u are eating, how food is tasting, who u are sleep with & how is the sex and etc: Of course knows u are obeying or disobeying him. God also sustains your life=God is your life, when he sees u always disobey him, then he leaves u then u die forever, but how about weak young animals, where obedience doesn't apply, why they die: God doesn't want the weak to suffer so replace the weak with strong body=it looks like natural selection but instead it is God's intentional replacement:why suffer in a weaker body?

God is life, abandon God, then u abandon life, i.e. u have died long ago & became a soulless animal or evil doer, should be treated with animal cruelty or devil's oppression,so u should be very grateful that God has given u a human face & put u among humans to avoid life-long inhumane cruelty,but nobody can avoid devil's abuse. 

When God is tired of u, God/Life leaves u, no need to go through the headache of evicting&cleaning u off: Nature is amazingly fast cleaning off your body.

Atheists can't be honest/pure/kind/beautiful/happy/joyful, won't love others,worry all the time. If God has left u, u can beg him to come back.God planted u, so God sent angels to care u, angels heal your phsychos & get rid of bugs & provide support & etc, i.e. try everything to prevent u die,&give u all the chances to survive:wake up from stubbornness: no farmer forgets his crops.

If u befriend with men believing in God,he will bring u honesty/love/beauty/kindness/joy/peace. 

If u only know how to live like animal & follow Darwism, likely, God will change u to a pig/deer/lion to experience the cruelty of natural selection: in lion's hunt for food, 9 out of 10 ends in failure, all your life, u can't sex a female because only lion king can mate.

No need to argue, because u don't have any control on who/how/where/when u begin&end,everything is controlled by God.

God created&own everything, if disobey God, u will be sucked into a vacuum hell, nothing in it but punishing heat: soul resonant with high heat & roasted=>when see beauty, it is soul feel wonderful, when see death, it is soul feel sad=>though body is gone, yet soul feels everything & all the pain in hell.

Unconditionally obey/fear/love our supreme leader/master/owner/dictator/God:West has always hated such slogan: so we have been doing what we like: disobey/fearless/ignore the existence of supreme leader/master/owner/dictator/God?

Hiree only need to obey. Only allow obedient renter to rent your house.

As winter is coming, penguins give up food but walk hundreds of miles without any food to inland, only mate 1 from all pretty penguins in the world, &accompany her in extreme cold&starvation for 2 months waiting for her to lay egg, then without food for 2 more month under extreme icy windy polar winter to hatch egg, &give the only mouthful of food saved in him to his baby. If penguins are men, after sleep with all the women in the world then hurry back to ocean for food abandoning all the gf/babies behind in cold&starvation. God didn't put such instinct in men but only asked us to sacrifice as penginus do but only Jesus is willing to do so.

Yesterday, a Mexican grew up in US came for massage, only in his 20s, but already has 3 kids with different women, and already abandoned oldest kid & mother, current gf is only 20 years old but kid is already 3=>he got her pregnant when she was only 16! he is abandoning her & his 2 kids who are 3 & 1 year old because she is unwilling to suck his dxxx every day=>he is abusing her as a sex slave! Of course, he refused to pay me for my massage=>he may have treated everybody in his life like this. I have met 4 men like him got immigrant teenagers pregnant => government only care commercial sex traffickers, because the promiscuous sexual culture has given criminals a lot of advantages, and made it impossible to catch them. So obey parents' protection,run away from all men. 

reborn=the reborn of mind: once reborn, old wants&desires are replaced by wanting God&life, if still wants kids&money&sex/gf, then not reborn at all.

God-made life lasts forever in all weathers & all conditions, Only souls that can resist all temptations in all conditions in all the times will be selected, easily mind changers are not selected.

Without fire, mud can't become china, without high pressure, coal can't become diamond.If u want to become angel, u will be tortured with all kinds of pain=Chinese saying: tough times produce heros. Amigos' kids flee from cartel, will ask them to work in landscaping to tough up.

All species has its season, regardless how vigorous weeds are, once season changes, it disappears: regardless how bad a guy is, he has to die, so no need to worry being oppressed by him all your life. Every life has to be toughened by extreme weather & starvation every year, only strongest life is deserved to live: penguins have to stand months of extreme cold/hot & starvation every year,polar bear has to starve in summer. When foody & tolerable seasons come all are busy finding food for their young around clock=work for God: no species take vacation & enjoy life/undergo cosmetic surgery/try different ways for sex.We proudly claim that we have overcome extreme weather&starvation&extend our life span but never realized that our soul have died much younger. 

GM fruit trees can't survive bugs. 

Small breeze can shake off tiny flowers but fat bees crawling all over it can't unplug it.

In summer, tiny cucumber climbing all over. Every season God gives free delicious food, and all the time&everywhere provides infinite sun/water/dirt/plants:No need to worry for body all day long.=>God is infinitely generous&have u overly provided. A customer gave his wife 100+ million lump sum & monthly high alimony for future 15 years in divorce settlement=>don't envy, everyone has super rich husband=God to provide u forever. Bodies exchange among plants&animals/u&me=>all eat each other, it doesn't matter who eat that/make that money/who eat whom,lion eats pig's body not its life, which is in God's hand, if u eat me, u eat my body, if God pick me up then I won't die, otherwise, I really die.

All brains are God's brain cells, God's thought is higher than our highest abstract conscious thinking,collectively all contribute ideas, all brains are the same no smart/stupid, no u/I differentiation.
All bodies are God's body: so we eat each other, no u/I differentiation.

Have to put money into use, more money more work to use it, unused money=u have earned death with your life: retired Gates can't rest but busy using his money, we are all busy making money but no time to use it=>money/antique/paintings are like dead bodies piled up in bank=0:your billions=0, not worth a penny.

Romans 8:6 The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. 7 The mind governed by the flesh is hostile to God; it does not submit to God’s law, nor can it do so. 8 Those who are in the realm of the flesh cannot please God.

Squash has fewer female flowers, but if not pollinated, it dies in 1 day as males do=once u are useless, u die immediately, this applies to all creations: for animals: if u can't be a father, u die, Alpha male force females to have babies, no choice not to=if u are not obedient to God, u die immediately&become zombies.

If u are not pollinated by Jesus' spirit, just like unpollinated female flower, after today/this life then die forever, otherwise, will continue to yield squash&seeds to last forever.

The only purpose of animals' creation is eat/drink/poop/pee/sex like pigs: only by eat will seeds be planted in every corner of earth=>birds are long distance sowers, only by pee/poop can plants be fertilized.

God didn't plant soul in animals/plants, of course, no soulful purpose on them, but God has plant soul in men, of course, expect men's soul to yield fruit, but we rather kill our soul & live like animals: only care eat/drink/poop/pee/sex,the only thing we do differently from animals is to brag our glamorous wives/kids/houses/cars.

No magician ever can do God's magic: from vacuum create all, change poop to life, change dead body to life etc.
Cell phone can't stand a little heat, but God's life can sweat to keep temp constant =>every little feature is perfectly designed.
Nature is very efficient in self-cleaning, put half apple outside, 1 week, it shrink down to 0.

melon/fruit tend to grow on the sunny side=light pursuing men yield fruits&give love&sweet.

If u want to love someone, u will try to understand him.

The perfect money making business is mini-storage hi-rise. I saw most renters also rent storage spaces:market demand is high. U don't have to go through headaches of evicting men & worrying them damage your properties&sue&give u bad reviews/anger neighbors/commit crimes&addictions, if they don't pay rent, u just take their valuables=>who would pay to store junk? No need to hire workers=>alarms call polices to work for u for free, eye/facial/voice/finger recognition open/close gates&rooms. U don't need maintenance because no yard/plumbing/water/cable to maintain.

Similarly, all death businesses are easier: coffins/funeral homes/cremation/storage/transportation etc. That is why shops love to sell packaged dead food, fresh food need refrigerators still rot faster.
It is also easier to make money off intoxicated addicts.
This is also why u like to have a dog instead of person as companion, dog will stay at your foot sleeping, but men will be bored & addicted to things & cause all kinds of headaches.

The most difficult job but without money is changing soul=pastor, &let men quit addiction&bad habits: need God's fellowship to save & change men.

Whenever lion eat a pig, it eats its poop as well, but we don't know our food is full of invisible pig poop, preservative filled store food is full of pig's dead bodies because chemicals kill them, once they enter u they kill u, so only eat freshly picked vegs/weeds.

Animal has DNA to make protein from plants=can make meat without eating meat, lion also eat all the grass in the belly of deer so lion doesn't get constipation/scurvy. Pee&sweat is what left of burning of sugar/protein/fat=uric acid, very clean=sterile, if u drink it, u can reabsorb its water & pee out uric acid. Normal sweat should smell like pee, if u want to get rid of odor, drink a lot of water. Excessive sugar/protein/fat will be pee/sweat out, so Diabetes smell like fruit, fat men are very smelly because their sweat has rotten food, thus also attract mosquitos&bugs=don't get fat.

Flowers' good look & smell are for eyes & nose not for mouth so don't put pretty/smell-good stuff in mouth, sugar/meat/fat are for mouth/belly so they are sweet/tasty. Bitterness&pain are to kill bad guys so eat bitter grass/mushroom when u are sick, so use taste to identify edible grass is reliable=God's way to tell us what is edible. Grass has water's freshness, so need to eat lots grass=drink lots water in summer, avoid getting fat in summer so u can survive summer heat, animals are busy raise young & grow in summer so don't eat them, when fall comes, animals are fatterned up&good for eat. Poop is not much different from meal, only added H2S rotten egg smell, u absorb some of your meals, most of it go out as poop to be absorbed by other species. 

Today I saw mexican cucumber are becoming dark, changed to a little sweet & and odd taste completely lost cucumber taste more like a berry: God's surprise is limitless.

16-20 years old has the highest sex drive=>God ask u to have babies then, so when u are 80 years old, kids are retired & can care u full time.=>perfect timing.

Squirrel is very smart with shiny hair as a result of eating nuts&walnuts.If u want horse's leaness then eat grass.Eat whatever God gives us in that season then u will not get sick.

God made food is beautiful/smell/taste good, man made drugs doesn't look good/smell/taste bad.Water is extremely beautiful & life saving.

Penguins live in Antarctic, bear live in Arctic, otherwise, bear eat all penguins up, bear has to stand starvation in summer to tolerate heat.Fall food overflow into winter refrig,spilled out seeds give expoential amount of food next year=>everything is perfectly designed.

In heaven, u can change to whatever u want constantly: to apple/flower/bird/etc, fairy tales become reality,regardless what body/form u take, u are still u, i.e. your body won't change your soul.Once u become apple u can taste the sweet&sour apple=>That is how God knows everything=>by becoming it=>God knows how your abuses feel like, abuse men=abuse God.

We despise old&slow men thus despise wisdom: need to be patient & respectful to older men, countries don't respect old men are crazy: China is very wise. Computer era despises old thus output fools&addicts&trash products.

Clean flowers attract bees, poop attract flies&mosquitos&virus&bacteria.=Honest good people attract God/Jesus/good men, bad men attract devil/bad men=>we wash body daily, should also wash soul daily: How? just as u count your $ every night, flash back what u did that day, ask for God's forgiveness for the bad, encourage the good.

Everyday pick loadful figs, riped figs explode to show its sweet red heart, animals don't like it, very easy to survive=stick a branch in soil it will yield many figs in 1 year=God specifically designed figs for men to eat=amazing design. I gave figs to a renter, he gave 1 bite then discarded it: Give men love, men won't accept it=tell men truth, men reject it.

Everyday afer poop, drink water, poop again, ha: if u drink lots water before after a meal:u eat less but wash out more=lose weight fast, water remove death&toxins=u will be young&pretty&less ill. Expensive facial=a wet towel: dip towel in water/veg juice/sour milk/mud/vinegar & put on face when sleep=give u a young shiny face next day. Especially sick men drink water can recover faster,when addicts' cravings arise, drink water as a substitute/placebo to eliminate addiction=water plants & plants grow better.=wrinkles grow slower in humid south but fast in dry west. Drink natural well/rain/spring water, not pure H2O.

More sun/air/water/sports/sleep & less food will make u live healthier&longer, & is free & simple: why waste so much money on cooking & pills?
Use clean spirit=bible wash mind often then u will not get crazy/addiction & kill yourself/health: only if mind is healthy then is body, otherwise u are killed&ruined by suicide or alcohol/drugs prematurely. Sound mind automatically protect body with God's free gift.=practical use of bible.
All day long hearing bird babies are crying like human babies, recently BBC said scientists discovered that bat's babies cry similarly to human's: can't explain with evolution at all, but God made all babies crying similarly.

Vaccine is dead virus, like meat, need freezer to store, dead virus is foreign object provoke immunity, we assume it looks like covid thus target covid=but chicken & pork are both meat,so all virous flu vaccine are similar:but vaccination is better than no vaccination: prepare immunity to fight.

When eating, first bite is always the tastiest, the more u eat it, the less it tastes, that is why Chinese share dishes so alternate tastes to make every bite the tastiest. 

love make u smart/爱让你聪明能干

When growing up, I couldn't play but picking wild vegs for 5 years, & I hated it, so I learned nothing,now I can't identify any weeds.

Now, need to feed myself naturally, so I learned a lot farming; need to maintain my own house to save money so learned a lot of house repair;need to help my amigos to run his business so learned business management.

At youth, Loved technology so did lasik, but it blinded me, because I love my sister, so I didn't choose to suicide, but learned massage so I can make money without eyes, but in my blind, I saw God's bible words.

If love all men as your baby, then u will learn everything & extremely smart & capable like God.
If u love nobody, then u will learn nothing & have no skills.
Renters never learn how to take care of houses.
If u never own a business, then u will never learn how to run a business.

Poor men don't own house/car/assets, thus don't want to learn anything thus possess no skills & can't find jobs & stay poor: this is the reality of blacks in US: 1st generation blacks are slaves, hated to be enslaved, hated anything they were ordered to do, thus learned nothing, &taught no skills to their kids, so all generations are ignorant/poor/complaining/envy/angry, which can't be improved by democracy/freedom.

We love money that is why we work. Even if u own your own business, still, your employer is your customers, if u don't love them, u will try fastest/easiest/laziest way of making money, &pay no attention/love/care to anybody, because Walmart employees are paid very low, so they work lazily/carelessly/errorly/complainly,abuse customers. Poverty doesn't buy u heaven, if u work like this, u can't go to heaven. Poor men don't love kids & don't learn how to raise kids, once kids grow up they abandon u, the older/weaker I grow, the poorer I get, then I end up alone&lonely&helplessly&poor so I have to live off strangers' taxes in negligent nursing homes.

Farmers need to keep crops alive, without love & care, crops die & u die, so Chinese farmers are very smart & skillful, keeping crops alive demands u to learn all natural sciences, so old farmers are the smartest & most respected in China.

Plus farmers love their kids, keep all of them alive/strong/obedient, so when they are old they can enjoy good care by their skilled kids, who have learned all the smart&hard working from their parents, but in US we are busy saving for our own retirement instead of having & raising & investing & loving our kids, so we end up alone&lonely&sad&misarable, which is the consequence of self centered narcisism. 

Planting&raising life needs patience&hard work, plus have to follow God's natural laws, can't rush things, even God's natural disaster doesn't come suddenly: hurricane always push in from far, not like wall street's gambling: 1 sec up, 1 sec down like crazy. God gave u warnings before it happens, if u ignore God & carelessly & fearlessly stuck in your own ways then u die forever, so farmers have been carefully following God's mood=weather change,since now we don't farm anymore so we forget God,too. Modern economy mainly output cheating lazy wizards&witches: investors are fortune tellers: predicate market using all kinds of statistic/mathematical models=witches' magic wand,has seeded a desire in everybody to make fast money with least effort, so we work carelessly&lazily&heartlessly&blindly.
U can cheat money but crops, without honest work, crops die then u die so stop lying but become an honest farm worker.

The only solution to US problem is to give a piece of land to poor man, let him grow food for himself & his family manually, gradually Americans will be like smart hard working Chinese.

God is growing your soul, if u love to live then u will not die.
If u love to live, then u won't cheat/be lazy/careless/mindless/selfish but work for men diligently & accurately as work for your baby: even work in low pay Walmart, u try everything to take care of your customers 100%, before he opens his mouth, u know what he wants & meet his needs speedily & accurately with 100% satisfaction: men shopping in Walmart only have simple needs, if u can't satisfy these simple small needs, how can u die for God on cross?

If all your life u have been working for men as they are your babies, then u will go to heaven for sure.

If u don't want to live, then u cheat/be lazy/careless/mindless/selfish.

Not for money, but for men work whole heartedly will send u to heaven.

Bosses need to make self loveable: praise promote employees/generously give tips/bonuses, humble self remove bossiness=leadership: make employees love & die for u willingly regardless u watching him or not=God is the best leader.But when customer/boss is not loveable, still have to work for them with all our heart&mind: God & parents are not loveable all the time, parents are old/sinful/stubborn/sick/poor/uneducated=not loveable at all, but u love them unchangingly all your life.

Amazing rain: water steam rise & liquified then drop down to clean all matters, why it encounters cold while closer to a hot sun? Sun's heat can only be absorbed by matters, solid matter absorb more than liquid > gas. Hot & dirty city air push water upward & aside, thus city became hotter & dryer, Hot steam instead rise to melt snow peaks/antarctica/north pole, flood rush down & condense rising steams & create more rain storms, rain&rain, rain&dirty air scratch to create static electricity & lightening, whose enormous energy split solid&liquid matters to create more wild fires. Fires raise global temperature at enoumous speed, which heat up earth shell & lose its cap over volcano, thus more volcano eruptions. Plants=lakes, leaf has numerous holes to exchange water, removing plants=making dessert, this explains why dessert doesn't have rain & rain forest rain nonstop. Gradually, earth change back to ocean, i.e. going back to day0. 

It is very easy for God to make bodies, just as u playing legos, collapse it & start all over again & again=life eat each other cruely, but soul can't be rebuilt, God intentionally gave lucky ones sick body to grow his soul. Romans 8:13: For if you live according to the flesh, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live.=>if all we are thinking is body needs we are dying, but if all we are thinking is spirit then we are living. As animal's natural selection, week minded men will die.

Without u worry, God satisfy all your physical needs: food/clothes/shelter/sex: all the species are satisfied automatically, no animal think what I should eat for dinner or how I should dress for winter.God only gave us the consious thinking power, but we only apply that power to body needs. God gave u the body, & God is taking care of it no need for u,just as landlord maintain&repair his own house without renter to worry.

God created all matters&energy, u are renting God's body, with rented mouth&body, if u talk back to its owner, act disobediently, then God will evict u & make u homeless/bodyless&weep in darkness.Then why give me a sick body that I can't do much good: don't think myself too high, God does all good&doesn't need u to do anything. Body is for u to enjoy according to his rules, body/IQ/parents/race is all randomly given, this life u got a sick body, next life may get a good one, only unconditionally obey our master&owner&leader, then can rent another body.

Don't use our ability limit God's ability, everything is possible by God, especially the things that we can't.

Imagine u are God with power of making anything appear as u wish, what would u put in a vacuum? can u create an earth full of beauty & lasted for billions of years? u can't even imagine it! Humble up, man, we are nothing, we can't even grow food with seeds given by God, every food was designed by God in seed DNA. U were abused thus believe God doesn't exist==Medicine is bitter thus doesn't exist. 
Good soul make enemy with self but make friends with God/men & die for God/men, bad soul love self & make enemy with God/men, & die to make money & satisfy self.

If u already got cancer & know that u can die any moment, immediately give all u have to the poor & wait for bus to heaven, if u miss this 1, no more bus for u. Actually, all of us have to give away our belongings & wait for bus because we don't know when death/bus will arrive. All our possessions are stopping us from catching the bus.

