Meet the therapist

NC License #: 05756, Over 10 years of Professional Massage Therapy Experience.

  • The therapist was trained in both western and eastern massage modalities including:
    Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sport, Accupressure, Hot Stone, Reflexology/Foot, Chair, Thai and Chinese Massages.
  • The therapist is good in understanding client's needs thus apply effective treating modalities.
  • I love and care my customers, I love to offer my best work to all my customers, and I love to be compassionate for my customers' problems and stress!
  • The therapist was licensed by NC Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy in Septempber, 2005.
  • The therapist had been practicing Yoga, TaiChi, Meditation for years.
  • The therapist was also trained in nutrition and holistic living techniques.
  • The therapist is healthy, energetic, ethical and professional.
  • The therapist is a strong believer in Chinese, Indian and other alternative means of health and happiness.

Jeff told me this one day:

"It can be worse. One day I saw a man with only one leg on a golf course. I was wondering what he was doing there. Even though my two legs don't work as I want them to, but at least I have two legs, that poor man still manages to play golf despite that he has only one leg."

Whenever an aweful thing happened to me:

As long as I think how Jeff struggle just to stand up or finish a sentence.....
I stop complaining and try to solve my little difficulties with confidence and grateful heart!

Ha, have to present my pictures, hopefully you can see from my pictures that I am a good therapist!-:)

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