origination and cure of mental illness, 精神病的起源和天然康复法

Animals have 2 kinds of moves: #1 is conscious move, #2 is unconscious move. #2 saves/builds/repairs/recovers/grows/reproduces/nurtures/detoxes, ie, #2 makes/sustains life, #1 spends life. #2 provides for #1.When #1 is engaged, #2 slows down. Only in peaceful/relaxed/free/slow/balanced/safe/painless conditions #2 can function optimally. When #1 is up, #2 is down. #1's overspend damages life&health, so need to be free/slow/relax/sleep to get life/health/stamina/energy/longevity/pleasure: slowly talk/do/chew&swallow/drink/breathe/poopoo/sex.

The healthier are we, the slower&stronger are our heart beat & breath & sex. Ancestors correlated sex & health: healthy men's sperm is more active & fruitful, they found many natural ways to treat ED&elongate&intensify sex, warned that frequent sexual stimuli can damage kidney/life & mentality. But today after we saw everything with microscope we behave foolishly: constantly tease with sex without ever being fully satisfied: as a starving penniless man walk around numerous exotic foods but can't afford any of it. 

From "animals eat plants", ancestors figured out that plants' stillness preserve life & animals' move waste life, thus invented Zin/Taichi/QiGong/etc.

But God is wiser than all: If animals are wasteful why create them? Gods must have a need for moving animals. 

Actions reveal your soul&true love. Do evil=devil, Do no evil=Jesus, do some evil=you&me. If you want to be closer to God, then use actions to love not just empty talks&songs. We obey those we love. If your wife acts ignoring or against you, she doesn't love you. 

Think body as a car, when #1 is driving it, then #2 can't fix it. Only when #1 park it and give #2 its key then #2 can maintain&fix it. That is why babies sleep 21/24 to grow. We spend 3/4 day rest&sleep, 1/7 week to rest, even unmovable plants&land have 1 out of every 7 years & 1/4 season to rest. God only needs us 5% time, 95% time we are free to do our own things.

We do things following somebody's mind, may it be: Mom's, Dad's, Husband's, Wife's, own, boss', God's, devil's, animal's instincts.

God is the maker of universe, so God is the wisest and love you, so follow God's mind to act. 

Thoughts originate from 3 sources, #1 is born with & given by God only to man:subconscience/God's image/godliness/intuition/6th sense/superstition, #2 is born characters & animal instincts, ex.temperament; when we are hungry we eat any food we saw under instincts. #3 is acquired after birth, ex. if the food is not mine, even if I am starving I can't eat it. 
Nobody criticize that animals are superstitious,i.e. superstition is blessings only to us including atheists.

Nothing is mysterious about soul, soul is the total conscious thoughts that govern our actions. Soul is what taught by others and learned by us, is your invisible self/ghost/shadow,after body disappear, it stays, ex. Hitler is dead but Fascism is not, traditions are ancestors' soul, bible=Holy spirit=Jesus' life but not dead. Only after subconscience become conscience then it enters soul. At birth, soul is empty 0, though only with animal instincts yet we are innocent&pure, soul grows as observations&learning&experiences grow.

As body can fall ill, so can soul, bad souls/ghosts can infect yours like virus, sometimes can kill you,i.e. you walk around with a dead soul.
As body has immunity, soul's immunity is subconscious Godliness. I remember as a kid when adults asked me to steal, intuition told me it was wrong so I didn't like to steal.

From young age, we are being taught by bad souls and do ungodly things, even parents/teachers died but their ideas/souls continue to operate us, then we pass them onto our kids.

First parents taught us to love families, but as long as we are not caught we should conquer outsiders, because they are our competitors/enemies.
We are all God's kids, God asked us to love all the people on earth as ourselves, but since no parents obey God's, so nobody asks their kids to love others as themselves. 
Why expect kids to be obedient to us when we ourselves not obedient to father God? If you don't love outsiders then don't expect outsiders love you&your kids.

Even nobody told us openly that money is everything, but we saw how parents&everybody struggling for money&fame at the cost of everything else, plus money can buy me pleasure quickly&easily, Ha, I need make as much money as possible.
Even though the chance of being starved to death by nature is 0, yet we are brainwashed by lies in first grade: only the fittest survive, the unfit will starve & die, and money is used to measure how fit we are so we must race for money. 
Bombarded by Lying media & narcistic pop culture; Democracy=Liecracy & selfish Capitalism & idol worshiping 
Trapped by addictions&animal instincts, unwilling&powerless to think&discipline ourselves.
So even as a child, devils have hijacked & killed our souls.