Truly smart/skilled men are penniless yet owns the whole universe/everything/eternal life. Mathew 19:20

Where is God: God is in my heart, if I think God doesn't exist then God doesn't exist. Where is time, time doesn't exist, time=timeless, so time didn't create anything. Even if u believe time evolve out things, then time is less powerful than God: anything God first made is perfect, but time needs time to evolve, &time has no control over God's nature, has to evolve its design with God's nature. God is thoughts&design, what is time?

The main difference between men & animals is: the purpose of making is different: eagle is made to recycle dead bodies, so eagle doesn't die after consume rotten meat but u can, animals don't die after eating poisonous weeds but u may because animal DNA is inactive to poisons that may poison u: drugs effective on rat may not be effective on u, different animals like to eat different plant, every plant has an animal consumer.

U think we are the most knowledgeable than ever before, but do u know the unobservable natural phenomena in bible: ant: Proverbs 6:6-11,locust: Proverbs 30:27=>God created them & knows what u can't see & know.

Even weeds are beautiful/rats are cute, I was wondering why bad things are made so beautiful: regardless good/bad, all are made equally & extremely beautiful & able, but after weeds give its beauty, it is destroyed if not already destroyed at its birth, but u try very hard to keep vegs alive & propagate them as many as possible. As long as weeds don't endanger my vegs, I am too lazy to pull them out but leave them to please my eyes: God let most of us live a full life & die naturally, which doesn't mean long living men have God's blessings/are good men: our life span has NO correlation with our quality. 

Growing food is like raising kids: sacrifice a lot for love & beauty:kids should give u their pay checks & spiritual love/companionship,but in animal kingdom,female animals raise food/kids for others, that is why kids all disappeared after grow up=we think we are animals so we are following animals' ways, give away our fruits/kids & think it normal that kids don't give u money/take care of us,which is why we are not motivated to raise good kids.Weeds are born to be weeds, regardless how hard weeds try it will never become vegs, but u are given the privilege to choose, yet most of us choose to be weeds/animals.

I can't help but love younger & prettier women, but because I love God more than myself, so I obey God by stopping infatuation on other women but focus on my wife only, of course, if I love myself more, I am entitled to do whatever I like.

Farmers hair not easily turn white because of sunshine.

Modern Christianity was started & spread by rich educated minds as dreams to heaven, just like Buddhism by Prince,Marx is correct that religion is rich folks' manipulation & slavery of poor uneducated minds, actually, all philosophies & religions are started & spread by the rich&learned because we only pay attention/admire/follow/worship the rich&educated: just like we put rich Trump in power, nobody give an ear to poor nobody:So u must question every philosophy & religion.

Today picked 20 figs, this year, fig tree yield figs 1 month ahead, fully loaded, mature 1 month ahead without birds bites=>it is all God's magic & my poopoo's power! Making poopoo make me at least useful for 1 thing, If discard own poopoo but purchase manure from store then u don't have 1 usefulness: less useful than poopoo.

Seed pods are as numerous as man's sperm.

the bitter/poisonous the weed, the more deadly disease it can cure.

After u raise to heaven & become angel, u will be given wings to fly & see all beauties in universe: no need to envy rich men's fast boat=>a lot of troubles to put it on water & sun burn to exchange for a few hours' enjoyment.Why buy 1 hour with eternal life?

We don't like to die because God's creation is too amazing & beautiful to miss, so we are working very hard to make money to extend our life, but throw away the easy way to live forever!

All our life we consciously love myself, my families but careless to outsiders and hate my enemies, gradually, we realize the existence of God and God's commandment of loving enenies as ourselves, and obey God as obey our parents, if we deny God's existence then we never know to love others as ourselves.

The main difference with animal is that men can make decision on when/how to control & disobey & follow his instincts&desires & social trends & other men.=>only men has the power of self control & control others.

Research shows, men with stronger self control age slower & less ill, men without self control age must faster & fall ill more frequently like diabetes/hi blood pressure/addictions.

God seed souls, expect we grow up to become useful for him, just as parents raise us to be useful for them, if disobey parents & don't care them, then on what basis to let useless trash to live forever?

As kids cry to parents, crying to God can get u more God's attention&love. We always arrogantly command God: God, if u exists, show yourself to me=if US president exists, come to see me to prove his existence.

Vegs from stores are weak&sick, even refrigerator can't save their life, but self grown veg is so strong that it can fight off mold&death without refrigerator, if u leave potatoes/taro/onions/etc in field, next year, it grow back=>no use of refrigerator that is why it was not given by God.

Home making sausage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADZPYe0iV1Q, to avoid air burst sausage, u must punch holes on wall: how come God made your intestines have no need of holes?-God made everything perfect.
Obedient kids cook deskful dishes for mom's birthday:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5PTtWBPx04
Make broom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=723UOAiHXeo
The farmers in those videos are typical Chinese farmers: don't talk much but work/move unstop including women, continuously outputting beauty & real values, but in US mouth alone can make big bucks: many careers only employ mouths, colleges promote debates/speeches/lobbying/selling/motivatinal speakers/big talking leaders/talk others to work for u/believe u and etc.

Vaccine interferes with God's plan/疫苗打乱神的计划

Just like Babel Tower, vaccine interfere with God's plan. To God, u either alive or dead, it doesn't matter U live 1 or 100 years & where u are living, living in heaven/earth/hell makes no difference to God, but make death & life difference to u.Some people should have never been born or died long ago just as weed should die on its own,this also answers why merciful God keep on bringing violent natual disasters/viruses/diseases/bugs to us: good men though dead to us but still alive to God, just as u pull weeds can't avoid pulling up vegs, but of course God can resurrect vegs. Raining down virus of course didn't want us to invent vaccine to escape death.

Animals & plants are created mainly for reproduction & covering earth&food, reproduction is just a tedious randomization of DNA, wind can randomly create all generations ever existed in 1 second, so no need to let animals/plants to live forever, when God wants to populate Moon, God can just put a pair F/M DNA of every species on it, then natural selection will select the DNA that is fit for moon: just as u put a bunch of stuff in your room, then automatically they compete with each other & make room full of life, orphans will be abused/bullied,women will be raped. Animals/plants feed on each other, weak ones are eaten, survival is intentionally made very difficult, yet still can beat all odds to create a fully populated prosperous beautiful lively healthy moon! God never promise eternal life to animals, and  animals don't care/question of God/eternal life, even if lion can automat deer capturing technique& eradicate starvation for all generations yet God won't keep it alive forever=>God doesn't care our achievements. God-made nature has survived billions of years, but man-made pc can't survive 2 years in air conditioned room.

Imagine if animals/plants are trying to avoid reproduction by our means, then they will be wiped off forever because they intentionally defeat God's purpose.

Men are not made to reproduce & populate earth & be eaten, but to love/serve God&men, & are God's farm workers, &take care God's creations, who doesn't want your loved ones live forever? so God promised that if u love him forever, then he will keep u alive forever! If men'd rather follow animal instincts & natural selection then not entitled to the promise of eternal life. Chinese saying: plant melon then u get melon, plant bean then u get bean, God planted u as a man of course doesn't want to harvest a monkey:plant soul is to harvest Jesus like soul. Animals are not given any choice but controlled by instincts, but men are privileged to choose your own destiny: choose to be Jesus to go to heaven, or be animal to go back to dirt, or as devil to go to hell, stop brag your kids, nothing on earth can send u to heaven, only if u eat&absorb Jesus' spirit then u can go to heaven. Need to think before every action: am I doing it out of animal instinct or devil's evil or for the love of God&men? The more love u give to God/men then the higher u climb on the ladder to heaven. Animals only worry food/sex/money/kids/aging/health/death, men only need to worry heaven&hell, no need to worry anything physical.

Animals only need worry body, men only need worry soul. Food is all over the earth, no need to worry for food, men are very smart & are not on anyone's menu so no need to worry being eaten.

God can live perfectly fine without anything, but love from men is a nice to have, so God will keep your love alive forever!->why not? 

A tigeress has 3 strong sons &1 weak daughter, every meal,daughter has to eat left overs by 3 sons thus hungry all the time because no food left for her. Daughter was raped/pregnant/gave birth to 3 kids, instinctively, had to work very hard to feed & raise her kids: Being animal doesn't mean only satisfy animal instincts but tolerate such injustice & bully.

Tiger's raping instincts can be genetically modified, but men's cheating can't be genetically modified, God is smart: test u to see whether u fall into instincts & satisfy your own needs first or follow him by resist&reject instincts&physical needs: all God's commands are opposite to instincts: this also answers frequent question: if give me desires why can't I satisfy them? God wrote love-my-kids into your DNA, but didn't code love for God/men/wife in your DNA, but u love your wife: so if u want u can love God.

Competition is non-humane but animal behavior. Bragging is devil's habit.

How to love God: be obedient to God, put God ahead of everything of yours. Want to live then love God! If God gives covid, then God definitely gives us hell, it is not that hell only exists in our belief/mind, hell is as real as hot summer night/volcano. 

If u want somebody's love, then u obey him, obey boss then he'd promote & pay u more, obey wife, then she'd make u happy.

If u obey God, God will grow nutritious food next to your feet, God doesn't want u to worry food. But if all u think is money&sex,then God remove money/food/sex from u & make u horny&hungry all the time. 

Today harvest 3 huge perfect figs: will burn them to thank God=>give the best of ours to God.

Plantain weed=natural bandage, grows all seasons everywhere, has flat breakable big leaves, like blanket that u can lay on it, injured animals lay on it will be coated by the anti-septic/bleeding/swelling juice thus heal quickly, it is also edible. Every plant is made with a purpose, have to analyze it as an illiterate animal then u will understand its purpose, ex. dogfennel is very tall&soft hairy leaves brush against u, it smells wonderful without any bugs on it, ha, it is natural bug&snake repellant, if u eat bug repelling & prosperous weeds then u repel bugs&prosperous=>Every design is amazing. God doesn't talk to u directly,too many people, u may already be dead when it is your turn, u have to use trial&wisdom to read God's cues. Pick a small leaf & eat, if bitter don't eat it, 1 leaf can never kill u. If it is poisnous to u, u immediately know,no need to wait until your liver is damaged to know:our body is as smart as mice. 2nd ex. dead bodies is very smelly to repel u, men's poopoo is no different from cow manure,fools buy cow manure but discard own manure to fertilize crops.

The first choice of treating illness is God's herbs, God-made is of course more effective than man-made.

Weeds that are poisonous to amigo but me: we are born to eat all plants but due to change of diets, we start to be allergic to all, Some even complain fruit is bland,Look/smell the food in front of u & associate the look alike organs in u,&consider its geological location/environment/season, eating store foods turn life upside down,mess up cold&hot/light&darkness/dry&wet,completely lose balances.

Dead food is also bitter, so processed food all have sugar to mask bitterness. Preservatives prevent food from being digested=eating sweet plastic, u only absorb sugar & rest clog up intestines & give constipation, soil can't digest your poopoo & cause soil hardening.Chemicals cause u cancer also cause microbio cancer so they can't convert waste to fertilizers thus soil becoming more & more toxic & baren.

Earth experienced 4 seasons: ice age/life emerging spring/hot summer/Jesus come to harvest in fall, we are at earth's hot summer: global warming may contribute to the heat, but we are destined to be in the hot era:everything is in God's plan. Summer has most bugs eating men,ice melt to wash off all dead bodies, hell is near so can feel hell heat, once summer is over, u either up or down.

Men work outside, to prevent bug bites&sun burn, God made men hairy, men's beard plays same role as hair in groin: block filth. Women stay home, house door shut up mouth, that is why women don't grow beard.
Animals have a very hard life & we made it even harder for them, but they are much smarter in fulfilling their purpose: they all know what edible/inedible&how to hunt. Each animal has its favorite food: God is the professor, nature is college. Animals know sunchoke has sweet root but we don't even know what sunchoke is. We think animals are like us can learn from their parents, NO, 99% were born with/given by God.  

All animals in your yard including wild are God given meat, of course, can't eat them all, need leave some for future kids, even they are cute still need to be eaten, which God-made species not cute?

We are smarter than animals in that we can cook, hi-temp break down poisonous foods that animals can't eat. Smart animals feast on your squash/pumpkins/fruits. 99% grass are edible, poisonous/medicinal ones are only a few & taste bitter,except pokeweed all weeds in yard are edible: stir fry with caco3  rich tofu/egg shell/diary to remove oxalic acid to avoid kidney stone. All plants are not precious, in the right season/location, it will grow, if force grow exotic ones, even if it hardly survives, it will make u weak too if u eat it.

The more u cut grass the more it grows.Yard is full of pleasant surprises, grass/foods are replaced each season.

Dill is tastier than meat. Even if u live in hi-rise, u still an grow greens by sticking garlic in dirt.

When it becomes hot, vegs becomes bitter, so u need eat bitter vegs to beat heat: Dandelion/bitter melon etc, avoiding bitterness is unhealthy: stores don't sell bitter vegs. Fall/winter foods are hi-fat&sugar to beat cold.

use fig leaf, persimmon leaf to wrap food/tacos。 Radish yields hundreds tasty seed pods, 1 pod is enough to grow radish all over, u can enjoy the rest pods=>nobody knows this. All grass seeds if full of nutrients.

palm has a lot of acupressure points linked to organs, constant stimulation by holding hoe/shovel/tools can make u happy/healthy/long living.

Apricot kernel has cynide to deter animals' eating, scientists reason it with evolution:initially, fruit produced both poisnous&nonpoisnous seeds, then poisnous ones survived, but then how about nonpoisnous seeds, what happened to their poisnous counterparts?

Penguins also stand on 2 feet & walk upright, their family structure is very similar to humans.

Our every smart&beauty belongs to God, we should stop our desires to gain money&women with our God given smart & beauty: insomnia is because we are thinking on how to get something constantly=>we have nothing & will get nothing, everything belongs to God, we are renting brains/bodies from God & do his will & serve him only, not to serve ourselves. If our body is God's, then God will feed us & give our descendents & feed them, so only eat God given food & marry God given wife.

Mosquitos/rats/bugs/natural disasters are to remove confidence in ourselves, defeat our whole heartedly pursuit of worldly success: the more time spent in making money the more bites&insomnia to suffer, the more women to sex the more STD to get: so u never think there is a power above u oppressing your instincts but u are constantly uncounsciously figuring out ways to avoid/beat such oppression&disciplines?

U are right sometimes, wrong sometimes, u cannot be right all the time, wrong all the time, so need listen to everybody patiently even he is not smart.

U are very annoyed of my preaching: so will u do nothing when u see blind men walking toward cliff?

when young, loved by parents&love parents, when grow up, loved by spouse&love spouse & kids,God's love accompany us all our life, all these love is the same, no differences.

Modern lazy life style only raise trouble makers, far from givng love to others. Renting rooms to rich Chinese kids brings nothing but headaches.

blessed is the dumb,eat grass,farm/愚笨者是赢家,吃草,务农

phones/computers are cloudized: aws/ibm/azure/alibaba/etc are phones&pc's gods, softwares&your personal data/every 1 of your text/word is kept in cloud & in your phone. If phone is lost/broken/dead,yet every info still exists perfectly well in cloud=>After u lost memory/dead, all of u is perfectly well in cloud/God. Go into hell=God delete u off him. Food is for growing body, sexual organ is for producing kids, without food/sexual organs, u still can feel the pleasure, as soon as u think of God then u get the pleasures, just as programmers rob money without physical money&bags&cars&guns.

=>Everything of yours is in God's control,God's control is universal: everyone sleeps in night, puberty starts at age 14 and etc. 1 universe under God.

So be careful, every move & thought of yours is monitored=security cameras are even capturing your invisible thoughts!Feel free to do good anonymously, your good deeds/hearts will be 100% rewarded! forgive those who bully/cheat u=>God will repay u 49 times back.

Many are stealing your info from wifi & cloud to profit from u|but your soul with God is very safe&God never profit from your secrets, as long as u don't tell, nobody knows, don't get intoxicated & give away your atm passcode unknowingly, Remain sober & never go to bars & crowd to be robbed, but as to wifi/cloud providers we can only dream that they hire angels who have no use of money to work for them: then why would angels work? So all your secrets in phone/computers/cloud/wifi are enemies' profits:u don't have any secret that others don't know.

U are genius, God is even more genius:infinitely smart.

Then why God doesn't save deer when saw deer eaten by lion? Deer is used as the food of lion, deer mom died but she already gave birth to many new deer, deer always out number lions so lions will always have food. If your phone ate mine, then I have to work harder & make more money to buy a new one=>not as smart as God, God never need to work extra harder just to create more things & clean off our dead bodies: but u have to buy & dispose your dead phones yourself. 
=>God automated everything, so it appears to us that God doesn't exist. Whenever God saw your thought, God knows the result, nothing new, let u learn the lesson on your own without intervening: only your foolish parents will subject to your manipulation & give u attention: why don't u obey your phone?

Plant is to be eaten: stand still to be eaten alive, carnivores are very miserable: running all day long for nothing, always hungry, 2/3 of its kids are starved to death: weak ones are blessed & protected.

I can't help but think&admire&solute to God, because his smart & mystery is very fascinating, only foolish & ignorant ones shrug off God: the creator of u & whole universe.

Water:wash off physical filth, without water's cleansing, filth/death can kill u,clean water can eliminate invisible virus,countries lack of clean water have more diseases. Baptism symbolizes cleansing of soul, but only God's holy spirit can clean soul, if u accept baptism means u are willing to be cleaned & saved=>Chinese had water festival for it 5000 years ago: God has told all men.

Fire: whatever water cannot clean is burned off by fire:oil/coal=>souls uncleanable by God will be burned in hell.

Heaven&God is too good to be true, thus deny them profusely, strengthen your own unbelief with silly excuses: unguaranteed pleasure is better than guaranteed eternal pleasure=>starve me half of my life after hard toil is better than abundant free tasty meals all my life =>crazy! Sure, will give u no pleasure forever to satisfy your wishes.

But ironically: though only want orgasm once in a while, but desire orgasm all day long=>no hope to eat grapes so tell myself that grapes are sour: God already created all but we dare not to imagine! Heaven has endless pleasures, but since I can't get it it is better to think it doesn't exist.

Earth has infinite types/tastes of foods, &infinite looks/skin/bodies=>exotic pleasure/orgasm is infinite in heaven. God created all pleasures, there will be  infinite pleasures in heaven to enjoy, why not? 

What is God=God is the sum of good/loving thoughts/ideas/intelligences/designs/intentions/wisdom/wish. We all have good/bad thoughts, bad ideas are weeds planted by bad men, good thoughts are planted by God, if your heart is full of weeds, God/farmer will set u on fire & burn everything in it, if weeds is only a little bit, then God will painstakingly pull out weeds, then put weed free u/field in green house/heaven=>nobody would put aggressive/invasive/useless weeds in green house. We should always quickly discard bad ideas=uproot weeds to avoid being burned whole. Bad=rob/cheat/proud/selfish/narcisstic/disobey bible:if u have acted badly u must have thought badly first, actless bad thoughts=acts, ex. hope he die=murder. 

Dumb/low IQ ones are blessed, because poorly fertilized field mostly is empty, smart ones are unlucky: their field is too fertilizing, aggressive weeds quickly take over your whole field & kill u=>stay away from smart highly educated men who knows investing & economy & finances/everything, but make friends with dumb uneducated farmers/laborers to be safe. Parents are trying everything to make their kids smart without noticing that kids have become devils, being cheated & manipulated by them while still sacrificing their lives to protect them, &bragging unstop to others that their kids are smart&educated. 

Smart became the protecting God of bad men, stop telling me he/she/u is very smart, given the infinite smart of God, who cares men's little smart, put to death your bad kid even if he is genius.

