想进天堂的就可进/If you want to enter heaven then you will enter heaven!
Even though we know Darwinism is wrong but we still firmly believe in it because lies make us feel confident&good!(John 3:19-21)! 
But Darwin was right on 1 thing: Life is a selection process, but the selection is not done by nature but by you! 
If you select life then you will get life, if you select death then you will die!
If you select heaven then you will go to heaven, if you select world then you will stay in the world!

We all agree that we didn't create ourselves! e.x.: After you sacrificed all you have to make a robot as competent as you are, you will definitely watch it closely to make sure it is doing what you want it to! Similarly, our maker is closely watching us regardless we believe it or not! Plus the universe is a zillion times more complex than a robot, if you made universe, you will be watching it closely without a blink of eye especially because the humans you created can destroy anything in a blink!

Your earthly dad/ED should humbly&honestly tell you the truth asap: your real dad is in heaven/HD, though you can't see him, yet he sees every act&thought of yours,ED reads bible and explains everything to you including why you are on earth not in heaven with your HD! If you want to meet HD, you have to follow the directions in bible! 
Woman who marries to such godly selfless ED will enjoy his life long unchanging love! At proposal should ask each other:will you love me enough to suffer&die for me as Jesus did for me? God knows it is hard to raise his kids that is why he is asking you to wait patiently for his deliverance of a perfect match to you! Scientists told you sex might make you live longer without the facts that ptsd&virus can kill you and selfish parents produce murderers and etc! 

Then you ask: if God only has Jesus as his son then we are not God's children, right? We are all God's children, except only Jesus 100% accept God as dad&love God as dad, and 100% inherit God's perfection&holiness! Because God loves all his children, that is why God sacrificed Jesus to save us, which was not a fairy tale but a real event recorded by 13 desciples who were living with Jesus, saw Jesus died then resurrected!

Understand it this way:
You gave birth to 100 kids, 99 of them are disobedient thus abducted by devil onto earth, only 1 kid/Jesus is 100% obedient&didn't abandon you. You feel very painful watching your kids dying one after another. To stop them from dying, you asked your only kid to go into the dangerous world to be tortured, slowly suffocated to death by being nailed to a cross, then you resurrected him to life to show to the other kids that they don't have to die if they are like Jesus!  

The salvation is perfect, only the perfect selfless almighty could come up then execute it, the plan is not even imaginable by humans! E.x. It is not possible for a stranger to give you $1 billion as a gift, not mentioning an eternal life which is far more valuable than $1 billion!

No 2nd book in human history has described the making/falling/salvation of humans! 
Psalm 23:4: Even though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.(evil==death, rod/staff==disciplines,David loved to be disciplined/beaten by God & call disciplines comforts! But we call disciplines punishments! There is only 1 punishment: death in hell!)

We all know right from wrong including atheists, but because there are always some things that we love to do that disagree with God that is why we believe in lies! Darwin gave you nothing, even the orgasm that you love so much is given by God! If you enjoy everything given by God following bible's prescription then you can get maximum pleasure without spreading viruses&pollutions all over the earth! 

When you love somebody, you give them what they want the most, everybody wants to live, so tell your loved ones how to live forever!

2 Chronicles 7:14: if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

但达尔文有一样是对的: 人生是一个被挑选的过程,但做挑选的不是大自然,而是你自己!



你会问神只有一个独生子耶稣说明我不是神的孩子呀?我们包括耶稣都是神生的孩子,但独有耶稣100%认神为父,并100%爱神如亲父,并100%继承了父的完美圣洁的神性!因为父爱他所有的孩子,所以在你还不知道他 之前他就给了你最想要的永生,即牺牲耶稣给你一条永生之路。此事被13个和耶稣同住看他死而又生的使徒记载下来的史实,而不是看不见摸不着的迷信! 


人类的救赎只有神能想得出做得到,没有比无所不能的宇宙制造者牺牲自己独生子救人命更绝的招了.人编都编不出。 因为永远不会有一个陌生人白白给你1千万美元的,也只有神能白送你永生,永生不比1千万美元价更高?


吃喝玩乐哪一个不是父给的? 如果我们按圣经所说的享受我们的配偶和诚实劳动所得的钱财,就不会导致病毒和污染满地飞了!