Soul disease is commonly known as mental illness/psycho/daemon possessed/dirty/sinful.Everybody is mentally ill/dirty/sinful/bad/daemonized,most are dead and are devil's puppets.

Thus Chinese describe soul=1/3God's+2/3Devil's, i.e. more devilish than godly; 
Bible is symbolized by Chinese characters & superstitions & medicine:
Sin=God's unusable vessel; Ghost=devil is climbing out of tomb,with hooks to hook us; Heaven=above the tallest man; Satan=use armies of ghosts as its claws; Celebration=Man wave subdued dragon & praise God unanimously, dragon=snake; Blessing=God's promise of land of Canaan; Soul=Ice cool down instinctive fire; Rest=be like tree; Idle=Stay home like tree; Think=Unmovable eyes like tree;millennium=Snake is defeated; On new year's eve sweep out ghost, use firecrackers to scare off ghosts because devil hate fire&explosions; After you die kids setup altar & guard your soul for 3 sleepless day&nights before bury you; Guided by God doctors found healing herbs & techniques for all free of charges, and etc. 
Middle East is on the direct west of China without ocean in between, boats effortlessly float to east with river, everyday wake up and walk toward sunrise: when people were scattered at tower of Babel, the leaders went to China, so Chinese are very good in making towers, they also kept the original language&culture given by God. After new testament was formed, because Buddhism was the ruling religion so going to west to get bible was only dreamed of in novels without being materialized, but Buddhism was mixed in >50% existing superstition.Then why God didn't choose Chinese, whoever is obedient will be used, Chinese love hometown too much to be 100% obedient like Abraham.

Money lovers are daemon possessed, brain&nerve diseases are not daemon possessed like Parkinson's/MS/etc but damages to cells. Medical definition of psycho is when soul is so violent that it endangers self and others.

Every cell in a live body is intelligent/trainable, has memory, is addictive, not only addict to stuff/people but also attitude/behavior/everything, once addicted, conscious moves become automatic, ex. if we regularly go to bed at 10=>automatically become sleepy at 10; regularly eat lunch at 12=>feel hungry at 12; regularly get up at 7=>without alarm, wake up at 7; with eyes closed we can find bathroom at home, etc.
Think we are a car, and soul is the driver, brain is the computer, top layer of brain is dictated by soul. Only at first time, soul makes decision, repetition become instinct, without thinking our body moves on its own, ex.
When you first eat candy, mouth remembers its sweetness, when you see candy in others' hand, your mouth start to water & want to have it, mom's words echo in your mind, ha, the candy holder is much weaker than you are, so you robbed her candy easily without being caught/punished, after 2 more successes, whenever you encounter weaker ones you bully them. Ancestors said, once you repeat it for 3 times, it becomes an addiction. If you lie >3times, then you addicted to lie. If you sex with same sex 3 times then you become homosexual, The reason that we sex is because we love the pleasure not what/who provide it.

Instinctive liars don't even know they are lying. Money lovers are eager to believe in any make-me-rich lies: A Trump fan even believe Trump has found a gold mine to waive all Americans' taxes: soul is demented.

Every thought/move can become addictive, there are good and bad addictions, of course, we want to build good ones.

If compare with people, we can't see we are sick/dead, only by comparing with Jesus, then we realize we are dead filthy.
But our daemon inside always blame others, nobody want to admit we are psychos, thus refuse to treat. 

It is very easy to quit addiction: do the reverse 3 times then addiction will disappear, ex. speak truth 3 times to quit being a liar. Quit sex with same gendar then we are not a homo anymore.
Of course, we have to quit it willingly, pressure will make addiction worse, making laws to change people's behavior only achieve the opposite.

First understand death=pollution/wither/ugly/dark/smelly/poopoo/disgusting/disease/inflamation/infection/cold/rotten/poisnous/bad/hell, filthy is because contaminated by death, heaven is 100% clean without any death but free/peaceful/relaxed, nobody wants disgusting death enter and pollute holy heaven,dead soul can't enter!

Body pain disappear with body death, but soul pain will last forever.
When in hell, more severe new pain will come, Luke 16:19-31 says rich guy is worrying for his families=>Once we are in dark unknow hell, we will worry for our kids whom we have spoiled & will unlikely obey God, we will regret forever;if we have to have gun to feel safe then vacuum hell will make us paranoid forever.

Soul disease will definitely appear on body, any greed will destroy nature/cause cancer/obesity/3 highs/spychos, plus, it will damage generations, Hitler is dead but his Fascism is damaging us now, long history has produced many bad people that is why we are all crazy now.
When inside body, soul is restricted by body, at Jesus' 2nd coming, all bad souls will be locked up in hell, never surface again, ie. forever dead/forgorten/vanished.