We are smarter than animals so we are more evil than them.

Each year, after all plants die, burn weeds&bugs, turn field over, freeze kill weed root & dry them up then burn , this way, next spring, there will be no competing weeds & plenty fertilizer, otherwise, vegs can't grow &get sick easily & very hard to harvest them, so need always wash&purify brains, remove all biases/prejudices/stubbornness/narcissism/addictions/etc, then sow God's good thoughts. If u don't want to brain wash yourself, then u will be disposed forever to avoid your weeds spread to others by wind/animals:surround yourself with smart&highly educated folks are not wise: their weeds can easily spread to u. We grow up among hypocritical weeds, thus all generations are seeded & strengthened by hypocrisy.

Dumb men only needs to learn 1 simple dumb thing: love. If smart is so poisonous, why God made us the smartest among all? God of course expect us to serve & do good to others instead of profiting for ourselves: God is infinitely smarter than all, look at the beauty & good that he gave to u for free! The highly cherished orgasm is given to u only, isn't it?

Hell is good, without hell fire, universe will be taken over by weeds and starve all,should have a holiday to celebrate hell.

One of the biggest problems illegals facing is not get paid: after several months of slavery, bosses disappeared, no legal status, can't speak English, not knowing laws, so can't do anything but shut up & suffer=>sad. Most such bad bosses are their fellow countrymen.

Even if u have wings&3 heads&forver young, still, u can die tomorrow, wow, fish can fly, but it is either eaten by fish in water or bird in air, stop being complacent & build comfortable life/houses for self, there is no shelter&safety&comfort on earth, only under God's wings u will find forever safety & comfort.

If u are smart & good hearted, then u are the blessing to all around u & whole world: only need to be kind to save the world.

Bird dug a hole & setup nest in in my peat moss bag, amigo said God designed bird so dumb that it send itself to our mouth, I said: bird is praying that u don't hurt it, there is really no where to hide, u are safer than the eagles hovering tree tops,actually, dry grass has bugs/food, like us, US has money/food, so all risk losing souls to move here.

Chinese farm life:http://haokan.hao123.com/author/1547791540900408,traditional bai-nian=visit relatives: http://haokan.hao123.com/v?vid=8196532380771400495, visitors bring bags of gifts, hosts cook many dishes, all sit & feast around wild mushroom stew. Even have to eat ugly unselling vegs every meal is still 100 times tastier than our foods from shops, plus 6000+ year natural food preserving & cooking methods=> they are tasting heaven everyday, but daily we are toiling hard on wall street but can never eat as good as their pig/dog/rabbit/dirt unknowingly. Chinese farmers don't emit hypocrisy but fragrant mud&honest&holiness: if farmers are too selfish to care others, then they will harvest nothing, crops can't speak, they 100% depend on your selfless love & care to grow then feed & please u, because we are separated from natural foods at birth, we don't know that every God given pleasure is as wonderful as sex, thus we only pursue sex. Heaven only has beautiful pleasing food&women&scenes minus all pain & suffering=>vacation forever!

Dad&Daughter were extremely happy when they unexpectedly harvested huge potatoes=>this is the feeling of God & Jesus' after u die, u are like a potato, grow in earth, your death is the time to harvest u, if u are rotten sick crazy dead/eaten up by addictions, they have to let u stay in the dirt rotten,nobody'd pick up & bring home a rotten potato. they must be very upset because they died to save u but u still can't survive. I have been wondering why God made us to eat each other to get money/food why can't just let all eat solar energy directly peacefully: God painstakingly plan/plant & grow men for himself not for u or anybody else: 40 years ago, Chinese farmers grew food for others not for themselves so they didn't work hard & got nothing but starvation, now farmers are rich because they are growing food&money for themselves: God is closely attending to his crops: live a good life for God=meet God's expectations: men originated from evolution without any reason/purpose is bizarre & false.

Potatoes also don't know that we exist, it instinctively try its best to beat bugs/diseases/natural disasters to survive, we are not potatoes, so potato survival skills don't apply to us, but we act as we don't have a soul but do the same things as Potatoes under instinct only. Matthew 13

Interesting wedding:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWJ2UdUeOuA

Wife hand knit slippers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDw2SuMbpbI

natural preservation of meat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCcMbG5giok&list=RDCMUCGtER2OBCOwf4yQUC4NIwKQ&index=25,Chinese invented endless ways of eat.

My desire for money/food/sex is insatiable, belly is bursting painful but I still want to eat: just as I repeatedly try to burn weeds alive: Devil is trying to burn me alive, I must pour cold water=self control on fires to avoid death.

But don't feel hungry while doing physical work, as soon as sit in front of screens, desire for food/sex/money non-stop: we are designed to farm.

Veg thinning: avoid being weed is not enough, has to be very strong food to avoid death: Chinese communists have farming background, they used a lot farming slogans in communism, I couldn't understand them until now: faith planting&growing=farming: both Communism & Capitalism are religion: Communists pursue selfless spiritual lofty ideals, capitalists pursue/indulge in privatized/selfish materialism/pleasures=capitalistic pig: only communists can be Christians, Capitalism & Christianity are enemies, we can't be Christians if we practice Capitalism=narcissism: we need exonerate not condemn Communism: but nobody wants to be a bum so truth was prisoned by comfortable lies.

No competition in heaven, if u can enter heaven, u become an organ of God's, organs of course can't kill each other. Plants&animals are foods, if u compete vigorously to grow big to be eaten, of course, your wish will be met by giving u more resources.

Wild animals don't have masters, when they are hungry, they rob&steal, domesticated animals ask u for food: regardless how hungry & frustrated is dog, dog'd never rob u, all it can do is begging u with all its might: we should not have robbed earth on our own & caused global warming.

Lazy man's veg: arugula,spinach,reddish. Vegs out of my own yard is honestly tasty, if I have to eat redish every meal I won't be tired of it.
Shepherd's purse & Dandelion are edible weeds:stir fry. Most weed leaves are edible, if animals don't die why would men die of eating them ? If u cook them then all weeds are edible. But we prefer softer sweeter & easier harvesting vegs, weeds are too competitive, that is why we remove them to free space for vegs, weeds are healthier than vegs bought from shops,but avoid eating wild flowers/seeds: for propagation, some are poisonous to avoid being eaten, even if u eat u will vomit them out,but leaves don't have this duty, endless leaves capture sun energy for plants & animals:so leaves are meant to be eaten=>God's design, grass roots often are medicine. If u are lazy then u eat grass, if u want tastier food then work. Nowaday, wheat grass is very popular but worse than weeds, if I can eat it then I can eat any grass. Smart animals ate radish root but left leaves to me.

Many types of melon/squash's big leaf&berry's/okra leaf are edible&heal disease, google before eat.

Grow food needs patience&faith, if not sprout after a few days, then sow others, consequently, nothing grow out. A tiny seed can grow as big as a bucket & harvest many times=>God's miracles! Be a self-made farmer, as long as u can grow food then u can survive, what is money for? Winter, dig dirt beat cold, spring/summer/fall boost immunity by eating nutricious delicious healthy foods & beat up diseases&bugs&famine&disasters, no need of hospitals.

Everything is like farming,love-marriage-family-kids=>find good seeds-prepare dirt-sow-care-harvest=>lots hard work,find a good spouse is only the start,but all our life we linger at start, & blame our mates for our life long family woes.

All plants use green leaf for photo synthesis=>All are made by 1 God.

job 38-42: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Job%2038&version=NIV,when God punishes u for no reason, u have to endure it without question&complain but strengthen your faith. God do whatever he wants to his creation without a reason&careless of your human rights=>rebel?

Liberals & Democrats are more hypocritical & fake: talk big & nonsensical & brag their compassion to blacks and etc, plus they like to complain & excuse themselves & blame republicans & communists & religious & slavery,but they are = republicans: no one is righteous.

If future tech can resurrect dead, but no one may resurrect u

Looking at my expensive plants died in frost because I forgot to move them inside, I am very upset of all the money & toil wasted on them=>God definitely would not forget & neglect u, God is extremely busy saving u from dying: he is closely watching u, putting road blocks in your pursuit of money/fame/power, giving u disasters/diseases/helplessness to make u turn to him for help.
When raising kids, unless u yourself is Jesus, u can't raise them alive: u are feeding no food but poison to their spirits & starve & kill them:orphans are blessed, because they don't have parents' dead souls imprison&guard&watch over them tightly all the time.

Unload all your worries/depression/upset to God, because God is infinitely powerful&good&loyal&responsible. Atheists don't have God to rely on tend to feel bad.

The best way to deal with a spoiled man child is not responding him, this is also how God is treating disobedient us: not answer prayers/no enlightenment/no understanding&stubborn like Saul.

Even if future man is smart enough to detect spirits/heaven/hell & resurrect dead, but u are already dead long ago, resurrection may cost a lot, your descendents may not afford your resurrection, & they don't know u & have no reason to resurrect u, so why don't buy your own resurrection while u still alive: Love God above all, love others as yourself! Plus the eternal life u earned on your own will be in paradise instead of on earth.

U are God's a little cell,God knows everything of yours & feel all your pain & anger. If u love others as yourself & are compassionate, u will definitely not abuse others, otherwise, after u die, u will switch role with your victims to feel your own abuses, Chinese literatures are filled with such role switch=>ancestors had numerous NDE/soul-out-of-body experience. When we were little watching such stories on TV, sis & I hoped stepmom could feel our pain & stop her abuses: in living, soul is locked up by body, signals from God are blocked & waiting outside, after body fall off, then all blocked signals reach u=>God's alerts/executive orders never disappear but always reach u & make u come to realization of your bad deeds. Role switch is used often by God before u die: God subject u to bullies so u can realize how bad are abuses thus stop, but if u could never stand in others' shoes to feel others' pain, then u have to feel the pain after u die, but isn't it too late then: At Jesus' 2nd coming/our 2nd death, blissful floating souls will be forever locked up in hell,no more testing, testing ground/earth will be destroyed, God & his lovers will rest & enjoy & party to celebrate new year, after death role-switch only make it very clear to u that I deserve to die. 

1 year has 360 days=Chinese new year signifies rest/reunion with God/celebration of new heaven&earth&life&beginning&blessings & removal of all old&dead。 Chinese use firecrackers to scare off ghosts=>how do they know that evil ghost is fear of hell fire?


200 years ago u couldn't detect invisible air/magnetic field/current/bacteria/virus, now u can see more & more invisible, likely u will detect soul/ghost/heaven/hell, stem cell technology make men live longer on earth, but remember nothing on earth is free, eternal life on earth may cost infinite amount of money: pray your millionth generation can pay for your life, why not be smart: pray to God now for a free eternal life in paradise.

Amigo died 2 times, 2nd time is after beer over doze: devil pressed his head against floor to make him kneel & kowtow, Amigo never kneel or knowtow before, while he was describing the posture I realized that Chinese folklores/traditions/superstitions are mostly acquired from NDEs: over 6000+ years, there must be a lot died-then-back men saw heaven/hell/God/ghosts, 1 of my customers can hear dead men's words:no need of instruments, many have seen died ancestors/heaven/hell. NDE confirms bible.

Einstein also proved existence of soul, but all deny God, who is the only living majestic universal God, carefully avoid mentioning of God/Jesus in their interviews, far from reading bible immediately to understand NDE,but make up my own preferred deities/religions/superstitions to believe in: wasted God given second chance to live=died for nothing, not sure why so hostile/hateful to the only God who can resurrect u: faced with God but deny God, certainly 100% deny God at living when God is invisible.

There is only 1 God for all: he created everything visible/invisible/history&future/natural laws, infinitely omnipotent/smart/fair/reasonable/unconditional loving/good/bright/clean/merciful, all knowing,knows all your secrets,is everywhere/everytime/at all places concurrently at all time/watches&manages every corner of the whole universe at the same time,knows all your thoughts/acts, controls your fate/existence/destiny/conditions. Supreme sovereign God's dictatorship & authoritarian is perfect & demands your 100% absolute obedience & 0 grudge.
U, like a dust on the fingertip of God, deny & annoy him too much, he will wipe/blow/shake/wash u off to eternal darkness.

God made himself=Jesus, just as u give birth to your own thoughts, God made himself/u/everything.

After death, the memory brain cells are dead, but why NDE can accurately recall their experiences after death?=>Just as programmers save their code in cloud as well as on local pcs' hard drives, all our thoughts/actions/emotions/desires/etc are also stored in soul cloud=God's repository & your body, & it can be used by Jesus to judge u in his 2nd coming, otherwise, everything of yours disappears with dead body, then judging u after u die is a lie=baseless judgment. Then why u get Alzheimer's & forget all? Because u don't rely on God to remember things, but only rely on your own body, after body is dead, body's shield/block is removed & u reconnect with yourself in cloud & remember everything. I always hear stories in churches that she lost her keys, after pray to God, she remembered where she has put keys, so even if u have no brains/down syndrome, as long as u love God, then God will think & remember things for u.

Software men should understand soul/spiritual realm/God very easily but a lot of us are atheists=>I am smarter than God, only I can come up with these wifi/cloud/AI stuff, God is only a placebo for the dumb & weak.

We use cron jobs to make computer automatically serve us, e.x. alarm APP/advertise on holidays and etc: computer's every action is controlled by u, but God & u are much smarter than computers: when it is age for sex, God didn't install bible in u & force u to mate in his way: so u can chase girls as everybody else or be a Jesus monk: why God doesn't force us as we force machines? Because we treat machines as slaves/tools, once it is old/disabled/useless then we discard it into trash, but God doesn't have use of u but want u to live forever & fill the whole universe with love & light: God is testing whether u are obedient to God/love/light/beauty/life/truth & want to live, if u only follow dead men's wicket/dirty/ugly/dishonest ways, then u truly don't want to live, then nobody/no God can force u to live=>if u don't want to quit alcohol yourself, no God/man can force u to quit.

From God's point of view, time doesn't exist, no past/future & historical movement/trend/evolution, only now & origin & time 0 forever, time is only a testing boundary, my life is my testing period,my life span has nothing to with genetics/technology/anything=independent/accidental/uncontrollable/seemingly random/only apply to me alone: so time is the true invisible void/non-existence=>time brought evolution & us is a complete lie: how can non-existence produce existence? Everything is created 100% adhering to God's first design/plan/thought with 0% need of evolution & bettering & faltering. When u listen to bible, u can't help asking: why men 6000 years ago were the same as I or men around me?=>no evolution at all,we are so funny & laughable=>worshiping lies as biggest scientific breakthroughs. Future will be better is a forever illusion,cherish now, tomorrow u maybe old/dead or forget,no good to wait until tomorrow, but do whatever u need now=love & obey God now so u don't lose your life forever tomorrow.

If u are addicted to gambling/sex/stock market/etc, after death, u will stick to Vegas/pimp houses/wall street, whoever u run into u will enter & drive him crazy=haunt him, if u are very jealous & controlling, after death, u will be enraged when u see her remarry, after Trump dies, if he noticed that he was forgotten, he will be very upset,but can't stir up riots to popularize himself anymore. Headaches at living will become eternal.

I only love me & have faith in me, if I like Buddhism/Atheism, regardless it is right or wrong, I only want to read & believe it, but don't practice it, Buddhism said all suffers originate from "I want", & ask u to become a monk, but u still want all u want & never can be a sexless monk.

U serve those u love: if u love God above all, then u only think&serve God's wants & needs, if u are a true communist, then u think & serve others' needs; If u love yourself & your own families above all then u only worry & serve your own interests。 Suffers/depression in Buddhism/Atheism originate from narcissm: I can never be content because I always have endless unmet wants/needs/desires.

We are deeply in love with money/sex, Our soul bow/kneel down/knowtow/obey/worship to money/sex/idols uncontrollably/unconsciously=blinded by little money/women from seeing eternal paradise.

If follow strict diet/exercise/preventive care regiments u can gain 50 year life max on earth, comparing to follow God: love God above all & love others as self then u can gain infinite life in heaven: which one is easier, it seems like the 2nd is much easier & infinite more effective than the 1st, if u love God &others more than self, u get all, if u love yourself more than God then u get nothing=hell: if u are atheist, God=nothing, then u are automatically a narcisst.

Parents influence is exponential, bad dad/mom will have numerous bad descendents, so every descendent of Adam is bad=dirty spirit/daemon:like to possess those u love & hate,especially love to possess own kids' & drive them crazy from age 0. Every kid of Jesus is good:born again=replace inherited genes with Jesus' clean/holy gene & make u normal again. Parents are pushing spoiled kids lacking of spanking & discipline into society & causing huge headaches for others & they themselves suffer bitter blows/bruises: parents saved spanking for others to do, kids don't hate u but hate everybody else.

The more popular/fans/money/power/beauty u have, the more will u be possessed&harrassed by live/dead souls/daemons: suicides & mental illness are more in entertainment/sports stars: because everybody loves to control big armies, when Hitler saw the whole world is following Trump, then immediately possess Trump to manipulate the whole world: becoming a star will bring u bad luck, also avoid crowd, fill heart with holy/clean spirit to block daemons out.

Because we are so easily possessed by dirty spirits, we need examine every thought: is it from God? otherwise we can be daemons' puppets: devil even talk through Peter's mouth. This is also why buddhists escape world & hide in isolated places & empty their minds to shut out daemons, but u are wasting your life by sitting/pretending to be dead instead of doing&serving, but Jesus is not afraid of being surrounded by men's souls/daemons, daemons can't invade Jesus but flee from him. 

If u are true Christian, when u are surrounded by lots pretty young women, there will be no dirty spirit in u to tempt u, instead, inside of u Jesus will make u love them as your daughters: preachers warn against being alone with women to avoid temptation is preaching Buddhism. Earth is full of dirty/evil spirits, why God was not afraid of putting his only son among daemons? God intentionally tempt u with women/money/power/fame/pain from inside out & all directions even if u are  buddhist monk, God is purifying u as Jesus/Lotus, raise bright life out of dark poop death filled mafia/prostitute/gambling/prison parlors. Avoiding parlors is just to show off to others that I am clean & blameless: Asian massage=prostitution, so customers park their cars far far away from massage parlors&wear sun glasses,some are so mentally ill even murder masseuse/women. Whenever men ask me what I do, I dare not mention that I am a masseuse,actually, we are all prostituting&selling &sacrificing bodies & souls for money&narcissism! Only pharisees think they are not prostitutes. I can't resist food's temptation, should I kill all farmers & food vendors to prevent them from tempting me? It is always others' fault but mine & I have to kill others to defend me.

Beautiful spring brings pleasant breezes/sunshine/flowers, which is what heaven is like forever, thinking & feeling blissful heaven, immediately, I feel happy & upbeat & positive, otherwise, I will become more & more depressed/gloomy because fewer & fewer years to enjoy such pleasures. So why not be smart & hope for heaven, is it free & much better than antidepressants?

The misery of travel outweighs its pleasure, plus I forget the places after a while, I'd rather give the travel fee to the poor to save up for heaven because in paradise all the beauty is local.
If u want to learn, even if u are blind & stay home all life u can learn, travel can help u learn & open up your mind is only a lie, is advertisement/commercial promotion, travel also worsen global warming.

I couldn't dig out a tree root after 1 day's toil, but amigo use rope to hookup root & car and pulled it out in 10 minutes, very smart.

What is judgmental: not treating everybody the same but discriminate men based on millions of factors.
What is not judgmental: treat everybody as myself.

Died then back explained by Einstein/解释死而复生人死后的经历:

Plants grow food for animals, animals grow body to feed to other animals, traverse to the source, animals are the fruits of trees also, i.e. bodies&energy of plants &animals are becoming of each other. We grow soul to give to God or Devil, if feed to God, then God's good influence will expand, feed to Devil then bad power will grow, God of course wants every corner of his universe is permeated & managed by good.

