Just like you, I want to lose weight, too, but HOW?

Here are some tricks customers told me:

  1. Don't eat or eat less
    Eat less, live long, stay young and healthier.
    Fasting is a very important ritual in religion, because when we are not busy eating, our minds are clearer and eye sights are sharper. A customer said he thinks better with empty stomach.
    Eating takes a lot of our time: cooking and eat, so less eat and more productivity.
    We feel like we can fly or float with empty stomach and intestines!
    Overfill takes away your happiness.
  2. Body cleanseing with aloe vera + coconut water.
  3. Excercise: Like contra dancing---dance with live blue grass music, extremely uplifting and fun, you can call me to go with you. People there are very friendly, you are supposed to change partner in each run.
  4. Avoid any sugar food: bread, rice, potatoes, noodles, and candies.
  5. Avoid packaged food---anything not from soil or animal body then they are processed.
  6. okra, cactus, beans, nuts, fishes, vegetables

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