So bad soul is infinitely more horrible than body ill!

-First must pull out old self and burn it completely, then sow the seed of holy spirit to grow like Jesus: everything we learned so far/entire soul is bad&dead, we must isolate us in God's nursery&study bible alone & cut off all media&books&people,beg Jesus to resurrect us.

Even if you don't believe you should still read it, communists didn't believe in capitalism but they read it and privatized accordingly.

Dead souls can't enter heaven to see all God's wonders and beauty.
If body is dead but soul alive, then we can be put into a new body.

As long as core spirit is God loving then we are fine, just as your dog, because you are not a dog and don't know how to tell a dog to behave like a dog, so all that God cares is that we truly love him instead of dictating our every move. 

Today's people are hunting for love & following fans online 24x7, why don't you get an online dog to love you, or google a meal to satisfy your hunger? If you follow Jesus with the same passion then he will hug you.

-Natural sleep is the best healing for every disease and is the only way to heal brain/soul diseases.God force body to sleep when it is ill, give us biological clock and asked us to farm so we naturally fall into sleep in night. 

Slow down/stop to give subconscience a chance to brake us from doing evil.We are so focused on efficiency thus hurriedly push us and others to hell, stop and check the cliff&abyss under your toe tip first!

For mental illness:
Don't see psychologists/psychiatrists: they themselves are hijacked by devil and are psychos: they only love money not you, charge you to make you crazier so they can be paid continuously. Talk to the wisest person who love and care you for therapy&comfort. Obviously God is the best therapist: walk leisurely in a quiet secluded forest: cry/laugh/yell/punch shake trees/unleash all your frustration&pain to trees&God,after mind is emptied and body is exhausted then go home sleep.

Psychologists/psychiatrists are trained to be professional scammers, a waste of life. Actually a lot degrees train you to be hi-tech cheaters like diplomats/spies.Don't marry professional liars, will unconsciously cheat.

Drugs/alcohol blindly paralyze&suffocate&starve all cells thus recovery, the fake sleep steal our life&health &fool us to get even less sleep&healing, cause new diseases, that is why we have hangovers after long night of sleep after drinking. Drug overdoze can kill us but over-sleep never kill us. 

Stimulents run cells constantly without rest & recovery thus cells die faster, it is better not to drink coffee.

All drugs are addictive so we have to continuously pay drug companies to make us worse. Once you are addicted to 1, then you tend to addict to all because you have lost faith in yourself and God's natural healing power but man's.
Drugs are dead, death can't resurrect death, only 7 live healings can revive you:

-Good sleep:
Turn off all stimuli from body & soul.
Stop thinking is the most difficult: sleep will give better ideas, so let me sleep for now and leave everything after sleep. 

O2 is critical for #2 rehabilitation, so thunderous snoring tell families that you need fix breathing problems, tape your mouth to force nose breathing.

-Fresh air: look at ground to force out all air in lung, look up to deeply breathe in. Ancestors knew 1/3 lung is not used, so invented belly breathe: life comes from heaven so look up to sky to inhale to fill up, hold, then blow dirty air to ground, use arms/hands to press belly&lung to chase out last death air: they found out flowing air moves unmoving air by seeing how candle was blown off: illiterate ancestors are smarter than modern scientists. 
Exhale is ahead of inhale to prepare for the relaxation needed by inhale.

-Sufficient clean water: excessive water can kill you.

-Move in sunshine: when sun is up, need to move&work. Movements need to be slow&gradual, always keep balanced posture. Move+sunshine produce natural sleep&relax&happy hormones.

-Food: organic live foods. Eat less: Diseases enter with food, once inside food are dead/can cause inflamation, so stop eating when food loses flavor,go to bed with empty stomach. Since we don't need much to eat thus no need of much money for food, so there is really no excuses for making money like crazy.
All modern diseases are caused by greed, God uses greedy cancer to tell us, greed will eat away everything and leave us a vacuum hell.

I had PTSD from starvation so I habitually buy&pile up a lot of food, while stuffing myself up like a trash-can also worrying foods are going bad. Today I saw beautiful leaves fall & die, God is telling me: as long as I live I will not starve you, everyday I gave you a live beautiful scenery worth millions times more than Pecasso's dead paintings, so give away your foods thus let go of your worries.

1 seed can produce hundreds of seeds, if without people's greed, nowadays, ground should be covered with free foods instead of houses/cars/roads/pavements/trash. Machines are destroying nature and starving every creature at lightening speed.

Frequent intake of dead foods kill you: processed, canned, left overs, pickles,dried:sproutable ones are not but unsproutable ones are dead.