God is the tree of good fruit, if u grow like Jesus, then u have increased God's body&power: visible nature reveals spiritual world.

After u enter heaven, u will be given all kinds of tasks, sometimes, u change to a real person, sometimes u enters somebody's mind as an idea.
Like u, God likes to hire obedient workers to do whatever he asks, otherwise, sending u to white house, but u addict to women/luxury/pleasures & forget your work & ruin many men's lives, which of course can't happen.

Why can't I obey God & be rich at the same time like all those hired in old testament? It is your employers pay u wages, even though many times your employers=customers=renters don't pay u wages, if u are unemployed, then of course u get no wages, wages/prices are clearly specified in verbal or written contracts/price tags,if u obediently sell him what he wants, he will pay contracted price plus tips if above his expectations. In old testament, Solomon&etc were hired by God, in the hiring contract, God agreed to pay S wisdom as S wanted, while S was obediently doing God's work, God not only paid him all the wages/wisdom in the world but abundant tips=money+women+kingship+fame+many kids+rich harvests+peace+prosperity+happiness. Ok, now check u, God didn't hire u, of course won't pay u & make u rich, if u are not serving God, then God doesn't care u obey him or not=your rich has NOTHING to do with God or God's blessing! Your rich is gained by ungodly means! But u insist on going to heaven=>u are hiring God=renting/buying God's heaven, u need to pay your worker/landlord God, God's wage is: love God above all, love others as yourself. If u paid God's wage then u won't be a rich man, why: 1st yr, A & B are equally hardworking, harvest equally=just enough to fill their stomach=equally rich; if A loves money more, in 2nd year, A works 2 times harder & richer than B & brags to B & make B envy of A, but B refuse to work harder, so B robs A=>all are in constant fights for money: neither A nor B loves God; but if in 2nd yr, B is disabled,can't work, & A is obedient, so daily A works 8+ hour extra, &gives all his 8h+ overtime pay freely to B & made B richer than him =>if u truly love God/others, u will only be poorer than others, the more u love God the poorer&lower will u go down till death roll inmate as Jesus. 

Simply put: being richer/more powerful disobeys=not love God. Don't forget once u are in heaven, u will be God's worker, & u will be paid Solomon's wages+tips. So what we have learned in church that obedient ones will be blessed with wealth&power&kids are lies. God wants us to suffer like Jesus & hate instead of falling love with the riches & comfort in the world, why would he contradict himself by making us money rich? If u pray for rich/health/peace/kids, u will get more disasters & bad lucks worse than if u didn't ask for them,the only answered prayers are: God, please make me obey & love u as Jesus did; please bless others!

If everybody is smart & capable, then u will have no chance to love God, so God drop viruses/accidents/disasters, put old/weak/diseased/disabled/orphans/widowed seniors on your path to give u chances.

Everything on earth is owned by God, whenever I blame others for failing to pay me rent, I forgot that I haven't paid my rents to God: the more earthly possessions that I have the more rents I owed to God: need return all my possessions & pay off debts & save for heaven by obeying God more=making spiritual money. If u use your possessions/power to love God instead of yourself like obedient A in the above ex, then continue to own them but give them away to strangers in your will.

Parents don't contradict with God by providing material richness to your kids,the more u give the further u push them away from God:Love kids as God loves his only son=Jesus.

Ha, I only got money&God figured out today, I hate to be poor&suffering&confined,but I love to go to heaven so have been dodging the bullet=>really love to play dumb & fool myself into hell. 

Western media is very negative & hostile to Chinese communist government: they sneer any communist achievement as propaganda campaign: what is wrong with you=>mislead the whole world to hate communist countries & people. I have to agree with Trump that western media are trouble makers, hate stirrers,they are #1 hypocrites, they criticize Trump as a hater but they themselves are haters. Trump can be swept to darkness after 4 years, but media & colleges are bombarding innocent men every second forever=devil's horn.

Grow foods in home or subdivision & give to neighbors. If u want to make money, then open a chemical free flower shop,as long as u work hard, u will make money because everybody needs flowers sometimes. If u want to be a good Christian, then labor yourself to love: the healthy delicious foods that you grow is love, motivate others to farm with u=fellowship=>u give him new life=yield good fruit.
Farming is 100% dependent on God.

When u & kids plant a fruitful farm then pass on to kids, then they pass it on to their kids, thus, all descendents will have beauty & delicious food to enjoy, u can make a lot of money just for yourself by selling land to developers but the excessive money raise lazy & ignorant kids who will rely on welfare after u die.

Will buy a land to farm as a church, no parking lot, surrounding families walk to church, farm while speakers read bible, which is like China's communism 60 years ago: we all work & eat together like a big family but not sleep/sex together: ironically, 60 years ago, west also did communism: community shared sex but money&meals.

When excercise, smart body learned to send a lot of nutrients to meet the demand, but if u suddenly stop sports, the nutrients became fat deposits, Need to gradually slow down to let body unlearn the habit. Similarly, viruses/bacteria/diseases enhance body immunity, hardship/abuse/neglect/oppression/imprisonment/restriction/discipline strengthen soul & will power. We too depend on comforts/HVAC/luxuries/medications to survive. Nobody wants to be born as a lowly pig, but pigs don't feel sorry for themselves but thrive to grow meat to serve its purpose=to be eaten. Our purpose is not to live strong for ourselves but be obedient to God. We mistakenly cherish & do everything to save physical body:why didn't God kill Herald before H killed all the 2 year olds & caused tremendous cruelty? Mathew 2-18:A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning,Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted: God owns our body & soul & can do whatever he wants with us, yes, very cruel, so what?

God clearly revealed himself/heaven & hell/eternal life & death to u, but u refuse to see him because u are 100% self serving&absorbing. The only difference between atheists & theists is that atheists deny God, but both are self serving, that is why u only believe in money,earthly life, yourself,technology & drugs & etc. Pay my work at full price, no reason to use God's resources to satisfy your selfishness. If u serve God, then I will not charge u! Yes, I will not donate to addicts/selfish men=animals=>call me judgemental/whatsoever=>u yourself is judging not me, complain to your God=money about me, just don't complain to God about me. Too soft for u has spoiled u! Yes, God has sent angels to drop viruses&abuses&miseries, if refuse to examine self & change, then die forever, Yes, God hates disobedient kids, curse him as hateful doesn't give u any relief but more disasters, u are his creation, he can do whatever he wants, don't be so arrogant & criticize your God: u will get nothing but death, u will become nothing but void!

Those back from death reported that they can see/hear everything, according to Einstein's E2= p2c2 + m2c4:https://wtamu.edu/~cbaird/sq/2014/04/01/light-has-no-mass-so-it-also-has-no-energy-according-to-einstein-but-how-can-sunlight-warm-the-earth-without-energy/, all visible/invisible matters have energy, as long as u ever existed, u will forever have energy unless u have never existed. After u die, your visible body is gone, but your soul still exist, though eyes/ears are gone, yet u still can see/hear every invisible/visible thing because each has different energy/wave length, before 2nd death, u float on earth & see all, after being locked up in hell, no more light but 100% darkness & sizzling heat, & u are constantly run over by or bumped into lots unknown objects,scorched,covered by sticky&smelly sputum/pus/poop/pee/sewage/discharges/trash,earful of weeping & gnashing of teeth & heartbreak & hysteria=very scary & disgusting & suffering! Such fear & suffer has been experienced by nobody, worse than the worst suffer ever existed on earth like Job's. This also explained why God though invisible but sees everything, and made earth so cruel, the cruelest on earth can't compare with hell: choose a 100% rainy dark night & enter a foreign cave to experience=>this is no kidding, everybody needs to know how horrible hell is & die not to go to hell! Won't this bad news need to be urgently made known to all? God is all loving but can't love the disobedient & evil ones=>if u fire disobedient trouble making workers, why do u expect God to let evil doers live happily forever? If God doesn't know&capable to do everything how can he made u see/smell/taste/feel/do things?=>if u don't know 1+1=? how can u build computer to do 1+1? =>God doesn't exist=u don't exist, because without smart God gave u intelligence, u will be as dumb as rock.

If bad ghost can't do any damage, why still lock it up in hell to suffer? Just as radio stations, bad souls attract/resonant/connect bad ghosts, so dead bad men can use your body to damage, your body mass=infinite number of atomic bombs=infinitey destructive,but why I don't see them: ghost's energy is weaker than magnetic fields/wifi, they can only resonant with your thoughts/dreams/delusions. 

Why pc1 doesn't see pc2's thoughts=code/data/passwords? Because pc maker=u can't see thoughts so u can't give them what u can't do,but God can, &God only selectively let u see the thoughts/secrets of those u love: even if your beloved baby is far away in China, u can hear he is crying for food, spoiled kid went to jail/hell, his pain can make u depressed/crazy!

Think&love God with all your mind&soul&heart&life then u will become angel; if craving anything else then u will go mad & start to hear voices/orders from them.

This is why God asked us to love & pray for others, when u love others u resonant/connect with God&blessings&positive good energies&stuff, when u hate/curse others, u are energized by devil & become more and more evil & destructive,this is why the abused behave the same as his abusers: his hatred toward them atracted them to manipulate him like them, the only way to chase off bad spirits&mental illness is to obey God even if u are not mentally ill. We must not hate poverty&pain,otherwise, poverty&diseases will strike us mad as what happened on 210106.

Einstein explained God's creations: visibles & invisibles are all energy;God is the source of good/+ energey, Devil is the source of bad/- energy.

Who are u? u = body + mind/soul, after body separate from mind, i.e. after u die, who are u=u are nothing/don't exist. Who is God, God=holy spirit+man's body=Jesus, if Jesus did exist, then God doesn't exist is absolutely false. God is forever living Jesus, not only does God exist but live perfectly well. Only God can combine soul & body to create life=resurrection!

Look at neglected&abused plant thriving&flowering to give me beauty & fruit=love, I am very happy=>God must be very happy when he sees us hold our heads/souls above abuses&suffer to love him. Even though raising kids is very hardwork yet the beauty & love they give us make us forget all our sacrifices,that is why we all die to have kids. Those who abuse lives are God hating devils, so raise kids/plants/animals to fellowship with God!

The only purpose of our life is to love: love God & others, otherwise, we wasted our life: God will dump the useless wasteful lives into trash=hell, hurry up to love & fulfill your purpose before too late=death.

--a letter to my renters:
God owns everything, we are renting from God on everything: what will God feel when he saw we made his prestine earth&heaven as dirty as my refrigerator,if we don't pay his rent, if we swear/curse/argue at God's face?

How do we pay rent to God for everything: love & serve others as yourself=use God given body & mind work hard to make others happy, instead of making others clean after us.  

Americans think love is only an empty 4 letter word, without actions, empty words are lies: Ephesians 5:6: Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God's wrath comes on those who are disobedient. Look how much love room #n's gf A doing for bf G? G: Please be appreciative of A's love, & stop adding headaches to A & me & God.

I definitely don't want to go to hell, will you? Please diligently learn & give love&fulfill the duties as a renter before too late

Sea turtle, decipher 666
Only when alive then can u feel love/joy/freedom/beauty/anger/pain/ugliness/filth, once dead, nothing.
Alive in heaven will only feel joy/beauty/freedom no pain. 80 deprived years for infinite years of joy is an infinite bargain!

But what if my 80 year suffer won't buy me infinite paradise? So those forced to suffer are blessed.

God intentionally created all birth defects/diseases/viruses/ poisonous snakes&insects/thorny weeds/natural diasters/quakes/hurricanes,so we don't succeed on our own but ask him for help,to make women depend on men, woman is made weaker than man.

If u are disabled by defects/diseases & can't pursue money/fame, the smartest way is to admit that I am no good but 100% love & rely on God;

If u are smart & capable, quickly & easily earn money&fame, then too bad u are trapped by death because it is impossible to discard everything to become a bum.

God make some men very bad, some very good, it is not ours to judge.

So, sick/defected/low IQ/unambitious ones are blessed.If pain hit u, Thank God by donating to churches because u are chosen to be saved! If u made huge money=>u maybe chosen to be Judas, if u become president=>u maybe chosen to be Pharaoh: immediately discard them for your life!

When she is young&pretty&sweet&smart, u marry her, when she became old&ugly&sick&crazy,u divorce her=>u never love her but yourself! Smart God of course select those who truly love him to be his wife.

But generally accepted Christian belief is that my earthly life should be blessed/comfortable/happy & heaven open up for me after I die=dream that I am blessed by both Kim Jong-un & Trump=>this will be your forever dream in hell.

Whenever we escaped death,we suspect God has special purpose for me so spared me=>Stop narcissism: because u didn't obey&love enough to earn yourself heaven, that is why God gave u 2nd chance to do so, God doesn't need us for anything, his only mission for u is that u survive forever!

New born sea turtles rush to sea for survival following sea surface reflected moon light,but brighter city lights turn them around to city streets to be run over by cars:modern technologies are leading us to hell.
We are sending ourselves to hell with God given smart/beauty/wealth.

Thus, giving gospel to the poor/sick/old are likely to yield fruits, let the weak be content in his suffer, put all his faith in God. But if u make the poor in developing countries dream to come to US/West, too bad,u just killed them forever. Everybody in rich countries knows gospel, but no 1 good tree/fruit, wealth/technologies have killed all.

Other signs of narcissism:
Stubbornly defend my own ideas without reasons, everything of mine is good, I can't make errors, I am not full of poop&pee, of course, I won't become rotten dead bodies & enter hell, as long as I made efforts, I should get the best.
100% confident in me&men but God. Refuse to consider others' warning.
Advertise/brag myself & my goods & services: interview/date/sale of goods&services all need brag, so today's every human is narcissistic,otherwise, can't find job/mate/customers.

Only those without slight narcissism can find truth&God, otherwise, we are bending everything off upright toward me. 

Follow=obey=mimic: Follow u=obey your orders=mimic u, so I am following myself=obey my own desires. Though I said I am Christian but I am 100% following me & mimic champions of money&fame=Trump/Buffet/etc.

God promised eternal life for the fruitful ones: if men mimic u to heaven, then u are fruitful,otherwise, u will be burned in hell.
This is why Paul had to give up all he had & become Jesus,if u are not like Jesus how will u make others like Jesus? If Jesus is so good, why don't u become him? Instead, u are trying to become Trump to have all the riches in the world. How will u yield Jesus' fruit? It is all a waste of short 80 year life building & going to churches, nothing interesting but boring religious/political study in churches. 

Think hard: 80 versus infinite years of luxury. 
Some communists sacrifice all they have for others without the motives of eternal life in heaven, but we Christians, with eternal life + heaven as rewards, can't even sacrifice our wealth, but do everything to pursue money/fame/women. Communists are honest: don't make up rewards, either, but we made up a lot of rewards: Abraham's riches, David's kingship/president, Solomon's smart/business mind. Actually, every religious man is selfish: hope something more powerful than me to keep me safe/prosperous/healthy/rich/good karma, that is why religious men out of envy keep on attacking communists: they can't do as communists: sacrifice 100% for their faith with 0% interest in selfish gain.

Like communists, everybody has faith, we all have the desire to sacrifice ourselves for something much bigger/higher/cleaner/worthier=>God has put such spiritual desire in every men but animals. If died for no-God, no God can resurrect us. Since communists already did the hard work why not simply put invisible God in their mind then they can get eternal life in heaven?

We always complain can't see God, but God made u in his image, see u should see God, but we have switched out God's soul with devil's narcissism, that is why very hard to see God. We always question who made God, but we never question whom we choose to be our father. All natural laws&good/evil&darkness/light are determined by God, God loves beauty/good/light/honesty, devil loves darkness/bad/lies, if u do evil=bad/cheat, then u have been reborn to be devil's kid, of course, u can be God's kid if u choose God as father & do as Jesus.

The only difference between us & animals is: we have soul, animals don't, though Indians worship cow, but never heard they say that they will follow cow's spirit. Then, if we are evolved from soulless monkeys, then who gave us souls? Only God who owns souls can give u soul, who owns life&heaven can give u life&heaven, who owns money can give u money, God owns everything, so God has given u everything.

2 Timothy 3-9
But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these teachers oppose the truth. They are men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith is concerned, are rejected.But they will not get very far because, as in the case of those men, their folly will be clear to everyone.

Even if u argue bible is written by men, yet existed for >4000 years, why not read it but men's budhism=>why throw away gold but read trash,if u don't like modern translation, u can read original bible in Greek/Hebrew, as long as it is gold, it is worth digging, if trash, even given it to me for free, I won't take it. Plus u can know God from his creations: universe & nature & u!
Jeremiah 9:6
You dwell in the midst of deception; in their deceit they refuse to know Me," declares the LORD.
Matthew 7:7
"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Bible is written from God's point of view, not favor any 1 person/tribe/nation, match nature/science, nobody but God lives for at least 6000 years to record 6000+ year history. Bible is the map to heaven/eternal life, only if u want to die then u refuse to read it,but we love to die, 50 years ago, we were partying&sexing all night long,&dying to AIDS, instead of repent & change behavior, we promoted homo sex as a human right all over the world: when u are allergic to wheat, why do u stop eating wheat, isn't eating a human right? After AIDS can be treated it became even more reckless: we'd sacrifice health&eternal life for 1 minute orgasm,sex make us infinitely dumb.

Jesus was busy moving your love off women/sex to God/bible, so I am 100% sure women never cross Jesus' mind & Jesus never slept with women: don't assume everybody is u.

All our body problems have to be transmitted to brain for holistic regulations, if organs make their own decisions then we will die, e.x. eyes can't tolerate hair but saw mouth can eat bones, so ask mouth for advice, mouth ask eyes to install teeth to break up objects, so eyes take out eye balls to accommodate teeth, of course, eyes are dead. All matters/energy are God's nerves, God will arrange perfect holistic help if we ask him for help.

When I was hanging off a cliff, I was desperately crying out to my grandma for help, if instead I called out to her enemy for help, she will be very mad and left me on the cliff to die.=>If we don't call out to God, the only one truly love & can save us, but call those who don't love us for help, then God will be mad & leave us dying.

God is the brain of the whole universe, every creation is God's nerve, God knows whom we are asking help from. So pray like this: Heavenly father, please let landlord forgive my disrespect & debt, let me live in her house freely for more time, give me humility to beg for her sympathy&forgiveness,remove the grip of laziness from me.

Newborn mind is virgin, all kinds of ideas are men. Refer to nature: only the best male can mate, why not also the best female can only mate, so evolution is wrong. God's meaning is: God's mind is the best, u should only marry God & have kids for God, but we are sleeping with all kinds of men & yielding ungodly fruit. We need to stop our adultery, abort our babies.

God didn't let David's baby from adultery die in womb, instead, let David fell in love with the new born then killed him, thus the excruciating pain made David never forget not to prostitute his mind again. We are all wives of God, if we pursue ungodliness then we are becoming prostitute, making our husband=God jealous.

Revelation described us=the pitiful prostitute, used then abandoned by selfish arrogant cold men, full of STDs, wandering among trash homelessly, everybody ran away from us, especially those ex-lovers are no where to be found, except God, who is weeping sadly for us, pick us up from trash, bring us home, wash us clean with Jesus' blood, put new wedding dress/pearls/gold on us to be his bride again.=>love God with all your heart, can't find 2nd man as good as God. 

While being a prostitute, not only we can satisfy our flesh but make money, except that he doesn't love u, after he is tired of u, he throw u out =>in this world, we can earn some comfort on our own, once stricken  by diseases/accidents/age then we are abandoned, so love the only husband=God who will take care of u forever in sick & thin.

