NO-cost, No-Drug, No-Surgery Pain/Addiction Elimination

Probably you are experiencing some kind of pain that is why you are coming to me to get a massage


The best way to overcome Addiction is to labor for your food.
Since in US you will unlikely be starving, so
When you feel the urge from addictions, reach for pen and paper, write down all your cravings on paper, describe it exactly as you feel, then tear it up. Then you addictions will completely leave you and return freedom and control back to you, so you can feel the joy of being a FREE man again!

Back pain:

In the ideal world, your muscles are symmetrical, they hold bones in place symmetrically. When you start to move, some muscles get use more than others and they knock bones off balance. (You should have observed the more you use a muscle, the bigger and stronger that muscle gets, thus dislocate bones and hold misaligned bones in wrong place could pinch nerves) vertebra column host spinal nerves and nerves spike out of vertebra to other parts of body. if a vertebra is dislocated it will pinch nerve. 
You need to be a detective to find out which muscles are weak. If you are right handed, usually left side is weak, holding weight in left hand, stretch out your arm, move left shoulder back/forth, up/down, in/out, bent your back forward/backward, left/right with weight on left.
Stretch out your left hip/leg if you can put weight on you ankle even better, back/forth, up/down, left/right.

Understanding muscles, bones and movements

Our muscles are not rubber band so they can't change length like rubber band does, our arms/legs/necks don't elongate or shrink with muscles either.
Every cell in our body is like a tiny person/gadget who can perform a function, when brain send move signal to muscles, these tiny person start a tug war, they pull ropes/tendons that attach to bones, thus move bones around joins to create movements.
If we are in perfect posture, our bones will be in perfect alignment so muscles don't do any work, but we tend to have some habitual posture which overwork some muscles and make them stronger/bigger but make others weaker, thus misaligned bones, which in turn can pinch nerve and cause pain.
We need to change our habitual misaligned posture. We also tend to use one side muscles more than the other side because rarely we are ambidexter, so in exercise, we need to strengthen the other less used side.

massage can reduce psychological and physical pain, improve overall health.

  • Massage tendons/ligaments can stimulate them to regenerate.
  • Massage muscles can bring nutrients and O2 to it and make it stronger, can stimulate it to grow stronger(live cells all have tendency to grow stronger if stimulated, e.x. the more exercise you have the more muscles/energy you have, the more brain you use the more brain cells/power you have).
  • Massage moves blood and lymph around, facilitate waste/poison disposal and bring nutrients/O2/immunity to cells.
  • Massage enhances bone functions.
  • Relaxingly feel the touch by another human being on bare skin respectfully/safely removes all distance, psychological barrier, depression, loneliness that a person is feeling against the rest of the world.
  • If the massage therapist is compassionate/empathetic then it will be even better.
  • While you are getting a wonderful massage you can pour out all that is bothering you: 1 stone hit 2 birds, massage saves you a trip to psychiatrist

Please listen to
Fundamentally, you need to forgive/let go whoever caused you anger/stress/anxiety for good, i.e. you are forgiving yourself or doing yourself a favor.
Open the link in a computer browser, and wait for half minute for Play button to show up, then listen to it.

A brief preview:
Everyday in the morning and night, take 5 minutes, on a piece of paper, freely scribble all your pain, anger, anxiety, frustration, depression, sadness, stress and etc, then tear it up.
The show also mentions spirituality, Good mental hygiene and healthy life style help to relieve pain: forgiveness, mindfulness, meditation, friendship, work hard play hard, vegetable diets, exercise, acupuncture and massage relieve pain.

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