-quiet/safe/familiar/comfortable house/cave: Frequent travelers will not sleep well, that is why ancestors don't rest by traveling.

Simply remember 7 lives, life enter to replace death, death enter to cause more death. 7 lives not only give life but also detox/remove/clean/heal/fight death:
live soul, live sleep, live air, live water, live sunshine, live move,live food.

Above 7 ways are almost free, but for unnecessary money, we destroyed nature & our lives.
There are only 2 greeds are good: greedily love God & deeply breathe air.

Beautiful fall/sunset remind us: call God/911 now, otherwise, no more beautiful life again!

After a person's body or soul is dead, you should quickly clean out everything of his, otherwise, he will kill you, unless you want to die with the dead, don't ever memorize the dead but go to holy church and offer your best pure love&fruit of labor to the live God/Jesus: stay far away from dead body&soul/bad people.

-You can see love in services/works&actions&objects.
ex. God given free food is full of God's love: nutritious & taste good & with hundreds of seeds to bring many more foods. 
Soft drink: Full of beautifully covered up lies&poisons, 0 love, we pay to die unknowingly.
-Groceries purchased from stores go bad much quicker than the ones you pick from fields.
-Caffeine can cause cramps, massage liver relieves cramps.
-Use chopsticks to eat stimulate a lot of saliva to help digest: try grab your tooth brush like holding a pencil then you see.
-Don't move the furniture of an old/sick person's house, they can fall.
-late fall, wind is very strong, carries seeds all over the places: God is sowing & planting food for animals himself.
-Bars are used a dating place is because alcohol disarms us so we can talk silly & make others laugh so they are likely to go to bed with us.

-Nothing is mysterious of dreams: night dream=day dream=can only think but can't do. In sleep/rest, soul is idle, it can continue to solve a difficult problem or just think randomly. That is why you get genius ideas after sleep or walk in woods. That is why as soon as we read bible/think Jesus/listen to a preacher we feel sleepy.
Ancestors said whatever you think during the day will be dreamed of in sleep, if you think and do evil during the day, then devil will knock on your door at midnight because subconsiously you are fearful of God. 
In bible, 99% God's instructions came in dreams. As soon as you think of God, God comes, the more you love & miss God, the more genius ideas God will give you.

-Put discarded veg root/stem/seeds in soil to produce more food.

-There are billions species on earth and each one is in perfect balance automatically, but we can't even balance our checkbook,thus you see God's wisdom.

人能动,就得被意识控制。无意养心身:营养/修补/再生/排毒/排污,即有意作战,无意备战,有意主外/无意主内,有意是#1/作战,无意是#2/生产, 有意消耗无意的储备,即无意给,有意花。有意克制无意,有意活跃时,无意隐退。武松打虎时,是有意在打。只有静慢松缓温悠和平不痛不痒才能让无意发挥作用,有意一增无意就减,意识越盛,健康越差。要健康,就得睡和慢/深长远实:慢说,慢做,细嚼慢咽,慢喝/呼吸/心跳/拉/撒/性。





动被意识控制,谁的意识: 妈的意思?爸的?丈夫的?老婆的?自己的?神的?鬼的?动物的低级本能意识?






神让我们不分生熟远近,是人就当自己地爱。没人爱不听话的孩子,但可扪心自问:我是神的乖孩子吗?若自己都不乖怎么指望孩子乖? 自己都不爱人怎指望别人爱你和你的孩子们?




脑病是体病不是精神病,是脑/神经受损如失智/帕金森等,但财迷心窍的有精神病. 医学上的精神病是灵已疯到伤害自己/他人人身安全了。

灵魂是车的司机,大脑是车的计算机,大脑顶层/皮层是受灵魂支配的。只有面临新事/人/物/问题,灵魂才决策,重复的行动就变成了下意识的本能,不用想身体就动作了,如: 第一回吃糖,嘴巴就记住了糖的甜,当你看见外人的糖,禁不住流口水,就一个劲想吃它,妈说过对付外人只要不被抓住就行了,哈,那有糖的比我弱多了,轻而易举把她的糖强了过来,她也无可奈何。一而再,再而三,遇上弱者你就自动欺负,古人云事不过三,一旦过三就上瘾:戒瘾可难了。若小孩撒谎超过3次,他已经有说谎的瘾了,很难改了。同性恋很简单:和同性搞3回,就成同性恋,恋人=恋性,只要能给性快,管它是男/女/兽/物。

撒谎成性的人,开口就谎,不脸红因为都不知道在撒谎! 财迷心窍到不知自己在说鬼话:好好听你在说什么:一个川迷竟然相信川找到了一个金矿,将免去所有美国人的税。