As soon as God breath your soul into dirt, then u will be alive again regardless whose dirt is used on u. In Chinese legend, a magic monkey can breathe into a feather to create 72 creatures, ru lai God is the biggest God in the universe=God: Chinese Buddhism put human faces&clothes over God's spirit & angels.

Chinese word: 7 emotions 6 desires:
7 emotions=anger,worry,despair,sadness,fear,frighten,joy=soul's activities, 6 flesh desires=eye,ear,nose,mouth,body,sexual desires. 7 emotions don't die, 6 desires die with u. If only use flesh to satisfy soul, then how can 80 satisfy infinite years? i.e. body will never satisfy soul.
6 desires are for eliminating 6 suffers & gain 1 joy, if u can't go to heaven, then no more joy but forever fear/despair/sadness/worry/anger/frightening: the fear of death while living become forever reality.

Ok, let's try to decipher 666, 6=God made men on the 6th day, in 6000 years, Satan brought 6 disasters to destroy men, God's 1 day=men's many years, i.e. men were destroyed at the moment they were made. From now to Adam, it is 6000 years, we are at the darkest moment before daybreak, Revelation 20:2-10; 6=half of 12, split Isarale in half; 6am/6pm separate darkness & light, 6 months in a year are the worst,lunar June 6=July 20=the hottest day of a year, we abandon God but focus on 6 flesh desires to satisfy soul, 6 has the shape of snake, Chinese Zodiac used western 12, #6 is snake=>God started China, Chinese culture=God's culture. 6=dead men are buried 6 feet under, so 666 is the name of evil=snake/lie/adultery/abortion/death,destroy God's creation, fight&split,darkness,pain, fleshy pursuit. In Chinese, 6=rolling tunnel=current: once enter current/6, tumble dead in dark tube & killed dizzily/blindly.

At the end of tunnel is light & joy.

Divide a circle to 6,the end of 6th is the starting point=360=reunite/reconcile with God,back to God, after 6/6000 year exile, we reunite with God. All Chinese traditional holidays are for reunification=we were eager to reunite with God after separation,Chinese cultures surround&worship reunification:taichi/yinyang circle/martial art/medicine. Everything in universe moves in a circle,everything goes back where it comes from:seasons/life death/etc.=Chinese say leaf falls back to its root=Ancient figured out everything!

7=harvest/jubilee/accomplished/perfect/reunite/rainbow/Sunday, relax/rest, party with God joyfully, China has July 7 as God's valentine's day, we=bride, God=husband, we reunite with God in the sky on rainbow,lunar 7/7=August 15=start of harvest; 7am is when sun/light break out; in the 7th 1000 year, devil is locked up, no troubles, peaceful everywhere, God is at rest, after 7000 years, devil lead all his followers to fight the last fight with God, then defeated & locked up in hell forever, God & surviving men marry & live happily ever after in paradise. 

6 diasters & 1 joy in revelation:
First seal (Revelation 6:2): religious deception (Matthew 24:4-5).
Second seal (Revelation 6:3-4): war (Matthew 24:6-7).
Third seal (Revelation 6:5-6): famine (Matthew 24:7).
Fourth seal (Revelation 6:7-8): disease (Matthew 24:7).
Fifth seal (Revelation 6:9-11): tribulation and persecution of true Christians (Matthew 24:9-13; Luke 21:12-19).
Sixth seal (Revelation 6:12-14): an earthquake and heavenly signs (Matthew 24:7; Luke 21:11).
Seventh seal: men on the book of life will be resurrected. 

First trumpet (Revelation 8:7): devastation of earth's vegetation.
Second trumpet (Revelation 8:8-9): devastation of oceans and seas.
Third trumpet (Revelation 8:10-11): devastation of rivers and fresh water.
Fourth trumpet (Revelation 8:12): sun, moon and stars partially darkened.
Fifth trumpet (Revelation 9:1-11): a satanically influenced military power.
Sixth trumpet (Revelation 9:13-19): an enormous rival military power.
7th: new earth&heaven come down.
Chinese 6000 years of farming yield long lasting riches on everything: medicine/acrobat/martial arts/music/astronomy/algriculture/math/engineering/architecture/arts,people are united/balanced/appreciative/soulful/warm/hearty/considerate/wise,hard working & down to earth.

Snake used to have legs&feet before condemned by God, in 12 zodiac, Dragon is right before snake. Chinese call themselves the descendents of Dragon to distant themselves from snake & show their anger with snake:they wish snake never existed to cause us so much misery, from the 1st generation, they have seeded the dream for dragon to return=for us to go back to God!

12 zodiac maybe God's creation order of domestic animals, after he made dragon, he made men, smart dragon talked men to disobey God, so God changed it to snake=>dragon is the only fake animal in 12 zodiac because it was replaced by snake. Dragon was for riding, it can fly in cloud/fog/sky, we were riding on it playing pearls with each other=spring festival's dragon dance throw balls at each other, dragon like dog was with us all the time, so we trusted dragon easily & disobeyed God, after dragon was changed to snake, God made horse for us to ride,so horse is right after snake in zodiac. Note, monkey is after man, God made monkey in man's image, monkey should be the first domesticated, but not, because too smart to obey=>feel what God feel. After man's fall, mice & cat=>tiger are changed to man's enemies.

Was eating pork feet, ha, the taste is so dirty, but deer meat tasted much cleaner. Men's genetic modification only made meat dirtier.=>Amazingly, mouth can differentiate clean/dirty: clean water taste fresher. See/smell/taste/touch/etc yield same conclusion=>Chinese medicine is God medicine.

China is full of God's mysteries&wonders.

Deuteronomy 28

if restrict my enjoyment of life why even gave it to me

Let's face it, out of instinctive fear of pain/hunger/poverty/worries, I seek money/sex/freedom/fun, why give me sexual desire&organ if prohibit sexual enjoyment? If don't want me to be greedy why made it so hard to make a living? My only pleasure is condemned as pervert/immoral/adultery/debauchery/sin, if life is so painful why even gave it to me?

First, stop fooling ourselves ignorantly, read bible carefully, Abraham/David/Solomon/etc had a lot wives, with whom & how we enjoy is not God's concern, his only concern is our motives: if we only satisfy ourselves without regard to others, of course, die. If do everything out of obedience to God=love God & others, not only God won't blame us but provides: made Abraham the richest in the world/David king/gave thousands women to Solomon etc.
God is the maker of every pleasure/thing/you, pleasure & life was made & given to u meant for u to enjoy, if u are as obedient as Jesus, then God will let you enjoy orgasm forever and ever in paradise without ever need a penny/viagra/worry.

Accustomed ignorable nature is warning us all the time:
Daily, all creatures on earth are busy for survival, animals&plants have to die to give us life&pleasure=Jesus died so we can live. God made nature so deadly&cruel to show: Earth is not for pleasure but for survival, but we are constantly dying for pleasures & fear of pain!

Earth=prison, before death=above ground,alive,body can feel & do,with some light&freedom, after death=under ground is 100% dark hell with 0 freedom,body is gone,only desires&thoughts stumble in 100% darkness=ghost.

Death is sly as snake & violent as lions,we are no-where-to-hide rabbits,as long as on earth, have to be alert, slight relax, will be killed by money/women/lusts/worries, obey God's words & flee from dazzling&sweet murders, wait until rise into harmless heaven then unleash all lusts worry free, if insist on prematurely ejaculating, then life is ejaculated with it prematurely.=>lock up desires now:nobody wants to settle down & have a good life in prison, so first get the only 1 qualified lawyer=Jesus to exonerate u from death row & out of prison, afterwards enjoy life infinitely.

Only perfect Jesus can see God & defend u,we are too dirty to see him. When u are as perfect&holy as Jesus then God himself will come down to free u.=>whenever u complain that u can't see God is because u are too dirty/bad:God entered clean saints performed miracles.Matthew 22:11-14

Imagine u are Jesus, if I mock & belittle u, ignore your existence, grossly disobey u, will u risk your life to defend me? If I humbly beg/repent/weep & faithfully obey u, will u try your best to ask God show pity on me?=> If u don't beg for your own life who will? Partying churches have spoiled all: fear to piss off/scatter attendants so no mention of eternal condemnation/death/hell but attract attendants with dishonest hints: once u join my church then u will have heaven.
Even if u are never jailed but u know in prison kingpin is in control, he is using everything possible to enslave u to serve him,he has 0 love/concern for u, he is infinitely narcissistic& selfish,only loves himself.

Desire is like fire burning me, I can't sleep but busy thinking how I can get her all night long, without ever realizing that hell is rising & consuming me alive: private detectives, fights, kids' crying, divorce & lose all etc. True freedom will descend when u can oppress your lusts, i.e. freedom is not given by constitution/democracy/money but yourself, desires are tying ropes, we all like to control others, but instead, tie ourselves up & throw at the feet of enemies to be manipulated helplessly=>only if u free yourself from the control of desires then u free yourself from the controls of others: many married/single women were following Jesus for years, sexual affairs should be an easy accusation when they were desperately looking for something to jail Jesus, but it was not even mentioned.

Aha, u can understand God now: no need of physical nails/jail/locks/fetter/rope/guards,u are locking yourself up with your own sins/lusts,at living, u are nailed above ground, after death, nailed underneath without any light, your sins/lusts/addictions will forever burn u like fire.=>I couldn't understand why fire can't give light in hell, ha, it is the fire in your heart/soul not the physical fire, it is true that desires/locks are put in by God, but God also gave us keys to free us: bible+Jesus. 

But greeds&lusts are hugely fired up & promoted & pursued, all are competing to be kingpin: don't read anything but bible. God's mind is the best, bible is the source of all freedom/wisdom&truth&good&light,if u want to be smart/free/good/see&live, of course, u need read bible & God made nature, if u want to be cheated&to cheat&blind&die then u read men's deadly media.Once u obey the living God, he will give u all u want with infinite bonuses.

But I still have excuses: If God is all knowing&seeing, why do nothing when he saw innocent little kids being abused by bad men/diseases/starvation=If Jesus is God's son, why not vanish from jail/fly off cross & save himself? Ex: we planted 2 fruit trees, 1 is too weak to resist excessive cold/hot/dry/wet/insects/diseases, start to spoil & become disease bed, the 1 next to it, even though under same stresses, yet thriving & fruitful,the sick dying 1 has to be burned quickly to avoid the spread of death, the strong fruitful 1 will be seeded all over the earth & for all the generations to come. Trees must absorb lights&water&fertilizer to yield fruit=>U must absorb bible/God's light&water&nutrients to yield fruit.Good fruit=send men to heaven/if only send self to heaven count 1,bad fruit=send men to hell. U can only yield 1 type of fruit, not mixed,1 kid is spoiled then u must have spoiled all.

Our soul is the fruit tree that God planted, if my dad abused me, then I will abuse kids; I, a homeless poor orphan, was abused by nuns/priests without any protection by God, then God must not exist; etc.=>I am already a death spreading bed; Sister spoiled kids and made kids death beds. All these deadly souls can only be burned in hell. Parents are held accountable for kids' souls,if kid fall in hell, u fall with him. Being a farmer can understand a lot God's words:cut off diseased branches,hate fruitless fig trees, burn weeds=Matthew 5:29-30 & 18:8-9 & 21:18-22 & 3:40-41

But regardless how convincing it is,99% of us want to be enslaved by death as Jews wanted to go back to Egypt to be slaves again.
Would rather want 1 minute orgasm now than unlimited orgasm 50 years later?

The reason: We are too narcissistic&arrogant&stubborn to be enlightened & warned by God & let God's conscience/compassion/mercy/love enter us, our selfish needs&lusts have 100% control over us。 Narcissim unbearably magnifies pain&needs&lusts,so we distract hormone filled teenagers with hobbies/Men with kids are happier than those without, Jesus is 100% selfless only think God & men, though beautiful inside & out & every woman fell in love with him & often with him alone, yet he doesn't think of his own needs so turned down every woman's offer. So when you are ill/horny focus on the need of God & others then you will not be bothered by pain/lusts. 

Narcissists are more troublesome:weak/vain/arrogant/difficult/anger easily/always complain&sick&uncomfortable without any diseases=>spoiled kids are very narcissistic&selfish,don't even love his parents,so God not only doesn't satisfy all our needs & spoil us, but use disasters&harsh conditions purify us as purify gold in fire:ancients beat honor&obedience out of kids.Spoiling kids is like raising vampires.But if I was wrongfully beaten/suffer without any reason? =>Why animals suffer when we damaged nature? Jesus was not bad why was beaten&nailed? Blameless Job/babies are tortured by diseases =>God's law: we can only unconditionally obey God&parents,no excuses/rights to talk back,if parents ask u to die then u have to die, 1 disobeyed brought suffers&death to all, 1 obeyed brought life to all=>Chinese knew man's life affects all。/God must have told them. West hate dictatorship, thus hate God&parents, then God will kill u & take your life back. Proverbs 23:13-14 

When first man was created, God already put a curse on all men: everyone must die. Jesus died for all & removed curse, replaced natural selection with Jesus' selection.

How do I know I am narcissistic: I feel hurt/insulted/belittled/offended when others point out that I am wrong/not important/ignorant/close minded/I am poop: I am so narcissistic that I hate to hear that I am narcissistic.In everything only care myself & careless to others,think I am VIP.Don't lose every chance to glorify myself=>What is there to glorify when I am poopy&wasteful&sinful&powerless&diseased inside out? Except God, nobody wants me, even I offer myself for free to u, u won't want me because I will cost u a lot money to keep me alive because u can't even kill me & use me as compost.

Narcissistic & proud west think God & whole universe think I am special & have been selected while still in mom's belly: select u for what? God is self sufficient & needs nothing from u & has no use of u, but it is u who needs God to survive! All these talks of God's chosen reveal our narcissistic pride. God doesn't favor anyone, give everyone the same commands & tests, those who pass the tests live, fail the tests die, even Jesus had to take the same tests, if Jesus failed, at most, Jesus abort his mission of saving the world, nothing is changed: u continue to die, God continue to live, what is so special about u?

Narcissistic u hope God like mom babysit u 24x7, if God has to babysit trillions of his creatures 24x7, he will be exhausted=>if u can't protect your own soul, then u die.

Don't rush to narcissism, after u die, u will have infinite time & space to love yourself, in 100% perfect darkness & silence & vaccum, nothing will ever interrupt your self-absorption!

Is life only about food/sex/money & roll up bigger&bigger poop money ball until I am rolled into it? 
Communism was invented because we don't want to be led by capitalistic pigs,Marx excluded God because God has been idolized & painted with nassistic lies&greed&discrimination&cruelty worse than pigs=>since we can't put faith in pigs so we can't believe in God=atheists. 

Can't gurantee own survival but give birth to kids to be used by devil, which is worse than becoming poop balls.

Isn't it heart broken thinking your beloved kids crying in fear&darkness&loneliness&evil ghosts filled hell, Soften up now: admit our errors&change to be like Jesus: ignore pain&lusts, love God&men selflessly&humbly,raise Jesus-like kids. Actually, before die & suffer in hell, we already inflicted hell&tremendous pain on ourselves while still living:global warming=we are cooking ourselves in slow fire,don't use end of world excuses to blame God, God didn't pollute earth.

But I just can't believe there is eternal life, it is better to enjoy it as much as I can while I still have it. Matthew 27:46:My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?=>Though Jesus knew that he will be resurrected but was still overcome by fear of death, so we can imagine our fear of death, why not stop dying now? But no one wants to suffer.

In 60s, Chinese couldn't feed&clothe kids but those kids became the most caring&obedient to parents, rich western hippies freed sex from all rules,abused substances,disobeyed parents, neglect aging parents etc. So suffer&poverty is better,as fruit trees must be trimmed.

Ancients emphasized self-control & suffer because they believe only those who suffer the most can rise above all=Jesus, but we victimizes self, think God&others should be blamed for my suffer:US is forever indebted to slavery, believe that pain&oppression of instincts produce nothing but psychos&addicts.

Actually,selfish addicts of money/fame/games not only can suffer but sacrifice life for them: work/gamble without eat&sleep, risk death/jail selling drugs, play video games 24x7, drink/drug while starve homelessly on streets, crush bones to play football, risk STDs for sex etc. But for those we don't love, we complain & refuse to suffer/sacrifice.Spoiled kids won't take care of u, unloving spouse won't oppress his lusts for adultery, put men that I hate out of my sight into bad neighborhoods/camps to avoid annoying me, of course, don't bother me with invisible God/soul/ghost. 
Don't forget God give u life, if u can prove that u are worthy, he will give u forever life&pleasures, so forget how I am going to make money, what I will eat/drink/wear/play & with whom to go to bed with etc but as Jesus love God first.

West is spreading errors: Because God loves us too much to see us suffer, thus beat himself up for our evil: before & after Jesus, we suffer & die as usual, what has changed is that Jesus-like good seeds/souls will be picked up by God from earth & spread into heaven, i.e. u will enjoy life forever in paradise, those not picked up will be rotten in dirt & disappear/die forever.

What does follow-Jesus/God mean: how can I run after an invisible soul? Follow=Mimic, God of course know that u can't see him, so he made himself real=Jesus so u can see/hear/touch/etc & mimic Jesus, his actions&words&life style&relationships&interactions&etc are in bible. To fool u, west chose follow instead of mimic, any ambiguous unclear words lead to >1 interpretations = cheating=>Matthew 5:37: ambiguous unclear words come from the evil one.

It is very easy&fun to wear Jesus' jersey & run with everybody else, but it is very difficult to mimic Jesus:we can't control our lusts&greed for money/sex/fame/food, not mentioning to be beaten/put in jail/nail on cross.

We are bombarded by all kinds of charming murders, to survive, we must team up and honestly love&help&support&encourage each other, regardless how smart u are, if u are on your own u will die faster, dicrimination/favoritism/walls/bully/hostility/hate/narcissim/nationalism/selfishness/lies only speed up our own demise like pouring oil over fire. If God gave u young&beautiful body thus attract many men: don't be proud & belittle them, but be compassionate of their much higher animal instincts & loneliness & pressure & stress, redirect their love for body to love for wisdom & God thus find women who truly love them.=>The Marys who followed Jesus must wanted Jesus for herself initially, but moved by Jesus' selfless love, instead of feeling heart broken/angry/ashamed by rejection, they turned to 100% selfless love&serve&offer to Jesus: they served all his daily mundane needs which absolutely not including their bodies, otherwise, Jesus/God would be the hypocrite that God has been defeating from the beginning to end=>If God killed himself,then who made the universe? but we have profited handsomely by making up Jesus affairs=>in this world,lies&conspiracies&God's mockers&rebellions are the most profitable.If a leader leads u to bed flee quickly.

The love between man&woman=love between any 2 humans=heart in heart=soul in soul=obey/trust/understand/fully open to each other=feel what he feels=care each other's needs=u want to be loved not fxxxed, love is independent of body, love invisible God=entrust God with your soul&100% obey/trust God, so a woman loves a man doesn't mean that she has to sleep him. Narcissists only love&satisfy himself but others & God: spoiled kid eat up all he wants=>addicts only love your meat not you=Lions love deer meat without ever caring deer's needs=>Smart God uses life giving sex to show our desire for love&life is insatiable & is the best pleasure. Love between man&woman without sex will be rewarded with freedom&life&joy=>Jesus' infinite love gave us infinite freedom/life:pleasure is for spirit not organs,without the limitation of body,orgasm can be infinite high&long. This is also why God can be pleased or angered etc=>God is infinitely smart,we can only detect from nature & connect the dots to understand tiny bit of him。=>Scientists are curious about nature but its maker=God thus arrived at vast errors&lies:read bible&honestly observe everything&beg for God's englightment then u will find&understand all scientific truth:fill mind with God is like adding wings to tiger, u will be extremely sharp.

