Why do we have night?
So we can experience hell nightly!

Hell=Nothing=no God=100% unknown dark empty desert/cave/pit full of evil souls
Ironically, the worst fear = fear of nothing=fear of no God=fear of Hell

I was walking in a very familiar wood alone, then night fell, even though I knew there is no danger around at all, yet fear chased me out of darkness quickly regardless how hard I was trying to stay in it.

Now imagine if you alone are blindfolded & dropped into an unknown 100% dark pit, you hear/see/smell/know nothing, all you know is that you are existing & maybe surrounded by evil souls, and u can't find an exit out of it forever! Overwhelming fear & loneliness & sadness & anxiety & despair eat you alive forever, more money/women/fame/honors/prizes you had while living, more pain you get in hell!

Everything we need to know has been made concrete & clear, but we have replaced truth with mysteries & lies & denials & hypocrisy.
Dark night like death conceals everything but your soul, so you can see hell every night! It is God who put our soul to sleep nightly to escape the fear of darkness, the older & more illed/stressed you get the less sleep/escape you get, sleep is reduced to forever insomnia after death! Forever insomnia party in heaven is great but alone in dark hell is bad. Due to sleep deprivation, your grandkids will be dumber than you.  

When God truly abandons you as you wish, you will be tormented forever by fear & loneliness & pain!  

God is the creator of light & love & life & everything! If you are addicted to God, you will have everything & addiction high in heaven forever! Anything else, you will suffer withdrawal syndrome in empty evil pit forever! Maybe that is why ancestors believed in Buddhism: prepare your soul to bear endless emptiness & fear after death. 

Prince Buddha had everything, but his loving father put him in a vacuum to avoid suffering. To overcome fear & loneliness & depression caused by isolation, he had to 100% focus his mind on beautiful bright lotus in his belly! 99% of our fears originate from the loss of what we have or have nothing & unknown, meditation is to use positive imagination to chase out fear & depression!

Try it out yourself: Enter a 100% unknown & dark empty pit/desert in a dark night ALONE because no hands to hold after you die! The best thing in total darkness & unknown is to sit still & imagine bright beauty as Buddha did, if you move around and bump into Hitler then your despair & pain will be much worse, you will terribly miss the nightly sleep that you used to have when alive. Even though Buddha was an extremely kind person, yet Buddha focused all his life on lotus thus missed reality&God&Jesus&prophets&truth&heaven thus stuck with nothing forever, this maybe also why only in Buddhism temple you see many scary images of ghosts. Meditation does help sleep, but if u farm in field all day long as designed God gives you restful sleeps, which can't be bought by any drugs. Don't commit suicide before you are certain that you will land in heaven because the worst living is better than hell which ancestors have figured out long ago.(好死不如赖活)

Daily, when night falls we see hell, at day break we see Heaven/God/Jesus/everything right in front of our eyes not remote/uncertain/mysterious. At the end of day, even if we lost job & made no money & bread yet we know tomorrow God will be there for us to ask for money & food & everything, so we fall into sleep fearlessly. So get addicted to & obey God/Jesus! But if you only believe in money&men's praises, and are fearful of nothing=no money|fame|power|sex and faithfully chase after them then you will end up in nothing/hell/100% darkness&unknown forever! While still alive, open your mind & eyes to see & experience & think  God & truth, and get on the path to heaven instead of going down a bottomless dark pit! 

Because hell & heaven comes&goes everyday, so we take it for granted just as we take everything for granted believing that they will be there on their own forever for no reason,  If not God then who created everything? How about return you back to emptiness & darkness to find out how nothing gave birth to everything--very scientific, huh? 

We don't relate religion with objective truth & reality, but use them as spiritual opium to numb pain of loss & death, or for health like yoga & sleep or for self-serving like getting respect & votes and etc. If I don't have a need or use for it then it doesn't exist or not true! Nobody can use invisible God to support his findings so most scientists deny God. They discriminate religion as indoctrinates people's minds, but undoubtedly they stubbornly believe in unseen evolution tale. God is more scientific than any scientists, bible documented hundreds of LIVE eyewitnesses of LIVE God&Jesus, evolution is a feature of life, but nobody ever saw a live species evolve into another live species & the 1st mother cell who created every life. Plus evolution can't explain who created energy/matters/intelligence initially! They always make themselves look smarter by asking who created God without asking who created them first.

God's chosen witnesses are 100% honest & obedient & attributed 100% to God with 0 desire of replacing God to be glorified & praised. They honestly testified God/Jesus & wrote their testimonies reliably in bible.

Stop joking with "go to hell", if you see somebody on hell path, pull him/you off it.I am not believing by faith but by scientific evidences, but it is better to obey by faith, as long as we can land in heaven, understand/see God plays no role=> as long as my surgery went well I don't care how/why doctor did it. But if you humbly ask God, he usually tells you.

Before your nation even existed God already appointed you as the head of it. Like everything else, God then built it from 0. And God will make it very clear to everyone that he appointed you as he appointed Moses, so no need of billions of $ & lies to fool people. If you serve & glorify yourself under God's name, then God will demolish you & country & everything of yours back to 0 like Saul's.

This video demonstrates true happy meals are cooked by love, regardless how rich you are, unless you are her kids, you can't find it anywhere in the world. With a mom=president/home=nation filled with so much honest love & care & tasty food, who wouldn't die for her? Who can tolerate insults to her? This is how you foster patriotism not by threats&heavy shiny makeups! The delicious love feasts prepared by infinitely loving God are waiting for you in heaven!

Massage/touch each other's fingers while talking to each other is the most loving & healthy way of interaction. Frequent loving touch prevent illness. e.x Talking to your kids while massaging their shoulders/head/arms/hands/back/ears/face/etc so they can feel your love. If you intended to sexually harrass a stranger, she would feel it even if you just massage her shoulders: No mom ever sue her son for massaging her shoulders! Touch doesn't lie.



地狱 = 没有一丝光的真空 = 充满恶鬼的100%生疏的漆黑的没有生息的荒凉沙漠/地洞
英文很讽刺: 什么都不怕 = 极端的惧怕: fear of nothing




身为王子的佛拥有世界上的一切,他的爱父让他与世隔绝以避免他看到痛苦死亡,为打发被隔绝的孤独失眠恐惧无聊,佛发明了佛教,静坐确实帮助睡眠,但如果佛象农民一样整日地里劳作肯定会睡得更香,但王子不干活的。 因此,佛脱离了现实真理,虽然佛极其善良慈悲,但估计和虚空结下了永恒的缘分,说不定在地狱里能撞上佛,这也是为什么只在佛庙里看到如此多凶神恶煞。没有100%确定你能进天堂前,请赖活着不要自杀,死亡!=安眠,


但我们习以为常,不以为然地认为万物自己造自己自己想出现就出现了,坚决否认其后神的存在。 Ok,那就让你灵临其境地见证生命万物怎样从绝对的黑暗和真空演变出来的。
趁没死前实验一下: 蒙上眼睛让人开车把你带到荒野,再被掉入一个很深的没有一丝光的陌生地洞。