• Massage has to be given with love and good intentions. Positive energy and love need to originate from therapist to client. Human touch is the foundation of understanding and loving of each other.
  • When I ask people to quit drinking or smoking, eating right, exercising ...., but people respond: Everybody will die .....
    It is true that eventually you will die, but bad health doesn't kill you, when you are disabled by illness, you have natural instinct to live, plus the fast advancement of modern medicine may bring solution to your illness and your body may heal itself if given long enough time, i.e. normal people definitely don't want to lose their lives unless the lord take it.
    The most damaging consequence of ill health is loss of Freedom: You need somebody else to take care of you, you lost the ability of living on your own!!!
    Imagine you got a heart attack, stroke or diabetes, you can't walk, drive, cook, talk, see or hear ....... you definitely need somebody else' help to live.
    Not only you suffer, but other people have to suffer with you when bad health hits!
    So quit drinking, quit smoking, start eating healthy, and exercising regularly to enjoy your freedom for as long as you live!!!
  • In, search "Barbara O'Neill", and watch every one of her talks will be very beneficial to your health and happiness.
  • I recently visited some cities of Mexico, and I am very happy with the nice weather, beautiful places and simple kind people, the photos can be seen by clicking on
    Photos about Mexico
  • Cancer Vaccine: Coley Fluid
  • Alternative Cancer Therapy: Gerson Therapy
  • Alternative Cancer Therapy PolyMva Survivors
  • Alternative Cancer Therapy: PolyMva
  • 2011 Dirty dozen and clean 15 Grocery
  • Non-medication and non-surgery Alternative Joint Treatment
  • I have a friend, who is very good in fixing automobiles,
    you can see details of his services by visiting: Jorge's Garage
  • My customer Sam has a computer repair business at:
  • From craigslist, I found a free water tester-->So an old man came in to my kitchen last Sunday and did experiments on acidity, chlorination, hardness, solid contents, hardness and etc on my house water. Looking at the water purifiers that he is selling, I saw one of them is what my office is using, which has 3 different temperatures (hot, cold, room temp), not sure where my office got it from.
    When we were chatting in the testing process, he said he is a cancer survival, to pay for his expensive cancer treatments, he was bankrupted, and their house was foreclosed on while they were living in Maryland, after they moved to RTP he couldn't find a job in datastorage field because of his age----He is now 65 years old, he was above 60 years old when he was seeking an IT job. ------>he looks as old as he claims to be, I have to help out some experiments when I saw his hands were not steady. I was really touched that an old man is still working to make a living even though he has all the excuses to sit on his porch and enjoy a lovely Sunday afternoon.
    His name is James, and his phone is: 919-599-5676, hopefully, one of you can buy a water purifier from him and help him out. A lot of you have businesses where you use water coolers to provide drinking water to your customers and employees, I think you can use one of his fancy machines instead. Anyway, he will give you a no pressure free demostration of your water quality. He is not pushy but pleasant.
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