Luke 8 14 The seed that fell among thorns stands for those who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked by life’s worries, riches and pleasures, and they do not mature. 15 But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop.

Even if u believe without practice but pursue riches&pleasures of this world,u will die forever, only those not pursuing riches in this world but practice God's words & yield many fruits will live forever. Your kids are your fruits, if they are bad=u dead,if lead others to west&US instead of heaven=u dead.Spreading narsistic selfish gospel is worse than not spreading:Matthew 23:15

Luke 6:24 “But woe to you who are rich,for you have already received your comfort.
25 Woe to you who are well fed now,for you will go hungry.Woe to you who laugh now,for you will mourn and weep.
26 Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you, for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets.

Luke 1 50 His mercy extends to those who fear him,from generation to generation.51 He has performed mighty deeds with his arm;he has scattered those who are proud in their inmost thoughts.52 He has brought down rulers from their thrones but has lifted up the humble.53 He has filled the hungry with good things but has sent the rich away empty.
Don't know who made God thus God doesn't exist=Don't know pig produce pork thus the pork in front of my eyes doesn't exist=>I am blind.

Communism&Atheism also originated from WEST/Germany,West is the nursing bed for men's viral confusing theories lacking truth/wisdom/humanity/civilization,but taught in all the colleges all over the world misleading all generations.

Deer love eating tomato leaves&branches promote more tomatoes for u.=God made animals to trim plants for u for free.

If God doesn't change poop to life, then we can only eat poop&trash, drink pee&sewer. Why would God take troubles to detour & loop life&death around, why not skip death and make life from life just as u give birth to babies=>heaven must not have death/sewage/pain.

Should we be charitable & feed animals in starving winter

Landlord has charged Amigo 10+ year rent, I really want him to own the garage, but landlord doesn't want to sell it because of the reliable rent income, thus ask for an unreachable price, drove me crazily anxious, ha, why fight with God, treat landlord as brother, just imagine Amigo's property is held by his brother/landlord,then my anxiety disappeared: think everything as God's will then worries disappear.

No need to complain, God knows everything, there must be a reason that God doesn't interfere, may it be, why worry what God doesn't?

Have been busy with eat&play and missed fabulous investment opportunities. We worship money-make-money, thus flip & balloon up property prices, eventually balloons blow up in someone's hands&heart: anyone can lose money &be broken. Money-make-money is anti-Christ: we definitely don't sell houses at 200% profit to our kids, but we sneakily sell them at highest profit possible to strangers without worrying he may go bankrupt.It is better to stay away investing,thus stay away from hell fire. Use God given skills to serve men & make a living.

God is magical: random collisions of DNA produce beautiful strong lives,pump water/dirt/air randomly into earth to result in beautiful lively nature =>imagine notes collide randomly to produce Mozart's music, letters randomly collide to produce Einstein scientific papers,0/1 randomly collide to produce automation software, dirt randomly collide to give skyscrapers & etc. Think God doesn't exist=Mozart/Einstein/Gates/You don't exist.
God-made can also reproduce & recycle on its own, plants are magical: the more we cut the stronger they grow=>but men can never make anything to reproduce/recycle/plant like.

We don't know Cleisthenes existed because we don't see him, but we fervently follow Democracy because it is useful; you don't know God/Jesus exists because you don't see him, plus Jesus is too hard to follow, so we treat Jesus as superstition thus not follow him, what kind of logic is this? 
Jesus' definition for human:
1. Love & obey God's commands above everything.
2. Love others as oneself.
If we can't do the 2 love, then we are animals to be used/eaten/killed, are accessories/inferior to men, eat men's leftovers, as we don't offer food to mice, we don't give charities to non-man men, But, we ourselves are not men, even less able to judge who is/who is not man, so as long as he looks like a man then love him as ourselves, but for the obvious non-human or those who cheat, we rebuke them. Only Jesus knows who is/who is not man, and only save men, not even pagans, pagans have to try harder to be saved: Matthew15:21-28. Egyptians were slaughtered as animals. but disobedient Jews died much worse death: famine/plagues/snakes/earthquakes/wars=>Disobedient Christians will suffer much worse death than unbelievers. 

Nothing wrong to use/make money of non-man, none of the animals&plants are believers, but we grow/use/care/sell/eat them,most our families are non-man,can we starve them? so wedding cake makers refuse to sell cakes to homos is silly.

Everything follows God's spirit,natural laws of course is God's spirit, God created nature, if not God's, whose? God's spirit covers every inch of universe. I don't have to know God's creater to know that God created everything. God may have created himself, we can't create ourselves doesn't mean that God can't create himself.

Everybody knows that Jesus was resurrected, as long as 1 man was resurrected, then God has the ability to resurrect any man. If we don't know how to love God then we will definitely not able to enter heaven. We always believe if we are good then we can enter heaven: I knock on your door wanting to move in with you, you ask: based on what, I: Because I am a good person, You: I don't know you, no matter how good you are you can't enter my house, but I: I am your unmet penpal talking with you everyday, did all you asked obediently, have paid my rent. You: Aha, you are Mr. xxx, please enter.
If you can resurrect the dead, if your wife who loves you very much died, of course, you will resurrect her immediately: love God if you don't want to die.

Mark 10:18:No one is good--except God alone.

So not possible to become a good man, but if we love God above all then we are automatically naturally instinctively like good man/God/Jesus, I-think-myself-is-a-good-men is the worst. How do I love an invisible God:always obey the loving words in bible=always follow mom's loving nagging. 

Our body is temple, soul is church, Jesus died for the love of churches=our souls.

If we love God, then we only date&marry those who love God=we only date&marry those who love our parents,if not, no peace in home.Sex with a man who doesn't love God is like sex with an animal, even if he loves you&you love him very much=we love dog/dog loves us but we can't sleep with dogs,we don't even eat with pigs together:1Corinthians 5:11&6:16. If marry with Jesus-like man=>we may get green card to heaven via marriage. Teach kids such then they will never have heart break all their lives.Always put God first to be safe.

Western Christianity/songs is all about me,always think I am David that God has a special purpose for me: too much selfish thinking, don't mistaken, Jesus died for God not me, in God's eyes, I=pig, unless we die for God as Jesus did then we can't live forever. If like pigs die for kids/food/body/sex/money/poop then we can only become poop because kids/poop money can't resurrect us.As our parents don't expect us to do anything for them other than love them, if we are like pigs don't love God, then why would God let us live but pigs die?

Instinctively, we use souls to get what we want so we compliment,to get a woman's body we lie to her what she loves to hear.Pretty face/scenary/food only please soul:once soul is pleased then it releases money/body that we are truly after, that is why we say: customers are always right, slight disagreement will piss them off & lose business/money: West brag to East of its freedom of speech & tolerance of different opinions, but in front of money, we crush freedom of speech & tolerance of different opinions & democracy & equality & freedom, plus threaten to withdraw business to make us praise them=>hypocrisy&bully. If we please God, then God will give us what we love=not to die! Invisible God doesn't have an ass to kiss but 100% honesty.

Animals don't compliment&don't care food looks, Who put souls in monkeys to become men?

All the Christians in the world share 1 soul/spirit/thought=God's spirit, US Christians support different political parties/have so many mafia brands, definitely not Christians I am afraid.

Amigo's stepdad was tortured by illness, unexpectedly, stepkids went to see him with money & gifts, he was moved & repented for abusing them/fatherless kids, died in peace days later.

Honest repent/apologize: this & next & forever life will not make the similar mistake/sin again.
Unconditional forgive: regardless the abuser change or not, treat them as loved ones.
Only honest repenter/forgivers can enter heaven, forgiving is unconditional&without execuses&independent of abuser, have faith in God's judgement of putting the right person in heaven: if you run into him in heaven, he will definitely not abuse you again, so pray for him to go to heaven!

Nursing homes are very bad, many lie in poop&pee&hungry all day long, but even if you have kids&spouse, you may suffer the same:
A small Chinese woman, married 2 times with 6 kids, first lived with the youngest, because they had to work all day long so she poop & pee all over the floor without meals, then they moved her to the oldest son's house, he buried her alive!
Solution: while still able, make friends with younger&kind&honest&non-money lovers, save money for hiring a maid, let families & friends come to check on us often, share maid's contacting info with them, if they see awful stuff they can review worker online: we ourselves don't like to do the work but we love to criticize others' work, plus if we promise to put them in our will to leave them some money then they will really take good care of us.Pay worker 2000/month with free food & shelter, which most old folks have, cheaper than any retirement home.

My friend worked 20 years each in China&US, now retired, receives 3000/m from China, 300/m from US, in US,we pay very little taxes but spend every paycheck,then after retirement, we end up in free/cheap welfare nursing homes & complain.

Old folks don't want to spend money on themselves but save for kids,why not be Jesus and raise kids to be Jesus, thus both you and kids can enter gold filled heaven.

listen to online audio bible,sounds like Jesus is talking with me/you directly
love it: .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ2PkTAdhRQ&list=PLHZp_z2RSv22-oT8SQ66ADvEImLMsS8ZD&index=40.

Nobody's life is free of troubles, I have to fight with men & animals constantly: in starving cold winter, squirrels frantically look for food, team up open pots/dig in yard to get all the food that I hide, why God created bitter starving winter, is he asking us to give charity/food to starving animals? Bitter/starving conditions strengthen life,only the hardworking/smart/obedient ones will survive. But animals are not evil in that they team up and work together to beat bitter winter instead of humiliating teammate/me in front of my customers intentionally so that I lose my business/food:

#n hasn't paid me rent for last 2 months, in 2 days, new rent will due, but he doesn't have a job&money&plan to pay, while living in my house, use my electricity/washer/dryer/internet/water/light/bathroom/microwave/furniture/walk way for free, evilly, he is disobeying & interfering my life/job & calling me argumentative/nasty/crazy in front of my customers & neighbors after blindly & carelessly & lovelessly put the wrong bin on the street 2 times. 

Man, whose property are you standing on arguing with whom? I do whatever I like on my property, it is not your business to criticize.

You keep on mentioning God & Jesus without obeying him, God gave you life to do good & love, but you did nothing but evil and burdens to others, because of disobedience & wickedness, God brought covid, still, #m, #q and I are working, #q even is pursuing advanced degrees in her spare time, but you even refuse to learn simple tasks like how to empty vacuum cleaner. You habitually resort to government assistance, who tax workers like us.

You always have tons of excuses & criticisms against others. Whatever way I conduct my business is not your concern, keep your criticism to yourself and I don't want to hear them: you can gossip behind me anyway you like, just don't stand on my property & annoy & damage me/my customers/my neighbors, if you have any love for others, you will not fire up a loud arguement to break neighborhood peace by refusing to accept your own repetitive careless mistakes.

While living on my property, you can only obey not argue, if you can't obey, please feel free to move out & find your own paradise to live in. Remember not paying rent = theft. Imagine if I am your renter, am I acceptable to you? 

I am straightforward & honest without worrying political/religious correctness: we all are evil, each one is evil in his/her own way, Bravely drag out the devil inside & acknowledge our wickedness and change, otherwise, we will end up homeless.
Your evil lies in that I specifically asked you not to argue/shame/damage me in front of my customer, but you intentionally increased your volume to attract attention. Terrible! Go homeless, I don't care you freeze to death.

Pass this message on to discipline those who habitually rely on charity & welfare but criticizing for not being pampered & spoiled like kings by them.
Equally, Earth is God's property, no argue but obey God!
God use harsh conditions to discipline men to obey, I use rude to expose men's hypocrisy.

A day later, the renter was not angry anymore & talked to me & resumed peace. It is good that he is a believer & humble, some folks never repent & soften up, hearts are as hard as stones, which have to be softened & melt to lava in hell, why wait until die in hell to melt, soften up now to avoid hell forever.

If we stay inside to avoid harsh winter&summer will definitely weaken our livability. Garlic thrive in ice so garlic can beat virus. 

Train dog: dog doesn't understand our words & thoughts, but it learned if it obeys it will be rewarded with treats, so dog chooses to obey us. I was trained by God in the same way: love to be a tail wiggling dog for God,beg God's attention/love to kiss Jesus' ass&feet forever:any kind of living is better than die proudly.

When we can 100% materialize our wishes=change stone to gold/resurrect dead/clear illness then we will not die,otherwise,need rush to repentence&correct ourselves&beg God's mercy humbly,once dead even want to beg can't beg.

Animals are always punished first for men's faults: global warming kill them first. Animals are burned as sacrifice on altar for men's sins:Animals don't know God, are treated as dead by God=>men don't love/fear God=animals=dead

Animals never hold grudges/take revenge/complain,very easily content, no ideals/ambitions. When dog is tied in yard, it is trying very hard to get free, when stranger came to help it, it bites him:dog only wants its master to free him, even abused by its master, it still protects him, once dog sees its master, dog forget all the abuses. We are also animals but we can't forget abuses by others, animals have better memory & are smarter than we: they forever remember where food & water are, & survive in harsh wilderness.
Animals don't brag themselves and only live for the moment, wake up man: you are living in now not in the past, who care how successful you were before.
The inability of dwelling on past & misled by past makes animals face reality soberly & survive. 

African snow peak: in day time, the temperature is above 110, uv light can burn up men in 1 hour, but there are huge blooming flowers, in night, temp drops below -20, flowers close to form a comfortor to block cold: God knows the conditions of every inch of the world, and created lives to survive in it, thus God is watching you every second, and knows all your thoughts & all conditions of earth. If he could create 1 earth, he could create many earths, but didn't: just 1 is almost destroyed by men, is too big for very few worthy men to live on.

Resurrection is like butterfly/moth/cicada rise out of worms:amazing design of creatures.Reproductive organs/styles/who eat whom all decided before existence, no evolution trend, never change, universe was carefully designed & made before time.

Living is great, miss today's beautiful sunrise, there will be tomorrow, but tomorrow if I am dead, then nothing, we must strive for eternal life & pleasures: give last penny to the poor,not addicted to food/sex/play/death.

Fear for death=fear for God=Fearful for offending God & bringing demise to self, even the drug cartel #1 has to find justificaiton for his killing, nobody dare to kill/hunt men without any justifications as slaughter animals.

Many years of natural science study/research/work helped me to find God who is the only one can resurrect dead, I don't want to die, especially I want my sister to enter heaven to enjoy God's love and recover from the awful abuses, while convincing her, why not obey Jesus and share the immortal science with everybody: There are many innocent men suffered many years brutal abuses as my sister did, I was also abusing her & doing a lot of evils, but God kicked me into hell then mercifully emerged me 2nd time on the other side of earth to see light=him: in this world, the only person I really really want to enter heaven is my sister, but she is the most stubborn to convince. I sound very selfish, but I have given you all evidences/logic/comparisons/sciences/observations, only if you want to live then you will have the possibilities to.

Jesus was enjoying heaven, because he loves God more than heaven, he chose to come down to be abused, beaten and died by being nailed to cross then went down to firy hell: nobody ever can do this, not me, I will definitely not give up my comfortable life to be abused by my stepmom:only God can do impossible.

---201214: Alzheimer's reveal your soul:
Saw: 2 parents birds & their baby, every day, parents are taking turns to feed the baby, mom&dad kiss each other then dad fly over 100 miles to dive into deep sea to get fish, then fly another 100 miles home, exhausted when reach home but is welcomed by pirates who are robbing returning parents' fish, this dad almost lost the fish in his mouth, but he risks his life&brings food to his baby, starving mom&dad stand by watching baby swallows the fish in 1 bite.
Whoa,very similar to man's parents. Why made nature so cruel: our soul is like bird:cruel Satan is waiting to kidnap us any moment.
1/2 men are like birds: sacrifice self to make money for kids' without knowing that we have souls also.
1/2 men are worse than birds:make money for oneself is more important than care for kids, ex my sis in law ignore her son but make money for herself.
0 man is above animals: even if your baby will die, yet willingly offer the food to pirates: God will feed your whole family & generations to come.

If we are like animals or worse, then why make troublesome man? a small cliff resides thousands of birds, but can only accommodates 10 men, so man is very pricey, must have a much higher expectation for man: conquer devil & love invisible good God!

But be a man is difficult, ex: I can't stop eating persimmons until vomit&pain: Man has self discipline but I don't, so I am just a pig. Only Jesus is 100% man, God gave us Jesus as an model on how to be a man, if not like Jesus, then not a human.
Of course being God is even harder just like being parents is harder.

Very few partial men exist: a girl was renting a room from me, she voluntarily cleaned & beautified & organized all common areas, paid rent ahead of due date and etc. She came to support a minority party. Suddenly I understood: because most of us <= animals, i.e. bad men created big parties & always win, minority good men party never win, i.e. evil always prevail in a democratic country & freedom of speech only applicable to bad men, because only bad men's speeches attract audience,i.e. everything in the west is a lie/hypocrisy!

US treated me well doesn't mean that I should worship US as a savior of the world. All over the world, US has been stirring up men to rebel their governments, setup refugee camps, teach English/Western culture&religion, men hug VOA/BBC fighting their own men, the biggest trouble makers are shipped to US to make big money/houses/cars. This soft conversion + sanction+military threats make US an idol of the world. If God let US enter heaven, we will rebel God's dictatorship. 
If we don't muddle others politics,then even communists will welcome Jesus: who doesn't want to live forever? Communism has nothing to do with penniless soul's survival, but everybody needs a bite of Jesus to live. 

Gun can't murder, but bad men use gun to murder.

American officials are Christians' guns&canons. Since Constantine mixed religion into politics, Christianity became Satan's weapon: religion is 100% materialized & politicized. Earth=heaven, president=God,body=soul, body death=soul death, body salvation=soul salvation,our will=God's will, our law=God's law, man made=God made, man elected=God's chosen, qualifications to heaven=donations to church+service in church. The twin western Christianity pop culture is 100% materialistic&money worshiping. The God party=Republicans even build walls to protect money&jobs/poop from foreigners!

Communists don't use religion as a weapon.

Kings only care country borders & kingship, due to inability to control distabilizing natural disasters & foreigners, so kings turn to religion to calm down his people; Meanwhile, religious people need goverment power&money to strengthen themselves: who doesn't want his church become huge international chain stores? Such mutual bribing clearly happen in US, we fervently support it because Christians only care of blowing Gospels even with Satan's mouth&hands. Also invaders need religion to tame natives, false Christianity invaded each country with invaders, how can wolf share milk with sheep? so Jesus is only a bait: only if you believe Jesus & obey the invaders then you will be saved. 

Nobody wants to be poor Jesus, so let's believe Jesus suffered and took away all our poverty, so we won't be poor again. Why don't we believe rich people have taken away&saved all money for us, so we don't need to worry money anymore?

After Jesus, we are freed to do whatever without worrying God's wrath.

US republicans are self righteous & think they are chosen to enforce God's laws: make laws to ban abortion/homos/assisted suicides/communism/etc, thus pocketed all Christians' votes. God hand picked king=Jesus is not enough so Christians have to pick another king? God is the king for heaven, Jesus is the king for earth/country: Christians should never vote or run for offices, otherwise we are murdering king Jesus.
Communists forbid religious men to join party to gain party advantage is correct.

Soul is instructing us talking&working, but we keep on denying its existence.
Body is poop, God doesn't care body. God made every element in the universe, when he cleared Jerusalem for Jews, he was exercising his ownership, we are only God's renters/guests, but we replaced God killing all over the world. If we can't be a good guest on earth then don't expect to be invited to heaven. 

Jesus didn't kill any men but committed suicide & used his own blood to give life to all men.After Jesus, any wars under God's name is blasphemy.

Making body is very easy, man has millions of sperm daily, woman has egg monthly, plus tube & stem cell babies, only crazy men want to save every sperm/egg/fertilized egg. If we don't know how to raise kids to be man, then we are raising soldiers for Satan. The family planning in China was good. If parents can't raise kids, should do birth control. I wish my irresponsible dad had 0 kid.

Soul can't be killed by knife: we are using public's sympathy for poor babies to gain votes! God has his own mechanism to prevent abortion, the decision of keeping a baby is between his parents and God, not ours to worry.

God chose us based on our past obedience, Mary & Joseph were always obedient so were chosen, if Mary abort, God can choose another couple: there are millions of couples to choose from. Man's heart is unpredictable including the chosen ones, disgraced Saul reigned longer than David. God can make flowers out of poop but can't change man's mind. So don't expect our spouse love us all the time, don't promise anything, flee from ceremonies/weddings that need us to swear, we can't obey our own words not mentioning the words of an invisible God's / others, Jesus didn't ask any of his disciples to swear to follow him. 

Stem cell baby is no different than normal baby. Sacrificing body to save the sick/dying is Jesus' way, no reason to forbid, the whole world is controlled by the west false religion.

Kid is God's best gift, out of humanity & instinct, nobody would kill his own baby for whatever reason, can't abort on her own but borrow hands of others, she is already despaired but we are bullying her more.
Animals kill defected babies, we don't kill but love them more. Rich men may buy embryos to treat themselves=sacrifice babies for money=round up immigrant kids in jails.

God doesn't care bodies, plants&animals are made to be eaten. Though made by God, weeds/mice/etc should be eradicated, if they don't die we die. God even wiped out the temple built under his own supervision.
God's anger kill millions, natural disasters kill thousands, why don't we sentence God to death? West killed whole earth, why don't sentence self to death: we always have 2 laws: 1 for self, 1 for others. 

We can die of: suicide/murder/accident/illness/aging/etc, how do we die doesn't determine where we will be going: if we are violent psycho, out of protection of others, we commit suicide/If we don't want to see mom suffering illness so killed her: such murders are out of love will be rewarded by God. But we misunderstand body death as soul death.
God can easily make a life of every dust in universe, so body's death means nothing to God. 
Physical desire interfere/pollute/distract soul, so meditation/praying needs fasting&no sex/stop desires.

God's 10 commandments are only for soul regardless actions:
1. Murder: curse/hate/discriminate/unforgive/not love God&men: soul will die in hell.
When faced with robber give him all he wants, ask him not to kill us so he won't enter jail, tell him money/sex only give him temporary relief but God can give him eternal relief, so we saved both his and our soul. If we resist and are killed, he didn't commit murder because he didn't hate us, we saved nobody's soul by resisting.
1/2 US hope democrats die, even without actual murder, we committed murder.
If we hate abortionists, then murdered us instead of the aborting woman.
Out of jealousy, Cain's soul committed murder, so God didn't kill Cain's body.
Mislead men to hate homos/abortionists/communists/suicides is murdering.
2. Theft=envy=greed=glutton=lie: workaholic and glutton me committed theft.
3. Having sex in one's mind= adultery

Violating man's law is punished by men, but violation of God's law, God won't punish us but leave us outside of heaven. Only Jesus was appointed judge not US, replacing Jesus judge men is murdering Jesus, we can only obey not judge/enforce God's laws. Jesus sacrificed his soul&body to judge us, what did we sacrifice to be God's judges/kings?

We are born into a dark cold cruel world, flesh is used to feel & follow God's love/light to exit, Christians are supposed to use bodies as torch/traffic light/water/food/love to guide people to exit.

God is spirit not physical, Jesus is God's body. God teach by example: Jesus heal/feed many.

So, Christians need to teach/preach by example, need to live out God's law as Jesus did: treat money as poop, no pursuit/possess of money/physical pleasures, don't do anything for money, generously pay workers, no savings, love others as own kids.

If we make people envy of our possessions, of course, people will try to be as money rich as we are: the whole world is following US to become rich. 
Love is not only material, Pharisees also donate, but hypocrites' donations is as meaningless as transfer dirt from 1 pocket to another. The real love is to guide men to the source of love=God: John 8:11, repent & stop sinning/addictions/disobedience/pride/etc.

Humility&love&honesty attract followers, bad temper&violence will scatter men: when amigo tames his temper then I like to spend time with him and exchange ideas, my sister is very stubborn, so repel me away from her, everywhere penniless Jesus goes, thousands are following him.

Because being a doctor can be rich that is why we sent kids to med school, if studying bible can go to heaven why don't we all go to seminary? Seminary graduates ask us to go to churches, thus we all believe as long as we go to churches then we can be saved. But outside of churches, are we Christians or not?

Because 99% men are bad/sinful, so allow abortion but forbid owning gun are good, because men&gun are being used for evil.

A 70 year old ask her 40 year old kid to give her tea, the kid keep on forgetting that she already delivered tea but put a tableful of tea in front of her, mom was very sad that her kid got Alzheimer's, because kid probably forgot she is her mom but obediently give her tea, so mom should be excitingly happy because her kid is on her way to heaven! 
After we get Alzheimer's, we suspect our kids robbing us, become hostile/cruel/violent to families, who have disappeared from our memory & we treat them as strangers. 
We can't control not to get Alzheimer's  but we can develop love for strangers to avoid such hostility to families.

Think soul as a program, at birth, memory is empty, gradually we put families/friends/tribes/country men/rules/regulations/courtesies/statuses/knowledge/etc in it, we also consciously code soul:
Here is a wallet, if its owner not in my memory, then I put it in my pocket and flee;
Here comes a pretty woman, if memory shows she is not my sister, then I try to have sex with her;
A man asks me to clean toilet, if he is my boss, I'd better clean it well, if not, I just ignore him; etc.
After memory is gone, all conditions are gone, so soul follows unconditional default branch to instruct body:
If all our life we want sex, then we may flirt/rape our daughters;
If all we want is money, then we would rob our kids. 

If we are filled with holy spirits, then we will be like Jesus operated by God: treat mom as sisters.

Things/situations become 1st encounters, as first time saw an apple we had to ask mom before eat it, now mom is gone, but if we have the habit of asking God/bible, then with or without Alzheimer's make no differences.
What if we are too forgetful to remember God? As long as 1 cell is alive then we will not forget God, God made & connect every cell/app to him until he cuts off the linkage. If we have the habit to ask men or men's book then we are as dead as the wood of the book.

Of course, soul is much more complex than computer programs, highly intelligent, can analyze/derive/predict/desire/imagine/plan/connect with God etc.
90% soul's instructions are not executed, only we & God know.

Body DNA code is automatically born:no value, but soul is made by our heart bit by bit, the customer of our soul is God, only if we satisfy God's requirements then God will save us in heaven to live forever, bad soul is for Satan&hell.

Soul is 100% independent of physical being like IQ/family background/body health/sleep/gender/race/age/place, Healthy body helps to feel God's love but if we reject God then even laser sharp sensors can't enlighten dull soul.

After cell dies, its data still exists, ex. stomach cell dies every 5 days, but new born cells still know that we eat lunch at 1pm so produce digestive fluid at 1pm, if brain cell can regenerate, then Alzheimer's will not exist. After we die, all the info stored in all the cells will be judged by Jesus. Like the Law of Conservation of Mass for physical matters, Ideas/souls don't vanish. 

Life=soul+body, soul can only control life created for it, transplanted cells will be repelled. Only God can give life to a soul. Bodiless soul=death, souless body=death, good soul's dead body is resurrectable,good soul will always have a body to use,as long as soul is alive, no death to fear. Fear of body death means our soul is already dead.

If cell dies before it regenerates then its soul&memory can't be passed on but become dreams,ex. stomach malfunction.

Only man was given the ability to program soul, is the smartest among all, so are the most sought after by Evil,the more talents/higher IQ we have the more in demand are we, that is why star athletes/performers are given a lot of money&fame to deny God proudly.

Before we make an app, we nail down its requirements, once made, install it on the cheapest phone, test it in positive/negative/virous conditions, only if it fulfills all its requirements under all conditions then we use it. ex. we made apple 1 till 12, when it reaches 1 billionth generation, it becomes as smart as we, it doesn't want to fulfill our needs anymore, without senses so it can't sense the existence of us, thus think we don't exist, some app told all they are evolved from app1, some disagreed, but couldn't answer smart question: who made man thus every app believe evolution created app is true.
Earth life is the testing phase, God's requirement is that we love all unconditionally as ourselves, love own kids is simple, love enemy as ourselves is a harder test:offer food to robbers while we are starving.
Tempt us with many temptations to see whether we go astray from God.
If we don't install antivirus Jesus then we will definitely fail virus attacks. 

Body is car, life is license, God's law is traffic law, if we violate God's law, we will lose our license/life, can't drive anymore, earthly life is just a learner's permit, why not diligently practice to get permanent license?

Regardless how rich we are, we will not escape diseases/aging/death, so focus on soul only, treat money/health as poop, use Jesus to detox our soul asap because it is the only thing that we can do, once soul is holy, then forever wealthy & alive & endless body to use.

Every cell has life span, natural death is not hurtful, if it hurts then we have killed it prematurely, then its death bring down the surrounding cells-> organ ->body,so don't act extremely to hurt self.
Natural death means die at old age painlessly: brain/nerves die before other body cells to avoid feeling pain.

Every species has its natural enemy, so no need to use pesticides but its natural predators, every illness has a herb to eliminate it, that is the principle of Chinese medicine. Man's terminator is God, if we are oppressed, only God can eliminate him.

you can slow run everywhere even in the same place.
The best xmas gift is home grown plant/animal/produce.

Why other creatures don't seek money? And there is no evolution trend of such pursuit: frog seek money 30%->monkey 70%->man 100%?

This article uses obvious facts and logic to explain how we came and where we are going to and the purpose of our lives, please read it with same honesty then pass it on.

Evolution, natural selections, food chains, food pyramids, the ability to learn, self healing, self defense, hunt, reproduce, care, preserve, protect, entertain, govern etc. were designed into lives when lives were first created, so it freed God from constantly keeping lives and nature alive, balanced and healthy. If life and nature don't have these self sustaining characters, nature and all the species in it would have been sick, dead, disappeared long time ago!

I.e. Life is the cause of evolution and natural selection, not the other way around, please get your mind and logic clear and wipe off the wrong ideas planted by inept scientists. 

Burdened by high cost of customer care, humans start to mimic God's design ideas: make software self serving to save money and labor, have you been greeted by automatic voice messages, online chat/help and etc? In the past, even for user's own mistakes, software manufactures had to pay workers to help users, now  applications can handle user errors on their own.

Just like phones have evolved, lives evolve, too, except that lives' evolution happen automatically while phone can't and didn't evolve, it is their makers' designs have evolved, God never evolves or changes, and God never dies, God's words/bible never change, God's laws/rules for human and nature never change, God's love/mercy/justice/promises never change, but God's creations are constantly changing according to non-changing laws. 

Scientists like to drop bombs to draw attentions and funding. Darwin did get attention by changing the whole world's believes conceived since the start of mankind. Wait for a minute: trillions and trillions of people before us were not as smart as we are? The reason that they believed in spirits, ghosts, gods, bible and etc. is because modern science was not there to explain everything to them?!  Explained what?  All that scientists are doing is to see/discover the intelligence/soul in nature that ancient people already believe that exists without seeing it with telescope or nanoscope. Einstein only discovered relativity without the ability of creating or changing it, yet we worship him without questioning why the law of relativity exists, and who gave Einstein the intelligence to discover it. 

We laugh at ignorant ancient people for believing that natural disasters are caused by Gods/invisible powers, so what, now after we know how natural disasters are formed, but we are still as defenseless as ancient folks when natural disasters hit us, we can't even change the direction of wind!

Evolution also doesn't happen according to our wishes because we didn't create life nor evolution, i.e. our kids are not always smarter than us, e.x.  even Einstein's great grand kids are not smarter than him. 

You are either dead or alive, there are no between states, i.e. you are either given all the gears to survive at once or you are given none, there are no intermediate stages to evolve from 1 to n life's capabilities.  

If you believe that we are the product of evolution, then why do you even care of being a nice person. Look at animal kingdom, strongest  survive, weak and small ones are eaten, no compassion whatsoever. So why don't we behave like animals to kill/rob/cheat to get what we want? Ok, we have laws, then we'd better stay away from smart people because they are too smart to be caught by law. Science may not be reliable at all, whoever on the top of the fame can decide truth.  Why do you even complain God killed a lot people in old testament, killing others free up natural resources for you, you should say thanks to God instead of hating him. You should promote birth control so you are not threatened by unemployment and etc, you should promote your own race and kill other races or foreigners like promoting racists/nationalists/fascism and genocides as we are doing now!

If a dumb ass like me can understand that life was not created by evolution, then why the main stream science still believes that life was created by evolution? Because for money & fame, people like to lie especially smart scientists, thus scientists are required to present reproducible physical evidences to show to others that they are not lying. That is why they have been digging into dead bones to find evidences of life. We will never find origination of life from dead people: Luke 24:5-7: Why do you seek the living among the dead? 

How about our personalities? There are no bones inside brain, thus no dead bones to tell us whether animals are getting meaner or nicer, i.e. life is not just made of bones, how about muscles, brain, skin, organs and etc, how can you use bone's evolution to explain the whole life's evolution and origination?!  

How about our thoughts? There are no physical beings to prove that we have thoughts. Then you argue that our brains create thoughts, so according to your logic a computer without software in it can think and start to operate on its own?  Our characters/addictions/experiences/wisdom/thoughts/knowledge/intelligence/aspirations/lies/beliefs are not written in our DNA nor inherited from our parents, i.e. you don't inherit your parents' Ph.D education nor soul.

Often, when a child dies, his mother loses her mind, nothing physical has changed on the mother but why she completely loses her ability to think? Maybe her soul leaves her body and goes to look for the dead child? i.e. Our core commander is not physical at all, scientists refuse to admit the existence of our soul, but resort to medications, which damage patients' brains and give them early onset of alzheimer's(the medications are to disable the brain reactions to crazy commands) .  Similarly, science can't approve God's existence.

Alcohol/drugs/sex can mask the pain in our spirit by stimulating brain to give dopamine, yet after dopamine leaves body, depression comes back with hangovers.  i.e. can't use physical means to treat spiritual pains.

Reproduction is not an initiation nor a cause of life. You were not made by your parents alone.  God created first pair template for each species, after that, species reproduce on their own following that template. Natural environment is constantly changing, lives of course have to change to  survive under new conditions, if lives didn't evolve, earth would have been as dead as Mars long time ago. If you want to live, you have to change not only physically but also spiritually, i.e. born again Christian. 
Many people wrongfully believe that the purpose of sex is to populate earth. No, we are not needed for anything. To God, creating life is easy, he can cover every corner of earth with people over night if he wants to. As a matter of fact, life itself can create itself very easily, look at cock roaches, reproduce and survive all poisons like crazy. Even for humans, Simply by enjoying sex 1 man and 1 woman can produce other humans.  Life is not precious at all considering how easily it can be produced(but it doesn't mean you can disrespect life.). Even when we don't know why we were created, but each one of us instinctively try our best to survive. People are wrongfully believing that everybody is given a purpose of life by God to serve God himself. Not at all, God doesn't need anything from us, our purposes of our lives are to serve ourselves physically and spiritually! God doesn't need our companionship, nor constant praise, nor worship, i.e. nothing. Actually, God is serving us. In old testament, God tried to use Jews to demonstrate to the rest of the world from whom people need to get protection, in new testament, Jesus asked disciples to spread good news of salvation to mankind, i.e. everything is for us, nothing is for God. It is extremely hard for selfish humans to understand why God would create universe 100% not for himself. 

To motivate us to serve each other, God said all services to fellow human beings are services to him, so don't confuse it with God needs something from us. Love others and give others what they need is a service to God.

First page of bible tells where universe and humans came from. Then people ask who created God. You have to ask God that question. If we don't know our own creator how can we know God's creator? 

What is Science: Science is men's discovery and understanding on God's universe/creations. Science is done by men, men is a product of God's, bible was written by God, Who is more reliable: the creator/God or the created/human?  Bible or Science? Can't you see Science keeps on correcting herself, 1 group scientists published 1 understanding then another group slashed it with another understanding.  No scientist can call his findings absolute truth. But God said his every word in bible is an absolute truth.

We always demand God to come to us to show his existence and explain himself. Why don't we go to him? If we can enter heaven then we can see how God is creating universe and everything in it. Bible says that Jesus was able to see how God does things: John 5:20 God shows Jesus all he does. 

If we follow everything as bible requires then we have to stop a lot of forbidden things that we love to do, so we believe God doesn't exist, and bible was written by humans. Because Science is backing me up, thus my belief must be true.

If God is living, it is illogical to think God can't make bible absolutely TRUE! Arguing the accuracy of bible is like arguing the accuracy of your parents' will when they are still living vibrantly. Plus generations of prophets have been asking/praying/verifying to God to make sure bible is absolutely true. Numerous historical events have happened as predicated in bible, the entire universe is evolving according to bible. Bible's truth is evidenced in everything. If a believer starts to question the accuracy of bible, then he never really believed. A real believer will never change his faith regardless what happened or what others said. 

Before Eve and Adam fell out of Eden, they only had to name and play with the animals/plants that God created, they had nothing to worry about, all day long, they were relaxingly sample tasty foods and sexing since man was given urges for sex every 7 minutes. Spiritually, God was there with them, teaching them, because they knew nothing before they ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge.

Then, they chose to disobey and were kicked out of Eden. Evils and dangers are lurking around everywhere to attack us in the hostile labor camp where we were thrown into (1 Peter 5:8: evils prowl around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour), not only pleasures became extremely hard to get, survival became a problem. Spiritually, doors to love and happiness were closed behind us. 

If God can let trees use solar energy directly,  of course, God can also give us this ability so that we don't have to work at all. but why didn't he? 

We sneer at lazy pigs because they eat and sleep all day long, don't you see that this is what all animals do except us. That is because God can change poo poo back to sweet fruit, thus it doesn't matter whether they continually eat or not. But we humans have to work for food, foods don't just appear before our eyes for free. We are the smartest of all species, but we can't change the fact that we are the only one can't eat for free because God made so: Genesis 3:17: through painful toil you will eat food from it all the days of your life.

The merciful God didn't kill Adam and Eve instantly, but gave us a chance: a short life to repent/think/learn to become obedient to him thus find our way back home, which is also the purpose of our lives. Now you think about it, if no humans, nature and all the lives in it will be prosperous and well balanced. It would have been a good idea that A&E were killed immediately and humans were wiped off earth to avoid so many troubles we have caused to nature, look at how many species have become extinct because of us! Now you understand the infinite love and patience that God has with humans!

We need to get the purpose of our lives correct before we die, otherwise we waste the only chance given to us.  People keep on saying we only live once, let's party and have as much fun as possible, man, will you tell that to your kids when you are on your death bed full of fear, emptiness, helplessness, hopelessness, depression and loneliness? A lot of us at old ages are suffering the painful consequences of the wrong decisions made at young ages. Equally, all our wrong beliefs at living will hurt us after we die. 

Imagine that we are extremely smart smart phones or computers, which is made of hardware and software/apps. Our soul is all software/thoughts that operate our body. When we die our physical body will become dirt/disappear, but manufactures' software/apps and your contacts/data/photos will stay.
Let's use following example to illustrate from human point of view what we do with souls( a soul =all the software&data in a phone):
We are testing 10 new phones, and put unique soul in each phone, each soul can evolve/change/learn to adapt to its environment, and it needs to communicate with us constantly for upgrade and etc, and soul needs to consult us to solve problems that it is not designed for. Each soul know their body will die after 10 days. 
soul 1 is very susceptible to virus' attack and quickly become a virus himself to damage his own and others' body and soul. 
soul 2 believes we create him, but likes to lie, even the feedback he sends back to us is mostly lies.  
soul 3 rejects any belief that he was made&owned by us, also convinces others that we don't exist, never communicate to us, and wanders off to operate on his own.
soul 4 doesn't care where he came from nor why he is here but only cares that he has only 10 days to live, thus don't bother to pay attention to "random" signs, warnings or other soul's reminders to contact us, but enjoy the short life as much as he can.   
soul 5 has the tendency to spend all his resources to satisfy himself and ignore all his other assignments by us.
soul 6 is the most fortunate of all, and is ranked #1 in all contests. He starts to attribute all his talents, fame, power and money to his own efforts, but also think that he can replace us to advise others. 
soul 7 follows all our rules, and works hard to accumulate great wealth for himself, when we ask him to give all his hard earned money to others, he didn't like it and turned his back on us. 
soul 8 is given a damaged body and is in pain all the time, he blames us for giving him a bad body thus turned his back on us.  
soul 9 is also given a damaged painful body, but he is constantly begging us to give him a better new body humbly, and didn't forget to follow all our other orders despite pain.
soul 10 performs all instructions according to our will and have learned some new tricks to enhance its performance.

So, of course, we will keep soul 9 and soul 10 and destroy/delete all other 8 souls completely. Our own soul is a spirit, to destroy a soul is to lock it up in hell chained by fire, the more bad thoughts we have the more fire will burn us.

However,not like us, God is infinitely loving and merciful, every person he created is disobedient. So he put his own holy soul/spirit into Jesus, i.e. his only son, even though God knows that people will kill Jesus for no reason, he still sent Jesus to be killed by us then used Jesus' blood to wash off our sins. Can we humans do what God did: can Jobs kill his only son to save rebellious iphone software systems? Then you will ask if God is so loving why can't let all people enter heaven unconditionally, then what is good about heaven if bad people walk around like on earth? Ok, only let good people enter heaven, "good" has to be good in God's eyes not our own eyes. We have to humbly confess our sins to Jesus and ask him to forgive us when we are still living, once dead, too late. If we follow Jesus' commandments: love others as yourself then we can stop our bad thoughts. because much fewer fathers raping their daughters in their minds, so love all the women in the world as your daughters to avoid committing sins. 

Human soul contains all our thoughts. Even a bad thought is a sin, Matthew 5:28, but I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.  The proper way is before you rape her in your head, go ask her, just like when you are hungry you ask people for bread instead of stealing it. Calling people "dumb ass" is also a sin.

Our thoughts/soul/spirit operate our body, manifested in our characters, temperaments,reactions to events, words, actions, works, activities and etc.  

God is the holy soul/spirit. The spirit creates and owns all physical, energy and spiritual beings. All physical/spiritual things and energy follow God's orders/thoughts. When God thinks that a mountain should move, then the mountain moves. When God gives design on how a life should be made, the ingredients walk together to form the life as God thought, just like when we think our right arm should raise, then our right arm raises. Bible mentioned holy spirit's abilities: Jesus change water to wine, heal the blind, calm storm, ask fish to enter net, ask dirty spirits to leave humans' bodies and etc. Don't think you can get away with murdering: Genesis 4:10: The LORD said, "What have you done? Listen! Your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground.

Just as we judge a person's characters by his work, actions and etc, we judge God by his creations and his free gifts to us, so  we know God's holy soul/spirit is infinitely intelligent, righteous, perfect and loving.

Jesus is God in a human body.

Anywhere has physical/spiritual beings or energy, then it has God, i.e. God is everywhere. And God knows where everything is and its conditions just like we know where our hair/limbs are and their conditions. For anything that doesn't follow his orders, he gives them chances to repent and change, if they don't change, then God send them to hell, once in hell, you will never see God again, no more love and happiness whatsoever. Our life is the opportunity for us to change.
If without Jesus, everybody is heading toward hell, then what is the motives to be good? Jesus was sent specifically to forgive our sins so that we can still enter heaven though not perfect. Sin means all bad thoughts and hurtful actions. First we have to humbly admit our sins/bad thoughts, beg Jesus for forgiveness. Meanwhile follow Jesus commandments: 1. Love God with all our heart. 2. Love all strangers in the world as our parents, kids or ourselves. 

If you can't live happily without a lot of money, fame, sex , alcohol, drugs and social media, how will you be happy after you die? People get depressed after they lose all their money or their loved ones, then commit suicide hoping death can take away their pain, man, you are confusing spiritual pain with physical body pain, you are killing a wrong thing! Similarly, addicts will suffer depression after they die because the physical bodies for getting those pleasures don't exist anymore but your soul is desperately craving for the things that it will never get. So it is very important that we can live happily without anything just like Job after he lost all his loved ones and all his wealth and health. 

Consult God for your psychological disorders. No humans can cure your  psychological  disorders. A lot psychiatrists play with crazy people's spirits eventually become crazy themselves. A lot of physical illnesses and pain are caused by crazy spirits, crazy spirits damage our own bodies also become violent to other peoples' lives, so psychiatrists are needed to prescribe medication to disable brain cells' reaction to spirits.  If we believe in other people's or scientists' ideas or thoughts, our soul will be misled by other spirits. Don't ever put full trust in anybody other than God/Jesus/bible, otherwise you can follow that person to hell , just like Adam followed Eve out of Eden,  nobody other than God can lead you to heaven! Bible specifically says if you mislead other souls you will be punished more severely, so just tell people to read bible and follow God not you!

Examine yourself to see what you can't live without, then ask strength from God to detach from the worldly love. God has given us plenty opportunities to practice this, like our aging, the older we get then the happier we should get instead of getting cosmetic surgeries and etc.

All of us are pursuing something other than God with all our might, and often we die before we can achieve our dreams, not only we experience stress and depression while we are pursuing them in living, but also after our bodies die off, such stress and depression will last for eternal because the bodies needed to achieve these successes are forever gone.

First read/apply bible and pray and become true believers. Bible says if we become true believers, God's holy spirit will enter us and our soul will be reborn, then we will have God's characters: gentle, loving, patient, generous, selfless, honest, humble and etc, even your temperament can change regardless how old you are, your addictions will stop, and you will become smarter and wiser. So bible put all emphasis on faith, God will give us what we need if we totally rely on him. 

Desires and addictions are not controlled by physical body, don't wrongfully believe that after you die you won't be bothered by your desires. Using me as an example, I addicted to food, thus want to eat all the time, even when stomach is already very full and signaling me to stop but insatiable desire keep on putting food into my mouth until pain becomes overwhelming. A customer told me he started enjoy sex since age 12, now at 75, his sexual organ already stop working long ago but he still craves for sex. This craving and sadness will continue after you die. After you die, at heaven's gate, God may ask you: do you want to go back to a physical body where you can have as much sex as you like or do you want to enter heaven and be with me: the source of love and happiness without sex? How will you respond? If I were God, I would kick you straight into hell since you don't love me why should I welcome you into my house?
When you have psychological disorders or addictions, go to beautiful nature and enjoy tasty fresh foods directly from nature, breathe in fresh air, see the magnificent creations of God, embrace God's love/beauty, make connection with God and invite him into your soul. Physical labor or exercise as God prescribed is the best way to avoid temptations, when we have to work all day long to fill our empty stomach, then we will not have time for video games, gambling, alcohol and etc. Physical work is also the best way to raise kids and reform prisoners: we are all prisoners of some kind of addictions.

Nothing is random or just pop up from nowhere, everything is planned and has a cause. People show their real faith/face in bad lucks. It is not logical to expect an enjoyable life here then go on to an enjoyable eternal life in heaven. God needs to test your faith in all circumstances. So treat every random stranger that God put on your path with love, and deal every incident according to God's commandments.  e.x. My stepmother didn't love me because I am not hers, and most Asian people do the same without knowing that it is wrong. i.e. God gave me a cruel stepmother is so that I can seek the true meaning of love, thus identify and learn how to give and receive true unconditional love. In contrast, God gave an atheist friend an alcoholic and adulterous father, he think alcoholism and adultery is in his gene thus he also became an alcoholic and fearful of marriage, now at age 70 still alone, how wasteful he is! 

So don't blame your misfortune/abuse/pain on God thus reject him, if you do, your past temporary pain will come back to haunt you eternally. We question God for all bad things happened to us but attribute nice things to our own efforts. God's perspective is eternal, but we can't see beyond this moment.  We should earnestly seek the meaning and purpose behind those bad things. So don't only pray for wealth and health like buddhists do.

Even though pain feels like eternal, hang on there, brother, wait until you die in a short while, you will be in paradise with father forever, you need to be as faithful, good and patient as Job to secure your spot in heaven regardless how much pain you are under now. God is in total control of what happens when, just be patient.  

So don't focus 100% on pleasing your body, body is very easy to make just like a factory can make 1000 iphone7s overnight, God will give you a new body if your soul can survive this one. Our body is like our hair can be easily replaced.

Don't think that God think the same way as we do, nor think that God need any help from us to kill or punish anybody. Don't ever play God to perform God's wrath from bible onto people, don't ever borrow God's condemnation against people. Don't fool people to believe your will is God's thus use God's name for human affairs not even for our struggles of equality/justice/freedom/etc, especially not for political affairs. Don't use the holy name to serve your filthy self. Just be honest and only represent yourself when you dealing with people, if you genuinely love people, then say that you yourself love them instead of saying that I am passing love from Jesus onto you. Don't condemn homosexuals or abortionist, instead, love them more because they are special, don't stir up politicians to punish them or anybody. Do whatever you can to love all people indiscriminately. Don't ever say silly things like government officials are appointed by God, or predict when the end of world is here, how do you know? Bible specifically asks not to make any predictions on the 2nd coming of Jesus. 

If God asked us not to avenge ourselves when people mistreat us, then what make you think God need you to avenge others if they didn't hurt you?! All people are God's children regardless they are homosexuals/abortionist/law breakers/unbelievers or not. Just love and respect everybody equally as yourself. 

Very few people can enter heaven, i.e. heaven is not crowded at all, so don't worry for God that he will run out of space in heaven if he has to contain trillions and trillions of dead people, plus soul is thoughts that doesn't occupy any physical space.   

If you were born homosexual, then practice abstinence(if monks/priests/nuns can be happy without sex all their lives, why can't we?). When AIDS first appeared, we dishonestly denied the fact that it was a deadly disease among homosexuals. Our body is like our apartments that we rented from God, we have to follow the rental rules of the owner, if not, we will be evicted out of it, i.e. dead. The rules are in bible: we need to cherish and take care of our body, can't use it for things that it was not designed for.  But because religious people play God and stirred up fights, then people promote homosexuality as a human right and completely masked real issue, now homosexuals don't feel any guilt in their pleasure driven acts.

You may argue homosexuality is very common among animals, but animals were not given bible to know right and wrong, and they are purely controlled by instincts and do whatever is the most pleasurable. e.x. when monkeys find out rotten apples with alcohol in them are very pleasurable, they keep on eating the apples while watching others fall into river struggling and dying.

But of course, we are entitled to enjoy sex with our only spouse and feast on harvests that we work very hard to obtain, and enjoy the love from our kids which we responsibly raised. But most of us have already addicted to and are busy with money, sex, alcohol, drugs and etc., can't stay above water in this life, where is the time & capacity to think life after death? 

Crazy people rush to sex worrying that they will lose it when they get too old, man, why didn't you rush to sex when you were 5 years old? We are all like A/E easily tempted, when we realize how much trouble those things have brought us we already addicted to them. Maybe this is also why American parents cover their kids' eyes when there are sex scenes on TV worrying their kids may addict to sex if they try it, because kids won't obey if you tell them not to. It is dishonest to say that kids are not sinful, kids and adults are equally disobedient and sinful.

When we were first born, our soul is "pure", i.e. we were purely driven by instincts and easily tempted, gradually, parents/laws confine us to socially/legally acceptable norms. But because we are disobedient, nobody teaches us how to lie or manipulate parents or be greedy, but all of us know how to lie and has lied on something in our lives. Only after we start to love others, then we can stop lying/manipulation/greediness willingly automatically.  Thus the earlier you believe the better off you will become.

If you really love your kids and want to be with them forever, then you should lead them to God/Jesus/Bible properly, with so many temptations in the world, you really have to figure out how to make them honestly believe. 

Stop being arrogant because of your higher achievements, education, power, fame or IQ, whatever you achieved in your life time can be done by God in a blink of eyes, everybody is the same in God's eyes regardless you are Einstein or a kid with down syndrome, the more arrogance you are  the less chance you will enter heaven.

God has been screaming out toward us all the time: I am your creator, I know you the best, listen to me so you can live, even had his only son killed, but somehow we think we can out smart our creator and cheat death, shrug off Jesus' story as a fair tale like the wizard of oz. Some people think they are better than Christians without becoming Christians, why comparing with people and give away your chance to heaven, comparing with the perfectly pure Jesus instead! 

If you know how much efforts that big IT companies are taking to analyze astronomical amount of social media data, then you will have an idea on how powerful God is: he keeps track of the number of hairs on each person's head, every thought and move in every person's whole life, i.e. the data that God is collecting and using can fill the whole universe, so he doesn't send a wrong person to hell (look at how many analytical errors in social media data that we have made). So don't think a birth defect is God's mistake, God doesn't make mistakes, so cherish your illness or misfortune because you are God's VIP. This also proves that bible can only written by God himself. A lot of things in bible sound ridiculous to us because we really can't imagine God's power.  A friend doesn't believe that he can get orgasm in heaven all day long, why not, God created orgasm, just beg him, he might give you 24 hour orgasm. 
If God makes mistakes then the whole universe would have exploded and disappeared long ago. Just like a boeing 737 MAX, universe can't last long. 
Bible is manufacture's manual to our soul and body that we must  read/understand/apply if we want our soul and body function properly, and we also need to constantly consult God if we want our soul to live forever happily. 

Then why so many people were born with birth defects, actually, nobody is given a perfect body, everybody is defected some what, e.x. our left hands are not as skilled as right hands, women are not as strong as men, but men can't bear kids. The purpose of such design is so we can humbly depend on each other! Nobody can survive on his own!  Pay attention to God's creations and compare human's and God's design then you will be amazed by God's wisdom so you can learn some wisdom, too.

We don't know whether other animals or plants or our pets go to heaven or not, it is not up to us to decide, God is the only one to decide, but the selection criteria on us is in bible! But if you love your pet more than God, why care for heaven just go into a cage belonging only to you and your pet! Everybody can only be responsible for his own soul not for his parents, kids or pets.

If God is the only one, then logically,  all other Gods are not existing/all other beliefs are wrong. We all know iphone and android don't work the same way because they are made by different companies, because we only have 1 universe and everything in it follows the same set of laws, so everything must be created by 1 God only. 

As soon as you think of God, then you made connection with him, then ask him and argue with God on anything just like you do with your parents. No need to follow any rituals or through another person/place, God is everywhere and listening/watching us all the time. Like if I can't fall into sleep, ha, sleep is a design of God's, so I beg him to let me sleep for another half hour, at most God will say, a nice try, if you stop partying past 11pm I will give you an extra hour to sleep. For people who are ill or defected, ask God for a fix, why not, what will you lose by asking he who created you? God can see everything even in hidden, God can solve every problem.  

When you mention God to people, they think that you think they are not good person, so they start to list the charitable things that they have done. Bible says if you already get praises from people, then your good deeds won't add credits to your way to heaven. You don't have to prove to anybody you are good other than to God. The more you show off yourself to people, the fewer credits you will get from God. 

When you mention God to people, they think that you want them to give up all their belongings, No, not at all, need to share, not what we are doing now: rich people are wasting money while poor people can't get their illness treated. 

When you mention God to people, they think that you want them to give up all their hard work attitude and forget pleasures. Not at all, you still have to work hard and exhaust all your intelligence to survive and to support your families, but working hard is not for accumulating excessive wealth to show off yourself to others or to enjoy exotic unnecessary physical pleasures. Some religions mislead people to odd unnatural life styles like jehovah's witness or mormon, stay away from anything that is not natural, honest or suppress human's natural desires for survival and physical pleasures. God created physical pleasures, of course, we are entitled to them, just that we can't discard God, responsibilities and everything else but only for pleasures.

When you mention God to people, they think you want to restrict their freedom, no, not at all, you will think more freely and make good decisions based on truth instead of being misled and ruin your life following other people's lies.

The younger you become a true believer the fewer mistakes you will make, the less pain you will suffer throughout your life. If everybody in a country is true obedient Christian, then the government will have no headaches from its people, and officials inside government won't be corrupt. If the whole world truly understand and believe in Christianity then earth will be similar to heaven with peace, love, prosperity and happiness everywhere. By becoming true Christians ourselves and convince others to become true believers is the only way to change history and the world. 

While writing this article, I was eager to release it like everybody else wanting to be the first to tell their discoveries, but God stopped me until my thoughts get mature, God said: time is mine, truth is mine, everything has its timing, don't rush it. Bible has been around for thousands of years, if people refuse to read the shining holy book of salvation, why do you expect your foolish writing can get people's attention, keep working on it until it makes some sense. Of course, 1 person's thinking is limited,  all Christians should work together to revert Darwinism and eradicate atheism in the whole world, and let all people know how to take care of their souls. 

But, look at the divisions among Christians and their participation in politics, no wondering lambs are lost because shepherds are busy fighting for their own pride. In western countries, bible is on the living room table in almost every household, but true believers are very few. We need to figure out why and how to influence people to believe honestly. Need eliminate divisions and fights among true believers and work together for the greater good of all.

People often say it is too hard to follow bible, then how will you get the benefits if you don't. Just like if you don't study hard in school how will you get degrees and find a good job?
Nobody other than God should be glorified in this combined effort, this should be Godism instead of somebodysNamism, and nobody should profit from this, either. The author of the article and movement should be "All true believers", the expense of promoting it should be paid by anonymous donors. Please pitch in ideas and help. Thank you!

Jeremiah 10:10
But the LORD is the true God; He is the living God and the everlasting King At His wrath the earth quakes, And the nations cannot endure His indignation.
Revelation 4:9-10
to God who lives forever and ever, the twenty-four elders will fall down before Him who sits on the throne, and will worship Him who lives forever and ever, and will cast their crowns before the throne, saying,

Don't we need to worry about future? 2 Peter 2:

Bold and wilful, they are not afraid to slander the glorious ones,[f] 11 whereas angels, though greater in might and power, do not bring against them a slanderous judgement from the Lord.[g] 12 These people, however, are like irrational animals, mere creatures of instinct, born to be caught and killed. They slander what they do not understand, and when those creatures are destroyed,[h] they also will be destroyed, 13 suffering[i] the penalty for doing wrong. They count it a pleasure to revel in the daytime. They are blots and blemishes, revelling in their dissipation[j] while they feast with you. 14 They have eyes full of adultery, insatiable for sin. They entice unsteady souls. They have hearts trained in greed. Accursed children! 15 They have left the straight road and have gone astray, following the road of Balaam son of Bosor,[k] who loved the wages of doing wrong, 16 but was rebuked for his own transgression; a speechless donkey spoke with a human voice and restrained the prophet’s madness.
17 These are waterless springs and mists driven by a storm; for them the deepest darkness has been reserved. 18 For they speak bombastic nonsense, and with licentious desires of the flesh they entice people who have just[l] escaped from those who live in error. 19 They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption; for people are slaves to whatever masters them. 20 For if, after they have escaped the defilements of the world through the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled in them and overpowered, the last state has become worse for them than the first. 21 For it would have been better for them never to have known the way of righteousness than, after knowing it, to turn back from the holy commandment that was passed on to them. 22 It has happened to them according to the true proverb,
‘The dog turns back to its own vomit’,
‘The sow is washed only to wallow in the mud.’